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  • escapewriter
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    part 7 - you’re marbleous

    iced tea

    mingi x reader

    genre : fluff, humor, slight angst, smau, slice of life au, college au, friends to lovers

    warnings : swearing

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    ⤷ iced tea can refresh someone on a warm day. however, when you give it to the same performer outside the coffee house without missing a single day, it doesn’t feel that refreshing when the act goes unnoticed.

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  • sunshinerainbowsbts
    15.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Shadows in the Graveyard | PJM

    Pairing: Jimin x Reader

    Genre: supernatural, smut, established relationship, comedy

    Rating: M (18+)

    Warnings: swearing, oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex, very very brief gore (description of an undead creature and its eventual demise), some terrible puns (I was possessed by the spirit of Kim Seokjin)

    Word Count: 10K

    Disclaimers: None, other than obviously I don’t own BTS - they simply inspire me

    Summary: You and your boyfriend are driving back from a trip to the haunted corn maze, headed home for a big Halloween bash, when a blown-out tire derails your evening. Stranded in the middle of the woods, Jimin promises you he’ll still make it worth your while - but that’s only if you survive whatever the dark shadows chanting in the old graveyard have resurrected.

    A/N: This was written for Jimin’s Sunset Spooktober, a collab celebrating Jimin’s birthday month, featuring brilliant authors, compelling stories, and a unique spin on Halloween! Please check out the collab link and be sure to give the authors your love! This is unbeta'd as usual. I'd love to know what you think - my inbox is always open! 💕

    You were going to kill him. You were absolutely going to kill him. RIP Park Jimin.

    In less than two hours, you were supposed to be heading to the Pumpkin Bash, the biggest and best Halloween party that your boyfriend’s old college roommate Taehyung threw annually. Hands down, it was your favorite night of the entire year. Taehyung spared no expense, turning his house into a fright night wonderland.

    In addition to being elaborately decorated, the event was always packed to the rafters and ended with an insanely competitive costume contest. You and Jimin had won the best couple trophy the last two years in a row, and you had no intention of losing tonight.

    This year, you were going as a swashbuckling pirate and the sexy male siren luring her to her doom. Sure, maybe your outfit was an excuse to wear a tight corset and thigh high boots so you could torment Jimin, and maybe Jimin's was a flimsy pretense to walk around shirtless and flirt with others to drive you wild. But that just showed what a great team you were, always working together to achieve your goals. Like winning trophies. And having mind-blowing sex after teasing each other all night long.

    Your handmade costumes were hanging at your apartment, just waiting to be donned. But it was starting to look like they would be abandoned, considering how you were currently marooned on the side of the road sixty miles from home, in the middle of the woods. Not a sign of civilization in sight.

    It had been Jimin’s idea for the two of you to visit a haunted corn maze at a farm in a nearby county. He'd burst into the kitchen one afternoon while you were making lunch, excitedly handing you his phone so that you could read the ad.

    “Haunted Corn Maze, every Friday and Saturday night at Seokjin’s Pumpkin Patch, open dusk till dawn. Trick-or-treat yourself to a howling good time! We’ll give you PUMPKIN to talk about - you’ll scream “Oh my GOURD!” in aMAIZEment!” You’d tossed the phone back to him with a roll of your eyes. “Oh god, really? I’m tempted to pass on the basis of those terrible puns alone.”

    "Oh, come on!” Jimin had wheedled, giving you his best puppy dog eyes. “Doesn’t it sound like fun? And look - they’re open on Halloween, so we can go before the party. There's a blood moon that night - it'll make the maze extra scary!”

    “On Halloween?” You’d frowned, snatching his phone to reread the post. “The pumpkin patch is pretty far away. Will we have enough time for both?”

    “We’ll have plenty of time,” Jimin promised. He’d reclined against the counter, winking at you pompously. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I happen to be an expert at mazes. We’ll be back home before you know it.”

    “Mmm, I don’t know,” you retorted. “I’ve seen you play Pac-Man at the barcade.”

    He scoffed. “That game doesn’t count. Plus, there are ghosts in there!”

    Your lips twitched. Winding him up was too easy sometimes. “Right, and this is a haunted maze!”

    “Baby! Come on. Pleeeease?” He’d puffed out his plump lower lip, signature pout combining with those lethal eyes to hit you with a one-two punch that knocked out any other objections.

    You’d sighed dramatically in defeat. “Okay, fine, I guess we can go.”

    Jimin had whooped, gorgeous smile lighting up his face as his eyes crinkled shut in glee. Then he'd advanced on you, hands outstretched as he howled like a ghoul. You'd run, letting him catch you, and giggled as he’d tickled you senseless.

    Protests about the corny jokes aside, you’d already decided you wanted to go as soon as he’d mentioned it. The idea of spending a spooky evening with your boyfriend under the crisp autumn skies delighted you. If nothing else, it sounded like a great excuse to dress up in your coziest fall attire and snuggle up to your man as you tried to avoid all the frights in the maze.

    And it turned out that you were right, but it was Jimin who clung to you the whole time, jumping and screaming in terror at every ghost and demon that haunted the cornfield. You only laughed a little, knowing that if it were a clown chasing you instead of a farmhand poorly dressed as a vampire, you’d be shrieking just as loudly.

    By the time you’d left the pumpkin patch, you were exhilarated, giddy from the joy of the day so far, and excited knowing that there was still so much more to come. You could not wait to get to the party.

    But half an hour into your trip home, a deafening “BANG” had startled you both. The car had jerked violently across the center lines before Jimin managed to pull safely to the side of the road, where you saw that one of the tires had blown out.

    "Well, fuck," Jimin swore as he’d inspected the shredded treads. "This could've been a lot worse. Thank god we weren't on a busy road. If someone had been in the other lane...." His voice faltered as he stood, drawing you into his arms and dropping a kiss on the top of your head as you hugged him back.

    "Yeah, we're okay.” You’d glimpsed at the time on your phone. “But we're still an hour from home and it's getting late. I wanted to wash all the cornfield off me before we put on our costumes, plus we need to do our makeup, and oh yeah, eat dinner before Tae’s party,” you added as your empty stomach churned audibly.

    “Relax, baby.” Jimin had smiled reassuringly at you, eyes sparkling with confidence as he tried to ease your worries. “It won’t take me long to get the spare tire on. We’ll be back on the road in a few minutes!” He’d rolled up the sleeves of his fitted grey henley, flashing his muscular forearms as opened the trunk of his car and bent over to pry the spare tire from its spot under the mat of the trunk.

    Then he'd straightened back up and given you another smile, one that was a lot less reassuring and more worryingly apologetic.

    “Uh, jagiya?”

    Not a promising sign. He only ever used that term of endearment when you were fucking or fighting, and you sure weren't fucking at the moment. You'd grimaced. “Yes?”

    Jimin had closed the trunk, then leaned against it. “Remember when I got that flat a few months ago, and I had to use the spare tire, but I drove on the spare for too long and then it got a flat, and when I took it to the shop, I only had enough to pay for a new tire, not a new tire and a spare, so I told you to remind me the next time I got paid that I needed to replace the spare?” He'd cringed, running his fingers through his dark hair. “And you did remind me, because you are an angel and a perfect girlfriend and I love you, but then I got distracted buying those concert tickets for that show Jungkook wanted to go to?”

    You'd exhaled loudly. “Park. Jimin. You're telling me you don't have a spare?”

    Your boyfriend was the type of person who loved lavishing his friends with gifts. His selfless nature was one of the many things you cherished about him.

    When his friend Jungkook had lamented that he couldn’t afford tickets to his favorite rap trio Cypher’s latest tour, Jimin had seized the opportunity to treat him. Could you really be mad at him for being so generous?

    Yes. Yes you could.

    “I’m sorry!” He’d held up his hands defensively, trying to block the glare that you'd leveled at him.

    “Sorry isn’t going to get us home!”

    “I didn’t mean to forget!” he’d pointed out, and you’d grit your teeth.

    As irked as you were, there was no point in fighting - it wouldn't get you home any faster.

    You’d pinched the bridge of your nose, sighing. “I know. I know you didn’t. It’s fine, we’ll just call a ride and come back for the car tomorrow.” You gave him a look. “After we visit a shop to purchase a spare.”

    Swiping on your phone, you'd opened the rideshare app and waited to see how close the nearest ride was.

    And waited. And waited.

    “Uh…” you'd trailed off, checking your service. Nothing. Not a single bar. Not even your cellular data appeared to be working. How was that even possible? “Do you have any service?”

    Jimin eyed his phone and shook his head. “Nope.” He glanced up and down the road and you followed his gaze. No buildings in sight. The highway underneath your feet was nestled between two mountains, darting through rolling woods. “We must be in a dead zone.”

    Yep. You were going to kill him.

    Fifteen minutes later, still sitting on the side of the road, watching your boyfriend wave his phone in the air as he hunted futilely for a signal, you told him so.

    “Hey, it’s not like I planned this!” he objected. “You can’t blame me for a flat tire.”

    “You’re right, I can’t blame you for that. I can blame you for buying those tickets and never replacing the spare, though.”

    Jimin relented. "I guess that's fair. In my defense, it was an amazing concert." You bit your tongue, swallowing a snappy comeback as he lowered his phone in frustration.

    “So now what?”

    “I don’t know. I don’t want to say we might be stuck here for the night, but…”

    “Then don’t,” you interrupted irately. The thought of having to camp out in the car made your eye twitch. Besides, what would you do in the morning? You still wouldn’t be able to make a call. A dead zone was a dead zone, no matter what the time of day.

    Jimin drummed his fingers on the roof of the car. "Didn't we pass a gas station a few miles back? Maybe we can get a signal there."

    Closing your eyes, you tried to conjure up your view from the passenger’s seat as Jimin had sped you towards home. Let’s see. Trees. A farm. Trees. Deer. More trees. And yes - there had been a small service station, a small, rustic-looking place with only one gas pump out front. But how far back was it?

    “Yeah, there was one, but I’m not sure how long ago we passed it.” You opened your eyes to find him watching you. Folding your arms, you gave him a dark look. “Well? You should probably get moving. That gas station won’t find itself.”

    Jimin just held out his hand to you. You were still mad, but there was no way you were going to sit out here in the middle of nowhere all alone, and you both knew it. Glowering at him, you took his hand, allowing him to pull you to your feet.

    "Fine. Let' s go."

    Under any other circumstances, going for a stroll with Jimin on such a beautiful evening sounded like a dream. A romantic walk in the moonlight, hand in hand with the love of your life? Bliss. But this was anything but.

    You didn't think of yourself as someone who spooked easily, but something about the dark shadows cast by the towering trees had you feeling on edge. Every now and then, the leaves around you would rustle, and you told yourself it was just the wind, trying desperately not to imagine something stalking you through the forest. Your irritation with missing the party began to fade, replaced by a sense of dread, and you hoped you'd find the gas station sooner than later.

    Jimin noticed your nervousness. "You okay, baby?"

    "Yeah, I'm fine," you insisted, clutching his hand a little tighter. "Just want to get home, that's all."


    The two of you recoiled as a semi-truck sped by, blaring its horn. Whether they were warning you of their approach or just being a dick, you weren’t sure.

    "Holy shit!" you yelped. Whatever the speed limit was, it was way too fast for your comfort. "They didn't even slow down!" You raised your free hand, flipping them off, even though they were too far down the road already to see you. It made you feel better anyway.

    "C’mon, let’s stick closer to the trees, so we don’t end up roadkill," Jimin suggested, steering you away from the shoulder. You followed willingly, despite your growing sense of unease.

    It was too quiet as you traveled along the treeline. Other than the odd hooting of an owl here and there, the only sound was the earth crunching under your feet. Thankfully, you had Jimin to help distract you and fill the silence.

    “So, what did you think of the maze?” he asked. “Worth the drive?”

    “Up until the last half hour or so, yes,” you remarked tartly. “But yes, I honestly had a lot of fun. I’m pretty sure I liked it way more than you did, anyway.” “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    You smirked. “I mean, given the way you clung to me like a koala, I think it’s fairly clear that it was too terrifying for you.”

    Jimin’s jaw dropped in outrage. “Excuse me? I did not cling!”

    “Mmm, yeah, I guess you’re right. It was less clinging and more trying to climb me to safety,” you nodded, giggling, veering away from him as his fingers swept out to tickle your side.

    “You know, I filled out a comment card while you were in the restroom,” he informed you.

    “The pumpkin patch had comment cards?”

    “Yep. By the merch stand.”

    “They had a merch stand? Wow. I guess Farmer Seokjin takes his business seriously. What did you say?”

    He grinned, looking far too happy as he recited, ‘We had a spook-tacular time. Fangs for the memories!’”

    “Oh my god,” you groaned.

    “What? I thought you’d appreciate my wit!”

    “Wit, yes. Puns, no!”

    “Sorry, booooo-tiful.” Your eyes narrowed. “You know I won’t hesitate to leave you here, right?”

    After walking for almost thirty minutes, you finally came upon a small gas station, a single fluorescent light flickering over the sole pump as you neared. You still didn’t have a signal, but the attendant was kind enough to let Jimin use the store's landline to make a call.

    While he was inside, you rested against the brick wall of the building, head inclined to observe the moon. The stars shone so brilliantly here. One upside to being stranded in the woods - you had a much better view of the night sky, away from the incessant luminescence of city lights.

    There were hardly any clouds to block your view of the lunar eclipse. The blood moon’s dark red face stared impassively down at you from its perch in the heavens, the eerie glow unsettling as much as amazing you.

    As a pragmatist, your feet were firmly rooted in the earth. Maybe sometimes to your detriment, as you had a tendency to dig in and refuse to budge. You held very little stock in things like the supernatural or astrology. But at a time like this, witnessing such an extraordinary occurrence… well, a tiny voice inside your head couldn’t help but wonder if the rare celestial event was the reason your night had gotten so off track.

    "Good news, we've got a ride," Jimin announced as he emerged from the store.

    "Oh, thank god!" you cheered, relieved. “But I’m almost afraid to ask - how much are they charging us to come out here?"

    Jimin brandished a bag of snacks and drinks, and you gratefully snagged a candy bar, ripping right into the wrapper without delay. "Nothing. Jungkook's coming."

    "He's not at the party already?" you mumbled around a mouthful of nougat, surprised. You figured all your friends were there by now, and probably all drunk.

    And probably all having the time of their lives.

    "Nope. Caught him heading out the door." He slid his hands into the pockets of his tight black jeans and propped one leg on the wall, cocking his head to join you in stargazing.

    "Damn. Good timing," you commented, returning your attention to the sky. You wished you could recall the constellations, but you only ever remembered Orion, and he was nowhere to be seen. "How'd you convince him to drive out into the sticks to give us a lift?"

    "Easy. I explained why we’re stuck here, and then reminded him how much fun he had at the concert, thanks to me." Strands of his raven hair fell into his face, brushing his cheekbones as he grinned at you, and you reached out to sweep them away, returning his smile. He grabbed your wrist, bringing your palm to his lips for a gentle kiss.

    “Ah, so you emotionally blackmailed him? Well done,” you intoned wryly, peeling yourself off the wall. “We should probably go wait for him back in the car.”

    Jimin offered you his arm, and you looped yours through, snuggling into him as you trekked back.

    Despite the creepy environs and the cars that zoomed by recklessly, you felt less unnerved and a little more hopeful, knowing that Jungkook was coming to rescue you. Given how fast he drove (something you'd complain about any other time than when he was on his way to save you), maybe you could still put in a late appearance at the bash and end your Halloween on a high note after all.

    The leaves along your path fluttered as a breeze began to stir. You huddled closer to Jimin for warmth. The comfy sweater you wore was cuter than it was practical, thin threads doing very little to insulate you from the night air's increasingly icy sting.

    Out of the corner of your eye, you caught flashes of light flickering through the swaying boughs. You craned your neck as you peeked through the dense foliage, trying to locate the source.

    Flames, burning brightly in the dark night.

    "Hey, do you see that?" Coming to a halt, you shoved a limb aside and pointed in the direction of the light. Jimin’s eyes widened in alarm.

    "Oh shit!” He bobbed and weaved, trying to get a better look, but it was impossible to see clearly through the heavy woods. “What is that back there?"

    “I can’t tell. It’s so hard to see through the trees.”

    He nodded. “You’re right. Come on, let’s get closer and check it out.”

    You blinked, surprised that he was volunteering to walk deeper into the dark forest. Where had this bravery been earlier, when you were escorting him through the maze and trying to keep him from fainting from fright?

    Still arm in arm, Jimin drew you away from the road, following the glow. It briefly occurred to you that it might not be wise to walk towards a fire, but it didn't appear to be very big, given how dim the light seemed from where you were, and honestly, you were too curious not to investigate.

    Your eyes slowly adjusted to your surroundings as you headed into the woods. Twigs littered your path, snapping and cracking underfoot. There didn’t appear to be any wild animals around, which was fine by you - with the way your luck was going, you were more likely to see a vicious predator than an innocent woodland creature tonight.

    As you nudged several low-hanging branches out of your way, the ruins of an ancient church came into view.

    The decrepit building sat back from the highway, swallowed up by an overgrown thicket of trees. That explained why you hadn't noticed it on the way to the gas station. The light provided by the fire made it easier now to see the deteriorating wreckage. The roof had collapsed, taking two walls with it, with the remaining two naught but charred debris. It was evident that the sanctuary had been ravaged by a large conflagration long ago.

    The flames you’d spotted blazed next to the church’s remnants in a rundown graveyard. A rusty iron fence enclosed the crumbling tombstones that dotted the overgrown grass of the yard. Trees were scattered throughout the burial grounds, having taken root over the years since the lot was abandoned, their long branches reaching for the graves like gnarled hands.

    Several figures cloaked in the shadows cast by the fire stood amongst the fragmented headstones, encircling the flames.

    A chill ran through you. Just the wind, you reminded yourself.

    You and Jimin crept closer, approaching a giant tree that curled against the fencing. Its twisted limbs hung low over the iron, sheltering you from the figures while you spied on the strange scene.

    "What the hell is going on? Who are these people?" you whispered as the shadows danced around the bonfire. They raised their arms to the sky, and you could just make out the faintest sounds of chanting. "Is this some sort of weird cult shit?"

    Jimin cackled, covering his mouth to stifle the sound. "Baby, you gotta quit watching all those documentaries. You think everything's a cult."

    You sniffed haughtily. "Mock me if you must, but I still say I was right about LuLaRoe."

    Jimin just glanced at you, warmth radiating from his smile.

    From your hidden vantage point by the fence, you could just make out that the people wore long black robes, their faces shrouded in hoods. One of them flung something into the flames, sending sparks whirling into the night sky like fireflies.

    "Okay, so if it’s not a cult, then what do you think is happening here?" you questioned. “I don’t think this is a church picnic since, y’know, the church is nothing but rubble.”

    "Honestly? I bet they're a bunch of teens who have seen The Craft one too many times," Jimin snickered.

    You studied the cloaked figures as they continued to revolve around the fire. Jimin was probably right - they were likely just some bored teens, enjoying their Halloween. What else were they going to do in the middle of nowhere?

    “Yeah, you’re probably right. Because what else is there for them to do around here? Go trick-or-treating at the gas station? Toilet paper the trees?” you mused, giggling.

    “Exactly,” he agreed. "Happy Halloween, kids. Try not to burn down the forest!" He tugged you back towards the highway. "Come on, let's get out of here before they decide they need a human sacrifice."

    You snorted and let him lead you away.

    Back in the car, you sprawled across the backseat, head in Jimin's lap as you waited for Jungkook to arrive. Judging by how long it had been since the phone call, it would take him at least another hour to get to you, even if he drove with his usual lead foot. With every minute that ticked by, your buoyant mood sagged lower and lower, weighed down by the realization that you were going to miss the party after all.

    "This sucks," you grumbled petulantly. "We should be getting ready for the bash right now." Staring up at your boyfriend, you stuck your bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout. "All that time and effort spent sewing those costumes, and now we'll never get to wear them. Plus, we won’t be able to defend our title!" You pictured the trophy disappearing like a ghost fading away.

    "There's always next year." Jimin combed his fingers through your hair, the tender motion meant to soothe you, but you continued to mope.

    "I don't wanna wait for next year, damn it," you sulked, arms folded across your chest, knowing you sounded like a brat and not caring. “I want to wear mine now, and show off my hard work, and win that trophy again. I mean, do you know how long it took me to make the corset alone?” You winced, remembering how sore your fingers had been after all the painstaking pinning.

    "Look, if you still want to put that on when we get home tonight, I certainly won't complain," Jimin joked, waggling his eyebrows salaciously, trying to make you laugh. You didn't respond, laying your cheek on his thigh, miserable.

    Jimin clucked his tongue sympathetically. "Poor thing. Your whole night is ruined now, huh?" You nodded against his leg, and he traced a soft finger down your jawline. "I'm sorry, baby. What if I tried to make up for it?"

    "You better," you shot back crossly. "You owe me when we get home."

    "What I’m saying is, what if I tried to make up for it right now?" he clarified, hand continuing to trail down your neck, gently flitting over the sensitive skin there. Despite your sour mood, you reacted to his caresses, instinctively moving your head to expose more skin, shivering in delight. His fingers drifted to your chin, and he tilted your face until you were looking at him.

    Even in the dim light of the backseat, the desire that blazed in his eyes was unmistakable.

    Leaning over, he lightly kissed you, lips barely touching yours. "Does that sound good?" he exhaled huskily, and you nodded, thighs squeezing together as arousal ignited within.

    Your chin lifted as you attempted to catch his mouth for a real kiss, but Jimin sat back with a playful smirk, just out of reach. You eagerly followed, springing up as you chased his lips. His hands ran down your sides and seized your hips, pulling you into his lap. Head tipping, Jimin deepened the kiss, exploring your mouth as his strong arms locked around your back. Breathless with want, you melted into him.

    Your worries about the spooky woods, your disappointment about missing the party - it all fell away. Nothing existed for you in that moment but Jimin and the way he held you tightly, kissing you hungrily, greedily, as if he wished to consume you whole.

    You’d let him. You could never resist.

    His kisses became harsher, sharper, teeth scraping as your tongues tangled. The muscles in his arms flexed under your fingers as you clung to him, sucking on his luscious bottom lip, reveling in the supple feel of it between your teeth.

    Even after all this time together, kissing Jimin still felt electrifying, your nerves alight all the way down to your toes. His tongue swept into your mouth again, prompting you to suck lewdly. Jimin groaned, his fingers digging into the curve of your ass, grinding you into him. A moan escaped you at the satisfying friction.

    Jimin took advantage of the break in the kiss to drop his head and nip at your neck, sucking the tender skin there as you moaned again. He knew all your sweet spots, could have your eyes rolling back in your head in the blink of an eye, or the lave of a tongue.

    He continued to rut, his dick rubbing deliciously against you through the layers of your clothing. Your panties clung to you, soaked, and your clit throbbed, leaving you craving more. Which meant you needed to lose the layers.

    As if he read your mind, Jimin finished marking your neck and purred, "I think we should get you out of these," One of his slender fingers yanked on the belt loops on your jeans. You quickly rolled from his lap and shimmied out of your jeans and panties.

    He didn’t move, seeming satisfied as he watched you, and you eyed him expectantly. “What are you waiting for?”

    Jimin chuckled. "Look at you. So impatient. Can't wait for my cock, huh?"

    You shook your head. "Need you now." You fiddled with the buckle of his belt, intending to undo his pants, but he captured your hands, stopping you.

    "Hold on, baby. I said I was gonna make it up to you, right? So that means I'm gonna take care of you first." He laid down on his back and leered at you. "C’mon, jagi. Come up here and let me taste you." He wet his lips shamelessly, long pink tongue flicking out to tempt you.

    You groaned, pussy clenching reflexively at the sight. You always joked that your boyfriend was a silver-tongued devil, able to talk his way out of any trouble. But there was no denying that the man had a very, very talented tongue.

    Jimin held out his hands, beckoning to you, and you grasped them, letting him guide you forward. You knelt over him, one bent leg on each side of his face. Delicately, you lowered yourself until you felt his pillowy lips kissing softly along your slit. He licked a long stripe through the wetness there, making you keen. "Fuck!"

    Jimin shook slightly underneath you, his laughter muffled. "I haven't even started yet!"

    You opened your mouth to fire off a retort, embarrassed at your neediness, but all that came out was a wordless cry as Jimin suddenly slipped his tongue inside you. He began alternating sweet little kitten licks with deep plunges within, using his nose to nuzzle at your clit before caressing it with his tongue. Tiny whines of pleasure were all you could manage as he devoured you, deft hands keeping you solidly in place.

    "Jesus, you're so wet, jagiya. All for me?" He came up for air, lips shiny with your slickness.

    “Don’t stop!” you commanded him, squirming impatiently, trying to rub yourself on him.

    With a grin, he pulled you back down, burrowing into your folds as you sighed blissfully. You rocked against him, hips bucking, riding his face, the backseat beginning to quake from your movements.

    "Oh, fuck yes, Jimin, it's all because ohhh, Jesus, yes, fuck - it's all because of you," you panted, eyes falling shut, head lolling back in rapture.

    Groping behind you blindly, you reached back until you felt the outline of his hard cock where it strained against his jeans. You palmed him through the coarse material, enjoying the way he moaned into you, mindlessly humping the air as you teased him. Every sound he made traveled directly to the stirring that was tightening inside you.

    With your eyes closed, your other senses took over. The filthy sound of his mouth as he ate you out with abandon. The feel of his tongue lapping at your cunt as you writhed above him. The taste of his plush lips still on your mouth as you bit your lower lip in bliss. Even the smell of sex in the air around you - it was all too much to take in at once, nearly overwhelming you.

    "So sweet, like candy," Jimin murmured happily as he firmly clutched your thighs, his hold unyielding while he suckled at your clit. “My favorite treat.”

    The familiar feeling in your core was beginning to spread as your impending release approached. It always built so quickly, because the man beneath you understood exactly how to make you fall apart.

    "Jimin," you mewled, bracing yourself against the door, fingers splayed on the window as you struggled to stay upright, "I'm so close!"

    A growl answered you as Jimin redoubled his onslaught, pushing you over that glorious edge. His tongue flattened against your clit again and again and you wailed his name as you came, thighs shaking from the euphoria that washed over you and the strain of supporting yourself on such weakened legs. Jimin released his iron grip, and you collapsed onto the door, careful not to smother him.

    Pressing your forehead against the cool glass, you hummed contentedly, luxuriating in the buzz that still tingled through you as Jimin licked you clean. After a few minutes, he slid from underneath you, and you turned to face him clumsily, moving like your bones had turned to liquid.

    “Feeling better, baby?” he inquired, his innocent tone at odds with the smug look on his face. You didn’t care. With the orgasm he’d just given you, he could look as pleased with himself as he wanted. He’d earned it.

    But as always, you wanted more.

    “Mmmhmm.” You curled up on his side, brushing your fingers over the large bulge in his jeans, smiling coyly at the way his thighs twitched with each pass. “But what about you?”

    He lowered his lips to yours, and you kissed him soundly before trailing your mouth across his cheek. Sinking your teeth into his earlobe, you nibbled, relishing how Jimin whined heatedly, using your tongue to soothe away the sting. You nuzzled your nose into his hair, inhaling his musky scent, the citrusy notes of his shampoo.

    Tugging on his jeans, you whispered, “I think we should get you out of these.”

    Jimin tore himself away, hurriedly undressing. You pulled your sweater off and unclasped your bra, letting the silky garment drop to the floor of the car. You didn’t pause to consider that you were visible to anyone driving by, as beams of light from passing cars flitted through the windows, illuminating the cabin in flashes. You were too enthralled to think straight.

    All you could focus on was Jimin, his smoldering eyes watching you as he slowly stroked his thick shaft. The sight was pure sin, a promise of dark delights to come.

    Mesmerized, you stared as he swirled his thumb over the glistening tip of his cock, coating the blushing head, making you lick your lips. Part of you yearned to take him in your mouth and make him beg for release, but the undeniable aching need to have him fill you up overpowered that thought.

    "Ready for more?" Jimin rasped enticingly, favoring you with a wicked smirk. With a desperate nod, you crawled into his lap and positioned yourself above him again. His fiery gaze swept over your face, zeroing in on your mouth. Lunging forward, he licked at your lips before slipping inside as you whimpered helplessly.

    Jimin dragged his dick along your slit, covering himself in your wetness. You jolted as he thumbed at your clit, inhaled shakily as he lined himself up.

    "Come on, baby," he whispered between ravenous kisses. "Ride me."

    The urge to tease him came over you like a sudden fever, and you sank down, then bobbed slightly, his head parting your folds and only just slipping inside, then out again. And again.

    Jimin hissed, face nestling in the crook of your neck. For several exquisitely drawn-out minutes, you tormented him in this manner, bouncing, never fully taking him in. You felt him try to buck upwards, and immediately rose off him, using your calves to lock his thighs in place.

    "Jagiya! Don't torture me!" His hips continued to rise as he struggled, trying to bury himself deep, but with your weight you held him down, slightly intoxicated with power. You loved to make him squirm. The more he wanted you, the more you wanted to play. “Come on, baby. Give me what I need.” The last word was little more than a strangled gasp.

    Threading your fingers through his silky hair, you grasped the roots and tipped his head back until his eyes met yours. "What's the magic word?" you cooed, blinking coquettishly. Your other hand ran down his chest, grazing over his skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. His heart beat wildly under your touch.

    Jimin groaned, eyelashes fluttering shut in agony and ecstasy, mouth forming the word repeatedly before he had the breath to speak it.

    "P-Please," he begged, and because he asked so sweetly, you instantly complied, taking all of him in until he was fully sheathed. He let out a guttural wail that sent a thrill down your spine. Frantic with sudden desire, you began to ride, hard and fast.

    "Is this what you needed, baby?" you trilled, raking your nails over his scalp. A debauched moan of pleasure was your answer, and you giggled, only to choke on your laughter as his teeth bit into your shoulder, breaking the skin and leaving a love mark behind.

    “Ah!” you squealed, as Jimin sweetly coated the area with tiny pecks in apology.

    Working your hips, you angled yourself so his cock curved just right, dragging against that sweet spot inside you over and over. Jimin's hands roamed your body, pinching here, scratching there, gripping you tight as he grunted into you. He laved over your breasts, swirling around your nipples and making you arch into his hot mouth.

    Every inch of you was drowning in him, and you never wanted it to stop.

    Headlights danced across Jimin’s face, highlighting the curve of his cheek, the swell of his lips as he leaned back, reverently gazing at you as you rolled your hips. Even in your lustful haze, you recognized the look of devotion in his eyes.

    It was too much.

    He was the divine one, to be adored. You felt a burning need to lavish him in praise, but your words failed you, so you crushed your mouth to his, your kiss expressing what you could not.

    The tension inside you threatened to snap, and you knew that your end wasn't far off. Grabbing the back of the seat behind Jimin's head, you held on for dear life, while with your other hand you scraped your nails down the nape of his neck, driving Jimin into a frenzy.

    “Fuck, you feel so good, baby,” he prattled, extolling you in his fervor. “Always so good to me, this sweet little cunt takes me so well, ah!”

    He snarled and pounded into you, face glistening with sweat, hands clutching your hips to give him more control, which you gladly ceded. You wanted him to fuck you hard and fast, like you knew he could. The sound of his sturdy thighs slapping against your ass filled the car as he thrust into you relentlessly.

    “Jimin, fuck,” you cried loudly, unable to utter more than a few words coherently, completely lost in sensation.

    "Come on, jagi, cum for me again," he pleaded. "Want this pussy to soak me. Be good for me. I know you can. Ah, fuck, come on, give it to me!"

    One of his hands fondled your clit as he commanded you, circling the sensitive nub again and again, and you broke, your release flooding over you like a wave, a low sob pouring forth from your lips as Jimin coaxed an intense second orgasm from you. As your walls clenched around him and you shuddered in his hands, Jimin reached his own climax, pumping into you as he called out your name.

    The rhythm of your breathing slowed as you huddled together, wrapped in each other's arms. Jimin pressed soft kisses onto your collarbone while you gazed out the rear window. The blood moon vanished and reappeared hypnotically as the tall treetops brushing the sky bent and swayed in the wind.

    "So," Jimin drawled after a few minutes, "am I forgiven?" His breath warmed your skin where he spoke against you, as the sheen of sweat covering your body began to cool in the chilly night air.

    You couldn't suppress the smile that crossed your face. "For now. That may change when we get home, if I decide I need another apology. Or two."

    "Fair enough." His lips skimmed along your neck. "See, we don't need a trophy to tell us we're the best couple. We've got more than enough proof right here."

    You rolled your eyes. "Okay, now you're just pushing it."

    “I’m serious,” he insisted, peering up at you with sincere eyes. “I know how much the party means to you, and I’m sorry that the night didn’t go the way we’d planned. I know you’re not happy to be here, but there’s no one I’d rather be stranded with than you.”

    There was such earnestness to his words, his expression, that your heart swelled, full to bursting. You could only hope as he stared into your eyes that he saw all the love you felt shimmering back at him. “I love you, Jimin,” you murmured, dipping your head to kiss him.

    His mouth curved as he smiled against yours, whispering, “I love you, too,” before capturing your lips in another kiss. And another. And another.

    You began to shiver, from the intensity of his kisses, but also from the dropping temperature, and Jimin pulled away. “Cold, baby?”

    “A little.”

    “We should get dressed.” Jimin surveyed the backseat, which was cluttered with your discarded clothing. "I don't suppose I left a towel in here somewhere."

    "I think I have some tissues." You slid from his lap, stretching for your purse.

    A sudden loud rustling startled you. Pausing in mid-reach, you tilted your head, listening. It sounded like it was right outside the car. You glanced at Jimin, about to ask if he'd heard something, when it came again, louder this time, as if something incredibly big was stampeding through the woods.

    "What the fuck was that?" you whispered, spinning around and kneeling on the seat to look out the rear window again. You couldn’t see anything but trees.

    Jimin shook his head as he put his clothes back on. "I have no idea. Let me go check it out."

    "Are you out of your mind?" you sputtered, getting dressed. "You’ve seen horror movies! We just had sex! You go out there, you will absolutely die!"

    Your boyfriend just tutted, lips quirking. "I think that only matters if we were virgins first, and we both know that ship sailed a long time ago." He opened the door that faced the highway and stepped out, scanning the area around the car. "Whatever it was, it's gone. I don't hear anything now."

    No sooner had you climbed out than the rustling came again. You and Jimin spun towards the sound, just as the branches in front of you parted and three figures in black robes came sprinting out.

    You shrieked as one of them ditched the other two and ran to you, hands extending to grab your arms. "FUCKING RUN!" they screeched in your face. Their hood fell, and you realized it was just a teenager, his eyes wide with fear.

    "What the fuck - what is going on?!" you yelled as Jimin pulled the boy off you.

    "Hey! Calm down, kid!" Jimin held on to the boy's shoulders with a loose grip, trying to get him to relax. "Take a deep breath, and tell us what's happening."

    The other two had doubled back to gather their friend. They lowered their hoods as well, revealing themselves to also be teenagers.

    "Fuck, come on, we need to get out of here," one of them wailed, nervously shifting from foot to foot.

    "Why? What are you running from?" you demanded, but the teen just shook his head, unwilling or unable to answer.

    The other teen piped up, sighing agitatedly as she spoke. "Look, we didn't think it would work, okay? We were just trying to do something different for Halloween! I found this weird old book, and it claimed that during the blood moon, you could raise the dead, so we thought, you know, what if we tried?"

    Jimin released the boy, staring incredulously at the young girl. You too were agog, trying to comprehend what she said. "Hold on. Are you trying to say you brought someone back from the dead??"

    The girl glared at the third teen. "Well, that was the idea. The spell called for human blood, but someone got squicked out and couldn't cut himself and bring us a vial of his blood. So, what we poured on the fire was blood from his dad's butcher shop instead, apparently!"

    "I'm sorry, okay?" the third teen exclaimed, throwing his hands up to the sky. "How many more times do you want me to say it? I'm sorry, I didn't think it would matter!"

    “Wait, did you say ‘spell?’” Jimin interjected.

    “Oh god, don’t start arguing again, we need to go,” the teen boy who’d grabbed you chimed in.

    "Of course it mattered! You can't change an essential ingredient in a spell!"

    “Oh, you read one book and suddenly you’re an expert in witchcraft!”

    "Everybody shut up!" you hissed, raising your hands to shush them. "Do you hear that??"

    Tree branches snapped behind you, underbrush crackling as something trampled closer and closer. You froze, and Jimin slipped in front of you, guarding you as the cause of the ruckus finally appeared.

    Before you stood a humongous buck. It angrily stomped its hooves, snout huffing as it sniffed the air around you. One of its eyes dangled from its socket, swinging as the deer contorted its mangled head to glare at your group.

    Splattered blood covered its antlers, broken, knife-sharp fragments of bone that looked like they could easily pierce flesh, and dripped into its face, from which its jaw hung unnaturally. As you cowered behind Jimin, it raised its head and roared, an unearthly howl that filled you with terror.

    You didn't know deer could roar. But then again, you also didn't know that they could come back from the dead.

    Screams rent the air as everyone began to run. The teens took off and you and Jimin followed. You had no idea where you were going. You just knew that you had to GO.

    "What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck," you chanted as you bolted along the highway, hurdling fallen trees and ducking under low branches. You could hear Jimin cursing under his breath beside you, his hand firmly in yours.

    “I told you this was a bad idea!” the first teen boy barked, racing past the others, black robes billowing as he took the lead.

    “SHUT THE FUCK UP, CHAD!” the other two teens bellowed in unison.

    “Where are we going?” Jimin yelled, but no one answered.

    You gasped as you fought to keep up with the others. You had never taken to running, preferring less intensive ways to workout, like swimming. You were starting to regret that, a stitch forming in your side as you lamented your life choices.

    The teens led you across the road to the old church. As you tore down the overgrown passage behind them, they abruptly changed direction, making a beeline for a ramshackle pickup truck that was parked on a dead patch of grass to the side of the ruins.

    The teen girl yanked the driver's door open and hopped in as the other two rushed around and clambered in the other side.

    "Here!" she yelled, throwing something dark and rectangular at your feet. It landed in the weeds with a thump. Bending, you scooped up a very worn, thick book, loose pages floating to the ground as you examined its contents. Grimoire was etched into the cover in jagged lettering, as if scratched into the leather binding with a knife.

    A spell book. What the actual fuck.

    You glanced back up at the girl as the truck thundered to life. "What am I supposed to do with this?" you hollered over the rumbling engine, barely able to hear yourself.

    "I don't know, maybe you can find a way to undo the incantation!" she shouted in reply, slamming the truck into gear. "Good luck!" The vehicle shot backwards as she reversed around you and Jimin. Then she whipped it around and out onto the highway.

    And then they were gone.

    You gaped at the receding taillights in stunned disbelief, watching until they were tiny pinpricks in the distance.

    "Did they just LEAVE US HERE?" Jimin doubled over, hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath. "Are you kidding me? What the FUCK!"

    You scanned the pathway behind you. No sign of the beast. Either you’d managed to outpace it, or it hadn’t followed you.

    The bonfire still crackled in the pit in the graveyard. Trying to figure out what to do while you had a moment to think, you wandered close to the fire, as if the solution might appear in the flames.

    Jimin joined you, crouching low over the pit. You did the same, the flames warming you while you prayed that the buck would stay far away. Animals feared fire, didn’t they? And smoke?

    But what about undead animals?

    You slowly turned the book over in your hands, brow furrowed, a million questions whizzing through your head. Where on earth did those kids find this? What the fuck made them decide to try to resurrect a dead person tonight? Couldn’t they have started with a spell that was a little less grotesque, like making someone float or something?

    Could the grimoire really have a way to reverse the incantation and un-reanimate the raging stag? And was that the craziest sentence that had ever run through your mind?

    God, what a wild fucking night.

    Jimin was unusually quiet. “How are you so calm right now?” you inquired, shifting into a sitting position on the ground.

    He gawked at you, eyes round with bewilderment. “Calm? I’m most definitely not calm right now! If you could see what my brain looks like… it’s like Black Friday at Walmart in here. Total chaos.”

    Despite the confusing and dangerous situation at hand, you giggled at the image. It was funny, but you also suspected that you might be on the verge of hysteria.

    “Okay, okay, let’s talk this out,” Jimin held up his hand, ticking off each point. “One - there’s a corpse of a deer rampaging through the woods. Two - the idiots who brought it back to life just ditched us. Three - we can’t drive ourselves to safety because of the blown out tire. Four - we have nowhere to hide, since the only building close by is totally demolished. Five - we have no idea how to stop the thing.” He squinted at you. “Did I miss anything?”

    “No, I think that about sums it up,” you affirmed drolly, picking up a stick and poking at the fire idly.

    “Okay. All right.” He sucked in a deep breath and puffed it out forcefully. “Then, if my math is correct, we are totally fucked.” Something crackled in the woods beyond the fence and you both sprang to your feet, whirling towards the sound. Nothing happened.

    Jimin sighed. “Even if we could escape, we can’t just let this creature run around attacking others, can we?”

    “Of course not!” you exclaimed. “We have to stop it. I mean, what if this thing bites someone? It’d be catastrophic.” You’d seen enough zombie flicks to know it would be bad. If this thing was a zombie. You weren’t really clear on if zombiism ran on magic… or if magic is in fact what brought the thing back from the dead in the first place… you weren’t really clear on much of anything, period.

    “So you think this thing operates on zombie rules?” Jimin replied, eyebrow lifting.

    He was only continuing your train of thought, asking a half-serious question in a lighthearted tone, but something inside you snapped, the gravity of the situation fully crashing down on you.

    “Baby, I think it’s fair at this point to just assume that anything goes from here on out. So yeah, if this - this monster bites a person, it might lead to the zombie apocalypse! Or maybe not. I don’t know!” Your pitch rose, becoming shrill as you ranted. “I don’t know how this happened, truly, I don’t know how to stop it, and I don’t know what will happen if we don’t! I don’t know anything!”

    “Hey, hey, baby, shhh, it’s okay,” Jimin murmured, wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly. His hand stroked your hair as you fell quiet, tucked safely into his embrace. “I don’t know what’s going on, either. But that’s okay. We’ll figure it out, together. We’re a team, right?”

    “Yeah,” you mumbled into his chest after a moment. “We’re a team.” You paused. “I save you from scary maze bogeymen, you save me from reanimated deer.”

    Jimin chuckled softly. “Exactly. We always protect each other.” Placing a finger under your chin, he tilted your head up, leaving a tiny kiss on the tip of your nose. “We can do this. We just need to come up with a plan. Figure out how to kill this thing.”

    His voice was so steady, so sure. You felt infinitely glad that he was there with you at that moment.

    Mulling over his words, you considered your choices as he released you. You didn’t have any weapons. Neither of you were fighters, and even if you were, you stood no chance against something so enormous and ferocious. Then you remembered the grimoire.

    "Maybe this is the answer," you said, holding the book aloft.

    “And that is...?”

    “It says it’s a grimoire. You know, spell book. The girl chucked it at me before they deserted us.”

    Jimin regarded it for a few moments before deftly plucking the tome from your hands.

    "I know exactly what to do," he announced.

    And then he swiftly tossed the book into the flames.

    The fire flared violently, becoming dazzling white, leaping towards the sky.

    "Jimin!" you yelped, throwing one arm over your eyes momentarily blinded by the shifting flames. After a few seconds, the blaze died back down, its normal orangish glow returning. You carefully peeked into the pit, searching for the book, but only found a little pile of smoking ash.

    How could it instantaneously combust like that?

    More importantly, why were you still bothering to ask yourself these unanswerable questions??

    Turning to your boyfriend, you implored, “Why did you do that?”

    "I - I thought that if we destroyed the source of the spell, it might undo it?" Jimin stammered, looking flummoxed.

    You just stared at him.

    Jimin went on, flailing. "I don't know! It worked in that horror movie we watched the other night, remember? When they destroyed that cursed necklace?” He shrugged. “You said anything goes!"

    Sagging to the ground, you cradled your head in your hands. “I did. I did say that,” you agreed, frowning. “But what if there had been a way to counteract the spell in the book?”

    “I… did not consider that.”

    Silence fell over the churchyard as you both contemplated what to do next. After a few minutes, you lifted your head, scanning the woods around you. Everything was still, save for a gentle flutter here and there as the wind rippled through the trees, and the only noise you heard was the popping of the fire. "Maybe... maybe it worked?"

    Jimin cocked his head to the side, listening intently. "Maybe? But how would we know?" He ran his hand through his hair, squinting as he surveyed the graveyard. "Let's - AAAAAAHHHHH!"

    Without warning, the gruesome buck bounded out of the tree line behind the graveyard, making a mad dash towards the two of you. Jimin grabbed your hand and yanked you towards the highway.

    A rock jutted out of the ground directly in your path, and you stumbled, arms outstretched to break your fall.

    The beating of hooves drew nearer.

    "Come on!" Jimin urged you, hauling you back to your feet. You couldn't help but look back and saw that the deer was bearing down on you, mere yards away.

    Tearing down the roadway, faster than you thought humanly possible, you passed Jimin's car where it sat abandoned on the shoulder. If only you had enough time to hop inside and hide. But you couldn’t stop, and soon it was far behind you as you continued to scramble for safety.

    On and on you ran, lungs starting to burn as the snap of the cold air stung at your chest. Jimin was practically dragging you along now, a reversal from your journey through the maze earlier. It was so strange to think that that had only been hours ago.

    Even stranger remembering how your biggest worry at that time had been whether you were going to make it to a silly costume party. Running for your life from a demon stag really put things into perspective.

    You fought the temptation to glance behind you, not wanting to slow your pace for even a second.

    "What - huff - are we gonna do?" you wheezed out, hardly able to breathe between all the running and the fear coursing through your veins.

    "Gas station!" Jimin shouted. "We’ll call Animal Control!"

    "Animal Control?! We need a fucking EXORCIST!" you yelped back.

    Jimin cut across the road, with you close on his heels, sneakers skidding on loose gravel as you hit the other side.

    Hooves pounded the pavement directly behind you.

    The hair on the back of your neck stood on end, your body’s instincts telling you what your mind was slowly realizing.

    It was too late. You hadn't gotten away fast enough, and now you were going to die.

    As you and Jimin turned towards the sound, the hideous beast lowered its head, aiming the sharpened points of its antlers as it charged with a vicious roar. Your eyes closed as Jimin wrapped himself around you, shielding you as best he could -


    ­- just as a semi-truck barreling down the highway rammed into the buck, obliterating its rotting body in a bloody explosion.

    Gore rained down as you and Jimin clutched each other silently, frozen with shock. Thankfully, you were far enough back from the road that you didn’t end up covered in decaying stag. Bits were strewn all over the asphalt, painting the surface a deep red in the macabre glow of the blood moon.

    Meanwhile, the truck was long since gone, never slowing its speed, completely unharmed in the collision.

    “What. The. Fuck,” you gasped out after several stunned minutes, trembling slightly. Your heart was still racing as you sank to the ground, completely spent. Jimin joined you, lying on his back in the grass, panting like he’d just run a marathon.

    “Zombie apocalypse averted,” Jimin announced triumphantly, pumping his fist in the air. “You’re welcome, world!”

    You snorted, too exhausted to point out that neither of you had actually done anything to stop the creature after all. You’d just been in the right place at the right time. Or the monster had been in the wrong place. A happy accident.

    Flopping onto your back, you gazed at the sky, studying the moon. Once again, you wondered if it had played a role in the evening’s bizarre turn of events. In your adrenaline-fueled delirium, you found yourself hoping that it had enjoyed the show.

    “Hey,” Jimin’s hand reached out and grasped yours, lacing his fingers through yours and breaking your reverie, and you glanced at him. “Are you okay?”

    “I think so. I mean, I’ll be fine. Once I wrap my head around everything that happened.” If such a thing were even possible. Taking a deep breath, you smiled softly. “Thank you. For keeping me safe tonight, and keeping me sane.”

    “I could say the same to you.” Jimin’s eyes scrunched shut as he squeezed your hand, beaming. “Go team.”

    Inspiration suddenly struck. “I have a wild idea.”

    “Baby, I don’t think anything could possibly be wilder than what we just went though.”

    You ignored him, plowing on. “Let’s get matching tattoos!” Jimin’s eyebrows shot up. "I stand corrected." He peered at you closely. "Are you in shock?"

    You waved off his concern. "I'm telling you, I'm fine. And I'm serious."

    “Really? You want to commemorate tonight? What do you want for the rest of your life - shredded tire bits, or a decomposing buck?”

    “Shut up!" you laughed. "No, not for tonight, specifically. Let's get matching ‘Best Couple’ tattoos.” You grinned. “Fuck a trophy.”

    He mirrored your smile. “Deal. Love you, baby.”

    “Love you too,” you whispered, leaning over for a kiss.

    A car drove by, bright headlights flashing over you as it sped along, before swiftly pulling a u-turn and doubling back. You and Jimin both sat up cautiously as it rolled to a stop on the shoulder, and the driver’s side window rolled down.

    “Dude, there you are!” A head popped out, floofy dark hair falling over large doe eyes that peered at you in elation as Jungkook grinned. “You weren’t in your car. I thought maybe a serial killer or the children of the corn got you.”

    “Reanimated deer, actually, and almost,” you responded straight-faced as Jimin dipped his face into your shoulder, hiding his laughter.

    Jungkook cocked his head, puzzled. “A what?”

    “Long story.”

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  • nuoyi-writes
    15.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    << P: SKZ Changbin x gn!reader | G: implied, fluff, humor, established-relationship!au | WC: 0.5k | W: reader & changbin are naked?? >>

    “Are you guys awake?” Jisung knocks on the bedroom door, his 4th attempt succeeding in waking Changbin to a bare you. He softly grins at your entranced state and you avert your gaze to the ceiling, ears flushing a deep red after being caught ogling by your boyfriend. Changbin eyes your stretched neck muscles and lowers himself before pressing his lips to the skin above your collarbone, shivers running down your spine at the contact, and you’re suddenly acutely aware of his arms wrapped around you and his limbs between yours.

    “Caught you”, he mouths against you making blood rush to your head. His heartbeat– alongside yours– drums clearly in your ears, making you nearly forget about a very impatient Jisung outside the door.

    “I’m counting to 3”, he announces as the knocking dies out. You turn back to Changbin, drawing your arms out from under the comforter to wrap them around his neck.

    “You locked the door right?”, you ask, and to your horror, you receive no response.


    “Right?” Changbin watches your lips frown and eyebrows furrow.


    “Why would you NOT lock the door?”, you wail, repeatedly swatting his shoulder in a surge of frustration. Retracting your arms from his neck, you grip the rim of the comforter tightly.


    Jisung catches the comforter shoot up to cover all of Changbin and you, but doesn’t find the action interesting enough to point out. He walks over to Changbin’s work desk, picking up their shared lyric journal and a pair of headphones.

    “Are you coming or should we eat your portion?” he asks tauntingly, hoping the two of you would sacrifice breakfast for a few extra minutes in bed.

    “We’ll be down in a few minutes so don’t you dare”, you threaten the boy. Jisung fakes a groan and to your relief, you hear him shuffling towards the door. You aren’t very keen on letting chatterbox quokka find out about the events of the previous night, but apparently Seo Changbin doesn’t share the sentiment and makes it clear to you by sitting up, the comforter slipping off his exposed chest and dropping to his waist.

    “What’s for breakfast?”, he asks like he isn’t about to be ratted out by Jisung and like all his band mates are going to let you live down doing the deed at the dorms. Not like you wanted to keep it a secret forever; you just wanted them to stay clueless for a few weeks before naturally slipping it into a conversation, giving you the upper hand and them no space to tease you.

    Jisung unsurprisingly catches on, amusement filling his orbs as he finally notices the articles of clothing (ones that didn’t belong to Changbin) sprawled out on the floor, and you can even foresee Chan letting out a confused ‘Y’all don’t do it at the dorms?’ and stealing your spotlight.

    “Guys! You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you-” Jisung screams after slamming your door shut. You pull yourself up and kick Changbin, grabbing the comforter and wrapping it around yourself when Changbin falls butt-naked on the cold floor.

    “Have fun playing dishwasher by yourself”

    © 2021, nuoyi-writes. All rights reserved.

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    ↻ be my only love — heeseung !

    pairing: *nocturnist!heeseung x fem!reader. genre: fluff, hospital!au, established relationship. cw: none. wc: 0.33k. song rec: only by lee hi.
    a/n: happy belated birthday heedeungie <3 *a nocturnist refers to a hospitalist who only works overnight. inspired by that one scene in ‘only’ mv. this took forever to finish lmao.

    the dark hours pass by as two pairs of deep brown eyes stare blankly at the ward. he watches as the patients lay flat on the bed, breathing fixed in rhythmic pattern.

    the male yawned, stretching his worn out figure before standing up. he sauntered out of the two-way mirrored room, heading towards the dark until all was heard was his clattering heels,

    and the coffee vending machine in sight. “an espresso would be perfect for tonight,” heeseung chuckled as he slipped cash into the machine before pushing the ‘espresso’ button. a minute later, heeseung pulled the can open before gulping down a shot.

    the doctor turned his body to the waiting chairs; body suddenly froze. his eyebrows raised seductively as heeseung steps closer to the familiar slumbering adorbs that made him grin.

    heeseung kneeled down, stroking your arm before lightly patting the area “y/n, wake up beautiful,” he smiled, this time gently caressing your hair. you woke up with a thin beam on your lips at the wholesome view of him.

    “ahh– hee, have you eaten? i brought udon for you,” you mumbled with eyes half-shut, hands grasping for the lukewarm dish. he smiled in please, bambi eyes gleaming with love. “not yet, baby, we can share. let’s eat it somewhere nice, okay?” you bit your lips, preventing the growing curve as you nod.

    he made you feel like a cinderella, fitting your baby blue sandals in place before tucking a lock of hair behind your ears. heeseung voluntarily open his arms — and you fall into his warm embrace as he pulls you closer.

    “thank you heeseung, i love you,” your voice soft and your eyes closed. you rest your chin on his broad shoulder while he brushes his hand over your head. “i’ve always loved you too, y/n. you always care for me — now you don’t have to worry about me anymore.

    i just want one thing, for you to be my only love.”

    © 𝟏𝐱𝟐𝟑𝐤 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏. all rights reserved.

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  • liliansun
    15.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pick & Choose | 19 - All go away, right?

    0.8k (written portion ↓)

    When you walked in, you saw not only Heeseung, but Jay and your brother on the couch watching Heeseung play. You smiled, this had been so normal for you and with today, you had needed this. The boys greeted you, following a greeting to Sunghoon who had came in. You gave the boxes to your brother as Sunghoon went down the hall, you assumed he was going to wash up. Deciding to do the same, you went into the kitchen. Your body collided with something solid and you expected to fall backwards until you felt a pair of hands on your waist. Looking up, you were met with Jake’s surprised expression. You froze, holding your breath as your mind was catching up with the speed of your heart. As you steadied yourself, you cleared your throat a little as Jake took a slight step back. His hands didn’t leave your waist, instead he held you a little tighter. He was searching your face, looking for something in your eyes. You didn’t know why he looked so sad, but before you could ask, Sunghoon turned the corner.

    “Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.

    “Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.

    “Make up? When did they fight?” Your words ran through each of their heads, both Jake and Heeseung coming to the conclusion that Sunghoon didn’t tell you about their fight. Jake stood there, eyes softening at your worried expression. Maybe you were too good for him. Sunghoon began to panic, looking around the room trying to avoid your gaze. “So you didn’t tell her?” Heeseung said, being the first one to break the ice. This caught your attention, especially when Heeseung was staring at Sunghoon. “Tell me what?” You said, directing your question to Sunghoon. He couldn’t meet your eyes, guilt was taking him over. “Y/n, I was gonna tell you at some point-“ He was cut off almost immediately. “Tell me what Sunghoon?” Your body seemed to cave in, nerves taking over. You couldn’t think of what he could be hiding and that’s what scared you the most.

    “Jake..didn’t go to Giselle. He was with Heeseung all day and when you went to get snacks..” he paused, seeing how you stepped back. His heart sunk, hating how much this was effecting you. “When you went to get snacks, I confronted him. I didn’t know until Heeseung told me and I know I should’ve told you, but-“ You shook your head in disbelief. Not only did he find out the truth, but he lied to you about it. He would’ve continued to lie about it and you probably would’ve never knew. When you lifted your head, Jake was staring at you. His eyes were watery, you could tell he didn’t want to see you cry. Sunghoon tried to reach for you, but Heeseung pulled him back. “Sunghoon, I think you should leave.” Your brothers voice cut the tension between the four of you. He looked at you, hoping you’d ask him to stay or at least say something, but instead you turned your head away from him.

    Sunghoon let out a sigh, turning away from you and nodded. He walked out of your house that day, less of a man than he wanted to be. Hoping that one day you’ll forgive him and let him explain, but he could only hope so much. More importantly, he hoped he didn’t ruin any chance with you.

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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  • chilligyu
    15.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    info: kim mingyu/reader, pg, established relationship au genre: angst | word ct: 1k warnings: none summary: when something is broken, it's not always clear. you never know how deep the cracks go until you look beneath the surface.

    It’s amazing how long something can remain broken beyond repair and still somehow manage to function perfectly fine. She was sitting at her workbench, an old pocket watch was nestled safely in her gentle hands. Patiently, she watched the seconds tick by, she watched the gears and cogs turn endlessly, the watch worked. Nothing seemed to be out of place. Everything seemed to be fine. Only she knew the truth, only she knew about the cracks that ran deep beneath the surface.

    “I like you.”

    She looked up from the old watch she was tinkering with, eyes wide with shock. She almost dropped her project, her jaw dropped in disbelief. Kim Mingyu was standing in front of her, his sincere smile caused a familiar warmth to bloom inside her chest, the words she always wanted to hear spilled past his perfect lips. But they weren’t truly meant for her.

    “I—I like you too.”

    Setting the old pocket watch on the bench, she grabbed a fresh tin of polish from the shelf above her. Taking it carefully in her hands, she slowly began buffing out the years of wear and tear. She was erasing history with nothing but a rag. It was astonishing how much she could do with so little. It wouldn’t do anything to fix the broken gears, that would take a lot more work. The least she could do was make an old broken thing look brand new, to give it a glimpse into it’s old life. Slowly but surely, the pocket watch began to shine again, still nothing like it once was. At least it was a bit closer.

    “I love you.”

    Their hands were intertwined as they sat underneath the stars, her head was resting against his shoulder, their legs tangled naturally. Her heart swelled with his confession, she could feel herself getting lightheaded. Just three months and he actually said it. Mingyu said those three words, so simple, so perfect, so fake. Because they weren’t meant for her.

    “I love you too.”

    After making sure everything looked alright from the outside, she pulled out her tools from the drawer and started to take the old pocket watch apart. Each piece was handled with care and precision, cleaned, polished, and set aside. Eventually she was able to see what made the watch broken to begin with. What she discovered underneath was a couple of cracked wheels, a dented stud holder, a cracked regulator, the mechanism was barely keeping itself together. One little tap and the whole thing would surely fall apart.

    “Will you marry me?”

    They were visiting her family, her parents were standing across the room, and he was down on one knee. Her hand flew to her mouth as she gasped. Everyone thought it was because she was happy, they thought it was because her dreams had come true. And, once upon a time, this was her dream. Mingyu asked her the one question she wanted to hear from his lips. If only it was meant for her.

    “Yes, yes I will.”

    Scratching her chin, she began digging through her drawers of spare parts, wondering if there was anything she could do to fix the old pocket watch. Even with all of her preparation and experience, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to fix that sort of damage. Nothing she had would be a perfect fit, but at least it wouldn’t fall apart. A set of mismatched gears was better than waiting for the day that it all came crashing down. She wasn’t going to let that happen again.

    “You want a divorce?”

    As they sat at their dining room table, their infant son asleep in her arms, he looked at the stack of papers placed between them. Listening to it scream in the crippling silence. They had been together for years, five whole years, five years full of lies and sealed with a broken heart. She had enough. It was one thing when he needed a rebound, she could do that for him. She could pretend that she wasn’t in love with him. She could pretend to be okay with the fact that he didn’t love her. That he loved someone else more than he would ever love another. She could give him that much. But this had gone on long enough. His love wasn’t meant for her.

    “Yes. I do.”

    Finally, she started putting the old pocket watch back together. She found all of the pieces she needed, she managed to find them buried deep in the rubble. Diligently, each piece was returned to its rightful home, the broken pieces were replaced, and everything was going to be alright. A small smile creased her lips, because she was finally going to fix it. She was going to fix everything.

    “I’m—I’m sorry.”

    He stood in front of her, his head bowed in shame. It had been years since they had spoken more than a few words to each other that wasn’t through their attorneys. Truthfully, it was good to see him again. He looked good, she was happy for him. It only hurt a little to see the brand new wedding ring on his finger, replacing the one she tore off his finger one night in anger. She was happy to know that he was finally at peace. And she had no right to be jealous. Because he was never meant for her.

    “It’s okay. I know you never loved me, but loving you made me happy.”

    Once the old pocket watch was finished, once everything was in its proper place, tears freely fell from her tired eyes. For too long she had pretended that everything was alright. She had pretended that Kim Mingyu hadn’t broken her beyond repair. Bracing herself on her elbows her body wracked with sobs. She watched the pocket watch return to life, she watched the seconds tick by, she watched the gears and cogs turn endlessly, the watch worked. But it was still broken.

    She was still broken.

    Gripping it tight in her hand, she launched the old pocket watch across the room, weeping louder when it splintered against the far wall. She hated looking at it, it and every other watch she had fixed in the last two years. She hated how they were all reflections of her. Because she knew how broken they were underneath the shine and polish, she knew the truth even though no one could see the damage. She knew those watches would never be whole again.

    She would never be whole again.

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  • liliansun
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pick & Choose | 18 - Not perfect like you

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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  • tbzhub
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    XOXO Chapter 10 - Here, Again

    Summary: Gossip Girl follows and exposes the lives of the Manhattan elite. New and his two friends try to navigate their extravagant lives without having too many of their secrets exposed.

    Pairing: OC x Changmin, Chanhee, Sunwoo, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin

    Warnings: mature content, smut, slow burn

    Update Schedule: every Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 pm EST

    Later in the Evening

    Selena paused in front of Hyunjae’s art studio. She shivered at the thought of coming here again. The events from the last time she was here and their aftermath were still fresh in her mind. Her black hoodie was pulled low and she chose to wear sunglasses to help conceal her face as she went out to meet Hyunjae for their date. Selena had been super paranoid lately, as she didn’t want Gossip Girl to leak anything else about her. In a way, she was pleased that Hyunjae decided to invite her here versus his actual suite in Mr. Moon’s hotel. She didn’t want to run into Kevin by accident either, not at all in the mood for his snarky jokes. With a huff, Selena stretched her arm out to knock on the door.

    Hyunjae was quick, the door swung open before Selena could rap her knuckles against the door a second time. “Hey, Selena!” Hyunjae pulled her inside and promptly closed the door behind them. “Come on, I have something to show you.”

    “Hold on. Let me take this off first.” Selena was gesturing toward the black hoodie that she was wearing. She turned around, facing away from Hyunjae as she pulled the hoodie over her head and readjusted her top. “I wouldn't want you to think that I would wear this to our first official da-

    As Selena turned back to face Hyunjae, she buffered for a moment. She was enamored with the sight in front of her. Hyunjae’s studio had been transformed into something spectacular. Fairy string lights adorned the walls and there was artwork hung up that Selena had not seen before. The middle of the floor was covered with lots of cushions, blankets, and pillows for them to lie on and there were snacks on a tray in the center. “How did I not notice this when you first opened the door?!”

    Hyunjae smiled warmly, finding her reaction adorable. “I told you I could be creative. Now, follow me please.” He was grabbing Selena’s hand and pulling her towards one of the paintings on the wall. He cleared his throat and said, “these are all of the paintings that I’ve made that make me think of you. There’s a little card at the bottom that’ll explain each piece.” He was a little nervous that she would hate his idea or get bored halfway through but so far Selena seem interested in his plans.

    “Wow.” Selena took a step forward to study the first piece on the wall. She was touched, no one had ever gone through this much work to impress her before. Selena intertwined her fingers with Hyunjae’s as she read the card that accompanied the first piece. “Inspired by the peaceful feeling that washes over me when I see your smile.” It was a landscape watercolor painting of a little pond, there were white flowers in the foreground of the picture and a beautiful blue sky in the background. There was a whimsical element to the painting as well but she couldn’t quite pinpoint why she felt this way about it. “I love this one.” Selena turned to smile at Hyunjae before moving to the next piece of artwork on the wall.

    Hyunjae never let her hand go all the while she looked through her gallery. They talked about some of the pieces together, laughing when one of the paintings reminded them of something crazy from a year prior. It had never dawned on Selena just how well Hyunjae’s memory was. He truly remembered all of the small things about her and their friendship over the years. She marveled at the fact that it took her this long to realize his feelings for her— or even her feelings for him. Everything about Hyunjae was perfect; he was thoughtful, creative, and handsome.

    As Selena came to the last painting in the room, she was taken aback immediately. This one was older, it looked like it was finished years ago; there was a small amount of dust on the outer edges of the canvas. “How long did it take you to finish this?” She was staring at a portrait of her friend group from high school. Hyunjae captured their youth perfectly. Claire was clinging onto Hyunjae and Selena was sandwiched between New and Kevin holding up the peace sign with her fingers and a silly grin on her face.

    “Probably like 40 hours. I remember getting really frustrated a few times while working on this.”

    Selena let go of Hyunjae’s hand to pick up the card that was associated with this final painting. “The moment I knew I wanted you to be a part of my life forever.” She turned the card over to find the original Polaroid from that day years ago. It was bittersweet, the photograph brought back some fond memories but also sadness. “I hope we can all be friends again one day. I want you, Kevin, Claire, and New to be in my life always. Sunwoo too, obviously.” She returned the card to its place beside the painting.

    Hyunjae laughed at Selena’s words, “I’m sure, Sunwoo will be thrilled to know you said him last.” He took Selena’s hands into his and pulled her close to him to give her a chaste kiss on the lips. “Do you want to sit down?”

    “Yes.” Selena went to plop down on the floor, covering herself with a very fluffy blanket. She had a cheerful smile on her face as she pats the spot next to her, signaling for Hyunjae to sit beside her. “I can’t believe you made me a little art gallery. It was so cute.” She snuggled up next to Hyunjae, resting her head on his shoulder.

    “I’m really glad you liked it.” Hyunjae wrapped his left arm around Selena’s shoulder, allowing her to get comfortable beside him. “I was a little nervous that you’d think it was lame.”

    “What? Of course not. There’s a reason why I always ask you about your art. I actually like looking at your artwork.” Selena was grinning to herself as she jokingly said, “I like your artwork more than I like you.”

    Hyunjae nudged her a little bit, gaining a giggle from Selena. “So you must really like my artwork huh because rumor has it you like me a lot.”

    Selena rolled her eyes playfully. “Maybe.” She was sitting up now, turning to face Hyunjae.

    With a hushed voice, he replied, “well, I know I like you a lot.” Hyunjae grabbed Selena’s hands and brought them into his lap. There was a faint tinge of pink on his cheeks from him blushing at his own words. “Selena, can we have that talk now?”

    Selena nodded her head. “I’m listening.”

    Hyunjae gulped nervously, “Well. I think we should be together.” He made sure he looked into Selena’s eyes as he said the next part, “I really like you and I know that what we did to get here was shitty but I do think that us being together is a great idea. We have a lot in common and we've been good friends this whole time. Being around you brings about a sense of peace that I don't get from anywhere else, Selena. I- iwantyoutobemine.” He seemed to blurt out the last bit, forcing it out even though he had doubts as to what Selena’s response would be.

    “I’d like that.” Selena's voice was barely a whisper but Hyunjae definitely heard her loud and clear. He leaned forward to kiss Selena on her forehead. “Finally.”

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  • liliansun
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    Pick & Choose | 17 - Box dye blondie

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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  • mingkii
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    Puppy love 🐾

    𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠; Bang Chan x Gn!reader

    𝐠; fluff (?) . smidge of angst . Ex!bf chan // 𝐜𝐰; none :)) // 𝐰𝐜; 1.8k

    𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬; When you moved back in your home town, you unexpectedly meet the one person you didn't plan on seeing again.

    𝐓𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭; @heyitstacy

    𝐀𝐧; I don't even know if this is fluff...? Also, the exes talking again after not seeing together for a long time trope is liek, one of my favourite uhh tropes(?). *cough* winter nights *cough*. Anyways, the titrle doensnt make sense but cause berry is here just go with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also this isn't proof read so excuse any incorrect grammars and typos.

    You gently placed the last box onto the living room floor, exhaling a deep sigh as you crack your aching back. After a few hours, you've finally finished moving the boxes from the moving van into your home.

    Looking around the place, you can still feel that distinct feeling from when you were younger. Having to move out as soon as you graduated senior year of high school in another country, you had already forgotten what home feels like. Coming back home was one of your plans after college, moving back in was definitely not. But your mother insisted and you gave in, only until you found your own place.

    You started unwrapping the fragile knick-knacks and breakable accessories, handling each one with care, as you wiped dust that might have collected whilst being inside the box. Placing them where it cannot be knocked over easily.

    As you go through each box, you notice how much stuff you put inside without realizing if it was important or not. Like the little porcelain cat figure, with it's tiny collar and bell was one, but in the back of your mind, it tells you that that piece of decoration is important. You sniffled a laugh at the thought, putting it back inside its box.

    Next thing you pulled was a black box labeled "memories". You were definitely gonna waste time going through these instead of cleaning and unpacking. You opened the box, revealing piles of pictures and polaroids. Some with notes in the back that you were surely gonna take time to read.

    You stare at each picture, noticing at how much you've changed over the years. Even your friends that you haven't seen in a while. Some pictures were taken in college, with the new camera one of your high school best friends gave you as a moving away gift. You definitely didn't put it to waste.

    Getting more invested as you finish tackling the college photos, and just as you are about to get to the next pile, the bell on the doggy door rings, indicating an animal has gotten in. You wondered if it's your dogs finally running to you even after hours of your arrival. But to your surprise, it was the dog you never knew you'd see again.

    "Berry, hi, where did you come from," you can recognize that color and smile anywhere. She sniffed your body, remembering the scent she would smell often. Jumping up and down in excitement. "Did Hannah let you out again?" You say, rubbing her ears as she tries to lick your face.

    You hear the doorbell ring. "Must be Hannah to pick you up," you took her in your arms, making your way to the front door. And when you saw the person in front of you, your face dropped.

    Out of shock you slammed the door shut in front of his face. You were mentally freaking out. Not letting go of berry you stood there rooted in place. You didn't expect to run into someone this soon and especially not him.

    Your mind in shambles as you try to compose yourself. But soon when you realized what you just did, you sheepishly grinned at him as you opened the door again.

    "So sorry about that," you say, rubbing the back of your neck.

    "It's not a problem, I'm sorry about berry," he reached out to take her from your arms.

    "Oh no, it's ok, it's good to see her again after a while," you smiled at the dog as she opened her mouth in a smile.

    "No wonder she got excited and tried to get out to your front door." The air was thick, slowly drowning you two in awkwardness. It's been almost 7 years since you've last talked. Time surely does go by fast.

    Chan became more broader and built, not fairly tall but still taller than before. His dimples seemed to have gotten deeper considering it can show even if he isn't smiling. His hair is still a mess but it's a prettier mess since his hair has become curlier than before. His cute lips still stuck in a line, trying to think of conversations to break the ice.

    "So, did you just get here?"

    "Yeah, I'm actually unpacking right now," he nodded, still avoiding eye contact with you.

    "Do you wanna help me unpack? I mean, you don't have to."


    And so, the two of you got to work. He helped you unpack everything out of the box and just started sorting from there.

    Chan was going through the accessory box and saw the familiar ring in the pile of bracelets and necklaces. He recognizes the ring because he bought that couple rings in high school, symbolizing a promise you made. Unfortunately, Chan still remembers that painful scene in his head.

    You were too busy rummaging through a box filled with clothes to notice Chan staring at the piece of metal in his hands. His mind played bits of memories you two had, even the ones that weren't very good.

    "Have you finished staring at that box?" You said, snapping him out of his daze.

    "Uh yeah."

    You spot the ring he held in his hands.

    "You still kept it." He said. Sounding shocked as if you were supposed to keep it.

    You nodded.

    It was a special part of your life, of course you are gonna keep it. As someone very sentimental, you keep anything and everything that has a special significance in your life. Even the bad ones.

    "It was the time I had my first boyfriend."

    Chan hummed, knowing he was your first boyfriend. He gave you that ring during your first year of senior high, it was a very special moment for him as well.

    '...and my first heartbreak' you finished in your thoughts.

    Your break up with chan ended on a good note, but you can't deny the fact that it hurts. Both of you realized that after high school, you are gonna be miles apart. You are going to another country while Chan stays here.

    The wind blew cold on this winter night. The moon glowing bright in the dark starry sky.
    You and Chan went out to an abandoned park after your graduation ceremony. Just having a chat, talking about plans in college.
    You and Chan went out to an abandoned park after your graduation ceremony. Just having a chat, talking about plans in college.
    "So you are going to America, right?" You nodded. You already know where this is going but you can feel the tears that are fighting to spill.
    "And I'm staying here…" the distance is overwhelming but Chan knows he can. But he doesn't know that you can't.
    "We could call evernight, well it'll be hard because of the timezones." 
    You gripped the chain holding up the swings you were on. You didn't want to hurt him and this decision you made on your own made you feel selfish. You were breaking up with him just because you couldn't handle the distance that will come in between you in college.
    You didn't want to spend your college years with your boyfriend halfway across the world. You are already expecting a lot of school work and lectures, not to mention the course you picked that will give you hell.
    "And maybe I could go to you during break, tickets will be expensive but think of it as a vacation." 
    You wanted him to stop, this is already making you rethink your decision. But it wouldn't be fair for him when he's the only one fighting to keep this relationship.
    "Chan I'm sorry," you croaked, a single tear spilled from your eyes. "I'm sorry, I— I don't think I can do that," you managed to let out. 
    You looked at him, his face didn't show any signs of pain. He probably thought of this outcome. He knew the possibilities after knowing you would be away for college. He was ready for it, but can't deny the fact that it still pained him. 
    "And maybe I could go to you during break, tickets will be expensive but think of it as a vacation."
    You wanted him to stop, this is already making you rethink your decision. But it wouldn't be fair for him when he's the only one fighting to keep this relationship.
    "Chan I'm sorry," you croaked, a single tear spilled from your eyes. "I'm sorry, I— I don't think I can do that," you managed to let out.
    You looked at him, his face didn't show any signs of pain. He probably thought of this outcome. He knew the possibilities after knowing you would be away for college. He was ready for it, but can't deny the fact that it still pained him.
    "It's ok y/n"
    "No it's not ok! This is— this is selfish of me to do, I didn't even talk to you about I, we haven't even tried it and I'm already giving up—"
    "Hey, It's ok, you are not giving up, you know what's best— I shouldn't have thought of what you wanted when I talked about keeping this relationship. I'm actually very proud of you for deciding this on your own, I know it was hard for you."
    His voice cracked once, but his face remained expressionless.
    He quickly built up the wall in front of him, hiding the pain that lingered through his veins.
    "If anything, I'll wait for you—"
    "Don't. Please, I mean it's not that I don't love you anymore but I don't want to hold you back, go date someone else if you want to, just don't wait for me."
    He didn't say anything further. Standing up to make his way in front of you, reaching his hand out for a hug. And you gave him a hug, one you'll miss once you fly to the states. His voice you'll miss hearing every night before going to bed, and his soothing touch that always calms you down.
    "I love you." You said, as you sob into his shoulder.
    "I love you too."

    Chan reaches into his hoodie, taking out a necklace with the ring tied to it. You felt your stomach churn.

    That gave you a feeling that he still did wait for you. That he still has feelings for you. Either the same ones or he is feeling something stronger.

    "I'm in town for the next few weeks but I'll be traveling for work."

    You both aren't kids anymore, you have your own lives to get back to. But Chan still wants you to be part of his life. And you are sure that you wanted it as well.

    "So your dream to be a music producer came true?" He gave you a smile. It's definitely not weird how you still remember something so trivial about your ex that you were supposed to forget, but how could you? He talked about it so much in the past, it's hard to forget.

    "It took some hard work but it paid off in the end." He rolled the ring in his hands, feeling the carved out designs on the metal.

    "How about you?"

    "I got a job at a journaling company near town, years of photography finally paid off," you proudly boasted. Chan smiled, knowing how much that meant to you.

    Both your lives took off in the right direction but the both of you knew there's something missing. Sure you are both happy but, that missing piece was each other. You wanted Chan to be there with you when you graduated in college, when you succeeded in getting a job. And Chan wanted the same.

    "While we are both still here, maybe we could go out sometime?" He proposed.


    You should be thanking the dog for making him come to your house, for letting him help you unpack and finally getting to talk again.

    And maybe, you could start a new chapter in your lives, together again.

    #ficscafe#destinyversenet#fkp net#knet-bakery #❪ 🐿️ ❫ ─ oneshots #stray kids#skz#chan#bang chan#skz chan#skz imagines #stray kids imagine #stray kids scenarios #bang chan imagines #bang chan scenarios #skz bang chan #stray kids bang chan #chan x reader #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #skz angst#chan angst
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  • kurosism
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    muses, choi yeonjun x gender neutral reader. content, until the next lifetime, angel. word count, six hundred forty four. pantone, angst / alice in borderland au. warning, poisoning, mentions of blood, bruises and character death.

    this isn't how it's supposed to go.

    just moments ago, yeonjun breathed a sigh of relief after his phone let him know that he had passed the game. by doing so, he had earned himself, and his fellow living players, three more days to live.

    before he leaves the room, he hears a cough and glances over his shoulder. slouched against the wall, the tagger's chest heaves slowly as the poison starts to kick in. yeonjun sighs, tempted to just walk and never look back, until he hears a hoarse, "jjunie."

    he stops debating. instead, he turns around and stares at the masked figure. the quiver of his voice can be heard when he asks, "what did you say?"

    "jjunie," they call again, and his heart plummets freely.

    'no, it can't be.' frantically removes the mask, desperate to prove to himself that he is wrong. that the person he had fatally wounded is not the person he swore to protect from harm.

    but the proof never comes.

    instead, he's left shaking down to his knees as he kneels down and cups your face in his bloodied hands. the pads of his callused thumbs caress your cheeks, a desperate attempt to retain the warmth beneath your discoloring skin.

    "i'm sorry, i didn't—" he cries, tears steadily streaming down his face. "this isn't what's meant to happen—"

    you smile weakly and assure him, "you, you didn't know. it's okay, angel."

    he shakes his head, refusing to believe what you say. yeonjun looks around, desperately hoping to see an antidote in sight, even if the both of you know that it doesn't exist. still, he tries to come up with a remedy, even though everything leads to a dead end.

    "no, this can't be," he whispered, moving his shaky body around to cradle your gradually drained body. kissing the crown of your head, he chants under his breath, "this isn't fair."

    "i know, jjunie." you spoke so quietly, to prolong your short time. your head lifts up to look at him, the light clearly fading from your eyes. reaching out for his hand, you gently squeeze it and kiss his bruised knuckles.

    time seems to go by agonizingly slower, when it has actually been only a couple of minutes. the poison is doing its job, already occupying the majority of your body. you know what time it is— you just don't think you can get through it.

    "jjunie," you mutter under your shallow breath, and hear him answer in return. you try to smile, to show the smile that he adores so much, but it falls a little too short to even look similar. it hurts, but he pretends to not notice, and listens.

    "promise me that you'll live." he opens his mouth to refute but you don't let him, "you'll live long enough to get out of this hell, and make your place back in our world."

    yeonjun wants to refuse, his heart wants to do so, but he finds himself nodding instead. you sigh deeply and mutter, "goodnight jjunie, i'll see you in our next lifetime."

    he doesn't understand at first, and he regrets it. because before he can answer, you shut your eyes and lay limp in his arms. so he has no choice but to cry, to yell his whole soul out, and keep your body close to him.

    "you can't do this to me, angel. you can't." he sobs, hatred and sorrow blending together to fill his whole body.

    he feels angry — at the gods, for letting the two of you meet under such circumstances. at the game masters, for creating such a cruel form of entertainment. at himself, for failing to protect you. and at you, for being too expectant of him.

    because yeonjun is capable of dying for you. but he can't, and won't, live without you.

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  • deobienthusiast
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    not so bad | l.hs

    • pairing: rich kid!lee heeseung (enhypen) x gn!reader ft. the rest of enhypen, mentions of jake x reader

    • word count: 3.1k words

    • genre: fluff, angst, rich kid!au, enemies to lovers!au

    • rating: PG

    • warnings: use of some bad words, heeseung is kind of an asshole, alcohol, suggestive

    • notes: this is apart of @chicksung birthday collab call! Happy (late) birthday Sophie!!!! This will be my first collab call I am apart of, and my first time writing for Enhypen! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!

    • synopsis: For as long as you could remember, you hated Lee Heeseung. After getting advice on how to clean something, you get a personal taste into the boy’s life. Then you realize, maybe he’s not as bad as he seems.

    For as long as you could remember, you hated Lee Heeseung. You weren’t sure what it was. His cocky smile, his mischievous eyes, the uppity attitude he walked around with, or maybe it was the sense of entitlement he felt he allowed to brag about. Maybe, just maybe, it was his willingness to flash his unearned wealth that his parents brought in at any given moment.

    Heeseung was your stereotypical rich jerk. The rich boy that wanted nothing to do with anyone in a lower class system than he considered himself to be in. Unluckily for him, all the money in the world can’t buy him a damn personality.

    You remember when you moved to Seoul and first met him. He holds this sense of innocence to him, making anyone and everyone believe that he’s sweet and kind. And boy, oh boy, did you definitely fall for it. Turns out, that is nothing like the Heeseung you know now. When you first met, he introduced himself, very kindly. A large hand attached to a rather long arm stretched out in front of your eyesight, waiting to be shook in a form of interaction.

    As you took it, you heard the personal aide that was bringing you around the school explaining who you were to Heeseung. That’s when you noticed the change. Just as quickly as he looked innocent, he became an absolute devil. Assigned to show you the rest of the way around school, you were forced to partake in the relentless, snarky comments Heeseung made. Digs at the so-called “low class jobs” your parents had, and the obvious fact that you had to do your own laundry because your family couldn’t afford anyone to do it. Turns out, that personal aide who introduced Heeseung as the star student that ‘got along with everyone’ didn’t know their students too well.

    From that day forth, you avoided Heeseung like the plague. Only interacting with him if you absolutely had to. You managed to get lucky from Freshman to Junior year. Your schedule only letting you see Heeseung once a day for a class that was only thirty minutes long. As ecstatic as you had been. It didn’t last long. Senior year came with a new schedule that had you inwardly cringing.

    “You have got to be kidding me.” You said out loud. On the table in front of you lay none other than Lee Heeseung’s schedule.

    Being curious, with your own in hand, you took the time to compare, only to realize that you had almost every single class except two with the devil’s spawn himself.

    Turning towards your friend Jay, he looked at you. “What’s wrong?”

    Shoving the schedule in his face, you ripped Heeseung’s off the table to do the same thing with his. “I have six fucking classes with this kid.”

    Jay couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh come on. Heeseung isn’t that bad.”

    That was easy for Jay to say. You had managed to score him and a few others as friends who happened to be in the same, we’ll say, “weight class” as Heeseung. Despite Heeseung’s repeated attempts to tarnish your relationships with your friends, they stuck with you. Heeseung was that perfect little angel to Jay, and of course when Jay was around you, he was a perfect little angel to you.

    “That’s because you're rich like he is, Jay. So is Riki, Sunoo, and Sunghoon. That’s why he likes you guys.” You reasoned, laying the schedule back on the table without looking.

    Jay could only swing his arm around your shoulders as he pulled you through the mess of students learning their locker combinations and meeting their new teachers, before you ran into the rest of your friend group.

    “You’ll never believe who scored the last available seat in Mr. Jeon’s math class?” Riki said excitedly.

    His smile made you and Jay laugh as Sunghoon shook his head. “It’s only because your parents begged for you to be put in a class where you could work well with the teacher.”

    You couldn’t help but agree with Sunghoon. Mr. Jeon was the youngest teacher in the school and held close relationships with his students. Unlike most teachers, he actually cared for his students and worked tirelessly to help each and every one. It makes sense that there was a barrage of students fighting for spots in his class.

    “He also picked the kids with the best scores on last year’s tests. You just happen to get lucky and score better than I did.” Sunoo popped his head around Sunghoon’s tall stature to put his two cents in.

    He laid a hand out in front of you in a silent attempt to ask for your schedule as you handed it to him. “Word on the street is that you have to babysit Heeseung for six classes.”

    “Very funny Sunoo.” You countered.

    He could only smile, being the only one of your friends who shared in your distaste in Heeseung.

    “If it makes you feel any better, I have all eight.” Sunoo said.

    Your face lit up as Sunoo smiled. Squealing in excitement, you hugged the boy.

    “We have six classes together! Thank the lord, I’m not alone with that wretch.” You exclaimed as Sunoo gave you a smile.

    “As if I’d ever.” Sunoo told you before someone interrupted.

    “As if you’d ever what?” You all heard.

    The voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard as you scowled.

    “Heeseung, what’s up man?” Jay greeted the boy as you turned to look at him.

    His hair was longer than last year. The greenish-blue strands contrasting with the color of his dark eyes. He wore a cocky smile as he looked over everyone’s face, letting his eyes linger slightly on you. You greeted him with a roll of your eyes and didn’t miss the quiet scoff that escaped his lips. Sunoo could only watch as Heeseung took it upon himself to reach for Jay’s schedule.

    “Damn. Not a single class this year. I don’t have any with Jungwon or Jake either.” Heeseung commented, comparing his schedule with Jay’s before reaching for Sunghoon’s, then Riki’s.

    Both boys let him take their schedules as you shook your head, biting your lip to keep from saying anything.

    “Sunghoon and I have English with Jungwon and Physics with Jake. Jay doesn’t have any classes with any of us.” Riki said, mentioning all of you as he pulled his schedule out of the older boys hands.

    “We have classes with you.” Sunoo spoke, making everyone freeze.

    Heeseung’s dark chocolate eyes scanned the group before landing on you and Sunoo. Heeseung was aware that Sunoo wasn’t fond of him just like you were. Obviously, you had every reason not to be, but he had never really talked to Sunoo.

    Heeseung nodded at his words, letting his tongue dip out of his mouth slightly to run across the bottom of his top row of teeth.

    “Do we now?” Heeseung asked, reaching for your schedule.

    You jerked your hand back, making the boy give you a sinister smile. He moved his hand back slightly, catching you off guard enough to whip his hand back towards you and rip your schedule out of his hands.

    “Damn it, Heeseung! Give it back.” You scolded.

    Heeseung could only chuckle as he looked over your classes. He was quick enough to memorize the schedule before you could rip the paper from him. Heeseung stood frozen for a moment, furrowing his eyebrows before letting out a breath.

    “So, is everyone going to Jake’s party tonight?” Heeseung asked.

    “Jake is having a party?” Jay replied. “Since when does goody-two-shoes Jake party?”

    You laughed. “Since all of this summer. Where have you been? Jake has long since come out of his shell.”

    The crowd around you chuckled, as you were easily able to make out Heeseung’s laugh amongst the group which you hated yourself for.

    Riki spoke up, throwing an arm around your and Sunghoon’s shoulders. “We will all be there. I promise. Jake’s parties during the summer were legit! I don’t know why he put on that innocent front, he clearly knows how to throw ragers.”

    You shook your head at your young friend as Heeseung spoke. “Well, I’ll see you guys there. I got something to show off anyway. My mom got me a new car for an early senior present.”

    Letting yourself scoff, you peeled away from the group, wanting to get as far away from Heeseung as possible. Sunoo followed suit when he heard Heeseung open his mouth again about his new car.

    “He is most insufferable.” Sunoo said as he followed you to your locker.

    You could only nod him in agreement as you looked at the boy. “Are you going to Jake’s party tonight?”

    Sunoo straightened slightly at your question. “I’m not sure, why?”

    You shrugged. “I don’t know. I want to go, but it’s just.”

    “You’re afraid to run into Heeseung by yourself?” Sunoo finished.

    You nodded. “Jake really wants me to go, though.”

    Sunoo snorted. “You and Jake, huh?”

    You closed your locker as you let Sunoo walk you to class, not noticing the boy watching the two of you.

    “What should I wear?” You asked Sunoo as he was sprawled out across your freshly made bed.

    “Perhaps clothes,” You heard from your phone as you scoffed.

    A four-way call being made between you, Jay, Sunghoon, and Riki as Sunoo could only listen from your bed.

    “Good one Riki. Like I’ve never heard that one before.” You said rather loudly for him to hear.

    “It’s a party. Just dress casually.” Sunghoon said.

    “No can do. Jake might make a move tonight.” You and Sunoo looked at each other as he started to laugh.

    “Jay, you know about the whole Jake situation?” Sunoo asked.

    All three boys on the other lines chuckled. “Everyone does. He’s told everyone.”

    This made you frown. Sunoo quickly said goodbye as he hung up your phone.

    “We don’t have to go.” Sunoo said.

    He could sense your apprehensiveness from your bed after Jay’s comment.

    “I can’t believe he told everyone.” You said to yourself.

    Sunoo frowned. “Maybe he’s been spending too much time with Heeseung. We should go just to show him what he’s going to be missing since he likes to kiss and tell.”

    You couldn’t help the small smile that made its way to your face as you continued to get dressed. When finished, Sunoo drove the both of you to the large house where the party was being hosted.

    The house was definitely one you didn’t recognize until you saw the name on the mailbox. Lee. You let out a loud groan. He really got you.

    “This isn’t Jake’s party.” You said quietly, as Sunoo parked on the lawn.


    You pointed at the mailbox making Sunoo throw his head back. “You have got to be kidding me.”

    You turned towards the large three story house. There were probably more bedrooms and bathrooms than his family really needed. You both walked into the house, the whole bottom floor covered with bodies that were either doing keg stands, playing drinking games, making out, or grinding in the middle of the room. The entrance was quite enamouring. The glass double doors opened to a large grand staircase. The whole house was open, a family room and large kitchen on one side and a game room and living area on another. The multiple bedrooms on the top two floors.

    Everyone seemed to be having a good time, though you had to admit you felt extremely out of place. Everyone was wearing extravagant outfits littered in glitter and gold. Short cocktail dresses and skirts and button downs with khakis were all you could see.

    “If this doesn’t scream, prep school party.” You said over the music, making Sunoo snort.

    “Sunoo, you made it.” You both heard Heeseung say as he shoved a drink into his hand. “Ah, and you brought a friend.”

    He looked over your clothes before looking back at you with a raised brow. “Nice outfit.”

    You rolled your eyes, turning away from him as he gave you a drink. You looked back at him.

    “Not interested.” You said, handing him the drink.

    Heeseung didn’t take it, rather he wrapped his larger hand around yours, pushing it back towards you as he took a step towards you, making your eyes widen.

    He smirked slightly, leaning forward to whisper in your ear. You looked at Sunoo for help, only to find him pulled off by some girl.

    Heeseung brought his free hand to the top of your waist as he spoke. “Stop being so damn uptight. It’s a party. Not everyone here is as rich as I am.”

    His comment made you narrow your eyes, finding the courage to push him away from you. He stumbled slightly as you gave him the middle finger. Heeseung could only smile as you walked in the opposite direction.

    Making your way through the large house proved to be difficult with people stopping you every so often in search of your friends. You finally managed to make your way to the kitchen, swirling the drink Heeseung gave you around in the red solo cup before someone bumps into you. The liquid splatters across the marble floor and countertops along with your white shirt. Jake makes his way to your peripheral vision as he spoke.

    “I’m so sorry. I was actually just looking for you.” He had a large grin on his face as he covered his mouth, stifling his laugh.

    “You think this is funny?” You asked incredulously.

    The people surrounding you and Jake laughed as you felt your face grow hot. You felt yourself start to get embarrassed. This wasn’t the same Jake you got to know over the summer, that’s for sure.

    “Everything okay here?” You heard someone ask before pushing past the last person you even wanted to see.

    Heeseung watched you rush up the stairs of his house as he looked back at Jake who was now stumbling through the crowd. He watched him make his way towards his friend Jungwon, the younger male catching Jake by his waist to hold him steady as Heeseung headed for the stairs. He silently made his way upstairs, greeting people that stopped him before walking to the end of the hallway. The only room that had its door closed was Heeseung’s and considering everyone else was occupying every other room, he optioned on checking his.

    The door opened quietly, letting Heeseung enter without being heard. The sink in his bathroom was running as he heard some sniffling. Heeseung brought himself around the corner as he watched you rub at your shirt.

    “Such an asshole,” Heeseung heard you mumble before he spoke, making you jump.

    “Club soda and vinegar. It’ll come right out.” He says.

    Your head ripped towards his direction as he watched you. His dark eyes glistened under the light shining from the bathroom.

    “Yeah. Thanks.” You said, not putting much thought into listening to him.

    Heeseung could only nod, going to turn around before stopping. “He’s really drunk by the way. I think Jungwon is taking him home. I wouldn’t hold it against him.”

    You lifted your head, laying both hands on either side of the sink as you spoke. “It’s really none of your business, Heeseung. Don’t you have a party to host?”

    The boy flinched slightly at your tone. Maybe he had taken the incandescent teasing too far.

    “He doesn’t deserve you.” Heeseung whispered.

    Your eyes followed the silent chant to the door where Heeseung still stood in view.

    You set the wet rag down in the sink as you took a step towards the boy. Leaning against the door frame of the bathroom, you spoke.

    “Why are you suddenly so concerned about me? I thought you hated me?” You said softly.

    Heeseung shrugged. “Things change. Besides, I don’t hate you. I just, we’ve met before. You don’t remember me, but I remember you.”

    You narrowed your eyes. “What do you mean?”

    “We were friends in kindergarten. You were my best friend. Then come first grade, Sunoo came along and you forgot all about me. Then you moved, but you only kept in touch with Sunoo. Your parents would travel back to visit and you only would see Sunoo. I guess because you just forgot about me, I thought to get even, I would make you feel how you made me feel.” Heeseung spoke.

    “So you decided to get back at me for torturing me about my family’s social and wealth class?” You asked.

    Heeseung grimaced. “Kind of a dick move right?”

    His comment made you laugh, bringing a smile to his face. You let your eyes wander over his features and for the first time, you noticed just how handsome Heeseung actually was. His smile was one that was genuine as it brought warmth to your body. His long limbs carried him to the bed in the room as he sat. He looked up at you through his bluish fringe as he spoke.

    “I’m sorry about Jake. When he gets drunk, he gets so stupid.” Heeseung told you.

    There was something entrancing about the way he spoke as you shrugged, moving towards him. “It’s okay. He’s clearly not worthy of me. Right?”

    Heeseung smiled as you stepped closer. Your legs were almost touching Heeseungs bended knees as you smiled to yourself.

    “What?” Heeseung asked.

    “Your Heeseung from Kindergarten? Dorky Heeseung that wore high water overalls and big thick rimmed glasses?” You asked him.

    His cheeks dusted a light shade of pink as he stood, wrapping an arm around you.

    “Please don’t bring that up. I still get crap about it from everyone. For some reason that’s the only outfit people remember.” Heeseung said.

    You giggled. You remembered how much you liked Heeseung in Kindergarten. The both of you were inseparable. You do remember drifting away from him when you met Sunoo. Suddenly you felt bad. Heeseung’s forehead laid against yours as you both swayed back and forth in silence.

    “What are you thinking about?” Heeseung asked.

    “I’m sorry.” You said, making Heeseung lift his head.

    “For what?”

    “Everything. I just up and left you when Sunoo moved to town. You were my best friend. My whole little world revolved around you.” You told him with a chuckle.

    Heeseung’s eyes flicked around your face as he spoke. “My whole world still revolves around you.”

    You went to speak before Heeseung stopped you with a soft kiss. His lips molded into yours as he held you tightly.

    You pulled back first with a shake of your head. “I didn’t expect to fall in love tonight.”

    Heeseung smiled. “I’m not so bad for a rich boy, huh?”

    You shoved him slightly. “Don’t push it Lee Heeseung.”

    Heeseung laughed as he pecked your lips. “I’m glad I have you back.”

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  • liliansun
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    request sent in by @luvrjn | heeseung x reader

    genre: fluff | warnings: none


    Movie night, your favorite night of the week. Every weekend you boyfriend, Heeseung, would come over and you two would watch a movie. It seems cliché, but it was one of the only times you could spend time alone together. He is busy with dance practice after school during the week and you have been studying harder for exams. You two try to squeeze all the time in you can get before the weekend hits.

    Sitting on the couch, popcorn in your lap and a bag of candy in his, you two opted to watch a horror movie in the spirit of Halloween. You were petrified of scary movies, any little thing made you squirm and want to hide. Heeseung on the other hand, he enjoyed horror films, yet he would get scared here and there. So when he suggested ‘A nightmare on Elm Street’, you thought how bad could it be?

    Bad, very bad, so bad that you were hiding between his arm and the couch. He couldn’t hold back his laughs, trying to soothe your hair with his hand. “Baby, are you really scared of this?” He said, turning his attention to you instead of the movie. You wanted to protest, giving him plenty of reasons why you could be scared, but you couldn’t think of any at the time.

    You ignored his question, keeping your head buried into the couch. You heard the click of the remote, followed by silence. Lifting your head, you looked at Heeseung with sad eyes. “You turned it off?” You said, sitting up to face him. “You were hiding, I want you to enjoy the movies and be able to sleep tonight.” You immediately melted by his sweetness, giving him a swift kiss on the cheek.

    His face turned a light shade of pink, never getting used to your subtle kisses. His hands found your waist, pulling you into his embrace for a hug. Instead, you ended up cuddling on the couch for the rest of the night. Talking about who knows what for hours till he had to leave. You enjoyed this “movie” night, thinking that if horror movie nights would end like this, then you’d watch another one.

    ©︎ liliansun 2021

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  • liliansun
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Pick & Choose | 16 - Off-brand Draco

    synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.

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  • jimidol
    13.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    sweet love | pjm

    ⏤ pairing: dilf!jimin x female reader

    ⏤ genre: parents au, exes to lovers, fluff, and smut

    ⏤ rating: 18+

    ⏤ warnings: mention of pregnancy, mention of breakup, sexual tension, flirting, long-haired!jimin, little moon is sick, mention of jealousy, some teasing, a lot of making out, mention of struggles after a breakup, praising, mention of postpartum struggles, some swearing, pet names, thigh riding, dirty talking, masturbation, dom!jimin, big cock!jimin, missionary, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, nipple play, creampie, and multiple orgasms

    ⏤ words: 10,544

    ⏤ summary: jimin is the father of your four years old daughter, moon, and he’s also your ex. an ex you never considered getting back to, but that wasn’t until you both found yourself being single again. watching a movie with moon every sunday became the perfect excuse to discreetly flirt together. a flirt that brought back ten years of sweet love.  

    ⏤ author’s note: the fic is finally here! i’m currently so happy to share this with you on this very special day! i hope you’re all having a good day & i hope that our little jimin enjoyed this day! i really hope you’ll enjoy this fic as it is very special to me & don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought of sweet love! thanks for everything & love you all ❤️


    Slowly, you open the door of your daughter’s bedroom.  

    “Are you ready?” You ask your small daughter.

    She’s struggling to put on her little blue dress, but today, she insisted on dressing by herself. Apparently, there’s a little girl at her school who already does everything alone, and Moon, your four years old daughter, wants to be just like her. But in general, your little daughter has been showing you that she wants to become more and more independent.

    You can totally understand her, you absolutely want her to do things on her own but it’s also okay to ask for a little help.  

    “Let me help, booboo.”

    You rush in her direction to help her out with her dress. She doesn’t push you away or anything, she just lets you give her a hand. As you do so, you simply can’t believe that she is already four years old. For you, she’ll forever be the tiny little baby that she was at her birth.

    Moon was born prematurely, almost five weeks before the due date. She was tiny and more fragile, but she quickly grow once outside and she easily gained weight. The doctors and nurses were actually very impressed by her fast growth. You still remember how proud you were of her ⏤ and you’re still very proud of everything she accomplishes.

    But since the day she was born, you can only see her as a tiny little baby. Your tiny baby.    

    “Mommy, daddy is coming soon?” Her little eyes look up at you.  

    You quickly glance down at your watch to check what time it is.

    “He should be coming any minute,” you tell her.

    Moon’s father, Jimin, isn't your partner anymore, and today is the day he’s coming to pick her up to spend the week with her. When you broke up with Jimin, you agreed to share Moon’s custody. One week she’s with you, the next one she’s with Jimin. In the last three years, everything has been working out pretty well.

    “Have you already chosen the movie you want to watch?”

    For the past couple of weeks, the day you or Jimin pick up Moon at the other’s place, the three of you watch a movie together. You always come around 2 pm to enjoy a good afternoon together. Moon is always the one to choose the movie, and you and her father just let her do. It’s better if she enjoys this moment as much as she can. She doesn’t like watching tv, but she can open an exemption for her disney movies.  

    “Not sure yet,” she answers. “We can choose when daddy will come.”

    “Okay, booboo.”

    The dress is finally correctly put on your baby, she looks so beautiful. Every week, when Jimin takes her, it always breaks your heart. You perfectly know that she’ll be in good hands but being apart from your baby is tough. If things depended just on you, you’d be 24/7 around your daughter. But that’s life. She has a father that isn’t your partner anymore, and she deserves to be with him and to be loved by him. The only perk of sharing custody is that you can do your own things when Moon is at her father’s.

    Your eyes roam at the tiny little girl standing in front of you, causing a smile to spread on your face. She looks a lot like her father. She isn’t totally a mini living version of him, but she inherited a lot of his traits. There’s also a lot about her personality that reminds you of him. She clearly takes a lot after him. However, your favorite thing about their resemblance is the way she smiles with her eyes just like him.

    The doorbell rings, making your daughter run to the entrance to open the door to her beloved daddy. She always does that when he comes, she always wants to be the first to see him. As you leave her bedroom to join the two of them, you hear Jimin’s voice.

    “My little princess,” he says before grabbing his little daughter.

    From afar, you watch this tender moment between a father and a daughter. Their reunion every two weeks melts your heart. It just perfectly shows the sweet and gentle love they have for each other. Even if today you aren’t with Jimin anymore, for sure, you chose the best father for your daughter.

    As you see them today, you believe that breaking up was the best decision you both took three years ago. Things wouldn’t be as they are today, you’re completely sure about it. Most probably your little family would be more broken, and you’re convinced that you wouldn’t even speak with your ex which in the end would be absolutely sad.  

    At first, you deeply regretted offering your daughter this kind of dysfunctional family. For a long time, you were persuaded that she would be destroyed because of this separation that happened when she was only seven months old. But as you and Jimin made everything to remain friends for her own good, you got to see your daughter blooming into this remarkable human being.  

    “Hey,” you say as you get closer to the two of them.

    Jimin’s face turns to look at you, his smile never leaving his face. Your heart squeezes when his eyes lock with yours. He looks absolutely stunning with that brown polo and black classic pants. His sleeves are rolled up, and you can see in his hands a black cap. His strong arms tightly hold your little princess that is now looking at you too.

    Lately, things have changed between you and Moon’s father. After you ended things with the last guy you were seeing, a sexual tension has been growing between the two of you. At first, it was just a simple flirt between the two of you, something completely innocent. Honestly, you let it happen because it reminded you of the ten years you spent with him. It felt good to be back to how things were.

    Seeing movies every sunday with your daughter is just an excuse to spend more time together. Honestly, it’s good to be able to spend more time together. Also, you’ve noticed how happier your baby is after the now weekly movie session. In the end, this little excuse to flirt more and be more together has a lot of positive outcomes.

    None of you has actually thought of what could eventually happen if you decide to ever go further than flirting. However, you are both trying to be extremely careful because there is Moon. Any decision that you might take will impact her the first, and you both want to keep this dynamic that has been working for three years now.

    “Hi, Yn,” Jimin says as he takes a step closer in your direction.

    The man presses a kiss on your cheek, causing an intense wave of heat to suddenly grow inside you. Lately, every time he presses a soft kiss on your cheeks or even if his body brushes against yours, you instantly feel extremely hot. The power the man holds over you still blows your mind.  

    Moon also takes advantage to press a kiss on your other cheek, and you smile as the two of them simply show you affection.

    “Mama is really beautiful,” your daughter says as she looks now to her dad.

    Your daughter always adores complimenting you, she probably takes that after her father. While you were together, the man would shower you with compliments, it was his way of showing you his love for you. It honestly made you extremely happy, and now, you have this little pumpkin who constantly does the same.  

    “She really is!” Jimin agrees, his eyes still devouring you.

    Your eyes don’t ever leave his figure. Jimin has been letting his hair grow lately, and you really believe that it suits him really well. With the cap in his hand, you can totally picture him with it on his long hair. He must look like a whole damn snack. A snack you’d definitely love to take a bite.

    “And both of you also are very handsome!” You reply with a bright smile on your face.

    They are more than handsome. They are perfect. The most perfect human beings you have ever laid eyes on. Well, technically, Moon is only this perfect because the man holding her right now made love to you almost five years ago. She is perfect because her father is too.      

    For a brief moment, your eyes glance at the two of them, but every time they land on Jimin, all you can sense is the growing sexual tension. The tension between you and Jimin has reached its highest peak for the past few days. The man in front of you has been texting you a lot, him being quite flirty with you, and honestly, he would have preferred if the two of you were alone. But today, he’s here for his daughter. For you, he already has some ideas behind his mind.    

    “So, we’re going to watch that movie?” Jimin asks your little daughter.

    His eyes move from you to his princess. Every time he looks at her, all he thinks about is the ten years of sweet love he shared with you. The ten years spent with you were definitely the best years of his life, and just like you, today, he doesn’t regret how things have changed between the two of you. For sure, he would have preferred to give another kind of family to his baby. If he could, he would give her the same kind of family he grew up in.  

    But it’s life.

    Things can’t always be the way we want them, but Jimin has been trying to give the best to his daughter. Being on good terms with you has always been his top priority because he knows that it will affect your little baby. Her happiness comes before anything else.  

    “Yes!” Moon exclaims with delight.

    The three of you head to the living room, Jimin sitting on the couch while you grab the remote control. He sits on the couch with Moon on his lap, she gets all comfortable in her father’s arms before you quickly join them. As you turn the tv on, you take a seat next to your ex. Your little baby looks at you with a bright smile on her face, you know how much happiness those moments bring to her.  

    “Which movie do you want to watch?”

    Moon starts thinking about what she’d like to see but knowing her, it’s probably going to take her three hours before she makes a decision.

    “What about Frozen?” You suggest as you set Disney + on tv.

    “No,” she says, shaking her head.

    “Zootopia?” Jimin proposes.

    Moon doesn’t seem convinced by your suggestions. That girl doesn’t watch that much tv but she’s still very tough when it comes to choosing something. On top of that, she’s also extremely tired today. Last night, she wasn’t feeling very well which led her to not sleep a lot. Most probably, she’s going to fall asleep during the movie but it’ll be okay. You prefer that honestly.

    “Raya!” She almost screams as she sees the movie being suggested on the screen.

    “Okay, booboo,” you say as you select Raya and the last dragon.

    Moon gets all comfortable on her father’s lap after he pulls a blanket on her small body. You smile as you see them. The bond between a father and a daughter is truly magical. Every time you see Jimin and Moon interacting together, it reminds you of the close relationship you have with your father. He has always been there for you, he has always covered you the right amount of love, and since you’re a little baby, you’d do anything for him.

    As you see Moon and Jimin, you know that they’ll share the same bond. It will for sure be different but it will be a very strong one. Plus, she’s a total daddy’s girl. She has Jimin wrapped around her little fingers, and he’ll do anything for her. For sure, in the future, she’ll be the one doing everything for him.    

    On the couch, you try to get as close as possible to them, but you also try to not stick your body against your ex's. Although things are getting to a completely new place with him, you’re just scared to do something completely inappropriate, especially with Moon around. When there’s just the two of you, it’s okay to be very touchy or to be flirty, but when Moon is around and awake, you try to be very careful with everything you do.  

    The movie starts, but you already know it by heart. Your daughter adores it so much, you have seen it a million times. But honestly, you also like the movie so you don’t mind watching it over and over again.

    As the movie progresses, Jimin slowly moves closer to you while your baby is falling asleep in his lap. Since he’s really subtle, you don’t even notice his body getting closer to yours.

    “She must be pretty exhausted,” Jimin whispers in your ear, causing you to jump with fear.

    “Gosh, you scared me, Jimin!” You press your hand on your chest before looking up at him.

    His face is really close to yours, his hot breath is falling on your face, and his dark orbs are glued on you. The last time you were this close was a week ago, at his place. Before the movie session, you both prepared some snacks in the kitchen, and you almost bump into each other. That closeness almost caused you to kiss but it didn’t happen since Moon abruptly appeared in the kitchen.

    Your heart is beating extremely fast in your chest. He’s way too close to you, and you really don’t know what to do. So your eyes glance down at your daughter to avoid looking at the man that has been haunting your wildest dreams for the past few weeks. As you look at your baby, you can see that she’s already sleeping peacefully on her daddy.

    “She didn’t sleep well last night.” You admit as you watch her sleeping like a little angel. “She wasn’t feeling well, and she spent most of the night awake.”

    Slowly, you glance up at him to catch a bit of his reaction. His facial expression gets softer as he realizes that his baby must be pretty exhausted. Nights like this are something you are both familiar with. Moon is still very young so she gets sick pretty easily which also impacts her quality of sleep. Thankfully, she takes naps the day after to compensate.    

    “I’m actually relieved that she fell asleep now, I was scared she wouldn’t sleep at all today.” You tell him.

    “But how was she this morning?” He asks with concern.

    “She was sleepy but I put her in front of her favorite cartoons.” Putting her favorite cartoons always makes her sleep, and it’s something that surprises you. “My parents were supposed to come but I canceled last minute to see if she could sleep a bit before you’d arrive.”

    The entire morning, she was lying on the couch with her little milk in her hand and her eyes glued to the tv. Those things comfort her when she’s not doing well, and they always help to put her back to sleep. However, this morning, she only slept for about an hour.

    “She didn’t sleep a lot, I guess she was just too excited to see you today.”

    A small smile appears on his face. He also gets pretty excited when he needs to come to your place to pick her up. He loves to see his daughter.

    “You could have told me,” he says. “I would have come on another day.”

    “She’s not doing well, Jimin and she needs her father.”

    Just the thought of telling her that her daddy wouldn’t be coming today devastates you. You know how much she was looking forward to this exact moment. Nothing is as important as this right here.

    “She would have cried if you didn’t come. She loves those movie sessions with us, she loves to see us coming to pick her up every Sunday. This is what helps her to feel good. I don’t want to take this away from her, especially when she’s not feeling well.”

    Jimin presses a soft kiss on your forehead. Even if today you aren’t together anymore, he’s sure he chose the best mama for his baby. There’s nobody else he would have loved to have a kid with, and if he ever wants to have more, it’ll be with you. Nobody else. Even all the exes he has accumulated for the past three years can’t compare with you.

    His mother told him once that no matter what, he’ll always be drawn to you. Not only you are his first love, but you’re also the mother of his child. Even if you’ll never be together anymore, the love and bond between you will always be special.

    However, today, he’s convinced that it goes beyond that. Today, he’s convinced that he’ll never be able to love anyone else. Those last three years without you have taught him that. He has grown to understand that a life without you isn’t even possible.

    The two of you started dating when you were only fifteen. You were very young but madly in love. Nobody thought things would work between you because you were very different. Jimin was the typical bad boy while you were more of a discreet girl. It almost looked like a cliché teenage movie, but eventually, the two of you completely changed the other.

    After eight solid years of relationship, things started to get pretty rocky. All due to a friend you met at work. Jimin considered that he was clearly flirting with you, even in front of him when you really believed it wasn’t the case. Slowly, jealousy started to take a big place in your relationship and it really destroyed the trust you both had for each other.

    Since you didn’t want to lose Jimin, you took some distance from that coworker but it was obvious that your relationship with your boyfriend would never be the same. Things were really different but you were doing everything to try to save it. In the middle of all that turbulence, you got pregnant, and you both worked harder to make it work.

    Moon’s arrival clearly changed everything, but she didn’t help to improve your relationship. Everything was already falling apart when you got pregnant. When you realized it, you simply decided to end everything before it’d get worse. It wasn’t easy for the two of you. It was definitely hard to put behind ten years of love.

    But it was the best decision for Moon.      

    “And how are you feeling?”

    Jimin knows that if Moon hasn’t sleep, you didn’t too. His little girl always needs her mama when she’s not feeling well because nobody can bring as much comfort to her as you do.

    His concern warms your heart. Beyond being all flirty with you, Jimin has also shown a lot more love to you. In the end, you’re not just Moon’s mother. Slowly, you rest your head on his shoulder because you need to feel him in any way. He puts his head on top of yours, his heart being overwhelmed with love. Two of the women he loves the most are snuggled up against him.  

    “I’m tired, but I’ve known worse.” You whisper.

    The first weeks of Moon’s life were really a nightmare, and you survived them. So you believe that nothing can be worse than that period.

    Although your daughter is sleeping peacefully, you and Jimin keep watching the movie together. This really feels like heaven for the two of you. Almost like you were brought back to three years ago.

    Once the movie is finished, Jimin takes Moon in his arms and places her on her little bed. He’s definitely not going to take her home now, he prefers that she sleeps. From her room’s door, you watch him put her carefully on the bed, an apparent smile growing on your face. He pushes the sheets on her tiny body before joining you.

    The man doesn’t want to leave just yet but he doesn’t know how to even express that without sounding like a desperate man. What he ignores is that you want him around you.

    “Do you want to stay until she wakes up?” You offer him.

    Without any second thoughts, he nods, more than happy to stay longer than he was supposed to initially.  

    “A glass of wine?” You suggest.

    “No, I still need to drive Moon to my place.” He tells you. “But if you have anything else, I won’t say no.”  

    For sure, you have more than just wine to drink in your house. Your little daughter is too young to drink alcohol, so for sure, you have apple juice, her favorite. The two of you leave her little room to head to the kitchen. Once you’re inside, you open the fridge to see what you have inside to drink.

    “I have some leftovers of Moon’s apple juice in the fridge.” You tell your ex. “Or I have water.” You show him the bottle on the worktop of the kitchen.

    “I’ll take the apple juice.”

    His fridge is also full of apple juice just for his little baby. Every Saturday, he does some grocery shopping, and he buys everything Moon loves. He constantly makes sure to have all her little things in his house in case some emergency appears and she has to stay with him on the week she’s supposed to be with you.

    Also, he gives him the feeling that she’s here when she’s with you. He finds it extremely difficult to be away from her every two weeks so it reassures him when he sees all her stuff.  

    You take the juice box as well as two glasses, and you fill them with that sweet juice. You hand one glass to Jimin before taking the other for yourself. His eyes never cease to glance at you. He takes one sip before putting his glass on the little table. The man comes closer to you, your heart hammering in your chest as the distance between the two of you slowly disappears.

    Your mind keeps wondering what he’s going to do. After ten years of relationship, you can easily say that this man right here is completely unpredictable. He can go from sweet to dirty in a blink of an eye. And when he gets dirty, he really gets super dirty. His super dirty mind will bring the two of you to bed, his head between your thighs.

    Once his face is super close to yours, your eyes are instantly fluttering shut. A smirk grows on his face as he watches you closing your eyes. His breathing caresses your face while his sweet scent lingers in the air. Your heart is beating extremely fast, ready to leave you at any moment.

    “There’s something we started last week that Moon didn’t let us finish.” He whispers in your ear with his deepest voice.

    Shivers run down your spine, and you keep your eyes close, too scared to take a look at the man in front of you. You perfectly can picture the expression on his face right now. For sure, the dirtiest smirk is on his face, and his eyes are filled with lust. That expression will for sure have you so weak that you’ll instantly fall into his arms.

    “What are you talking about?” You tease him a bit.

    You perfectly know what he’s referring to, but it won’t hurt to just play a tiny bit with him. Well, most probably, Jimin will tease you a million times more.

    “Do you want me to remind you?”

    Instantly, you open your eyes, your heart pounding extremely fast as you realize what is about to happen. For the past week, your mind has been thinking over and over again about the moment where you almost kissed. That moment, you desperately wanted to taste his lips on yours again but Moon put an end to that.

    Jimin’s eyes are hungrily devouring you while he waits for an answer from you. Your eyes move from his eyes to his plump lips, resting a little too much on them while you wonder how it will feel to kiss him again. Will it be like before? Or will it feel like kissing him for the first time? The more you think about it, the more you want to taste them.  

    “Yes, remind me what Moon interrupted,” you almost beg.

    The black-haired man doesn’t waste another second before pressing his lips against yours for a fervent kiss. His hand finds its way to the back of your neck, holding you while he kisses you like a hungry man.

    After three years, you’re kissing again. His lips are extremely soft, but you were kind of expecting it. His plump lips have always felt soft when you both kiss, and you always loved that. However, even if you were expecting this softness, this kiss feels like the first one. This seems like it’s the first time you’re doing it while you have ten years of kissing history. Slowly, he starts moving his lips to passionately kiss you.

    Soon enough, his tongue is licking your lips so you can open your mouth. His tongue is desperate to meet yours after all this time. He’s desperate to deepen this kiss because just your lips on each other aren’t enough for him. This was something he has been dreaming of for the past couple of days.

    His hands move to your waist before bringing your body closer to his. He’s craving to feel more friction and to simply feel your body pressed against his. This sudden closeness after three years of simply co-parenting is driving both of you completely crazy. The two of you are starting to pant hard but it clearly doesn’t matter.

    You want more and more.

    His hands snail up to cup your face in them while the kiss becomes more and more ardent. This kiss is clearly indicating how desperate you both are for each other. The sexual tension has really been too much to handle lately.

    Out of breath, you break the kiss before pressing your forehead against his. Jimin is smiling, his eyes glued to your face while you try to catch your breath. Even after all those years, he still finds you extremely pretty and attractive.

    As you look down at his hands, you notice the tattoo on his wrist. Four years ago, a couple of days after Moon’s birth, he got the number 13 tattooed. Not only does it stand for his birth date but it also stands for Moon’s birth date. Just like her father she was born a 13. That tattoo always warms your heart in unexplained ways.    

    “We should probably move to my room in case this goes any further,” you suggest before looking up at him.  

    “But do you want to take this further?” Jimin asks.

    Even if your body is showing all the apparent signs that you want to do more than just kissing, he wants to be completely sure you want this. He doesn’t desire you to regret this tomorrow morning when you wake up. Even though this might be a simple one-night stand, he wants you to not regret it.

    “More than you can imagine,” you reply before pressing a soft kiss on his lips.

    The father of your child kisses you back, more than excited to show you how much he misses you. You intertwine your fingers together before guiding you both to your bedroom. The two of you try to be as quiet as possible since Moon is peacefully sleeping, and you don’t want to wake her up after the terrible night she had.  

    Once inside your bedroom, you make sure to close the door. It wouldn’t be a great idea to have Moon seeing you doing dirty things with her father. Hopefully, she’ll sleep for a good two extra hours, and you won’t need to worry about being caught by your daughter. But it’s better to take precautions.

    Jimin’s eyes roam this room where he hasn’t ever come in three years. After your breakup, you sold your shared apartment to move into a new one. The memories shared in that place were too intense and none of you wanted to stay there. Quickly after, you moved into this apartment but the only room Jimin never got to see was your bedroom.

    There is barely any decoration. There’s just a big bed in the middle of the room, two nightstands, one on each side of the bed, and there are some pictures here and there, mostly pictures of Moon. This room reminds him of his own bedroom.

    After living with you, it was hard to be on his own. A bedroom without you by his side was also extremely hard so he decided to just put the bare minimum. However, his bedroom feels constantly empty, almost as if someone is missing. Today, he’s convinced that you’re the one missing.      

    Jimin kisses you again once his eyes have done a quick tour of your bedroom. Naturally, you move to your bed where you know things will take a sexual turn. You can still stop things if you desire but your body is desperately craving for your ex. Your body needs are completely clouding your mind, and you honestly don’t care. Right now, all you want is to be intoxicated by your first love.

    As you break the kiss, you take his brown polo off, revealing his bare skin to your hungry eyes. You enjoy the view, his torso in full display just for you. The first thing that catches your eyes is his ‘nevermind’ tattoo, it’s still extremely big but you always loved this tattoo so damn much. Then, you can’t help but notice how toned his torso has become.

    “You’ve been working out a lot for the past three years,” you say as your fingers touch his rib tattoo.

    “After Moon’s birth, I became so lazy, and it was time to work out again like I used to.”

    Jimin used to work out so much before your daughter’s arrival. There wasn’t a day where he wasn’t in the gym working out or he wasn’t doing any sport. He used to dance a lot as well as doing karate.

    “Do you still dance?”

    Your fingers trace from his tattoo to his chest, causing Jimin to shiver at the feeling of your fingertips brushing against his skin.

    “Of course, I never stopped,” he replies before pressing a quick kiss on your lips. “Dancing saved me after our breakup.”

    Hearing that your breakup equally devastated him breaks your heart. Jimin deserves all the best in the world because he’s such a beautiful soul. Never before have you met someone like him. He was your sunshine when you were together. But things weren’t working anymore, and it was definitely better to simply let go even if it was painful.  

    And it was.

    Raising Moon on your own and not having Jimin constantly by your side was extremely hard. For sure, it was the most complicated time you faced in your life. But today, things are better and that experience made you grow as a human.  

    You press your lips against his, expecting to reassure him in some way. He licks your bottom lip before he grips it with his teeth, making you moan. As he hears your sweet moan, his dick twitches inside his pants. As the sweet moan leaves your lips, you open your mouth, and Jimin seizes the occasion to slip his tongue inside your mouth. Another moan leaves your pretty lips at the feeling, and unintentionally, Jimin flexes his toned thigh. That simple action is felt in all the right places in your body, making your pussy clench around emptiness.

    Jimin instantly smirks, looking like the devil himself, and his hands snail down on your body to take off your shirt. His fingers softly caress your back as he brings you closer to him. His soft gestures create goosebumps all over your skin and a small whimper leaves your lips.

    His lips come closer to your ear before he whispers in the shell of it. “Take your pants off, princess.”

    Slowly, you stand up to undress in front of the man. He bites his lower lip as you unbutton your jeans, his length growing harder in his pants at the sight you’re offering him. He hasn’t seen you dressed in so little clothing in more than four years. The last time it happened was during your pregnancy. After Moon’s birth, you simply avoid having any sexual interactions.

    His cock twitches when he sees you wearing only your underwear. Even after giving birth to his favorite human, you look fine as hell. The thought of knowing that in a couple of minutes you won’t be wearing anything is slowly driving him crazy.

    When you start walking closer to him, Jimin adjusts himself in the bed, his back pressed against the headboard. He spreads his legs, subtly making you understand to take a seat on only one leg. There’s no doubt that he wants you to ride his thigh, and nothing in the world would make you happier than doing it.

    Dry humping is something you used to do a lot when you were together. Your sex drive was insanely high during your whole relationship, and you’d have sex in very unusual places, even in public.

    As you place yourself on his thigh, Jimin’s eyes roam your body. He bites harder on his bottom lip, especially once your body is on his thigh.

    “You look like a fucking dream!” He whispers.

    In those three years, he has seen a very huge amount of women but you are for sure the prettiest he has ever seen. He still perfectly remembers how he constantly compared all those women to you.

    The compliment makes you smile as you know it’s a sincere one. After giving birth to Moon, it was hard to look at yourself in the mirror. Your body changed so much but with time, you learned to love it even more than before. That body you were despising was the first home to your baby and it also provided her all the nutrients she needed after she joined you. That was more than magical. Your body deserved to be loved for that.  

    With the way you’re sitting on his leg, Jimin now has a proper view of your black laced panties. They hide enough of your private area but they also reveal just enough to make him want to see your pussy. His eyes are completely glued to your clothed pussy pressed against his dark pants.  

    As you’re scared that Moon will wake up in the next few minutes, you waste no time in rolling your hips against his toned thigh. One of the perks of all the dancing and karate classes he took younger is his extremely toned thighs. Even when he stops working out or dancing, they are still super toned.

    But damn, those thighs have already procured you so much pleasure.

    “Fuck, Yn.” He groans when you start moving your hips against his thigh.  

    Jimin presses his lips on yours for a filthy kiss, his tongue passing past your lips to meet yours. This feels more than good. He forgot how everything about you can be addictive, and damn, he wants to do more than this. He wants to fuck you senseless until all you can think about is him.

    As his tongue plays with yours inside your mouth, his hands find their way to your waist and guide your hips as you’re straddling his thigh. A small moan leaves your lips but the man in front of you swallows it directly. Those intimate moments between you are something he has missed dearly. The connection you have is something extremely unique that he never experienced before with anyone else.

    Even if he wasn’t virgin when he met you, he truly discovered everything with you. The two of you explored so many things in your sexuality, and it made the bond between you grow stronger. When he looks into your eyes, he can exactly tell what you want, he doesn’t need you to verbally express it, something he couldn’t understand with any other girl.      

    Your first love pushes his thigh firmly against your clothed pussy before flexing the muscle once more.  

    “I like how you’re riding my thigh, Yn,” he whispers against your lips.

    As you’re slowly moving your hips faster, you place your hands on his shoulders to balance yourself. Jimin shivers as your soft hands touch his body.  

    “But I want to feel you properly,” he adds.

    Of course, he’s enjoying this moment with all his soul but he craves more. One of his hands slides down on your body to tug aside the fabric of your panties until your clit is directly pressed against his black pants. A breath falls from your lips as you drag your pussy against the thick material of his pants.  

    Jimin pulls you firmly against his flexed muscle, and once his hands are back on your waist, he quickens the pace of your hips. Although you’re fighting as much as you can to not moan a lot, it’s almost impossible due to all the pleasure you’re feeling at the moment. This will for sure wake up your little baby. A trail of barely audible moans leaves your mouth, loving the friction of his pants against your pussy.

    “I wish you didn’t have to hold back your moans, honey,” he whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “I’d love to hear you moan my name.”  

    Jimin is a master when it comes to dirty talking. He just knows what to say and when to do it. In your ten years of relationship, he was able to make you come just with words which is extremely incredible.  

    As you’re riding his thigh harder and faster, his cock gets harder and tighter inside his pants. If he doesn’t do anything right now, he’ll explode in his pants. While you’re still completely euphoric by the way you’re riding his thigh, he lowers his pants and underwear a tiny bit to allow his cock to slap against his lower stomach.

    When you notice the little monster being freed, your eyes glance down at it. His cock takes your breath away, standing proud in between your bodies. His fingers grab a hold of his cock before moving them up and down the length. This sight alone gets you wetter.

    “Fuck.” He mumbles, his head slowly going back at the feeling of his fingers on his length and your clit rubbing against him. “You’re doing this so well, honey.”

    Your teeth bite your bottom lip as you stare deep into his eyes. The intimacy of the eye contact with the friction against your clit makes the wave of pleasure grow intensely inside you. You know that you won’t last long before your orgasm hits you hard.  

    “Pleasuring yourself on my thigh while I touch myself,” he growls in your ear while his hand keeps pumping his cock. “It’s extremely hot, honey.”  

    Jimin runs his thumb over the tip of his cock, his teeth gripping his bottom lip between his teeth. The pace of his strokes on his cock follows the pace of your hips working on his thigh. You can see on his face that it’s also a matter of minutes or seconds before he’s coming on his hand.

    “Fuck, Yn,” his eyes glance down at your throbbing pussy rubbing against his thigh, “you’re doing it perfectly.”

    At his words, you buck your pussy faster against his thigh. You can feel that you’re getting closer and closer to hitting your orgasm.  

    “Jimin,” his gaze meets yours once again when you say his name, “I’m so close...” you almost whimper.  

    The hand resting on your waist snails down on your body, his thumb starting to circle on your clit. It instantly sends you over the edge, the wave of pleasure hitting you hard. You bite your lips and close your eyes at the overwhelming feeling. You try as hard as possible to not moan as you don’t want to make too much noise.  

    The sight of you coming undone makes him come. Just like you, he bites his lips to refrain any moan to leave his lips. Your daughter’s sleep is extremely important. As the orgasm overwhelms him, cum flows on his hand and some spurts of cum hit his abs.

    Your eyes glance down with marvel at the way he’s coming. His hot cum flowing from his head makes you want to lick it. Before any of you gets the time to do or say anything else, you hear the handle of your bedroom’s door moving.

    “Shit, she’s awake,” you swear before quickly standing up to put your clothes back on.

    As you’re putting the clothes on again, you give Jimin some towels to clean himself before he also puts his clothes back on. A loud knock is quickly heard, and Moon’s voice calls for you. Her little sleepy voice melts your heart instantly, causing you to feel sorry to have closed the door. But damn, you don’t regret anything that happened with Jimin.  

    Moon knocks again at the door before speaking once more. “Mama, why is your door closed?”

    Once you’re fully dressed, you take one quick look at Jimin. His clothes are again on him but his hair is all messed up. Anyone looking at him can perfectly understand that he just had an orgasm. A small smile appears on your face.

    Quickly, you run to the door and open it to your baby. To her surprise, she sees both her parents in the same room. That is something quite unexpected for her, but she’s happy that her mama and dadda get along so well.

    “Why is dadda in your room?” She asks, her little finger pointing to her father.

    As she raises the question, you know that you have like five seconds to come up with something otherwise it’ll be suspicious. Jimin gets closer to the two of you, his hand pushing his hair back to arrange it a bit.

    “We were taking a little nap while you were sleeping,” he presses a small kiss on her forehead before taking her in his arms. “But how are you feeling, my little princess?”

    Jimin knows that if he completely changes the conversation’s topic, Moon will forget about this little weird moment. None of you ever imagined being interrupted by your little daughter during such a moment, but that for sure made it unforgettable.

    “Tired.” She simply replies before pressing her little head on the crook of his neck.

    Your heart instantly melts, and you can’t help but press a soft kiss on her forehead. She’s absolutely adorable but you know that she’s sick. For sure, tomorrow, you’ll have to go to the doctor with her to see what’s going on with your little baby. You and Jimin hate to see her like that, you feel extremely powerless.

    Jimin’s aware that he can’t just take her home like that, she needs her mama more than anything else right now.

    “I’ll take you home with me now, baby,” he starts saying. “What do you think if mama comes with us?”

    His eyes glance down at you to see your reaction. He believes it’d be a good idea that the three of you go to his place so Moon can fall asleep easier tonight.

    “If mama is okay to come with us,” he adds.

    Your hand brushes back your daughter’s hair so you can see her little face even if she’s hiding most of it. Nothing will ease your heart than going with them to Jimin’s place. Tonight, you know you won’t be able to sleep if she’s far away from you while being sick.

    “I will come with you, booboo. Is that okay for you?” You ask her before pressing a sweet kiss on her plump cheek.

    Of course, you’ll only go if she wants it. You would never want to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. You’ve already been a lot of times to his place when she was feeling sick, and it wouldn’t be something new. But this time around is different, you’ll be leaving your place together to go to his place. This never happened before, and you’re a bit scared that she wouldn’t feel comfortable.

    “Yes, I want mama.” She says with a very little voice.

    Your heart aches at her little voice. You hug Jimin to have your daughter in between the two of you. Feeling loved during this hard time for her will for sure help her, you know it. She always calls for the missing parent when she’s sick.

    “I’ll come then.” You whisper.

    Although this little hug is mostly for your daughter, your and Jimin’s hearts are also overwhelmed with love. This sweet and soft moment right after such a wild moment feels like going to heaven. The three of you close your eyes to enjoy this very rare moment.

    This is family, an unbreakable bond between parents and their children.  

    The three of you are in Jimin’s kitchen.

    Moon is sleeping once again in her father’s arms, she fell asleep right after eating her dinner, and you and Jimin are talking. After arriving at his place, you and her father prepared dinner together. You also took her temperature, and it’s unusually high. There’s no doubt that tomorrow, you’ll call her pediatrician to check up on her health. Something is definitely wrong with her, and it breaks your heart.

    “Tomorrow, I’ll call the pediatrician to check if she has some availabilities.”

    Your fingers run through her soft black hair, the exact same hair color as her father’s. She looks like a little angel when she sleeps, and when she’s sick, her little cheeks get pink which makes her look even cuter.

    “I’m so worried.” You add.

    Jimin’s eyes move from his daughter to you.

    “She’s going to be okay, she’s a little fighter like her mama,” he tries to reassure you. “She’ll be fine in a week or so.”

    “I know but my little mom’s heart always gets so concerned when she gets sick.”

    His face gets closer to yours before his lips press a soft kiss on top of your head. This tender gesture really warms your heart. You’re more than thankful to have him by your side when it gets hard with Moon.

    “It’s normal, but I’ll always be by your side, Yn.”

    When your eyes look up at the man holding your baby, you close the small distance between your face by kissing him. Those past few days and especially today have confirmed that the flame that you thought had died three years ago is still there. Your heart still deeply loves Jimin. Your ex wasn’t expecting this at all but it definitely brings hope for the future.

    “Thank you, Jimin.”

    He presses another quick kiss on your lips.

    “We've been on this together since the second Moon bloomed in your stomach.” His eyes look down at the little princess sleeping in his arms.

    Being a father has been the biggest achievement of his life. Nothing brings more happiness than seeing his daughter bloom into the little person she’s becoming. She’s very strong and independent which always makes him feel pride.

    But becoming the father of Moon only happened because you carried her for nine months before giving birth to her. He’s a father because the two of you worked together to bring her to life and to raise her. So, he’ll forever be thankful for it.

    “I’ll put her in her bed, she’ll be more comfortable,” Jimin says before the two of you stand up. He holds Moon tightly in his arms as he walks to her little bedroom. You open the door for him, and once again, he puts her on her bed.

    Hopefully, tonight, she’ll be able to sleep a bit more than she did last night as well as during the day. Your eyes glance down at your baby with concern. All you hope is that tomorrow she’ll feel at least a bit better because you won’t be able to handle seeing her like this for a long time.

    Jimin leaves her bedroom after he makes sure that she’s safe under her bedsheets. Since Moon is deeply afraid of the dark, he leaves the door open so the light of the hallway lightens her room. He takes your hand before guiding you to his bedroom.

    This is also a place you’ve never seen before. It feels like you’re violating his intimate area but it delights you to finally see his bedroom. It means that things are slowly getting better although you perfectly know that you’re here for other reasons.

    “We didn’t finish what we started at your place,” he slowly and dangerously gets closer to you. “Would you mind if we finish it?”

    One of his hands rests on your lower back while the other places a strand of hair behind your ear.

    “Well, it depends what you have in mind…” You tease him before biting your lower lip.

    A smirk grows on his face before he gets even closer to you.

    “I was planning to have sex with you.” He whispers in your ear, his deep voice sending shivers down your spine.

    Instead of replying, you just press your lips against his to kiss him fervently. There’s no hesitation when he kisses you back, enjoying every second of being able to kiss you again.          

    “Take your clothes off, honey,” he says as he breaks the kiss. “I need you, now.”

    You simply nod before stripping for him once again today. The urge can be felt as you quickly take off your clothes while he does the exact same thing. Jimin doesn’t want to wait anymore, he wants to have you in every possible way. After all, it feels like he has been waiting three years for this moment.

    This time around, you also take off your underwear, offering him the opportunity to see your body completely naked for the first time in three years. Jimin takes the time to roam your body once he’s also naked. He still remembers how your body was before you split. Although most of your pregnant belly had disappeared, it wasn’t how it was before you got pregnant.

    But today, as he looks at you, it almost feels like you’ve never been pregnant. There are no visible indications of pregnancy, but your body has clearly changed. He can’t really express it into words but you’re different, and he loves it. He loves every single part of you.

    On the other hand, Jimin’s body is being hungrily scanned by your lust-filled eyes. He has also changed, he’s not the same anymore. But you suppose that it’s due to the fact that he has been single for the past three years and that he’s a father now. All those little things change a person, especially in three years.

    As you both look at each other, it feels like you’re discovering the other for the first time. Almost as if you’re about to have sex for the first time. Well, your first time together was a little bit awkward but you made it through together.    

    “Lay in bed, baby,” he instructs you once you’ve both finished glancing at each other.

    The urge he’s feeling is something that you sense, and you can understand it. If Moon hadn’t woken up, you would have had sex right after that mind-blowing thigh riding. You don’t even question his commands, laying on his bed. His body hovers over you, his eyes getting lost in yours.

    It’s been a long time that you both haven’t found each other in this exact position.  

    “I missed you.” He admits with a deep voice, his thumb caressing your cheek.

    At the feeling of his soft finger on your face, you close your eyes. The love you share with Jimin has always been so sweet. A sweet love.

    “I missed you too, Jimin.” You answer before pressing a soft kiss on his cheek.

    Without any warning, his other hand moves down to your core, his fingers brushing over your folds, snatching a moan out of you. But thankfully, before the sound even left your mouth, he placed his hand on your mouth. Moon can’t be woken up with your guttural moans. His thumb rubs your clit, making you moan against his hand. He’s doing this to prepare you for his cock, knowing perfectly that he can’t just slip it into you, it’ll hurt you too much.

    Once he feels you’re wet enough, he stops torturing your clit with his fingers. He places himself in between your legs, spreading them a bit more while he pumps his cock with one hand, getting ready for you. His face leans closer to yours, his lips finding yours for a passionate kiss as he buries his thick cock inside your soaked core, stretching your velvety walls.

    For the past three years, you’ve had sex with other men. It was good, and with others, it was like going to heaven. But having Jimin’s cock pushing inside you is like going back home. Jimin is your first love, he was the first man with whom you had sexual activities. Then, for ten years, he was the only man you ever had sex with. So, in a way, your body considered him as your home.

    Having sex today with him is like you’ve found your way back home.  

    His cute little hands find their way to your waist, caressing your soft skin. Both of you softly groan as he slowly pushes his thick cock inside you, but his lips swallow every sound. Your eyes roll back, loving the feeling of his length stretching you open.  

    Jimin takes a little step back to take a look at the wonderful woman beneath him. As he does so, he gives you the time to adjust to his thick size.

    “Did I already tell you how pretty you are?” He asks before he leans closer, pushing his cock a bit deeper inside you. You shake your head because you want to hear him say it. “You’re so damn pretty, Yn!”

    His lips kiss yours once more, but honestly, all this making out feels amazing. He brings peace to your soul. A much needed peace.  

    “I’m going to fuck you nice and slow.” His deep voice whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

    When he takes that deep voice, you just want to come because damn, it’s so sexy.

    “Please do it, Jimin.” You beg him.

    Honestly, all you want is to be fucked rough and good as he used to do it before. You want to see if this older version of Jimin can still keep up with how he used to fuck you four years ago.

    “I fucking love to hear you begging, honey.” He pulls back a bit to look at you in the eyes, a smirk rising on his face. “After this, you won’t even be able to walk.”

    You desire nothing more than this. To be completely sore.

    Jimin slowly pushes back, leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. His eyes never leave your figure, watching you holding back every moan that threatens to leave your mouth.

    “It’s so good to feel you again around me.”

    Brutally, he pushes his cock fully inside you, and this time around, you can’t hold back a moan. A smirk appears on his face as he realizes that this time around, he managed to cause a little moan to leave your pretty lips. For a little while, he doesn't move, hovering over you and watching you with delight. His eyes glance down on your body. Watching your pussy sucking his cock is something that he used to love to do.  

    Jimin groans as he watches himself buried deep inside you. “Your cunt takes me so well, honey.”

    You close your eyes, completely enjoying having him fully inside you. Once he sees that you’re ready to take more, he pulls back brutally before slamming himself back into you. The bed under you squeaks, the headboard hitting the wall just behind you.

    Your first love once again stops when he’s fully inside you, torturing you just to hear you begging him to fuck you. This is also something he deeply missed, so he’s for sure going to make you beg all night long.

    “Please, Jimin,” you start saying. “Don’t stop.”

    As he loves to hear you begging for more, he just gives you what you want, pushing his cock back before slamming into you with both hands on your hips. The slick sound of your pussy soaking his cock quickly fills the room.

    “Shit,” he gasps, thrusting into you with no mercy, “you feel so good.”

    You’re completely drunk in the feeling of his cock filling you up, his hips hitting against yours with every thrust. This all causes sparks of pleasure to shoot throughout your body, your arousal dripping from your core and creaming his cock. Jimin smirks as he notices the sticky mess you’re causing.

    Everything about the moment that is happening right now is something you both missed so dearly. These past few days of flirting with each other caused your feelings and the physical attraction to grow a lot. It wouldn’t surprise any of you if you keep doing this all night long.  

    His cock is buried deep inside you, causing you to grip the sheets as hard as possible to steady yourself from Jimin’s hard thrusts.

    “You’re so fucking wet, baby girl.” He hisses before biting his lower lip.

    His hands press harder into your skin when he feels your walls tighten around him. Every time he pushes his hips back, he watches with delight the way his cock is completely covered with your arousal. Nothing drives him crazier than seeing this, you can see it in his eyes.

    Jimin bends down, pressing a sloppy kiss on your lips while his thrusts slow down. A desperate whine gushes from you, a sound that he swallows directly. His hands move up on your body, grabbing your breasts and squeezing them before his fingers start playing with your nipples.

    “It feels wonderful,” you whisper as you’re completely lost in your euphoria.

    Slowly, Jimin begins to thrust hard into you again, your walls sucking in his cock as he slams his hips into you with more force. His fingers keep playing with your very sensitive nipples, pushing you closer and closer to the edge. His eyes look at you, contorting with pleasure as it slowly builds within you.

    His hands can feel the way your body quivers with each thrust. The way he’s torturing your body is only making you lose yourself further.

    Small groans leave his lips when he feels the warmth of your walls wrapping tighter around him.

    “Your cunt is clenching so hard, honey.”

    The sweat is dampening his body, sticking his black long hair to his face. With your hands, you push some strands of hair to be able to have a proper look at his handsome face. Jimin looks like a god right now.  

    “You’re so pretty,” you whisper as you move your hips to meet his thrust.

    The man over you smiles at your compliment. It always feels heartwarming to hear you compliment him.

    “Thanks, honey.” He presses a sloppy kiss on your lips while you keep creaming his cock with your arousal.

    As he keeps thrusting into you, he senses how close you are. He knows that the vision of you coming will make him come as well. But before that happens, he needs to know where you want him to come.

    “Where do you want me to come?” He asks, panting hard.

    “On my belly,” you say as you touch your lower stomach.

    For the moment, it’s better to not have him coming inside you. It’s preferable to avoid getting pregnant right now, things are only getting better now, and you honestly want to see how they can evolve before even thinking of adding a second child to the mix.    

    His fingers pinch your nipples harder, making the wave of pleasure grow bigger inside you.

    “I’m gonna come.” You say with despair.

    Jimin’s cock twitches inside of you at your words, a low groan rumbling in his throat. One of his hands slowly snails down on your body, passing your stomach, and landing on your throbbing clit. His fingers start to rub your sensitive spot.

    The simple feeling of his cold fingers against your clit is what you need to be completely hit by your orgasm, making you come hard around him. Your arousal completely covers his cock while your walls are squeezing him on repeat.

    While you’re completely lost in your euphoria, he speeds up the pace of his hips slamming into you to chase his own high.  

    The coil in his lower stomach tightens inside of him, and it completely clouds his thoughts. The only thing he sees is the image of you coming under him. Breathy whines escape his pretty lips as he looks down at the mess you made on his cock. His eyes are completely hypnotized where your bodies meet.

    With despair, he pushes his cock out of you with his left hand. Instantly, hot spurts of cum are being projected over your stomach. Breathy moans escaping both your lips, a smile appearing on your face as you feel his sperm touching your skin.  

    Jimin collapses on you, both of your bodies covered in sweat after this intense sex session. Your heavy breathing is now the only thing that can be heard in his bedroom while you hold him tight in your embrace.

    For a while, you both stay in silence in each other’s arms.

    “I’ve been dying to take you out on a proper date.” He softly says. “I wanted us to start everything all over again to see how things can work out this time but it seems that we wanted to do things differently.”

    He raises his head to look at you. A small smile is on your face which he finds totally adorable. His lips press another soft kiss on yours.

    “We’ve never done things normally before so why would it be the case now?” You raise an eyebrow.

    Jimin can only agree with you.

    “But I still want to take you on a date, would you want that?”

    “I would never say no to you, my love.”

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    an:  this was inspired by @bluejaem ´s post  ⌗ their little habits when with you ( ver. dreamies ).  

    warnings: swearing

    Part four: Haechan

    [07:43 pm] “Baby?” 

    “Yes?” You turned your head to give him all of your attention, totally ignoring the presentation on your laptop that remains empty; not that you cared much. 

    “Do you want me to make dinner for you my love?” He smirks while seeing how quickly your cheeks warmed up. 

    He knows how shy and flustered you get whenever he calls you using nicknames, especially with terms of endearment. He loves to see you like that, that's why he does it every time he can. 

    “You're the worst.” You try covering your cheeks which makes him giggle. 

    “Oh c´mon dear, tell me what do you want to eat.” He puts his hands on your shoulders and starts massaging them in an attempt to relax you, maybe that'll help you finish your work. 

    “Some ramen would be fine.” 

    “Do you want regular ramen or my special recipe?” 

    “Yours? Don't make me laugh.” You say with a mocking tone. “I know you stole it from Chenle, you´re not smooth Lee Haechan.” 

    “Just answer the question.” Now is your turn to laugh by seeing his annoyed expression. 

    You lifted yourself up from your sit and posionated yourself in front of him, you put your arms around his shoulders and kissed his pout away. 

    “The special recipe please.” 

    “Anything for you Mx. Lee Haechan.” And there's the smirk again. You usually loved it, it made your boyfriend look so fucking hot, but you hate it with passion when it´s mocking you. 

    “Oh my god stop! I'm going to dump your ass if you keep doing that.” 

    “Oh please, you love it!”

    “No I don't.”

    “You totally do, you're only lying to yourself babe, everyone knows you love it!” You try to squirm away but he is quick to grab your waist and keep you in place. His grip it's not even that strong, you could easily free yourself but being in his arms always makes you feel at ease. “Just admit you love it sweetheart.” 

    “You're so annoying.” He just laughs. “Fine. I may like it just a little.” 

    “A little?” He arches up one of his eyebrows. 

    “Yeah, very little.” You put your hand up, two fingers almost touching, signaling how little. 

    “Yeah right.” 

    “Food, please?” He lets go of you and gives your forehead a little smooch. 

    “Anything for you my love.” You slap his arm and he laughs it off while going to the kitchen. 

    You just stand there trying to control the heat from your cheeks and fighting the smile trying to come out. You´ll never admit it but you actually fucking love it. 

    “Fuck you.” 

    “I love you too darling.” 

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    ⇢ ˗ˏˋLoving Kittens [#3]

    ➳ Pairing: OT7 x OC

    ➳ Genre: Fluff, Crack

    ➳ Word Count: 2k

    ➳ Warnings: Profanity | Sexual word-plays

    ➳ Summary: When Taehyung rescues a kitten at the park, he didn’t expect that he would be meeting an equally adorable, if not more, beautiful kitten that would hold the leash to his heart, and well his 6 other friends too.

    A/N: This was pretty fun to write imo sksksksk

    Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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    Jin walked ahead of Hoseok, a skip in his steps, his hair skipping in the air weirdly, as they made their way to the dance studio where Hoseok worked.

    He was walking extremely fast and Hoseok was struggling to catch up, jostling the kitten in the process, its tail moving from side to side with every step like a windshield wiper.

    The poor kitten didn't know what was happening, so it just meowed in hopes that the weird men would stop taking her wherever they were.

    "Meowww miaaaooowwww errrghhh." It would say.

    But alas, the men didn't stop.

    Coming back to said men, Jin had increased his speed yet again, and Hobi wondered how the food in the basket hadn't been beaten to a pulp yet with the constant bumps.

    Everyone stared at them as if they were crazy. Hobi knew he wasn't, but Jin was behaving like one. He was humming and jumping, way too excited to meet his Kitten, unlike the not-funny yet calm Jin he knew.

    Kitten sure has that effect on people, he guessed.

    It was after a long long walk and awkward stares and a loud meowing kitten that they reached Hoseok's dance studio. It wasn't his, per se, but he did bring in a lot of money (most of it).

    'DHILF', it said in bright red colors.

    It used to be called 'The Children's Academy for Dance', abbreviated to 'CHAD', plain and boring and disgusting, but it was only after people saw Hoseok's performance in his black Dior outfit and harness one faithful day that they decided to rename it.

    Everyone needs to spice things up every now and then and that's exactly what the Chairman thought too when he started to simp after Hoseok.

    'DHILF' was an iconic landmark, synonymous with "Dior Hoseok I'd Like to Fuck' but that's just rumors, or are they?

    *wiggles eyebrows pathetically*

    Only the Chairman knows.

    But the second they were about to open the doors, they were opened from inside, and Jin tripped, and fell on his nose, effectively breaking it.

    "Oh my- holy fucking cat shit that hurts!!" He sat up slowly, ignoring Belle's loud protests.

    'How dare he say that?' Belle yowled.

    "Oh my god! Jin hyung, are you alright?" Hoseok cautiously approached Jin on the floor, making sure he didn't step on his ass or hair.

    "BELLE!!" And the melodious sound of Belle purring filled the room.

    She was in your hands, happily rubbing her paws over your shirt to scent it and her forehead rubbing against yours as she blinked slowly.

    You giggled at the feeling of her fur tickling your skin, petting her because you had missed her so much!

    "Kitten? Oh- hey!" Hoseok made his way over to you, enamored by the way you laughed, accidentally stepping on Jin's hair in the process. But he continued even after hearing Jin's body jerk and hearing his shout.

    "How have you been Kitten?" He asked, admiring your pretty smile.

    "I've been good, Hobi! We met 2 days ago, so like-??" You looked at him with a blank expression on your face.

    "I know, but I missed you," He pouted. "Plus, you lost Belle so I thought you must be sad because of that."

    "I was, but after hearing that you and Mr. Seokjinie were getting her back, I was happy again!" You chirped.

    "Speaking of Mr. Seokjinie, where is he?" You questioned.

    "Oh Jin? I think he's right here." Hoseok chuckled awkwardly and pointed to Jin, who now looked handsome as ever, even after falling face-first. Surprisingly, he hadn't broken his nose, and it was just over-exaggeration. Bummer.

    His hair was slicked back and perfect, his nose was in one piece and his eyes were sharp like the knife he had failed to throw at one of the maknaes a couple of hours ago.

    He stepped forward, wobbling a little bit but he came up to you with a fond alpaca-like look that had you staring at him with heart eyes.

    "Hi Hwayoung. I'm Mr. Seokjinie, uh- I mean Jin, and you are really pretty, like holy guacamole, were you crafted by Aphrodite herself 'cuz girl you 'finna steal my heart with one look in my eye! Da-yum!" He squeaked out, recoiling into a corner once the post-word clarity hit him.

    "Hey Seokjinie, you look a little pale, are you alright there?" You asked, seeing the ghost-like expression on his face.

    He took a few minutes before responding, shaking his body like a mad man and getting up, prompting you to hide by Hoseok's side, Belle watching Jin with disgusted eyes.

    "Huh? Oh me? Ha-ha! I'm fine! Ha-ha oh yeah, I'm really really fine..." He stared off into the distance.

    "Has Mr. Seokjinie gone crazy? Are all you friends like this Hobi?" You murmured, then turning to look at a disturbed Hoseok's face.

    "Wait, just gimme a second." He brushed past your side, and held Seokjin by the shoulders, whispering lowly into his ears.

    "Jin hyung, Kitten said you are weird." He had whispered so darkly into his ear, he himself got goosebumps.

    "WHAT??"Jin jumped like a ping-pong ball when you throw it on the floor and proceeded to clear his throat.

    The post-word clarity was over by now, so he could really show you his side as a distinguished gentleman.

    He adjusted his clothes yet again, and moved forward in your direction, extending an arm towards you. You hesitantly did the same.

    "Bonjour mademoiselle, je suis Mr. Seokjinie, ami de Hoseok, c'est un plaisir de vous rencontrer." He smooched your hand with his thick ass lips, a pop sound making you cringe and swoon at the same time.


    "Ah well, nice to meet you to Mr' Seokjinie, but if it's not too much of a trouble, could we perhaps go to Hobi's studio inside? Ms. Shin is staring at us."

    And you were right, Ms. Shin, the receptionist was staring at you with a small smile on her face, though you could see the disgust behind from miles far.

    "Yeah, let's go." Hoseok took your hand and dragged you to his office, Jin trailing behind awkwardly.

    Once you were seated comfortably in front of his desk, Belle on the verge of sleeping in your lap, and Jin sitting next to you with a star-struck smile on his face, Hoseok started.

    "Well, let me formally introduce you guys. Kitten, this is Kim Seokjin, one of my six best friends and hyung this is Hwayoung, or Kitten as I like to call her." He clapped his hands like an excited kid, and you almost fainted over his heart smile.

    "So how did you guys meet?" Jin asked.

    "Kitten over here, actually comes to supply all the baked stuff and snacks that we have over here. She works part-time at one of those big bakery shops, at what was that again?" You nodded your head.

    "Yeah, I work at BbangJib street, its like 10 minutes away."

    "Yup, I met her when she was handing over some baked stuff to Ms. Shin over the counter but Belle over here was going crazy and was biting Hwa's leg and asking her to leave."

    "Wow, boy did that hurt like a bitch." You reminisced, the painful memories of Belle's bite making you shiver.

    "It did, 'cuz you were crying like a baby," You glared at him. "A very very cute baby and we gave Belle to Mr's Shin and she threw an ever bigger fit while I patched you up." He cooed.

    "But why was Belle throwing a tantrum-" He stopped when he saw Belle turn in your lap, horrified that she might jump at him and claw his eyes out.

    "We don't know." You shrugged.

    "But anyways, from then on, we started to talk every time she came over, which is like every two days, and here we are." Ticking his chin, Hobi winked at you.

    "Holy that's so fucking cute!!" Jin squealed like a schoolgirl.

    "Yeah, it was, look how far we have come kitten, you are finally meeting one of my best friends." Hobi squealed back.

    "Yaass!!" You continued the squealing.

    "But wait, wait. Your dance studio allows cats to come in?" Jin asked Hoseok.

    "Why Jin hyung, should they not?"

    "Yeah Mr. Seokjinie, should they not?" You glared at him.

    "No, no I d-didn't mean it like that! I love Belle!!" And Belle turned in your lap again. "Yeah, I really really love Belle." He whimpered.

    "You forgot Jin hyung, I make the most money for DHILF and the people have to obey me." Hoseok smirked.

    "Yeah, yeah you and your money. I swear Yoongi and Namjoon are getting to you!-" Jin went on a rant, his ears turning redder by the second.

    "Mr. Seokjinie, calm down, it's alright, everybody likes money. Even Belle does," There's that cat again. "I mean, how else would the world work? Huh?"

    "Yeah, you're right Hwayoungie." He admitted.

    After all, how would he look like a million-dollar deal if he didn't have any money? Can you imagine having no money? I mean- you wouldn't even have any money!

    His thoughts were cut off when he felt his phone ring under his ass, the vibrations spreading all over his crotch area. He gasped and stood up, taking his phone out of his pocket, and answered the call, knowing it was one of the boys.

    The disgusting shit he has to deal with every single day is just-

    "What?" He sneered, but in a low tone, as you were sitting right there, and he couldn't afford to have you listen to his dark side.

    "Hey, Jin hyung? Hi how are you? I hope everything is going alright, I'm sure you must be enjoying your time with Kitten ha-ha-ha!" It was Jungkook who answered.

    Jin was seething by now.

    "What do you want you piece-" And you smiled at him before conversing with Hobi. "You piece of absolute delight, god I just want to murder you right now!" Jin spoke lowly into his phone.

    "Okay, okay I was lying, there's a problem!" He squeaked out.

    "No shit. Just hit me with it, I can't do this anymore, I can't. What did you destroy this time?" Jin almost sobbed in his seat.

    "Uh, I can't tell, it's really messy and I don't know what to do!! Help me!!" Jungkook sobbed back.

    "Jungkook, assemble the shitheads, it's time you all die." And cut the call.

    "Guys, I hate to be a party pooper but the guys have destroyed the house. We gotta leave." He sighed in displeasure.

    "Ohhh can I join? Hoseokie said you have a cotton candy machine at your home!" You looked at him hopefully.

    But he was sure the house was a mess! So he couldn't have you over!

    But it would be so great to spend more time with you! And if you saw whatever the boys had done, maybe he would still be at the second position of your favorite Bangtan boy chart after you meet all of them! And second-favorite person meant he would be able to see you more often! So maybe he could-

    "Yeah, sure why not? I'll teach you how to use it!" He grinned at your excited wiggling.

    "But Hobi, what about your class?" You had a hold-up moment.

    "Ah, that's gonna be a problem guy-" He looked at your dejected face. You really loved cotton candy and he knew that! "But it's only an extra class and I can always reschedule it or ask my assistant to take it!"

    "Yay!" You jumped slightly, careful to not disturb the now sleeping kitten in your arms.

    "Okay okay, let's go! I'll finish up here, wait for me by the doors." Hoseok said.

    You couldn't wait to see the cotton candy machine! Eeek!

    "Wait..." Hoseok thought just as he was about to lock the door to his office.

    "Did Kitten hear that the rest of the guys are there too...?"

    Oh well. No turning back now.


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    nct dream’s ‘00 line ⫶ as types of fanfiction tropes

    tw. none!

    renjun - strangers to lovers. he’s just the cute guy who sits in a corner of the library, glasses slipping off his nose and head buried in a book. yet, you can’t bring yourself to tear your gaze away from his hunched figure. and then, he looks up, his eyes meeting yours, and gives you a small smile - and you swear time has stopped, just for a moment.

    jeno - fake dating. it started off as a way for both of you to get yourselves out of a sticky situation. all the forced smiles and practiced kisses were just for the audience, you always told yourself. until you ended up craving his lingering touches, his warm words - that’s when you realised that you’re completely head over heels for the boy with the eye smile.

    haechan - enemies to lovers. you’ve always hated haechan with every fibre of your being. you’re convinced he hates you too, if all the snarky comments directed your way are anything to go by. you hate the way he smiles, the way he laughs, the way he talks. but what you hate the most about him is the way he makes your heart leap in your chest whenever you see him.

    jaemin - best friends to lovers. you don’t know when you fell for your best friend, but you did. now you don’t know what to do, how to tell him that you like him as more than just a friend. what you don’t know is that he feels the same about you. everyone else can see it - it’s in the way you both hug each other, in the way your eyes light up whenever you see the other, and most of all, in the way you two know each other better than you know yourselves.

    a/n. i’m so sorry, i’ve literally been posting only headcanons for the past few days ;-; i’m working on drabbles and timestamps too though, so hopefully i can post them soon! :D

    taglist. @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @shrutiajit @ravenori @hwallswrld @rutosruru-world @cookydream @squiishymeow (click here to be added!)

    networks. @houseofincantations

    © JENSROSE, 2021

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