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  • So if your on booktok I felt like ranting about the drama so I’m doing it on tumblr because tumblr is chill and I just wanted to say it:

    This girl on booktok—a WHITE and RACIST homophobic female—basically told us she isn’t going to be reading any books with diversity. Books with LGBTQ+ and POC characters because she can’t relate to these characters. I don’t understand this because they are just like everyone else. The only difference is sexuality and who people are attracted to, and the difference in skin color. This has nothing to do with their personality or the way they speak or do.

    Just because poc characters have a different SHADE OF SKIN does NOT mean they can’t be relatable. This doesn’t mean they have different life styles. It’s just SKIN.

    Same goes for people in the LGBTG+ community. For example, a lesbian and a straight girl, just because the straight girl is attracted to men DOES NOT make the lesbian who is attracted to other girls bad. Maybe this straight girl is homophobic and didn’t know this girl was a lesbian. She will probably relate to her on terms of personality and generosity rather than who she is attracted to.

    A white straight racist homophobic teenager can’t relate to somone because they have a different skin color. She can’t relate to somone because of their sexuality. Being a POC DOES NOT REPRESENT THEIR RELATABILITY. They are just like everyone else. Their is literally no difference.

    And this girl on booktok is talking about book characters. BOOK CHARACTERS. Just imagine how she is around people in real life. This girl can’t bear even reading about them because she can’t RELATE. SHE CANT RELATE. Why? There aren’t any GREAT differences between everyone. WE ARE ALL HUMANS.

    At the very least she did apologize. But she didn’t say it. She wrote it down which I feel like shows she doesn’t have the guts to say OUT LOUD: “I’m sorry but I don’t support LGBTQ+ but respect those people, and I apologize for being racist and saying bad things about POC”. Yet what she wrote in her ‘apology note’ didn’t sound exactly legit. It sounded almost fake.

    In her glamorous words she wrote and I quote, “like I’m sorry I am a straight white female and I like to read about characters I relate to but that’s just how it is. I do agree that there should be more diversity in books and everything and I love to read about POC and LGBTQ+ but it’s not something I can relate to you know??”

    “Like I definitely think there should be more POC and LGBTQ characters and I LOVE THEM WITH MY WHOLE HEART I just can’t relate I them.”

    Yet she is also blaming publishing company’s for publishing white authors with straight white characters, “if anything its the publishing company’s fault because they only publish white authors and not the readers” not sure this makes much sense but ok.

    In conclusion this is why she is choosing not to read books with diverse characters.

    Thank you for listening to my ted talk lol. ALSO, this is just my opinion and many others might have other opinions. If I have messed up or said something wrong please say something or tell me so I can’t fix it.

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  •                                                  Chapter 9


    Eloa saw how Emma’s figure disappeared into the trees, and looked at her two step sisters; Ariel was taking sketches of a squirrel and Diana was growling at a dog, who growled back. Great, I’m stuck with the weirdoes, she thought bitterly. “Ok, come on, were going to explore a little bit” Diana looked at her with narrowed eyes “You don´t tell me what to do miss-perfect” Ariel let out a little laugh without even looking up from her sketchbook. She massaged her temples “ok, would you like to go exploring?”

    “Yep” Diana winked at her, and Eloa rolled her eyes. Ariel let out a deep sigh and got up, but didn´t complain. They walked without speaking until they arrived to a fountain “Heeey look! It has an angel on top! Who do you think it could be?” Diana pointed at the top of the fountain and Eloa sighed “Yes Diana, now if you could stop being so childish…”

    “Look! Bubbles!” the golden haired angel rushed where a man was making bubbles of all sizes and started popping them. Eloa was about to tell her of, but she saw how much she was enjoying herself; maybe it was fun. She could try… No. A real princess couldn’t be seen doing something so mundane and childish as popping bubbles. Thank god mother can’t hear my thoughts. Ariel sat on the edge of the fountain and started scribbling things on her sketchbook. Eloa sat down on a bench next to a mother “Which ones are yours?”

    “The one drawing and the one with the bubbles”

    “Oh. Aren’t they a little… old?”

    “Yes. Yes they are” She let out a sigh and scrubbed her forehead.

    They walked back to where they had met up with Emma, who was waiting with a tall and handsome man. “So, this is my boyfriend. Jacob, these are my roommates: Ariel, Diana and Eloa” She forced a smile over the pain. Wait, what pain? I don’t even like her in that way. I just think she’s pretty, I mean, I don’t even know her. And anyways, I can’t be in love with a girl, I need to marry a king. Oh, mother would be so disappointed in me… “Eloa? Are you there? Well, Jacob knows a cheap store for phones, so if you want we could go there and get you one?” Diana crossed her arms and looked at Jacob with suspicion “Why do we need a phone? And how do we know this isn’t a trap?” Emma looked at Jacob and smirked “Well, you need a phone to communicate, and I doubt Jacob will lure us into a trap” he smiled kindly and nodded, but Diana took out one of her knifes “Listen up Jacob, if this is a trap I swear I’ll…” the boy looked at the blonde with panic.

    “Diana! What have we spoke about threatening people with knifes?”

    “But Emma-“

    “Diana!” She pouted “I must not threaten nice people with knifes” Diana mumbled, an Emma nodded “good. Now put the knife away honey” she did as she was told and returned the weapon to its original place. “Now let’s go get you some phones”

    “what is a phone?” Jacob, who had not said a word and appeared quite shy, answered Diana “Well, its a little device with a lot of uses” Diana let out a little ‘oh’ and kept walking. They arrived to a store and bought three white boxes, and then headed home.

    Eloa sat on the sofa with the box on her lap, and following Jacobs instructions, she opened it and extracted the little ‘phone’ inside. It was like a mini TV, but much lighter and thinner. “Ok, so now, press this little button here and you can give it to me” She did as she was told and passed the phone to Jacob. He passed the phone back to Eloa “So, I’ve added Emma’s number and your sisters, If you want to call, go in here” he pressed a little square thing that seemed to be inside the phone “and if you want to text, go here. These are called apps, and if you want, i can download a game for you” Eloa heard Diana’s voice make another question “You can play games in here? Like tag? I’ve never played with anyone” Eloa’s head turned quickly to look at Diana’s face. She didn’t seem to notice that everyone was looking at her with a mix of worry and pity. “Um, not tag, but yeah, other games” the room fell silence again. Eloa noticed how her stepsister was sitting in the carpet again, she had never seen her in the sofa, but why? She remembered on the feast day, the look of terror when her mother dragged her out of the table, but she was probably just scared because she was going to get grounded… right? But her mother looks so nice, she would never hurt her in any way. How can I even think of this? She probably just doesn’t like the sofa, and that’s it, she thought, but wasn’t fully convinced. An hour later of learning to control their new little TVs, Eloa headed to her room. Jacob was staying over, and Eloa just wished they wouldn’t make a lot of noise. She let herself fall on her fluffy bed, after putting on a light blue night gown. She covered herself with the blankets and closed her eyes.

    A squeaking sound woke her up, and a fluffy snake with legs was looking directly at her. She muffled at scream and then noticed that its eyes were pink. This must be Diana’s transformed pet. No fair, mine hasn’t arrived yet. A whimper came from another room and Eloa felt tempted to cover her ears. I do NOT want to hear Emma and Jacob doing their things. Just… go back to sleep. She rolled onto her right side and closed her eyes, but the fluffy snake bit her ear “You little…!” she tried to grab it, but it jumped of the bed and started to scratch the closed door “yeah get out!” the white thing disappeared into the dark corridor, and then Eloa hear another sound. But it didn’t come from Emma’s room, but Diana’s. It was like a little cry; Eloa was going to close the door, but she heard scratching again. That little disgusting thing. She walked quietly and followed the scratches blindly. When she got there, she opened Diana’s door, and the thing entered. “Hello?” Diana’s voice filled the silent house, and Eloa entered her room.”Hey Diana. Are you… are you ok?” she sniffed her nose “Yeah” Eloa turned around to leave, but Diana’s shaky and scared voice stopped her “Could you- could you maybe stay until I fall asleep?”


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  • #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery #fictional characters
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  • Giving Darth Vader’s suit some final touches - The Empire Strikes Back

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  • image

    My attempt at Chara from undertale. I’ll try to colour it later but I doubt it’s gonna come out very good. I have no idea what I am even doing.

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  • August 10: Happy Birthday to the Temporary Captain of Team 7/Team Kakashi and a Former Member of the Root Foundation and a Member of Team Kakashi (ANBU), now in Guard Duty, watching over Orochimaru after the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the Naruto Character of Yamato.

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  • Man, it’s so hard to find names for you characters. Like it has to have some meaning or something now that I am actually creating them for a story and not just a story for them.

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  • When you ship yourself with a fictional character… However also ship them with another character.


    Originally posted by voddxa

    It really be messing me up lmao 🤣

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  • I’m currently compiling a list of under-represented communities/character traits that aren’t commonly shown in books and other forms of media, that i think should be integrated. It’s incomplete, so does anyone have any recommendations of additions?

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  • We have to talk about one very important topic, or rather several.

    Opinions, thoughts and theses.

    I have noticed that people are treated badly by others because of their opinions, thoughts and theses. And let me tell you something:

    It is perfectly fine to disagree, to have other thoughts or theses.

    Especially when it comes to something like the fictional world. It is not real and accordingly everyone can and may think what they want. My blog, this blog is a safe place. I’ll accept your opinions, thoughts, theses but I do not have to agree with them and you do not have to agree with mine either. Besides, it’d be boring if we had the same opinion, wouldn’t it?

    Since we are all humans, we should start to behave like them. Don’t get angry if someone thinks differently, especially about fictional characters.

    They’re not real.

    And it doesn’t hurt them when people have different opinions about them. Trust me. It’s perfectly fine. Do not attack someone just because they do not believe Jerome’s favorite color is red. Do not attack someone just because they are not shipping Jeremiah x Bruce or Jeremiah x Ecco (or because they are shipping them). I don’t ship Jeremiah with anyone to be honest. Oh, wait, I ship him with myself but that’s another story (not crispy Jeremiah, pre-spray Jeremiah!) He is my baby. Love his glasses. Just don’t attack anyone who has a different opinion than you. Do not insult them, do not threaten them. If you do that, you are the most disgusting person in the world. Accept the opinions, thoughts of others – even their theses. Be open-minded, be a good person.

    In the end we should all respect each other – even if someone has a different opinion.

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  • hypothetically coughing up blood is sexy as hell, like yes fictional character go die mysteriously from an unknown illness, but realistically dying from an unknown illness is bad so :(

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  • like ik we shouldnt condon murder but also kinda wish more characters did a percy jackson @ gabe you know? 

    #percy jackson#gabe ugliano#fictional characters #like off abusive family members or whatever
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  • ✏️❌ You’ve got to kill your darlings, as the writers’ adage goes, and Hayden Rodgers wants your help killing his. Are you a lover of the fantasy adventure novel? Have you ever wanted to add a class at Hogwarts or rearrange the nations of Middle Earth? Or perhaps redesign the Alethiometer or tweak the cosmos of the Discworld? Now’s your chance. Take on the role of editor in this interactive podcast and give feedback on a brand new world as it’s created while vicariously experiencing the writing process.

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  • That aren’t apart of the Star Wars Universe :-)

    Also! If any of y’all are on the same page as me, I’m totally down for writing for any of these people! I used to have a multi fandom page sooOOoOO ALSO this is in no particular order, just whoever came to mind first LMAO

    1. Severus Snape from Harry Potter- Snape and me would have slow but rough sex. It would be pretty vanilla though, probably no oral because it’s Severus Snape LMAO. Maybe lots of hair pulling. I think…I think he may have a spitting kink. 
    2. Jim Hopper from Stranger Things- Me and James Hopper would FUCK LIKE RABBITS!!!! He’d be an arrogant prick, and he definitely likes to be dominant, for sure people! Jim is a total fucking dilf ugNnHGGhnnGH and probably loves choking and spanking byeeee. 
    3. Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead- My favorite Army Sergeant would definitely, definitely, definitely have such a good stamina, and all that army ptsd would definitely kick in LMAO that was a joke I’m just kidding. BUT Abraham mother fucking Ford would be all about throat fucking, eating his lady out and bustin’ a nut inside, that man loves a good creampie. 
    4. Negan from The Walking Dead- GOD THIS MAN WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN HOLY MOTHER OF DICK! Negan is kinky as hell. Negan, Negan, Negan, NEGAn NeGAN. You got a kink? So does he, whaaat. Negan likes to be called daddy, he likes worshipping your body and getting worshipped in return. Negan chokes, spits, slaps, spanks and curses so much it would make a sailor blush. He’s definitely a switch, but only with the people he trusts the most, and overstimulation is his mother fucking game. BYEEEE oh my god I’m a horn dog. 
    5. Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead- RiIICkY, RicHArd, RicK…He’s got that married next door neighbor vibe…is that just me? I’m not too sure. Sex with Rick toes the line of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl. He gives me major “I’m in control on the streets but please ride my dick like a horse in the sheets” vibes. That man likes women who take control, because he’s so used to dominating in his day to day life. 
    6. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice- So like yeah, I get it, it’s the 1800′s in this particular novel but holy SHIT I bet Darcy would just worship his lucky lady’s body. He doesn’t want to be sucked off, he doesn’t care how long it takes for him to finish- all he’s worried about it making sure his girl has so many orgasms he needs two hands to count them all off on. Finger fucking, getting sat on, tongue fucking- that man is the Supreme Ruler at. 
    7. Edward Cullen oop from Twilight- Edward would cry after sex because he feels guilty. But I love his jaw line so. Bye. 
    8. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight- DADDY IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!!! Carlisle has been around for many, many moons, and with that comes decades of experience. He’s a fucking vampire so his stamina, strength and raw fuckING POWER is off the charts. That man would stand up, flip you upside down and bury his face in your pussy do not even try me ladies
    9. Andy Bernard from the Office- Oh, Nard Dog. I’m actually not quite sure how Andy would have sex. I like to think he may finish super fast but he’s smart enough to know that, so he likes to spend his time buried between your thighs. Is definitely a tits man. No further questions. 
    10. Bucky Barnes from the MCU- Actually, no. Not Bucky Barnes. I want to fuck the Winter Soldier. He’s mean, he doesn’t care, and he’ll fuck you so good you start to cry and hey, GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, he likes it. He’ll mutter filthy tings in your ear that you can’t understand because it’s Russian, and he’ll grab your neck so hard it leaves bruises. Buck marks you with his spit and his cum, and likes it when you slap him across the face. Knives, anyone? The thrill of the chase and the risk of danger is very, very prominent with him. And y'all LIKE THAT>
    11. Steve Rogers from the MCU- Steve is about as Vanilla as a pint of Breyer’s. He isn’t kinky, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and he doesn’t want to be reminded of his super human abilities. That man has great stamina though, and be prepared for your face to be showered with kisses, nibbles and for your thighs, chest and belly to be covered in love bites. He’s a true gentleman, so he always makes sure you finish first, last, and a couple of times in the middle too. 
    12. Indiana Jones from Indiana Jones- Smug bastard. Definitely ties you up. Knows how to work a whip smirk smirk. My OG baby knows how to make a lady feel good. That’s all that needs to be said about that. 
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