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    16.07.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • joel-biermann
    25.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    NICKNAMES: A military hangover, if he cares about someone they have to get a nickname or pet name. Hence Babe, Sweetheart, and Mouse.

    BIG SPOON: Get comfy, Lucas, he’s a cuddler. Likes to be the big spoon. He’s also the sort of person who can fall asleep anywhere in any weird position. Doesn’t sleep enough, though.

    COFFEE: Black, no sugar, out of practicality. He actually loved super sweet and creamy coffees but it was easier especially when out on active duty to get by with the minimum.

    DOG-EARS: Joel doesn’t believe in bookmarks, he’ll dog-ear a page it doesn’t matter. Also not afraid to write in books.

    DAD COUTURE: Joel has zero fashion sense. He only wears neutrals, blacks and greens. Keeps his hair buzzed and cleanly shaved. He’s wearing black boots at all times.

    CORNERS: He makes his bed military style with precise folds, every morning. It’s an ingrained habit at this point, couldn’t stop if he tried.

    DOG TAGS: He still has his dog tags and wears them at all times. Sometimes he will take his wedding ring off and wear it around his neck— only if he’s afraid of losing it to a walker or getting a finger ripped off thanks to heavy labour.

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    24.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #rp shoutout#rp rec #post apoc rp #post apocalyptic rp #zombie rp#fiddlersgreenrpg#asks
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    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    SCOTT —a playlist

    You’ve Got a Friend, James Taylor

    Alone Again (Naturally), Gilbert O’Sullivan

    Operator (That’s Not the Way it Feels), Jim Croce

    Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys, Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson

    Sunshine On My Shoulder, John Denver

    I’ll Be Here in the Morning, Townes Van Zandt

    Southern Nights, Whitney

    Texas Sun, Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

    Jesus, Etc., Wilco

    Death With Dignity, Sufjan Stevens

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  • matiasgrant
    18.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    matias grant - biography

    NAME: Matias Grant

    AGE: 28

    FACECLAIM: Justin Min

    GENDER IDENTITY: Cisgender Male, He/Him pronouns

    SEXUALITY: Bisexual

    HOMETOWN: Boston, Massachusetts

    TIME OF JOINING: 2008, age 15

    RANK: Scout, a member of Elysium

    POSITION: Supply Runner, spy

    RESIDENCE: Wood Hall, Elysium HQ


    Matias never knew a mother’s love. He would have, if she hadn’t died soon after he was born from complications related to the pregnancy. One of Matias’s first memories was his father accusing him of killing his mother in a drunken rage. He wasn’t far off, Matias thought. If I weren’t here, she would be alive.

    Maybe that was why his father was mad all the time, why he would rather work long hours than look his kid in the face. Maybe that was why when Matias’s grandpa died and his father inherited his old guitar, it was placed in Matias’s lap instead. Maybe. just maybe, if he kept Matias busy, he could pretend that he didn’t exist at all. Except he couldn’t quite forget. His kid was too opinionated, too argumentative, and thus the father hit his son in the face. He apologized, but he knew the woman that he married. She never forgot. Matias wouldn’t, either.

    But at least, although his cheek stung and his eyes watered, he had his guitar. He would never forget that hit, but he would never forget the music, either.


    Middle school is a terrible time for everyone, especially when the dead start walking. Matias found himself shoved in the back of their old minivan, clutching his beloved guitar and wishing that the mother he had never known was there to comfort him. Unfortunately, his father was all that he had. At least he managed to drive them to Indianapolis.

    Indianapolis wasn’t so bad. He had cousins there. People to talk to that weren’t his father. He worked on the family farm in the day, and snuck out to wander the city streets at night. He had learned to be quiet when he was younger, always sneaking around the apartment when his dad was up late drinking or watching football. He had already mastered the art of staying small and silent.

    Avery. Sweet, wonderful Avery. Matias had a cousin, but they loved each other like brothers. Sometimes, he thought to himself that it was funny. It took the end of the world for him to finally be close to someone. Avery taught him to shoot a gun using an old .22 that he had found in the garden shed. Matias took it into the city, but only used it twice. Until the accident.


    On the farm, Matias could generally pretend that his father didn’t exist. He had his cousins for company. That was enough. However, it was a bad season for planting, and they desperately needed food. Matias happened to know where to get some. An old grocery store near the middle of town. He found himself cooped up in that stupid minivan with his father, who didn’t know walkers, and who didn’t listen to Matias warning him to stay in the car when they found the store surrounded by the dead. 

    He tried to save the father that he hated. He failed.

    Alone, he drove the minivan back to the farm. The farm, like the store, was full of walkers. So much for finally fixing the broken fences. Matias turned the car around and drove away. The maps that his father hoarded in the glove compartment kept him wandering for a year, until they finally led him to Fiddler’s Green. Home.


    A fifteen-year-old boy showed up at Fiddler’s Green in a minivan held together mostly by duct tape and the sheer power of will. it was damn impressive, although the sight of it was rather sad. Still, this kid knew how to shoot. He wanted to learn, to train. He answered the questions of the guards in short, measured sentences. Never say too much. Never think too much. Pretend your past isn’t there, just like your father pretended that you were a figment of his imagination. 

    This boy’s name was Matias, and he was damn good in training. He picked up a bow with ease, quickly coming to prefer it over a gun. He could move silently, even when carrying heavy loads. He was a supply runner through and through. At seventeen, he had solidified himself as a scout, a rank that he wore like a badge of honor.


    Somewhere, deep down, Matias believes that people can be better. He didn’t get that belief from before the apocalypse. Fiddler’s Green simply changed him in a way that he’ll never understand. Seeing people helping each other, striving to rebuild the world, it gave him hope. However, with the elite slowly taking over, Matias grew sick of standing by.

    A whisper can change everything. Two years ago, Matias found himself restless. Quietly, he wandered the residence halls, finding comfort in the moonlight shining through the windows. He stumbled across a whispered conversation. The word rebellion filled his senses. He stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight.

    Trust never comes easy, but Matias knew that. He worked hard for his trust. Now, he works even harder. He collects everything he knows and stores it in his mind, reporting back to the rebels. Maybe someday, people will be better. He knows for a fact that he’s trying.


    Matias still loves music. If you want to borrow a vinyl record, he just might let you, although most of them are stored safely at Elysium HQ. However, he won’t ever let you hear him play a song on guitar, especially not any that he’s written. He won’t read you the poems he writes, either. Those are for him and only him. He keeps to himself mostly, for various reasons.

    He’s a closed book, but he’s a good listener. He respects people who wear their heart on their sleeve. Sometimes he wishes that he could be more like that rather than a closed up box of emotions only expressed through poems that only he will ever read. He sees people being openly kind, openly caring. It’s a kind of strength that he doesn’t know, but that he loves.

    He loves the rain. He watches it pour, and it doesn’t deter him from going on his supply runs. He watches the rivers as they cut through the land. He looks out at the ocean, the endless expanse of sea. His journal is full of poems about water. Why the fascination, he can’t say. Maybe it’s the contrast that interests him. The water can kill you, if you aren’t careful. Yet, you still need it to live.

    He cares. He cares so much, but only in his quiet way. He looks on. He dreams. The world keeps turning, and somehow, he keeps moving with it.

    He never forgot the hit, but he never forgot the music, either.

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    18.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    times are gone for honest men. / katsunari fukazawa.

    buena by morphine. / down in it by nine inch nails. / all the madmen by david bowie. / i am not the bad guy by my brightest diamond. / black hole sun by soundgarden. / the stranger by billy joel. / a head with wings by morphine. / karma police by radiohead. / red right hand by nick cave & the bad seeds. / got me wrong by alice in chains. / i do not want this by nine inch nails. / burning pile by mother mother. / motorway to roswell by pixies. / burden in my hand by soundgarden. / blackstar by david bowie. / grind by alice in chains. / the figurehead by the cure. / scratch by morphine.
    #—  no one sings like you anymore.  /  radio. #—  what becomes of the boy no longer a boy?  /  development. #fiddlersgreenrpg
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    18.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    m e e t m a t i a s g r a n t

    28. supply runner. spy.

    citizen of fiddler’s green

    FCC - Justin Min

    #( there’s no plan || matias ) #( no alarms and no surprises || matias ) #fiddlersgreenrpg
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    tag drop

    ( spare me over for another year || matias ) - prompts

    ( no alarms and no surprises || matias ) - aesthetics/quotes)

    ( there’s no plan || matias ) - faceclaim posts

    ( you and i both know that the house is haunted || matias ) - answered questions

    ( where did you sleep last night || matias ) - tasks

    ( baby you’re a lost cause || matias ) - mentions

    ( how’s one to know? || matias ) - random writings/musings

    ( i lived and i learned || matias ) - events

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    m a t h i a s g r a n t


    Dearly Departed - Shakey Graves || Ventura Highway - America & George Martin || (Don’t Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult || Oh Death - Rising Appalachia || Where Did You Sleep Last Night - Nirvana || No Surprises - Radiohead || Lost Cause - Beck || No Plan - Hozier ||

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    17.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    FRANCIS — a playlist

    Sympathy for the Devil, The Rolling Stones

    People are Strange, Echo & The Bunnymen

    Psycho Killer, Talking Heads

    Tusk, Fleetwood Mac

    Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode

    Funplex, The B-52s

    Atomic, Blondie

    It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), R.E.M

    Alone Again Or, The Damned

    Fire and Brimstone, Link Wray

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  • fiddlersgreenrpg
    09.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    It’s time! Applications for Fiddler’s Green are OPEN. Depending on submissions, acceptance will start either today or tomorrow. There is no pressure for you to send it now, and you can hop onto the Discord server or send an ask/IM if you have any questions or need help with character building!
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    08.06.2021 - 3 monts ago


    Fiddler’s Green law is organized by decrees, which can only be issued, ratified or annulled by the Council. Other formalities, such as marriage, are not set in stone but done out of habit or tradition. Read below to learn more about Fiddler’s Green law! (tw: mention of death)

    Breaking the law is punishable by exile or, in extreme cases, by death. Death sentences are only given in the most extreme cases, and an official event is made out of it— anyone given a death sentence is to be put in a cage with walkers for the public to see. 

    Punishable by exile:

    Betrayal of the Consul or of any member of the Council 

    Theft of supplies 

    Unauthorized distribution of supplies meant for Rank I Elite 

    Assault on a Guard or Officer 

    Serious injury or any type of assault on children and women 

    Unauthorized possession and distribution of alcohol 

    Punishable by death: 

    Betrayal of the Consul 


    Other offenses punishable by jailtime: 

    Unauthorized trips outside of the Golden Triangle safety perimeter 

    Assault on any member of the Civilian rank 

    Unauthorized entrance in any residence of the high rise by lower ranks 

    Justices are the only ones to hold power of Judgment, held only once a month. There is no jury. There can be legal representation in an effort to dissuade a Justice from giving a certain sentence, but this is rarely granted. 

    On the topic of marriage: 

    There is no procedure or paperwork for marriage. 

    However, partners must be together for a minimum of six months before declaring marriage for it to be recognized as official. 

    Families and friends serve as witnesses if a union is to be declared. 

    Anybody can get married. 

    There are no benefits to marriage among lower ranks besides its symbolism.

    Marriage can be a way to climb ranks. Anyone can marry into any rank; the higher rank spouse preserves their spot within that rank and it is automatically given to their partner.

    Partners marrying into the high rise must go through a vetting procedure, including an interview with the Secretary of Housing, and a background check by the Council and Guards (in other words, interviews of family members, friends and acquaintances).

    A.N.: More decrees/laws can and are encouraged to be issued by any players whose characters are members of the Council!

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    This prompt is for anyone interested in this group, to help you with character building and inspiration before applications are live!

    For this prompt, we’d love to see a moodboard for your character! It can be in any form you prefer (meme or aesthetic...).
    Here are some helpful resources in case you might need them:
    A moodboard template by @notoriousgraphics  Moodboard templates by @altf4pls  Moodboard GIFs by @hergifhunts  Moodboard GIFs by @fifthhunts  Also check out Pinterest and Unsplash for inspiring pictures!

    Don’t forget to tag #fiddlersgreenrpg or share on our Discord server if you want!

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                            NEVE LOPEZ POMARES.                        fiddler’s green prompt 001.

    01. beach house - troublemaker. 02. gang starr - moment of truth. 03. kavinsky - nightcall. 04. kendrick lamar - good kid. 05. selena - como la flor. 06. joy division - love will tear us apart. 07. jedi mind tricks - sacrafice. 08. lykke li - gunshot. 09. concrete blonde - little conversations. 10. ccr - sinister purpose. 11. pete rock & cl smooth - they reminisce over you. 12. the damned - neat neat neat.  13. widowspeak - wicked game.
    #fiddlersgreenrpg #this didn't turn out quite like i'd hoped ! eep #but i lost it the first time #so i'm going with it !!
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    This prompt is for anyone interested in this group, to help you with character building and inspiration before applications are live!

    For the first character building prompt, we’re starting with some music to get those creative juices flowing! Make a soundtrack for the muse you have in mind, with songs that make you think of them or their backstory, or even a playlist of what you think would be their favorite jams! You can post it on any platform, or even just type up a list with the songs, whatever you prefer! Don’t forget to tag #fiddlersgreenrpg when you share it!

    As a little bonus to get you started, you can listen to the Fiddler’s Green soundtrack on Spotify, just click on the source link or on the image.

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    02.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Hello everyone! Currently working on releasing more information a bit later tonight. In the meantime, here’s a little surprise for you!
    Feel free to join the Interest Check Discord Server, everything relating to the group will be discussed including updates, extra tasks and prompts to help with character building! 
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