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  • phastcast
    09.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    here's the fucking game plan

    #gave up on iban's blast zulrah #really thirsty for the whip anyway so might as well keep trucking to trident #gives me an excuse to reattempt fight caves too
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  • writer-on-time
    09.05.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    hey I'm pining here!!

    #writeblr #meg is muttering #you know the thought that's been plaguing me for days? #I'm thinking about the fact that it doesn't take much for Ithos to start thinking of Calix as his most important person #it's easy to start caring about one of the first people to care about you (which doesn't necessarily invalidate the fact that he cares) #but at what point did Calix realize? when did he go from just 'on god we gon get you a therapist' to 'wherever you go I'll go with you'? #he's had plenty of people he likes and he's often liked by others. and at first he'll fight Ithos on anything. like. they're not friends. #so what changes? i know the gradual steps and the shape of the arc and even some events. but i don't know what the 'oh.' moment is #and i think there is one #wait crud don't tell me it's literally the moment he thinks he might have lost him. wait. that's too sad that's illegal #ok i need to calm down #i need to go think about this #updates to follow idk whenever the next time I'm yearning is
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  • fruitymarblesoda
    09.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    To all the people who lost irl money on the Eye Vials update

    You weren’t forced to spend that irl money, you consciously chose to take that gamble

    So it doesn’t matter if you support the update or not, you gambled and you came out on the losing end. Take the L and enjoy the fact you no longer have to spend irl money to get special pixel dragon eyes

    #fr wank#fr drama #eye update 2: electric boogaloo #some of these people complaining that they threw hundreds into scatter sights need to go get help for gambling addiction #because that’s what scatterscrolls scattersights and unhatched eggs are #they’re loot boxes #hot take #I’m not putting this in the main tag #if the whales wanna fight me #let them
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  • noctomania
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tell me why you would choose normal golfing over minigolf. Like dont get me wrong i hate any golfing bc it's so damn boring. But truly like...minigolf seems far more challenging. Sure there isn't the distance. But who fuckin cares.

    Unless that ball is going to bounce off some annoying decor that is maliciously placed in the pathway idc how far you hit it it was too easy.

    Unless your ball color matches your club color and is like hot pink or neon green, I don't want to ever speak to you again

    Unless you have to hunch into the worst position you could at 30+ yrs old just to hold the club that is only 2ft long and somehow manage to get the physics right to hit it straight, you haven't lived.

    #this post brought to you by someone who thinks we need to turn every golf course into a nature reservation or give it back to native folk #goof is stupid literally fight me about this why are yall boring #so many activities and this is the one that so many engage in? you can literally go bowling. #imagine living in a world with tether ball and hackysack but choosing golfing i stead #imagine being able to play card games or water polo whenever you want but instead smacking a stupid pitted ball for nothing and nobody
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  • thespacevagabond
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Everything is going my way lately

    #four leaf clover #lucky#me#my face#selfie #i dressed up nice for the dnd boss fight tonight #my job is paying me big money and my client list might double this month #i have the most amazing friends and I'm so lucky!!!!! #good time to be Wolfgang
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  • xionthelostpuppet
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Jude Law (Iain Boyd) The Rhythm Section (2020)
    #jude law #the rhythm section #judelawedit#therhythmsectionedit#gifs#mine #mr yum 😋 #thirst is real #thirst post #ughh that fight scene #he could overpower me anytime
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  • rho-nin
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Obviously this wouldn’t solve ALL the problems in star wars but like.  Imagine how much in star wars would be better if adults treated children like, dare I say it, actual children.

    Like, if 9 year old baby Anakin Skywalker is brought to the Jedi Council and they say “you are practically an infant and require so much therapy for literally growing up in the worst environment in the world and regardless of what happens next we’ll make sure you end up somewhere safe”... idk what would HAPPEN but at least you wouldn’t be questioning this 9 year old’s right to like, exist outside of slavery.

    Or! Obi-Wan in TPM! Granted, he’s like, 25 or something, but he’s also a dude who just became an adult in the eyes of the Jedi because his pseudo-dad died, so maybe don’t saddle him with responsibility right off the fucking bat.  Maybe he’d have fewer issues? Obi-Wan’s canonical childhood is already so incredibly fucked up, he doesn’t need more of this.

    The clones! Those are children in adult’s bodies! Don’t send them to WAR are you KIDDING me they’re TEN.  Not to mention they have no rights, aren’t paid, are barely considered sentient, and aren’t given a choice about being cannon fodder in the eyes of the government.  THEY’RE CHILDREN.

    The padawans! ALSO CHILDREN.  And you don’t even have the excuse that they look like adults here or that they’ve been trained for war since ever (again, what the fuck).  Ahsoka was FOURTEEN when people said “yeah we can send this kid into an active war zone” and DID.  And initiates can become padawans as young as ten years old! Somewhere in the clone wars there are FIFTH GRADERS running around getting shot at and some of them have probably died because they’re IN A WAR ZONE.  If the Jedi pressured the senate a little and was like “no, actually, you can’t put CHILDREN in BATTLE there are LAWS against that”... well, they might not be successful, but the fact that they were just like, “I mean, lesser of two evils, its our duty to the republic, must be done I suppose” about the ENTIRE ORDER being-- what? conscripted? into the GAR is just... idk.  How can you possibly justify putting kids in war zones when they’re literally there as students who aren’t fully qualified, and then REPEATEDLY left to deal with things like this on their own.  I can understand it if the galaxy was a little chiller and it was more of “yes padawan mine sort out this trade disagreement I’ll be monitoring but it’s your show” that’s fine.  That’s a good learning experience.  But you can’t leave the equivalent of a high school freshman in the middle of hostile territory and be shocked when something goes wrong.

    Also, just in general, the idea of children being capable soldiers at all is awful! And, I would think, something that the Jedi Council would disapprove of! Oh, you look out for the interests of other people? Hm, why do you, General Jedi #6, have a middle schooler with you? HOW DO YOU RECONCILE THIS

    More specifically... Ahsoka was the age of a high school sophmore/young junior when she was ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR TERRORISM as the Jedi Council tried to make a point about not being soft on their own members during war.  How callous do you have to be to not show compassion to a, again, LITERAL NON-ADULT who must have so much PTSD already and then just go “in fact, we’re going to arrest you for MURDER” as if her life couldn’t get any worse, only to then not give her ANY support after leaving.  That’s not an adult, there! That is a TALL CHILD with laser swords and a lifetime voucher for therapy!

    And looping back around to between TPM and AOTC, people let Palpatine talk to a ten year old? Repeatedly? Like, the amount of interest that this elderly man is showing in a middle schooler should definitely raise some eyebrows, regardless of sithy dramatic irony.  Anakin is a CHILD and, if I recall correctly, Palpatine, like, threatens the Jedi order in order to speak with him alone? No one said, “no actually we’re calling the police because this REEKS of come into my white panel van child I have toffee energy”? No one wondered why on earth this guy who runs the galaxy wants to speak to this random snot nosed kid? For crying out loud, no one says “hey mr. Chancellor, I think you probably have like 5 million better things to do than chat up an infant”? hell on earth, no one even does THAT much, which isn’t so much looking out for Anakin as it is wondering why the chancellor isn’t doing his job! TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN, STAR WARS UNIVERSE, BEDAMNED HYPERFIXATION

    #star wars#anakin skywalker#obi-wan kenobi#clones#clone troopers #the clone wars #there are a lot less actual children in later ones or at least they generally choose to do batshit insane things rather than being forced #but still can you imagine being in grade 5 and some space hippy says come with me learn magic and fight in a war #its a ya plot and also as a near adult terrifying #do not do this to the children #ahsoka tano#sheev palpatine #i say near adult i am legally considered an adult #but the amount of actual adult things i do is all but nil #jedi #the jedi order #jedi council #i am extremely sleep deprived and yet i persist #stick a fork in my arm i have so much shit to do #super screams#mine
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  • unimooshi
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    You guys ever think abt StarOp/StarPrime and how they make up after fighting?

    Idk. I’m just in a bitter angst loving mood rn and I wanna see them fighting. Like them being in love and cuddling is great, but what abt them fighting? Like I’m just craving that huge emotion umph with this pairing.

    Like I want them to get angry sometimes. I want teh to fight over big things. Small things. When one crosses a boundary on accident. When one of them forgets something and it’s the tipping point for the other. When stress becomes too much and they go through 50 emotions at once during a meltdown. One of them stomping off angrily and locking themselves in a room and maybe even wrecking it in the process blindly.

    I want to see that comfort afterward they stop fighting and the little murmurs and whispers of how they really feel once everything has cooled off. Them apologizing for what happened and saying how they felt before doing it. Them holding each other and crying together about whatever is bothering them. Sharing a small kiss and resting in the silence. Maybe laying down on the floor together and just throwing out words and phrases about how they feel. Or just taking turns telling abt how their day went and sharing a moment together.

    Then they cleanup together and cuddling again in a tired haze, but this time on a bed. And they crack little jokes and reminisce about what happened a couple hours ago and probably how silly it was to do that, but also how it was probably important that it happened. And then they have affirmations abt how they love each other and how loved they feel.


    It’s getting really late and idk how many people are gonna see this. But them fighting >>>>>>> literally anything else going in my head rn. Maybe I’m explaining it super badly abt what I mean, but couples fighting and making up and then their relationship growing a little stronger just. It hits. It hits the spot.

    #this was mostly inspected by one of my favorite songs #but still even without that influence I would still love to see them fighting #even trackster #I’ve talked abt it with one of my friends and it ended in one of the worst being to ever be created to exist #but it’s completely unrelated and I’m not gonna tlak abt it bc she would literally fly down to kill me personally #but like they would fight abt have a divide in their relationship but then they would tlak it out #and cry bc they can’t believe they almost lost each other over the same problem they didn’t wanna share with each other #they would kiss and cry at the same time and laugh cause it’s so absurd and they just. keep saying how much they love each other #like keep affirming it and 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 #like that’s all fine and dandy for trackster but imagine something wjth Starscream and Op. I would literally sob #they have such angst potential that nobody seems to be tapping into and I’m just shajkskaakkalalalalalsld #wel maybe someone is but I just haven’t come across it yet #but I’m looking for it DONT get me wrong #just hurt me #thanks#bye #I’m gonna sleep now I’m really tired #mooshi out#transformers#starscream#optimus prime #this can be any universe you want it’s just great #starop#starprime #all my brain cells go to them #that’s why I’m failing literally all my classes #late night ramblings #mooshiblurbs#long post#angst
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  • orhideintheclosets
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    reblog and tag if you’re gen z or millennial and whether or not you think pluto is a planet

    #taylor.txt #in the tags #gen z #PLUTO IS A PLANET FIGHT ME
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  • autisticsupervillain
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I'm just going to point out that Yoshida definitely had a Palace at some point, given what we hear about what he did during his No Good Tora days, and yet, he managed to overcome his flaws and become a man of the people. This man is a king.

    #persona 5#toranosuke yoshida #yoshida is the best Confidant fight me
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  • daydreamerunlimited
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #I Have Once Again gotten into a fight w my mom #i get she has a lot going on but. maam. im just trying to have a conversation #why does EVERYTHING have to be a fight #whatever i hope she likes the overpriced chocolates i got her ig lmao #but i. admit i mightve gone a little overboard. but she did too. im tired of her being so fucking confrontational #the ONLY reason i like her is cus. between my 2 parents shes the only one who isnt my fucking dad lmao #i feel. obligated to like her. like she houses and feeds me. she pays for my meds. #i have. no feelings abt my mom at this point #i just want her to leave me alone #tbh i blame my meds for that. i havent felt. ANYTHING the same as i did before them #anger. anxiety. even happiness hit me. differently #like i feel them but im. simultaneously apathetic #the only ppl i genuinely care abt are my friends and my partner #dare i say the only things at all. #anyway. happy mothers day ig lol #negative
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  • thenicestnonbinary
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Quick poll time, what design should I use for my lovely spouse @waterloobasin ? 1 or 2?

    Also no shading because I’m tired and also I’ve been writing all day

    #my art#AveDoodles #yes okay these aren’t g r e a t #but I’m also tired and dead inside and therefore this is the quality I’m settling for atm #anyway it’s just a choice between dapper item head #or cowboy aesthetic mask #also I used your picrews as a ref so sorry if 2 doesn’t look like you! #and pointy ears for the a e s t h e t i c fight me #I’ll do a finished drawing of whatever design wins #y’all can reblog this I don’t mind #please reblog this I crave attention
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  • odetolove
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    would rly love it if my brain could naturally regulate my happiness levels

    #had a fun time watching the fight and now that it’s over i’m laying here sad #WHY #anyways it’ll pass #i’m going to answer my anons bc that always makes me feel better ;;;; #jax.cries
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  • sah1x1s
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #akasupergirl#Answered #God’s dead I said baby that’s alright with me; Yasha & Karine #It always ends in a fight; Yasha/Winter
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  • magioffire
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #me at them both: fight fight fight but also...kiss? maybe? yeah. but also fight. #ask. #womanlives
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  • shubbidy
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Every squad got the

    💅 Distinguished Bisexual 💅

    💖 Functional Bisexual 💖

    And then the

    💦 Disaster Bisexual 💦

    #Time to fight the dudebros #God Wyald has so much disaster bisexual energy; fuck u dudebros he's bi now 😤 #God I really wanna do this with the gay and lesbian alignment chart too; but I'm too dumb to know who to put what as djfnsnx #For a while I thought Rosine would be lesbian; but she low-key had an interest in Guts tho smh. But that's alright we got bi moth rep 💖 #Berserk#Griffith#Rosine#Wyald#Berserk Rosine #So uh. Y'all better help me out with the alignment chart for the gays and lesbians; I already got the bis down 😭
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  • s-squishysquibbles
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    god can someone discuss w me how much i fuckign ended up disliking Wall-E and how utterly disappointing it was. Like fuck god I just watched the thing & am SO fuckign annoyed by how much I disliked it compared to how frequently its been recommended to me. Fucking hell.

    #theres a fight over at the morgue #boo hoo corporate robot sad #anyone wanna romember how this film was bought by disney who is a monopoly #and untilimately has utterly devastated the art industry #like fuck this film has only made me more cynical towards the art industry lmao
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  • 80sphase
    09.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i hate when i feel like it’s the middle of the day when it’s actually midnight and i want to do stuff but i need to sleep but my brain is just like HJDFGKJSBNJGHFDG and i just want it to be unconscious for a while

    #me #i guess watching action/fight movies until late doesn't help #until a few days ago i haven't seen any jean claude van damme movies in my entire life #so i'm #catching up on some of those #because i have always liked cheesy 80's/90's movies #which is why i'm surprised i've never seen any #and it's been a while since i've been able to watch movies all the way through
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  • teamhawkeye
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    enemy: *hiding in water, jumps out to try and scare me*

    me, not batting an eye as i attack: joke’s on you, YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I PLAYED “LOST IN NIGHTMARES”-?!

    #Katie plays RE8 #the part right before the Wesker fight in Lost in Nightmares has some zombies lying hidden in the water that will jump up to grab u #i was baptized in fire playing that over and over again - YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME HERE RE8 #RE8 spoilers #Resident Evil Village spoilers #Resident Evil 8 spoilers
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  • barbienoturbby
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    NYI vs NJD | 08 MAY 2021

    #noah dobson #new york islanders #isles lb#islanders#isles#hockey#hockeygif#hockeyedit#nhl#userbarbie #he's pretty me thinks #and underappreciated af #fight me
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