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  • silvadour
    28.01.2022 - 31 minutes ago
    #Guilty Gear Strive #when it comes to Baiken...ArcSys spares no expense #fighting games#video games#my gif
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  • claitea
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    god i loved it i loved it so so much ;w; i havent done another day yet bc its um. 1:06am at the time i started typing this. i started at like 10pm and then lost track of time bc i was so determined to finish sob

    #clai speaks #spoilers below obv #god hhnghgnvgh ok i will say i thought the writing quality started to drop at the end #things felt kinda clunky idk how to explain that #and josh rhyme and shiki got DISRESPECTED they felt so. tacked on :( not even the lil sneak peeks of rhyme prior helped that #''i vowed to step in'' yoshiya joshua kiryu you didnt do Jack Fucking Shit shibuya still got erased the fiRST TIME #RINDO HAD TO REWIND TWICE TO SAVE SHIBUYA AND HIS FRIENDS GODDAMN #WERE YOU OFF PLAYING TIN PIN AGAIN OR WHAT #also who tf is that ''haz'' dude why did he show up. be cryptic. and leave. who tf #ok but regardless of any gripes i have with this game i literally honestly couldnt care less about them. I LOVE NEO TWEWY #IT WAS SO FUN I LOVE THE CHARACTERS THE MUSIC WAS FANTASTIC I LOVE THE ART STYLE THE HUMOR THE EVERYTHING #tbh i think i sucked at the game all the aay up to the very end jwbehdbjd i cant dodge for beans #i'm not used to using l/r buttons let alone also having to use zl/zr i mainly play pOKEMON ON A DS #i still thought it was fun though jwbdjhdj i love button mashing till it dies #somehow the final susukichi fight was the hardest. he killed me about four times while i beat shiba and the phoenix first try. hm #i was playing on normal throughout most of the game btw. i did hard up until abt week 2 amd then decided #''nah lower the difficulty so i can get through story quicker'' #prob wont go back to 100% bc i never do that in games. the grind usually isnt fun. but maybe. i'll read secret reports somewhere else tho #anyway tl;dr i Love neotwewy i wanna talk abt neotwewy everyone go play neotwewy
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  • majormeilani
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I'M ?!?!?!????!??!?!??!!!! JUST BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM?!?!

    #holy fuck #i just laughed so pitifully at this poor conductor nooooooo..... #nooooooooo #you're supposed to blow them a kiss #tho i find it interesting the game lets you interact with them after the fight
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  • inkteacup
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    help i slept on the sequel idea and it came out WORSE. lads it came out EVEN WORSE

    #if you want me to shut up about this PLEASE tell me #but anyway this is how it got worse. prepare for word vomit: #ANYA JAEGER ELIO JAEGER WHOLE FUCKING DORMANT SESSION OF PEOPLE WE'VE SEEN BEFORE (and then some) #it will be a multigenerational saga (on one side) and then the other is just the timeline as homestuck ended. so we have two timelines #one timeline actively knows the threat of LE to their world. they sacrifice one of their gods in an attempt to stop him #the other timeline does not know he's still coming bc they assumed Vriska fulfilled her mission instead of things being open-ended #one god is accidentally sacrificed on the altar of LE instead (Dirk goes haywire from LE splinter coming closer and closer #in his madness he becomes Ult!Dirk) #so now we have two timelines. one which is actively fighting LE. one which is falling to his villainy ahead of schedule #we drop the universal decay lore from ALFG into this and thus we get an excuse to bring back dead charas #and let them finish their arcs hell yeah #and the decay makes the two timelines begin to interact. swap info. all that good stuff #Other Timeline basically is the info mine players have to interact with to get information and lore #(this is where the generational saga comes in - all that lore is passed from session to session ala Team Chaos) #Players control actions of the Dead God who can control characters sometimes to steer them away from the influence of Ult!Dirk #who is being controlled by LE #and that's it. that's the game #two amalgamations fighting through two superpowered super traumatized children #while Earth C and the other timeline planet attempt to keep things together #there will be classpect lore. there will be derse/prospit lore. there will be Lore Lore Lore #and anshu and her brother have a podcast bc fuck yeah fhdhdhdjfkfjfjjdjdjfkckcjcjcjcjchhddhshhsgshsgsghshs
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  • majormeilani
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    oh my god lol one of the uploads of someone fighting both boss fights has the "better hurry up darling!" said by conductor that i saw someone clipped and put up here a while back asfsssdggddj

    #i haven't fought conductor more than once to verify if it's still in the game or not #my bow kid save i purposely made cond win so that i could see the difference myself but i haven't played on her save in a while #might have to try fighting him again #tho i think they might've patched it out bc that's so lame if they did #not only is it really funny but super fitting with the whole rivalry thing #just like when they cut ''the conductor can't do anything! he's an OLD GEE-ZER!'' for grooves #gfb why
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  • pacafait
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #harvpost#ghouliday music #I was wondering why this version seemed slower bc it's definitely faster in the anxiety portion of the game but! In the creation portion #it's slower. So I get it now I'm pretty sure it's for balance between that #I haven't fully played this since October so I can't remember if it's different for logic and anger. I'm pretty sure anger has it's #own basic fight theme? #Ah anyways. I really love this track. So much percussion
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  • garth2the2ndpower
    28.01.2022 - 8 hours ago


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  • tekken-thoughts
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Tekken 8 - Asuka Kazama - Gang Mediator

    Asuka was at her wit’s end. Due to losing to Lili in the previous tournament as well as a previously made wager, Lili was allowed to move into the Kazama residence.

    Her entitled attitude drove Asuka crazy. The spoiled rich girl interfered with every aspect of Asuka’s life. Asuka could only find a moment’s peace in her sleep. She would have the same dream almost every night: The joyous garden from her childhood. She could see the blissful lights, hear the cute animals, but most importantly, there was no Lili. At times, Asuka felt like this place was calling out to her, but she would always wake up back to reality.

    One day, Asuka received an anonymous letter demanding that she joins the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament. At first, she was puzzled as to whom would ask this from her but she soon sensed an opportunity. Asuka wagered a new deal with Lili. If Lili won, she could continue to live with Asuka, and Asuka would even grant her a second wish. However, if Asuka won, Lili would never be allowed to speak to her again. Lili readily agreed, and the stage was set.

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  • incandescent-liveblogs
    28.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Very happy to see that nobody knows how Grappling works in dnd

    #i only know it’s contested athletics checks because my dad recently had a whole grappling fight #dnd#critical role #the blunder games
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  • soundchxck
    28.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Bloc Party - The Girls Are Fighting

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  • authorleaandres
    28.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Someone stop me from buying the Sonic Gems Collection and just playing Sonic the Fighters nonstop while my fiancé's in Florida. (Or encourage me to do this, whichever you prefer. 😂)

    #lea's a dumbass #i'm so bad at fighting games but like... #team hooligan make brain go brrr
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  • thecookiemonster77
    28.01.2022 - 11 hours ago
    I??? could’ve sworn someone had sent in a request for this prompt, but I can’t find the ask anywhere??? > < If you sent in this prompt, this one’s for you, I’m very sorry I lost your ask ;;~;;
    dimples can always lie [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 (you’re here) ] ; 700w, rated M 19: “I’m not totally useless. I can be used as a bad example.” (prompt list)

    Pat wakes up to Pran straddling his hips and holding a knife to his throat, which starts his morning out at a solid seven out of ten.

    “Hello,” he murmurs, voice hoarse and scratchy, and opens his eyes to a vision. Pran glows in the early morning light, the warm sunlight kissing his pretty cheekbones and his oversized knit sweater brushes softly against Pat’s abs. In fact, Pat’s pretty sure that sweater is one of his sweaters, a handmade gift from Pran himself, and Pat stifles a groan at the crack of attraction that rushes through him at the sight. He wiggles his fingers under the hem of Pran’s sweater, finding nothing but smooth satin skin, and Pran presses his knife harder against his neck in a warning.

    Pat pouts. “Is this not a sex thing?”

    Pran raises his eyebrows and looks down at the knife against Pat’s throat pointedly. Which is unfair; Pran can’t just demand such deliberation from him right after he’s just woken up or has Pran in his lap looking like that, much less both. It’s not like the knife is a clue, Pran’s response to everything is knives. Asshole politician? Knife. Pat looks hot? Knife. Forgot to go grocery shopping? Knife--


    Pat frowns and blinks up at Pran. “Did I…load the dishwasher incorrectly?”

    Pran snorts. “Close.” He leans closer, eyes glittering angrily, and growls, “You washed your new red shirt.”

    Both of them blink at each other expectantly. Pran starts to actually look annoyed and Pat rubs his thumb along the naked stretch of Pran’s thigh. “Yeah, I’m going to need more than that.”

    Pran’s nostrils flare. “You washed it with your whites.” The tip of his knife presses against the hollow under Pat’s chin--not enough to cut, just enough to make Pat’s every nerve sing. He’s half-hard against the swell of Pran’s ass, driven mad by the way he can’t tell if Pran’s naked or not underneath all that chunky wool.

    Pran clears his throat pointedly, and Pat reluctantly pulls his eyes up from the hem of the sweater. Pran’s enchanting when he’s mad at him, even when he’s threatening him with a knife. Especially when he’s threatening him with a knife.

    “You ruined your white pants.”

    Pat takes a moment to process that.

    “…Of the two of us, shouldn't I be the one upset?”

    Pran’s lips pull into a sulky moue and he rolls his eyes. “Like you didn’t buy those pants just to taunt me,” he mutters. (A fair and almost accurate accusation. Pat actually hadn’t bought those pants with much thought beyond oh my ass looks hot, but Pran’s reaction to them the first time he came home in them more than cemented their place of honor in Pat’s fuck me wardrobe.) Pran narrows his eyes at Pat’s lecherous grin and pokes his nose with the tip of his knife. “Be more considerate of things that aren’t yours.”

    Pat raises his eyebrows and that’s all the warning Pran gets before Pat surges up and flips them over. Pran barely has the time to throw the knife out of the way and he smacks Pat’s shoulder, eyes incensed. “Pat! What did I just say!”

    Pat grins. Like Pran would ever let something hurt him, much less one of his own weapons. “Oh? Is my face yours now too?”

    “Mm.” Pran combs back his bangs and knots his fingers through the coarse strands of Pat’s hair. He grins meanly and Pat wiggles deeper into the cradle of Pran’s thighs. “It’s your best asset.” Pran pouts comically and tugs Pat closer. “What would we do if something were to happen to it, hmm?”

    Pat dips his head, pressing their foreheads together. “Eh, I’m not totally useless. I can always be used as a bad example. 101 on Things Not To Do As Your Assassin's House Husband.” Pat swallows Pran’s snicker in a kiss. He finally gets a hand beneath Pran’s sweater and groans when his fingers meet nothing but naked skin.

    Pran grins against his lips. “Mm,” he murmurs, rubbing their noses together. Then he pushes Pat’s head down.

    “I bet I could come up with a few more uses for you…”

    ):)  (:(

    #bad buddy #pat x pran #patpran assassin au #cookie's writing #nfsa (not safe for apple) #this is dumb but my need for pran with knit sweaters and knives grows exponentially any time im fighting a serious wip so #might be seeing more of these soon the current wip is SO LONG help #anyways i put mr. right on in the background earlier today and i have some ideas that actually involve pat doing more than making heart eyes #tho rly thats everything he wants to do he loves his stabby husband 😂 #i have ask requests for 29 and 26 in this verse but anything else i havent done yet is fair game 👌 #okay enough of my rambles hope u enjoyed the in bed sillies bye <3
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  • clydetanksleyart
    28.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I had an idea for a Ken Masters: Tournament Edition but I’m gonna go in a different direction

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  • nekofantasia
    28.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    In total absence of light, we meet again

    Equal in strength

    My nemesis, my only friend

    Abysmal oceans roar with immortal hate!

    Imbued with blistering rage you will ride the wave!!

    #FIGHT UNTIL YOU DIE BY THE BLADE OF THE ONE YOU HATE #END OF REASON #END OF THE GAME #DIE BY THE BLADE OF THE ONE YOU LOVE TO HATE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT #today is chiru spamming lyrics day bc that's all I can do while writing the report
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  • eyeofthevoices
    28.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    It might be a test. Of my devotion, of whether I'm strong enough to resist the fear and the temptations of freedom on my own

    But I'm starting to think he wants me to try and run.

    #i know he likes it better that way and resistance is the only thing I've never given him #i may be insane by most standards but not enough to try #there are limits to my self-destructiveness #there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide with the hold he has on my mind #besides i don't want to leave i belong by his side i just wish i didn't have to be so scared all the time #and that i was in on these games he plays with me #instead of being stuck in this limbo where he won't make the bad thoughts go away but i'll pay for it dearly if i listen to them #but i suppose that's the ooint #he's bored of my submission and it won't feel real unless i'm genuinely putting up a fight
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  • kopfueberindiehoelle
    27.01.2022 - 16 hours ago
    All witchers have a great deal in common, but with Eskel and Geralt, the similarities are particularly striking. They first met as two boys of the same age swinging wooden swords at Kaer Morhen. (...) When they became adults, they walked the Path separately, but still reconvened at Kaer Morhen nearly every winter to wait out the cold, drink to their successes and remember fallen comrades.
    #the witcher 3 #the witcher 3 wild hunt #tw3#tw3edit#eskel#mygifs #idk i just wanted to make gifs of our slandered boy #he deserves better #also this is arguably the coolest fight scene in the whole game so #gamingedit#dailygaming#dailyvideogames#gamingnetwork #netflix!eskel was a disaster to put it mildly #so im turning back to game!eskel #sweet baby child #not really but u get the point
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