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  • Who’s Nathan Sharp?

    Who’s Matthew Patrick??

    There’s only one himbo I stan now and that’s this fucker

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  • aunts and uncles of the internet

    obviously, feel free to add on!!

    Jenna and Julien are the aunt and uncle who don’t really know what to do with kids, but will absolutely fight someone for you if need be

    Mr. Beast is the uncle who taught you how to make a potato canon (and various other dangerous things)

    Felix and Marzia are the uncle and aunt who slip you money behind your parents’ back

    Sean (Jacksepticeye) is the uncle who cracks terrible jokes and plays video games with you

    Ethan (CrankGameplays) is the uncle who acts just as young, if not younger than you

    Mark (iplier) is the uncle who casually walks by just to shove you in the pool and is constantly trying to scare you

    Ryan is the uncle who makes dumb faces at kids to try to make them laugh and Shane just puts them on his shoulders because kids love giants

    MatPat is the uncle who always finds a really fun way to teach you something you didn’t know before

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  • matty patty owo 

    the leather jacket saga






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  • “Side note: remember [lion hunts only have a 20-30% success rate] the next time you’re struggling with anything in your own life. One of the biggest, scariest, and most well-adapted hunters in the world ends up falling flat on its face four out of five times when it’s literally trying to catch the food that it needs to survive. Moral of the story: be a lion; keep trying.

    -MatPat, Film Theory: Can The Lion King SURVIVE on Bugs?, The Film Theorists, YouTube, 2017

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  • I don’t know why, but my brain has just had this thought on repeat since I saw 1917. Slight spoilers ahead:

    What if Will Schofield actually died when he fell down the stairs?

    Realistically, I feel like any person who hit their head that hard from a fall that abrupt would be on the verge of death— if not instantly dead. Not to mention, I bet he had an infection starting to take hold of his injured hand.

    Long story short, the pure blackout could’ve been his transition to death, and Will “completing the mission” and finding Tom’s brother could’ve been his spirit finding peace before moving on to the afterlife (resting at the tree).

    I mean, I’m probably just being too abstract or overthinking it. My mind, for some reason, is very keen on this theory.

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  • Okay, so, we’ve all seen the morbius trailer at this point, right? (looks pretty cool) The trailer makes it pretty clear that things in the MCU carry over to the sonyverse. Which brings me to my point:

    Venom had to have taken place sometime between 2008 and 2012 for the continuity to make sense. Let me explain (under the cut because this is a long one) TLDR at the bottom!

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    #Venom#venom movie#essay#eddie brock #venom eddie brock #eddie brock venom #venom took place in 2010 and you cant change my mind #sony#sonyverse #sony extended universe #movie#movie theory#theory#venom theory#film theory#film #man don't you love learning about homophobic laws passed before you knew you were gay #mine
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  • I hate to say it I hope I don’t sound ridiculous


    I don’t know who this man is.

    I mean he could be walking down the street

    I wouldn’t….I wouldn’t know a thing.

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  • image

    He needs a good cleaning but he might be the best bong I’ve ever gotten. This is MatPat (shout out to my Game/Film Theorist)

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  • People love hating on matpat on this website. For what??? For making mistakes that he admits and corrects????? For making theories you disagree with????

    His videos are entertaining and educational and they’re not meant to be accurate they’re THEORIES he literally ends every episode saying ‘that’s just a theory’. Just because you don’t enjoy something doesn’t mean you have to hate on him :/

    #me#matpat#game theory#film theory #i have absolutely brought this up before #every argument i've seen against matpat so far is dumb #if you have any good ones with evidence then feel free to try to argue your case #but honestly ive never seen any good ones #he's made mistakes of course #accidentally including fanart in videos (he's made a video about that apologising and explaining) #he's made other similarly 'terrible' mistakes like that that he's corrected and moved on from #thats not nearly enough for him to deserve hate #some people think his theories are dumb #fine dont watch them then no need to hate #some people are like 'oh you make too many fnaf videos' #he KNOWS this #but new games keep coming out and people beg for new theories every time #it's his most popular series and frankly i really enjoy it #i dont understand this matpat hate #again if theres any genuine reasons id like to hear them but ive acc never seen them
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  • This may have no merit to it, but I’ve recently wondered if Ty Lee has a little Air Nomad in her blood?

    I mean, sure eye color alone wouldn’t hold up, but each nation is known for having either blue, green, grey, or amber eyes. Ty Lee has grey eyes despite being Fire Nation, which would make sense.

    I’m imagining grey eyes would be a recessive trait given that nobody is very likely to show that phenotype as like… all the people with the alleles for that were…wiped out…

    So at some point in Ty Lee’s ancestry (I’m assuming before the Hundred Year War and the Air Nomad Genocide) somebody in her family got with an Air Nomad and had kids (isn’t this a plot point in Legend of Korra with the new Air Nation or something???), so she has that DNA in her, therefore the possibility of that gene expression.

    This doesn’t even mention how Ty Lee is obviously more free-spirited and spiritual than her friends. She can see auras, knows a lot about chi, and just seems like she’d view the world the same way as Aang. These are all spiritual traits, closely associated with Air Nomad culture.

    I think that spirit projection is a sub-bending category, right? Like lightningbending for Fire Nation and metalbending for Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads were known for this trait. While Ty Lee is a non bender, it makes sense that someone with those strong connections to her ancestors (a genetic throwback?) would be in tune with something like aura sensing.

    I’m just saying, if people in the world of TLA and LoK were confirmed to have Air Nomad ancestors, Ty Lee would easily fit in there.

    also please forgive me if I got stuff about genetics wrong I’m not a science boi I’m an english boi and if I got stuff about LoK wrong I’m sorry it’s been a minute since I’ve seen it

    #shut up sigi #avatar tla#avatar: tla #avatar: the last airbender #avatar #avatar the last airbender #avatar the legend of korra #avatar: the legend of korra #ty lee #ty lee atla #ty lee avatar #aang#zaheer#air nomads#water tribes#earth kingdom#fire nation#theory#cartoon theory#film theory
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  • Mamma Mia is the perfect example of how a musical’s Act 1 finale can be translated perfectly into a Midpoint in the film adaptation. In this essay I will -

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  • Eine Monumentallangeweile in zwei Teilen von der kundigen Hand des Regisseurs Meinert, der bestimmt ein Mittelschullehrer der Geschichte (alten Schlages) ist. Dieser Film ist wie jene psychologischen Romane, bei denen es nicht auf die interessante Handlung (gar nicht!), sondern auf die eingehende Charakterisierung des Helden ankommt. So wird uns also mitgeteilt, daß Marie Antoinette hübsch und anmutig war im Gegensatz zu dem hungernden Volk von Paris, das roh und häßlich gewesen ist. Wir erfahren, daß sie zwar vergnügungssüchtig, aber eigentlich reinen Herzens war, daß sie sich zwar um ihr krankes Kind nicht scherte, hingegen als es starb, an seinem Bette wachte und sogar sehr traurig war. Ja, wirklich, denkt euch, wie edel! Das allein zeigt schon, wie hoch sie über dem Pöbel stand. Aus diesem Lehrfilm erfahren wir auch zu unserer größten Überraschung, daß die ganze Große Französische Revolution ein Mißverständnis war. (Leider nicht mehr zu reparieren.) Die Wut des Volkes entbrannte nämlich nur darum, weil ein ganz harmloser und geistreicher Ausspruch der Königin („Warum essen sie keinen Kuchen, wenn sie kein Brot haben?“) bösartig verunstaltet und vergröbert unter das Volk kam. Hier muß man lachen. Dann schläft man wieder ein, wozu einem die leblose Monotonie der Bilder wie das gleichmäßige Geriesel eines Bächleins verhilft.

    Béla Balázs in „Der Tag“, 16. März 1923 über „Marie Antoinette“

    “A monumental dullness in two parts by the knowing hands of director Meinert, who surely is a middle school teacher of history (of the old school). This film is like those psychological novels where it depends not on the interesting plot (not at all!) but the thorough characterization of the hero. So we are told that Marie Antoinette was pretty and graceful unlike the starving people of Paris, that was crude and ugly. We learn that she was addicted to pleasure, but actually pure of heart, that she didn’t care for her sick child but when it died, watched beside its bed and was very sad even. Yes, really, just think how noble! This alone shows already how high above the rabble she stood. From this educational film we also learn to our biggest surprise, that the entire Great French Revolution was but a misunderstanding. (Unfortunately not repairable.) The anger of the people solely broke out because an entirely harmless and witty remark by the queen ("Why don’t they eat cake if they have no bread?”) was maliciously defaced and disfigured before it reached the people. Here one can’t help but laugh. Then one falls back asleep, aided by the lifeless monotony of the pictures like the even drizzling of a little brook.“

    #Béla Balázs #Der sichtbare Mensch #Schriften zum Film #Filmkritik#film theory#Filmtheorie#Filmgeschichte
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