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  • iamnmbr3
    17.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Loki’s line about “space lizards” felt a bit out of place because he himself is from an advanced spacefaring civilization that travels to many worlds. (Also do they even have lizards on Asgard?) It doesn’t really seem like something an Asgardian would say.

    It felt like a line more fitted to a human just learning about the existence of weird aliens. And again ties into Loki feeling a bit too diminished and human in this trailer (and in the other trailers too). 

    In other movies he feels like a millennia-old magical alien space viking prince. There’s an otherworldliness and power and majesty to him. Here he feels more like a slightly sassy human guy who’s been thrust into the middle of a weird situation. 

    #Loki felt more like himself in this trailer than in previous ones but it still felt off. #(Also his speech patterns in general still felt a little too casual as did his stance but I digress). #but hopefully the positive trend continues and he will be improved in the final cut of the movie #this was definitely the best trailer so far and a big improvement over the others so that gives me hope #as does the fact that the TVA actually got criticized. pls let the TVA be villains. #loki tv series #loki teaser spoilers #loki tv series negativity #loki show#loki series#loki teaser#random musings
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  • unproduciblesmackdown
    17.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    not really even a Process Post, just a rare occasion i had a fairly substantial & visually comprehensible sketch layer or two

    #instances like this where things happening below the shoulders is gonna be relevant it's like okay i'll need to figure out Placement anyways #and doing it as i go just re: Thee lineart layer is a bit much even for me (where i generally edit that lineart a lot as i go anyhow) #hence the need to have some sketch layer to work from here rather than say. well i'll figure out where rian's arms go when i get there lol.. #oftentimes otherwise i'll just have the general idea of what something will look like / entail and then the sketch guidelines will be like #a circle to start drawing someone's head from; maybe also another line or two figuring out head/face structure / placement & going frm there #also that i'm just not great at truly casual / loose / not edited sketching even for like ''thumbnails''...i Will get tripped up on details #and this is fine b/c i am out here occasionally drawing niche gay fanart. my process can be a hot mess / not v efficient. and it is lmao #first sketch there was just trying to figure out some general things like rian's placement in relation to [winston Leaning In] #was like oh i can't really draw today lol but if this is just abt figuring out / trying some of that general stuff that doesnt rly matter #there i go in that sketch regardless paying too much attention to Line Details lmfao like doesn't matter!! cut that out....but i never do #i Will get into like needless shoulder details and ''correcting'' lines that are just kinda placeholders rn for the General Idea of them lol #but it was pretty clear like this isn't going to be The sketch i work from so. like winston's sketch doesn't rly change That Much but #if anything i was able to work from ''okay so i'm gonna draw rian's position Different from the first messy not working great sketch'' lol.. #having her more Upright vs also leaning in for more contrast in their respective postures which involves moving her closer...no problem... #also that first sketch sure shows i was considering And Winston Has A Bra lol just sampling that and clearly deciding that's a okay too... #left in those Notes To Self which are always just about ''don't forget to do this b/c you might'' although u can see in these pictured #''final'' sketch versions i Had already sketched in glasses & altho it's not evident i'd Strap Lower'd anything; that was done too... #winston billions#corned beef#riawin #Some semblance of using actually helpful sort of [not just Pre Final Lineart] guidelines lol like feeling out The Center for reference and #here's roughly where winston's arm & thus also hand can go / the more general shape of rian's hair i.e. where the lower ''outline'' is... #only other thing that seems particularly identifiable as a ''process'' lol is like. there even in the first sketch was considering whether #i was gonna have winston's back be more of One Unbroken Slightly Curved Line like. the one slight concave curve from the top of his #shoulders to [transitioning into The Butt Curve] point lol...or more of like. a sharper point of inflection as it were #and that you know. it'd involve having to curve back in rather than just the stylized Concave Line before the angle dramatically changes #at either end....explaining this badly lol but well. went with the more noticeable dip in the lower back and letting his back curve Out #aka at the shoulders / upper back and also the ass rather than needing a sharper / squarer transition where a concave / one arc back would #meet the shoulders / legs...but as u can see no big changes from [sketch 2] to final lineart layer...more finetuning some stuff but #wow managed to get this up to the tag limit once again lol. not a surprise ig
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  • explosionpod
    16.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition First Impressions and Disco Elysium Unbanned

    The release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has seen old and new fans jumping onto the Normandy and traveling the universe, which is the case with Ashley and Ciaran with Ashley never playing a Mass Effect and Ciaran being a long time fan. Hear their different experiences of the game so far and some of Ciaran’s tips for new players

    Also on the show, Disco Elysium gets unbanned, Katy Perry and Pokemon’s song has released and financial meetings reveal future plans for two big publishers.

    Hosts: Ashley Hobley: https://twitter.com/ashleyhobley Ciaran Marchant: https://twitter.com/YaboyRingo

    Episode Timecodes INTRO 00:00:00 - Hello THE NEWS 00:01:10 - Disco Elysium unbanned because drug use has repercussions 00:08:51 - Katy Perry’s Pokemon song released 00:13:08 - Sega looking to Remake, Remaster and Reboot 00:18:14 - Ubisoft plans for more Free-To-Play releases WHAT WE’VE BEEN PLAYING 00:33:25 - Resident Evil Village Thoughts 00:40:57 - Mass Effect Legendary Edition First Impressions OUTRO 01:12:47 - Goodbye

    Resources Kotaku "Katy Perry And Pikachu Travelling Through Time Singing Songs, As They Do" "Sega Remembers It's Sitting On A Bunch Of "Dormant" Games That Need Reboots" Polygon "Ubisoft's free-to-play shift doesn't mean the end of AAA development" Press Start "Disco Elysium's Australian Ban Has Been Overturned And Will Be Rated R18+"

    Arcade Couch Credits: Music by: Dylan Blight Art by: Cherie Henriques

    All Episodes: https://explosionnetwork.com/arcade-couch/

    Support Us: https://www.ko-fi.com/explosion

    #Mass Effect #Mass Effect Legendary Edition #Katy Perry#Pokemon#Sega#Ubisoft #Resident Evil Village #Disco Elysium: The Final Cut
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  • terrortomato
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    The lack of sympathy for Eveline in RE7 on behalf of the protagonists actually really bothers me lol

    #re7#resident evil #like... thats a 10 year old girl whos was forecfully experimented on and turned into a monster #who spent her entire life neglected and just wanted someone to love her #like im aware the mold completely took her over and there was no saving her #but the way ethan talks about this 10 year old girl in the final cut scene is fucking really weird
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  • zanguntsu
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    discord is just a directors cut of all the jokes that didnt make it to the blog

    #this is about a lot of jokes most notably homophobic tousen #or a lot of the rabies and aspic jokes in ghe past #o7 they didnt make the final cut
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  • newtgati
    16.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    TWEWY characters saying their names but it’s stock photos.

    #twewy #twewy final remix #twewy the animation #neo twewy#Neku Sakuraba#joshua kiryu#shiki misaki#daisukenojo bito#rhyme bito #twewy anime spoilers #twewy spoilers #saw the danganronpa one so made one #sorry in advance #also beat never says his own name only puns #so that’s why his is a little cut off- #and it’s quick because only Neku has a voice clip with his full name #but I wanted consistency so yea #shitpost
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  • livesincerely
    15.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    always yours, always mine

    Also on Ao3. Rated E.

    Disclaimer, this is another A/B/O fic, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so feel free to skip over this one if that’s not something you’re into <3


    “Okay,” Davey says after the third time one of the boys flinches away from him: Albert, this time, who lets out a panicked yelp and all but tucks and rolls, head over ass, in his attempt to keep Davey from touching him. Given that Davey had only gone to clap a friendly hand on his shoulder while they line up to get their papes, this seems like a drastic overreaction. “What aren’t you all telling me.”

    They actually have the gall to look surprised—as though they’ve been anything even approaching subtle in the not-quite fifteen minutes that have passed since Davey arrived in the square—and their guilty, hang-dog expressions might’ve been comical if he wasn’t so annoyed.

    “Well?” Davey says, arching an eyebrow, his gaze sweeping over each of them in turn. “What is it?”

    Race snatches Albert’s cap off his head and thwaps him with it. “Nice goin’ Albie, you done gave it away!”

    “What was I s’pposed’ta do?” Albert says, disgruntled, rubbing his forehead. “Jus’ stand there?”

    “No, but you were s’pposed’ta handle it discrete like, dumbass—”

    “Oh, sure, ‘cause it’s just that easy—”

    “None of you would know discrete if it socked you in the jaw,” Davey cuts in, his hands making their way to his hips as he stares down at them. “Now, what’s going on?”

    There’s a long silence as the boys all glance at each other, shifting guiltily, but none of them willing to be the first to break.

    Finally, Racetrack sighs. “This was a stupid idea anyway,” he mutters. He rolls his shoulders back and looks Davey straight on, opens his mouth to speak—

    Henry elbows him in the side, hissing, “Race! Don’t tell him!”

    “Albert already ruined it, we might as well come clean—”

    “I didn’t ruin it!” Albert cries.

    “You kinda did,” Finch says with a shrug. “You were really obvious, Al.”

    "What was I s’pposed to do!”

    “I say we just tell him,” Buttons chimes in over Albert’s protests. “Davey’s gonna figure it out eventually—”

    “—and he’s gonna be more upset the longer we keep it from him.” Specs adds. Buttons points at him as if to say, yeah, see?

    “You just don’t want Davey to be mad at’cha,” Romeo says, accusatory. 

    “Do you want Davey to be mad at’cha?”


    “I’m gonna tell him,” Race announces to the group at large.

    Multiple voices interject all at once, shouts of disagreement and words of encouragement all jumbled together.

    “Race, you can’t,”  Crutchie says with a shake of his head, his quieter tones just barely heard beneath the others’ bickering. “Yesterday was bad enough and you heard what Jack said! He doesn’t want to say anything—“

    “Yeah, well maybe if Jack wasn’t such a moron, it wouldn’t’ve gotten so bad in the first place—”

    “So, this is about Jack, then?” Davey asks, loudly, and the silence that falls is so sudden and absolute that it almost seems to echo.

    The boys all look at each other, apprehensive. Then Racetrack blurts, “Jack’s in rut!”

    “Jack’s… what?”  Davey says, startled, because out of all the possibilities he’d suspected, this wasn’t anywhere on the list. “I thought he was sick?”

    “He didn’t want us to tell you,” Crutchie admits, apologetic. “He didn’t want’cha to know.”

    “Jack’s in rut and he wasn’t going to tell me?” Davey says, confused and a little hurt. “But… why?”

    “Because he’s an idiot?” Race offers, rolling his eyes. “He wasn’t exactly forthcoming with any typa explanation but he’s probably freaking out about some stupid alpha thing—”

    “Hey,” Mush protests weakly. Sniper just shrugs as if to say fair enough. 

    “—and he’s been all keyed up since Tuesday, stinking like frenzy and frustration—and not the fun kind,” Racer continues, wrinkling his nose at the memory. “Plus, he can smell you on all’a us when we get back to the Lodging House every evening; he nearly tore Buttons’ arm outta its socket yesterday when he caught your scent on his sleeve, just from wantin’ it so bad.” 

    “He didn’t hurt me,” Buttons assures him when Davey looks his way, alarmed. “Nothing like that—you know Jack would never. But he’s driving himself crazy stayin’ away from ya, and havin’ your scent around without you there with it is only makin’ things harder on him.”

    “But, why doesn’t he just…” Davey asks, trying to think of a delicate way to say fuck it out, even as something in his chest bares its teeth and snarls at the thought of Jack even considering a rut partner. 

    “You’re kiddin’, right?” Race says flatly, thoroughly unimpressed. “Please tell me you’re kiddin’, because I can only deal with one of you bein’ stupid at a time and Jack’s already called dibs on this week.”

    “So, what, he’s trying to just wait it out when he knows that I would—“ 

    Davey stops himself, flushing. It’s no secret, how he and Jack have been circling each other—teetering on the brink of becoming  more,  just waiting for something to finally give—but he’s reluctant to talk about it too openly, the possibility of him and Jack still feeling oh so fragile where it’s tucked away in the deepest corner of his heart.

    Because he’d thought that they were on the same page, thought that there was an unspoken understanding between them that one day, eventually… But if Jack didn’t want him to know about his rut, hadn’t asked Davey to keep him company through his cycle… Davey chews at his lower lip, stomach twisting up in knots.

    “Didn’t I just tell you not to be stupid?” Racetrack asks—frowning, but with no real heat to his words—and Davey realizes that his scent has taken on a sour, anxious note as his thoughts spiralled. “You can’t possibly think that he’d want anyone but you riding this out with him.”

    “Except, he doesn’t want me there,” Davey points out. “You just said that he didn’t want me to know—”

    “Yeah, but not ‘cause he don’t want you,” Racetrack assures him, as though this is plainly obvious. “‘Cause he really, definitely does: he’s puttin’ up with the rest of us ‘cause he loves us and ‘cause he don’t gotta choice since we all live together, but he wants  you.  I think he wants you so bad that it scares him.”

    Davey tilts his head, running his tongue over his teeth as he considers Race’s words. But it’s not even a choice that needs contemplating, really, not when it’s Jack.

    “I’ll go over and check on him,” Davey decides, a little voice in his head whispering yeshelpprotectfixsoothe. “See if I can convince him to let me help him.”

    The boys all sag as one—it’s clear that they hadn’t wanted to go directly against Jack’s orders but are relieved that Davey’s going to step in.

    “Thank fuck,” Elmer mutters. “I can’t take anymore of his goddamn pacing.”

    “Felt like I was havin’ sympathy pains, watching him prowl around,” Mush agrees, rubbing a hand over his chest like he can feel an ache there. “Don’t know how he’s managed to hold out so long—I can’t imagine tryin’ to get through a cycle without Blink now that we’re together—”

    “I’ll handle it,” Davey says, determined, the feeling in his chest crystalizing into something solid and certain and unshakable. 

    “We’ll let your folks know where you are,” Crutchie tells him, clapping Davey on the shoulder. “Just go an’ take care of him—god knows he ain’t gonna take care of himself.”

    “And don’t let him run you off,” Race advises. “You know how he gets.”

    “I’ll handle it,” Davey repeats firmly.


    Davey smells Jack before he sees him: the air is heavy with his cedar and summertime scent, undercut with the smoky sweetness of his rut, so potent that Davey almost goes dizzy with it.

    “Jack?” he calls out, announcing himself out of politeness rather than any real need—he’s positive that Jack smelt him the moment he arrived. “Jackie?”

    The hair on the back of Davey’s neck stands on end, his heart skipping a beat in his chest, and Davey turns just as Jack steps out of a side hallway, his face shadowed with tension.

    “You’re not supposed to be here,” Jack rumbles, watching Davey with dark, dark eyes. He’s only wearing a pair of thin sleep pants, his skin dewy with a sheen of sweat, and even from where he stands, Davey can feel the heat rolling off of him in waves.

    “Oh?” Davey says, arching an eyebrow. “Because I’m pretty sure this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

    “Which one of ‘em squealed?” Jack asks with a growl of frustration, raking a hand through his hair. “No, don’t tell me, it was Racer, wasn’t it?”

    “Why didn’t you tell me your rut was coming up?” Davey asks, getting right to the point. 

    “I didn’t wanna put’cha in that position,” Jack says evasively, gaze falling to the floor.

    “And what position would that be?” Davey questions, crossing his arms over his chest.

    It takes Jack several seconds to answer. “Didn’t want’cha to feel… obligated or nothin’. Like you hafta be here, like you hafta help me with this, jus’ ‘cause we’re...”

    “I don’t understand,” Davey says, watching him carefully, a spark of realization starting to dawn. “How is this any different than you helping me through my heat last month?”

    Jack’s spine stiffens, tension thrumming through him like a live wire, but he lets it go just as quickly as it arrived. 

    “Come on, Davey,” Jack says, voice heavy, his mouth pressed in a thin, unhappy line across his face. “You know what I mean. You know why it’s different.”

    “Sweet, stubborn, overprotective alpha,” Davey murmurs with a sad sigh, shaking his head. “Jackie, you’re not going to lose control and go wild just because you’re in rut, it doesn’t actually work like that—”

    “Are you sure?” Jack says darkly. “Are you absolutely positive? ‘Cause I’m feelin’ pretty fuckin’ outta control, here, Dave. Feels like I might bust outta my skin any second, my instincts are goin’ goddamn nuts, I can barely sleep, can barely keep my fuckin’ head on straight, and there’s this hollow, empty spot between my lungs that aches every time I breathe, and I can’t— I can’t—”

    “Jack,” Davey says, low and soothing. “You have to stop fighting your instincts. I know you think you’re protecting me by holding yourself back, but I promise that there’s nothing to worry about. Let me help you, darling. Please?”

    Jack wavers—not like he’s convinced, not like he’s found any sort of faith in himself, but like he no longer has the strength to keep arguing—and that more than anything has the alarm bells going off in the back of Davey’s mind.

    “Jack,” Davey beckons, soft but firm. “Jackie, love, come here.”

    Jack takes a stumbling, hesitant step forward. Davey meets him halfway and draws him into a tight embrace, one arm wrapped securely around Jack’s middle, the other guiding Jack’s head to rest against the curve of his throat. 

    Jack’s hands settle cautiously against the small of his back, his nose tucked right against Davey’s scent gland. He takes in a single, shaky breath, then crumples like a puppet that’s had its strings cut, that salty, bitter note of distressed alpha finally fading from his scent.

    “Dave,” Jack whines, snuffling desperately at his neck. “Davey.”

    “I know, Jackie,” Davey murmurs, hugging him even tighter. “I’m here, I’ve got you.”

    They stand like that for several minutes, just holding each other—Davey pressing gentle kisses to the top of Jack’s head while Jack clings to him, relaxing more and more with every inhale. 

    “Can you look at me for a second, love?” Davey asks, craning back as much as he can without letting go. Jack grumbles but obediently tilts his head back—now that they’re closer, Davey can see that his eyes are glassy with fever, his skin flushed beneath his tan. “When’s the last time you ate something? Or had anything to drink?”

    “I dunno,” Jack says, shrugging. “A while, I guess. H’ven’t been keepin’ track.”

    “Let’s get some food and water into you, okay?” Davey says. “You’ll feel better once you’ve eaten.”

    Davey leads Jack along the hallway and down a set of stairs into the basement, following the traces of Jack’s scent in the air to find wherever he’s been hunkered down for his rut. 

    He quickly discovers what must be the Lodging House’s cycle room. It’s cold, cramped, and uncomfortable, not a hint of carpet or wood or  anything  to cover the wall-to-ceiling concrete that encloses the space, and Davey’s heart aches at the thought of Jack waiting out his cycle here, alone, for these last couple days.

    He takes stock of the room: there's a wooden bed frame with a lumpy mattress pushed up against one of the walls, covered in a plastic mattress protector and made up with a cheap set of sheets that are stale with sweat, and a single threadbare blanket to go with it—no pillows. There’s a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter sitting on a table in the corner, a mostly full pitcher of water and a glass next to it, and there’s a stack of towels and linens tucked underneath the table with a wash basin.

    “Think you can eat something?” Davey asks.

    Jack shrugs again but doesn’t answer. Davey decides to interpret this as a  yes. 

    “Sit down for me, darling,” he says, making quick work of fixing Jack a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of water. 

    Jack hovers close for a second, then finds a spot right on the floor, leaning with his back against the far wall. 

    “Go ahead and eat this for me,” Davey instructs, handing over the food. Jack accepts it from him by route, but makes no move to actually take a bite. “Jackie, please. You need to eat something.”

    “‘M not hungry,” he mutters.

    “I know you aren’t, but that’s just the rut talking,” Davey says, running a hand gently along his arm. “You’ll feel differently once you’ve got some food in your stomach.”

    Though he’s clearly not thrilled about it, Jack manages to choke down half of his sandwich and two glasses of water. Once that’s taken care of, Davey starts stripping the dirty sheets off the bed, piling them into the corner to be washed later, then remakes it with a fresh set.

    “Do you want to try laying down for a while?” Davey asks as he finishes, smoothing away a wrinkle near one of the mattress corners. “You said you haven’t been sleeping well—”

    “I think you need to leave,” Jack interrupts, the words coming out in a low, gravelly rasp. 

    Davey goes very, very still, a sudden flare of heat prickling low in his stomach. 

    He slowly turns around. Jack rises to his feet with all the grace and power of a jungle cat, his eyes shaded dark with hunger and his scent burning like a wildfire, staring at Davey like he might devour him whole, the air between them growing heated as the next wave of his rut kicks in. 

    Davey barely resists a whimper, his own scent spiking sugar-sweet in response as desire pulses through him. He wants to rub himself all along Jack’s front, until that smoky-spicy-cedar scent is imprinted into his skin. Wants to lick the taste of it right out of Jack’s mouth.

    “David,” Jack growls. His eyes are scorching. “You gotta go, sweetheart. You gotta leave right now.”

    Davey swallows around a suddenly dry throat, his tongue feeling heavy in his mouth, but his voice is remarkably steady when he says, “What if I don’t want to leave?”

    Now it’s Jack’s turn to stiffen. “Davey,” he says sharply. “I know you’re tryin’ to help, but trust me, this ain’t like your heats. You don’t wanna be here for this.”

    “You haven’t actually asked me if I want to be here for this,” Davey points out, taking a single step forward Jack’s hands ball into fists at his sides. “You’ve just assumed that I don’t.”

    “Because you don’t understand how—” Jack’s jaw snaps shut as he cuts himself off, expression tight.

    “Answer me this then,” Davey says when Jack doesn’t continue, stepping closer and closer until they’re standing toe to toe, chest to chest. Jack’s nostrils flare, the muscles in his arms tensing and flexing, and that mouth watering scent spikes even stronger. “Do you want me, Jackie?”

    “Of course I want’cha,” Jack groans, and one of those big, hot hands finally curls around Davey’s waist—not pulling him any closer, really, but like Jack just can’t help himself. “What kinda question is that? This ain’t about not wantin’ ya.”

    “Then why is it so hard for you to believe that I want you too?” Davey asks. “That I want you like this? That I want everything you’re willing to give me?”

    “You don’t know what you’re askin’ for,” Jack insists, stubborn. Davey would admire his dedication if it wasn’t so exasperating. “I’m— I can’t control myself as well when I’m in rut, I get rough, possessive—”

    Davey rolls his eyes. 

    “You’re my alpha, Jackie,” he says dryly. “Possessive kind of comes with the territory.”

    Jack’s eyes go wide. Two seconds later, Davey realizes what he’s said: this is the first time either of them have openly acknowledged what they are to each other, and voicing it aloud, saying it so plainly… something in Davey’s chest thrums with energy, with  connection.

    “You... “ Jack’s throat works for a moment. “You think of yourself as mine?”

    “Jackie, I’ve always been yours,” Davey says, cupping his hands around Jack’s face, so true and so tender that he aches with it. “And, I think you’ve always been mine.”

    Jack pulls one of Davey’s hands away from his face and curls his own around it, pressing a kiss to Davey’s knuckles, then to his palm, and then to the inside of his wrist, his gaze growing more heated with each one. 

    “Mine,” Jack growls, a hint of teeth scraping against Davey’s pulse as he pulls away. “You’re mine.”

    “Yours,” Davey breathes. “All yours.”

    Jack’s eyes flash red, then he’s drawing Davey in for a hard, demanding kiss, pressing a thigh between the hot space between Davey’s legs. Davey gasps at the first brush of Jack’s lips against his neck, the slide of Jack’s hands shifting down to palm at his ass, his fingers digging into the swell of Jack’s biceps for purchase. 

    “Take these off,” Jack growls, yanking Davey’s shirt out from where it’s tucked into his pants. “Take them off before I tear them off you.”

    Davey fumbles for the buttons on his shirt, liquid heat pooling low in his stomach. Jack’s hands trail greedily at every bit of his skin as he uncovers it, thoroughly distracting and too good to ignore, and after several minutes of scrabbling, interspersed with long, frenzied kisses, they eventually manage to get their clothes off. 

    “Bed, cielito,” Jack says. “We need to— Bed.”

    Davey hums in acknowledgment but doesn’t move, his face buried against Jack’s shoulder, biting at the skin there until it bruises.

    “Dave,” Jack tries again.

    “I’m busy,” Davey mumbles, mouthing at the sharp line of Jack’s collarbones.

    “And I’m about two seconds away from pushing you down and fucking you right through the floor,” Jack says, voice laden with promise. “So get on the goddamn bed.”

    “I really don’t see what the issue is,” Davey says teasingly, still not moving an inch. “The floor is closer, isn’t it?”

    Jack snarls, curling a hand around Davey’s nape and pulling him back up into another frenzied kiss.

    “Mouthy— little— smartass—“ he pants, his teeth dragging along the tendon in Davey’s throat. “I’m gonna eat you out ‘til you cry.”

    He wraps his hands under Davey’s thighs and hoists him up and back. Davey lands on the mattress with a soft bounce, barely given any time to situate himself before Jack is on top of him, pinning him down with rough hands and spreading him wide before following through with his threat, tongue lapping at Davey’s entrance in broad, greedy strokes.

    “Ah,”  Davey gasps, fingers tight in Jack’s hair, scrabbling for some kind of anchor as Jack licks him open.

    Jack lets out a low rumble of approval that vibrates right against where he’s most sensitive, his body growing even wetter, even slicker at the sound and feel of it. Jack swirls his tongue around his opening, making Davey’s toes curl against Jack’s sides, then presses in—Davey cries out, a harsh, desperate sound that tears out of him as he grinds up into the sensation.

    “Jack,” he gasps, mindless, hips jerking uselessly in Jack’s unrelenting hold, body pulled taut and stretched loose at the same time, pleasure coiling in his belly. “Jack, I’m— I can’t—”

    One particularly filthy swipe of Jack’s tongue has Davey’s breath hitching in his chest, head thrown back as the feelings swell and crest, and it only takes one more teasing flick before Davey’s coming with a broken moan.

    “Jack,” he croaks when his lungs reinflate. “Holy shit.”

    Jack’s mouth and chin are shiny with slick, his pupils blown wide and shaded with satisfaction. 

    “Told you,” he says smugly. 

    Davey tugs him down into another messy kiss, needing to lick that handsome smirk off his face. Then he rears up and flips them over so that he’s the one on top now, kneeling over Jack with his legs straddling Jack’s lap.

    “My turn,” Davey murmurs, reaching down and taking Jack’s length—thick and hard and wet at the tip—in hand, lining it up at his entrance.

    Then he takes a breath, leans back, and sinks down onto it in one slow, smooth downstroke. 

    “Mmn,” Davey sighs, his eyes slipping shut as his body adjusts to the stinging stretch of finally being filled. He’s thrumming with tension, with heat, his thighs quivering where they’re spread wide around Jack’s hips, hands splayed against Jack’s chest for leverage, and it feels so good he could almost choke on the pleasure of it. 

    Jack’s hands flex jerkily against Davey’s sides, then go wonderfully, bruisingly tight, thumbs pressing hard against the divots of his hips.

    “Fuck, Davey,” he groans, staring up at Davey with dark eyes tinged with red, lovely and wanting. “You’re gorgeous, sweetheart. So fucking gorgeous and absolutely perfect for me.”

    “For you,” Davey agrees, grinding down in a tight, deliberate circle, ass flush against the cradle of Jack pelvis, and Jack’s scent burns even brighter, smoky and sweet. “And you’re all mine, aren’t you darling?”

    “Always,” Jack promises.

    Davey rises up then drops back down, carefully at first but quickly finding his rhythm, rocking his hips in a  steady back and forth motion that sends liquid fire sparking up his spine. Every slip and drag of Jack’s dick inside of him feels like being shaken apart and pieced back together all at once, aching desire coursing through him with every slap of skin against skin.

    “Davey,” Jack pants, his hips bucking up to meet Davey’s own as he rolls down again, and Davey moans through the bursts of bliss that explode behind his eyelids. “Oh, fuck, that’s good.”

    “Jack,” Davey gasps, leaning forward to tuck his nose against Jack’s neck, biting at the skin there as he grinds down in his lap, the scent of summer and cedar and mate, mate, mate anchoring him even as he goes a little scent drunk on how  right  it all is. “Jackie, I— oh, yes, just like that.”

    Jack pulls him down into the next thrust, hard and fast, and Davey cries out, twisting his hip as he sinks into it. 

    “Perfect,” Jack grunts, those hot, rough hands squeezing tight. “God, Davey, you look absolutely incredible. So fucking pretty, sweetheart, feel so good riding my cock.”

    Davey works his hips that much faster at the praise, so much so that the bed starts rocking underneath them, the squeaky creak of the wooden frame echoing through the room in time with his own heaving breaths. He’s so wet now that he can hear Jack fucking him, hears the slick, dirty squelch of Jack’s knot pressing a little deeper inside of him every time they clash together, driving closer and closer to completion.

    “Harder,” Davey pleads, his thighs burning from the effort of keeping up his pace but still needing more. “Jack, please—fuck, alpha, please—harder.”

    Jack snarls—a low, rumbling, dangerously sexy sound—and his eyes bleed red, his scent washing over Davey like blazing fire. He leverages his legs up, bending them at the knee with his feet flat against the mattress, and when he thrusts up into Davey on the next roll of his hips, it feels so impossibly good that Davey’s mouth falls open around a broken, guttural little keen.

    “O-oh,” Davey says, the word catching in his throat, barely able to think with how completely and utterly Jack is destroying him, his knot starting to thicken and swell against his rim as their bodies meet again and again. Davey arches his back, planting a hand against one of Jack’s bent knees for balance, chasing blindly after his pleasure, and Jack makes a noise like he’s going out of his damn mind, a possessive growl tearing its way out of his throat. “Oh fuck.”

    “Say it again,” Jack orders, eyes on fire.

    It falls out of Davey’s mouth, desperate and true: “Alpha, alpha, my alpha—”

    “My omega,” Jack says, his voice low and gritty, rut and desire clouding his gaze. “Mine.”

    They’re both teetering on the edge. Jack’s knot is catching on every thrust, fucking him open in torturous, delicious increments, and Davey wants, wants,  wants.

    “Jack,” Davey’s head hangs heavy between his shoulders, his lower lip caught between his teeth as he pants and sighs. “Jackie, yes, give it to me, give it to me, please, yes—”

    Jack’s hands slide lower, clench harder, and Davey has one second to delight in how much he loves the feel of those big hands curled around him before the world spins and he lands flat on his back again with Jack braced above him, his eyes wild and vivid red. He grabs the backs of Davey’s thighs and pushes his knees up towards his ears, hardly faltering at all before he’s driving back inside again, fast and hard and so, so deep, and Davey’s boiling, blistering from the feeling of Jack, always Jack, pulsing inside of him, etched right into the seams of his heart.

    “Mine,” Jack growls again, nipping viciously at the base of Davey’s throat, tongue swirling over his scent gland like he’s already trying to taste his claim. Davey tilts his head back with a needy whine, unable to do anything except offer himself up to him, freely and wholly. “Mate. Mine.”

    “Jack,” Davey whimpers. “Jack, I— I’m—”

    “You’re going to come for me,” Jack orders, pistoning his hips even harder, and the new angle means that he’s tagging that sweet spot inside on every other thrust, fierce and relentless. 

    “Yes,” Davey moans, sparks flying at the edges of his vision. “Yes, I’m— Don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t—”

    Jack presses him down, snaps his hips forward, sharp, and his knot finally catches, swells, and locks inside of him. Heat thrums, then surges through him, white hot, at the searing stretch of it and Davey comes so hard he goes lightheaded, body rippling and writhing through wave after wave of pleasure. Jack manages a couple more filthy grinds of his hips before he’s tumbling over the edge right after him, capturing Davey’s mouth in a breathless, bruising kiss as his orgasm rocks through them both.

    When he feels like he can move his limbs again, Davey lets his legs slip down to wrap around Jack’s waist, looping his arms loosely around Jack’s neck. He turns his face towards Jack’s temple and inhales, smiling softly when he catches the smoky, spicy, cooling-embers scent of a sated, happily exhausted alpha.

    “How are you feeling, darling?” Davey murmurs, brushing Jack’s sweaty hair off his forehead with a gentle touch. “Alright?”

    Jack mouths something unintelligible against his collarbone, a solid, grounding weight sprawled bonelessly on top of him. Davey cups his hand around the nape of Jack’s neck, then strokes soothingly down his back, his mind a wash of hazy contentment. 

    “‘M good,” Jack grunts. “I’m… fuck, Dave.”

    Davey huffs out a laugh, then presses a kiss to the high point of Jack’s cheek. “Fuck,” he echoes hoarsely, still recovering from his high.

    “You?” Jack asks, nuzzling clumsily at the column of Davey’s throat. “Feelin’ okay?”

    “Better than,” Davey decides, his body aching deliciously around the hot, hard knot pressed inside of him, stomach sticky with with own release, his thighs wet with slick and come, neck littered with marks, the air thick with their combined scents, spring and citrus and cedar and sweet  melded perfectly together, and he feels totally, entirely, completely— “Feel claimed.”

    Jack’s body twitches, his knot throbbing as he spills another burst of pleasure deep inside of him. Davey hums, pleased, some base omega instinct purring with satisfaction at how wonderfully full he is.

    “Jesus, sweetheart,” Jack eventually gets out, voice rough and raspy and  wrecked.  “You can’t just— Have mercy on your poor alpha.”

    “My alpha,” Davey agrees. “All mine.”

    #newsies#javid#jack kelly#davey jacobs#*editor's note #*the writing desk #*final cut#tease series #yep yep yep yep #I’m sorry for nothing
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    #Final Cut Pro X 10.5.2 Crack + License Key [Latest] 2021
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  • elftwink
    14.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    trying to use the built in video editor on windows for the first time and for the love of god why do so many video editing softwares want me to have the entire video in place before i can add a backing track. i literally havent even decided which clips i want to use and regardless once i DO decide i will want to trim them to match the music by ear which will require the audio be there before the video. i think this is a relatively simple request and yet. and yet

    #good idea generator #final cut pro i miss you.... its been 5 years and i know i complained about you constantly but i can change. i will change #like at LEAST in final cut i could just put in a slug. like as a placeholder #thats literally all i need just like. play a black screen while i figure it out smh #anyway. im not paying for video editing software to make stupid shit i will never show anyone so i guess i just have to live like this #i do think i would just do more stuff if i had a program that i didn't want to kill every time i opened it #edit: i just googled and final cut is a mac product which is. obvious in retrospect #i dont even know what there is for windows. mostly adobe probably #and fuck that im not paying adobe shit
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  • averypowerfulwizard
    13.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Feel bad for St Germains Gf tho, she got no lines, no nothing.

    #i do wonder if they were gonna develop her into an actual character but then got told that S4 was gonna be the final season so they basicall #y cut her out of it #st Gs whole arc feels rushed as well to me #tbh i really liked this season but anyone who wasnt alucard trevor or sypha felt kinda rushed?? idk if thats just me #castlevania #castlevania season 4 #castlevania spoilers
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  • hqtchner
    13.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    #I use final cut pro for everything I swear #ask hqtchner
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  • hammer-draws
    12.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #art#my art#animation #2d animated video #my animation#2d animation#animation project#final animation #I would’ve made certain scenes smoother if I wasn’t on a time crunch #I tried to keep movement to 5 frames tho some scenes I had to cut #i made an extra BG for this cause i cut out an entire scene I was so pissed
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    12.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    so some tiny lil updates on the online store - while I’m gonna wait till I make some more Bank to give physical items a shot, I may start off selling digital prints (and maybe zines in le future. ohohoho) that can be downloaded :’D

    money’s kinda tight atm so I feel like that’s the best option for me for the time being. tomorrow I’m planning to brainstorm real good

    #THERES SO MANY POSSIBILITIES ... I don’t even know what to make ngl #because I cut twitter out of me life (thank thee lord) i don’t have a 100% clear idea of what people would like #I know I got om! / tales of / ace attorney / fire emblem peeps in here #OH and xeno series gang in da building too I see y’all!!!!!!! #Ah and final fantasy xiv. those are the major ones that I believe I could make pieces for #AND GOD EATER. I KNOW FANDOM KINDA DEAD BUT IM ALIVE !!! #AH AND GBF AND FGO I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT #OH AND- (I’m gonna be doing this all night) #that all being said.... :’3 I think I will have a fun first lineup #edit: POKEMON PRINTZ... YEAHHhgG
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    11.05.2021 - 6 days ago
    #even by MCU standards that's a lot of plot holes. the head writer hasn't written for the mcu before and it feels like he didn't really #care about learning about it and just came up with a plot idea and then plugged loki into an existing character slot #without considering any of the context of the larger world or that specific character #the hair thing concerns me the most in some ways because that was something so easy to get right and yet it feels like they just forgot #say what you will about endgame but they at least made loki in the flashback scene look and feel exactly like Avengers!Loki #tv!loki feels like a totally different character #hopefully im wrong tho and based on audience feedback they will tweak the characterization and what scenes they use in the final cut #this show has so much potential and I really want it to be good #Also I don't want to hear any 'wait until it's out yet before you dare to have an opinion!' condescending remarks. nobody is saying that to #people who are excited. can u imagine being all 'why are you so excited. it's just a trailer. u don't know what the show is like. stop being #hyped!' no of course not. because that would be weird. similarly it is ok for people to feel negative emotion based on the trailer #disagreeing with me is totally fine. but sending me harassing notes in my inbox is not(already had to block some people) #everyone is welcome to their opinion as long as they can be respectful about it #and nobody will be more delighted than I if my concerns all turn out to be unfounded #asks #loki tv series #Marvel#MCU#Loki #loki tv series negativity
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    #the shitposter replies #benjamin willard#apocalypse now #apocalypse now redux #apocalypse now the final cut #dan cain#re-animator #bride of re-animator
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  • remolds
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    the full village of shadows animation is just so 👌👌👌

    #lol so thats why they had to cut the final part of the story #the whole thing is just straight up telling the whole story of the game
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  • my-autistic-things
    11.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    /// end of the semester post again + long rant oops

    I have an undefined extension for my paper but I self imposed a deadline for Monday night/Tuesday morning. I did this with the realistic thought of working on it Sunday night for a few hours (thinking I would be 90% done), and then working on it for a few hours Monday night (then being fully done). Wellllll I didn't work on it yesterday so now I gotta do everything in one night. I got to sleep at least all day, but I'm like,,,, so overwhelmed. I genuine could not work on my paper last night/this morning bc I was so anxious and depressed and tired and every time I mustered up the ability to just re reread my draft the babies needed food. I think I could finish it all tonight, but I'm going hiking/hanging out with a friend tomorrow morning so regardless of whatever happens, I won't get to sleep more than an hour or two. And the faucet still isn't fixed. I tried last night and the whole sink may need to be removed bc there's so much rust I can't tell if the raucet fused to the sink or the sink fused to the faucet. Anyways, me and my mom are fighting again bc she was discouraging me from doing anything last night in case it turned into a huge project (and ofc it did) and I couldn't handle it in one night and we would have to call a professional. Changing a faucet is pretty damn easy,, when there isn't like an INCH of rust surrounding the base. Well, i can change the sink myself (that part doesn't have any rust), but we just need to buy one and ofc our house has a giant single sink that may have been custom made so we would need to call a professional to resize our sink hole to fit in a new sink. But she needed to call to find out who sells our sized sink (if they do) so we know if we can just go buy a new sink I can change it, or we buy a new sink then call a professional. So she didn't do that. And that's understandable and everything bc she's busy, but the point is, I said I needed to at least attempt this faucet change last night bc when else would it get done???? (hint: it will not be done until at least Wednesday, realistically at the earliest Frday, probably this weekend). Plus in attempting it, I got to see it's impossible to change and we can reasses what needs to be done. She said we would just handle it tomorrow when its not the middle of the night, which in a deluded idealized world would be perfect, but she works until 3:30 and nothing would get done until 4, and then we have no time to really do anything huge before 5:30/6 when we waln the dog,, then put the chickens to bed,, then need to feed the kittens again, and now its dark out just like yesterday and wow nothing got done. This happens every project and I'm sick of her saying "tomorrow" and MONTHS of not YEARS go by and nothing gets done. I have to do it myself while I have time and energy otherwise it genuinely will never be done. My plan is to measure, buy a new sink and keep it in the box, call a handyman/plumber, then make sure the old faucet can't come out and then they just replace the whole thing. Even tho I can probably figure out how to do it myself (the sink easily unscrews), it would be difficult and I'd rather sleep lmao.

    I'm also slaty bc the neighbor was over when we argued a bit last night, and they both "deal with teenagers" (but her son is....really bad and not comparable to me at all) so every time I voice anything or call my mom out or anything she rolls her eyes and the neighbor agrees and thinks I'm irrational. Like, the neighbor only ever hears testimony from my moms side so of course she will think I'm an ungrateful insensitive child who needs to chill bc she doesn't see how my mom doesn't follow through on anything she says will happen, and it's a cycle of this until I blow up and do everything myself for years. I'm 20, almost officially a grad student, I know I'm young but I am certainly in no capacity a child anymore. Especially if you consider the responsibilities and real world adult roles I've taken on since I was 15. Even if I was a child, moms arent god and 99% of the time they are at fault for something in the situation.

    This week I got my 2 finals too, so hopefully after this paper is done TONIGHT, I can hang out with my friend, sleep, do my first exam, then go to work Wednesday, then work and take my second exam on Thursday, and then work and do the faucet fiasco Friday. Until then, I will still not be eating much bc its such a big issue to wash stuff in the bathroom sink. But I'm surviving -- I'm eating enough calories, it's mainly just in potato chips and popcorn and cashews.

    #max live blogs his final days of undergrad #rant #gotta go feed these kittens again #i am not cut out to be a momma cat #this is why i will never be a parent to a human child #this baby stage lasts WAY to long and the stakes are so much higher #plus you cant get excited about them opening their eyes lmao its one of my favorite parts about raising kittens from birth
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    11.05.2021 - 6 days ago


    #i was supposed to have something approaching a final draft in to my editor today #i still have not finished writing the initial piece #it is SO LONG right now i need to cut it down drastically #but before i do that i have to FINISH IT #why the fuck did i decide i wanted to be a journalist i hate this
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    Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000) dir. John Ottman
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  • jeanvicquemare
    10.05.2021 - 6 days ago
    #disco elysium #idk if this is a glitch or new with the final cut but kim wandered away from me to go look at the bay :')
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