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  • parkinglotviolence
    27.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago


    #i was manic last night #decided to rip through my entire room and next room to find this 14mm bowl piece i KNOW i had #couldnt find it #went to bed upset #i really didnt wanna buy a new one #FOUND IT ON THE GROUND IN THE NEXT ROOM #JUST NOW#FUCK YES
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  • flashbang-througthe-door
    27.07.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Fractures, Chapter one

    Tw: trauma, burn wounds, swearing, smoking, fighting, blood, Shepherd

    Discription: It happened all so fast, they had gotten to Roach and Ghost in time...before it could be any worst

    "The kid, not the kid!" Nov's mind screamed to as he carries Roach much like a father carrying a tired kid. Gaz had Ghost who was somewhat awake not really sure what was going but he mumbles something in Gaz's ear prompting him to say "Nate's got him, its going to be okay. I promise" he gently set Ghost on a stretcher. Nov held Roach he was terrified about what was going on but he hated to think how right Harv was about how bad Shepherd truly was. He didn't want to let go of Roach because the moment he put Roach down was the moment everything went out of his control, but he man up and put Roach down taking a step back watching the paramedics take his friends. He felt Gaz touch his forearm then took his hand squeezing his hand "Everything is going to be okay" Gaz pulled Nov into a hug as both let tears pour out because they didn't know what was going to happen. Heading to the hospital Gaz drove it was silent the passing landscape, Nov was smoking a cigarette nervous, Roach is his boy he wanted to protect Roach as if he was his son. The fear of this job truly sat in, he almost lost Gaz five years earlier, he almost lost his one life when he was buried alive...now these two being shot and lit on fire. The thought of being lit on fire scared Nov even more then being buried alive, being buried alive he had Ghost who could talk to him but being burned alive. Nov shutters in his seat he was thinking too hard about this he needed to focus the now, making sure that his friends were okay.

    As they arrived at the hospital Gaz turned the car off squeezing Nov's hand gently. "Their okay, I promise" Gaz nods as they headed into the hospital flashing some badges then being shown to the I.C.U it seemed that Roach wasn't as hurt as Ghost who was still in surgery. They stood silent the sight before them it wasn't the burned down flesh or the nurses wrapping the wounds it was the fact that Roach was conscious and crying in pain. Nov pulled a chair close to the bed trying not to cry but it was very hard this was the man he fully claimed as his son, this was the guy who dragged him to the kitchen at the ass crack of dawn on father's day to give him a present. "Hey, kiddo... everything is okay. They can't give you any meds yet because they wanna make sure you won't bleed out" Nov explains taking Roach's hand in his "I...I.... understand" Roach mumbles closing his eyes focused on his breathing "Making sure all your holes are plugged" Nov chuckles softly seeing a faint smile appear on Roach's face "Need some help out here" a familiar voice could be heard shouting Gaz bolted out of the room it was John and he had Soap in his arms "What happened?" Gaz was quick to question as Soap was wheeled away from them "Shepherd happened, don't worry he's dead now" John took his hat off and ran a hand though his hair Gaz nods slowly listening "How's the guys? You got to them in time right?" "Yes, we did, they are wrapping Roach's burns his weren't as bad as Ghost.... who's still in surgery" Gaz looks down shaking his head.

    "look at me, hey hey, look at me boy-o" Nov says softly "Look at me not them, everything will be okay, Son I promise" he gently ran his fingers through Roach's hair "I swear on my life they'll finish this up and put some meds in ya. Then you'll have a road of recovery and we will be here for you" Nov nods, the words that came out of Roach's mouth made Nov confused he wasn't sure if Roach even knew what he said "Thanks dad..." "Nov, come here" "I'll be right back" Nov got up and walked into the hallway choking down some tears straightening up. "Soap is in the hospital" "That bastard" Nov went to leave and John caught him "he's dead, Shepherd is dead" John told him as Nov shoves his brother away walking outside. Gaz went to follow and John grabbed his arm shaking his head.

    Nov lights a cigarette leaning against the wall closing his eyes. He could have sworn he aged thirty years just in this week. Harv had aged quite a bit too given what happened when he left helping Shepherd. His eye was covered so it could heal, he has a pair of sunglasses on. Gently touching Nov's shoulder he looks down "I heard about the boys...I came as fast as I could....it should been me" Harv took his hand off Nov's shoulder "Don't say that, it shouldn't have been anyone" Nov shakes his head "Shepherd was as crooked as they come. He scarred your face and burned our boys" He opens his eyes "Harv, we don't see eye to eye a lot but I'm glad your not dead" he crumbles his cigarette up and burns his hand sighing content with what just happened. "Hey, they gave Roach some medicine so he could sleep. Ghost is out of surgery and should recover. Soap is a still in the woods for the time being" Gaz had came out and told Nov and Harv "Maybe you should get you eye check Harv make sure it's not infected" Nov says softly looking at Harv with an expression that said go away have I gotta talk to Gaz. "Tell me everything's going to be okay, lie to me if you have to. I don't care just tell me everything is going to be okay" Nov's voice cracks as tears came flooding from his eyes

    #nov price#nathan price#gaz #gary roach sanderson #simon ghost riley #Nov finding roach always makes me think of that scene in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire when Cedric's dad yelling my boy #harv#john price #john soap mactavish #the timeline where Nov and Harv don't fully hate each other
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  • illuminala
    27.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    finally, a facebook meme that accurately depicts who i am as a person

    #nala talks#ndn#indigenous #once my friend and i find a good patch of sweetgrass i’m gonna braid so much for my friends 🥺
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  • deathbled
    27.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    how would everyone react if i added more canon muse that I'd actually use on here?

    #i'm rly feeling like trying my hand at a few characters like aether & beidou & diluc ( ironic bc im not too find of him ) #and like?? zhongli? or baal bc honestly an icon #*         beep beep lettuce   (   ooc   )
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  • myvalentinsblog
    27.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Day 696

    Those pages are heavy.

    Every time when I start feeling that I am going to crush down again into the darkness of overwhelming pain, I feel like somebody holding hand on my heart.

    I know it's you. It's you and your grandma, my mum.

    Chapel. You were there for 7 days. We rushed to you every day, maybe still hoping that you will come back.

    I could not cry till I saw you for the first time laying in white coffin. Funeral director made you so beautiful. There was no blood, no signs of tubes, only tiny one. You had your curls, your yellow sweatshirt.... It was you. But you wasn't here. I started crying, almost falling down on my knees.

    Your dad, your brother... Pain.

    While I was looking at you, I could constantly hear lullaby that I sang almost every night for you and your brother.

    When we went out from the chapel your dad said to me about that lullaby constantly playing in his head while he was looking at you.

    We gathered all the flowers from the garden and placed them on the coffin. Butterflies and bees were sitting on them. Your bees, I know it. It was them. Sun was shining. Red balloon, your favourite red balloon flew into the sky.

    Your music teacher played Eric Clapton's Tears in heaven.

    Every word, every single word of that song told what we felt and hoped for.

    I held to my dream about you, to the song, to the words from other parents that lost a child. Just like they knew a secret. They found the way through pain. I could do it to.

    I asked one mom if I just could hold to her story and follow her. And she kindly said yes. I thought if that woman did it for 28 years, I can do it to. I can, I have to. I held to her story...

    It will take what it will take. I can get to you.

    I will hold you again.

    I started writing down all those words, phrases, repeating them in my mind.

    They became kind of life saver that I could hold on to. I could give them to your dad and brother that they had something to hold on too.

    Can you see love? Can you touch it? Can you measure it? No. You just feel it. You just know it is here. It exists. It never dies.

    The same about you. You are here. You are not gone.

    Love never dies.

    #hope#bereaved parent #death from seizure #go through grief #my little boy #love is limitless #myvalentinsblog#never gone #never let you go #neverforget#everlasting love #Love is limitless #Right here#epilepsy#nevergiveup #i will find you #on the other side #Broken heart
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  • heartthrummed
    27.07.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    on a random note, fanart once again leaves me with thoughts on a most random combo of characters

    #❧ 「 general 」 ⸻ ooc #❧ 「 general 」 ⸻ tbd #i went to pinterest for smth and my feed showed me one (1) thing of kohaku and mitsuru #and suddenly i find myself wondering what that dynamic would look like DHKDHKHF
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  • kushiro
    27.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    the favorite thing abt my blogs to me is that somehow at least once a couple days a stranger will reply to my posts

    #I love it #idk how riverdale fans find my posts where I’m like ‘should I bake a cake it’s 2 am’ and always comment ‘yeah 💜’ but I love it
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  • itsrainingfeathers
    27.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Thinking about this one "arcticle" I read once. It was written by some conservative about why it's bad that those damned millenials!!!! have pets. Apparently the birth rates are going down bc of that (there was something about people "channelling their maternal instincts wrong"). The writer also used Jack London's Call of The Wild as a source on how a person should care for a dog. It was certainly an experience.

    #i can find the link if people are interested in reading the it #never in my life have i read something so fucking wildly incorrect #unnecessary rambling hours
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  • cindereleanor
    27.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Look, I do love the amount of neurodivergent rep in the Percy Jackson books (amongst other forms of representation!) as much as the next person

    ... But the fact that after reading ALL of pjo and hoo as a teenager I never once resonated with its portrayal enough to consider that ADHD could even be a possibility for me, somewhat suggests that there lacked much exploration of presentations beyond the stereotypes :/

    Super interested to hear other adhd folks’ thoughts on Rick Riordan’s writing of ADHD? Also any other recs for good ADHD rep?

    #look I don’t want to be negative or start discourse I just really want to find recommendations for adhd rep #without just being pointed towards pjo #adhd#pjo#hoo#Percy Jackson#representation#representation matters#adult adhd #adhd in women #neurodivergent#my post #I know i rarely post rick Riordan stuff but I’ve been comfort reading the audiobooks for the first time since learning I had adhd #and it’s weird viewing it with this new perspective
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  • hoodies-n-cola
    27.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Hey what if I did that music playlist drawing request thing again but I used Autoheart music instead? haha jk unless...? 👀

    #yall know the drill just send a character and a music note and i'll handle the rest #sorry if these seem spammy i just find music the most inspirational and i've just been dry as hell lately in the art department #but ye maybe Autoheart will be the way to go since they're my fav band ever #of all time
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  • elirluna
    27.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #also where did you even find my placements lol #asks
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  • electricxmayhem
    27.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    #i find kermit really hard to draw somehow #and you can see that my editing is getting incredibly lazy because its getting to evening and I've been drawing for ages #but this made me very happy so that's whats important #myart#muppets
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  • cuttingstones
    27.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    The Kiss by Gaetan Henrioux (b&w) || Hannibal 3x06, 'Dolce' || Hans Bellmer

    #imagines that got blasted into my head #i feel like this one might ahve been done before but i searched and couldn't find it so it if it has been plz link me and let me know!!!!!! #and i will take this one down<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 #margot verger#alana bloom#marlana#hannibal comparitives#nbc hannibal#hannibal#dolce#hannibal 3x06#the kiss#gaetan henrioux#hans bellmer#griffincore#art comparison #uhm uhm uhm what else
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  • reputayswift
    27.07.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    #I made this on my lunchbreak <3 #once I find something to put a sticker on I WILL be purchasing the vic original for ever more sticker #darcyolsson#ask#asks
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  • thepictoblr
    27.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    new shadow bringers can i get a HELL yeah

    #in the au my friend and i are running with #he got got when the scions did #so when the others in his wol trio find him hes already like #badass#ffxiv
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  • martava0219
    27.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    "... That was quick-thinking of you, stranger. I thank you, on behalf of my father too - would you not have said anything, he would surely have kept me there, no telling what would've befallen our village then."
    Lucien followed silently behind her before steering off to Shadowmere, picking a few more items and mysterious pouches from the horse's packs, fastening them to his belt. "Don't thank me so soon, my lady, lest we run into trouble in the wood. I won't be returning should this go south for you."
    Olivia's brows furrowed, her smile fading and becoming a scowl. "For me? For you, maybe, unless you got big woods in those cities of yours. I've seen the Imperial City, nary a tree save for your cemetaries, and even them pitiful to look at."

    a little excerpt from my fanfic which I don’t share openly, obsessed with the accents from peasants in The Witcher 3 so guess who gets to have it 😂 I love writing it

    #promise it’s not writing mistakes I’m trying to emulate how they speak lol #his accent and voice is more clear while hers has that south London country charm #this is followed by ‘he’d killed for less before’ 😂 but he appreciates her attitude #he finds it cute btw #also it’s a smut fic so I’m definitely not sharing it #the elder scrolls #dark brotherhood#tes oblivion#lucien lachance #the black hand #tes #sorry but I make him talk more flowery in my stories and he enjoys being difficult too #I rly don’t like sharing hc lol
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  • thxvillagewitch
    27.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    got a bunch of stuff done and put in a very short queue, so it’ll just post gradually over the new few hours.

    #ooc #we didn't hear anything and my mom didn't want to call the vet to find out cause denial so that's fun
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  • bobbimorses
    27.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago
    #but yeah i can't think of any allusions off the top of my head tbh #i don't want this to be a 'steve rogers is canonically bi in the comics!!' lying post situation #where people lie to those unfamiliar about the source material #and then they pick it up excited to see said promised representation #only to find absolutely none of it #clint has lots of close relationships but marvel doesn't dig past a certain level #but there's a level of depth btwn that and in clint's character where you can read into it how you'd like #oh also there's the added element of certain deadpool or non-canon comics #where they make statements that you're supposed to interpret as off-the-wall #or writers joking where they're ~teasing~ something about a character #but isn't canon #anyways. bring back his magenta/purple/blue costume
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  • enbies-and-felonies
    27.07.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    woahhh hold up brain >:| you don’t get to be ableist in this here parts *baps brain* >:((

    #caught myself being ableist >:( #which is good!! because now i can work on changing my mindset!! time for growth!! #i'm proud of myself #sometimes you catch yourself being racist. ableist. sexist. etc. and you think ''this is a teaching moment'' and then fix your mindset!! #and that's good!!! #anyways #if you find yourself thinking ableist/racist/etc. thoughts and then work on bettering yourself!! that is good!! i am proud of you #you and i got this. one mental edit at a time :))
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  • stigmatizedproperty
    27.07.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    i wish i had some kind of fünny or insightful OC post to make after all of that decidedly non-OC dithering but i truly do not. my head feels like there’s roughly a pound of wet floral foam in it today. instead, i CAN alert you to the fact that i’ve linked to my OC pinterests. i think it’s helpful for the unfamiliar or the uninitiated, and for those who are familiar with my goons, there will be some new ones popping up...hopefully soon.

    #talk #pinterest has become a complete shithole as of late unfortunately #i hadnt logged in for a while before i went to link my oc boards and theyve added a mandatory shopping list board for....some reason #bro i do not use pinchrest to shop. i am here to build aesthetics that describe my characters better than i ever could verbally #we need to find a pinterest alternative this is un fucking tenable #sigh #i remember spending hours on pinterest finding absolutely perfect images with relatively broad search terms #now its all advertisements and shopping listings and you have to get painfully specific to get to what you actually want #pinterest used to be my go-to method for oc inspiration time. i've never felt more betrayed in my life
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