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    • Finnick: Look at what I found!
    • Johanna: I found it.
    • Finnick: Look at what I took credit for finding.
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    • Peeta: We both look very handsome tonight.
    • Finnick: You know, if you - if you'd just said that I looked handsome, I would have said 'So do you.'
    • Peeta: I couldn't take that chance.
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    • Gloss: I don't want to sound prejudice-
    • Finnick: But you're gonna power through it.
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  • Descendants hunger games au

    1. Evie. Katniss
    2. Doug. Peeta
    3. Dizzy. Primrose
    4. Jay. Gale
    5. Ben. Finnick
    6. Mal. Annie
    7. Uma. Enobaria
    8. Beast. Snow
    9. Lonnie. Johanna
    10. Celia. Rue
    11. Chad. Cato
    12. Leah. Coin.
    #disney descendants#hunger games#evie grimhilde#katniss everdeen #doug son of dopey #peeta mellark#devie#everlark #jay son of jafar #gale hawthorne#ben florian#finnick odair#mal bertha#annie cresta#bal #finnick x annie #uma daughter of ursula #enobaria #anti beast descendants #coriolanus snow#li lonnie#johanna mason#celia facillier #rue hunger games #chad charming#cato #audrey daughter of sleeping beauty #glimmer #anti leah descendants #alma coin
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    • Haymitch: [while going through withdrawl] Okay, honestly, how bad is it?
    • Finnick: Not that bad.
    • Katniss: Oh my god, you look minging.
    • Finnick: [subtly hits Katniss]
    • Katniss: But... not worse than usual?
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  • Imagine being a victor from district 4 and running to Finnick when you find out about the Quater Quell


    Originally posted by stevesharington

    I’m taking requests.

    I took the quote from the movie. The italicized is for thoughts and bold is for the quote and flashbacks.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Pairing: Finnick Odair x reader

    “The 3rd Quarter Quell Games, the male and female tributes are to be reaped from the existing pool of victors in each district.”

    You threw the drink in your hand at the wall; glass flew ever and one shard cut your arm, it was the least of your worries.

    1 and 3 chance of going back into the captiols death trap. Mags, you, or Annie. The odds weren’t in your favor. Annie wasn’t in the right state of mind for the arena and Mags was barely surviving outside of the arena, it would be you going back in, whether your name was chosen or not.

    You picked up the lamp next to you and threw that as well, causing more glass to shatter everywhere. Another piece hit your arm causing more blood to drip.

    It felt as if your large victors house was closing in on you, the walls slowly moving closer, ready to squeeze the life out of you. Your head spun as you stood up quickly, your breathing was shallow and your steps wobbly. Sprinting to your door you grabbed the handle hopping that the fresh air would allow you to breath. Shaky hands struggled to grab the handle, each time they slipped off, the handle was now covered in blood. You felt as if you were already back in the arena.

    Covered in blood, a dead girl layed at your feet, your arm and side were bleeding. All you wanted to do was lay down. The sound of a cannon filled your ears.

    Were you dead?

    The winner of the 70th annual Hunger Games, (Y/n) (L/n), said a muffled speaker through the arena. You closed your eyes and let relief take over.

    If only you knew what you know now, you wouldn’t have been so relieved back then.

    Finally, you heard the click of your door and opened it, a gust of wind hit your skin. For a second, one tiny second, you forgot about the games, the death you were likely to face in just a few weeks. The thought faded quickly when you saw the large victor’s house across from you.


    Your mind was so consumed with you going back into the arena you forgot who you would be competing against.

    Your beloved Finnick.

    The games had broken both of you and now here you were, about to compete for the chance to live, against each other.

    “Finnick, you screamed into the night sky. Finnick,” your voice cracked.

    You saw his door open, a broken looking man stepped onto his porch. His eyes were red and blotchy, his normal confident demeanor was shattered. His sea-green eyes were dull and distant.

    “Finnick,” you cried out to him, cold tears streamed down your cheeks.

    His eyes seemed to refocus as he caught sight of you.

    “(Y/n),” he screamed back, running towards you.

    Following his lead, you ran towards him as well, until your arms were wrapped around his strong ones. He had picked you up and automatically you wrapped your legs around his waist.

    “The games, we have to play the games,” you sobbed into his chest.

    “Shhh, you don’t know that, he said trying to calm your screaming. It might not be you,” he said sounding hopeful.

    “Finnick, I whispered. It has to be.”

    “No,” he said firmly, fear rooted deep in his eyes.

    “They can’t go, it has to be me.”

    “No,” he said again.

    This time it was his turn to breakdown. He pulled me closer to him and put his face in my hair.

    “I’ll do anything to keep you safe,” he said, pulling himself back together.

    You smashed your faces together trying to remember the way his lips felt on yours.

    Would you picture this when you died, his soft lips on yours?

    The two of you stayed like that for a while, wrapped in the other’s arms, sobs sometimes escaping your lips.

    “I love you, he said.

    “I love you too,” you said back, kissing his cheek.

    The image of an arena littered with bodies and you and Finnick left standing crossed your mind. A cannon went off in your head and you hugged Finnick a little tighter.

    Let the 75th Hunger Games begin

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  • Haymitch Abernathy:
    he protecc,
    he attacc,
    but most importantly:
    he’s the dad friend of the victors pacc

    #thg#mine#haymitch abernathy#johanna mason#finnick odair #just some sketches idk #i really do think haymitch cares about these kids #.... #and yes #my color choices are awful #i know
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  • hits hard that even the hunger games listened to their audience and did an all star season 

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    • Cashmere: Who's this loser?
    • Johanna: I'm Johanna.
    • Cashmere: Is Finnick showing you around loser town?
    • Johanna: If this [gestures around the Center] is loser town, wouldn't that make YOU a loser?
    • Cashmere: Oh, wow. Logic. [walks away]
    • Johanna: Is everybody like -
    • Finnick: Most. Most.
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  • for @mihrsuri on her birthday, Finnick has a bad night. Johanna and Annie help.

    Finnick and Annie POVs, 100% trauma-recovery fluff, 0% plot of any kind. Accidentally got longer than I meant it to. sorrynotsorry

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  • Romance pre Hunger Games: He was probebaly like most teens in the Districts. I think he maybe had at least one girlfiend but was looking for the ‘one’ wether he admitted it or not to his friends.

    Romance after prostitution: Prostitution would have made things very difficult if not impossible at least for a while. I imagen it would be mentaly hell having to play the ‘play boy’ in the Capitol and left him feeling all kinds of dirty and wrong, even tough it’s not his fault. I think he’d be very withdrawn.

    Romance and Annie: I think the two of them have know each other a very long time, since they were little. I think Finnick needs this, a long relationship where nothing sexual happens. I’ve actually just realised (right now, despite making a post on his sexuality the other day.🤦 ) this would make him a heterosexual  demisexual, it makes a heck of a lot more sense than him being bisexual.

    He needs a strong emotional connection, because of the forced prostitution, being a long term friend would make Finnick feel safe in Annie’s company. I think it could also partly be how she snuck up on him. I think prostitution would make it hard for him to understand his own feelings and even scared of them, so he doesn’t really want to think much about what he’s feeling, being friends with Annie is just easier.

    Part 1 sex

    Part 2 Finnick and Sexuality

     Part 3a Finnick and Prostitution Finnicks age and why he agrees

    Part 3b Finnick and Prostitutionwhen, where and lovers

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    • Cashmere: Sorry to bother you. It's about Abernathy.
    • Enobaria: He had an accident.
    • Finnick: Oh my god, is he okay?
    • Enobaria: No, actually, he's a hot mess. He keeps traipsing around with his escort.
    • Finnick: That... doesn't sound like an accident.
    • Cashmere: A social accident.
    • Enobaria: People are talking.
    • Cashmere: To be fair, it's mostly us.
    • Enobaria: That's usually how it starts.
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  • Finnick and prostitution: When and where was it happening? Katniss says in an anual visit he would have 4 or 5 ‘lovers’ during the Hunger games but I have trouble making that work.

    • Surely the Training centre would be kept, only to mentors and staff woking there except frm maybe the head gamemaker and Ceaser Flickerman. They wouldn’t want information on which tributes might do well excaping so why would the allow Finnick’s lover’s in and out?
    • I doubt they would want tributes getting suspicious that Finnick ‘lovers’ might not be actualy lovers. If they feared they’d win the Hunger Games and be made into prostitutes, they might attempt to kill themselves instead of win which President Snow wouldn’t want.
    • Once the Games start, it’s 24 hours a day, surely the mentors would have to sleep in shifts and I have no idea how Haymitch manages. Where exactly would Finnick get the time for prostitution?

    Where does Finnick meet his ‘lovers’? To keep everyday citizens thinking Finnick is in love with these peple, he can’t be meeting them all at the same types of events, can he? The people of the Capitol would get suspisious about what was happening with Finnick.

    It would make more sense to me if Finnick was taken to the Capitol outside of the Hunger games. He could be held at hotel or have a temporay penthouse apartment, something like that. Security guards would publicaly be for his protection but really, be to make sure he didn’t go anywhere or do anything he shouldn’t. He would have more time to naturally meet his lovers.at museums, concerts etc.

    Female only ‘lovers’ or both: I think the only answer to this would be both. Whoever wanted Finnick and could pay for him or to get him as a ‘gift’. I doubt Finnick age or sexuality mattered a thing to President Snow. Just controling the Victors and making sure they did what he wanted.

    Part1 Finnick and sex

    Part 2 Finnick and Sexuality

    Part 3a Finnick and Prostitution Finnicks age and why he agrees

    #thg #the hunger games #finnick odair
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  • I just finished rereading the hunger games trilogy and now I’m fucking crying my eyes out ‘cause I miss my parents peeta and katniss SO MUCH. 😩

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  • image

    Katniss and Peeta reimagined

    #katniss everdeen #the hunger games aesthetic #aesthetic#peeta mellark #peeta mellark aesthetic #katniss everdeen aesthetic #the hunger games #panem#district 12#the capital#haymitch abernathy #haymitch x effie #finnick odair#primrose#gale hawthorne#archery#woods#mockingjay
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  • when finnick said “ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 76th hunger games” when i say that’s power THATS POWER

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  • #i guess you expected a much simpler answer #sorry #i have too many emotions #this makes me really really really upset #thank you for sharing tho #;))#thg#finnick odair
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  • Finnick and Sexuality: I know lots of people like to think Finnick is bisexual and there are lots of Peeta Finnick shippers, but I just don’t see it. Sorry guys resusitation is resucitation.

    I see their relationship the same as Finnick Johanna. Finnick and Peeta are bros, Peeta likes to ask advice. Finnick and Johanna are brother and sister.

    Male ‘lovers’ in the Capitol just woudn’t count either, he’d just be doing whatever he had to and faking.

    Annie is the only person we know he has an actual relationsip, by his own choice so for me I see him as being straight as canon. I have read some great bisexual Finnick AU fics and I do like them as long as he ends up with Annie in the end, it’s all good.

    Part 1

    #thg #the hunger games #finnick odair
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  • Let me explain why!
    (this once again will get long and messy but hear me out)

    SO. the original plan was to get both Katniss and Peeta out.
    The rebel-victors had their task. Haymitch wanted for it succeed. Everyone wanted it.
    So, what went wrong?
    They were separated, that’s what. Peeta and Katniss were separated.
    Whose plan was it, anyway? Not Haymitch’s, for sure. He didn’t want Peeta or anyone to be captured, that much, I think, we can all agree on.
    So, that means the rebels were acting on their own.
    Why did they feel the necessity to separate them one might wonder (because I sure did)? Because, because how else Johanna would’ve been able to remove Katniss’s tracker? The answer is - she wouldn’t. If Peeta was going with them he 100% would’ve defended Katniss when Johanna attacked her. And, really, there’s no way she could’ve taken both of them. Plus, there were careers lurking nearby. The separation was crucial. She’d take out Katniss’s tracker, while the boys take out Peeta’s. Beetee, meanwhile, blows up the forcefield. BOOM! Mission completed!!!
    Only, yeah, it didn’t execute that smoothly. because,,,well, because of the stupid careers. They cut the wire and, from there - it was an absolute downhill: Johanna smacks Katniss’s in the head, Peeta leaves his lightning tree post, Finnick follows, Beetee knocks himself out??? doing who-knows-what?? they all lose each other, and there’s just general confusion. What happens next, I think we all remember.

    Now, you might ask - and how this is Haymitch’s fault? He wanted to get them all out!!!! Yes, that is true. But!!! what I believe his and Plutarch’s fault was is that they didn’t leave the rebel-victors clear instructions, a clear plan to follow. Not to all of them, at least (Haymitch (or was it Plutarch) straight up said that the rebels were informed each at a different degree). So… Wait–WHAT????

    It makes so much sense now. I mean, Johanna and Finnick’s behavior. While it all could’ve been an act, I really do believe they were generally confused at Beetees plan. The way they were looking at each other for conformation, the way they both just run around in confusion when the chaos started, clearly shows that they had no real organization, no real plan. It was like Beetee  always 100% knew what was going on, Finnick was kinda following the plan, while Johanna simply ran around, trying to protect K&P, knowing only the general details of the plan.
    I mean, how could they successfully execute the mission if each of them had a different idea of what was happening. Yes, I know that this plan was based on faith, trust & pixie dust, but I also do think that it was extremely irresponsible and dangerous of Haymitch (and other rebels) to not inform all the victors (or at least those in alliance,c’mon!!!) fully and equally.

    OF COURSE, the plan was going to fail at some point.

    #thg#catching fire #they were left to figure everything out themselves #while the capitol was watching #that's insane#haymitch abernathy#plutarch#katniss everdeen#finnick odair#johanna mason#beetee#peeta mellark
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    • Finnick: We could collect money from everyone.
    • Johanna: I'll start going through their stuff.
    • Finnick: No, I meant asking them.
    • Johanna: Seems kinda roundabout but okay.
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