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  • turnedinto-themoon
    26.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    No I won’t elaborate. They’re the same person

    #NO #flash back to 5th grade me sobbing for a week over finnick #now 12th grade me still devestated months later over ash #their stories hurt to much. not fair to them. #neither got to be with the person they loved #shaking crying screaming throwing up #ive literally been thinking about ash for days now send help its making me actually sick haha #banana fish#bf#ash lynx#hunger games #the hunger games #finnick odair#thg finnick#bf ash
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  • stellarcollison
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    What do I love about Love, Rosie besides the romance bit?

    How Rosie’s life didn’t immediately go the way she planned by college then owning a hotel then marriage and then kids.

    She didn’t go to college and she was working as a hotel maid for years before being promoted to receptionist. Her life didn’t fall into place until she was 30/31 with her hotel, happy daughter, and Alex.

    It’s so refreshing to see that because so many movies and shows always depict a character’s life as going according to plan as soon as they leave high school.

    #i absolutely love it #this makes me cry #everyone has their own pace #been going through a time #this really helps #love rosie#love#rosie#lily collins#sam claflin #the hunger games #catching fire#mocking jay#finnick odair #finnick has my heart #life is very hard #i am a sucker for friends to lovers #romance tropes #friends to lovers
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  • isdeathlystill
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

       “I’m going to tell her. Tonight. I just wanted to be sure with how I felt, is all. She deserved for me to be certain. And I sure am certain.” Finnick smiled lightly. He was hardly anything but shy. When Finnick felt something, it was passionate. “Ooh, my Sal. I do adore you tow.”  

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    #sixbillicnsouls #( ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴏғ ᴏᴜʀ sᴛᴏʀʏ ; finnick odair interactions ) #( verse ; renegades in the ring ) #( q. )
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  • isdeathlystill
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

         Saying that Finnick worked for the Dreads back in the day felt so wrong. The Dreads brought him in like family, especially after the passing of his own parents. Finnick’s comfort for making weeks, even months on end after it happened was Thea. And her family. 

         “False tasks in the graveyard? That may be hard to believe, Thea.” Finnick spoke softly, he wanted to make it as convincing as possible if they were going to leave. “Let’s just make a promise.” Finnick grabs her hand. “Let’s just make sure nothing happens. To either of us. We get the hell outta here and start over. The three of us. I know a place we can go hide...One of the old workers. It’s a halfway point between here and...” Their old home. “And from where we were before.”

    @sixbillicnsouls​ / moved. 👻
    #sixbillicnsouls #( ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴏғ ᴏᴜʀ sᴛᴏʀʏ ; finnick odair interactions ) #( verse ; come out to socialize ) #( q. )
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  • mockingjay-sweetheart
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Odesta Fall Aesthetic

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  • dxnyarya
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    me looking at the ocean: man the finnick odair vibes are off the charts

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  • ircnwrought
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    @adveanture​  (finnick)  ♥ d  for  an  angsty  one-liner  (annie)  !!

    __________≋      ❛    I      DON’T      WANT      ANYMORE      LIES.      i  am  so  tired  of  everyone    tip-toeing    around  me  like  i’m    broken.      i  don’t  think  i  can  bear  it  from  you  too.    ❜

    #c; annie cresta #v; poor mad girl (pre mockingjay) #adveanture #reply; finnick odair #(( *flings myself into the sun because i love them so much and now i'm in pain* ))
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  • stellarcollison
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    What 21 year old is finally getting into The Hunger Games after the books and movies ended years ago and the hype has died down?

    #I am always late to the party #i wish i were joking #the hunger games #catching fire #katniss and peeta #finnick odair #finnick has my heart #gale hawthorne #why did it have to be this way #why does this always happen #always late#so good #i love him #this series kills me #this series is amazing #why did he have to die #i’m so old #ya books
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  • fishsoupsaltiness
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Katniss’s mission to assasinate Snow does not make a lot of sense. Some people, like Finnick, wanted to get their revenge therefore they also joined Katniss right away. Why did the rest of the division supported her, I have no idea.

    Why did they all went to such extreme lenghts to make sure Katniss is the one who kills Snow? Maybe I missed something but I don’t understand why would these people follow a seventeen-year-old into a suicide mission with such a conviction and passion. 

    Snow was literally promised to be executed later, after the war is won. Star Squad going off rogue literally didn’t help the rebelion in any way. But, perhaps, that was the whole point - by making Katniss’s mission turn out in vain, Collins reaffirmed one of the main idea’s of the story, i.e. plans driven by hate and revenge, in the end, only bring pain and misery. 

    #thg #i mean everyone suffered because of this 'mission' #katniss everdeen#peeta mellark#finnick odair#boggs #the hunger games #mockingjay #thinking out loud
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  • shadowy-rebel-idiot
    23.10.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • andvys
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    M A S T E R L I S T 


    Jasper Hale


    I’ve been searchin’ for you

    His forever

    I need you here with me

    Where you belong

    R u mine?

    You were never gone

    I don’t need no other part one / part two

    Just come home


    Jasper being clingy and loving your warmth


    The hunger games

    Finnick Odair 


    We’re caught in the fire part one / part two


    Finnick being clingy and protective 

    Finnick saving you from a toxic relationship with Gale


    The last of us

    Ellie Williams 

    Longing Masterlist

    Stubborn Love Masterlist

    Fine Line Masterlist

    Bad idea Masterlist


    I don’t wanna be your friend


    New friend part one / part two / part three

    You will be my girl part one / part two


    Joel Miller


    Please pull me from the dark

    They won’t love you like I do

    #twilight imagine#twilight angst#twilight smut#twilight fluff#twilight imagines #jasper hale fluff #jasper hale angst #jasper hale x reader #jasper hale smut #jasper hale imagines #jasper hale #jasper hale imagine #finnick x reader #finnick odair #finnick x you #finnick imagine#tlou imagine#tlou fluff#tlou imagines#tlou angst#tlou smut #ellie williams imagine #ellie williams x reader #ellie williams#tlou ellie #joel miller imagine #joel miller x reader #joel miller
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  • solntserises
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    i mean, i'd volunteer for the hunger games if i would get a kiss from finnick for it so-

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  • thatrandomwriter
    21.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Perfect Smile

    Finnick Odair x reader
    for @badrepwonder

    “Catherine Taylor,” Chirped the obnoxiously cheerful Capitol woman. A girl who I had seen in passing once or twice trembled, tears threatening to spill as she walked up to the stage. Relief washed over me, and then guilt a second later; I was safe from the reaping, but for Catherine, the announcement of her name was a death sentence. Caught up as I was in my own guilty thoughts, I nearly missed the announcement of the second tribute.

    “Finnick Odair,” The Capitol woman flashed a plastic smile as any sense of relief I had felt seconds earlier was replaced with cold horror.

    He walked to the stage, casual and relaxed as ever, even having the nerve to grin over at Catherine as he shook her hand. As if they had entered some casual agreement, not as if they had just been selected as tributes to the hunger games. Finnick’s blue-green eyes sought out mine as the capitol woman spoke to finish the reaping ceremony. For a second, the calm facade dropped, the serious reality of the situation on his face for a moment, before he looked away and his face shifted back to a smile. Ever the charmer.


    Two minutes. Only two minutes to say the things I may never be able to tell him again, to remember every tiny detail about him, two minutes left to love him before he left to die.

    As soon as the peacekeepers allowed me into the room where Finnick was waiting, he flew towards me, immediately enveloping me in a warm embrace. I pulled him tight against me, clutching the soft sweater he wore, memorising the feel of his body pressed against mine for what could easily be the last time. We finally pulled apart slightly, only enough for him to look into my eyes as he spoke.

    “Hey, I’m gonna be okay, it’ll take more than the Capitol’s bullshit games to kill me,” his smile was perfect as ever; looking at it felt like a knife in my chest.

    “I know that,” I didn’t, “And I also know that you’re gonna charm all of Panem just like you charmed me.”

    “Oh yeah?” his hand cupped my face, thumb brushing across me cheek.

    “Yeah. You’re gonna make it back to me, and then we’re gonna have the most disgustingly expensive wedding you can imagine,”

    Finnick laughed at that, reaching to kiss my left hand where his ring sat on my finger, before leaning to kiss my lips. Though his words had been calm, the kiss was not, desperate and yearning, and every part of me longed for this moment to last forever. His hands traced my back, my waist, my chest, taking in every inch of my body as I melted into him, at the mercy of his every touch.

    A peacekeeper banged on the door, “One more minute.”

    “I love you,” I wasn’t sure when I had started crying, but my words were broken and the thousands of things I wanted to tell him died on my tongue.

    “I love you too,” tears were sliding down Finnick’s face too.

    “Please, you have to come back to me,” I choked out and he kissed me one last time, holding my face in his hands, eyes never leaving mine.

    “I promise.” This was the most serious I had seen him. Grim faced and utterly sincere.

    “Time’s up,”

    Two peacekeepers marched into the room and when Finnick made no move to stop holding me, to stop looking into my eyes, they grabbed him by the arms and pulled him away. His eyes never left mine as they dragged him out of the room, smiling sadly one last time as he left my sight.

    Finnick was gone. I slid to the floor, shoulders shaking with uncontrollable sobs, and the realisation that I may never see him again weighing me down like lead.

    #finnick odair #the hunger games #thg fanfic#oneshot#imagines #finnick x reader #reader insert
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  • ilguna
    21.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    viper pt2 (Finnick Odair)

    summary; by chance, you convince them you're not a danger anymore.

    warnings; swearing, murder, death mention

    wc; 1.6k

    NOTES; i lost the ask that requested this. i literally cannot find it?

    The last time you were on the receiving end of a blade, was back in your games. The story’s a bunch of bullshit, so you won’t get into detail. All you’ll say is that you had told yourself that you wouldn’t let a nobody tribute ever take you down like that again. Let alone, during the fucking bloodbath.

    The good news is that you’ve still managed to uphold that promise. Finnick is not a nobody, he’s the youngest victor ever, the Capitol absolutely adores him. The bad news is that Finnick is the one holding the blade to your throat. He’s a few years older than you, and worst of all, he was your mentor. Everything you know comes from him.

    You never thought in your life that you would end up in this position.

    Of course, the plans you’d made with the others--Cashmere, Gloss, Enobaria and Brutus--weren’t perfect. You figured that it would work out better than this, though. Not only were your predictions about Finnick’s alliance wrong, but they had gathered more people than originally anticipated. Oh, and Finnick plays a key role in the rebellion that they’re trying to make a reality.

    If Enobaria hadn’t outed you, you would probably still be under the radar playing dumb. You would have gladly pretended as if the original agreement between your little career pack never happened. However, odds haven’t been on your side as of late. And it started when you allowed Brutus to cut your thigh.

    Finnick’s body is stiff above you, huffing and puffing after the fight they had just gone through. Cashmere and Gloss are dead, Enobaria and Brutus presumably escaped with Katniss and Johanna chasing after them. Finnick took you down before you could do anything else, worried that you might… what? Kill Peeta? Katniss?

    He’s completely ignoring the fact that you killed Gloss for them. It wasn’t fast enough to save Wiress, you’ll admit that, you did see him walk up and prepare to kill her. He didn’t listen to you, or didn’t watch your command for him to stop before he fucked it up. Also, as much as they probably don’t want to hear this, Gloss did them a favor by taking out Wiress. She was drawing attention to you guys.

    You open your mouth to speak, hoping you’ll be able to calm him more, when the black rock holding the cornucopia jerks.

    Finnick is unprepared for this, hands instinctively pushing down on the trident to have something to stabilize him. Except, your throat is beneath the middle blade. You spin up, away from the weapon in the time it takes for him to slam it against the rock. Your fingers dig into the cracks next to you, gasping as you reach for your throat.

    He nearly just killed you.

    You turn back to look at him with wide eyes, when he begins to stumble backwards. The rock is beginning to pick up speed, letting you know that this is not part of Wiress’ clock. This is Gamemaker engineered, and they’ve been waiting for a moment like this to show off another one of their cool toys.

    The water that’s being sprayed up is violent, reminds you of waves near cliffs back home, how dangerous they can be with inexperienced swimmers. How many people die every year because they don’t realize it. It’s a funny thought, District Four is home of the water, yet people drown from stupid mistakes?

    “Finnick--!” you scream, starting forward.

    It seems like you’re going to miss him. There’s a second where you think you weren’t fast enough. Then your fingers tighten around his hand, and you’re yanking back before you realize it, pulling him forward to fall onto his chest.

    With one hand on Finnick, the other digging into the black rock, you think that this is as bad as it can get. Holding Finnick up, protecting him from falling into the water below. Even the slightest mistake could result in death, and you still find yourself shoving the toes of your shoes into cracks and juts in the rocks to have better footing.

    That’s when Beetee falls, somersaulting instead of rolling. In a panic, you pull Finnick up higher, “The belt, grab my belt!” you shout, he seems to catch on. You immediately reach for Beetee once you feel Finnick’s weight add to your waist. Your hands graze Beetee’s leg, securing around his arm. They’re wet from the spraying water, making his wrist slippery and nearly impossible to hold onto.

    He grabs back though, squeezing your wrist.

    Remembering Peeta, you turn to look on the other side, and find him further down. He’s too far out of your reach, same for Finnick. The most that can be done is offering a leg for him to grab, and even then it’s not worth it. Peeta’s in a dip, it’s the safest place he can be, you think, because it’ll keep him from flying off due to momentum.

    The added weight of the two boys makes it hard for you to believe that you’re stable. With each passing turn, you’re sure that your fingers are going to slip out of the cracks above you. You can feel Finnick press his face into your left thigh, probably trying to lay low.

    You’re more worried about the stuff inside of the cornucopia, which has begun to come loose. At first, it’s an inch or two your way, but with the rock picking up speed again, they’re beginning to come out. The first to come flying out of the mouth is a box, slamming into the rock and bouncing off into the water.

    The next is more terrifying, as you watch the weapons move. Tridents, swords, machetes. You hold your breath when one goes flying clear by Peeta, how his eyes widen when he realizes what’s happening. Right when you think that it’s going to be okay, you realize how badly you’ve jinxed yourself again.

    A sickle comes flying out of the cornucopia, heading straight for Peeta. He’s looking at a different weapon that’s coming towards him, blanking on the sickle. With no time to tell him to watch out, you swing your let out, ignoring the burning sensation that follows. The tip of the blade slams into the base of your shoe, completely missing your foot, but saving Peeta.

    And it’s not even a minute later when the rock begins to slow. You hold on until you’re sure that it’s locked in place, then you have to manually remove your fingers from Beetee’s forearm. Finnick backs off of you, and Peeta sits up, visibly pale and staring at your shoe.

    You roll over to get off your stomach, and try not to writhe in pain from how badly your cuts are now bothering you, “Oh my god,” you grit your teeth, yanking at the sickle. It’s stuck.

    “You…” Peeta trails, you look at him.

    Your hands have begun to shake, the aftermath of the situation suddenly hitting. You look at Finnick, and an understanding seems to pass between you two. You saved their lives. If you wanted them all dead, it was so easily possible, but you saved all three of them instead.

    Finnick grabs your ankle with one hand, and the other holds onto the handle of the sickle. In one fluid motion, he pulls the weapon out of your shoe. He throws it into the water, crawling towards you almost, “Are you okay?”

    “Just my leg,” your face twists.

    Peeta gets up, heading to where Katniss and Johanna had disappeared off to. You wonder if it would be too much to ask for a sponsor gift that would heal wounds. With the luck that these guys are carrying, you think you’ll be dead before the day is over.

    It only takes a couple of minutes of Finnick searching through the boxes before he comes up with some healing stuff. By then, Johanna, Katniss and Peeta are coming around the side of the cornucopia. Katniss is soaking wet, looking a little green, she must have fallen into the water.

    Johanna’s looking at you through squinted eyes, face twisted in an expression of disgust, “Why’s she still alive?”

    “He’s not just going to kill me, thank you.” you spit, a little offended.

    “I will.”

    “Stop,” Finnick says, coming down to apply the healing stuff. The second that it touches your wound, a cooling sensation goes through your leg, pain disappearing, “If it weren’t for her, all three of us would be dead.”

    You close your eyes, shaking your head, “Please.”

    “It’s true.” Peeta says.

    “You feel safe with her again?” Katniss doesn’t believe it either.

    When you open your eyes, Johanna seems to have calmed down. She gives you an approving nod, moving on past you. Finnick’s fingers are gentle against the cut on your ribs.

    “We’ll keep an eye on her.” Finnick says, “If that makes you feel better, but I don’t think she’ll be making any big moves anytime soon.”

    “What about Enobaria and Brutus?” you ask, looking between them, “Did you get them?”

    Johanna lets out an impatient sigh, “They got away, went running for the jungle when the rock began to move.”

    “How do you feel now?” Finnick asks.

    “Better,” you smile, “I assume we’re not going to be chasing them.”

    Johanna shrugs, looking at Katniss and Peeta, who are caught between their own small argument. You don’t know what they’re thinking at the moment, and you’re not sure you have the energy to find out.

    “At the very least, we should get off this island.” Beetee says, getting to his feet.

    Finnick gets up next, and offers his hand to you. Once you’re back on your own feet, you’re able to move a lot quicker than before. Too much movement and the pain resurfaces, so you’re left with a grey area to work in.

    “Well, let’s go then.”

    #ilguna#finnick odair #finnick odair fanfic #finnick odair x reader #finnick odair oneshot #finnick odair imagine #thg#requested#angst
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    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago
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  • louisapennyfeather2021
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    "I still can't believe she killed Finnick, Gale was RIGHT there!"

    Listen, I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm gonna need you to stop anyway😂😂

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  • natnxwt
    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    i think feeling like you aren’t valid in loving your favorite character is the worst thing ever, whether it’s bc you joined the fandom late or they’re the most popular. it’s like….i know that i have so many personal reasons why i’m drawn to this character but…..man

    #newt tmr #the maze runner #maze runner#tmr#finnick odair #the hunger games #hunger games#wanda maximoff#marvel#mcu#stiles stilinski#teen wolf #i love them all so much but UGH HHHH
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    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Finnick Odair

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