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  • cascading-colors
    20.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Here is a scrapped cover concept for a comic I'm currently working on.

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  • islandofmuses
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Continued fom [X] This was not Axel’s usual path home, however he had been playing at the park, it was good night and he could use the fresh air, so he decided to go the long way. Nate was probably still at work so it wouldn’t matter if he was a little late. He was too in his own head, not for a change as he aproached the bar Micah worked at, right way he could feel the smell coming from it, even before getting closer, smoke, Axel frowned, rushing over, the wolf noticed something was not right, the bar was on fire!  “Micah! “ Right away he called out from the outside, “Micah! Fuck, fuck!” there was too much smoke for him to even they to get his friend’s scent, Axel grabbed his phone calling the firedepartement right way, pacing up and dow as he waited for the help.  Suddendly something come his mind, jus as he began to hear the sirens, if this happened at the club, both him and Nate would likely be there...what if Heath was there? what if both his friends were stuck inside the burning bluiding!? “Micah! Heath!” he called out, going around the building.

    “Shit!” he placed the guitar down, “Fuck! fuck! well there’s go my being good,” he rushed over, kicking the door, relying on the wolf strenght to get it to open, “Sorry, Nate, shit! fuck!” he muttured to himself, before rushing in the bar, “MICAH! HEATH!” he called out, there was too much freaking smoke, fuck! @smoothwhiskey-micah @swccthearts​ @light-them-up​

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  • ratproblem
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago


    #tis is spoiler im just reminding from the first chatpter #*uinst spoiler #kindof sad [pats him] #i ended up not being able to finsh the game and im watching it on youutube but this person isnt 100%ing it #ill need to look for a better one later
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  • pinecones0023
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hello my younger brother finished deltarune chp 2 in one day

    #deltarune #im not even half way done and he finshed it in one day #actually half a day #what #maybe this was because of the liveblog thing that i didnt play quicker
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  • 3rdturn
    18.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    mankai sorted by whether or not i think theyre homophobic

    homophobic: masumi, hisoka (a cat with homophobia in its eyes), tenma (hes so deep in the closet he got lost), tsuzuru (depends on his mood), chikage, itaru (gamer disease), yuki (severe internalized homophobia), banri (straight pride), sakyo, tasuku (the kind of guy to show up to the met gala in a black suit), azami (not his fault and he doesnt hate gay people specifically he just thinks it indecent)

    not: sakuya, citron, misumi, kazunari, muku, taichi, juza, omi, azuma, tsumugi, homare, guy, kumon

    #a3#chat #tagged so i can find it later #this has been in my drafts for months i just finshed it
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  • moonpaw
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I hate getting caught up with a fic I really liked reading and I enter that weird limbo phase where I’m doing something and ask myself why I’m not reading that fic I’ve been enjoying only to remember that, oh yeah, I. got caught up with that. yeah

    #ough i just finshed compass #i see the author has like 100+ other bnha fics so i will be diving into those and see what else tickles my fancy #i'm a cautionary tale on the risks of being born was also a good one #a one shot where the writing style really caught my eye #something about the way this person writes is just #exquisite
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  • spotsandsocks
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #buddie#buddie ao3 #evan buck buckely #eddie diaz#911 fox#911 fic#my fic#all finshed #Twelve months Twelve kisses part 2 #christoper diaz
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  • very-shy-moth
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Them <3

    #finally finshed valley omg #sky children of the light #my screenshots#samekh #valley of triumph #eye of eden #sky spoilers
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  • nbvethbrenatto
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    i honestly love writing very queer fics that are also up to your interpretation,, like this story is about being queer !! like that's what it’s about !! but like in what way ?? in whatever way you want !!!

    #magnus talks #see when i write cr fic that no one lieks i get insecure #but when i write fics for shit liek dawons creek taht non one respeonds to im liek yeah its still good shit just no one is looking for it #u know ??? #anyways like fr jsut wanna write those queer vibes but hen u can take it as u will !!! #anyway si guess u cna reblgo this is  u like #idk if other ppk enjoy this lmao but if u do feel free to reblog #god i loev writing #u can jsut think things and the write them #its harda dn so not rewarding in the response but also god i love it So much #damn i hate covid theres gonna be this rly good panel at teh writers fest that #i rly wanna both see and be there for #with writers taht look so down my alley #like ill do it online but god i just think it wudl be Such a good panel to see irl u know ??? #anyways thats all folks lol #oh wai talos: if ur a queer writer i love you <333333 #also yes i am finally finshing my bday rum #i drank liek two thrids of it the couple of days after my bday #but then was like: i should save this #and now im appreciating this #so i ifnished my fic and uploaded it and now im geting drunk <333 #and tbh i wished i had saved it all #bc after drinking cheap shit this tastes so fuckign good my gOD #i rly dint appreciated it beofre #i shoudl def send my aunt a follow up thank you text #like the firt swas geuine but this woudl be like... yeah so genuien #liek i can have more with my coke adn have it still taste goo ?? #a true miracle #anyways now thats all folks but like for real lmaooo
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  • incorrectnessduskwood
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    My phone broke and I don't know when I'm gonna be able to replace it. How am I supposed to play Duskwood now, especially when ep 9 is so close to coming out? 😭😭😭

    #i hate it here #why did it decide to broke now #of all times #i hate it so much #and im so sad #cant believe i wont be able to play duskwood #i was so close to finshing ep 8
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  • puttin-clothes-in-the-dreyar
    08.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Not me coming up with ideas for a loke x gray fic when I havent even finished the rest of laxus rarepair week 😔

    #i need to post the other ones i've finished #and im gonna finsh the whole week #its just this ship got stuck in my head #loke fairy tail #gray fullbuster
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  • tastyeyegushers7
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    art project

    Wed, Sept 1, 2021

    Inspiration from two my fav music artists

    #my art#my post#my photo #my art work #artwork#art project#art#pic collage#picture collage #this my school assignment this few days old of my project i just now finished it all i make sure #get good photos of finished work #it really fun and sometimes difficult at times but looking at finsh work is always satisfying #tastyeyegushers7art
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  • missallsunday
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Made a little cup of mac and cheese

    #it just finshed 👍 #💟txt
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  • grrrbarkbarkwoofbark
    03.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Guess who stayed up till 1pm drawing lesbian fairy ponies!!!!

    #ngl im proud as hell of this #theyre gfs omg #so proud of these little horse lesbians #i need to sleep but first i need to finsh the background on this thing and add the flowers #i want to give one of them a different coloured pattern but im thinking she might be good since shes super cute anyways
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  • nbvethbrenatto
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    moodboard: taako & lup

    #taako & lup #the adventure zone #taz#tazedit#taz edit#my moodboards #twins !!! #miss u babes #im up to ep 11 of amnesty rn and yes i am the slowest listener to podcasts ever thanks for noticing lmao #and im enjoying it #but gotta be honest esp excited to finsh bc i know there is lots of trans content for duck lmao #love a strong trans hc #oh wait i was liyterally thinking abt trans aubrey when listetin #lady flame is the most gender thing i mean literally dont tell me she doenst g et gender euphoria any time anyone says that #anyways lmao
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  • jag-rat
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I keep finding these half finished comic pages/concepts in random obscure folders on my laptop and honestly its getting a little concerning.

    #and they're always titled shit like 'deerbroxajskdhf' #why can't I just finish shit? #thanks adhd#comics#my comic #who knows maybe one day I'll finish it #deer guy#cevitaur #is that what they're called? #I honestly don't even know what this was for #might've been school work shit or something #half finshed#sketchy #take a shot mf #'holy shit he said it' #photoshop #because art school wants me to be broke #character concept #I think I'll name em Howard #they look a bit like a Howard innit #who knows maybe one day I'll do a reference sheet for em #these tags are a mess #im so sorry #artists on tumblr
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  • fri-peanut
    24.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I am now 70% through my goodreads goal for the year 😎

    #friday’s chaos #live from james's brain #i just finshed ruin and rising and oh my god it was so good
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  • queenoftherodeoo
    22.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago


    #after finshing a gl*e rewatch in the year 2021 #i should probably watch something new…something good #…instead i’m rewatching fucking shameless #i think there is something wrong with meeeee #i’m reveeeerting #help!!!
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  • skarobotarmy
    21.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    sometimez i get super tired doing my makeup and im like itz OK i can go to school with only one eyeliner but then i panic and spend foreverfinishing it

    #this iz why im so tired everyday. all the energy on finshing that liner. worth it
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  • greystarseverywhere
    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My coping skills include, pacing for 5+ hours a day, starting a writing project just to abadon it, crying, degrading myself, mirrring others or age regression, and my therapist still asks if I want to contiune- like, do i look mentally well to you? I am not ready to face society alone yet, madam.

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