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  • Gotta say I’m kinda disappointed at the tag lines for the new FE:H characters. “Galatea’s Heir,” “Dimitri’s Vassal,” “Hevring’s Heir,” “Adopted Daughter” are so like… surface level and not indicative of who these characters are. They could have been things like, “Aspiring Knight” “Duscur’s Voice” “Sleepy Scholar” and “Daughter of Beasts” or something

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  • I just realized this morning that the name of the new Heroes banner may be a nod to the first (or maybe second?) Dimidue joke I ever made, regarding that earlygame exploration quest with Dedue’s seed(s).

    That takes me back.

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  • Happy Birthday to me!!! 🎂🎉✨
    Didn’t know what to draw so I drew Chrom (with Gintoki)!

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  • image

    Alphonse and Dad!

    Feat. Seliph and Finn, another father figure 💕


    Red stats are due to Sabotage Atk (-7) and Res Ploy (-5).

    Nice +10 merges, and happy building!

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  • I’m honestly happy with either of these characters winning but I like Seiros a bit more so I’m on her team with this round.

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  • Arena Assault - Week 178
    L!Seliphs & V!Lifs

    Team 1: L!Edelgard - Flame Emperor - Camilla - Caeda
    Team 2: Annand - Erinys - Díthorba - Dancer Lachesis
    Team 3: Eirika - Marisa - Lute - Tethys
    Team 4: Memories Eirika - L'arachel - Halloween L'arachel - Christmas Eirika
    Team 5: Kiria - Tsubasa - Eleonora - Mamori
    Team 6: Altena - Olwen - Thracia Olwen - Nanna
    Team 7: Dreaming Camilla - Summer Camilla - Spring Camilla - Brave Camilla

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  • I have not posted about Fire Emblem but Henry and Linhardt make me keysmash and gkgkrojgnt Linhardt is getting into Heroes

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  • some marj n azzy (well, mostly marj) bc im awake and wanted to have fun with big dragon pawsies

    and draw marj booty

    #sundoodle #marj n azzy #fe14#azurrin#azura #fire emblem fates #marjorie#azura fe#digital#sketch#shaded#fire emblem #they just free to doodle however i want
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  • I’m very happy for everyone who wanted Dedue but the ashen wolves fan in me is getting desperate.

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  • Yes… FINALLY!


    And now… I have them all.. ALL OF THEM.


    Thank you, IntSys. You have saved the remains of my nerves.

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  • Oh. [Platonic!Sylvain]


    Pairing: Sylvain x f!reader

    Request: no

    Word count: 1070

    Warnings: none

    Author note: uhhh, it’s based of the bathroom scene in Stranger things season 3. That’s all.


    It was a stupid idea, a very very stupid idea.

    Sylvain and (Y/N) were best friends since they’ve joined the academy, so naturally when the blue lions were tasked to deal with his older brother, who stole the lance of ruin, the girl was by his side the entire time. Even when he turned into a horrific beast she couldn’t pull away from the red haired boy, which was their downfall.

    In an attempt to save Sylvain, who was frozen im fear, the two of them got hit by rocks the beast was sending towards the group. And so the two friends ended up hurt pretty bad in the infirmary on questionable medication.

    It was late at night and the two were alone in the infirmary, each laying in their own bed, both staring at the stone ceiling.

    (Y/N) sighed, “The ceiling stopped spinning for me. Is it still spinning for you?” The girl asked from her bed were she was staring at the ceiling.

    Sylvain paused for a moment, “Holy shit,” he spoke up surprised, “No. You think we puked it all up?” He asked turning to lay in his side, so he can look at her better.

    The girl sat up to also have a better look at Sylvain and shrugged, “Maybe. Ask me something. Interrogate me.”

    “Okay, interrogate you. Sure,” he thought about it for a moment, “Um, When was the last time you, uh, peed your pants?”

    “Today,” the girl replied immediately without hesitation.

    Sylvain sat up and looked at the dazed girl, “What?” He asked confused.

    “When your brother turned into that horrific beast,” she explained further.

    “Oh, my God,” Sylvain let out, followed by a loud laugh.

    “It was just a little bit, though.”

    Sylvain calmed down again, “Yeah, it’s definitely still in your system,” he said to her, still grinning from ear to ear.

    (Y/N) also had a grin on her face, “All right, my turn.”

    “Okay. Hit me.”

    She thought about for a moment, before the perfect question entered her brain, “Have you..ever been in love? Like really in love, not "Sylvain in love”.“

    "Yep. Ingrid. Before First semester,” he answered, and then trying to imitate an bow and arrow noise, but failing miserably and then letting out a chuckle.

    The girl quickly joined the chuckle, “Oh, my God. She’s such a priss.”

    “Hm. Turns out, not really.”

    (Y/N) scoffed, “Okay, Are you still in love with Ingrid?”

    “No,” he simply answered, putting his arms behind his head and leaning against the headboard of the bed.

    “Why not?” She asked curiously with a raised eyebrow.

    “I think it’s because I found someone who’s a little bit better for me,” he started, and letting out a short chuckle,  “It’s crazy. Ever since Felix and Annette became a thing, he’s been saying, "You know, you gotta find someone for you. You gotta find your Annette.”“

    The girl stopped for a moment, "Wait, Felix and Annette?”

    “Yeah, it happened like really unexpectedly and it was really cute, but that’s not- that’s not really the point,” he took a deep breath, “The point is, this girl, you know, the one that I like, it’s somebody that I only just recently met and when I think about it, I wish I’d been hanging out with this girl the whole time.”

    (Y/N) sighed quietly without Sylvain knowing and pulled her knees closer to her to hug them. She knew exactly where this was going.

    The redhead only continued, “First of all, she’s hilarious. She’s so funny. I feel like, this semester, I have laughed harder than I have laughed in a really long time. And she’s smart, way smarter than me. You know, she can crack, like, top secret codes and You know? She’s honestly unlike anyone I’ve ever even met before,” he stated.

    Sylvain looked over to his friend and saw the lack of reaction from her, “(Y/N)?” He asked, “(Y/N), did you die over there?”

    The girl sighed, “No, I am still alive,” she replied simply with her head between her knees.

    Sylvain also sighed, he stood up and walked over the her bed. He sat down besides her in silence.

    “I wouldn’t sit down here if I were you,” she said, “It’s pretty disgusting.”

    Sylvain only smiled, “Yeah, well, I already got a bunch of blood and puke on my shirt, so what do you think?”

    (Y/N) lifted her head and looked at her best friend, “About?”

    “This girl.”

    “She sounds awesome,” (Y/N) answered simply.

    “She is awesome. And what about the guy?” He pressed on.

    The girl smiled and looked at the boy, “I think he’s on meds, and he’s not thinking straight.”

    “Really? ‘Cause I think he’s thinking a lot more clearly than usual,” Sylvain responded with a grin.

    (Y/N) sighed heavily and dropped her head again, “He’s not. Look he doesn’t even know this girl. And if he did know her, like- like really know her, I don’t think he’d even want to be her friend.”

    He shook his head, “No, that’s not true. No way is that true.”

    “Listen to me, Sylvain,” the girl began looking at her friend with a serious expression, “It’s shocked me to my core, but I like you. I really like you. But I’m not like your other friends. And I’m not like Ingrid, or Annette.”

    “(Y/N), that’s exactly why I like you.”

    She paused for a moment, “Do you remember what I said about class? About me being jealous and, like, obsessed?” She began, playing with the hem of her skirt.


    “It isn’t because I had a crush on you. It’s because she wouldn’t stop staring at you.”

    “Who? The professor?” Sylvain asked with a chuckle.

    (Y/N) closed her eyes and took a deep breath before answering, “Mercedes,” she said with a heavy sigh, “I wanted her to look at me. But she couldn’t pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair. And I didn’t understand, because you were a douchebag. And- And you didn’t even like her and at the end of the day I would go into my room and just scream into my pillow.”

    Sylvain looked at his friend confused, “But Mercedes is a girl.”

    She tilted her head slightly and looked at her best friend softly, “Sylvain.”

    “Yeah?” He asked, before it finally clicked in his brain, “Oh.”

    “Oh,” she replied.

    “Holy shit.”

    “Yeah. Holy shit,” she repeated.

    There was a short silence between the two, until (Y/N) spoke up, “Sylvain did you die over there?”

    “No, I just, uh just thinking,” he stuttered out, avoiding eye contact with his friend.

    “Okay,” she replied, her voice slightly cracking.

    Sylvain turned his head to face her again, “I mean, yeah. Mercedes, you know, she’s cute and all, but I mean, she’s a total dud,” he said matter of factly.

    “She is not,” the girl replied offended.

    Sylvain nodded, “Yes, she is. She doesn’t even know what she wants to do after school.”

    “She leaves her options open.”

    “I think you can do better than that.”

    “Oh, yeah? Hit me then.”

    “Mmmh, how about Dorothea?”


    “Oh! I think Hilda could be a good match for you.”



    “You’re such an idiot.”

    “But I’m your idiot.”


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  • Messy sketch - maidens of the dusk

    #my art#my doodles#fire emblem#genshin impact#ophelia#fischl #fire emblem heroes #ophelia (fire emblem) #fischl (genshin impact) #原神#feh #me posting art at 4 am when no one is up #but is just a scribble anyway so sjdjshds #crossover
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  • image



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  • if you have two dedues in your team

    does that mean you have


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  • I have such mix emotions for Three Houses. I played the game when it came out, while I didn’t finish one route ( being Claude’s ) I really did enjoy the game and how it made me think on things while loving most of the characters.

    However, the fandom for this game installment has me really indifferent towards many of the characters or a character I really enjoyed, but their fans made me dislike them to a degree where I don’t feel joy as much when I recruit them to my different house in game. This hasn’t happen to me before for Awakening nor Fates, but I think it’s mostly because people were mostly bitching about how flaw the two games are or how the characters aren’t this or that or the writing is bad and just how popular it is to “hate” these games.

    The fact people who never touched a FE game or play any of them but voted for an NPC because it be funny or have a petty reason while making sure lords don’t have 1st place anymore is rather silly. I understand people are tired of the lords winning CYL, but that’s who we spent the most time with in these games so it makes sense they would be high up in the poll.

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  • I’m bored so I’ll do sketch requests!

    I can’t promise to do much but I’ll do best as i can but i have rules

    -i won’t draw furries and media that makes me uncomfortable (Danganronpa, Undertale etc. Feel free to ask)

    -ocs are ok! Just dm me a reference

    -i might color them if you ask

    I’ll keep ‘em open till Friday/Saturday so have fun!

    #twisted wonderland#Fire emblem #<- these are the main fandom i draw for but feel free to request other fandom as well #Not art
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