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    I never thought I'd have to say this but THANK YOU TSUBASA

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    Edelgard sketch

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    #feh #Fire emblem heroes #This is way I fucking hate aether raids #But thank god they have auto dispatch cause I need those grails #ITS TIER 12 AND THERES THIS #Robin could tank an unmerged edelgard #BUT NOT THIS
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    Seliph, Seliph, Seliph and more Seliph (with families and friends).

    #fe4#seliph #genealogy of the holy war #fire emblem
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    Plumeria: all this “bottom rights” and “top rights” discourse.... you fools.... where is my support for Switches!

    Peony: support.nintendo.com

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    i hc that a large part of why Jeralt fell in love with Byleths mom at first was because he assumed Sitri was likely just as long lived as Rhea, even with her sickly demeanor, judging by how close they were and also just Rhea's shiftiness (and probably Sitri's shiftiness too if she never told him, since it seemed like Jeralt knew nothing about it) about where Sitri came from, and he wanted to love someone that he wouldn't automatically outlive. No expectation of heartbreak. No grieving someone long before they leave him. A selfish kind of love that no one could fault him for since he had likely lived through so many of his friends deaths over his lifetime and he didnt want to go through it again with someone he loved romantically too.

    Sitri choosing to have Byleth despite the large chance that one or both of them might die was a gutpunch that made him re evaluate their relationship

    His acceptance of her choice and the probably consequences of it (and him realizing and understanding that even if he knew it would end up like this, he still would have loved her anyway) was probably both heartbreaking and an act of love that made their relationship deeper and more fulfilling. She could die. Or Byleth could. Or both of them could. But he would not take this choice away from her when she spent her entire life barely having any because of her frail health.

    And then the 2nd worst thing happens and Sitri does die :(

    (the worst is if he lost both sitri and byleth)

    And, damn, dont get me started about Jeralt and byleth. Like. There must be some quiet fear there that he would have to outlive Byleth too like, "what if Byleth didnt get mine or sitri's long lived shtick??". The quiet bittersweetness of an immortal raising their mortal child :,)

    #am i wording this right? #i hope i am lol #fe3h #jeralt reus eisner #sitri eisner #jeralt fire emblem #tw: character death #i guess #tho anyone whos played fe3h knows they fridged the mom lol
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    Mythic Heroes - Ullr Banner

    Bow Crusader

    Ullr is a historical figure from Genealogy of the Holy War. When a group of human revolutionaries rose up against the tyranny of the Loptrian Empire, they eventually found themselves dealing with an angry earth dragon, Loptous, who they viewed as a dark god. In their dimmest hour, twelve divine dragons (including their tribe leader, Naga) descended from the skies like gods of light. Each of those divine dragons granted one human part of their power via blood rite, along with a weapon that could only be used by the resulting bloodline - thus creating the Twelve Crusaders.

    Seeing as Ullr was an archer, the dragon that bonded with her gave her a bow called Yewfelle (a Japanese-to-English localisation thing; not Norse).

    After they won, the Crusaders dispersed across the land. The golden age of the dragons was ending, so it was the Crusaders, their weapons, and their lineage that got passed down as holy/sacred. Ullr ended up establishing Yngvi, a dukedom in the kingdom of Grannvale. If founded by fellow crusader Heim, who had bonded with Naga.

    In Genealogy, Yewfelle may only be used by Brigid or Febail, who are Ullr’s descendants.

    Trivia: Ullr, in Norse mythology, is the god of bows and skis. He is the son of Sif, and step-son of Thor. I never really considered what gender Ullr of Genealogy was until she got brought into Heroes. But gender fluidity, gender-swapping, etc. does exist in both Norse mythology and Fire Emblem (I mean, look at Loki, Thórr, Reginn). And beyond, so! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Mythic Ullr - The Bowmaster

    Blue Bow Infantry

    Mythic Effect: Light

    Boost: HP +5, Spd +4

    Ullr has high Atk/Spd, medium to low HP/Def, really low Res. She also has Life and Death 4 for her A skill, which only min-maxes her more.

    In Genealogy, Yewfelle is a bow that grants Atk/Spd and some degree of HP restoration. This has translated in Heroes to an exclusive weapon that grants Ullr Atk/Spd, null Atk/Spd penalties, and null effects that prevent her Special cooldown from lowering. But only against rather healthy foes, or during player-phased combat.

    Look at this ridiculous amount of overkill:

    Ullr’s bow also comes with a Slaying effect, which turns Glimmer into a Special with a cooldown count of 1. Combined with her C skill, Time’s Pulse, which lowers the cooldown by 1 whenever Ullr starts the turn with her Special at its max, that means her Special is always ready at player-phase.

    Beyond that, Ullr comes with an exclusive B skill. Yngvi Ascendent prevents her from NOT being able to make a follow-up. She’s fast enough to guarantee herself a lot of that to begin with, but this skill even allows her to follow-up before her foe can counterattack if she initiates combat, too!

    So, pretty straightforward: a player-phased offensive blue bow unit that should not get within enemy-phased combat range.

    HP 39 ATK 56 SPD 41 DEF 30 RES 19

    Holy Yewfelle [Mt. 14, Rng. 2, CD -1, x1.5 damage against fliers] grants Ullr stackable Atk/Spd +6 and nulls both penalties to her Atk/Spd as well as effects that inflict "Special cooldown charge -X" on her, if she fights (1) either a foe whose HP ≥ 75% at the start of combat, or (2) during player-phase.

    Glimmer [CD: 2] boosts damage dealt by 50%.

    Life and Death 4 [A] flat out grants Atk/Spd +7 and inflicts Def/Res -5 on Ullr.

    Yngvi Ascendent [B] nulls effects that prevent Ullr from making a follow-up. During player-phased combat, this skill also allows Ullr to follow-up before her foe can counterattack.

    Time’s Pulse 3 [C] grants Ullr a Special cooldown of -1 whenever she starts the turn with her CD at its max number.

    Fodder: AC skills, and Special.

    This banner’s 5-star Focus units are:

    Red: Legendary Sigurd, L!Seliph, Mythic Reginn

    Blue: L!Dimitri, M!Seiros, M!Ullr

    Green: M!Yune, Pent, Shamir

    Colorless: M!Mila, M!Eir, Louise

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    hands you ryotiane art and leaves

    #ANYWAYS SO #I HAVE ZINE WORK TO DO #LIES ON THE GROUND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I MISSED DRAWING THEM #ryoma fire emblem #ryokamu#ryotiane #HELLO YES MY MU'S NAME IS MYSELF IM NOT ORIGINAL.PNG #fire emblem fates #fire emblem birthright #i don't think there's anything else i gotta tag #tiane's art??? #i havent posted shit on tunglr for a fat while #i am very proud of the first one #esp ryoma's hands #they're so nice
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    Alfonse x Summoner.NSFW 18+

    This one goes to the people who wanted an Alfonse Summer atl. At least we got Freyr.

     Taboo: from Tongan tabu ‘set apart, forbidden’

     Summoner POV

      As a person who comes from the “World of Steel” I am be very used to most levels of nakedness in people. I mean, when you do P. E. at school or when you go to the gym or running at the park, or the beach, and watch TV; we are all bombarded by all kinds of nakedness. We are used to looking at other people’s bodies as something normal.

       When I got to Askr I met heroes of all kinds and many of them are just like me in that they find levels of nakedness normal. Take Hawkeye for for example. He is quite a gentleman and in his culture it is quite normal to be half naked.

     Leading the heroes I got used to them and their bodies enough that I view most of them with a more clinical eye, like a doctor would. When they are wounded and I help treat them, I see their bodies just as a doctor would. The same goes when I see them in the beach or the spring. This make them much more comfortable around me. So much so that some of the heroes have tried to play tricks on me and see me crack.

      Like the time the most unlikely pair, consisting of Niles and Henry played a trick on older Ike. They took his clothes when he was in one of the baths, locked his room and hid his clothes in my office (which is attached to Alfonse’s). They told him not to worry “ The Summoner is asleep.” I was definitely not asleep and saw the guy in all of his muscular glory. Did I get flustered? Not really. I mean at first it was like “WTF”, but I was not ogling the guy! He was all freaked out, and I got worried. Besides, I have seen him almost naked before. What is a little more skin? Well it wasn’t little to be fair…it was actually quite a lot…

      I was quietly reading a report on my writing desk, all hunched over, when he came silently in and stood right in front of me. I waited for him to talk. I thought it was Alfonse at first, coming to get my report, so I did not even say anything. I am used to him just coming in and sit to wait for me to finish my work quietly. Then Ike stands just in front of the desk and I look up to see a mop of dark blue hair over his “Ragnell”. I look all the way up to see Ike looking over at the bookcase behind me. He was not yet aware I was awake.

       -Ike? What are you looking for?- I ask calmly looking back to the bookcase behind me to see what he was looking for. I hear a yelp and something heavy falling down. I look around and find him on the floor covering himself with his hands. His eyes were wide opened and he could not talk for a second. He just kept opening and closing his mouth and said “ I can explain.”in a strangled voice. Alfonse chooses that exact moment to come inside and finds me standing up to give Ike my coat so he can cover himself up. What does he see? I am undressing my self in front of Ike and Ike is naked on the floor.


       Yes we were able to clear that up. Alfonse even laughed about it and still does sometimes, but that was only the beginning.

       Some time later Dieck comes inside the study Alfonse and I use in the library. Now we all know Dieck always uses the bare minimum on clothes, but this time he is wearing only his pants and boots. As soon as he comes in, he starts taking his pants off (And of course he is not wearing underwear) and looks at Alfonse and say.

       -Oh Your Majesty is here too? Oh don’t worry; I don’t mind.- He now is butt naked and kicking his boots off. I turn to Alfonse with a ‘WTF’ face and I see him tomato red and very angry. He looks at me and…Why…is he angry at me too? What did I do?

       -Dieck… what the hell is going on?- I ask calmly because I feel Alfonse is going to blow a gasket and any loud noise will set it off.

       -I am here for the check up.- He says simply and his smile falters a little, looking sideways at Alfonse. I focus on his face like it is a normal conversation. Doctors and nurses can do this and so can I.

       -What check up?

       -The one you ordered to check our birthmarks and scars, just in case we are killed and there is no other way to identify our bodies.- I turn to Alfonse and I give him a questioning look, but he appears to not have heard anything except the “the one you ordered”. He is looking at us both angrily back and forth.

       -Umm…Well now that you mentioned it… It sounds like a good idea, but I have never given that order. Whoever told you that? -Still focused on the face.

       -One of the soldiers…so it is not true?- He asks now red in the face, which is very weird because this man has no sense of shame when it comes to showing off. Then he goes to cover himself with his hands, but too late Dieck, I already saw it all.

       -Well no, but it is a good idea, right Alfonse?- I say thoughtfully. He seemed to have regained his senses and is now still red, but his face is lowered and he just nods.

       -Oh…I should go then and find that (he whispers some curses under his breath)…I… -He takes his pants and puts them on. I start making a note about the idea to tell Anna.- I am sorry ______.

       - Don’t worry Dieck. No harm done. This has happened before and just so you know I liked the idea, but if we do make it happen, it would be a member of the healing team doing the check up.- He looks skeptically at Alfonse who is pinching the bridge of his nose and has his eyes closed. You know, that face he does when he is about to lose his patience? Well that one.

       -Oh! Thanks for letting me know.

       -I want to know if you can identify the soldier that told you this. Please see me tomorrow after breakfast,at the training ground.- Alfonse tells Dieck and there is a determined look on his face. Dieck looks back at him and with just the same look, agrees to it.

       At the end we did use that idea, but meanwhile I had four other heroes coming in to undress in my presence. One of them being Lady Camilla who agreed to dismember whoever was the culprit of the trick. The other was Libra who looked about to faint when he was informed he had been tricked by someone. King Claude, who laughed about it and congratulated whoever had bested him in his kind of game; and finally Sonia, who paraded around the room, even after I told her it was not necessary for her to undress. The culprit ended up being Xane ,and Marth was not lenient with him. Neither was I. I mean whoever plays a trick like that on Libra?! Yes! He is a guy!

     This keeps happening periodically, specially with new heroes. It is like some kind of hazing ritual.

       At this point I have seen at least one version of all the heroes naked for one reason or another and like I said before, they seemed to be very comfortable around me and my professionalism.

      Yet I, being myself can’t get used to showing much of my own body due to my insecurities. I mean I may exercise and maybe train but I keep myself still kind of covered up almost all the time. It is a uniform after all. I even have to wear that tiara they gave me. I look like royalty XD

      Askr itself has it’s own norms and they are far more conservative when it came to dress codes and overall behavior. I mean Alfonse sometimes sounds like I imagine my great grandpa sounded back in the day. And this is when I realized something. I have never seen Alfonse in any kind of undress and…It kind of bother me. Why? Because he was the only one person I was attracted to in all of Askr. I loved that man’s mind, heart, personality and skill…in everything he did.

     I knew I was in love with Alfonse at this point, but it had taken another Alfonse showing a little chest to understand that I was the the most sexually frustrated of all my life and that looking at his chest was doing things no one else had done in their entire nakedness. Hell not even porn or hentai had given me the high I got from imaging my Alfonse in that outfit. I mean…not that I used to watch porn or hentai. I know what they are, but the time I did watch, it was all meh. I even thought it was funny. I mean, who isn’t curious about that ? I suppose we have all gone at least once and taken a look at it? Right?…right?

       I remember plain as day I stood there stunned into silence, and probably mouth agape the whole time. I must have looked like an idiot or a pervert! My Alfonse was red as a tomato and trying so hard to avoid my gaze. At the end of the day, the only thing I got out of him was a little laugh and a small  “I am so glad, we do not share that costume here in Askr.”


       I find my self starting at his UN-globed hands when he is drinking tea or eating. I try not to, but the white smooth surface of the back of his hands contrast with the rough calloused fingers, so used to gripping sword and shield. They can also play the sweetest of sounds on a violin and I find that so sexy. Those same long white fingers so tempting and beautiful in their strength and skillfulness. Sometimes I stop my self from wondering how they would feel and...<>

      It is true I touch him often. Touch is my love language and even though I always make sure to give people that do mind, their personal space, I do know that Alfonse does not mind. Alfonse may not be a huger, but it does not mean he does not enjoy being touched by people he holds close to him or for them to be near him. Also yes, I have helped him with his wounds but, most of the time I am to damn worried to actually take time to enjoy the touch of his skin and to be hones I find that quite a violation of trust, so I do not indulge in it.

       Sometimes he has caught me starting at the brim of his scarf and under-armor for a glimpse of his neck and I feel so embarrassed by it, but the thought of kissing him there is so tempting to me and I long so much to see past that barrier. He always covers himself again when he sees it is revealing more that that fraction of his neck… And Lord above! Is he smiling?

       The curse of all of this is, that yes we have Summer here in Askr, but it is not as hot and you have to travel to the beach to be seriously hot. He has never gone to the beach with us, since I arrived here.  I am not counting the times we do go, because Anna comes up with some scheme to raise money for the order, because we all wear the uniform then. Whenever he goes to the hot spring; he does it by himself, when Sharena and I are doing something else. Even while going to the river he wears long sleeves, because …bugs. I have asked Sharena and she just answered that she had not noticed and why I was interested….Oh you know…scientific purposes Sharena…

      At first I feel so sad and rejected. Fine…I get it. You are not interested in me and do not welcome my intrusive looks…but…he gives me so many mixed signals! Why is he so close at meetings and I can feel his fingers touching mine. He has taken my hands in his many times. When another hero flirts with me he always appears out of nowhere with knitted brows and a disapproving stare. Prince Hrid came to say ‘Hi’ once and to talk to me, and next thing I know Alfonse drops everything to be next to me as well. Hrid even asked me if we were engaged ! I wish Hrid!

     Well I suppose that is what friends do right? Maybe he does not want me falling in love with a hero and leaving Askr while they need me here. But I talked to him already. I am not returning “home” and I am not leaving…because…How can I leave and not see him again? Not that I wanted to return “home” to begin with, and it seemed impossible to fall in love with someone else other than him.

       I have seen heroes flirting with him as well, and he seems unimpressed by any of them. I have heard other heroes telling the rejected ones, “He has eyes only for the Summoner.” …But what had they seen that I don’t? So I go and ask Sharena and she just laughs it up and says to give him time. He is shy and self conscious.

     …So he does like me, but is very shy and very busy and very self conscious and insecure? OK…I can work with that. Like a great elf king said once; “I am patient; I can wait.” But not that much cause I’m not an elf.

       Then Lif came and I thought “Hell! Even his grandpa show more skin than him!”

     Lif came like a shadow from the grave that will take your last breath. To be honest, he looked more like Death than Hel herself. Except… He was HOT. I felt bad for even thinking that, when the Goddess of Death was trying to end us all, and most specially Alfonse. And you see, that is when I got angry. How the heck was an ancestor of the Askr royalty helping that crazy witch, end his descendants?

       Lif attacked us and tried to, I suppose…kidnap me? He made a bee line to where I was standing and fell all the soldiers on his way. It was weird! I was about to bolt, because the training I had, would not stop the guy who just felled like twenty guys on his way, but something, not fear, took hold of me and I just…those eyes… It was like ten seconds in which I looked into his eyes and saw so many emotions in them, that I could not understand and then I could not move….ten seconds and he was already there in front of me, not attacking but there!

       Alfonse came before Lif had taken me or whatever he was going to do. He ended up with a bruised knee and ankle. I went to help him with some salves and bandages when we were done with the rest of the more serious injured people. He took off his shoe and rolled up the under armor. His ankle was not swollen and his knee was bruised but it was not swollen. I put some salve any way.  

      -What happened? I saw it from afar and felt I would not get there fast enough. Where was Dimitri?- He said a little angry, since King Dimitri was one of my supports alongside him and he was tasked today with being my guardian. I was still massaging his ankle not even thinking about it.

      -They were circling us from the back and Dimitri had to fall back to take care of it…Umm…I don’t know what happened. It was weird. He looked at me and he just…

       -I saw it too.- Said Sharena who came to stand behind Alfonse.- It was like he hit you with a spell.

       -It didn’t feel, like a magic attack. I was more like… I don’t know…- I felt weird about it, so I just made some stupid joke to lighten the mood- Why didn’t y’all tell me your grandpa was so hot? Heh , heh, heh heh! What? It’s not my fault! He kind of looks like you Alfonse.- Hey I was nervous and I do this when I get nervous!

       At first They gave me their “ Seriously?” stare, but Sharena catches on quick and starts laughing out loud. Alfonse? Well he scowls and close his eyes and then takes his foot away from my hands. What?? wait I didn’t get the chance to enjoy that! Damn! Next thing I know, he is taking his sock and starts putting in on. I see his smooth white skin peppered with… is that golden hair? Does it have a blue in it? and my throat closes dry. I follow his movements, as hypnotizing as a dance, rolling up that white sock that is taking away my hopes and dreams. Then the under armor goes down and boot on. It took him like ten seconds, that I totally did not count. Then his hands were covered as well.

     I look up at him with my hands still hovering in the same place as when he took away his leg and see him smiling sideways. I compose myself and…Wait…What? Is he doing this on purpose? Seriously? And the worst part is, that it should not bother me at all, but the truth is…I am very bothered by it. He has become a some sort of taboo to me and GOD how I love the guy! If it was someone else like Robin who never looses that coat of his and globes; I would not care! But I love him Lord. Why is he like this? I used to thank God I was not one of those feet fetishes people, and now I will be dreaming of his feet.  Thanks Alfonse!

     Joking. I respect feet fetish people. To each their own.

     The point is that I feel like those people in Victorian novels, where they get all hot and bothered by someone’s ankle showing more than normal! Oh but what an ankle that was tho’. Stop. Focus!

       I resolve to see him as clinically as any other hero and not stare at the shape of his ears and think of how I want to whisper how much I love him while kissing it…Grrr…I’m doing it again.

       Days later we see Lif again and Alfonse is cursed…We have nine days. Good thing Hel has not seen The Ring or it might have been only seven. Yeah I joke now, but back then I was about to commit murder and then kill myself…or something just as dramatic.

     We searched for days, a way to undo the curse and we found nothing. You’d think I would have taken a page from Dean Winchester's book and played the “last days on Earth” trope to get into his pants; but to be honest nothing like that even crossed my mind at the time! I was so desperate to keep him alive that nothing else matter to me. He could have paraded naked in front of me at the time I was at the library and I would not have noticed…Well, maybe I would have, but it didn’t happen so it doesn’t count

       Until the sixth night of the curse.

       There was a knock at the door to my chamber. Oh! Did I mentioned we have a shared study? Because we do. It is between our chambers and it can only be entered from our rooms. It was his idea and it was for safety reasons. The nights I have spent sitting by the chimney staring at his door…but never mind that. He knocked at my chamber door and when I opened it, he was about to leave. He was wearing sleeping pants, a long sleeve night shirt and socks, all in white.

       We had fallen asleep next to each other at the library before of course, especially during the days he was cursed. And yes we used to huddle together during our march through Nifl. It was effing cold OK. We also usually had our sleeping rolls next to each other during campaigns, because we fall asleep while talking or after a watch,but we had never slept together on a bed. Beds are…intimate to him I suppose.

    This night however, he came in and he just goes on and sit on my bed. He said nothing. I sat next to him and reached over to give him a hug. He took this as his cue and hugged back and didn’t let go. He clung to me with such force I was starting to feel dizzy. I asked him to stay the night. He nodded and still said nothing. I blew out the candle I was using to read and we went to sleep while he hugged me tightly. It was no surprise to me, but it was not so much fear that I could see in him. It was so many emotions, that fear seemed to be the least of his problems; but of course he was afraid. We spend together the following nights of his curse. Funny thing is …all those nights I dreamed of his Grandpa, watching over from my balcony window.

      And did I had a glimpsed of something while sleeping together? No. He came in and blew the candle out and by the time I woke up he was already awake. Not like I would have gone and taken advantage of his sleeping form to explore or something. I just thought later that if I had woken up before him, then may be I would have seen his shirt riding up or his pants lowered a little or maybe his sock had fallen off or something. Oh well…They were still the best nights of my life, even if they didn’t feel like that at the time. I mean, I got to be held like I was the most precious and sacred treasure in the world by my beloved. I would care for nothing else.

     Then…Grandpa is actually Alfonse from the future…

     Lif, as he goes by now, told us everything that had happened in his Askr. Which is weird because I had been dreaming of something like that and I thought it was stress.

     We spent some days in that dead world and I got to see Lif a few times. He looked curious about me, but at the same time I noticed he was avoiding me. The way he looked at Sharena really broke my heart every time I caught him starting at her. In turn Sharena looked ready to adopt him, if only he would let her do it.

    One of those night I was having a nightmare about me dying while I saw Anna drop dead as if by magic. I woke up to find Lif watching me from afar. I got up and went to talk to him before he ran away.

     We talk for a while. I do not want to intrude on painful memories, but he seems to know me so well it feels natural to talk to him, just like it is to Alfonse.

     -You two…you are not lovers yet?- He asks eyeing me sideways.

     -No. Where you…?

     -Yes. After the first attack. We spent some weeks fighting Hel together. Is he still playing hard to get then?-Oh and there it was.

     -Oh! So it is not my imagination! God I thought I was going insane! Oh that Bunny suit messed me up! I love that chest!…wait. Is that why you have your chest out? - He nods.- And the glow…I noticed Thrasir does not have that glow and I love glow in the dark…ermm… It is an awesome design I have to say. I like it. It is sexy.- I felt bad for the lack of tact but at the same time he needed to know I did not find him ugly or scary any more.

     -You were always odd like that Summoner.- He says that in his deep voice, and it conveys a lot of feelings.

     Did he let me touch his chest? No…and I didn’t really ask to be honest. My respects to Lif. He gave up everything for us. I owe him a lot.

     Well, now I knew for sure and I could confront him or let him keep doing it, or maybe just seduce him. It was strange. I always thought it only worked on men, but I guess it does work goes both ways! At least it help me to fall in love with his mind and heart first, not his body.

     Next day we were walking out of Lif’s castle when the floor gave in and Alfonse and I fell through it. Luckily it was not even high, but I am not as tall as Alfonse and with my luck, part of my coat and shirt got caught on a sharp part of a broken stone pillar, and I was left hanging about one feet off the ground by one shoulder. I tried wiggling off the coat but I could not do it.

     -Are you hurt _____?- Alfonse asks worriedly getting up from where he landed on the floor.

     -No! I think I just got scratched! But I can’t unhook my self.

     - Only you _____.- Says Alfonse smiling and getting dust out of his uniform.

     -Thanks Alfonse…Can you help me down?

     He looks around and up for a while and then stares at me for a few minutes. Probably thinking how to approach the problem, but seriously I think he could just reach up and unhook me. He is tall enough for that.

      He comes close to me and circle my waist with his left arm and places his left leg between my legs to find leverage on the pillar behind me. He reaches over my head with his right arm to unhook my coat. Being this close to him is so exiting. My heart begins to race and I start feeling kind of hot. I try not to think about it and avoid my gaze from his face, but I can’t help looking at him.

     There was not much light coming down from the hole above us, but I could see the side of his face and ear…yeah the same ear I wanted to…OK! Not now! He took this time to move his leg up to hold my weight up, and I was left straddling it. He kind of wiggled it to adjust and…Oh boy! It felt good, good.

    << Oh no! Don’t move it anymore…>> I was praying for him not to move that leg, because God in heaven, I was going to come right there and then.

     …And he moved it again but higher and harder…

     -Mmmn- Oh GOD! I did not just moan into his ear. I mean, I am not horny all the time, come on! It is just that, he is so close I can smell him. He smells so deliciously manly, and his leg is touching just the right places!!

     Meanwhile he is frozen in place. It seems like he is thinking about what to do or maybe just not thinking at all. I personally think he will be leaving me hanging there to be hones. I am so embarrassed, I lower my face to hide it, but we are so close, I end up hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

     He gasps and I can feel his arm tightening on my waist and I get even closer to him. I feel him moving his head a little as if to see my face and then…he moves the leg again as if testing it. This time slowly. I tried and fail to stifle another moan but it still comes out. He moves his hips upwards and keeps moving the leg. It creates just the right amount of friction needed. I feel my hips move on their own to meet him.

     -Alfonse…- My legs tighten around his and when I come close to his manhood I can feel his arousal as well.

     -_________- He whispers my name softly as my leg touches him. All this while he is still moving that blessed leg back and ford. I am panting at this point and he feels like he is in the same situation. All of this brought me to my knees. I came hard. I sat there shuddering in his arms and biting my hand because the stone caused every little noise to sound louder. I felt him kissing my hair.

     We heard some loud footsteps up above us and then…

     -Hey! You need help down there!- I hear Barst’s voice over my head. He does not sound or look like he heard anything.

     -We are fine…I just need …to get her down.- Alfonse’s voice sound a little strained but Barst takes it to mean he es working on helping me down. Just like that, he unhooks my coat and lowers me down gently, still not letting go.

     -I’m getting a ladder!- He’s gone and we can hear his footsteps getting farther away.

     Alfonse steps forward still with me in his arms ,until my back is against the pillar and then looks at me and kisses me hard.

      I am dizzy by the time he lets go. - He is coming back.- He says against my neck and bites into it. I am sure they could hear that whimper that left my mouth. And can you blame me? He just bit into my neck and at the same time moved his hips in a way that I could feel his manhood rub against me. Both his hands were lowered to my hips and he used them to have me closer to him. All this while, he gave this utterly sexy guttural sound that almost sounded like a growl… He lets go, takes a step back and turns around, a moment later a ladder is lowered.

     -You go. I will explore down here a moment.- He says in a firm voice not looking at me.

      I go up the ladder still a little shaky and flushed. I tel Barst to let him explore to see what he can find, but to leave the ladder for him to get up. Darn I wanted to go “exploring” with him. Just imagining what he is doing down there is doing things to me. Good thing everyone thought I was scared of what had happened. I only had a scratch to show.

     He came back much later.

     …Well that was a lot of “exploring”.

     He comes to the camp outside the castle and we are ready to leave just after lunch. At first he seems reluctant to be near me. I am freaking out because well, overthinking and anxiety mixed with insecurities is a bad mix. Finally after half a day of travel, we make camp and post the watch. He comes and sit by my side when I am eating. We don’t talk about it until we are left alone to go to rest.

     -I…I apologize Alfonse. It wasn’t my intention. I…it just happened.- I tell him when he doesn’t speak.

     - It wasn’t my intention either…you don’t have to apologize. I have been wanting to tell you. I…have feelings for you. I just did not want to say it in a situation like that and not at a time like this. I wanted it to be special. I am in love with you _____.

     -I love you too Alfonse. I have for a long time… I’m sorry I ruined it…but I could not help but enjoy having you so near.- He is scarlet red, but smiling.- Which by the way, is your fault.- He looks puzzled.- Sir you are playing dirty.

     -How so? - He asks.

     -You are playing hard to get with my heart.

     -Oh that game you started playing with mine?-He asks arching an eyebrow.

     -What? Me? When? You don’t even let me see your hands for God’s sake. I never saw you flirting with me.

     -I…hold your hands.- He says blushing. Well that was so Alfonse of him.-…erm…You used to never take off that coat or those pants. You were all mysterious and unreachable- Mysterious? Well, firs time someone said that about me.

     -You wanted me to take off my pants?- He turns red again -I was…insecure. I mean look at those gorgeous women out there and I get all jealous and insecure. I felt safe with my coat on. What was your excuse?

     -The same…I am jealous and insecure…Well, I was at first, but then I noticed something about you. - I give him a questioning look.- You could look at any hero in the nude and not get flustered by it. When I asked you why; you told me they where just natural human bodies to you. You sounded like they were nothing special; like you had analyzed bodies so much you did not find them beautiful or sacred any more. You said you studied them at school and everyone paraded half naked in musical shows and the like. Later you told me you did find them beautiful in an artistic or scientific kind of way but it did not make it better to me.

     How to make someone like you fall in love….with me? I listened to you and how you praised my intellect and skills, and I knew you were attracted to those qualities, but there are other men with intellect and skills at home too. I needed to find a way to be special to you.

      It was only when we met that other Alfonse dressed in a bunny costume that I understood. The way you looked at him made me so envious and jealous. What was so special about him? I saw you ogle his body like he was the most sinful of apparitions, and he looked just like me! I was frustrated. That same evening I saw you looking differently at me, and I could not help but feel elated about it.

     I spied you looking intently at my naked hands and when I put on my globes, that look of disappointment did not escape my eyes. It occurred to me that you had never seen me in any state of undress and it must have been strange to you. I understood how you felt now. I have been watching heroes for years. Beautiful women I have been watching on a daily basis and none of them feel spacial, even if they have beautiful bodies,or incredible skills. Yet the day I saw you wearing regular clothes I …well I…- He blushed, lowered his face and left the sentence hanging.

     I flirted with the idea of letting you see more of me, but then I would just become like any other hero, and I wanted more than that. I want so much more.- Now he looked at me, and there was so much love and affection in his eyes, I could have melted in the spot.

     I have to confess I enjoyed seeing you flustered when you could see a little of me. That made me feel special, but I did not want to be just a mystery to you either. I wanted your heart and soul,your love not only your lust. I needed to to know you loved me.

      I had a talk last night with Lif. He told me they were lovers …His summoner and him. He told me I was being a fool just wasting time. He said that if you were anything like his ______, then you loved me, jut like his summoner did him. _______, I want what they had…I want everything, but I am afraid. Between this situation and the war with Embla…You understand me, don’t you?

     - I understand you. I suppose the time is not right. I don’t want to look back on the day we finally are together and remember all these tragedies. You know Alfonse. You were right about me and my take on “nakedness”. I guess we are on the same page now about desire too. To us, Desire comes from love. That is what makes you and your body especial to me. I fell in love with your sharp mind and your heart first, but also thanks to your “efforts” I can understand and appreciate how special a lover’s body is. You made me understand, that what I feel for you is true love, not just infatuation or lust. Thank you. We can wait if that is your wish…if not…I will not say ‘no’ to that to be honest. I leave it to your discretion…But Alfonse, next time you go “exploring” , I want you to know, I can always lend you a hand. ;)


      I write this on the day of Devotion. Alfonse and I had another talk and at the end, we decided to wait. Alfonse’s position is a little difficult, and now even more so after his father’s death. His personality makes me forget he is royalty, but the weight of his crown is a lot. He has more responsibilities and images to uphold. I want to think we have time to enjoy each other’s company, hearts and mind before we rush things any way.

     Well, I have to go, my family (Yes they are my family now) is waiting for me. Sharena informed me there is a huge surprise for me. Well, Anna did owed me some favors and she designed the costumes for the Royal family.I can’t wait see Alfonse! I hear he is wearing sandals XD Wink, wink!

     PS: Wait! I just realized something! Lif was actually spying on us!?

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    Ohhh nice

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  • af1899
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    FEH - Something I noticed on Maribelle's new weapon

    It's her umbrella! I got to love that little detail, it even has a shiny four-pointed light yellow star attached to its tip.

    Here's a quick showcase but it's more to show animation and an example of how her new refine works, I'm testing on a random map in the [Training Tower]:

    I had to upload to YT because it's not letting me here for some reason, lmk if the volume is too low and I'll re upload it, though I think it should be fine.

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  • glowingbadger
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    My Hand, My Heart, My Spirit

    A Setleth wedding fic

    Rated: ‘M’ for candid discussion of sex and a bit of wedding night making out — nothing explicit

    Length: 1 chapter / 8960 words


    Byleth and Seteth marry each other in a secret ceremony officiated by Saint Cethleann. A sequel to my previous fic, “Always By Your Side”.


    “What’s a Nabatean wedding like?”

    Seteth’s eyebrows rose. He studied her for a moment, then his hand came up to trace over the space on his coat where a ring hid beneath the fabric. “It was a quiet type of affair compared to modern tradition, although not dissimilar. A couple would agree to marry, vows would be exchanged before a witness, and the union would be consummated afterward.

    “If you are asking pertaining to our own ceremony, I was planning to find someone we could trust to officiate something private, although still following the Fódlanese tradition.”

    “Why don’t you want a Nabatean ceremony?” Byleth asked, drawing up a chair and sitting in it backwards, legs straddling the seat and arms folded across the top.

    Seteth’s lips pressed together as his gaze darted away. “It is not…something I would ask of you.”

    [read it on AO3]

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    I forgot some from Jun & Jul

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    Mirabelle's refine opens up to some fun :3c

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    Happy birthday Scarlet!!

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    Art works in July

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