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  • sister signs are opposite one another on the zodiac wheel. 
    the wheel is made up of all twelve signs.
    each cycle of the wheel represents a year, starting with Spring in Aries

    💡💡cardinal sister signs💡💡

    cardinal signs START seasons

    fire and air sisters
    aries wants to pour energy into a new project or venture
    libra would rather refine something already on track, and take the chance to strategize
    they’re both taking plenty of selfies, and letting themselves be known

    water and earth sisters
    💧 🌳
    cancer wants to nestle into a cocoon until it’s done
    capricorn would rather keep their day as normal as possible
    they’re both able to visualize the future and plan accordingly

    🧱🧱fixed sister signs 🧱🧱

    fixed signs STABILIZE seasons

    earth and water sisters
    taurus wants to preserve what they have
    scorpio would rather transform it
    they’re both comfortable living off the land, and they thrive under pressure

    fire and air sisters
    leo wants to develop and share their art 
    aquarius would rather research and analyze media trends
    they’re both considering how their friends and communities are holding up

    ⏳⏳mutable sister signs ⏳⏳

    mutable signs CHANGE seasons

    air and fire sisters
    gemini wants to dig into details, data, and news
    sagittarius would rather think about human nature
    they’re both equipped to handle any potential scenario

    earth and water sisters
    virgo wants to cross items off their level 3 to do list
    pisces would rather reminisce
    they’re both sensitive to needs of the vulnerable and unseen

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  • aries season got me angry as UFCK

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  • I do not deserve to be stuck in the house with a Capricorn AND a Sagittarius.

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  • Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, bring life into other people’s lives. Like fire itself, these people are warm. When people feel lost in the dark, Fire Signs come in and shine a light to help you find your way out of the darkness.

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  • ✨       If you were sucked into Middle-Earth and into the body of your own avatar, what would be your species and story?       ✨


    🌬️Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

           Gemini’s avatar is called the Golden Wizard, with golden hair and light green eyes. They discover their avatar is apart of the White Council, and is a wandering wizard like Gandalf.

           Libra’s avatar is an elf of Mirkwood, with white hair and blue eyes of various shades. They apparently tend to the vast library study of the royals.

           Aquarius’ avatar is a Human of Gondor, and writes laments to be sung for the dead warriors. They have dirty blond hair and gray eyes, and their avatar has an aquamarine ring (that they find out later on is one of great power).

    ☀️Fire Signs –  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

           Aries’ avatar is an elf of Mirkwood, and apart of Thranduil’s guard. They have dark red hair and blue eyes.

           Leo’s avatar is a shield-maiden of Rohan, with blond hair and grey eyes. They soon realize that their avatar is apart of Éomer’s company that were banished by possessed-Théoden.

           Sagittarius’ avatar is a former elf of Mirkwood that has sought refuge in Rivendell. They have amber-red hair and bright blue eyes. They are apart of Rivendell’s guard and especially enjoy watching over the fields near the Hidden Pass.

    🌊Water Signs –  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

           Cancer’s avatar and Pisces’ avatar are said to be sisters in Lothlórien/Lórien. Cancer’s avatar has white hair and gentle blue-white eyes, while Pisces’ avatar has golden hair and seafoam green eyes. 

           Scorpio’s avatar is a skin-changer, hidden in the forests of Fangorn pressed against the Misty Mountains. They are tall and have brown hair, pale skin from lack of sunlight exposure, and amber eyes with a yellow copper tint.

    🌲Earth Signs –  Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

           Taurus’ avatar is a Hobbit who has deep green eyes and rich brown hair. Their avatar works in their own orchard to sell at the market, and are good friends with two Hobbits named Peregrin and Meriadoc. 

           Capricorn’s avatar is a Human-Elf half breed. Their avatar travels the lands of the West and North, which Capricorn unfortunately discovers by opening their new pair of green eyes to pouring rain, sopping short dirty blond hair, and miles without a roof.

           Virgo’s avatar is an elf of Rivendell, with pale brown hair and light blue eyes. Their avatar plays the harp and spends their free time taking the horses out for walks or runs.

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  • image

    gemini sun//pisces moon//leo rising

    unpredictable, adventurous, amusing

    Song: I’ll Be Around by The Growlers

    “Yes, I’m only a man. Judgements of something ancient. Clocking my time as finished.”

    “Ignorance is complacency. Why are you purposely fading?”

    “So I fear, but I don’t know what it is. So I want, but I pretend I don’t need.”

    “I tell me it ain’t hard. As I hold my breath thinking why- tell me to my beating heart: That I know for sure.”

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  • Stream Braxton Cook’s new record, Fire Sign 🔥

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  • The signs and their cliches

    [these are the things that, no matter how little you know about astrology, will have heard about your sign and it quite frankly is infuriating. And so I’ve decided to exploit everyone’s rage and create a compilation of all the funny traits about our signs we hate hearing! Enjoy 😉]

    Aries: hot headed af


    Taurus: stubbornness

    ‘Can you do this for me?’




    ‘I’ll do half of it’

    ‘Then you can do the other half yourself’

    Gemini: two faced

    ‘Urgh I hate Ashley, I’m gonna throw hands next time I see that b****’

    ‘Oh hey Ashley!! How you been babes? I’ve missed you xoxoxoxo’

    Cancer: crybabies

    ‘I’m sad ☹️😭’

    ‘Aw I’m sorry cancer’

    ‘how’s you cancer?’


    ‘Ahh ok feel better soon’





    Leo: narcissists

    - ‘Leo stop taking selfies’

    - ‘You’ll survive until we see another mirror’

    - ‘Stop fixing your hair in that guys car window’

    Virgo: neat freaks

    ‘I have 57392729 highlighters, 7262782 planners, 7262838 post it notes and 62626 pens and I’m about to end this disorganised mess!’

    ‘Virgo what on earth do you need 7262782 planners for?’

    ‘Well I’ve got one for my pet’s feeding schedule, one for my plants’ watering schedule, a habit tracker, a bullet journal, an exam tracker…’

    Libra: indecisive af

    Your vocabulary is apparently just different variations of I don’t know, I don’t mind, I don’t care, you decide etc.

    Scorpio: evil

    I don’t know what you’re doing when you claim to be ‘eating breakfast’ but I know someone’s going die because of it

    Sagittarius: the adventurer

    ‘What are you doing this break Sag?’

    ‘I going to Hawaii for scuba diving and then Thailand to find myself and then to Brazil to explore the rainforest’

    Capricorn: workaholic girl boss

    To do list

    - Work

    - Work

    - Work

    - Work

    - Work

    - Claim trophy

    - Showcase my success

    - Work

    - Work (sleep is for the weak)

    Aquarius: heartless alien weirdo

    I’m sooo different, like reallly unique. I’m just not like other girls. I’m eccentric that way. Like the extraterrestrial life had to send me back cause I was that strange. Did I mention how unique I am?

    Pisces: unicorn child

    Things Pisces say daily

    ‘I had a dream about a unicorn and she told me to become a nurse’

    ‘I wrote a magic poem about mermaids’

    ‘Do you think I could be friends with a dragon?Lol’

    ‘Bees have feelings too you know’

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  • Happy Aries SZN!!!!

    Aries szn to me is for sure the start of the new year mainly because Aries is the very first on the zodiac list, especially with Aries being a fire sign. Here’s a collective reading dedicated to each element! Take what reasonates in your chart and leave the rest.

    Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

    Firstly, I would like to extend a happy birthday to my fellow Aries people! You fire signs aren’t afraid to say it like it is and freely express yourselves. I get a sense some things might be falling through when it comes to money and living situations. Do not lose hope because there is definitely some financial gain coming in for you. Hence this lock down that is actually about to happen across the nation! People are claiming what’s rightfully theirs and you guys are going to get an even bigger return. Success is in your name during this szn! Someone is leaving unhealthy relationships and situations alone and moving on accordingly. There is definitely a lot more for you on the other side, TRUST THE PROCESS. You’ve done so much, now it’s time for that energy to be reciprocated.

    Earth Signs (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo):

    I see guys have been just burnt out and tired lately. Stop, take a breather and just relax. You have been look for a balance somewhere and its tiring you out. Take some time out to cleanse yourselves and recharge your energy, what ever it is can definitely wait, your health is so much more important right now! Make sure you are stocked up on everything health wise because of this lockdown that is going on. With this stress going on, you have been so disconnected from your natural grounding energy. We are all in quarantine right now so definitely use this time and energy to just rest and get back yourself. Take melatonin if you have to, your rest and well being is important. You guys are definitely recovering. Take the time that is necessary.

    Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra):

    All I’m going to say is what ever situation you know you should not go back to, please do not go back. This was not apart of the plan, so stop being so hardheaded and leave it alone! Stop resisting this change that is about to happen or that is currently going on. Recognize that you deserve better! You deserve it all!!!! Y’all are starting to see the light again and getting back into your spiritual routine, keep going and keep pushing. I see you guys have been dipping back into things creative wise, I’m hearing emotion, so I definitely see something that you’re doing is an emotional outlet for you, go for it! Do nothing but dream and create the Universe got the rest. You guys are getting over pain, like I said this that creative outlet you’re leaning toward is definitely what’s up! Use this fire energy to motivate you and help you get back to yourself!

    Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio):

    Please be careful and be cautious with your finances. If you are having second thoughts about anything, do NOT do it. Losing money you can’t possibly get back is truly not worth it. Examin everything before doing! I’m seeing recovery and success. You probably just had a breakthrough with something and you are celebrating that and you have every right to do so! Everything is crystal clear around you, but please (I cannot stress this enough) watch what you’re doing at all times! Do not operate off of emotion, that is going to get you nowhere! Cry it out if you have and come back to whatever it is with a clear mind. YOU GOT THIS.


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  • Fire moons are the ones that continue to watch cartoons, laugh at toilet jokes and use the shopping trolley as a skateboard when no one is looking.

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