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  • So this week I finally finally got my first T-shot!

    The night before, my mind wasn’t nervous, but I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep. Then the morning after, I woke up super early. My body was going bananas, full of adrenaline and my heart was pumping. I had no appetite and the best way to describe it is “ugh”. 

    Picking up the T at the pharmacy went well.

    Went to the doctor to get the injection done. I know some people do it themselves, and more frequently, but the style I’m doing is every 4 months (Except shot #2, which will be in 6 weeks, then the rest will be every 12th week)

    The actual injection was ok. I could feel the sting of the needle, but it was alright. Then as she injected it, I could feel a sense of, hm.. pressure maybe? And after it was done, I won’t lie. It did feel really weird and did hurt… And it hurt for the whole day! :’D Especially when I sat down on the toilet or stood on the foot on the side the injection was done. 

    To describe the pain, it felt like I had fallen on my bum and hit a pointy rock. It eased up a little in the evening, and the day after it felt more like I was sore from going to the gym. 

    I’m curious if it’ll hurt this much and for so long every time, or if it depends. I guess I’ll find out in 6 weeks. 

    Oh, the funny thing is that the moment I was done at the doctor’s, all the nervous feelings and restlessness was poof, gone. Funny how my mind was ready and relaxed, but my body sort of knew that something wild was about to happen.

    I keep wondering how long it’ll take before I notice anything, and what the first thing I’ll notice will be. The hormone doctor said that the first thing that’ll happen is a voice change, which can happen after the first shot. I always thought that would come later. I DON’T MIND though, my voice is probably the biggest insecurity I have now. I’m… quite masculine looking?? so when people see me, they may perceive me as a guy, but the moment you hear my squeaky baby voice, you know…

    I’m also super curious to see how my work outs will be affected by T. I’ve been going to the gym regularly already (Or at least before the corona lock down), so the habit and routine is there already, I just need to get back into it properly.

    Anyway, I’ll try remember to write again once I start noticing things. 

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    Entiendo que estemos rotos, entiendo que lo nuestro sea complicado, tengo miedo, se que tienes a una persona que ve por ti, que tienes a alguien más, que quizás te vale madre todo, pero neta, neta, que hoy has dejado tu cartera en el auto y pues bueno, perdón, pero la revise y encontré esto (entre otras notas más), encontré que aún tienes las notas que te dí, que aún las guardas… Al leerlas solo me recordó lo mucho que estoy enamorado de ti. Y me siento con miedo, tengo miedo de que vuelva a dar más de mi y tú, simplemente te alejes.

    Se que eres una persona que no le importa si yo me voy o no.

    No sé que hacer ahora, quizás, recibas otra nota próximamente, porque neta, que aún te quiero.

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  • Nedd: Hey, Spin, you know any good stories?

    Spensa, remembering the epics of the 2000s that Gran-Gran told her as bedtime stories, passed down from generation to generation: Well, the duck walked up to the lemonade stand-

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    Une muse n'a besoin d'aucun poète pour incarner la Beauté

    — elle est Beauté, sublime volupté.

    Le poète ne fait que le crier

    — avec plus ou moins de tendresse.

    N'attends pas le poète pour être ce que tu es

    — tu es la Muse de ta vie.

    À mon oncle qui a peint ce visage et donné un regard à mes mots.

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  • This post won’t come as a great surprise to a few followers and mutuals. You see, what happened was that I totally lost my mind over that first pic up there and begged the tumblr community to help me figure out who that incredible woman is, and a bunch of you came thru for me. I was actually going to post her yesterday, but then my plans got derailed because sometimes that happens. But here she is today. What I learned was that she is Yulia Zubova and that she is a model (obviously). I also learned that she is very very skilled at posing extremely sexily in what can best be described as short pantsuits? There’s probably not an official name for that kind of outfit in the first and last pictures in my post, but I’m petitioning right now that that kind of outfit shall hereby be proclaimed a Zubova. And it’s a totally legit and official petition because I used the word hereby. Another thing I discovered about Yulia after learning her name is that she seems to enjoy sexy bike rides with other girls, as well as pushing her boobs against another girls boobs and getting kissed. So, we have a lot in common, basically. I don’t own any Zubovas, but considering how I’ve realized it’s my new favourite new semi-casual women’s wear, I should probably look into getting one or two. My girl crush today is Yulia Zubova.

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    FREEDOM is the first documentary film featuring 50 converts from 25 countries in 15 languages. The Online Global Release of FREEDOM is very timely as more than half of the population is currently on lockdown. The documentary features some moving stories of people whose perspective on freedom moved the entire world since 2018 and the beginning of the world screening tour of FREEDOM in 10 countries (South Africa, Turkey, UK, Scotland,Malaysia, The Philippines, Spain, UAE, Australia and New Zealand). Combined with stunning footages of Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan , FREEDOM also features beautiful nasheeds from singer songwriter Zain Bhikha alongside impressive Quran recitations from Sheikh Moutasem al-Hameedy, FREEDOM is a must-see documentary in this time of deep spiritual and human crisis.

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  • Noah Skaalum

    • Gender: Transgender man
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • DOB: 6 July 1995
    • Ethnicity: White - Danish
    • Occupation: Singer, musician, reality star
    • Note: Won the fourth season of the Danish version of The X Factor at 15 and at the time (before coming out as trans), became the first out lesbian to win The X Factor.
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  • Hot Wheels - Rise of Skywalker by Darth Ray
    Via Flickr:
    Hot Wheels - Star Wars Rise of Skywalker “First Appearance” Character Cars First Order Jet Trooper, Sith Trooper, D-0, Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, and Rey

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  • Time for another dreamy Korean girl, courtesy of the really excellent blog @korean-dreams-girls, which I’ve been following for a little while now and really enjoying a lot. If you like really beautiful girls (which, if you follow my blog is likley) then you too should follow that blog. My pick today is Bo Ram, because even tho this last week there have been lots of pics of different very beautiful Korean girls on my dash, it’s the pictures of Bo Ram that have really made me sit up and notice. Or lean back. After sitting up. Ya, anyways, Bo Ram sure is hot. She also seems to have a thing against shoes, which I think is pretty sexy. I mean, I do like shoes—especially chucks of course, and I can certainly enjoy a nice fancy shoe on another girl (I, personally, rarely wear fancy shoes because I’m very bad at them) but there’s something to be said for a fashon model who goes barefoot a lot. that’s just sexy. Slippers are also sexy. Or maybe Bo Ram is sexy and if she was wearing a clown nose I’d say clown noses are sexy. That’s probably the case. My girl crush today is Bo Ram.

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