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  • mihai-florescu
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #but yes i will im already back to laying in bed #not feeling particularly rested yet but thats fine. as long as i feel better by tonight #i messaged the teacher to ask if he could have an online feedback chat with me so i think ive done all i could about That #whether he says yes or no i tried my best to still make it #i will not get upset at myself for deliberately skipping my first uni class mm nope i will not think about it anymore #-i say while shaking #ask#spicy🍃
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  • camphorror
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i actually think it’s hilarious like. cosmically that until i found a person that i actually feel comfortable with and love so deeply and i see him as if that he’s legit like me he is me we have the same sense of humour and similar interests and im like i cant believe i will get to have this specific type of friendships with someone it always seems so movie-like then he gets some extremely fancy scholarship and moves to fucking oxford

    #txt #i will not be tacky but we studied the exact same stuff and we met bc we both got lost on the way to class #on the very first day of uni on the way to our very first class. i will not say the word fate but it always felt that way #i hate being this selfish but it just makes me so sad like when he told me he got it i just #texted him oh no this is awful maybe 5 times
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  • mymaestro
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #mymaestro#mymaestroblog #mymaestro.sluts #hes so sexy im SCREAMING #without the s tho #he’s literally so hot it pains me #i wanna ride his face first class #thats a one way ticket to heaven #also a one way ticket into my subspace bunker bottom FLOOR #that man just #mm#so sexy #much sex appeal
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  • igarbagecannoteven
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #my only problem with writing ace fic that represents my flavor of ace is that i still have some parts of my identity that are up in the air #i want to write something that matches mine bc while i've read a few fics (like the one you wrote for me) that are adjacent to it #i've never read something that was *exactly* like mine #but at the same time bc i'd want to write a fic that was about romance as well as about being ace and coming to terms with being ace #which makes things complicated bc i don't know how my kind of ace-ness fits into a relationship #i don't know if i would be comfortable making out with someone i've never even kissed a person so maybe i don't even like that and just #think i would like it based on what i've read/been told #i mean i still look away from most kissing scenes in movies lol #and could i even do a relationship in the first place? or am i actually grey-aro/demi-romantic? i mean i haven't had a serious crush since #8th grade that's not exactly normal is it? but then we get into the whole 'well i've done a heck ton of repression since then' #which is a whole other bag of worms #i really do get so much joy from knowing that i'm ace and i want to share that bc i know many people don't have that experience #but i'm kind of scared of discovering if i'm aro or not? and i can't tell if that's like internalized aphobia or something else #like i resigned myself to the fact that i may never be in a romantic relationship a long time ago before i even knew i was ace #but it's still something i think about sometimes. when i feel like no one's watching. and idk if i'm ready to give that up entirely #woah this got real heavy real fast i am so sorry #this was supposed to be positive i swear #i just had to read this book for class and this one chapter made me feel like i was staring at future me and not in a good way #and it's kinda been haunting me #but all this to say i want to make sure i fully understand my ace-ness before i write something that goes into the discovery process #not like i'm going to wait until i kiss someone like who tf knows if that's ever going to happen #but just until i really get my introspection on lol #answering mail#jess #so sorry for dumping this on you i may go back and erase these tags in the morning
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  • somegrapes
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    in other news friend of my roommate also had a titanic phase in middle school. not the movie the ship itself

    #did you know the first class area had a pool
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  • devil-mage
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    What would Simeon and/or Asmo do if MC fainted in the middle of class while the teacher was talking about and showing videos of mutilation?

    Or maybe after, if they heard about it from someone else?


    I mean, they’re living in hell, so one would think this is like fainting over something seemingly minor.

    #obey me #obey me swd #obey me asmodeus #obey me simeon #we were talking about fgm in class today and i had to sit outside and drink water #i didn't go to the rest of my classes bc i didn't trust myself on stairs #that was the first time that happened and it felt so weird #anytime we talked about it prior i felt normal so idk what caused this #I've been under a lot of stress with finals lately so maybe it was from stress?
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  • derelicthereticshipping
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    What a year huh

    #nadine is typing... #hi hello thought i'd pop in so people know i'm not like dead lmao #I didn't plan to be gone for so long but being off social media helped me finish my first semester I think #and my mental health was better for it but that's always a given lol #Anyway I passed all my classes and the most important news is!! I started testosterone!! I got the boy goop!! #I'm very happy about it and i'm proud of myself #I don't know if i'll start posting or interacting with stuff right away i'm kind of just enjoying my down time #I might be active on my other blog but i'm not sure! #I'll try and see what I missed but i'm not gonna go ham over it y'know #It's dean self care hours and that means no stressing over social media or I yeet it again #So yeah!! Idk I missed y'all I hope everyone had a good halloween and everything
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  • troeia
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    @failrobin​ said  :  ❛  this  is  the  worst .  ❜

    the gods wake the sky with an empty course. not a plane to dodge or a current to combat. they’re birds in the wind  ;  except jason is carried bridal-style within the amazon’s arms. quick transport,  she likes to think,  but not when the passenger is complaining. donna’s face finally scrunches in mock protest,  ❝  okay. i’ll totally try not to be offended here. we both know taking the subway all the way downtown would have been way too crowded...  and smelly,  while we’re at it.  ❞

    #re. #failrobin #donna vc but this is vip better than first class
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  • bikenesmith
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    xmfc score download

    i uploaded the x-men: first class score for download. just click the download button at the top of the page and it will download as a .zip!

    this differs from the soundtrack available on spotify and through major retailers. this is every (?) piece of music used in the film (and some not used in the film). 33 tracks instead of the usual 20!

    it includes bangers criminally omitted from the soundtrack like the yacht fight track, the full russia plotline tracks, the magneto theme w/ the "i prefer magneto" intro attached..... very good for when you're insane like me and have seen the movie so many times that you can just listen to the score and watch the movie in your head

    i could've sworn i uploaded this years ago but i couldn't find trace of that. i'd lost the files and it was very nearly impossible to find again, so here's to changing that!

    if the link breaks or something lmk

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  • fukuncga
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    mutuals followers and haters alike i need advice please tell me how to get a gf.

    #um.. she’s really funny but very quiet and kinda stand-off ish and shy when you first meet her #we’ve been able to joke around a lot and i think she thinks i’m funny #she welcomes me sitting beside her at games and like in class and stuff and we always talk and fuck around so that’s good #i don’t know much about like. her music tastes or the shows she watches but uhhh idk #she’s also like. 4-5 inches shorter than me HGNSKAKAHFNFKFN #I DOMT KNOW WHAT TO DO #oh and she’s also my teammate um.. 😁 #all of my friends are like 100% certain that she’s gay and im like 99.9% certain she is but im still doubting for some odd reason #UH YEAH #idk im. IM STUCK #it’s the end of the semester and i leave on thursday so i can’t rlly do anything abt it now #but next semester i will be able to #why is this the 2nd time i’ve had to make the move on someone it’s so scary HELLO
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  • personwithproblem
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Awase HCs that I question almost daily

    - he‘s always angry

    - His crush on Momo is all blushing and flusteredness

    - that he’s poor (But he has work boots that are probably at least $100? and his favorite thing is mobile games, so he has to be able to afford a phone??)

    I mean this is more characterization than he gets in canon.

    #I’m not saying he’s rich I’m saying he’s a hardworking middle-class citizen #and his crush could be like he respects her #Respects her for being the badass she is #first one is self explanatory #even when he knocked out monoma he wasn’t cussing him out or even insulting him #and he’s not yelling like ever unless he’s in danger #characterize him right 🔫
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  • sorrcha
    07.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    i'm going to pr in less than 2 weeks aaa

    #txt #im nervous bc it's a long flight and it's the first time my boyfriend and i are traveling solo since his parents are already there #im also worried that my spanish skills arent good enough 😅 i know ive improved at least a little but i wish i was better at it #curse my past self for taking french. i coulda had 6 years of spanish classes instead #whsbwjdf
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  • nearlywrites
    07.12.2021 - 17 hours ago

    revising poems is hard and bad why can't I just produce a fully polished version in the first draft ugh

    #like just so yall know most of the work i post is like. first or second drafts #im just doing this forfun i dont care enough to edit and revise shit past like....small things #but for my poetry class i gotta :/ bc its what my prof wants :/ #rip to me
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  • lxdyblackthorn
    07.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    parabatai and the types of love

    in lady midnight, there's this scene where arthur blackthorn talks about the different types of love that the greeks considered and he asked julian which one he thought parabatai feel for each other:

    “I was pondering the Greek ideals of love. Agape, of course, the highest love, the love that Gods feel. Then eros, romantic love; and philia, the love of friends; and storge, the love of family. Which would you say it is that our parabatai feel? Is it closer to philia or to agape—eros, of course, being forbidden? And if so, are we gifted with something, as Nephilim, that mundanes can never understand—and so how did the Greeks know of it? A paradox, Andrew..."

    i've always had this theory that the parabatai curse happens because you have all the types of love between these two people

    arthur says: Is it closer to philia or to agape—eros, of course, being forbidden?

    i would say it's both philia and agape, since parabatai are best friends that get tied together by this magical heavenly bond

    but parabatai are also family, or even closer than family, so storge also fits

    and then when you also have eros, it's too much love, too many kinds of love for two people to feel for each other, so the curse happens because of how much power there is in loving someone in all these ways

    #i've been thinking about this since 2016 when i read lady midnight for the first time #i once had a philosophy class about this and i annoyed my friends so much #parabatai #the dark artifices #arthur blackthorn#julian blackthorn#emma carstairs#tsc #the shadowhunters chronicles #parabatai curse
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  • sinceritysstuff
    07.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Jennifer Lawrence got that pregnancy glow

    #jennifer lawrence#mystique#jlaw#jlawdaily #x men first class #the xmen#professor x#xmen #x men 2000 #x men: days of future past #x men apocalypse #x men movies #x men dark phoenix #x men the animated series #x men origins: wolverine #x men days of future past #marvel mcu#marvel#beautiful women #women of marvel #pregnant#preggers#pregnancy#marvel women#mcu women#womenempowerment#womensupportingwomen#beauties#beautiful
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  • sasasblr
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago


    #so far my first class was so boring. second one was a mess but they did work and seemed somewhat invested but time management is something #i still gotta get a hold of #third class is after my break. wish me luck #life stuff
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  • astridraine
    07.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Love that today my dash is just filled with Across the Spiderverse/Into The Spiderverse posts 😌

    #i didnt watch the trailer unfortunately #but these posts are making me want to once class ends #i watched the first one and i'm def gonna try to check out this one too #can't wait!!
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  • griefn
    07.12.2021 - 22 hours ago
    * blows a kiss for el/ena gilbert *
    #i have a call with my uni at noon to get the hold off of my account #and then hopefully #i will be back in classes starting the first of january #*     &   ANNA . #i'll be lurking probably until after that cause my nerves are shit
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  • southeasternschooltallahassee
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Phlebotomy Training and Certification Tallahassee FL

    Completing a Phlebotomy Accreditation Program

    Phlebotomy accreditation can be a property to phlebotomists. Accreditation indicates that the phlebotomist is knowledgeable of the procedure and security requirements set by the Clinical and also Lab Standards Institute in addition to the accrediting company. Though just called for of practicing phlebotomists in California and Louisiana, being accredited can provide an inexperienced phlebotomist an advantage when looking for phlebotomy jobs. Several employers favor to work with licensed phlebotomists.

    There is a wide array of certifying agencies that use phlebotomy accreditation available throughout the United States. These consist of, yet are not restricted to, the American Certifying Firm, the National Facility for Expertise Screening, the American Medical Technologists, the American Phlebotomy Organization, and also the National Phlebotomy Association. Each company has slightly different requirements and paths to get approved for qualification.

    The simplest route is typically the completion of an approved or certified phlebotomy training program. An authorized program will contain both class and also clinical guideline. The program should be accepted or approved by a recognizing firm, such as the National Accrediting Firm for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), or by the United States Department of Education And Learning. The program ought to additionally use materials as well as reflect the criteria established by the Clinical and Research Laboratory Requirements Institute (CLSI). Accredited programs aim to prepare graduates for certification exams.

    Graduates of a recognized phlebotomy program merely require to make an application for and also efficiently complete a qualification exam. Online phlebotomy programs and also courses are coming to be more readily available. Make sure to pick an on the internet course with a teaching fellowship or hands-on part. It is not possible to get accreditation without some medical experience.

    It is possible for registered nurses as well as other medical care workers to end up being certified as phlebotomists. Those without official training may still request qualification. Generally, the certifying agencies need recorded evidence of work experience as a phlebotomist. The period of experience ranges firms, yet is typically around one year of experience. Applicants have to likewise provide proof of a set variety of successful blood collection procedures. The precise number varies between agencies as well as varieties from 50 to 125. Candidates without formal training should still successfully finish an accreditation test to end up being licensed.

    The Southeastern School Of Health Sciences Tallahassee FL offers two-day long phlebotomy workshops available to medical workers or those with a background in biology as well as chemistry. The workshops cover phlebotomy concept, including tube and test acknowledgment, order of draw, as well as blood flow. Participants are given the chance to exercise on both mannequins as well as people. Upon completion of the workshop, individuals are certified to create the A Southeastern College Of Health Scientific research's qualification exam. The workshops are currently provided one weekend monthly in Maryland. More info is readily available online at the APA internet site.

    The majority of companies accept applications for certification on an on-going basis. Several companies use on-line tests with useful elements at authorized areas. Study overviews made to study for certifying tests are available via each firm. Like the certification requirements, the expense of certification differs with each agency. The expense to write the qualification test varies from $90 to $135. Exact fees and plans are viewable on each firm's site.

    Phlebotomist training has actually come to be much-sought-after in recent times, as individuals acknowledge the health care market as one that will stay stable for many years to find. Accredited Phlebotomy Training Tallahassee FL is the vital to starting a brand-new job as a phlebotomist in your area.

    #Phlebotomy Certification Tallahassee FL #CPR Certification Tallahassee FL #CNA Classes Tallahassee FL #First Response Medical Training Tallahassee FL #Medical School Tallahassee FL
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  • grandestrategia
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #i just had my first driving class today thank u dear I needed this 😭 #It was four hours long like can u imagine #And they were so scary #and they made me do the tests in Malay instead of English so I froze 💀 cuz I only studied the English version #bless u Rena. #henna’s ✉️
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