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  • lthk
    06.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Just got feedback from my 2nd coursework of this term and it's EXACTLY the same score as the 1st one gonna make this my lucky number <3

    #this is like the 4th time i got 72 from a coursework #it's good tho since it's first class grade but do they give this score when it's just about worth a 1st? #and since one of them i did mostly the day before i'm quite happy #mi #i'm way less confident about the other 3 i did i don't even want to think about that #i was a bit burned out so i gave zero fucks lmao
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  • yandereaffections
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Inbox is closed unbelievably early

    #im so tired #might skip my first class the teacher is 🤢 #i say that cause their rude lol
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  • warmthpdf
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    today i went on the swings for the first time in years :")

    #i genuinely feel like crying i woke up so sad this morning and for the first time i didnt want to even come to college #but then my english class was cancelled and me and three friends walked to the park and spent an hour just vibing #and i swear ive never felt so present and aware of where i was in my life than at that moment #just on the swings seeing two of my friends laughing and racing to climb onto the wall and feeling like we're 6 again #i'm so happy i'm really glad i exist right now #its funny too since my other friend took my uquiz and we talked about how i felt like id never get to deserve these experiences #but today i sat on the swings and laughed in a public park and took silly pictures and im so alive #mine
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  • m-el
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ~pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x fem!Reader (Dom! Erik x Sub!Reader and Dom!Reader x Sub!Erik), Charles, Raven, Alex, Hank

    ~summary: After a successful mission, you go on a party to spoil yourself. Things get heated up very soon...

    ~warnings: smut. well yea I mean it. mentions on alcohol, language. smut includes face sitting, head giving on both sides, some dom kink (?), fingering, maybe some orgasm denial?? light choking. tell me if i forgot something

    ~author’s note: i’m on a bad writers block atm. sorry for not posting in so long. This also plays in modern time but with the young characters:)

    ~words: 3625

    Main Masterlist

    Into you

    “Come on, girls. Our ride just arrived!” You heard Charles’ muffled voice from outside Raven’s room.

    “Coming!” you answered.

    “You look gorgeous, Raven.” You excitedly giggled at the woman in front of you.

    The two of you helped to put on each other’s makeup and search for fancy dresses to wear.

    Raven wore a short sleeveless champagne satin ruched Body-con dress. Her back was mostly free, slim straps held it up her body. Her dress hugged her curves in a way, Hank, for sure won’t be able to look away from her this night. She wore her hair up to expose her beautiful neck, makeup laid light on her face, making her even more beautiful.

    “Shut up, have you looked at you? Girl, Erik won’t be able to keep his hands from your body.” she giggled back at you.

    Your dress also hugged your curves most deliciously. It too was a sleeveless Body-con dress. Yours was a dark shade of green. It was slightly longer than Raven’s with a high cut up to the left side of your hip. Only inches higher and one could see the lingerie below.

    You put on your black heels and retouched your makeup one last time before opening the door.

    Charles impatiently stood there with his back facing the door. “Finally. Took you long enough.” He turned on his heels and it seems like he didn’t expect you two to look that stunning. “Wow. You look- You two look good.”

    You had to admit that he looked pretty good himself in his dark suit.

    “We always do, Charles.” Raven proudly declared as she winked at him and took your hand to finally get to the Taxi-bus that will bring you to the party.

    Outside of the mansion below the bright night sky was everybody else who wanted to party.

    Erik’s eyes fell on you the second you stepped out with Raven and Charles following. He lifted his head a bit, never even thinking about blinking.

    Hank turned red the second he saw Raven, cleared his throat, and looked straight to the gravel below his feet. Oh my god. So exciting!

    Alex seemed to notice and let out a chuckle “Aye chicas, y’all do be looking pretty sexy,” he whistled straight after but instantly stopped as Erik gave him a death glare. He muttered a silent “Sorry,” which got you laughing out loud.

    Hank opened the door for Raven but Alex was the first one in the car. “Oh come on, Alex!” Hank complained and Charles chuckled.

    As they all were busy figuring out where to sit, Erik leaned in to whisper something in your ear. His breath was hot against your skin. “You know that I won’t be able to look away and stop touching you all night, do you, little minx.” His words made you shiver in no time but you wanted to stay strong and tease him some more.

    “I know.” You gave him a small innocent smile and hopped into the Taxi-bus.


    No fifteen minutes later, the taxi came to a stop and Charles paid the driver.

    “Let’s go, ladies,” Alex announced as he clapped in his hands and rubbed them together with a grin on his face.

    His behavior got you to giggle again as the Taxi cleared out.

    The air smelled like cigarettes and Alcohol. People were making out outside the club, not caring about other people's opinions. The music drummed in your ear. It was long ago you went to parties...

    “Let’s get some drinks,” Alex proposed and there was no way in saying no. You searched for Raven's hand and went straight for the bar with both of them. You ordered what you thought everyone would drink and some more shots because this night was about to be legendary.

    Erik waved at you from all over the big room. The three men were sitting on a big round couch with a table in the middle. You slipped on the couch next to Erik, Alex followed right after you -much to Erik’s dislike- and Raven took a seat on the other side next to Hank, making him blush again. You smiled at the sight of them only to get interrupted in your thoughts by a warm hand on the soft of your skin. As you looked up at Erik with a raised brow, you saw that he was playing the same game because he was paying no attention to you.

    You shook your head in amusement and grabbed your first Vodka shot. You held it high, waiting for everyone to also grab one. As they did you smiled widely at them.

    “To our success” You all downed the glass in one go and after you didn’t make a face, Erik looked at you in disbelief but this look got replaced by a proud smile.

    “What? Didn’t think I can handle a shot of Vodka?” You asked in a teasing tone.

    “Shut up.” Erik laughed back and grabbed his beer. His hand rose higher on your thigh, lightly squeezing it.

    I’m not giving in. You thought to yourself. Slightly amused by this pathetic attempt.

    One of your favorite party songs came on and you couldn’t resist the dance.

    “Raven!” you raised your voice so she could hear you. As she turned her head your way you continued. “Mind a little dancey dance?!” You wiggled your eyebrows and your shoulders. She nodded with a big smile.

    As you got up from your seats, you grabbed her hand and practically rushed to the middle of the dance floor.

    You concentrated on the music.

    ‘Oh, baby, look what you started’

    Your lips moved along with the lyrics. Feeling the song.

    ‘The temperature's rising in here’

    You danced with Raven face to face, looking her straight in the eyes while enjoying the evening.

    ‘Is this gonna happen?’

    Your hips swayed with the music, closing your eyes and moving your head back to let your hair fall to your back.

    ‘Been waiting and waiting for you’

    You felt heat on your back and turned around just to see some guy trying to grind his groin to your back.

    “Ew.” this boy looked disgusting. Sweat dripping down his forehead, soaking the shirt on his chest. You leaned back into Raven who’s hands were now on your hips.

    ‘To make a move’

    You moved your hands to symbolize that now is the best moment to fuck off.

    ‘(Woo, ooh, ooh)’

    You turned around in Raven's arms, laughing at this dude. “Creep,” She too laughed at your statement.

    ‘Before I make a move’

    You swayed with Raven, searching for blue eyes that possibly have been watching you the whole time; following the movements of your body.

    ‘(Woo, ooh, ooh)’

    As you found what you were looking for, it felt like the whole world stopped turning.

    ‘So baby, come light me up’

    You sang these lyrics and you knew what they would do to Erik.

    ‘And maybe I'll let you on it’

    Your hands followed your curves from your breasts to your stomach.

    ‘A little bit dangerous,’

    You smiled at these words. You saw him lifting his drink to his lips to take a long sip without breaking eye contact.

    ‘But baby, that's how I want it’

    You moved your index finger to signal him to come over and dance with you.

    ‘A little less conversation, and’

    You put your index finger to your lips.

    ‘A little more touch my body’

    You grazed your index finger down your lower lip, over your chin to your neck. You knew exactly how to get him started.

    ‘'Cause I'm so into you’

    You gazed back to Raven who knew what you just did.

    “I think he liked the show you just put on for him,” she giggled and you laughed out loud.

    ‘Into you’

    ‘Into you’

    Your eyes wandered back to Erik who leaned back in his seat, having a conversation with Charles. Not giving you any attention anymore.

    “I need more drinks.” You screamed at Raven for her to hear you. She nodded and followed you to the bar.

    You waved your hand to the bartender and ordered four more shots of Vodka. He filled up the glasses and downed them together with Raven without making faces.

    “I hate Vodka.” She admitted after some time.

    “It doesn’t have to taste good. It just has to get you drunk, Raven,” you answered.

    She laughed out loud but stopped as soon there were placed more shots in front of them.

    “Oh no, we didn’t order these.” Raven declared.

    “Oh, yes. This gentleman over there got them for you,” he pointed to a man on the other side of the bar.

    You lifted a shot and looked him deep in his eyes for thanking him before also downing this one with Raven.

    “Oof, let’s go to the boys again?” you nodded at her request and followed her back to the couch.

    Alex moved so you could sit next to Erik again. The alcohol began to kick in because you were tipsy and fiddled with his trousers.

    Touching his thigh and the knuckles on his hand, his fingers... Your skin was so soft...

    “If you keep doing this we might have to get a Taxi back to the mansion.” He whispered in your ear, his mouth covered with your hair. Oh god, your hair... It smelled so good. He wants to entangle his fingers in it and...

    “I’m pretty tired, guys.” You announced after some more songs. You weren’t long at the party. But you can’t hold yourself back from touching Erik.

    “I’ll take her home,” Erik commented straight after. “We’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good night.”

    “Of course,” Alex was the one who spoke. “Good night to you too.”

    “Alex!” Raven demanded. “Let them have their fun,” This was meant to only reach you but of course all the others noticed.

    Charles choked on his drink.

    Well, Hank had to help him come down from almost dying. Charles made it look like he was dying. What a drama queen.

    You thought he was overreacting.

    Erik and you finally said your goodbyes and got out of the loud club.

    “Putting on a show on the dance floor, huh?” He raised a brow at you and waved at the next Taxi that almost passed.

    “I don’t know what you are talking about, Erik.”

    “Of course you don’t.”

    He opened the door for you and slipped in after you. He told the driver some random street near the mansion. Not wanting to give away the real address.


    “Thank you, bye.” He paid and got out of the car. He saw your frame slightly shake and took off his Jacket to put it around you. It smelled exactly like him. Maybe afterward you would smell like him too?

    “Oh, Mr. Lehnsherr. What a gentleman.” you smiled at him.

    “How drunk are you?” He questioned with a raised brow.

    “Not drunk enough I would say. A bit tipsy?”

    “Good.” he grinned.

    “Why?” you asked rather confused.

    “Because then you will remember everything I will do to you when we are in your room.”

    This statement left you speechless. But excitement took over the second he finished his sentence.


    The moment you closed the door to your room, Erik’s hands were exploring your body from behind. He grabbed your breasts through the thin fabric of the dress which made you lean against his chest and sigh out.

    He leaned down and planted plenty of hot and wet kisses on your neck and shoulder, his hands came around your body to open the sipper of your dress.

    “Beautiful.” He whispered as he saw your bare back. “No bra?”

    You chuckled at this. “Nope.” You popped the p and turned around. Erik’s eyes landed on your breasts and you stepped away from his grasp. “On the bed.”

    He chuckled at your try to be demanding but followed your orders. He sat there, fully clothed. Without his Jacket, of course.

    “Good boy.”

    You turned around again and stripped down the rest of your dress. You put on a show, here again, his eyes on you all the time; gaze fully black.

    “Like what you see?” You asked with a mischievous grin.

    “Don’t tease me, sweetheart.”

    “Aw.” You stepped closer to him and fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. “I thought you liked what you saw.”

    He looked up at you, hands resting on each side of your hips, drawing circles on your skin with his thumbs.

    “Did I say you could touch me?” You whispered at him, looking at his warm hands on your hips.

    He mirrored your mischievous grin from before and dropped his hands to his sides on the bed.

    As you fully opened his shirt, you brushed it down his shoulders. He understood and took it off.

    “Good boy,” you repeated.

    This dominant side of yours turned him on more than it should. You noticed the bulge in his pants as they grew tighter and tighter around his dick.

    “Someone’s excited.” You stepped forward a bit to stand in between his legs and now fiddled with the hem of your panties. It would be an understatement to say that they were soaked. You watched Erik’s gaze wander to your core as you took off the last remaining piece of clothing.

    “Magnetic.” He breathed out as you stood completely naked in front of him.

    He reached out his hands to your hips again.

    “Ah, ah, ah.” you clicked your tongue just to see Erik’s confused look.

    “Y/N... Come on.” he knew that he should follow your orders but your pussy looked too delicious... He had to reach out. He had to get a taste.

    “Down boy.”

    He moved onto the bed to lay on his back. Watching every single one of your movements, leaning on his elbows.

    You straddled his still clothed body and took a seat on his groin. Your nails slowly wandered down his chest as he laid back, enjoying the attention you’re giving him. You kissed him in the most delicious way before your kisses wandered over his body. From his neck, down to his collarbone, his chest, abdomen. They left a wet trail down his upper body until you stopped just above his pants and pulled back. A dissatisfied groan elicited from him.

    You slowly opened his belt and pulled down the zipper at an even slower pace.

    “Y/N.” He tried to sound demanding but he pathetically failed because his voice was slightly shaking. Croaking.

    “Hm?” You looked up at him. Looking at how much you controlled this man below you.

    “Please,” he whispered. Slightly cringing at the thought of begging.

    “What was that, darling?” You teased

    “Please.” He said in a louder voice, eyebrows knitted together.

    That was all you wanted to hear. You ripped open his pants and pulled them down his legs; you left his boxers on purpose.

    “Let me taste you.” He half pleaded, half demanded which went straight to your core.

    “Is that what you want?” You asked with a smirk on your face.

    “Sit on my face.”

    Oh boy. He didn’t have to ask twice. You moved up again and hovered your heat over Erik’s face.

    You never sat on his face but the thought of it made you drool...

    He placed his hands on both of your thighs and pressed down. Hard.

    A groan of him because of how sweet you were made your pussy throb.

    “Oh, Ffuck! Erik!” You instantly moaned at this sensation. You had to hold onto the bed frame to not fall over in his grasp.

    You felt him smile against your lips as he drank from you. You rocked a bit back and forth, trying to get more friction. You felt his tongue slide into you while his nose pressed onto your clit every now and then.

    You entangled your hand in his hair and slightly pulled at it which made Erik groan again.

    “Oh shit, Erik. Oh my god.” You panted. You looked down at him, locking eyes with him once more. “I’m gonna cum.”

    He pressed you down on his face even harder which made you cum with a scream and his name multiple times.

    Once you were down from your high, he released your thighs. His face was glistening from your juices and he licked his lips to collect most of them.

    You grabbed his neck and brought him up into a passionate kiss. You could taste yourself on him.

    “You can touch me now.”

    You didn’t have to tell him twice. His hands were on you, exploring everything.

    Eventually, his fingers found your slick folds and entered them.

    “So wet.”

    “Mhm.” You were a moaning mess under Erik’s hands.

    “All for me, sweetheart?” He asked between heated kisses.


    “Use your words, my dear.”

    “Yes. All for you.”

    Another finger entered you and you leaned against his palm, trying to get more friction.

    He clicked his tongue the way you did before.

    “Did I say you could move against my hand?” His gaze rested on yours. You shook your head no. “Good girl.”

    Oh god. This man had some effects on you.

    “Let me return the...” His eyes shot up to yours as you struggled to get up on your elbows. “The favor.” You moved your head to the bulge in his boxers.

    “Your wish is my command.” He took a seat on the edge of the bed again and patted his lap. “Go on.”

    You got off the bed and crawled in front of Erik. His breathing already quickened as you palmed him through the leftover clothing. You looked up at him again.

    “Don’t even try to tease me again, little one.”

    You took off his boxers and stroked him a few times. You placed your tongue on the underside of his dick and moved it up all the way over the big vein. You spread the leaking precum on his tip and took his cock into your mouth. Inch by inch.

    He groaned in response. “That’s it,” he panted “You do so good.”

    Encouraged by his praise, you took him down even further, relaxing your jaw and throat while breathing through your nose.

    “Oh fuck.”

    You bobbed your head up and down at a slightly faster pace as you felt a hand on the back of your head which pulled on your hair.

    His panting became heavier and his groans more pathetic.

    “Mmh, Oh god, Y/N. S-Stop.”

    You pulled up and let him go with a satisfying pop.

    “I don’t want to finish in your mouth, darling.” His breathing slowed down a bit as he pulled you up into another kiss.

    He laid you on your bed and caged you in between his strong arms. Your legs were on each side of his body. You could feel his hot cock laying on your hip bone.

    “Erik, please.” you panted in between the kisses.

    “Please what?”

    You wiggled your hip to get him where you want and need him the most.

    “Use your words, my dear.” His mouth covered one of your nipples, his hand massaged the other breast.

    “Please, mhh...” you moaned out loud at his warm hand and hot mouth on your breasts.

    He changed sides and massaged the other breast while covering the other with his mouth.

    “I’m listening. What is it, Y/N.” Oh, he knew. But he wanted to hear it from you.

    “Fuck me already, Erik.”

    This answer satisfied him.

    He lined up his tip at your entrance and slowly sink into you. He could be rough. But he wanted to hear it from you.

    You both moaned out in union. The pain of him stretching you out was almost too much but it felt too good at the same time. Your hands moved to his back, scathing your nails over his back which made him groan out in pleasure. As you adjusted to his size you gave him a quick nod for him to continue.

    He pulled out almost all the way and slammed back in.

    “Oh!” You screamed out at Erik’s movement. Your eyes were closed shut.

    “Too much?”

    “Fuck no. Keep moving.”

    He silently chuckled and kissed your forehead before leaning back to have better access. He lifted one of your legs and placed it on top of his shoulder to create a new angle but also to go in deeper and faster.

    This new position made you see literal stars. You gripped the sheets on your sides.

    “Look at me,” Erik demanded. As you looked at him, you saw what a mess he was. His hair was standing in every direction, a thin layer of sweat formed all over his body.

    At the sight of his body towering above you, you felt warmth in your lower abdomen.

    “I’m not gonna last long, Erik.” you reached out for Erik’s neck.

    He let go of your leg and closed the distance between the two of you again. His pelvic bone was now hitting your clit with every thrust.

    “Me neither.” He croaked out. You shut your eyes again at this sensation until the moment Erik's hand landed around your throat.

    “Look at me.” He whispered in his dark voice.

    This was everything you needed to be sent over the edge.

    “Fuck!” you moaned out and came on Erik’s dick.

    He followed right after your walls clenched around him with an animalistic growl.

    Some moments after, he pulled out of you and collapsed next to you.

    “Looks like I have to change my sheets again,” you said in a flat tone.

    Erik just snorted at your reaction.

    “You really had to ruin that moment, did you?”

    You smiled back at him.

    “Oh yes.”

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    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Me thinking about lying about homework: 0_0

    Me after actually doing it: >:)

    #dghyghhhh #Don't try this at home if you do you might die. This is our disclaimer to you hey don't be that guy #how am i not failing every class #also this means I'll have to do like 5 hours work when i get home rip #pro tip if you're good and quiet its easier to get away with stuff like this #in fairness this is the first time ive done it to this teacher soo.....
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  • hazelcephalopod
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Just laughing at Charles and Erik calling the rest of the team kids. Like Erik, sure an adult. But Charles three days ago you were just a smart frat boy. Like maybe two of them are teens?

    #raven is a full ass adult. as is hank #x men first class #Charles: I am so attracted to several people I’ve just met and I must appear competent to them
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  • thefinalfoongus
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    My worst character trait is whenever i see or hear the words "heterochromia" or "mutation" the little james mcavoy xavier in my head goes "it's a very groovy mutation" and it won't ever go away

    #xmen first class sure was something #this is the only part i remember #besides magneto stabbing that nazis hand
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  • mcumendes
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I hate online school and I don’t want to wake up early :(

    #but I only hate the first class tho #the other stuff is okay #it’s only some tasks anyway #s talks
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    06.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    If this gets one note I'm going to rewatch x-men first class.

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  • worldend
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    whatever im going to sleep gn

    #i have gym class first thing tomorrow.... ugh
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  • thenon-existingz
    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i don’t see any lifeline content on my dash and i think that is a crime

    #my posts#nonexistingramble #soon... soon. #i hope lol #i’m so SICK of the content drought that i might actually flip back into making things #just... need to finish class first rip
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  • dykecharlie
    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    like it's literally *sends a text that's maybe a little unusual* *doesn't get an immediate response* *oh fuck was that too weird?? they probably don't know how to reply to that, better send a follow-up text they can respond to instead* *sends text about a different topic* *waits* *continues waiting* *FUCK I just made it weirder didn't I? fuckfuckfuck... maybe I should send ANOTH--* rinse & repeat

    #im a good conversationalist and have high self-confidence as you can clearly tell! #like you eventually reach a point in double triple quadruple texting where youre like. #ok. if i change the topic one more time within an hour of my first text they are going to think im ACTUALLY insane #and you just have to stop yourself and wait and hope they're not currently staring at their phone in bewilderment #meanwhile they're just like. in class
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    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago


    #im like 99.9% sure that I have adhd okay #ive had problems with focusing and stuff since elementary school #and I got tested for adhd in middle school when it started to get bad #but they had my teachers and parents fill out surveys and I am a girl so it was unacceptable for me to be hyperactive in class #and they all said that I was a good student and never exhibited any signs even though I can look back and identify problems #and now I'm in college and I'm failing this class and I need accommodations and also medication so it doesn't happen again #but I need a diagnosis first which means seeing someone #and I'm on my parents insurance so I have to go through them first #and my mom is a doctor so she tries to explain all of my behavior away herself even though it's not her area of expertise #like when I was passing out frequently from my period and she wouldn't let me see anyone about it #bc I probably just wasn't drinking enough water #so yeah seeing someone about this is going to be a whole thing #but I'm genuinely struggling so I have to power through and advocate for myself #vent
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    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    😆😆😆 my professor just extended the due date because only 3 students have turned in the final that’s due tonight at midnight (a take home test that’s been available since last Thursday) and somehow me and the two friends I have in that class are those 3 students. 19 students in the class. Test is worth 25% of our grade. And we’re the only 3 done (and yes, we all triple checked that our tests were actually submitted)

    #Engineering#electrical engineering#college#university#finals #i do feel bad for those other students #but not too bad since he just gave them another day #since you know the whole class except for my friends and I would get Cs at best if he didn’t #It’s just hilarious #like what are the chances? #that also means I was the first student to finish since I was done before my friends
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    06.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    finals tomorrow and Friday 😭😭please wish me luck for ochem

    #i would give my first born for an A in this class!!!!!!!!!! or a B!!!!!!!!!!! #pls think of me 💖 #tbd. #I am Stressed
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    06.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    i'm having the worst singing lessons of my life please unalive me
    #coach: c'mon. sing without breathing. #me: man shut the hell up #𝐑𝐎𝐂𝐊𝐄𝐃𝐒𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐄 〔♫〕 out of character. #mobile. #AND at least i know she's only talking Bullshit but i have some partners who NEVER had a class before this and #this shit will only mess up the tecnique they're tryna build #IT YOU WANNA TEACH THEM NOT TO BREATHE TOO MUCH THEN FIRST TEACH THEM HOW TO BREATHE #IF* #ugh i'm gonna scream #negativity cw#negativity tw
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    05.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #first class wife #black femininity#elegance
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  • mashkwi
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    All of my grades have been posted!

    I am a straight B student baby! lol I'm OK with this...

    #personal #law school life #I am not even really upset at the B- in torts because even though I complained to the professor #I never really appealed that D+ he gave me I just dropped it #that was worth like 40% of the first semester so like 20% of the entire grade #thought I could do better in property law class but I struggled with some things like donations found objects and adverse possession #can't fucking believe I got a B+ in penal law..... I... didn't.... care...
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  • captainquartet
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    cour four + alignement chart

    #x-men first class #*#raven darkholme#charles xavier#erik lehnsherr#hank mccoy #i love charles the most but he is a bastard and needs to be recognized as such
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  • rollingaroundin-bread
    05.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    I have discovered that I adore the pose where 1 strong character is carrying character 2 while character 3 is sitting on 1’s shoulder(s)

    Yeah idk either here’s them!!! :D

    #fenton crackshell cabrera #gandra dee#gyro gearloose#gizmoduck #uhhhhh whats thier ship name?? #it doesn't particularly read as that but it was my intention so--- #gyfendra#glitchless #those are the two I found!!! please let me know if I'm wrong!!! #anyways!! #This was the one where I first drew Gandra!!! #I like it more then the 2nd time I drew Gandra but my art’s inconsistent like that #speaking of inconsistent #PLEASE do not look at the gizmo suit's proportions in this theyre atrocious #thats my bad but I really liked the expressions so I didnt want to start over again #anyways I have class now so I should really go #bye folks!! :D #my art stuff
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