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  • forgotten.

    I realised the other day that I had forgotten when my first kiss happened.  I used to keep track and every year i would take a minute to remember it but after a while I just stopped caring about things that don’t bring up anything good other then the fact that I survived it.

    I was telling a story that kind of brushed on the topic and that’s when it hit me. 

    I remember how it went though. 

    I had this christmas staff party that I went to and It was my first one. I was 17 and I was having the time of my life with the people that I worked with at the time and I couldn’t legally drink yet so I basically just had to watch people get really drunk. 

    when I went home, I had tea with my friend. this is something we used to do every night after work. talk, drink tea, gossip, and smoke. 

    so one of my SUPERVISORS messaged me and asked me what I was doing and If i wanted to come over. now, I only said yes because I thought other people were going to be there. I thought some of my other coworkers ended up at his apartment too so I went. 

    I was so iffy at first about it, I talked to my best friend at the time about it and she gave me the best advice she could and I started walking. 

    it was cold and windy and I was still in my dress from that night. it was also very late at night and I had school the next day. I had this feeling in my bones of excitement and wonder… Like, I couldn’t wait to see what happens and what actually happened is not what crossed my mind. 

    He eventually came to pick me up in the arena parking lot just a few blocks away from his apartment. When I got in I could tell he was drunk just by being in a small car with him but I didn’t care because he was kind of cute. I really liked his room mate though who we also worked with and I honestly assumed we were gonna see him there. We didn’t.

    When we got there, nobody was there and his apartment was mainly empty and trashy with a couch slapped in the middle of a dimly lit living room. 

    I was still 17 at the time but he asked me if I wanted a beer and I said sure, as one does to this sort of offer. after that he sat next to me and we talked for like five minutes. I asked where everyone was and he was slurring and mumbling things I didn’t want to try and comprehend. 

    After we chatted or whatever resembles it he told me to sit closer to him. I had a very innocent mind back then so I did and the next thing I know he’s putting his arm around me and when I look up at him to say something he kisses me. 

    This is my first kiss ever and it was gross and wet. His tongue was everywhere and he tasted like Indian food. 

    at first I thought ‘wow’ this is it? 

    so. I text my best friend and tell her what happened and I can tell he’s looking at my phone so I quickly put it away and look back up at him to see him trying to kiss me again. 

    this time I definitely decline and decide I have to go home. I had this sick feeling in my chest and I started feeling really uncomfortable really quick. 

    once I tell him this, he asks me if I want to stay the night with him and of course, I think ‘hell no” because I don’t know what would have happened. I can’t say that I would have been a virgin the next day. that fact terrifies me because I don’t know how that would have played out. I was uncomfortable and violated by a kiss and so I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed. 

    so I left and the minute I was away from the entire block I just cried my eyes out. I felt so gross and like I was just this piece of meat that he tried to take home and I just couldn’t process what had happened. 

    I thought I would never be able to get over it and that I would feel that way forever. 

    I thought, that this was what my life was. Just a series of events that end up traumatizing me. 

    I wanted to die and it was worse when I kept telling myself it was only a kiss and I didn’t need to be acting like I was. 

    What I wanted most was to hug my dad. tell him I was sorry and that I needed his support. That his little girl was feeling like a piece of trash thrown away by someone who doesn’t appreciate her. we weren’t on speaking terms at this time. 

    it doesn’t even end there. 

    the next day I found out that he had a girlfriend. who happened to be one of my coworkers aunties. I remember telling her. instead of getting mad at me for her aunty, she said this; “it’s not your fault. he should not have done that to you.” 

    I had people that were mad for me. like my coworker who wanted to get people to beat him up. 

    I had a supervisor tell me that she was disappointed that I put myself in a situation I should have read as dangerous to begin with. which is somewhat true. 

    and a few months later I find out he didn’t even remember any of it. 

    so, I felt like this gross messed up person who deserves nothing good in this world and he didn’t even bother to remember to feel any kind of remorse for it. 

    I hope who ever reads this doesn’t think i’m crazy. it’s This thing that happened was something I thought I would never overcome and here I am literally five years later with a great job, great friends, and a great mind set. 

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    Talking to your best friend about the dream he intruded on of you preparing to kiss him shouldn’t be too awkward right?! This is the last chapter in the main narrative of this story! Please enjoy!

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  • Posted on AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/22039630

    • Characters: Albus Severus Weasley-Potter, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, Draco Malfoy & Arthur Weasley (mentioned)
    • Category: M/M
    • Warnings: No Warnings apply

    A story inspired by Aristotle & Dante Discover The Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. In which Albus has his muggle driver’s license and takes Scorpius for his first muggle car ride.

    In which Albus & Scorpius Discover Their Universe.


    A Short Note: This is a story which I posted back in December 2019. Aristotles & Dante discover the secrets of the universe is a wonderful story about two boys falling in love and I was inspired by one of the scenes from the book. Even though I posted this fic way back in 2019, I am still incredibly proud of this fic! 

    #ccsquad #cursed child fics #scorbus#first kiss #scorpius' first muggle car ride #these boys are so incredibly in love #albus got the car from his grandfather and it's the cutest little headcanon #thunderstorm and rain #dancing in the rain #watching the stars #just two boys being silly and completely in love
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  • First Kiss

    A ROTTMNT Leo x OC blurb

    After fighting alongside the turtles and becoming friends with them and April O'Neil, Minji felt like she had people to go to get away from some of her daily stresses. She was wary at first, not sure how she would fit in with their established dynamic. But months passed and it didn’t take long to fall in stride with the group’s antics.

    She got nicknames like “pretty kitty,” “foxy momma,” and “hot shot” for her hero name (from Mikey), her lineage (via April and Leo), and for her talent (from Raph) respectively.

    Hanging out with the turts always brought a smile to her face. Mikey made amazing food and she was always happy to lend a hand in prepping ingredients or taste testing new recipes. Donnie was great to challenge in video games and to discuss big brain topics with when she had the inkling to do so. Raph was the best for cuddles and venting, each other taking turns talking about shared interests to get their minds off the shared fear of letting their family down.

    Finally, Leo; Leo was a wild card she’d yet to figure out. Minji knew that he was very fond of cheesy puns and definitely loved magic (she knew he enjoyed the fact that she can juggle balls of fire, at the very least). But what she didn’t want to admit was the fact that, after so many one liners and casual touches, she might have grown feelings for the turtle. And she desperately hoped that he couldn’t notice.

    “What’s up, Min?” A turtle greeted, popping into the girl’s line of sight. She’d been deep in thought, sitting atop the skate ramp. It was a quiet day in the lair and she had dropped by when everyone was off doing their own things.

    “Oh! Uh, hey, Leon,” she smiled, waving a hand briefly. “I just came by to wind down after school, that’s all.”

    The boy sat himself next to Minji, leaning back on his hands. Without looking at his friend, he stated, “I know your relatives are in town.”

    The way he said “relatives” made her shoulders bunch up. When her relatives came by, it was always a big kitsune party. “Who told you?”

    “Your cousin sent me a pic of everyone and asked me where you were,” he replied casually, shrugging as if it wasn’t a big deal. Minji huffed. She knew it was a bad idea to tell anyone in her family about the turtles. But, what else could she have done when they barged into her apartment without warning? At least it was only her cousin that received the heart attack that night.

    “Jiyoung shouldn’t be dragging you into our crazy family business,” Minji mumbled, slumping forward. “It’s just that…with so many yokai under one roof, I just feel so awkward! Like, they can all change into foxes and I can’t.” As weird of a sentence that was, it was a fact she had yet to come to terms with. Her family was special and so was she, but the one thing that brought them together made her feel left out. Hell, she had to use a cloaking broach to make her feel like she was part of the fun family antics.

    Leon placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder, causing her to glance his way. “Yeah, but can all of them use mystic fire like you can?”

    She hesitated. “No…” her cousins couldn’t use the fox fire like she could. Even some of her older relatives sometimes struggled with the ancient technique. And she had unlocked this talent when she was a baby!

    “Then stop moping about something you can’t do and start embracing what you can! You’re hot and they’re not, Minji,” the turtle teen announced, trying to get a laugh out of his friend.

    Which it did. “I guess that’s true, blue,” she grinned, side-eying the boy. “But, I’m still not ready to go home just yet.”

    He nodded; he knew that hanging with them was a weird sanctuary she and April surprisingly enjoyed. “Wanna go on a walk, then? We can ditch mis hermanos y su familia and explore up top.”

    Minji suppressed the heat that started crawling up her neck. This wasn’t a date, was it? They were just going on another one of their late night strolls. That had to be it, right? “Yeah, sure! I-I’d really like that.”

    Since he’d gotten up first, Leo offered his hand to pull her up. She’d taken it and once on her feet, got dragged to his room to watch him put on some human clothes. You know, to disguise his whole situation. As soon as he was ready, the two passed through the living room to grab Minji’s hoodie before heading out.

    Once out of the sewers, the girl took a deep breath and sighed. The air was crisp; a signal that autumn was near. That was probably another reason why the turtle had put on the outfit. Little did she know that he just wanted to feel like a normal teen hanging out with his normal crush.

    Yes, Leonardo had realized his feelings for the girl were more than platonic after a couple months of getting to know her. It was a terrifying new experience for him, never really thinking that he’d have a chance at a relationship given that he was a mutant turtle. But, then Minji dropped into his life and he couldn’t have asked for more.

    Looking down at her, he smiled as she zipped up her tan jacket and pulled the hood over her head. It was big enough to fit him (he knew because he tried it on when asking why she insisted that she liked bigger hoodies to bundle up in) [and made him wonder what she’d look like in his clothes. Like, how regular teen couples do in the movies; where the girl steals jackets or hoodies from the boy she likes.] It amazed him just how much humans could vary in shape and size. She was short compared to him and his brothers; even shorter than April! But, that masked her mystic ninja background. Maybe that was what drew him in. The similarities and differences that caused their worlds to intertwine.

    As the two walked along the sidewalk, they threw out jokes and talked about their misadventures. Since the streets were empty in the part of the city they chose, Minji conjurred a small blue flame and started flipping it between her fingers like a coin. Leo was amazed at how easy it was for her to use her mystic power. He still struggled with his sword and that was something he’d obtained. It wasn’t something he’d inheritted through blood. He thought that made Minji much cooler in his eyes (despite the heat coming from the flames in her hands and in his heart).

    There was a late-night cafe open that Leonardo had guided them to. It specialized in fresh baked desserts and milkshakes for those with a sweet tooth and habits of staying up til midnight. When the two entered, the scent of chocolate chip cookies hit them first. After getting a late night snack (and a compliment along the lines of “what a cute couple” from the cafe clerk that sent blushes to both of their cheeks), the pair decided to enjoy the rest of their night on the fire escape outside of Minji’s apartment.

    She’d grabbed a few pillows and blankets to sit on from her bedroom, the window of which they were situated outside of. Hunkering down, they both sipped on hot chocolate and munched on cookies for a quiet minute.

    “Thanks for hanging out with me, Lee,” Minji mentioned. She looked at him with a small smile, her cheeks still rosy from the clerk’s earlier compliment (he dismissed her blushing, thinking it had to be from the cold and not over him).

    “Hey, no problemo, chica,” Leo smirked, holding his drink with both hands to keep them warm. “What are friends for?”

    “Right; that’s what friends are for…” Minji sighed. That comment unintentionally hurt both of them. Neither wanted to remain friends, but they were scared of how changing their dynamic might affect them and everyone around them.

    A short silence filled the air, seemingly brought in by a harsh gust of cold air. The two shivered, not expecting a drop in temperature. “Hey, Leo? Do you maybe wanna go inside?”

    They’d been sitting across from each other at first. With their knees up to their chests and their feet side-by-side atop of the blankets and pillows from Minji’s room. He didn’t realize that he was staring until she started to ramble. “We can go inside to get out of the cold and we can get more comfortable. Not that this isn’t comfortable, but it is a little chilly. And we don’t have to do anything! I know it’s my bedroom and i-it’s not like I’m expecting anything to happen but-”

    Then he started his own clumsy reply, whilst standing up. “Yeah, no, totally! I-I got you; we should go inside and warm up because my feet are freezing.”

    Gathering up the stuff she’d brought out, making Leo trip by yanking a blanket from under him, they both scuttled through her bedroom window. Turning on a lamp, Leo got to see the simple layout of her space. A queen sized bed took up a corner of the room with a desk in the other. There was a small closet across from the bed, the fox mask he’d seen countless times hanging on the doorknob. The room was befitting of Minji.

    “This is really nice, Min,” he complimented, turning to look back at his friend. She was taking off her hoodie and shoes, thanking him with a soft smile.

    “Will you be okay if I go change real quick? I’ll be right back,” she questioned, heading to the closet to change.

    He replied that, yes he’d be fine, before she scurried inside the smaller space. Sitting on her bed, he tried to calm the fuzzy feeling in his stomach. Leon hadn’t spent this much alone time with Minji without an interruption of sorts. Whether it be his brothers poking fun at him or something else. His train of thought was cut off by the girl walking out in an oversized long sleeve shirt, bike shorts, and fuzzy socks. With her hair tied up into a pony tail instead of her signature braid, she looked cute and cozy.

    “Oh,” Minji said, tilting her head at Leon. “I thought you’d change, too.”

    The turtle awkwardly looked about himself, quickly trying to come up with an explanation. “Oh! Ah, well, you see I didn’t change because when I leave, I’ll just have to put it all back on. Yeah, so, why not save myself the trouble, you know?”

    “I guess you’re not wrong,” she agreed. “When are you gonna head out, then? It’s getting pretty late and I would hate for Splinter to get mad at us.”

    He hadn’t thought that through yet. Leo wanted to spend more time with his friend, but he also knew curfews were a thing now in the lair. “If you’re feeling better, I can go right now,” he smiled, gesturing to the window.

    “Besides, I need my beauty rest. Do you think I look this good without a full eight hours of sleep?” He joked, striking a pose.

    As she walked to her bedside, Minji chuckled, “you look good all the time, blue. I don’t think it’d be that hard for you.”

    The comment caught the boy by surprise, literally throwing him off his game and balance. Did…did she just agree that he’s good-looking? Was this an opening for a confession?

    “Well, I, uh…thanks?” He recovered, placing a hand on the back of his very hot neck. “You look good, too; in fact, is it hot in here or is it just you?”

    Finally sparing him a glance from a short distance away, Minji was doing her best at keeping her composure and firing back her own comments. “It’s just me; thanks for noticing because I think I’m on fire,” with that, she conjurred blue flames in the palm of her hand.

    Breathing a relieved sigh, Leo laughed at her comeback. “If you’re on fire, I think I’m at risk of burning up.”

    “Just don’t stand too close then,” she replied, putting the fire in her hand out as she sat on the edge of her bed facing the turtle.

    “What if that’s all I want, though?”

    “Well, I-” she paused, watching as the blue banded teen approached her. “W-well-”

    Standing over his friend, Leo leaned in close to her face. “Something wrong, Min? Kit got your tongue?”

    “More like a turtle, but yes,” she whispered, staring back at him. He was so close; close enough to feel his breath on her face. His hands moved from his sides and were placed on either side of her on the bed.

    He could do it. He could kiss her right here and tell her all about his feelings. But, dios mio, was he nervous. I mean, she hadn’t moved away after his advance, so that had to mean something, right? And she even shot back her own little comebacks! She had to share some of the same feelings, at the very least. Looking down at her lips, then back up, he silently hoped she got the cue.

    What surprised him as he leaned in further was the fact that she did, too. Her lips met his briefly, in an awkwardly short first kiss. When they both backed up, Minji’s face was bright red and she slapped a hand to her mouth. “I-I’m so sorry! I-”

    She didn’t get another muffled word out as Leon grabbed her hand away from her face and stole a second kiss. This one was more refined, as her other hand moved to his shoulder. This was it; he wasn’t dreaming. He was finally kissing his crush! And she was kissing back! When they pulled away for air, he stated, “I’m definitely not sorry.”

    A text on Leo’s phone interrupted the two, making the boy pull away with a grumpy sigh. It was from Donnie, letting him know that Splinter was making his rounds on the boys’ rooms soon before going to bed. He groaned, wondering why something always had to ruin good things for him every time. Minji saw the text from the purple brother as the turtle placed his phone in her lap and his forehead on her shoulder.

    “I’m guessing you have to go right meow, huh?” She giggled, nudging the side of his head with her cheek. He grumbled, moving his face into the crook of her neck. When he spoke, his lips brushed her hot skin. “I mean, yeah…but-!”

    “No butts unless it’s yours leaving my window, blue,” the girl replied, trying to calm her nerves down and pushing on the boy to get him off her.

    “I should take your butt with me…”

    “Excuse you?”

    “I said I should get going!”

    “Uh-huh, sure you did,” she rolled her eyes as Leo neared the exit. “I’ll text ya later, okay? Gotta make sure you get home unscathed.”

    With his body already outside, Leo poked his head in to confirm that, yes, he’d text her when he got home. And before he could duck out, Minji bumped her forehead against his. An act that the two had grown accustomed to doing when saying goodbye after nights like these. It had been a running inside joke, since bonking heads into one another on a few occasions and once during a mission. But, it always held sentiment for the two. Now it was much more endearing than dangerous.

    When the turtle got home, he was greeted by his disasterous twin. “Sooo, how was your date?”

    “I-it wasn’t a date! We were just talking,” blue defended, failing to hide his blush. Purple rolled his eyes. “Riiight, and Galileo didn’t discover the rings of Saturn.”

    “Did you do it, Leo? Did you finally confess to Minji!” Mikey gasped, poking his head around the corner.

    “Or did she kiss you? You know, since you got that lovesick look on your face,” Raph snickered, appearing behind his younger brothers.

    “Ugh! Why can’t you guys give me a break?!”

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  • Pyjama - Letter

    Letter already was a prompt this month, but luckily this word has two meanings and now it gets to be the thing that gets Mingcheng together. 

    Jiang Cheng isn’t sure how he suddenly ends up being alone with Nie Mingjue but he would certainly like to change that fact. Because Nie Mingjue makes him nervous and Jiang Cheng isn’t even sure why.

    “So,” Jiang Cheng awkwardly starts when it’s clear that no one will be coming back any time soon and Jiang Cheng curses his brother. And Nie Huaisang. And Lan Wangji. And Lan Xichen.

    Because all of them just abandoned Jiang Cheng with the most imposing man he knows and Jiang Cheng has no idea how to handle that.

    “I wonder if Huaisang and Lan Xichen are going to regret joining Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji soon,” Jiang Cheng muses, desperately fishing for anything to say.

    “Why would they?” Nie Mingjue asks, still seated on the couch as if he’s not at all bothered to be left alone with Jiang Cheng.

    “With how Lan Wangji can’t seem to keep his hands to himself when it comes to my brother?” Jiang Cheng asks and is surprised when Nie Mingjue laughs at him.

    “Have you seen Huaisang and Xichen together?” he asks and Jiang Cheng has to admit that he hasn’t.

    He knows they are a thing—however recently it may be—but he didn’t need to know that.

    “And I really wish I will never,” Jiang Cheng says with a frown when the full meaning of Nie Mingjue hits him and Nie Mingjue laughs again.

    Jiang Cheng can’t seem to drag his eyes away from him.

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  • I’m just gonna leave this here… They’re a piece of my heart

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  • Tenho fé no amor com ele vencerei o impossível. ❤️🌌

    #love poem#fashion#gaming#history#music #home & lifestyle #kpop #poemas de amor #kawaii#first kiss#gif #artists on tumblr #sexy
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  • take my hand (take my everything)

    by: @cinematicnomad / cnomad | first kiss / getting-together / injured buck  | 10k | complete | teen

    Summary: When Buck has another near death experience, he decides the smartest thing to do is update his will. It’s not a big deal, really—he just wants to take care of the people who matter most to him: Eddie and Chris.But to Eddie? To Eddie that’s a pretty huge deal.

    recced by @madamewriterofwrongs

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  • image

    Tin and Can: The first kiss 💋

    #a chance to love the series #thai bl#bl series #A chance to love #TinCan#Episode 2#First kiss
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  • First Kiss

    Spinel:Mia, why do humans kiss?

    Mia:Its seems to be a way people shows others how about they care about them.

    (Spinel begin to think about something.)


    Nyx:Yes, Spi-(Spinel kisses Nyx on her mouth causing her to be unresponsive out of shock)

    Spinel. Doll you ok? (Nyx doesn’t respond) Doll? Doll!?(Nyx still doesn’t respond) MIA I THINKS I BROKE NYX AGAIN!!

    #spinel x oc #oc x canon #nyx#first kiss
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  • oops - angst with a happy ending (of course) 

    Everywhere he looked, it seemed, Jaskier was there. In the blue of the flowers that sprung up on the sides of the road and in grassy, patchy meadows. In the way Ciri laughed every time she heard a particularly naughty ballad in a tavern. In the flashes of bright color at the corner of Geralt’s vision whenever they passed through a more densely populated village; it was almost always a clothing stall or another troubadour that certainly wasn’t as talented as his - as the bard he’d been traveling with before. 

    Geralt mourned his loss in silence, unwilling to voice any pain or suffering when his newly acquired daughter’s happiness was so fragile. Ciri was stronger than she looked but she was still only a child. A child who had seen so much tragedy in such a short amount of time. She needed him to be strong. She needed him to be caring in that gruff, awkward way of his. She needed a father and Geralt…

    There was no time for Geralt, a Witcher of impeccable stolidity, to cry or scream or grieve the loss of the only person who’d ever stuck with him by choice. The only person who had looked him dead in his mutated, terrifying eyes and said: “You are worth loving no matter what.”

    And Geralt had thrown that love away as if it meant nothing.

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    #geraskier#geraskier whump#geraskier angst #angst and fluff #angst with a happy ending #apologies #fake your death #geraskier love confessions #first kiss#getting together#geralt apologizes #jaskier fakes his death #dandelion#jaskier#geralt#gerlion sorta #ciri was there for a second #canon universe #rare species fix it
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  • i just saw the greatest first kiss in the history of first kisses and television…i saw Jess and Nick’s first kiss…i just…i mean…it was so passionate…i felt the kiss…my cheeks were hot…i felt out of breathe…it was breathtaking…it wasnt even my kiss….that’s like the best kiss i’ve ever been a part of…ykwim

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  • First date - pls help..

    I am going on a tinder date tomorrow, and I am shitting my pants because I am so nervous. I have only been on one date other then the one I am going on tomorrow. I think I am most nervous for meeting someone I know, which is stupid, because I’m 21 and ofc should I go on dates and meet with guys, and I know I shouldn’t care of what other people (such as my friends and family would think) - but anyone who has some encouraging words or stories of tinder dates that went either good or bad? Please? Ahahahah

    Btw - it’s just going to be for a cup of coffee hahaha


    Originally posted by thatteacherlifetho

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  • Mack to Coulson: So Daisy tells me that you made out with May?

    Coulson: why is Daisy telling everyone?

    Mack: because we all had bets

    Coulson: what was the bet?

    Mack: who would kiss who first, I bet you would kiss May first. May wouldn’t initiate.

    Coulson: I mean technically robot may did

    Mack: Robot kisses don’t count

    May walking in: what robot kisses… *looks at coulson* you did, didn’t you…

    Coulson: for the record, Melinda, your kiss was 100 times better than robot May’s

    May glaring at Coulson

    Mack: so did I win the bet?

    Coulson and May: GO AWAY MACK

    Mack: alright alright, “hot lips”

    #agents of shield #aos#phil coulson#philinda#melinda may #alphonso mack mackenzie #hot lips#betting#first kiss #incorrect agents of shield #incorrect aos quotes
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  • You know that anticipation of a first kiss with someone you’re wildly attracted to and you’re not quite touching but teasing the moment before your lips meet? Yeah.

    #kiss #i miss first kisses #first kiss#yeah #it's really nice to have someone to kiss on the reg though #especially when they're a good kisser
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  • Brush - Rustle

    Yet again I give you more sangcheng for Day 21 because these two deserve some love and also because they have the best siblings. 

    Jiang Cheng waits until his siblings sat down to get up and start to pace.

    “Why are we here?” Jiang Yanli finally carefully asks on Jiang Cheng’s fifteenth round through the living-room and he finally comes to a stop.

    “I need your advice on something,” he tells them and a cold shudder runs down his back when Wei Wuxian starts to beam at him. “Actually, I mostly need your advice,” he then says to Jiang Yanli, mostly to spite Wei Wuxian and he allows himself a small smile when Wei Wuxian huffs in outrage.

    “See if I care, then,” Wei Wuxian grumbles under his breath and Jiang Cheng presses his lips together.

    “If you don’t want to know anymore, you can leave any time,” Jiang Cheng tells him, but Wei Wuxian stubbornly stays where he is, not that Jiang Cheng expected anything different.

    “What do you need advice on, A-Cheng,” Jiang Yanli asks, always the calm voice of reason and Jiang Cheng sighs.

    “You’re allowed to make fun of me for five minutes and then I need actual help,” he tells them and Wei Wuxian’s gleeful look at the promise of being able to make fun of Jiang Cheng without consequences makes Jiang Cheng regret his every life choice.

    “I’m so ready,” Wei Wuxian whispers, scooting forwards until what he does can only barely be classified as sitting and Jiang Cheng decides to get this over with as soon as possible.

    “I’m in love with Huaisang,” he says and watches as his siblings freeze.

    “Dammit,” Wei Wuxian mutters after a good minute and moves to retrieve his wallet.

    Jiang Cheng watches in confusion as he hands Jiang Yanli a not inconsiderable amount of money.

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