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  • I want to feel this love again, to love like the first time, but no one will replace my bright, sunny girl, with whom we did not succeed

    and I really want to cry

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  • Von dir zu träumen wirft mich nach all den Jahren noch immer aus der Bahn. Wer weiß was aus uns hätte werden können, wären wir damals nicht beide zu feige gewesen.

    #p#dreams#firstlove #we're both happy without each other #but sometimes this fuckes me up #the first of everything #mindfuck#own
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  • Ayah itu cinta pertama bagi anak perempuan dan juga bagiku. Ayah sosok dingin, jauh, saat aku bertumbuh dewasa. Ayah sosok yang hangat dan menyenangkan saat aku masih kanak-kanak. Ayah sosok pelindung, penjaga rahasia saat aku sudah benar menjumpai dewasa.

    Tuhan maha baik, kau kirimkan seorang laki-laki yang baik ku kenal dari awal hidupku.

    Jika belum ada laki-laki lain yang memang belum bisa menggantikan posisimu yah, tak apa..nanti pun akan ada..

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  • We talked all night yesterday

    Until the sky was nothing but stars

    And your voice was worn with sleep

    And then we kept talking

    Because I knew we were tired

    And I could hear it in the softness

    Of each of our words

    But there was this magic made

    From those late hours

    Because I can’t explain to you

    How the openness of us sharing

    Everything about our lives

    And in that moment

    Right when you started dozing off

    Talking about childhood memories

    I knew I liked you

    That I could fall in love with you

    The person I saw wasn’t him

    Because your hair falls into your eyes

    And it always makes me wonder

    If you can see through them

    But each movement you make

    Is so careful like you’re scared

    Of breaking me

    And the soft words you said

    As we layed there with nothing

    But our phones between us

    The person who texts me all day

    And jokes with me during lunch

    And our stupid peach thing

    And how we’re both always

    Falling asleep at the wrong times

    So when

    Or if

    I ever get the guts to ask you

    If we want to try to be tired

    And messed up together

    I hope to god you take it

    Because you’re not him

    And you’ll never be him

    And I can see that now

    - I know you can see the scars he left behind, but yet you stay anyway

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  • Empezó en septiembre…Quizás antes, desde que imaginaba encontrarte. Siempre fuiste bueno en hacerme sentir la número uno, lo más especial, lo más importante. Los días pasaban rápido pero nos importaba poco porque pensábamos que tendríamos una vida entera juntos.Recuerdo el olor, el sol, la ingenuidad y el dar desbordado sin medir límites, nada mal para un par de dieciochoañeros que encontraban el amor por primera vez. Te quise con llanto, con control, te quise a ciegas, sin verme sin verte, era fácil decir para siempre y difícil aceptar cualquier momento que fuera menos que perfecto. Quizás no nos arruinaste, quizás la posesión fue solo un berrinche al darnos cuenta de que la vida que habíamos imaginado no existía. Quizás cada error fueron tristes intentos de aferrarnos a que el tiempo no pasara, en nuestro mundo no pasaban los días, el tiempo no tenía valor, no nos importaba que ya había dejado de ser septiembre hacía más de un año y a ese año le importaba una mierda nuestro ideal

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  • Just knowing that you knew

    what i needed from you

    what i wanted from you

    just knowing that you knew hurts even more.

    I was hopping,


    that youd change. just a bit. just for me.

    just like how you said “I love you more then the word can describe”

    if you just showed it..just a little bit.

    I shouldn’t be praying that you’d notice my facial expretions

    that i need you.

    you shouldve known…you shouldve just known by the way my lip are curled and my voice.

    i guess everyone wishes that their first is perfect.

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  • Membiarkan sesuatu berlalu bukanlah perkara mudah, membutuhkan proses. Misalnya Asmara, melepaskan seseorang yang dicintai itu memang sulit, sungguh sulit. Namun, disinilah kita belajar untuk menyerah, belajar menerima kenyataan, belajar melepaskan.

    Melepaskan bukan berarti tidak peduli, karena Melepaskan bukan bentuk keterpisahan, melainkan bentuk lain dari kasih sayang, yang tanpa ego dan manipulasi.

    “Tuhan, ku mohon agar dia selalu berada dalam lindunganmu, bahagiakanlah dia karena dia adalah wanita yang mengajarkanku cinta.”

    Begitulah caraku melepasmu.

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  • My first love

    Day3 di sana, day 19 di sini.


    Aku pernah jatuh, samar-samar jenisnya.

    Entah jatuh cinta, entah jatuh suka.

    Setelah berlalu, baru sadar sesuatu.

    Jatuh kagum …

    adalah kesimpulan yang diberikan waktu.


    Katanya cinta pertama itu bapak.

    Tidak, sulit sekali merasakan hal berbeda.

    Yang jatuhnya pada orang asing,

    bagaimana coba?

    Bapak kan, tidak begitu asing, kami 1 DNA.


    Lama aku menggali, mencari siapa gerangan,

    yang pernah kejatuhan rasa apa banget deh itu.

    Tak kunjung bertemu jawab.

    Sepertinya … aku tidak pernah jatuh cinta.


    Mungkin, itu juga yang membuat berkecamuk isi kepala

    Bagaimana rasanya mencintai?

    Bagaimana rasanya dicintai?

    Kok bisa, dua insan yang tadinya bukan siapa-siapa,

    Berubah menjadi saling lebih dari seluruh siapa.


    Saling terpikat, saling mengikat.

    Menjatuhkan percaya tanpa syarat,

    dan rasa dengan begitu khidmat.

    Kata teman sejawat,

    “Kamu hanya akan tahu jawabannya

    setelah kamu mengalaminya.”


    Bisa jadi, aku yang terlalu hati-hati

    untuk menjatuhkan hati.

    Barangkali, aku memang hanya ingin satu.

    Yang menjadi pertama sekaligus terakhir,

    dalam menemukan sosokmu.

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  • 11 years.

    being a beauty or a light. calling you as beast or as highlight. counting you as six, as five or as four. really doesn’t matter. because you are my home. and home isn’t just a name. home is you.

    you and us. still beautiful together.

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  • Me: Wow I think I might be getting over my ex a wee bit this week

    Taylor Swift: Hold my beer

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  • Poison Pill


    Lost count of glasses

    You chugged the bittersweet beers

    Like your favorite frappuccino

    ‘Cause you couldn’t say no

    Drunk under the night sky

    Watching each passerby

    ‘What is this emotion'’

    ‘Let’s put the night in slow motion’

    I prayed

    Seven years…

    I saw you again

    On the train

    Red lipstick on

    Talking on the phone

    Just like that night

    The city lights were shimmering

    My feeling was exploding

    Hoping to end this waiting

    You smiled like a fool

    It was cruel

    Giving me a poison pill

    From kissing you 

    Like I always dreamt of

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  • i chose


    a future






    an education

    the possibility of a life without you.

    you couldn’t choose.  you were barely you.

    i chose to leave him.  he did nothing for me but help me realize what i didn’t want nor need in life.  he was everything he needed to be.  he just wasn’t it for me.  wherever he is now - i hope he’s happy with his choices.

    i know i am.

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  • #feelings#emotions#sadness#laugh#jokes#poetry#love#firstlove#lgbtq#lgbtqia#lgbtq rights #its almost 3am #3 am feelings #i wrote this at 1am #i thought of this at 1am
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  • these bedsheets remind me of how we spent nights filling the gaps of our hands, my fingers walking to the galaxies of your being, your soft breathing and whisper that makes me sleep. the humming, the crying, the stories that never withers; they are forever with me. 

    your light is my shadow and forever will i hold you close to my heart. 

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  • by diamonddaydream      @dramionedaydream


    Read on AO3 or FFN


    It was late in the evening, nearly time to close up, when Hermione found Draco exactly where she expected him, in the restricted section of the library, scowling over potions books.

    He glanced up from his notes as she stepped over the rope. “Granger. Still up after your long night yesterday?”

    She took a chair and set it close to him before sitting down at the table. “You can’t be mad at me for falling asleep on the sofa comforting your brother after his bio-dad was bitten by an enormous snake, Malfoy.”

    “I can’t? Is that a fact?”

    “It is,” she said. “What I offered Ronald last night was an act of friendship, or motherly affection at best.”

    Draco scoffed, snapping his book shut. “That’s just how he likes it.”

    She rolled her eyes. “Don’t start with that creepy Muggle doctor and his mother theories again.”


    “Look, I don’t know what you think you saw this morning,” she said, “but Ronald is nothing like my boyfriend.”

    Draco wrenched his bag off the back of his chair, nearly breaking his quill as he jammed it inside. “Not yet, he’s not.”

    “Well, you aren’t wrong about that,” she said. Draco had finished hastily repacking his bag and was about to stand when she stopped him with a hand laid gently on his knee. Every one of his muscles froze. “But two kisses doesn’t make you my boyfriend either, Malfoy.”

    He threw his bag on the floor, gripped the wrist of the hand laid on his knee, and pulled her out of her chair, into his lap. His arm was around her waist, his forehead against her temple, his lips brushing her ear as he spoke. “No? Then how many would it take?”

    Read on AO3 or FFN

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  • In Blue Midnight by Tess Thompson a young woman has an opportunity to go back and find her first love.  But fate isn’t working in her favor.  The love of Blythe’s life has died. But Blythe learns some life lessons and that you can love again.  This book is well written and has a cast of memorable characters.
    This book made me a Tess Thompson fan.

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  • Online music class
    Kailangan palihim pag nagvideo at mapapagalitan ako.

    #KuyaZach #firstborn #firstlove #mommyslove #mommysboy #amazinggrace

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