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    19.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    All my selfies look the exact same but I can’t help it :( I only have one face

    #not to be complainy but you ever just feel ugly as fuck?? I’m insecure to talk about it online #because I think people misread what you’re saying and either assume youre fishing for compliments or not being fair because they #don’t think you’re weird looking or whatever so they decide you’re not allowed to either #but I think it’s hormone related honestly... anyway ranting in my tags cringe #maybe you feel ugly and take pictures of your face and post them to remove yourself from yourself and create distance to cope
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    19.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #Fun Fact Corner #asks#miraculous ladybug#ml#chat noir #Also thanks to some person on reddit who did that pictures that I found on google images #I wasn't actually fishing earlier I just wanted to show my new format to answer some asks
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    19.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Smoke all the things!

    #cooking#smoked food #not pictured: beef tri tip and pork ribs #beef pork chicken lamb fish #i will smoke it all
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    Michal Pechardo
    Dangerous Beauty


    #Jellyfish #Animals Images & Pictures #HD Water Wallpapers #Human #People Images & Pictures #Invertebrate#Sea Life#Sea#Fish Images#Aquatic #HD Ocean Wallpapers #Monterey Bay Aquarium #Monterey#United States#Coral Reef#Nature Images#Outdoors#Reef#Underwater#Free Images
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    i’ve been really obsessed with moreau so this is my idea of what he looked like before his cadou 🐟💕🎣

    #i used a picture of his canon face and squished it around to make it more proportionate :) #i wasn’t a big fan of the art where he’s a cute anime boy (no disrespect to the artist) #he is just a regular Mann #he balding!!!! #my art#doodlies#salvatore moreau#re8 #resident evil village #re village#lord moreau#re8 moreau#re viii #anyway I am in love with this fish
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    could really go for some pictures of cool fish. i love fish

    #thinking about those dudes who are specially equipped to attach themselves to sharks #if you have the time drop a fish picture i would love to see what fishies live in your brain #avi.txt
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    17.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    #Clothing#Apparel#Sun Hat#Hat #People Images & Pictures #Texas#Сша#Texture Backgrounds #HD Pattern Wallpapers #Human #Animals Images & Pictures #Fish Images#Beauty#Portrait #Beautiful Pictures & Images #Lips#Shadows #Girls Photos & Images #Face#Free Pictures
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    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    They !

    #new goal: better koi fish pictures ✍🏻✍🏻✍🏻
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    16.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Malá z rybárny (Little From the Fish Shop)

    2015, dir. Jan Balej IMDB

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    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    #Water#Ocean#Sea#Underwater#Seaweed#Reef#Coral Reef#Fish#Art#App #Adult Colouring Book #Adult Coloring Book #Tap Color - Color By Number #My Post#My Upload#My Pictures
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  • blankdblank
    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Brother Dearest Pt 60

    “You are above this mockery,” Loki’s voice eased into your mind to the start of the next phase of the murder trial while you listened to the Coroner in the case who was being cross examined by the Defense Attorneys. Having just spent the wait for the trial to begin on more comments on how you had appeared to be in great need of that forgiving robe to hide all the extra inches you had put on. Further continuing the irritation of both your family, Twins and the Phantom Prince who knew that you were another week along in your very difficult pregnancy.

    Philip Yarbrough representing Mr Rasslo and Miss Tillinghast stood making the author of the case Mr Buchman smirk assuming this was where his planned besmirching of character came into the case. “Mr Kisro, now you have testified that you have done a thorough investigation of the condition of Mrs Madison’s body after her death, correct?”

    The student portraying the 42 year old Coroner Edmund Kisro nodded and stated, “Yes, that is correct.”

    After a flinch of a silent plea filled glance your way Yarbrough asked in what he meant to be a confident tone, “Then it would be prevalent for the court to know, was Mrs Madison sexually active in the days leading up to her death?”

    District Attorney Willie Abraham shot to his feet, “Objection Your Honor, this is clearly unnecessary speculation upon the character of the victim!”

    Your eyes darted to Yarbrough as he stated, “Your Honor, we have reason to believe that Mrs Madison was having an affair with her brother in law Virgil Stimac which led to a jealousy fueled death.”

    “Objection sustained,” Yarbrough scoffed and you continued, “There will be no insult upon the character of the deceased. Because your point you mean to defend on rumor alone is hearsay and speculation at best.” Buchman in the audience scoffed loudly and shook his head while making note of the ruling that made your eyes shift to him as you stated, “Furthermore, Council before we go further in this case there will be no attacks against the morals of women in this courtroom.”

    Buchman outright glared and you and you continued, “If I allow merit-less character assassination of that nature then every witness might be inclined to hint that reason for their testimony against every male in my cases would cite impotency for grounds of mistrust upon their character.” Both students on their feet bit their lips and looked away to keep from laughing out loud to the amused chatter and chuckles from the audience to the creeping smiles across the trio of cops’ faces behind their raised hands to help disguise that with throats cleared to straighten their faces again. Even the General glanced away a moment towards the chuckling jury while your family and the Twins smiled proudly alongside Prince Loki while it seemed Buchman saw red. “Much like boxing let’s keep it above the belt gentlemen. The Jury is instructed to disregard Mr Yarbrough’s previous question.”

    “Yes, Your Honor,” they both answered and the student playing Willie Abraham sat down again.

    A few more questions were asked to simply make the case his side hoped to make now that you had essentially taken the harlot route that Buchman had hoped to grant use of in his case. All while through later sections of notes the Prosecution and the other Defense Attorney Mr Lockhart drew x’s through sections of their cases they were forced to use that were now refused admission to the court allowing greater depth to their arguments for their angles.

    The Detective of the cases came next, Keith Adler age 41 came next and he carried the crowd through the cases of the poisonings and murders sharing that he always disbelieved Camilla Tillinghast’s claims that there was a love triangle at all and the faked robbery angle was absolutely ridiculous. Questions from the other side came hard and determined to crack the Detective. But without use as the facts were clear in the case as to causes of death between the scattered reminders of use of speculation on details not proven by fact only impressing the Professors and General at your side all the more for having chosen you for this role.


    All through your bathroom break in the switch of the cases and release of the Jury words spread of your comment exploded through those who were in the side rooms who eagerly awaited to hear the same comment on the attacks against morals to strengthen their cases. So much so that when the third witness of the Plaintiffs Naomi Bentz, an uninjured employee who was there the day of played by a male student, once the Defendants for Glubb Insurance were up to cross examine drew out a repeat of the same warning from you that seemed to resonate less with Strenberg who wrote this one.

    And after they were done questioning her one of the injured parties, Thomas Firske, as Mabel Hahn was still on bed rest from her injuries was unable to testify, showed up being pushed by another student amusedly atop an office chair in place of a wheelchair he was stuck in from his imaginary injuries.

    While there were tries to discredit his claims to have followed proper procedures when injured according to the company regulations for injuries he remained steadfast in his testimony against every sort of loophole they tried to use to excuse themselves from responsibility.


    “You do realize you aren’t a real Judge, don’t you?!” Buchman said after he’d caught you in the hall warm in your coat again quickly bringing your family, the Twins and an audience of other students to watch at the echoes of his words.

    Up at him your eyes narrowed a moment then you said, “I take it you took offense to my impotence comment?”

    The General stepped closer to your side stating, “Mr Buchman you need to think very carefully before insulting one of my students.”

    “You had no right to throw out a third of my case! Not to mention that first obtuse motion denial off that alibi you stated was off of false information! I spent months writing it.”

    “Truly? Not long enough to not consult a map to plot your case or bother to base the evidence on anything but slander. Now I enjoyed The Scarlet Letter as much as the next kid but a courtroom is no place for that hot air you presented.” He scoffed and you said, “Because in a court of law if you have no evidence then the case gets thrown out for the waste of time that it is. My brother studied Journalism and when he took me with him to the campus I used to spend my spare time debating the Law Professors. Who among them gave me excellent advice they use when I asked them how you actually teach students in Law. They said you train each student as if they will defend you one day in court. And this is the sort of travesty you present to help train these students on court cases. And I do use travesty, as incompetence is not nearly a strong enough word to describe your compilation of supposed facts to use in this case for your own plan to get a giggle out of forcing the Columbia boys to state such hollow reasoning for their cases to fluff up scores for your fellow alumni. But what would I know? I’m not a real Judge, I’m just a puffer fish.”

    You turned from the stunned to silence Lawyer to pass through the smirking crowd to your husband’s arm between him and Eddie, both nearly lost to their chuckles who turned to show you to your next class while the General himself and the three policemen acting as Bailiffs escorted him back to his car. And there they made it evidently clear to not speak to anyone on campus that way again, especially you no matter how their case was going.

    “Masterfully done,” Loki said with a beaming smile strutting at your side proudly on your way to your next class, “One question, what is a puffer fish?”

    To which you replied mentally, “A puffer fish is a fish that when startled puffs up and has these poisonous spikes on its bodies to scare off predators.”

    “Ah, I do not understand the relevance, however I am confident that your use of it relies upon social knowledge that I am not privy to for lack of context.” He stated and you smirked a bit wider to his continued amusement while Eddie picked up on praise how this would build into his story to question a possibly seedier means to win mock trial contests between Law Schools for presenting flawed cases until they had to turn back and left you with pecks on your forehead and warm hugs.

    By the next paper however you had to giggle at the comic in the Columbia paper with you as a puffer fish in a robe making Buchman cry on his knees while your quote on naming his case a travesty as incompetence wasn’t strong enough hovered in a balloon above his evidence boxes behind him. One that stated ‘Bridges – Hoaxes, Not Real’ above another labeled ‘Scarlet Letter Tribute Case Facts’ that your family laughed over and added to the collection they had on press clippings about all of you.


    “The most adorable Puffer Fish strikes again,” Portia giggled out in her approach to take her usual seat beside you for your Literature class that made you grin again.

    “He started it.”

    “Oh I have heard some stories about that one. Enough to make blood boil.”

    You smirked and said, “Be glad you didn’t read the files. Enough to make you want to start hurling chairs.”

    She smirked and stole glances between you and the Professor who began to pass out the exams you were sitting for. Most students were able to finish then leave afterwards while you remained with those who finished early swapping one exam for a second to be given later to finish that would help on the hopeful early departure you would take from your second semester. Portia would head out before you with a kind smile your way as she left to head for some spare study time for another exam she had on Monday. Slowly when you were done you let out a breath and were glad for it to be your Friday so that after a stop for your Photography club meeting you could get off of your feet and enjoy your days off.

    Though halfway on your way to the club you stopped in the hall due to the anxious tall brunette who had called out your name from the wall where she had been waiting for you. “Bunny,”

    “Hey, Lana, right?”

    She nodded yet corrected your pronunciation and said, “I know you’re Catholic,” to which you blinked at the odd start to the first conversation with this woman, “But, I heard you have a dark room in your house and I was wondering if I could pay you to develop some pictures for my family. We can’t take them anywhere.”

    “I, um, sure. I’ll find you on Monday with them.”

    Timidly she handed over a small cardboard box big enough for an egg if anything tied with twine and a dollar bill folded underneath the bow and as soon as she let go of the box she blurted out, “You won’t look at them, would you?”

    “Um, well you sort of have to in the process for clarity on the image.” She looked to the box and you said, “Whatever it is I won’t be sending the images off to the Pope or anything. And Priests have an interesting story about a woman and a pillow to convince against gossip if that’s what you’re worried about.” She nodded and promptly turned to dart away leaving you to sigh and slip the box into your purse to continue your way to the club.


    “Hey Vic,” you said with a grin outside Barnard finding him there instead of James to bring you home.

    “How did your double exams go, Pipsqueak?” He asked taking hold of your books.

    “Good, now I’m caught up on my exams for the final month. And apparently word has gotten around that we have a dark room, I’ve been hired to develop some film.” His brow arched up and you smirked, “By which I mean you, have been hired. Only we aren’t to gossip, couldn’t be sent out anywhere according to the girl.”

    “Ooh, my money’s on some suntan lines being visible.” That made you giggle and roll your eyes and he said, “Won’t tell a soul, except you, and Jimmy, and Norma of course.” That made you giggle to his chuckle in settling you into the car he opened for you. “Eddie will find out on his own, been making his own eager trips in the room for his investigation.”

    You nodded through the halfway fogged window after he shut the door and watched him stroll around the hood to climb inside where you said, “I haven’t told you lately I’m glad you’re going to be uncle to our trio.” That made him smile and reach over to rest his hand on your arm after he’d set your books between you.

    “Weird dream again?”

    You nodded, “You turned into a hippo and spat up a pumpkin at me then ran away with a herd of ferrets.” Already he was trying not to laugh then you said, “Rather rudely.” And he let a chuckle out and gave you a sympathetic smile.

    “I apologize for what your imagination made me do to you. I promise I would never do that in real life.”

    “I know. I keep having weird dreams. James was in a shark tank night before last doing some magic trick with a double of him backstage trying to murder someone else trying to save the submerged James. Eddie was eating our lawn mower the night before that while Dawn and Teddy chanted about building a moat, which absolutely baffles me.”

    “My first wife had wild dreams when she was carrying. Once threw a skillet at me for dreaming me and her favorite horse were whispering things about her best frock.” You giggled to his chuckle and he reached over to rest his hand on your belly. “Gran always said that means the little one is going to have big dreams. I choose to believe that among her numerous beliefs was she swore by. Two of her favorites cod liver oil for everything, that and ginger root.”

    You let out a sigh, “I couldn’t have lived through that, ginger is a miserable thing on my nose. Don’t know how you survived it.”

    That widened his smile along with the kick he felt under his hand, “The plants died around the window, used to chuck it out when her back was turned.” That made you giggle and he moved his hand to shift gears to drive back to the house.

    “I think the worst mom did was burn custard on her first try of it.” That had him chuckle, “House reeked for days. Steve ate it all before I could get to the table. Not that I really wanted any by then. She was a good cook for what she could pull together on her wage. Hard to go wrong with bass and potatoes.”

    “We can get some bass for the weekend if you like?”

    You shook your head, “Mom said not to go for bass in the winter. Beef or pork is safer for the fishermen. Said her uncles enjoyed the lulls in the winter season between fishing hauls.” Making his smile ease out in hearing more of your family history for her side at least since Edie had shared more on your father’s. “Heard Steve’s family worked in the graveyard and mortuary.”

    “That spells out a bit.”

    Your head ticked to the side slightly, “Said they had seven sons, he was in the middle, and ran off to work above his place in a car factory then ended up buying ship tickets for him and mom not long after that. Sometimes I wish she could have just met my dad instead. She used to light up the world. Can’t wait to summer when her and dad can come out.”

    “Neither can we. Jimmy especially. Oh, right, he’s at Gina’s new place with Eddie, arguing over wall placement.” That had you giggle, “Seems like she wants something close to our layout but backwards and no spare kitchens, even on their floor.”

    “Gina does love control of the stove. Used to have a bad habit of burning things and her boys are just as lucky with their new toaster,” making him chuckle.

    His eyes scanned over you again and he asked, “What else is on your mind?”

    You sighed softly and stated, “I told you what Loki said, right?” His eyes met yours with brows lifted. “About me being pregnant for 48 weeks.”

    “That, three extra months…”

    “Just don’t know if I will be on the other side of this pregnancy.” That made him smirk, “Not to seem like I’m hopeless, but, damn. And Asgardians pregnant for a year. Only elephants do that. Not sure I can be an elephant.”

    That made him chuckle and he hummed, “Well, I wish I had a solution for you Pipsqueak. Jimmy damn sure wishes he could carry two for you seeing how hard this has been. All I do know is that babies grow and have to come out, even elephants. The girls will come out and we are going to give you ample time to rest up to even out again.”

    He glanced your way and folded his hand around yours when you sniffled and were clearly on the verge of tears, “You know, Mom had such beautiful stories about carrying me. All the moms I know do. It’s after the babies are born the troublesome stories come out. But I’ve read Midwife books, I know what you have worked through. Heard when you see the babies you forget the bad, it’s just, if the girls are going to have babies how do I not tell them what I went through without making it a crime they inflicted upon me.”

    “I nearly killed my mom, sort of how Teddy came out, all at once with claws sharpened. The girls will never think that they inflicted crimes upon you. Every baby weighs down on their mothers. One way or another. When we have babies we see how hard it was on them.” You nodded and sniffled again and glanced out the windshield to continue the fight to not cry openly. “You are a great mom. Even our munchkins, we have a village to raise these babies and you are a pillar of this village. We love you more than we can say and you know that if there ever is a way to let Jimmy carry your next few then you can’t say you wouldn’t get a giggle out of it.” That had you grin and glance back to him, “I can tear a man in half but you let me hear a tiny heartbeat and I just want to board up the house and never leave. And you can always hear them, I wouldn’t trust anyone. We love you.”

    You nodded and said, “I just have to remember to ask Herc how many weeks I’m in this.”

    “He did say near May or June.”

    “Just means I got pregnant closer to the honeymoon.” Making him chuckle again.

    “Conception dates don’t matter to us. Outside of knowing what to do to help next time.”

    “Just hope it won’t be triplets each time or we might have to break the quo and hire some help.”

    “If those ships arrive by then we could pick one who Elliot recommends. Surely if we have an army the town might take pity on Jimmy and me to accept a helper. Although I doubt our army would be anything but angels.” He smirked your way, “Because they are half yours.”

    You smirked and replied, “I am terrifying, and you know it.”

    “Angels are recorded in history as terrifying beings Men cannot fathom the complexities of your person.”

    “Complexities of my person,” you repeated teasingly, “That the part that includes my panzer hurling talent or my mind control?”

    He chuckled again, “Everything from that to how you sing lullabies to our babies and organize the books in our library.”

    You nodded and asked, “What could me being Catholic have to do with pictures to be developed.” That had him chuckle again, “I mean, major sins, murder, sex, um, un-baptized babies?”

    “Shouldn’t take long, we’ll know by supper. Shouldn’t be too sordid if she’s felt comfortable to involve you with a Journalist as a brother.”

    “Well we got a whole dollar for the process.” That had him chuckle, “Three times the normal going rate from the chemist.”

    “Nearly home now. Any papers due to work on?”

    You shook your head, “No, finished those the other day. Guess I can see what’s on the tube. Don’t feel much up to translating today.”

    “Trunks’ll keep, you just rest up.”

    Back into the garage the car pulled and when you lowered the door mentally Victor walked around the car to help you out and up into the warm house where he set aside your things and accepted the box of film you offered from your bag. Mid nip at your lip after you sat down a tug of the laces on your shoes one at a time were undone enabling you to remove those and your socks. Mentally from beside the coffee table the foot rest was called over for you to settle your tired legs on top of it. Comfy in line of warmth from the fireplace the dull throb of the tired feet and ankles had a subtle sense of relief while your eyes settled on the tv you switched on and flipped through the channels to find something to kill the time until Victor came down.

    Norma, Dawn and children upstairs in a joint bath time from an earlier mishap with some jam were heard in the momentary close of your eyes. James and Eddie’s return came in the open of your eyes and around you settled for James to focus on your legs and feet as Eddie shared the plans for the building next door. About half an hour had passed and when he’d finished with the pictures Victor came down with the prints in hand and he said, “I understand the Catholic issue now.”

    James asked you, “Catholic issue?”

    “Girl at school asked me to develop some film for her and began the request with a mention of me being Catholic.”

    Victor handed you the pictures, “It’s a wedding for two men.”

    “Oh,” you said and the guys leaned in around you to flip through the pictures of two men in their dress blues in a ceremony inside of an apartment with the blinds drawn. Among the guests was Lana in a beautiful dress being hugged between the two, “That’s a lovely dress on her. Brothers, or uncles maybe?”

    Eddie, “Or could be her dad, she’s got that guy’s upper facial features. Either way looks like a fun time.”

    You nodded and eyed the picture of the two using a sword to cut their cake that had you and James grin remembering that moment from your own wedding. “Thank you Vic. She will be thrilled with these.”

    He nodded and eased them into the envelope that opens on the end he sealed shut for you and settled the box with the roll of film and envelope beside your bag to be able to just grab to take with you on Monday. Hard snow began to trade out to for cold rain to a subtle shift into spring. Jackets would still be useful and at 24 weeks the spare 2 inches grown outward on your belly had grown and soon would be able to be hidden by the jacket that wouldn’t button up anymore. Before long however to the sound of the first raindrops hitting the house your eyes drooped and you were helped to lay out across the couch for a nap until supper.


    “So were none of you going to tell me Beserkers carry for 48 weeks?” The question had Elliot and Herc smirk to themselves while the latter gave your face and neck a once over for simple vitals.

    Herc stated, “All in the earlier stages, before the heartbeat begins. When our people arrive they will bring our machines with them that can detect pregnancy when it first occurs to ease the symptoms you felt before you heard the heartbeats. Those weeks are for your body to ready for the baby to form, where mortals can just have implantation then the eggs begin to divide for cell growth our mothers take time for their wombs to ready. Were you to carry abnormally long compared to mortals then we would have informed you.”

    Elliot said, “Then we would have made sure you planned to head back to Canada for the time to finish off the gap.”

    Herc, “We do apologize, merely triplets for your first birth is difficult enough and we did not want to trouble you.”

    “Well that would explain why I feel like I should have given birth already.” Making them smile at you. “Just a couple months left then. I can do this.”

    Herc, “Let’s lay you back I can check your belly and legs then we can get to the latest scans.” He said then reached out to lay you down on the couch with a grin helping you to untie the straps on your pants. The front was folded down on to allow you to lift your shirt to expose the more pointed than round belly with a dark line under the slightly puffed out belly button. To the furrow of your brows the dull ache of your back and lower ribs that made it more difficult to breathe. “Just a few moments.” He said to his hands that felt all around the shifting trio who made him chuckle in each shift against his fingertips and palms. Around the base of the belly and hips he pressed with a grin, “Growing beautifully.”

    Back into place your shirt and pants were secured and up he moved to examine your legs for swelling, flexibility and ease of motion. All proven to be doing well for this point in the pregnancy for how active you were and then he helped you up again to ease the expanding girdle into place for the scans that fully measured the girls and your growth that all was coming along perfectly by the measurements and your health and resilience to the stresses of your life. More information was shared on their growth and how they might try to be born if they did choose to be born naturally with how they are positioned. Ambrose’s scan was more helpful as a minor malformation of the heart of the little girl at this stag was under Herc’s healing ability able to be repaired to spare any worries of the family and pain for the child when she would be born. News she was ecstatic to pass on after the same defect had taken the brother that was lost before Eddie had been born and another two cousins from the Brock clan that had been passed down for generations.

    Pt 61

    All –

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    Not nsfw(smut) - @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore​

    X Marvel-Cast - @himoverflowers​, @theincaprincess​, @changlingkhat​

    Brother Dearest - @thorinanddwalinsdwarrowdam​​, @swoopswishsward

    #James Howlett x OC #Victor Creed x Norma Jeane #Eddie Brock x OC #Eddie Brock#Venom#Loki#Mock Trials#Illegal Pictures #Secret Photo Print Job #Most Adorable Puffer Fish
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    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    I'm playing ME2 and about to do the suicide mission and I'm losing my shit because the Garrus romance scene just triggered and

    Garrus is trying to seduce me while there's a bunch of dead fucking fishin ithe backrgoundoadfjilkesj

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    16.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    think maybe to showcase how everything is melting together 4 vanny that her perception of time and Events and shit is gets absolute garbage the longer and longer her and malhare are """friends""" in the abt us section where she tells a little story abt how they met each time the page is loaded different details are jumbled up. they met at her last job they met on a true crime forum they met in highschool theres never One Story+all the details are Just vague enough that youre always left wondering what REALLY happened like whats going on

    #rlly wanna add smth like the bunny fun facts but 4 vanny where its more like tiny radomized journal entries where u-- #--start to get the sense that not everything js Okay between her and bunny and like w her in general #shed say stuff like yeah i dont remember drawing a lot of these pictures haha! or how shes been falling asleep randomly WAY way more just-- #--little things like that. then thered be an even Deeper cut of like a dream journal where she talks abt her dreams where shes floating in- #--the red lake old man consequences fishes at and how a few times she saw michael on the dock+even talked 2 him once-- #--(moreso he talked At her. told her she didnt want to get out of the water. that getting out made everything final.) and-- #--maybe oncee bill was drowning right next to her or smth lol idk
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    Can someone explaining me waht happen in this picture

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    15.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay, so this thing that Yoshida said

    kinda makes me uncomfortable, but I don’t exactly know why. I’ve seen other people, here and on tiktok say that it makes them uncomfortable too, but we’ve never really talked about the reasoning behind it.

    Because usually the thing (for me at least) that makes the whole top/bottom conversation around characters uncomfortable is that it’s usually fans that insist on assigning top/bottom to a character, when it’s not canon and it’s kinda just fricken weird and unnecessary to assign those sexual titles to characters that aren’t even yours.

    But I mean, Ash is her character, and she can assign any characteristics she wants to him. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Ash being a bottom, and I think its okay for him to have a healthy sex life.

    I just still kinda feel a little uncomfortable that Yoshida would say that. Like WHY did we need to know that??

    Also, I always have to wonder if she’s referring to the part of Banana Fish where Ash is canonically an adult, or if it’s when he was a minor. Because if it’s when he was a minor, then we DEFINITELY didn’t need to know that, and she shouldn’t have even thought to say that. But if she was referring to adult Ash, it’s STILL weird.

    BUT IDK WHY I FEEL THAT WAY? I just don’t care for the whole top/bottom conversation, it just feels unnecessary and kinda fetishy when straight people talk about it.

    idk I kind of feel like I’m tripping for feeling this way, bc at some point, I have also talked about this in a lighthearted way. But at the same time, now that I’ve thought critically about it, it just doesn’t sit right with me..

    #We need to have a conversation about this #people w differing opinions too bc i need to understand the full picture of this #banana fish#ash lynx#akimi yoshida
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    tinder should let you add content to filter out like tumblr does

    #i would filter out guys with pictures of them holding fish and marvel fans
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    14.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Toll bar fish and chips Stoney Middleton.

    Toll bar fish and chips Stoney Middleton.

    In the past if you passed through Stoney Middleton you had to pay a toll to use the road. Now its a Fish and Chip shop. All the best Tim

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  • whats-her-name-virginia-plain
    13.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    “You don’t want to eat fish and chips every day. Sometimes you want chicken and chips.” - Wise words from Bryan Ferry

    #honestly I’m not a lover of fish and chips I’ve got to be in the mood for it #which I rarely am #always in the mood to look at that picture of Bryan though #Bryan ferry #quotes to live by #obvs #also for context that quote was about Roxy music not playing together anymore which cracks me the fuck up
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  • szivemhez-szoritom
    13.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

    #Josee #Josee the Tiger and the Fish #Josee to Tora to Sakana-Tachi #Art#Anime Movie #Not my own Picture
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