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  • beth-bunkus
    02.08.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #text post #answering my mail #tv and film #Disney #you put littol fishy boyos into anything and I'm sold #also the dad from that movie is adjacent to Tim from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs bc of the 'stache #so at some point I GOTTA watch #Beth squeaks
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    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    #fishie answers#anon #only practice makes perfect
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  • greenherb
    29.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    @blitzkriegers inquired:

    hc + moreau's tattoos + jewellery

    send me  ‘ hc ‘  + a word and i’ll write a headcanon about it regarding my character.

    [ accepting ]


    jellyfish - ( left upper arm ) i’ve yet to find any actual historic instances of jellyfish being tattooed on sailors in the 1800 or 1900s, so i feel this is more a connection to the cadou ( which with its long tendrils ) can sort of resemble a jellyfish and also in his mutated state, salvatore’s back is covered in jellyfish tendrils rather than full tentacles of a squid or octopus. 

    mom - ( left upper arm )most of the time a tattoo will be crossed with the word “ MOM “ , “ DAD “ or the name of a sweetheart / wife due to the idea that if a sailor has someone they are living for, it is a grounding element. it serves as someone to return to on land rather that becoming lost at sea. this suggests that even before he became completely indoctrinated by miranda. his mother was an incredibly important person.

    in fact, i think it may have been due to salvatore’s connection to his own mother that miranda may have adapted the title as “ mother miranda “ rather than “ priestess “ or “ pastor “. 

    fish - ( left forearm ) most marine animal tattoos such as fish, sharks, dolphins, etc. were used more as identification on a body rather than being a symbol for something else. there was nearly always a log of a sailors’ tattoos along with their name and the ship they were one as many sailors used false names, the tattoos were easier to log and harder to hide.

    also in case of shipwreck, tattoos on the body could be identified and cross-referenced with the tattoo logs to identify the bodies over false names and their facial features.  most likely the little cartoonish fish is more of salvatore’s personal taste as an identifier tattoo than having a deeper meaning. 

    anchor - ( left forearm ) anchors, crossed or singular, are one of the most popular iconography in tattoos for sailors, commercial or military, of all time. anchors were almost exclusively tattooed on sailors and originally was used as a medal of honor to state that the sailor had crossed and returned along the atlantic ocean but it became more amorphous in just meaning they were ‘ a sailor ‘ rather than having crossed one specific ocean. 

    for my canon, he also had more tattoos on his back, most notably the mermaid ( anatomically correct for the upper lady half wink ) of his family crest as well as twin swallows ( each noting roughly five thousand nautical miles, meaning he had traveled over ten thousand in his time serving on a ship ). he spent much of his life as a ship’s doctor through his twenties, thirties and into his forties before he returned to the village he was born in. of course, all these tattoos were lost as the cadou destroyed his body. 

    jewelry: his little jewelry is very cute. he is wearing all his jewelry on the same arm as all his tattoos, which i find interesting and i think has to do with the fact that he may be blind in his right eye so he would see his right arm as easily. he appears to be wearing a doubled chain of links, a leather cuff, a strap of leather and a little bracelet with fish bones and beads on it. 

    the leather is interesting because it is notorious for falling apart when kept in high humidity areas so these must either be new or treated with something to keep them from falling apart. 

    the chain is probably something taken from a locked box or door. it isn’t made of a precious or semi-precious metal as far as i can tell, but are more industrial than fine jewelry style. 

    the little fish bracelet is very cute and i would also love one, thanks. it is probably just another symbolic connection to both being a sailor in his previous life and a physical connection to his mutated form as unlike the other lords, salvatore can shift back and forth at will rather than being stuck in one or having to take physical / emotional damage to transform. 

    for my canon he also wears a necklace bearing the symbol of the cadou, as he is the highest ranking member of their faith, he gets to wear his crown and the necklace. 

    his crown, as mentioned in a previous headcanon post, is reminiscent of that worn by the high priest of the old god faith in h.p. lovecrafts “ that shadow of innsmouth “. in the short story, the protagonist sees, for only a moment, the religious leader standing in a darkened doorway and the following passage could be written for salvatore, specifically in those first few years before the cadou robbed him of his intelligence:

    Clearly, as I realised a moment later, it was the pastor; clad in some peculiar vestments doubtless introduced since the Order of Dagon had modified the ritual of the local churches. The thing which had probably caught my first subconscious glance and supplied the touch of bizarre horror was the tall tiara he wore; an almost exact duplicate of the one Miss Tilton had shewn me the previous evening. This, acting on my imagination, had supplied namelessly sinister qualities to the indeterminate face and robed, shambling form beneath it. There was not, I soon decided, any reason why I should have felt that shuddering touch of evil pseudo-memory. Was it not natural that a local mystery cult should adopt among its regimentals an unique type of head-dress made familiar to the community in some strange way—perhaps as treasure-trove?

    it is unknown weather miranda gave salvatore the crown to mark him visibly as being seen as a high ranking member of her faith ( as she also wears gold upon her head / face ) or if he made it himself and no one took it away from him. 

    #* salvatore moreau / / 𝙷𝙴𝙰𝙳𝙲𝙰𝙽𝙾𝙽 #* ask / / answered #blitzkriegers #😘 thank u for sending this in & giving me a chance to talk about my fishy boy
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    26.07.2021 - 6 days ago
    #koi answers #fishy mutual: softforqiankun
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  • rustedleopard
    26.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    The existence of Kraken Soup in Earthbound implies one of two things:

    1.) Krakens are a natural part of the biology of Earthbound, which further proves that Earthbound takes place on an alternate Earth with different animals as a result.

    2.) Sea monsters suddenly turned up one day and LITERALLY the first thing humans did was make food out of them.

    #earthbound#mother 2#mother series #while the first option is more viable with my mental world building the second option is way more fun #humans will see a sea monster and ask 'is anybody gonna eat that' and not wait for an answer #(it does make me wonder how people even hunted those things considering they spit fire and lightning #but i feel like it further proves human hubris and the desire to eat anything remotely possible) #anyways: headcanon that Krakens taste like a combo of fish and beef #my source is that i ate alligator a couple of times and it tastes like fish and chicken had a baby #i imagine that it would taste fishy but more 'rich' than alligator. hence the beef #or maybe a fish/venison combo.... hmmmmm 🤔 #tbh. I'd probably be one of those people trying to eat a Kraken without hesitation now that I'm self reflecting
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    26.07.2021 - 1 week ago
    #to-the-fishies#asks#ask#answer #ask me questions #ask me anything
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  • justheretohangout
    25.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Today my sister and I had a "friendly debate" over if Alberto and Luca are gay or not.

    Our conculusion;

    My sister hates romance and i am addicted to shipping.

    #then we ate lunch and talked about it again #this time the conculusion was #"both answers are valid. if you think they're just friends it's a cute movie with no romance sub-plot. #if you think they are in love it's a cute movie about two gay little fishy boys
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  • hcrrngton
    17.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    @girlsurvives​    :    What’s all the secrecy about, then ?

    he leaned into his forearm pressed casually against the counter,   releasing a quiet laugh at the girl’s question. clearly, she was new to town or just passing through. the first encounters with the demogorgon had been pretty under wraps. the second opened up the case a little wider. but the third encounter at     STARCOURT MALL    rocked the entire town before the government covered it up. for obvious reasons, the     U.S. GOVERNMENT    didn’t want to admit that russians had established a base on underneath their soil. he didn’t know what would happen to those who snitched, if the government didn’t have bugs at every corner to monitor the ones who had been involved in the fight. clues had began to seep out that maybe it’s what had happened to    HOPPER    ,     a mystery he was trying to solve with robin and nancy behind the scenes.

    “   what, with starcourt?  ”    he chuckled as he scanned her vhs tapes, sliding the stack over to her.    “   the post is claiming foundation issues.  guess they were too much in a hurry to get the gap opened up, so they hired the cheapest contractor they could find,  ”     he mused, his tone subtly dripping with dry sarcasm.  he paused to lick his lips for a moment, glancing at the small screen on the register.   “  it’ll be two-twenty for the rental.   anyways   ––   maybe it’s just a     ‘ SCREW YOU ’   to capitalism, too?  nothing like the hot bed of supply and demand crumbling to the ground in its opening month.   ”

    #say something's fishy without saying something's fishy steve #elsie tbt#girlsurvives #𝐢.    /  *    every breath you take    {  canon  } #answered
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    05.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #mun monday#chorusnihili#ooc answers #need more threads of fishy playing the piano tbh
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    02.07.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #now i wanna watch finding nemo AND finding dory AND eat popcorn!!!!! #none of that is gonna happen though #ask#answer#fishies #thanks for asking friend <3
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    22.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #idk SOMETHINGS FISHY #i like him a lot but #somethings not #somethings not clicking #— ☎️ knives answers #— 💌 signed: anon
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    #ooc#ooc answers #rr answers 2 #andrew take yo mans and hide him because somin fishy goin on with the anons
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