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  • wazhir
    25.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Dubai deep sea fishing in a boat

    To know more about Dubai deep sea fishing trip in a boat, click the link below of our latest blog .


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  • bluedarkart
    01.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Last Day of 2020 and first day of 2021, here, on my little Caribbean Island! 💙🌈HAPPY NEW YEAR!☮🕉🔅

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  • spartanlocke
    11.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    fishy fishy 

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  • crowewritesstuff
    16.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    oh you’re a writer? tell me are you

    a) google everything and do intensive research on every part you write to make sure it’s as accurate and fact checked as possible


    b) haha keyboard go brrr

    #writeblr#writing#writblr #sometimes i’m a and sometimes i’m b #i read through like six fishing blogs the other day just to see how much i could realistically destroy a boat without it sinking
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  • longestsurvival
    08.10.2020 - 7 monts ago
    #blogs#fishing az #outdoor gear az
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  • toestalucia
    11.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    head full farming thoughts

    #stardust speaking ! #(gestures vaugely) harvest moon au........... #harvest moon blogs............... #fomt....remake....... #i kinda wanna play ioh again too i miss lanna...........fishing wife.... #brandons superfunny hes liek Nothing like i thought #cuz i nvr looked him up either kjasbjdkjasd #AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA imma. write. slowish. #while i keep thinking about gran in harvest moon settings
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  • cannonfullofcanons-a
    01.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Heya, guys. It’s me. Ya boi. Here with a (potentially final) update!

    So! I’ve been really spotty here for well over a year, aaand I think it’s about that time. It’s been like an endless loop for a while - I pop in for a week or two, go inactive for months, peek in again, leave, rinse and repeat. And usually not for the same reason - I get bored or lose interest, I get stressed out/burn out and dip for a while, so on and so forth. I was in a bad headspace for a while and it showed, and I’m sorry for all the nonsense that came with it, but I’m much better off now. Finally getting back to classwork and setting things back on track, and I’ve gotten into a much more positive environment. I just can’t keep up here right now, things have gotten too hectic both on the blog and offline! So, needless to say, I’m probably not comin’ back for a hot minute this time, that is if I do at all. Leaving just seems like a wise move at this point. Every time I load up the site, seeing the dashboard alone still just makes me tired. I don’t know if I got overwhelmed or if I just need to step away for a while longer or what, but for better or worse, I think I’m done here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still writing! Just not here. Mostly by my own faults, Tumblr’s gotten too stressful, and it became more of a detriment to me than a fun li’l hobby a long time ago. And heck, that just won’t do, right? No point sticking it out if it’s not fun!

    Though, on the off chance any of you are still interested in interacting, or just want to keep in touch, throw me a bone on Discord? I’m still writing there, as I find it a lot easier to manage and I hardly ever lose track of things. It’s much more my speed! If we’re not already added, IM me and I’ll slip you my username! I’ve been working on new characters & worldbuilding, doing movie nights/game nights with pals (including Cards Against Humanity antics), and livestreaming when I’m not busy with work/studies. I’d love to hang with y’all, so come bug me!

    I’ll queue this up to post at least once a day for the next few days, just so y’all know what’s up. Catch you on the flip-side, and just in advance--

    May the Fourth be with you!

    #Gone Fishing { OOC } #I mostly keep bouncing back because I miss the friends I've made here #ilu guys #but it's. not smart for me to be here rn #perhaps SOMEDAY I'll kick this blog right in the metaphorical keister and get things goin again #but not on this day #for now I'm definitely keeping the blogs up. just in case. #...and also because I like having all my characters & info listed in one place. convenience!
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  • flexiblefish
    29.06.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Fish Stuff

    I’ve been doing a bit of Tumblr housecleaning. I unfollowed a bunch of blogs that haven’t been active in more than a year, and blogs about stuff and fandoms I’m no longer interested in (Harlots). I know XKit had an option to only show the first 5 posts of people who posted a lot, but now I can’t find it. There’s this blog I like but the person posts a TON of stuff and it prevents me from seeing other people’s posts. I unfollowed them from now, but I wish I could just limit their post views like I used to. Give me a shout if you know which X-Kit widget this is. 

    Also, I need some new blood on my dash. If you guys can recommend interesting blogs to follow, let me know. 

    I’m a gen X who likes geeky and sciency things, queer things, arty things, bujo things (pens!!!), zero-waste, news, politics (big listener of the Daily Beans, Pod Saves America and Gaslit Nation), trees, oceans, Antarctica, pigs and chickens. 

    Past fandoms: The X-Files, The Good Wife, Harlots

    Current fandom: nothing I care about enough to be fandomey about. 

    Shows I watch/watched : Dark, Pose, Killing Eve, Schitts Creek, Never Have I Ever, Hunters, The Good Place, The Boys, Black Mirror, Derry Girls, Stranger Things, to name a few. I was into Star Trek DS9 and anything Voyager from S4 (Seven of Nine!). 

    Movies: way too long to list, I will watch anything from sci-fi to costume drama.  The Only Star Wars are the first three films made, WHICH I ALL SAW AT THE CINEMA BECAUSE  YES I’M THAT OLD (TLJ and Rogue One were okay, the rest is trash). Alien and Aliens rule. The Lord of The Rings trilogy rocks too. The Silence of The Lambs is a masterpiece. Legally Blonde is the movie I watch when I’m down, go figure. 

    Video Games: I played games before most of you were born. Currently playing Skyrim on a PS3. Big fan of The Last of Us. Favourite Games Ever: Half-Life franchise. 

    Things I don’t care for or which bore me quickly: fashion and beauty things, anything sports, football and motor racing (except skiing and bodyboarding), the Marvel franchise and superheroes, except Wonder Woman (it’s superhero fatigue and poor writing in those movies more than anything else really), anime in general apart from a few exceptions - although I have been warming up to Miyazaki. (I do have a weird knee jerk reaction against the “cutification” of characters). 

    Voila! :-) I hope you can rec me some good shit. 

    #about me #fishing for blogs
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  • ambersky0319
    03.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Sometimes I get certain followers that have a really specific username completely unrelated to anything that I post and would usually never touch the things I post and so I'll check out there account and like

    Usually they still have a variety of posts both their own and reblogs and asks but

    I've never come across a blog that has the same post and only that post

    With the occasional varied picture but with the same background

    This is basically proof of spam following I think tho bc how the fuck did a religious blog make it to my blog(where I USUALLY never post about religion)


    Just thought it was funny seeing literally the same exact post at least 30 times

    Blocked out username cause yknow

    #amber's shit you can ignore #dont care about religion personally but i always find it entertaining when these blogs follow me #not as interesting as the time a blog about fish followed me #and it was like #a blog about fishing specifically #they sent me videos of fish being cut and everything and by then i just blocked #but usually these types of blogs don't bother me #as long as they dont start trying to send me stuff im good #i can still find posting the exact same thing over and over (not reblogging btw) funny tho
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  • givemefreeshit
    21.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    morty wants to kill me because i caught two sturgeons and an oarfish today

    #he's jealous of my skills in video game fishing #rick blogs #rick plays new horizons
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  • dooblebugs
    16.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Me: it'd be fun to draw our gijinkas with other peoples

    Brain: absolutely not we are an island and we will live off of coconut milk and crab meat

    #seriously I don't wanna seem like im just fishing for attention by tagging bigger blogs
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  • winencsy
    16.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Happy Sunday Guys! Finally it looks like the weather is getting better for today and allows us to sip on something cooler and whiter. I chose a Pinot Blanc from Alsace by the Hauller Family @famillehauller located in Dambach-la-Ville. One of the biggest wine town in the region, home of the Frankstein Grand Cru as well. So in the meantime sipping on this wine, I wrote you an article about the family, Frankstein and the climate of Alsace itself. Did you know that this is the driest area in France? I explain why on my blog, check it out from the 🔝link in my bio🔝! Let's continue sipping on this Pinot blanc! It has a pale lemon color with medium plus viscosity. The nose is fresh with lemonpeel, white peaches, camomile and dried herbs. Delicious dry wine, the medium plus acidity and medium alcohol concludes in a lighter body with flavours of lemon, green apple, white peaches and a little bit of almond with a pleasant mineral finish. A good quality drink which best to consume while it is young and chilled to 7-9°C. I would pair next to raw fish and seafood dishes, sushi, salads and grilled vegetables. Which Alsacian grape variety is your favourite and why? . . . . . #winewriter #wineculture #wineeducator #winelovers #víno #wine #winetasting #pinotblanc #weinliebhaber #weißwein #frenchwine #lightwine #wineeducation #sommlife #winelovers #alsacewine #wineregions #winestudy #sipsaroundtheglobe #winehistory #wineprofessionals #wineinfluencer #wineblogger #wineblog #organicwine #wineaddicted #wineknowledge #neverstoptasting #sommlifestyle #womeninwine (at Wien, Österreich) https://www.instagram.com/p/CO7nlIqtFff/?igshid=gtbw2weo4gqg

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  • bigboyblogbananza
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Blog Post #4: Date Night

    Let me start this blog post off with an apology.

    I am sorry.

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, dear marker, that all my blog posts have been titled water related titles, for plenty of fish. I have broken that this week. Please, don’t cry too much.

    So… Production for this week. It was actually pretty great. And let me get into that real quick.


    This week we finally begun filming. Huzzah! It’s really great on how we’ve turned our productivity around pretty drastically, which thank god really, I was starting to get worried there for a bit.

    First of all, Floyd, bless him, booked out a performance room in Wattspace on Wednesday where we could fully black it out, making the room as dark as possible. Then after moving in some tables and wonderful table decorations thanks to Jess, we had our set for the date!

    Pictured: (Set for the date)

    Pictured: (Conor holding the blinds closed for ultimate darkness)

    The filming of the date went, dare I say, swimmingly. There’s only really one issue, and that was the exposure changing noticeably halfway through the date. I’m hoping I can fix that in post when I eventually edit the film this coming week. Apart from that, no real problems!!


    Our next set of shots we filmed following the date were the darkness shots in the beginning, where we’re only illuminated by the phone in Floyd’s hand. The graininess of the footage is… noticeable. But there was really no other way we could film it without that happening, or without lighting up the room. Graininess aside, the footage turned out quite great, and all the jokes landed.

    Pictured: (Us in the darkness)


    How kind of you to ask! This coming Tuesday we will be completing filming, which Is the montage shots and the scene at the tram station. I’m hoping for nice blue skies, and for everything to go well… that would be pretty neat.

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  • yaku-soba
    16.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i’ll call your name (but only from an ocean away)

    oikawa tooru × gn!reader | angst

    ༶•┈┈ general m.list

    w.c: 412
    a/n: an old prompt i posted on my old blog; oikawa + hydrangeas 

    you never expected tooru to stay. 

    you can’t, not when it is only on the court that he is truly alive. oikawa sheds his sheep skin (and how shoddily put-on it looks, now that you have seen the setter that they call the great king) and squares his wolfish shoulders only when there’s a volleyball between his hands or on his fingertips. 

    oikawa is pretty with his perfectly-coiffed curls and his sparkly smiles. he’s eye-catching, a fresh bouquet in a hospital room, an open wound you love to prod. 

    oikawa draws your eye like a gem does a magpie, but it is tooru that you want to keep, that you cannot tear your gaze from. 

    tooru is beautiful on the court, with his eyes narrowed on the ball like an eye through a sniper’s scope, with his knees bent like a panther poised to pounce. he holds your heart between his canines (you put it there with your own hands). he is a natural disaster shoved into a boy’s aching body, and with every calculated set he wreaks a sort of careful chaos that you admire the same way you do a tsunami’s devastating beauty. 

    so, you’ve never expected tooru to stay. if you’re being honest, you suspect that that’s the main reason he’d chosen to be with you at all, however briefly.

    tooru’s dreams are too big for your hands and they spill from between your cupped fingers like water through a fishing net, and you’ve made your peace with that. it’s enough that you get to have him now; he calls you in the evenings after practice and takes you out on ice cream dates on the days that he isn’t busy with volleyball. 

    when graduation rolls around, you don’t ask him for the second button on his gakuran. you know that there is a larger court in a far country that calls his name louder than you ever can.

    he leaves the second button of his gakuran on your doorstep anyway. it’s threaded on a string, wrapped around a bouquet of hydrangeas. there is no note, no yet-unheard voicemail. all there is is a bouquet of flowers that drown easily and a shiny button like a gem in a magpie’s dull nest, laid carefully on your doorstep like chrysanthemums on a grave. 

    years later, an argentinian jersey with a japanese last name printed on its back comes in the mail.

    the package is left on your doorstep. there is no return address. 

    #i still really like this #haikyuu x reader #oikawa tooru x reader #haikyuucreations #haikyuu!! #kyouka writes
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  • attackonbananas
    16.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    hey blog can’t decide if I want to watch demon slayer or rewatch banana fish for the 10th time 😍

    #my bets are on bf #but demon slayer 😩 #banana fish#anime
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  • lumosinlove
    15.05.2021 - 20 hours ago



    It’s here!! Thank you all for the support of this universe, it truly means so very much to me. Every time I get a comment, or get to read the fan fiction you all write, see the art you create...it just fills me with so much joy. I’m so excited to share the Sweater Weather sequel with you, Vaincre! Go Lions!

    cw: brief mention of past injury and past abuse


    part i: July

    I’ve been holding my breath

    I’ve been counting to ten


    The media wasn’t kind. There were network shows and blogs. Magazines and papers and podcasts. Not to mention Twitter.

    Remus had heard his name on all of them, even if he wasn’t listening. It was part of Alice’s job to make sure he knew what was being said about him. It was his job to tune most of it out. Some outrage. Some elation. Some confusion.

    This is my question, one podcast asked. I mean, I’m happy for Black. Lupin, too. I’m happy for the hockey world to have this happen, it’s about time, I mean, tune it, come on, and all that.

    I’m confused about the, you know, ‘let’s put the PT on the roster.’ I’ve seen college clips, like, those have been released, we know that he got injured, we know all that. He’s fast, we know that, too. But a lot of guys are fast.

    Just…what a move by Coach Weasley. A good move? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

    Remus had always loved to run. It cleared his head. It had been one of the forms of exercise he had been able to do first once his shoulder had healed, before weights or any sort of strength training. His therapists had recommended it. Endorphins, they had said.

    But Remus liked it because it was the closest he had been able to get to gliding on the ice, even when he still couldn’t stand to even look at a rink.

    A good move? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

    Remus was used to not knowing. He was beginning to think he thrived on it. Would he play hockey again? Would he ever find love? Would Sirius want him?

    Was this really happening?

    He didn’t think of dreams as coming so late, but, then again, why should dreams be put on any sort of time schedule?

    Now, he banged out the screen door and onto the rickety, well-loved porch of the lake house that had been passed down through his family for years. His mother and her brothers split it up in the summer, overlapping for a week or so, and there were always little gifts left behind for each family at the trade-off. A bottle of the best maple syrup, or some of the local honey. They were small, but Remus smiled when he saw what his uncle and aunt and cousins had left for him and Sirius after his parents and Julian had given them the month of July with the house to themselves. A little flower arrangement with two hockey sticks, carved out of wood, sticking up in the middle.

    Sirius had plucked one from the dirt, twirled it over in his fingers, and smiled.

    “Your family will never stop surprising me.”

    Green Lake was deep, prime for fishing, and gorgeous. The smell of the water, of the soil and sweet summer air was as good as home to Remus. He breathed it in now as he bent to lace up his sneakers. He could smell the fire pit that they had lit last night, one that he and Julian had roasted thousands of marshmallows over.

    “I showed Jules how to roast the perfect marshmallow here,” Remus had said that first July night, leaning back against Sirius’ chest.

    Sirius had blew out his burnt-black one. “Like this?”

    Remus had scoffed. “No, you heathen.”

    Sirius looked good here, surrounded by the woods and rusty cabin, wearing the old fleeces that never seemed to leave this place for when the sun had yet to warm the chilly mornings. Some mornings, they’d make their coffee, tangle their socked feet together on the small couch until the sun began to get high and they’d strip it all off in favor of swimsuits and sunscreen. Other mornings, Remus would rise, pressing a gentle kiss to Sirius’ sleeping face, and take to the dirt road that ran around the lake.

    Sirius, just off of the hard won playoffs, needed to rest. Remus needed to train.

    A good move? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

    They would leave in two days for Pascal’s Cup Day celebration, and then to meet Remus’ parents, his little brother Julian, and Regulus back in Gryffindor for Sirius’ Cup Day. And August training. Remus stretched his hands to his toes and closed his eyes. A strange type of adrenaline filled him whenever he thought about practicing with the team, about the fitness tests that would come first. He’d have to prove himself again and again. He wanted to. But part of him wondered what would happen if he couldn’t.

    The screen door squeaked open and shut again, and Remus jumped, looking up to find Sirius, still sleep rumpled, standing there in running shorts.

    Remus laughed, reaching up to trace a pillow crease in his cheek. “You’re supposed to be sleeping in while you can.”

    Sirius let out a grumbly sort of yawn and gathered his hair, long from the summer and just brushing his chin now, back into a small half-up bun.

    “I can’t believe you do this before coffee.”

    “Too acidic. Gives you running stitches.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Sirius sighed, and threw his arm around Remus’ shoulders as they walked up the steep driveway to the road.

    Remus kissed his wrist. “I’ll miss being here with you.”

    Sirius smiled. He was tan from the summer, hair dark as ever and his skin sun-kissed.

    Remus leaned into his shoulder. “I mean look at you. I like seeing you this relaxed.”

    Sirius bit his lip as the rounded a bend, waving at Mrs. Barrow, who was tending to her garden.

    “I don’t think I knew I could be this relaxed,” Sirius admitted. “It was always train, train, train, you didn’t get a Cup, try harder.”

    Remus was familiar with the notes that appeared in Sirius’ voice now from years of Sirius’ small slips in conversation, even when, to Remus, Sirius had only been they youngest captain in the league, cold and reserved from even more years of his father’s abusive, relentless attitude towards hockey and Sirius’ skills. Even when Remus had only been the team’s physical therapist, closeted, crushing on Sirius, and surprised by the cracks Sirius showed when he had gotten his ankle smashed by Severus Snape, Captain of the Slytherin Snakes—the Gryffindor Lions greatest rivalry. Pain, it had seemed, and fear of never stepping on the ice again, had given Remus his first glimpses into a different Sirius beneath it all, a boy who was filled with much more than just a need to win, but for whom the want of winning only made him love his sport, and his team, more.

    “And now that you have a Cup?” Remus asked. “How’re you feeling?”

    They came to the road and Sirius balanced on one foot, stretching his thigh. “Now that I have you,” he said. “I’m feeling just fine.”

    Remus snorted. “Yeah, the Stanley Cup Champion part has nothing to do with it.”

    Sirius laughed, but took Remus’ face between his palms. “If I didn’t have you, and I had only a Cup, all I would be doing right now is thinking about another Cup.”

    Remus put a hand on his chest, fingers finding the number twelve pendant that rested there.

    “Now, there’s more,” Sirius said simply, and leaned down for a tender kiss. “Like your mother’s peach pie.”

    Remus punched him in the arm as Sirius laughed loudly.

    “You’ll have to beat me if you want a slice of that!” Remus called as he took off.

    Sirius made a wounded noise, but sprinted after him until they were side by side again.


    “I don’t think I can leave this beach,” Leo mumbled into the lounging cabana they were spread out beneath, and Logan looked down at him from where he was reading—trying to read—one of the books Finn had given him. He didn’t know how many books Finn had tried to get him to read over the years, but he knew he never made it through more than a few pages without looking up, getting distracted, or having to go back.

    “Non?” Logan asked.

    Leo shook his head. “The sun. The sea. I’m in heaven.”

    “What about hockey?”


    Logan laughed and settled back into the pillows, setting the book aside and rolling towards Leo to feel his sun-warmed back and leaned down to kiss his temple. A private beach definitely had its perks—and so did three hockey salaries.

    “We’ll just stay here, then.”

    They’d had a good summer. Leo’s Cup Day, Finn’s, his own, all in their hometowns and accompanied by large parades and fanfare. Logan had finally gotten to take Leo home to his sisters and parents for the first time. It had been nice to see Finn around his family again, too, after what felt like eons of avoiding him in that small gap between being at Harvard and then them both making it to the NHL, and to the Lions.

    Leo’s sleepy smile up at him melted Logan like ice in the sun.

    “Okay, good,” Leo said, then his eyes went behind Logan. “There’s the ghost-on-toast with our drinks.”

    Logan snorted and looked up to see Finn—and Finn’s tiny blue swim shorts that he insisted weren’t see-through—walking towards them through the sand from the resort bar with a tray of drinks in his hands.

    “Hey, lover-nuts,” Finn said as he set the tray down in the shade. “Got us some snacks, too. That bar tender loves me.”

    “You are so pale,” Leo laughed. “I love you, though, please put more sunscreen on.”

    “Keep your sandy feet off my towel,” Logan nudged Finn’s foot with his own as he reached for his drink. Finn just smiled and nodded at the book.

    “How is it?” Finn asked.

    Logan just looked at him.

    He laughed and ran a hand through Logan’s salty, damp hair. “I know. I’ll read it to you later. I just thought you might want something for the beach!”

    Logan held up his cocktail. “I have something for the beach.”

    They settled back under their cabana, the thin, white linen curtains fluttering around them in the three o’clock breeze. Maybe Logan, as he closed his eyes between Leo and Finn, Leo’s hand still on his thigh, Finn’s arm pillowing the back of his neck, never wanted to leave this beach, either.

    “Back to Gryffindor tomorrow,” Logan said.

    “Group chat says most guys’ll be back this week,” Finn said, squinting at his phone over his sunglasses. “We gotta be back for Dumo’s, and then Cap’s Cup Day. That’ll be nice, man.”

    “I like that they’re bringing it to Gryffindor Pride,” Leo said, rolling onto his back. “Should have thought of that. Or, I guess…” Leo trailed off and Logan frowned. They couldn’t do that. Not yet, at least. Leo caught Logan’s expression and rested a reassuring hand on his thigh. “I’m glad we get to go, even if its for them on the surface. That’s real thoughtful of them, you know?”

    Logan nodded. It was thoughtful. When Remus and Sirius had brought it up to them, he’d found himself getting a little choked up.

    “We want you guys to be able to experience that, too,” Remus had said. “If you want. No matter what you decide to do public-wise in the future.”

    Finn clicked his phone off and chucked it to the side. “Hey, don’t take me off island time yet. We’ll order to the room, eat on the deck, hike up and stargaze…”

    Finn rattled off the perfect list, tilting towards Logan until their lips met.

    “And then we’ll go win another Cup.”

    Leo and Logan punched him at the same time.


    Thomas sat in the shade with Kasey as they watched Alex try to take on Natalie and Noelle at pool basketball.

    “I really think they’re going to accidentally drown him,” Thomas said thoughtfully.

    “He probably thinks that, too, and is just too competitive to stop,” Kasey replied.

    Thomas laughed, and held out his beer to cheers.

    “This is a nice house the O’Haras have, man,” he looked at the sparkling ocean beyond the steps and fence, and at the pool with the grill and lounge chairs. They’d only come up for the weekend, between training and visiting their own families, and before returning to Gryffindor for the season.

    “Tell me about it.”

    “Cheating!” Alex spluttered from the pool as Natalie put all of her weight on him to dunk him under the water. Alex pointed very seriously to the foot marker on the side tile. “We agreed from that to Thomas’ chair, I was too far away!”

    “Too bad!” Noelle shouted as she made another basket.

    Thomas didn’t think it was the alcohol that made him feel a little fuzzy at the edges as he looked over her in her swimsuit. She was all curves of tanned muscle, softened the summer around her stomach and arms. Thomas was a goner. But she seemed pretty gone, too, so he guessed it was all right.

    “This moment’s always rough,” Kasey said softly from beside him, and when Thomas looked at him questioningly, he gestured vaguely with his beer. “The end of July. One more month, but not really. Alex’ll go back for training, you know? It’s like a trick. I always think, I get three months with these two. But it’s more like two and the first week of August.”

    Thomas nodded. “I know. Noelle, too. Her training camp starts on the eight. I’m just…”

    Kasey sighed in sympathy.

    “At least you have Nat, you know?” Thomas said. “Not that I’m saying you have it easier, I just…”

    Kasey shook his head. “I know. Believe me, I’m thankful for that every day. But…when you miss someone, you miss someone.”

    Thomas nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, exactly.”

    Last season hadn’t been too bad. His relationship with Noelle had been new. They only really knew FaceTime dates, and squeezed in weekend flights that sometimes left them more exhausted than sated. They had been taking it slow. Thomas had been kissed by Noelle—a lot. Enough to make him dizzy with it. Only, then she’d met him at the airport in Quebec, they’d spent a month with her family in France…

    And Thomas wasn’t sure he knew how to do just FaceTime anymore. There was a new yearning, knotted just below his heart. He knew what her skin felt like under his hands now, knew what she looked like right when she waked up, even her skincare routine before bed. It would feel like being away from the ice for too long, the knot pulling tight. He thought this year was going to be harder. Maybe he knew it, but if he did, he was pretending it might be easy still.

    “T,” Noelle called, floating on her back, dark hair fanned out in the water. “C’mere!”

    Thomas smiled, setting his drink down. He would come, whenever she called. Wherever.


    Cole Reyes didn’t know if Adele Dumais staring at him the way she was was a good thing, or a bad thing. He was nervous enough without the seemingly disapproval of Pascal Dumais'—the Pascal Dumais of the Gryffindor Lions, oldest player in the league—teenage daughter.

    “Don’t you talk?” Marc, one of his sons, asked.

    Cole blinked. “Uh. Yeah. Yeah.”

    Adele waved her brother off. “They’re always super nervous at first. Remember Sirius?”

    Marc scoffed. “I was a baby.”

    Cole let out a breath. Now they were casually talking about Sirius Black, who had lived in the very room Cole had been sleeping in for a week now when he was a rookie, too. It was the same with Logan Tremblay. He felt like he needed to keep the room pristine, like he was living in some Hockey Hall of Fame museum that he had not earned the right to be in yet.

    “You’re still a baby,” Adele shot back.

    “Kids,” came Celeste, Pascal’s wife’s voice from where she was setting the table. “Come on now.”

    “Sorry, maman,” Marc said softly.

    “Sorry,” Adele sighed more reluctantly.

    “Go help your father with the grill, you two,” she said. “Everyone will be arriving soon.”

    Katie, Celeste and Pascal’s youngest daughter, perked up from where she was sitting beside Cole, drawing. Not Pascal, Dumo—Cole kept having to remind himself that he could call Pascal by his nickname now, that it was all official, that he was a Gryffindor Lion, too. Katie hadn’t left his side since he arrived a week ago to billet with the Dumais, and he still wasn’t sure what to make of it.

    “Even the Cup?” she asked.

    Celeste laughed. “Oui, ma cherie. Cole? Would you mind going to get the flowers for the table? They’re on the kitchen counter, just inside.”

    “Oh, sure, Mrs. Dumais,” Cole nodded, glad for something to do. The thought of the Cup arriving gave him the chills. He’d have to be careful not to touch it. He was scared to even look at it, to be honest. His mom would be laughing at him right about now. He wanted to call her afterwards, tell her everything.

    “Call me Celeste, I told you, please,” Celeste smiled. She was lovely, with her dark hair twisted and clipped up and a summer dress as green as her eyes, silky against her olive skin.

    Cole flushed, but smiled. “Celeste.”

    Cole made his way through the sliding door from the back yard and through the dining room. The kitchen was one of the biggest rooms in the house—and it was a big house. Beautiful copper pans hung shining above the island, along with some herbs that Celeste grew and dried herself. It looked like something out of a magazine to Cole, and it was nice, but it wouldn’t beat his mom’s kitchen in the small apartment they shared in Boston. The small space would fill up to the brim with the smell of spices, or cobbler. The thought sent a pang right to his heart. He missed home, that was for sure. After being away for so long, for so many hockey camps, he’d hoped he would be more used to it by now.

    The flowers were right where Celeste had said they would be, and he was reaching for one when the back door that led to the garage dinged open. Cole froze, sure that he was about to run into captain Sirius Black completely unprepared, when a girl stepped through instead. She was dressed in denim shorts and a white tank top, had dark brown skin, and a Gryffindor College hat over her hair, which was plaited back into many small braids.

    She smiled when she saw him. No sign of surprised, or of the nervousness Cole felt when he met basically anyone.

    “You must be Cole,” she said.

    Cole nodded. The girl was gorgeous. Cole was a mess of nerves already. He didn’t need the stare of the teenage daughter of one of his idols, but he especially could not handle a beautiful girl right now.

    “Yeah,” Cole said. “No, yeah, um. Yes.”

    The girl strode forward, setting her bag down on the counter, along with a water bottle decorated in stickers. He caught a few Lions ones. She offered her hand, which was slender and had two golden rings on it. “I’m Layla. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

    Cole took it, trying to place her. “Nice to meet you.”

    “Oh, I babysit for the Dumais family,” she said in explanation, then waved her hand. “Well, this year, at least. I’m actually—we’re going to be working together.”

    Cole blinked. “You mean the Lions?”

    She nodded. “I’m in the middle of my undergrad for physical therapy. Dumo’s amazing and he got me an internship under the new PT. You know. I’ll probably get you stick tape or something,” she laughed. “Congrats, by the way.”

    Cole tilted his head and she raised an eyebrow.

    “On making it to the NHL?”

    “Oh,” Cole laughed. “Oh, I, yeah, thanks. You, too—or…yeah.”

    Cole was going to stay in his room in the basement and never come out.

    “I gotta—Mrs. Du—Celeste wants these flowers outside,” he said, picking the vases up.

    “Sure thing,” Layla smiled.

    “Layla,” came a shriek, and a moment later Katie Dumais came sprinting into the kitchen and wrapped herself around Layla’s legs and smiled at Cole. “This is my new hockey player.”

    Cole couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t have a lot of experience with kids, but Katie sure was cute.

    “Yours?” Layla gasped as she smiled at Cole. “He’s all yours, is he?”

    Katie nodded. “Like Tremzy and Sirius. His name is Cole, like when Santa Clause doesn’t like you.”

    Again, with the casual mentions of Logan Tremblay and Sirius Black.

    “Oh, of course,” Layla laughed. “Well, I’m sure Santa Clause has never not liked you, babes. Let’s go let your mom know I’m here, okay? Your new hockey player can come with us, too.”

    “He’s yours, too!” Katie insisted. “You’re here all the time, so he’s yours, too, don’t worry.”

    “Oh, good,” Layla said. “I was worried.”

    When Katie looked at Cole expectedly, Cole managed, “I guess everyone does need a hockey player?”

    “Exactly!” Katie squealed, and Cole could only follow them outside, heart pounding.


    It was good to be back in Gryffindor. Remus and Sirius had dropped their bags in Sirius’ entryway, said hello to Regulus, showered, and then hopped right back in the car to get to Pascal’s house.

    “You two look disgustingly happy,” Regulus said, leaning forward from the back seat.

    “We are,” Sirius grinned at him in the review mirror. “I am also happy,” he stroked the leather steering wheel of his Range Rover. “To be back with this baby.”

    While Sirius’ hair had grown longer, Regulus had shaved his short. The curls were barely curls at all anymore, but Remus was happy to see that his seemingly ever-present dark circles had receded some.

    “Why, thank you, Regulus, you look happy, too,” Remus snorted. “When do you leave for NYU’s orientation?”

    “August 23rd,” he said. “Been texting with my housemates, too. They seem cool.”

    “Maybe one of you will pull a Finn and fall in love with each other,” Sirius said.

    “Twice,” Remus laughed, and Regulus did, too.

    “I think I’ve had enough romance drama to last me a life time, thanks,” Regulus smiled. “But, yeah. I’m just…I’m focused on friends right now, I think. Normal, non-hockey creatures like you two. But that’s not to say if something came up…or I guess someone. Who knows.”

    Sirius’ smile was softer this time. “Focus on whatever you want, Reg. You deserve it.”

    Regulus just grumbled something about hockey gods, and then they were pulling up to the Dumais’. There were silver and white balloons lining the driveway and the fence to the backyard where, as Remus slammed his door, he could already hear laughter. A zing of excitement shot through him.

    “I missed this team,” he sighed as Sirius took his hand.

    Sirius pressed a kiss to his temple. “Your team.”

    “Our team.”

    “Jesus Christ,” Regulus said, and gave them a shove forward.

    Thomas gave a loud woop when he spotted them coming out to the backyard. Regulus immediately made a B-line towards Leo and the Cubs.

    “Yes! The Captain!” Thomas said and pulled Sirius into a hug. “Missed you, man.”

    “You, too, T,” Sirius said. “Ready to tear it up?”

    “You know it.”

    Remus smiled as Thomas hugged him next. “I forgot you two train together before pre-season.”

    “You two?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, the small gold hoops in his ears glinting in the sun. Remus noticed he’d shaved three stripes into one side of his head. They were a little wobbly. Maybe Noelle had done it. “You’re not coming with us?”

    “You know how this one is about his routines,” Remus said, wrapping an arm around Sirius’ waist. “Wouldn’t want to mess anything up.”

    “Please,” Sirius said. “I want you there more than I want a second—”

    Remus and Thomas punched him at the same time.

    “I know you weren’t just about to say that,” said an accented voice from behind Remus, and they turned to see Pascal standing there. He looked as he always did, smile lines around his eyes, gray streaks at his temples. He wore a white t-shirt and had Katie on his hip. She was definitely getting too big to be carried around like that, but Remus couldn’t see a time when Pascal would ever refuse her. He’d probably carry Adele around like that, too, if she’d let him.

    “Dumo,” Sirius smiled, and took the two beers he was holding out, handing one to Remus. He kissed Katie’s forehead. “Good summer?”

    “The best,” Pascal laughed, and nodded towards the edge of the yard. “Especially with the promise of seeing that thing again.”

    Remus followed his gaze, and his breath caught, just as he knew it would. The Cup stood there, its guards near by with drinks and plates of food in their hands. It sat proudly on a table, surrounded by white tulips—no doubt Celeste’s doing.

    “I’m excited to see you two bring it to the parade,” Pascal said. “That will be a wonderful day for everyone.”

    Remus glanced at where Logan, Leo, and Finn were standing with Kasey Winter, Gryffindor’s goalie, and his partners Natalie, with her long blonde hair, and Finn’s brother Alex, who played for Tampa Bay.

    Sirius’ smile lit up his face. “It will be.”

    Remus peered around him. “Is that our rookie?”

    Sirius scoffed. “A rookie can’t call a fellow rookie rookie, rookie.”

    Remus blinked. “What did you just say?”

    “That’s Cole!” Katie said. “I love him.” Then she turned and shouted his name again. He looked up from where he was standing quietly beside Jackson Nadeau, another player, and Remus suppressed a smile at the way his eyes widened when he saw Sirius.

    “Oh, here we go,” Sirius mumbled.

    “Oh, hush,” Remus said, and sounded far too much like his mother to himself. “You’re going to be throwing hands for him the second someone gets close, and you know it.”

    “I don’t know how to tell rookies I’m just a person!” Sirius whispered as Cole began to make his way over. “They act all…”

    “Star struck?” Thomas offered.

    Sirius just glowered at him.

    Cole Reyes did not look as young as he was. Even at 19, he was jacked, and tall, with light brown skin, green eyes, and a stripe shaved into one of his eyebrows. His hair was shaved at the sides, but longer on the top and in tight curls.

    Remus glanced somewhat self-consciously down at himself. He could only put on more muscle healthily so fast. He thought he’d been doing well, but looking at Cole…

    “Hello,” Cole said hesitantly and Pascal set Katie down and clapped Cole on the shoulder.

    “Reyes, meet Sirius. Sirius, meet the boy who is a much better billet than you ever were.”

    Sirius snorted, and Cole laughed—nervously.

    “Hi, Cole,” Sirius said, and held out his hand. “I know we spoke briefly over the summer, but it’s nice to officially meet you.”

    “You, too,” Cole said, smile slight. “Thanks for the call. My mom freaked out. I mean—well, me too, but my mom…” Cole stuttered out, wincing.

    “Loves me?” Sirius laughed. “I get that a lot.”

    “He’s so humble,” Remus shook his head jokingly. “Hi Cole, I’m Remus. Welcome to the team.”

    “You too…?” Cole said hesitantly. “Well, the roster, I guess.”

    “Cole,” Katie said, taking his large hand in her small one. “Come meet Tremzy. He’s my best friend.”

    Sirius feigned a pout. “What about me?”

    Katie smiled sheepishly, throwing herself at Sirius’ legs, “You, too!”

    “Always one-uped by Tremblay,” Thomas laughed, shaking his head. “How’s it feel, Cap?”

    “Wonderful,” Sirius said dryly and then looked down at Katie, petting her head. “Go on, go show Cole your best friend.”

    They watched her lead Cole through the crowd for a moment before Sirius huffed.

    “See?” Sirius whispered to Remus. “It’s like he’s scared of me.”

    “I’ve never heard you use the phrase spoke briefly in my life. Who are you, Alice?”

    “I was trying to be professional!”

    Remus laughed. “Why?”

    Sirius just rolled his eyes and dragged him over to stack their plates with food.

    The party went well into the evening, the sky pink and blue in the setting sun. There were lanterns floating in the pool where Evgeni and Jackson were playing chicken with a delighted Marc and Louis, or sometimes one of Coach Arthur Weasley’s boys, on their shoulders. Logan was sitting with Cole and Finn, cradling a sleepy Katie against his chest, Leo and Regulus laughing with Kasey and Alex.

    Remus found Sirius again standing alone in front of the Cup. His hair was falling into his face, the curls gentled by the evening breeze and the Cup’s silver surface reflecting the silver of Sirius’ eyes. Remus went to stand beside him, and neither of them spoke for a moment.

    “I’m nervous,” Remus broke the silence.

    Sirius nodded. “I know, mon loup.”

    Remus sighed, resting his head against Sirius’ arm. “Yeah?”

    “Of course,” Sirius switched his drink to his other hand so he could run his fingers through Remus’ hair. “This is…big.”

    “It’s what I’ve always wanted,” Remus whispered. It felt dangerous, to say the words aloud. “It’s everything that I lost. Last time.”

    Remus could still feel Fenrir Greyback rip at his shoulder, even if it was years ago now, while they were still at college. Being in the NHL meant that Remus would have to play against him again whenever they met Vegas.

    Sirius turned towards him, hand on his cheek.

    “You will have this,” he said earnestly, and then smile, reaching into his shirt for his necklace, the one Remus had gifted him last Christmas. He brought it to his lips. “Loops.”

    Remus smiled at the now familiar sight, touching the pendant when Sirius’ let it drop.

    “You know,” Remus said. “You’re everything I’ve always wanted, too.”

    Sirius’ smile was one of Remus’ favorites, and he tucked him against his side. Remus followed his gaze to find him looking at Cole again.

    “I’m not happy with the way it happened,” Sirius said softly, and Remus knew he was thinking of the pictures that someone had leaked of them kissing. The pictures that had upturned their entire lives. “But I’m glad I get to hold you like this in front of new faces. I wasn’t thinking about trades—I try not to—but getting Reyes, if things had been different, would have meant we were back to square one at parties like these.”

    Remus nodded, taking a drink. “And he seemed okay with it. With us.”

    “I was thinking we should invite him to train with us. With me, you, and T. Maybe Dumo would join, too. I know he usually goes with Sergei, but Sergei might be with Kuns and Nado, even though they usually like it just them. The Cubs—”

    “Okay, Captain, okay,” Remus laughed.

    Sirius pressed a hand over his eyes, laughing. “I just don’t like it when they’re nervous around me. Like Leo was. It’s so much better now that we’re friends.”

    “You’ll get there with him,” Remus said. “Yeah, invite him to train with us. The more the merrier.”

    Secretly, Remus wanted to see how Cole trained. He couldn’t shake the analytical side of him, the physical therapist side. Cole was built for such a young age.

    “If I didn’t know better,” Sirius said softly, mouth close to Remus’ ear. “I’d say you were checking him out.”

    Remus spluttered. “I’m not! I want to know his routine!”

    Sirius cracked up. “This is your superstition, isn’t it? Cracking other player’s codes.”

    Remus just shrugged, smiling into his cup.

    “Have you cracked my code?” Sirius asked in the low voice he used that made Remus not want to be surrounded by people.

    Remus looked up at him. “Maybe. It certainly has nothing to do with a piece of toast at five o’clock.”

    “My pre-game toast is very important to me.”

    Remus leaned up to press a quick kiss to his lips. “No, you just like honey and cinnamon.”

    Sirius rolled his eyes. “Okay, I’m going to talk to Reyes now.”

    “Catch him if he passes out.”

    Sirius just glowered over his shoulder as he stalked across the grass. Remus looked around at the back yard, at the team, together again. His team.

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    15.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Diary of a Junebug

    Colorful betta fish

    Betta fish have always fascinated me. Part of it's because of how pretty they are with their fins and many colors. Another reason why I find them so interesting is that they're aggressive, also known as fighting fish. Apparently you can't put two bettas in the same tank or else they'll fight to the death, so they're pretty much like lone wolves.

    Back in the day I had a dark blue betta named Finnie, who lived for about three years. One memory about Finnie that sticks out to me is how he once attacked the bamboo my mom put in. Sometimes I wondered if he realized that he was looking at his own reflection. He did seem to recognize me, or at least that's what I like to think.

    Yesterday a new fishing tourney started and what better way to kick off a camp event than having some friends join in on the fun? Stork arrived on his flying chariot with Rolly and Easton for what they're calling an ultimate camping extravaganza! Not sure if what I can offer can live up to that title but I'm willing to take on the challenge. Knowing Stork and the boys though, they're easily impressed.

    It's been a while since I've heard from Stork, who's been trying to live an ordinary life not involving disgruntled demigods getting him in trouble and a dad playing the good parent card when he needs something from his kids. Being a demigod, especially in a family like his, ain't what it's cracked up to be. Still, despite all the drama going on behind the scenes, Stork remains his happy, carefree self.

    Rolly is one of Stork's godkids - not as in literal gods but in terms of being an honorary family member. Stork and Dello go way back and their sisters are good friends too, though not as close as the guys. Stork had an obvious crush on Dello, which sadly wasn't reciprocated, but at the same time I can kinda see why things wouldn't have worked out. It's just a case of two friends with completely different personalities that can make it kinda hard to understand each other well. Rolly is named after Stork - his middle name - because Dello and Louise wanted to name their son after the friend who brought them together. Stork means well, but he can be a bit overbearing, especially towards Dello.

    It's nice to see Easton again, this probably being the first time I've hung out with him without Edie, Jamila, or Anissa. Turns out that he and Rolly are in a lot of classes together now that they're in the same school so that's how they became friends. Anissa's holding her own, though she can't really do too much anymore, which is heartbreaking. She still updates her blog regularly, getting introspective and taking it one day at a time. Jamila's been a rock, helping her sister out whenever she can and giving her some peace of mind for when the end comes. Edie and the rest of the family have been a great help too. I'm glad to hear that everyone's doing all right.

    Now that I think about it, Stork, Rolly, and Easton have some kind of parallels to each other. Like how Rolly and Easton are from large families, being the youngest and only son. Easton wears a prosthetic leg like Rolly's aunt and has a complicated relationship with his father like Stork. And like Stork, Rolly ended up bringing his aunt and her girlfriend together in a similar manner the way his parents got together through unexpected interference that ended up working out.

    I don't know why, I just find these parallels interesting because it's the similarities that brings people together. Easton and Rolly's families are very different but the people around them are similar. It's one of those cases where their social circles tend to overlap, but never really crossed - at least until Easton got a scholarship for the private school that Rolly and his sisters attend. Now Easton's an honorary member of the Clanwing family!

    Watching the colorful betta fish swimming around is so entertaining for some reason. There were times while fishing when we got distracted and before we know it, the fish is gone. Good thing the tourney's at the beach than the creek - more space for swimming and less chance of fighting or stepping (swimming?) into someone else's bubble. Betta fish are very territorial. In a way, we're kinda doing the fish a favor by catching them and giving them their own homes.

    It's been great catching up with Stork and getting to know Easton and Rolly more. I always enjoy hearing about Stork's misadventures with the family. The latest happened earlier this week when they had to bail Donna, Louise, and Tally out of jail when they were arrested due to a misunderstanding involving malfunctioning security bots, a sentient yo-yo, and a minor explosion at a mattress store. He, Dello, Donna, and Louise are a fun bunch, the kind of people who tend to attract trouble in a good way. Between the four of them they share like two and a half brain cells - Dello (1), Donna (0.5), and Louise (1) - while Stork's the friendly neighborhood himbo.

    Other members of the fam include Donna's boys - Philly, Ollie, and Tally - Donna's girlfriend Penny, Dello and Louise's girls - Rosie, Lessi, and Cissy - Dello and Donna's uncle Kent, and their housekeeper Betty, and her granddaughter Molly. All of them live, excluding Penny, in the Clanwing mansion in Serendipity Hills, which is about half an hour from where Easton lives and ten minutes away from where Stork lives.

    The guys have been enjoying the tourney a lot and they hope to bring the rest of the family here someday. Everyone's kinda been super busy lately with Kent and the older kids off doing their own thing while the adults are balancing taking care of the younger kids and their own lives and the rest have school. Kent's busy traveling as usual, but more on a solo basis now that the older four are in college.

    Molly and Philly are living on campus at Quill University, coming home on most weekends. Philly plans to be a double major once he finally settles down on what he wants to study. He's also taken over as a leader of the Junior Chickadees troop, which Rosie, Lessi, Cissy, Rolly, and Easton are a part of. Molly's a history buff who's going to spend the summer semester in Singapore with her best friends Violet and Lena.

    Ollie and Tally are at home - Ollie's at Victory Varsity College of Performing Arts and Tally's taking classes at Raytown Community College. Tally also works with Dello and Donna at their uncle's office, as well as runs his own business called Tally Inc.- which has been doing surprisingly well recently. Though to be honest, no one really knows what exactly the business is - not even Tally himself. Meanwhile Ollie's part of a dance group called Dance Dance Rebellion and have a competition coming up in a couple weeks so he's been super busy with that.

    Louise's working on a new fashion line, using the family as models and trying to stay on top of everything. Dello, as usual, is the one who keeps everything running smoothly, taking care of the kids, keeping his sister and friends out of trouble, managing the business side of things for his wife and uncle - I don't know how he does it all! Donna's happy to help, being the fun mom/aunt to the kids as well as Dello and Louise's partner in crime.

    Stork, as usual, is just doing his own thing, dropping by the Clanwing household often. He mentioned that things are a bit testy between him and his dad, which explains why he's been showing up at the manor even more so than usual - but the kids love him so they don't mind too much.

    The camping trip was kinda a spontaneous thing, planned at the last minute. The girls would've tagged along too but Rosie and Lessi are away on a Chickadee retreat led by Philly while Cissy's staying over at a friend's house to work on a school project. And with Dello and Donna helping Louise out with her upcoming fashion show, Stork figured he could help out a bit by taking Rolly out somewhere. Then they invited Easton along and he suggested visiting the camp.

    As expected, the boys were fascinated by the betta fish - they're even keeping some as pets! Stork's little buddy is a golden yellow fish he named Fireball, a spirited one whose fins look majestic while swimming. Easton named his betta Cobalt because of the lovely shades of blue. Rolly's betta is a pink one he calls Sparkle because of the way the scales look glittery when the light hits just right. He also plans to get fish for his sisters and cousins, which is sweet!

    Rolly has a thing for picking up strays, a trait he, Stork, and Dello share. He and Stork are also collecting bugs too. I think between Dello and Louise's kids, Rolly and Rosie are most like their dad while Lessi and Cissy take after their mom. As for Donna's boys, Philly takes after Dello, Tally takes after Donna, and Ollie's a mix of both.

    Along with fishing, we caught a bunch of bugs and went hiking in the mountains. Rolly and Easton had a lot of fun chasing butterflies and showing off their wilderness survival skills. Philly taught them well - they even memorized passages from the Chickadee Handbook, reciting them the same way he does with the theatrics and all.

    At the mountains, Stork showed off some of his powers, growing blossoms on buds that wouldn't be in full bloom for another month or so. There has also been a bit of a drought so it's a good thing he came along and revitalized the greenery! Then we made a bunch of cute flower crowns and decor, which added a nice pop of color to the camp. The betta fish seemed to enjoy the decor too!

    After the mountains we went fishing again while collecting shells for a craft activity we're planning to do tomorrow. Rolly and Easton plan to earn some badges while they're here so that's gonna be fun! They've already earned their fishing and mountain hiking patches. It's cute seeing them get so excited about exploring the great outdoors!

    Now we're chilling out at the cabin, making scones and pizzas for dinner. It's almost time for another fishing session, which is perfect timing as the food will be ready by the time we're done. While we're at the beach, Zucker and Soleil will bring the food over and set up a bonfire. Once it gets dark Celeste will bring over the astronomer's telescope to do some stargazing, hopefully earning another badge for the boys.

    #animal crossing #animal crossing pocket camp #Diary of a Junebug #headcanon ramble
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