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  • #ask 💬 #//smooches my fish but especially skippy #my feesh blog is skippy-goldfish but I don't post there much lmao #they're in a 55-gallon rn but i hope i can upgrade em someday #thank u for asking about my angel i owe u my life
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  • Trout Poached in Tomato, Pepper, and Olive Sauce

    Quick and Easy Recipe. ~30 min. Serves 4.

    This came out of a quick rush to use up both a bunch of leftover ingredients and a nice side of trout I found at the grocery store today. We had it with steamed broccoli and cauliflower as well as some garlic rubbed grilled Italian bread. This is a horrible picture but meh.



    • 1 side Steelhead TROUT (Steelhead trout is a cross between salmon and trout, so it tastes like a fattier and richer version of trout)
    • 3 cups halved campari or cherry TOMATOES (you can use any kind of tomatoes, but you’ll need to increase amount and cooking time for lower quality tomatoes to better concentrate the flavors.)
    • ½ RED ONION, sliced into 1/8th inch half moons (I honestly don’t know if this holds true for cooked onions—I would guess no?—but slicing longitudinally will give you sweeter onion slices, whereas latitudinally will give you spicer more pungent onion slices.)
    • 6 cloves GARLIC, crushed
    • Juice of 1 LEMON
    • ¼ cup pitted KALAMATA OLIVES
    • 1 8oz jar ROASTED RED PEPPERS, roughly chopped
    • 1/8 cup RED WINE
    • ½ tsp SWEET PAPRIKA
    • SALT to taste
    • PEPPER to taste


    1. Preheat oven to 450F
    2. Place all ingredients except TROUT in a large glass baking dish and season with SALT and PEPPER. Mix thoroughly and place in oven for 10 - 15 min or until tomatoes have softened and wrinkled, releasing their juices.
    3. Slice TROUT side into 4 filets and season with salt and pepper
    4. Nestle filets into sauce, spooning liquid over top so most of the filet is covered
    5. Reduce heat to 400 and bake for about 10 min or until fish flakes easily.
    6. Serve as is or with a side of steamed vegetables, rice, grilled bread, or herbed potatoes.
    #is this a recipe blog now? #nah #but i probably will continue sharing some recipes #cooking#recipes#my recipes#trout#poached fish
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  • fun fact the first time i went fishing. i was practicing casting the line with no bait and i kid you not. the moment my line hit the water for the *first time*, i pulled up and there was a fish on it

    #i am not generally a lucky person but like. #it was incredible!!! #it was even big enough that we could keep it #i named that fish angelo national geographic #live-blogging your own life #food mention #also this was like. a few months ago tops #i had Been Fishing before but never actually done the fishing i just hung out on the boat #this was the same week as mr. loon actually!!
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  • image

    Super excited to start up this 20 long, I bought a new light, substrate, and the juncus repens (allegedly an easy plant) but the rest was either gathered from my current running tanks or stuff I’ve had lying around! I think I’m going to stock with a dwarf rainbow of some kind as soon as I jump-proof the lid 😗✌🏻

    Whenever starting up a new tank I tend to stuff as many plants in as I can right from the beginning, I find that all of the new available nutrients are a boon to algae unless I can really get a lot of plants to take off.

    #fishblr#fish blogging#fishkeeping #let’s hope the plants root in sooner than the algae takes hold 🙃
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  • Once in a while I think about changing my icon, but I’ve had this one for over 5 years and this is the only way I have this picture saved at this point lmao.

    #i'll see a pic of harry and want to use it #but leave my fish from 6 years ago??? #stephanie blogs her life away
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  • image

    He went from lethargic from when I brought him home to a sweet, active, boy.

    Hard to see because he just won’t stop moving!

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  • dont get the edmure hate. dont get the edmure hate AT ALL like i get it he fucked up robbs plans for tywins army at the trident, but it was a simple mistake and also how can you hate the man who let all those smallfolk inside his castle walls during the war because they were afraid and when questioned about it, simply said “ma'am these are my people and i love them” THIS IS AN EDMURE TULLY STAN BLOG

    #edmure tully#catelyn stark#asoiaf#riverrun#house tully #WE STAN THE FISHES ON MY BLOG!!!!!
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  • image

          Slowly fluttering awake, Miranda shifts below the heavy blankets of her above-water bed, pressing down and around her. Scaled legs and tail press under the sheet, feeling the low, comforting warmth of her heated mattress, the bubble of aquariums already greeting her earfins. No, no no. That’s not the source of the warm, the pooling heat that simmers around her, in her.

          It is not a feverish heat. It stirs through her veins like molten ichor, all golden glow, not a degree higher in temperature, but with the sunlit pulse of her deeper instincts, those needs. Elbows thrust against the pillow, propping herself up to some semblance of awakening, and it flows with her.

          The moon pulls the tides, and so too does it pull her along. With every heartbeat she can feel it, feel the sharp, sweet ache of her blood pulled with the cosmic happenings, of the universe beckoning her forward for this year’s festival. Her instincts do not drag her like a dog on a leash, they do not threaten nor force her hand. They guide her like a gentle current, helping her to where she wants to go, low thrum in her gut like breathlessness and finally coming home both. Idle hand finds the thick scaling of her hips, and even through the touch of her nightgown, she can feel that heat, sweet magma lurking between muscle and bone. Everything feels right, feels correct, in a way that Miri knows not in words but in the songs of blood and saltwater seas and endless midnight stars.

          She might never be able to explain the sensation to a non-merfolk. Even the large majority of other merfolk don’t feel it, leaving her as part of a small group amongst their tree who the cosmos speak directly to. It is personal to them, sacred, in a way. Beauty in compulsion, the second sea guiding the first, for why else would it shine all of its best lights back in turn to them on such nights, such beautiful, gorgeous nights? Why else would they know such divinity in nerve-endings and gentle bites?

                       Soon. It was upon Miranda, and within the week, it would finally arrive.


    #Glory and Gore || IC #Many fish in the sea || Misc. IC Content #Seek the pearl || (N)SFW #(n)sfw #(( for the rest of the event it'll be on the other blog!!! #(( october 29th to november 3rd!!
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  • Butter-talons… it’s possible another eagle hounded this one until they dropped their meal. Regardless, kinda sucks to be the fish… all perforated and such, and now a nice fall.

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  • speaking of official art


    this is my favorite one because this is a heart-eyes appreciation blog and i thought they couldn’t possibly stand any closer together but


    ash appears to be leaning forward with his hips and i find that so adorable idk

    (source in the notes)

    #banana fish#asheiji #click to see it more clearly #this is a heart-eyes appreciation blog
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  • i love y’all and i’m not dead

    #!!! my classes for my photography degree and officially started freelance work #plus these three months (sept thru december) are THE fishing season here so #when i’m not working i’m fishing but i’m not abandoning this blog #i’ll be around more in coming weeks #quit my job that i hated and actually making money freelancing so it’s #actually really good ??
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