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  • wongwh0re
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #MAN FIX UR POSTURE AKEOQÑJFKD #banana fish#shorter wong #what is the tag people use when they're posting as they watch something #live posting #???? #i have no idea #live blogging#HELP
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  • thatgeekwiththeclipons
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Happy 82nd Birthday to Academy Award Nominated screenwriter, Emmy Winning actor, and BAFTA Winning actor John Cleese! ^__^

    #geek#film#blog#happy birthday#john cleese#actor#comedian#writer#monty python #monty python and the holy grail #life of brian #the meaning of life #time bandits #the great muppet caper #a fish called wanda #clockwise#rat race#british comedy#british cinema#british television#tv #academy award nominee #emmy winner#bafta winner #winnie the pooh #shrek 2#harry potter#fawlty towers
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  • ashs-fishbone
    27.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    they,,, are boyfriends your honor

    #young royals#wilmon#banana fish#asheiji#tsoa#patrochilles#yoi#victuuri #im sure i'll come up with more additions to the list #but for now #those#gigi rambles #i feel bad for u guys bc u've all probably seen some variation of this post much too many times on my blog #for that reason #i apologise #but i'm not really sorry #but i am #do you get me. #hopefully u do #i'm babbling now #ok. ok im gonna stop now #ok bye ily #i got more #vnc #vanitas x noé
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  • vanveronicango
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    just so y’all know, i’m here every day..... i’m just at this weird in-between stage with my newest media obsessions and there isn’t much relating to the existing content on my blog circulating rn (until we finally get tog2 in approx 400 years) so i’m still trying to figure out what to post~ but i’m here!!

    i’m plenty active on my sb @cgtaehyung if you’re into bts at all.... other than that, maybe some suggestions on some stuff you’ve been into? i’d love some suggestions xx

    #like i posted a few days ago i've started watching anime too #thank you all so much for the recs on that post!! i've put them all on my watch list #i finished demon slayer and am starting banana fish next ~ #i just idk feel weird posting anime here?? #i feel like the vibe would clash #maybe i'll make ANOTHER side blog for that #maybe document my watch experiences as an anime newbie lmao #would anyone be interested in that kind of sb? #ANYWAYS
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  • smollnekoo
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Two cute axolotl 💖🖤

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  • lazychickensoup
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    love the growth of my blog we went from

    obsessing over IT

    Julie and the Phantoms (rip show is still bomb)

    little mha


    bunch of random anime shit (mostly whatever I'm obsessing abt atm)

    #then if we go back back its my wdw blog #lets....not #rip 2018 blog #ik ur still up and ill kill u at some point #soup.rambles<3 #It #stephen king it #julie and the phantoms #mha#haikyuu#anime#aot#banana fish#ohshc#maid sama
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  • ananas-dragon-cookie
    24.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    adding a new thing to my many reasons why i want out of this fixation, once again my mutuals and friends r the only good cookie run fans everyone eles go away 

    #:pensiuve: #i actulyl do have a new fixation im weening into i jsut havent made a blog for it yet #its nothign liek cookie run LOL #not gonan bandon this blog ebcause it is my MAIN but yeah probably gonan slow down activty once i rlkly get itno the other thing #mod fish
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  • shittyeridandaily
    23.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    He wants to show you something.

    Do you like his pretty rock?

    #homestuck#eridan ampora #shitty eridan daily #shitty homestuck daily #homestuck ask blog #its a bismuth #he likes the shiny rock #fish brain see rainbow rock and goes feral #feel free to add onto this with your shitty character’s response #let’s show everyone the pretty rock
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  • landangler
    22.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Iluka - Goodwood Island - 21 July 2021

    Iluka – Goodwood Island – 21 July 2021

    On Wednesday the skies were clear but the wind and swell were still making it too hard to fish the rocky headlands around Iluka. So I decided to flick some soft plastic lures around in the shallows, near Browns Rocks on Goodwood Island. I started around 7.00 am using a GULP 4 inch Minnow in the Lime Tiger Colour on a 1/8th, 1/0 jighead. I have been using the Gamakatsu Round 211, 1/8th ounce,…

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    #land based fishing #landangler #@landangler #Bream fishing#bream spawning #Browns Rocks Caravan Park #Browns Rocks fishing report #Clarence River tailor #Gamakatsu Round 211 jigheads #landanglers blog #MARIA MJ Twitch
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  • magickedhat
    22.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    some notes on wren's costume for halloween bc they think it is ✨a look✨:

    Impermanent glow-in-the-dark green hair dye. It doesn't glow too much bc their hair is dark, but it does leave some iridescent highlights in their hair that they absolutely show off by letting it loose on their shoulders.

    Their hat. It's truly no joke that it can shift to practically anything: all one has to do is imagine it, and the hat will do its best to deliver. Wren instructed it to change into the upper half of an angler fish's head: big, bulging milky eyes, long fins, a wire with a green marble at its end. Wren will light up the marble occasionally using illusion magic.

    They glued some paper around crafting wire and onto a black face mask to use as a gaping mouth framed by long, thin teeth. In the dark, the mask creates a nice optical illusion on its own, but with an extra sprinkle of Wren's magic it truly becomes depthless and unnervingly akin to deep-sea horrors. When they pull their hat down their face, the sight is a genuine marvel.

    The least remarkable thing about their outfit is the loose black shirt they've thrown over themself, which is far from unintentional. Something so plain will more easily draw people's attention to the more exciting parts of their costume, after all!

    Using a bit of transfiguration magic, Wren has managed to cover their arms and exposed neck with a fine coat of glittering, fish-like scales. Simus warned them to take pictures of their bare arms and neck so they'd face less difficulties turning back after the fun was over. Wren was surprised with how seamless the scales felt on their skin.

    Finally, they stole borrowed something from the circus: their grandmother's fish-scale leggings. She used to monitor the water train back in the day and had plenty of costumes with oceanic themes. The circus often keeps old costumes in hopes of reusing them, so after a bit of asking around and begging Nadége, they happily got their hands on them. The magic on them has worn out slightly, but they still give off a pretty convincing illusion of actual green-and-gold scales.

    #ooc.   ◜♣  /  ❛ 𝐧𝐨𝐣𝐢 𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐬. ❜◞ #headcanons.   ◜♣  /  ❛ 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐬. ❜◞ #I WILL DRAW THIS SOON IM JUST...... THINKING ABT IT TOO INTENSELY........... #i HAD to talk abt all the details or i would die okokok #basically they're dressed as a deep fish monster!! #all those years of watching louise make costumes paid off abkxbk #also?? their hat carrying the whole look?? absolutely #THIS is why the hat gets to be in the blog title #ABJDBJD ANYWAY I HAD A LOT OF FUN THINKING ABT THIS HENLO #and they're having fun being horrifying too!! everyone wins!!!
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  • chaoslynx
    21.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #answers#anon #i refuse to put this in the banana fish tumblr tags thanks #why am i even putting it on my blog? good question #i cannot answer you that #sometimes we just be out here doing things man
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  • insanegoldie2
    21.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    7 Simple Ways To Make Your Dogs Happy https://ift.tt/3vy86Eg

    #IFTTT #Pet Blog – Dogs #Cats #Fishes and Small Pets Blog
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  • ofcowardiceandkings
    21.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    continues to have brain implosions over Zelda talking to Fi 10 hours after bringing it up again

    #bfksbfjd Fish was like 'DONT I CANT DO THIS' #babes i have BRAINWORMS you can not think about it for however long until the game comes out IM STUCK HERE #we have theory discussions about LoZ overall in his twitch chat on the reg so its not unusual lmfao #he pulled the master sword shaped air because campfire glitch to get to the trials so we saw the cutscene #like RIGHT after we had collectively said 'playable zelda pleas' in response to a new chatter asking abour what we want lol #or at least not like ... damsel in distress zelda ... anyway #i said (again) that she fell in mystery pit with the sword probably so let her use the master sword .. she deserves it ... #so Fish was like 'WELL she can clearly hold it and move it around look shes got it there so why couldnt she use it' #and then i mentioned Fi and we all just Noped out of the conversation lmfao #like 1) it was a relics of the past day so free braincells were thin on the ground #but 2) we already did this convo a few times over so after that point itd just be me going RRREEEEEEEEEEE #fhskfjksfj GOD im gonna go BONKERS #rory's ramblings#botw blogging
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  • pms-asiaexclusive2-ctt
    21.10.2021 - 1 week ago



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  • aqualadofatlantis
    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Here's a fact most surface people dont know! down in Atlantis, it's very uncommon to cook food, Garth means how would you? The place is underwater. you can use magic if you want. or put the meat in a boiling vent, but you'd have to go really out of the way. so most fish is eaten raw down here. Garth prefers it raw but Donna makes grilled salmon sometimes and it's really good too!

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  • crinklefish
    20.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Friends again!

    #last life #last life smp #last life smp spoilers #mumbo jumbo#grian #Licherally made this blog to finally make some fan art and POST it #so hello! Good to be here! #havent used Tumblr in about three years so we’ll see how that be #also rusty on the digital art but. You don’t know that #So. That latest episode right. #My art#Fish’s art
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  • sahil0027
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #chattore chhore #amritsari kulcha recipe #amritsari chole at home #amritsari chicken recipe #amritsari fish recipe #amritsari#amritsar food #amritsar fish tikka #indian street food #delhi street food #street food #street food vlog #food vlog#Food Blog #indian food vlog #rabri #chur chur naan #naan#aloo naan#amritsari kulcha#kulcha#chole kulche #lotan chole kulche #chole bhature#chole#food porn#food#viral video
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  • cheysfishblog
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Why Goldfish Groups on Facebook Suck.

    Everyone during their social media experience has gone down the path of using Facebook, a place to discuss similar niches, promote businesses and stay in touch with family members.


    I bet you haven’t experienced the goldfish groups on Facebook, a place where its SUPPOSED to be about showing the joys and positivity of keeping the beautiful fish, the goldfish. 

    Well, after being warned constantly from other goldfish keepers and attempting to navigate THREE goldfish groups, I have to say that the rumors are true, with it being nothing but a madhouse of a clusterfuck of problems within the groups. 

    The 1st biggest problem is the lack of admin activity with enforcing stricter rules and letting the groups overrun with the same, continuous content. These admin are not present unless you do some type of complaining within the group, or backlash another member when something is seriously concerning. Instead of being more engaging with their audience and establishing boundaries, they basically let the group run themselves. 

    The 2nd biggest problem is the insane amount of users who DO NOT do any research before deciding to ask for help about their goldfish. These people are new goldfish keepers who do not have the slightest knowledge of how to house a fish, nor maintain an aquatic environment. All of their information they get is from the Facebook groups and no where else. These people are the ones who buy their goldfish immediately from the pet store, try to house them in small/overcrowded tanks, and instantly want to medicate their fish as soon as they see the slightest hint of disease. They also don’t understand how the nitrogen cycle is effected from stocking a tank. The most noticeable thing they do is PUT EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN BEGGING FOR HELP. 

    The 3rd biggest problem is the amount of Nazi keepers who do know how to keep goldfish, but bash everyone else with the ideology of: “THIS WAY IS THE ONLY WAY THAT IT SHOULD BE DONE” , or “YOUR DOING EVERYTHING WRONG”. These people have a hard time accepting change, not understanding that the guidelines constantly change, and that just because multiple care tactics are done, doesn't mean they are wrong. 

    The 4th biggest problem is the amount of sick and injured fish seen within the groups. Its almost apparent that everyone's fish in the group is either sick, dying or both. These people don’t look at other factors of their husbandry and care tactics as the cause of their fish being sick and instead want to post and ask for help, before thinking the bigger picture. The admins really need to take charge with how frequent this type of content is posted within the groups. 99% of the time, this is the ONLY content that you see. 

    The last biggest problem noticed within the groups is the overall misinformation spread about goldfish keeping. Serious, adamant goldfish keepers work hard to spread as accurate information as possible about goldfish keeping and inform of the need to always do constant research, this is never enforced among the groups. 

     Overall, these groups on Facebook are not enjoyable to be around and would need to be under serious evaluation before receiving my support. 

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  • martuwucrossing
    19.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    first fish! 💕
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