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  • Fandom: The Umbrella Academy

    Characters: Vanya & Five

    Word Count: 2062

    Warnings: drug use, mentions of alcohol abuse


    Slam. “Ow.”

    “What are you doing?” Vanya asked, peering around the cabinet door to where Five was cursing and rubbing his head.


    Vanya raised her eyebrows. “Doesn’t look like nothing.”

    “Yeah, well, it’s nothing, okay?” Five snapped, sticking his sore head back in the cabinet.

    Well, that’s bullshit. “You sure?”

    Five huffed. “Let me assure you, I am one hundred percent certain that I am doing absolutely nothing of interest to you right now.”

    He briefly pulled his head out (carefully avoiding the top) to see Vanya giving him one of her soft smiles. “Rooting around in the back of a cabinet is pretty interesting to me.”

    A long, low exhale. He was eyeing her carefully, the same way he did the first day he came home. Like he didn’t know who to trust. “Fine. Do you happen to know where dear old Dad kept the alcohol?”

    The crease between Vanya’s eyes deepened. “We have a whole bar, Five.”

    “Yes, yes, I know, but we’re… uh, out. Did the old man have any backup storage?”

    “I think he got rid of it all when Klaus started drinking.” She put a gentle hand on Five’s shoulder, startling him. Instantly, the hand was back at her side. Right. The touch thing. “Are you okay?”

    He sighed, running his small hand through his hair. “Yep. Fine. Great. Just… need to take the edge off.”

    Everything went still.


    What,” he snapped. “Are you going to lecture me about the long-term effects of alcohol on my goddamn pre-teen body like everyone else? Because trust me, I’ve calculated exactly the blood alcohol content that –”

    “No, I – no. I was just going to say…” She swallowed hard, then met his gaze, her kind eyes and his blazing ones. The corner of her lip tugged upward. “I’ve got something that might help.”


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  • are we sure five didn’t borrow allison’s powers because he definitely manifested being unadopted

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  • the hargreeves siblings, upon seeing five fall out of a time vortex and crash land in their interior courtyard: oh hey you’re back!

    five: timeline’s fucked

    the hargreeves: what?

    five: *loading reginald’s rifle* timeline’s fucked

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  • Under my leadership, the Commission would sound more like… jazz.

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    Pairing: soulmate!Five Hargreeves x Reader

    Summary: Soulmate AU where the soulmates share their wounds. || Along with your brother, you are transported into the 1960’s with a bunch of kids you don’t know. Turns out they are trying to stop the 2019 apocalypse and you are playing a key part of it.

    Words: 6600 words

    Warnings: Violence, swears, angst, fluff, mention of death, mention of illness, blood. 

    A/N: I finally finished it! I hope you like this last part of our two little soulmates story! Don’t forget to leave your reactions in the comments!

    Every Hargreeves and Beauchamps were gathered around the bunker’s table, reviewing the last details of the plan that would preserve humanity after April 1st, 2019 came around. Everything was perfect, you were at your best, Vanya was ready for her part to come, Five had successfully located a team of operations agents and had abducted one of the duo, teleporting him to the woods to beat the shit out of him and remove its tracker. After his messy handy work, he teleported the Commission assassin to the bunker, where you would take possession of the man and play his role. 

    “See ya soon.” You smiled confidently at your friends and brother. If you were unsure of your capacity to bring this mission to success, now you were pumped and ready to kick asses. You approached your target but were intercepted on your way by lips colliding with yours. The shock froze you on the spot, ironic considering that your body temperature was rising at an incredible speed. To your disappointment, you didn’t have the time to recover and reciprocate the affection that said lips parted from yours. 

    “Be careful.” You admired how his exterior was a flawless portrait of calm despite how agitated you could see his soul. Five’s soul was a dark charcoal grey traveled by black thin and irregular stripes, no doubt because of his time as an assassin. Its jagged edges added to the menacing picture that was your soulmate’s soul, but despite it being one of the darkest you’ve ever seen, you never feared it. 

    During your first training on Five, you were intrigued by the strange soul. In your life, you’ve never seen one react as Five’s did. When you approached, its sharp edges were clearly trying to intimidate you and keep you away at all costs. It all changed when you tenderly touched the dark flame, its form creeping around your fingers, tugging you closer. Everywhere your own soul would touch his, the nearby dark strings regressed until disappearing completely and creating little white spots here and there. You could feel the change into Five’s body, the relaxation, the lightness and the feeling of belonging. 

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  • every Klive moments // s1E01

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    Ok there’s a lot of hate against Luther that can EASILY be rebutted, let’s see…

    1. “DaD sEnT mE tO tHe MoOn” first of all I don’t actually remember him referring to the moon for an entirety of S1 until Ep6 when he broke down after finding out that his 4 YEARS ON THE MOON was for nothing. If anything, he’s more than allowed to feel absolutely destroyed. 4 years of complete solitude for no reason at all… and might I remind you that he literally just got his body transformed for the worse without his consent (life-saving but still horrible)… if y'all actually know what does it feel like to have your body transformed without your consent, you know what I’m talking about here. No amount of time can actually heal you. You learn to adapt with the pain as time goes on, but no it won’t go. To adapt you actually need to talk with someone, both to help you cope with the stress and to give pointers on your ‘new’ life, which he doesn’t have.

    2. “He threatened to throw Dolores out!” Might I remind you that Five was scribbling murdering plans on the wall. Yeah it’s horrible that he threatened to throw Dolores out but Five was planning to kill someone who he didn’t ACTUALLY know was innocent or guilty, the only clue that he got was the fake eye. Yes it’s not a good approach and all but it shows how good-hearted Luther is, trying to minimalise casualties as possible. As much as I love Five I can’t deny the fact that the boy has no moral values at all and only sees the end of things, not the process.

    3. “He choked Vanya and locked her in a place where it’s very traumatic to her!” Might I remind you that at that time, she cut Allison’s throat and killed two thugs (accidentally, continue to see the explanation). Logically speaking, Luther SHOULD lock Vanya in that sound-proof room. Vanya in that moment is like a toddler with a machine gun. She couldn’t control her powers fine. Yes all the other siblings said she should leave, but yet again, that is sentimental talking and not logical talking. None of them knew how to help Vanya with her powers, not even Vanya knew. How do you deal with a lethal power that you can’t control and no one else knew how to control it too? You lock it away. She killed two people and nearly killed one, if I was there I would lock her away too at least until I have a vague idea on how to control it. Vanya was apologetic- yes, which should’ve been a clue that letting her out would be a BAD idea! She killed the two thugs and harmed Allison when she was emotional! The place serves her deep trauma- yes, but also WHERE ELSE WOULD BE SAFE TO LOCK HER IN? She can destroy shit with just sound!

    4. “He said 'is there any way to silence the voice in your head that screams out to be the centre of attention?’ to Klaus!” Might I remind you that the Academy was just destroyed by their own sister who also cut the throat of another sister? Yes he could’ve said it kinder but given the stress they were under, he was right. No one there but Klaus knows that Ben is there and Klaus couldn’t prove it (it was proven wrong later but in that moment). They NEED to find Vanya and a way to stop the apocalypse SHE would cause! Klaus *is* distracting the team’s attention by saying that Ben can have a physical form, which is a preposterous idea for the rest of the Academy and something he couldn’t actually prove (for that moment). Luther could’ve said it in a kinder way, but he wasn’t wrong.

    * in that note I’d like to say that Allison calling Claire in the middle of meeting is also distracting, but I won’t go there rn

    5. “Luther always screams that he’s Number 1, when it doesn’t matter!” Remember that Luther NEVER left the Academy and he grew up being the leader of unleadable pack, that’s ought to be stressful. Truth be told, the fact that he was named Number 1 + the fact that he never left the Academy would’ve inflated his ego by miles. He should’ve grown up- yes, but I need to remind you that he was Number 1 until Reginald’s death. I know I wouldn’t be able to move on that quickly.

    5.5. The fact that Reginald wouldn’t call Luther by his name even when it’s just them SCREAMS that Luther doesn’t know what he is other than Number 1. Everyone else grew up and “found” who they are outside the Academy, but Luther never had the chance. Everything he did was at Reginald’s orders, of course he’d do anything to remain Number 1 (self promo: that’s the backing idea of my fanfic 'Number One’, available in Wattpad and AO3!)

    6. When Klaus could prove that Ben was really present, Luther immediately asks for his voice when talking about going back in time. For all everyone knows, it’s a very risky thing (even Five knows that!) but they literally had no other choice. Still, he attempted to include all voices in deciding the fate that would involve all of them. Considering that his body was transformed without his consent (life-saving, but still), this truly hits where it hurts for me.

    6.5. I SHOULD ADD that when they had a vote about keeping Grace on or not, he tried to include Vanya but Diego tried to exclude her because she “doesn’t have any powers” and Diego only includes her voice when her voice aligns with his. Idk about you but as a person with disabilities it TRULY hurts when someone excludes me from shit because of my disabilities. I really appreciate Luther for trying to include her here.

    7. I will not try to justify LutherAllison because that’s incest. When Klaus outed Luther being not-virgin to Allison and she stormed out, I got angry right then and there. It’s so hypocritical when she’s literally divorced and has a daughter! She had NO RIGHT to storm out in anger! They’re not dating, they kissed yes but kissing doesn’t really mean anything.

    7.5. If I’m being negative here, I’d say that Allison rumoured Luther to love her (I have no canonical evidence other than the fact that she said she hurts so many people in the past with her powers, so I will not comment on that). From the canonical evidence, I say that Luther and Allison “fell in love with each other” because they don’t actually know the difference between sibling love and romantic love and thought it’s romantic love when it’s not.


    8. Luther tried to apologise to Vanya because he realised that his actions were wrong, and that takes guts. I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to apologise to the people I’ve mistreated in the past, so props to Luther for doing so. It is SO IMPORTANT. People aren’t instantly on the good side, and this shows that message perfectly, that you must (and can) learn from past mistakes and do better.

    Luther Hargreeves is flawed, but a lot of his actions are actually understandable/redeemable.

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    Five eating Charmichael because it’s the funniest scene in the comics and he deserved to eat him in the show.

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  • Ok! So I just finished binging season 1 and 2 of the Umbrella Academy and had to do some writing in regards to my favourite Hargreeves boys. Five is in dire need of some decent coffee, Klaus wants breakfast and Ben doesn’t really have a choice. Hilarity ensues.

    I’m nearly done writing but I had to drop a teaser here :)


    Originally posted by fabfrnkie

    Five flipped through the kitchen cabinets for the umpteenth time that afternoon and scowled.

    No coffee.

    He had been home for barely more than a day, and yet, the Commission had already chased him out of his favourite doughnut shop, making it impossible for him to show his face there again without much questioning and more than a little distress. He warped the length of the kitchen. It was so in character for their father to own a perfectly effective little French press with nothing to use it on. 

    Without a doubt, the Temps Commission was actively searching for him. He had work to do, things to plan, and someone to… visit. Five had taken the opportunity to remove the Commission’s tracker, so that should have bought him some time, an evening at least. 

    Time enough for a coffee, before shit really hit the fan.  


    Klaus rolled his body halfway off of the couch, groaning as the room began to spin. He needed some fucking food, asap. 

    Ben watched his brother untangle himself from his partly discarded shirt and pull himself, half swaying, into a standing position. With a shake and a shiver, Klaus stretched, purposefully ignoring Ben’s expression of annoyance. 

    “It’s torture for me watching you do this to yourself every morning.” Ben sighed, perched on a nearby chair, chin in hand. 

    “Mmmm,” Klaus mumbled, “You know what would be great right about now?” pausing, he looked expectantly at Ben.

    “Watching you sleep for another ten hours?”

    “Eggs,” Ignoring Ben for the second time, Klaus sighed happily, “Eggs would be unbelievably sublime… right about-” Klaus tipped himself back onto the couch, before popping back up in time to catch Five striding through the living room. “-Oh Five! Perfect timing, where are you off-”


    Without breaking pace Five warped from the room to the entrance way. 

    “Wait!” Scrambling, Klaus pulled on his formerly discarded clothing from the night before, including Allison’s old skirt. 

    Ben peeked around the corner into the foyer as Klaus careened past, bouncing off of the door frame. “He’s definitely not waiting.”

    Klaus caught up with his brother just as he was pulling away in the car. He tried the passenger side door handle, but it had been preemptively locked. “Five, please…” he pouted, tugging at the door handle in vain. 

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  • Note to fic writers.

    Five being a control freak, arrogant, headstrong, and stubborn ≠ Five being an absolute psychopath who hates his siblings, only uses Vanya, and enjoys violence

    Vanya being shy, reserved, cautious, and prone to avoid unnecessary conflict ≠ Vanya being a doormat with no way to defend herself and no sense of preservation


    Someone who’s very tired of seeing her faves be so misconstrued

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  • I just love him a lot okay. Bloody and non-bloody version included cause I couldn’t decide lmao

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  • That scene with the conch shell gave me violent flashbacks to my high school English class in which we had to read Lord of the Flies.

    #Piggy deserved better #The umbrella academy #Umbrella academy #The umbrella academy season 2 #Umbrella academy season 2 #Tua #Lord of the Flies #Diego Hargreeves#Vanya Hargreeves#Luther Hargreeves#Klaus Hargreeves#Allison Hargreeves#Five Hargreeves#Ben Hargreeves#Reginald Hargreeves
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  • So I’ve just binge-watched the entire 1st season of The Umbrella Academy and I have some thoughts…


    • Vanya is the best!!!
    • Klaus deserves the most happiness
    • Allison trying to use her power on her frightened sister is the same thing as her father locking Vanya away
    • Luther is too much like his father, Diego should be leading the group.
    • Eudora Patch deserved justice for what happened to her. I don’t give a shit about Hazel and Cha-Cha, Eudora was doing her job and she actually cared. It seems like after she died, everyone just forgot about her.
    • Ben could have been the greatest character in the show if it wasn’t for the fact he’s technically not in the action.
    • Pogo’s death was by far more sadder than Graces’.
    • Also the whole idea that someone who was emotionally abused can be fixed by said abusers and enablers is horrific and damaging af.


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  • Crowley waving at the police during ep5 at 31:30 gives the exact same vibes as Klaus waving at Luther and Five during s1 ep5

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  • I don’t even reconize Five’s clothes as a school uniform anymore I’m just like “those are his threads bro”

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