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  • five-hargreeves-needs-a-hug
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    literally noone:

    me: edits a picrew so my demon au five looks good

    i edited the colors and added the pupils <3 all credit goes to the creator of the picrew/neka(?) i used neka.cc

    but link is here! https://www.neka.cc/composer/10584

    i just wanted to share my edit because im lowkey proud of how demon five turned out <3 

    #he's pride #as in the sin pride #the rest of the fam are the other sins <3 #the deer looks are inspired by another picture of demon five i saw though where he had antlers #so i took that idea and ran with it #so now he's a deer boy demon #and i love him #picrew #jump makes picrews #neka.cc #neka#picrew edit#edit#tua five#five hargreeves#number five #demon!five #jump does rp #because hes from a rp of mine MSDKFJS #but this bitch. #has fucking LORE #and a whole ass backstory like??? #he's overly developed for just an au LSDMDFSL #the antlers in this picrew kinda suck tho :((( #i need to give him better ones somehow MSDLKFS
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  • acevampyre
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    five + taking klaus seriously

    #asking questions is a love language #klaus who's so baffling no one bothers trying to understand him vs five who needs to understand everything #the umbrella academy #number five#klaus hargreeves#tua#my edits#briony babbles
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  • soldierofsirens
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Five when morning coffee await

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  • umbrellafools
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    you know what. maybe five should be the one to drag his siblings on clothes shopping trips. yeah the sparrow academy or whatever is after them but they’re apocalypse free, babey. he is going to get himself some comfy and cool clothes and no one is gonna stand in his way

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  • hargreef
    02.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    five texting this emoji 🫂 to his siblings whenever he wants/needs a hug because he struggles to ask for them verbally

    #ive been in my fucking feels lately can you tell #god five deserves all the hugs in the world #the umbrella academy #tua#five hargreeves#number five#umbrella academy #number five the boy
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  • ourgoddessathena
    02.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Vanya : "Y/N, why the only words you know in Greek are 'don't stop', 'harder', and 'more'?"

    Y/N : *sweats nervously* "well..."

    Five : *smirking in the distance*

    #five hargreeves#number five#five#vanya hargreeves#number seven#vanya #five x you #five x y/n #five x reader #five hargreeves x you #five hargreeves x reader #five hargreeves x y/n #five hargreeves incorrect quotes #tua #tua incorrect quotes #the umbrella academy
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  • yanderetheumbrellaacademy
    02.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Y/n: How do you deal with it? Five: Deal with what? Y/n: Death Five: I mean- why are you asking Y/n: This kid I know, he died... How do you deal with such a thing? Five, sighing: I don't. I live with it and just try and go on Y/n: *Slight laugh* That's not very helpful Five: I'm sorry Y/n Y/n: It's okay, Five. One day we'll meet again

    #Y/n #yandere five hargreeves x reader #yandere five x reader #yandere five hargreeves #five hargreeves #five x reader #yandere number 5 #number 5 x reader #number 5 #five hargreeves x reader #TUA#Umbrella Academy#Incorrect Quotes #Incorrect Umbrella Academy Quotes #yandere five#Death#Sad #Sad Incorrect Quotes
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  • inkingtwice
    02.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    just gotta take a moment to fangirl about the set/lighting choices here, which create such a subtle and beautiful parallel.

    #tua #the umbrella academy #five hargreeves#number five #adventures in cinematography #visual storytelling#parallels#mirroring #helped along by aidan gallagher's acting chops #which are on full display here
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  • hargreef
    01.12.2021 - 20 hours ago
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  • planetumbeerella
    01.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    24 + 5 or advent with Five

    a/n: Hello everyone!! Can't believe it's December already!! Here's my take on my prompts. It's a Five x fem!reader. Just some quick notes - they're both over 18 in these one shots. There wasn't any commission stuff and apocalypse going on, alright? It's also happening in 2019 but I think it's noticeable. Anyway, I hope you'll like it <33

    word count: 3608


    Day one: "You know what time of the year it is."

    When she saw the calendar in the shop, it was really clear to her, that she just simply has to buy it. And it was also really clear to her, who was the perfect person to receive the gift - the lover of coffee, who was called Five.

    Five, with whom she shared so many shy smiles, timid greetings, and later a lot of funny remarks, before he got the guts to ask her out for what else than coffee. In fact, she herself already had the question on the tip of her tongue, when he beat her to it. She was just about to open her mouth, when he said, really quickly, “Would-you-like-to-go-out-for-some-coffee-with-me?” He said it so fast, it was almost as if the words just all melted together. Y/n could just blink in confusion.

    “Sorry, what did you say?” Five took a deep breath, trying to steady himself. He was internally mad at his own body because it just won’t stop shaking.

    “I said if you would like to go out for some coffee with me,” he repeated his previous words more calmly, although you could still notice the nervous quiver of his voice. But right after that, he panicked.

    “I mean if you want to. It doesn’t have to mean anything, really. I just… I thought we really get along. I mean… I think. I think you’re rather pretty and we just really get each other but… You know what, never mind. No, just forget it, that was so dumb. My siblings actually convinced me to do this. I-” he was basically a volcano of words. He almost didn’t even breathe how fast he was talking. Y/n carefully touched his hand.

    “Coffee sounds great.” She smiled at him. Five visibly relaxed. What wasn’t as visible was how he cheered on the inside. He was so happy. He finally asked the girl he had in mind for so long out and she said yes! He wanted to jump and sing and hug her and spin her around just the way he saw in movies.

    “Great.” He nodded cooly. His appearance was contrasting with his inner feelings a lot.

    He didn’t have the slightest idea, that Y/n was feeling the same at the moment. Oh how much she talked to her friend about that boy from the library, who was so nice and amusing and smart and simply absolutely perfect in every possible way. How many times did she get lost in thought about him and now… now she finally had a date with him!

    And how well that went. They both finally had more time to get to know each other even better. Just when they were having the most fun, they found out it was time for them to go home. So another date was agreed on. And another after that, and another after that until it became frequent meetings, often continued at Y/n’s and soon even at Five’s.

    Each of these days, when Five got back from his “basic stop for coffee,” his brothers and sisters could see their, rather rude (especially towards them, even though he never really meant it), brother dancing all over the house, humming songs to himself, and smiling, or even laughing, at some memories from that date. It certainly was a surprising change, but they were happy for him. He was rather miserable when he got back from the future. It got better after a few months, but when he met that girl from the library, who was so beautiful and hilarious and intelligent and the kindest person in the world and just simply the absolutely perfect human being, his happiness was off the charts.

    More than once, Allison found a drawing of the famous Y/n somewhere, whether it was in a book, a notebook, on a desk, just anywhere.

    Klaus could listen to Five talking about the famous Y/n, who just that day told him this awesome joke, for hours.

    It was Diego, who just couldn’t take Five’s lollygagging anymore and finally gave him the speech that went something like this, “Bro, you gotta aks her out before anyone else does. Go after her when you’ve got the chance because she obviously likes you too, you dumbass!”

    It was him, thanks to whom Five finally got the guts to ask the question. And it was also him, who got a pancake in his face.

    So these two lovebirds finally got together, after almost a whole month of chatting over a cup of coffee.

    With every new day spent with Y/n, Five discovered the part of himself, he never got the chance to know. With her, it was as if the world got more colourful. Every time they made some plans together, Five couldn't almost sleep with the excitement, that he’s going to see his special one again. It was certainly a happy relationship, full of laughter and even some teasing. Of course, there were bad times here and there but they were both able to talk through it all and so they could enjoy the good stuff again.

    Y/n was always there for Five when he had a bad day. When he was tired, she would cuddle with him and sleep through the afternoon on the couch. When he wanted to cry, she offered him her shoulder and he could talk to her about anything that was bothering him. There was so much stuff, she always found a way how to understand his struggles, even when she didn’t understand at first. When he had his trouble with sleep again, she would always help him, to make it better. When he didn't know what to do, she researched stuff about it so she could try and give him some advice from a different perspective. When she saw something that reminded her of him, she either bought it or just told him. He already received loads of photos along with random things with a message, “This reminded me of you :).” And she always had open arms for him, when he just needed some human touch.

    It worked like this both ways.

    Five always helped Y/n when she had too much work that she couldn’t do well alone. When she was too focused on something, except for her needs, he would always make sure she had something to eat, drink, or he sent her to bed, so she would have some sleep which she was robbing herself of at the time. When she was in pain, he would prepare a nice, warm bath for her and he would make sure she would get her proper daily dose of cuddles. He liked to leave her small gifts here and there, just randomly placed, to surprise her and brighten her day. And he always had open arms for her, when she just needed some human touch.

    He treasured her and even though he sometimes struggled to explain it with words, his actions spoke for him well enough.

    Everyone knew, that Five was a big lover of coffee. Klaus sometimes joked if Y/n wasn’t getting jealous when she saw what “puppy eyes” he was making at a “simple cup of coffee.”

    And she would just laugh it off, or, when she was in the right mood, start complaining about how he’s cheating on her with that damn drink. Klaus would gasp dramatically and throw horrified looks at Five, only for them to change into a fit of laughter.

    Often, when she would see some interesting blend, she would bring some of it home, to taste it together. So when she saw that calendar, that had a special flavour of coffee for every day of advent, she just knew she had to get it for him. The first of December was also connected to another event that had a lot to do with coffee.

    That’s how she got herself in this situation - sitting in the back of a taxi, she was looking at the building that kept appearing and disappearing in her sight, with a gift for Five in a bag lying right next to her on the seat. She was excited that she could spend advent, a time she loved since she was a child, with Five, whom she has loved for a shorter period of time but perhaps (definitely) even more.

    The yellow car stopped in front of the known building with a gate boasting a pictogram of an umbrella. She thanked the driver, paid her bill, got out of the car, happily went through the gate to the front door. Just as she was about to reach for the handle, the door opened and showed none other than Five. He held some box under his arm and was trying to tie a scarf around his neck with the other. Of course, that was a difficult thing to do but Five was quite the stubborn person. He stopped in surprise when he noticed her.

    “Hey there, Y/n, honey, what are you doing here?” he greeted and immediately smiled at her. It was almost automatic at that point. She just had this effect on him. He couldn’t stop smiling around her.

    He stepped aside and urged her inside. She quickly hopped in and Five closed the door behind them, which stopped the cold from getting in there too and they were surrounded with warmth.

    “I got something for you and wanted to show you as soon as possible,” she answered with the same wide smile on her lips. Five got rid of his scarf and put it on a rack.

    “Then we’re on the same page,” he exclaimed happily. “I was just about to go to see you. And I thought I’d surprise you.”

    “Well, it’s good we met like this, can you imagine if we missed each other? “

    “Yeah, probably should’ve given you a call.” He scratched his neck.

    “It’s alright. I could’ve called you too. Are we going to your room?” She looked at him with that sweet questioning look.

    “Of course,” he replied quickly and put down the box he was holding. He helped Y/n get out of her coat and put it on the rack, right next to his knitted scarf. When she’s been taken care of, he picked up the box again. What was hiding in there, Y/n could only guess.

    “What about the others? Is anyone else here?” she asked as they were walking up the stairs.

    “No, they’re all fooling around somewhere outside. We have the entire square block to ourselves.” He smiled at her innocently. Y/n laughed softly in response.

    Her laugh was the most wonderful symphony in the world. Oh, how many times did he tell her funny stories, jokes, or even tickle her a little bit just to get to hear it again. The angelic sound was simply peasing to his ears.

    Accompanied by a friendly conversation about how each other’s day went, they went all the was into Five’s room. He chose a new one after he got back from the future, so he could have more space for himself. Klaus, and later even Y/n, helped him make it more nice and cozy. His other siblings contributed with some addition or a piece of furniture and it soon became a room he was able to enjoy himself in. It almost didn’t feel like the old times he dreaded so much. Of course, they could sell the whole place and just never get back, but when they had some space to live in, why not use it? They all made it a better place anyway and the old memories didn’t feel how they used to. They all helped each other get through this. Naturally, and unfortunately, some baggage always stays.

    Y/n could notice one slight change - there were light chains all around the room.

    “New decorations?” she pointed out. Five turned at her. He was just putting her bag and his box on the table. When he noticed, what was Y/n talking about, he answered, “Yeah, Grace and Klaus gave everyone some lights. I thought you’d like it.”

    “I do.”

    They were smilingly looking at each other. Five came closer to her, held her around her waist, and leaned his forehead against hers.

    “To what exactly I owe your visit?” he whispered.

    “Oh, you know what day it is today,” she said mysteriously.

    “Let me guess… Sunday?” Five played the uncomprehending. Y/n laughed at the faces he was making while talking.

    “That too. I came to lie in your bed and laze around. Just how you should on a Sunday like that,” she teased him back. She left him standing there and fell into his made-up bed. His smell, which was always so comforting, surrounded her. Five put on a fake sad expression.

    “And I thought you wanted to see me,” he said with fake sadness.

    “Sorry, the bed is more comfy.” She shrugged and looked up at him with that typical expression she always had when they were teasing each other like that. Five laughed and shook his head.

    “What a shame that I can’t change into a pile of sheets, huh?” He walked over to the table, picked up his box, and went with it back to Y/n. He put it down next to her on the bed. She examined it, although there wasn’t anything to see, really. It was wrapped in plain paper but maybe, if she stared intensely enough at it, maybe she could see through it.

    “What’s in there?” she asked curiously. Five just shrugged.

    “Try unpacking it,” he suggested. She threw an unsure look at him, then sat up and carefully tore the paper. Five was tensely watching her. He really hoped she would like it. He took so much care with it for it to be perfect, yet he was nervous it was bad for her liking.

    Y/n got rid of all of the paper and revealed a box in different, smoothly blending shades of her favourite colour. It contained the basic 24 windows, as every other advent calendar has and on the sides, there were photos of her and Five stuck. Between them, there were handwritten song lyrics, random quotes, or his own little messages he wrote specially for her. Here and there he put even a sticker of snowflakes. It was obvious that it was all handmade and that he took a lot of time with it. It was so thoughtful of him, she had no idea he was doing something like this. For her. It was one of the sweetest things ever. Tears welled up in her eyes.

    “What? Do you not like it?” spoke Five, worried. He really thought she would like it. He was so nervous and now, it seemed, his fears were becoming real. Y/n shook her head, unable to talk at the moment.

    “I put a small gift in every window I got for you, but I can get something better if you don’t like this, of course. I just thought-”

    He was interrupted by Y/n, who stood up when he became an erupting volcano of words again and hugged him tightly.

    “It’s the best advent calendar in the world, Five,” she whispered into his ear when she finally found her voice again. Five relaxed and returned the embrace.

    “Really? I mean, others helped me a bit with some stuff but otherwise, I worked on it all alone. There are even things that are connected to our first coffee dates. I wanted to combine it together since it’s officially half a year now. It’s two in one - an advent calendar and a gift for our anniversary.” Y/n was happily listening to him talking so passionately. He sounded so excited and proud of himself. “You know what time it is... I know how much you love Christmas and I really wanted to make you happy. I mean, you are making me happy for half a year already! I just wasn’t sure how to show it to you, so I tried to do at least this.”

    Y/n pulled away from him but not much, just enough so she could see his face. She stared into his eyes that stared back into hers. She loved them. They were so beautiful and comforting. So soft and full of love. He had so much of it in himself, he just struggled badly to express it most of the time. Her eyes were still glistening a bit from the tears that appeared in them a while ago. On the contrary, a sweet smile played on her lips.

    “What?” Five breathed out in confusion. Y/n’s smile widened. She stood on tiptoe, leaned over, and kissed him.

    “I love the gift,” she whispered when their lip parted. She kissed him again. “I love you,” she whispered again, when their lips parted, again. This way she whispered to him between kisses. “It’s beautiful, thank you so much, I love you. So. So. Much.”

    Five’s heart always did that weird thing every time with these words. It was like it was leaping joyfully, happy for him. Happy for her. At that moment, it almost felt as if it turned into a children’s whirligig. It warmed him so much to hear it. The words were repeating over and over in his head, like a stuck phonograph record. Except he didn’t mind it. He wouldn’t try to fix it if that was really happening. He could listen to it for hours. The words just felt so warm and nice. He grinned in euphoria and gave her a passionate kiss in return. When he pulled away, he murmured, “I love you too, sunshine.”

    Oh, what effect did that voice have on her! He always used it only for her. He didn’t even notice it but she did. She did notice the slight change in the tone of his voice whenever he spoke to her. She noticed and she loved it. It was hers, and hers only. He always used it when he meant something totally and truly serious. And it was only for her. She could listen to it for hours, months, years… It was a tone of voice, in which she could hear how the words just weren’t enough to explain what he really felt.

    She herself sometimes, well, more so most of the time, wasn’t able to put into words her true feelings. Her true emotions. Her true feelings towards him. When they just started dating, she tried desperately to explain to her friends and family but she always ended up with her face in her hands, confused why she can't put something so god damn simple into god damn words. They always laughed it off and stroked her back, saying, that it’s fine, that she shouldn't worry herself much, that it’s just normal and that it happened to them or that it is still happening.

    “Well, why won’t you tell me what you’ve got in that bag of yours?” wondered Five. His breath tickled her neck when he spoke.

    “But now you’ve embarrassed me,” she half complained.

    “Why’s that?” he asked. Y/n got from his hug and went over to the desk, on which her bag was still lying. Curious Five followed right after. She picked up the bag and gave it to Five and scratched the back of her neck nervously. Five got his gift out of the box and examined it, rather interested.

    “I know it’s not much. When I saw it, I thought it was a good idea but then you came with that hand-made perfection and now I think I should’ve taken more care with it. I had a plan for our anniversary but maybe I should’ve just done better… I’m sorry, it’s so unoriginal,” she blurted out and put her face in her hands. Five hugged her from the side and stroked her arm comfortingly. He put his head on top of hers.

    “It’s awesome, Y/n, seriously. You don’t need to be sorry. Thank you, I love it,” he objected frankly. Y/n let her hands down.

    “Really? I don’t know. I still can get something better.” Five straightened and turned her a bit, so she would face him.

    “Y/n, look at me.” She looked up. Five smiled at her and caressed her cheek. “Just the fact that you saw it and thought of me and got it for me is so nice. You don’t have to spend hours on making something or spend incredible amounts on money. What matters is why you do it, that really counts. You wanted to make me happy and that’s enough. You’re enough.”

    Y/n smiled shyly, a small blush appeared on her face. Five put the advent calendar full of coffee and the bag back on the desk, so he could have free hands. Using that opportunity, he took her hands into his.

    “And now, since we’re all alone here, wanna go maybe to the living room and take up the whole couch? Or anything else, we gotta take advantage that the other idiots aren’t here.”

    Y/n laughed, just as Five secretly wished for.

    “Those idiots are your siblings and you love them.”

    “That’s true, but I also love you and we don’t have much privacy here. Come on, we can make a picnic in the middle of the hallway and no one can say anything! Let’s enjoy our anniversary how we deserve!”

    “Why not, that’s a great idea,” Y/n laughed more and followed him out of the room.

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    01.12.2021 - 23 hours ago
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  • angelicamerlinbarnes
    01.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    See I know I write Five as having Klaus as his mom and Diego as his dad but to be perfectly honest Diego has so much mom energy on his own that it’s more like Five has a mom and a mama

    #am i wrong tho #kliego #klaus and diego are five's parents because kenny's mom has spoken #klaus hargreeves#diego hargreeves#five hargreeves #diego the mama's boy #and now #diego the mama #(ft. klaus the momma) #(yes there's a difference) #tua #the umbrella academy #the hargreeves #just a thought i had #look i'm too tired to give you a headcanon right now #just take this humble offering #love you guys <3 #have a nice day y'all #be kind and give someone a hug/smile :) #happy holidays xox #<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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  • black-coffee-beats
    01.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Five: It was a SIMPLE DEADLINE; I can't believe how DUMB y'all are; this was our ONE CHANCE and you guys RUINED IT--


    The Handler: Your little team is full of idiots.

    Five: Say that again and this bullet is going through your jugular.

    #tua #the umbrella academy #tua incorrect quotes #five hargreeves#the handler#q
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  • tsepesh
    01.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    дед инсайд и отец года. если не убьют друг друга на подлете, то определенно смогут договориться на почве, сцука, семейных ценностей

    семейные, сцука, ценности

    осталось положить сюда дядю орсона, который к другу галену ходил с винищем, и полумертвого дантиста с его found family и бухлом. и назвать пост ценностно-алкоголическим

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  • loki-hargreeves
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    These songs on your top songs 2021 playlist describe the relationships you have with the umbrella academy siblings;

    11 - Luther 12 - Diego 13 - Allison 14 - Klaus 15 - Five 16 - Ben 17- Vanya

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  • soldierofsirens
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tua #the umbrella academy #umbrella academy #five be like #five hargreeves
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  • yes-im-a-fanchild
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Umbrella Academy as the Seven Deadly Sins

    ben - pride

    vanya - greed

    luther - lust

    diego - envy

    klaus - gluttony

    five - wrath

    allison - sloth


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  • yanderetheumbrellaacademy
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Five: My life is a mess. Y/n: Five relax, go get a Coke. Five: I don’t want a Coke. Y/n Who said it was for you?

    #yandere five hargreeves x reader #yandere five x reader #yandere five hargreeves #five hargreeves #five x reader #yandere number 5 #number 5 x reader #number 5 #five hargreeves x reader #TUA#Umbrella Academy#Incorrect Quotes #Incorrect Umbrella Academy Quotes #yandere five
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  • yes-im-a-fanchild
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay, but... each of the seven stages of grief are represented by one of the hargreeves siblings:

    Five - Shock.

    Luther - Denial.

    Diego - Anger.

    Allison - Bargaining.

    Vanya - Depression.

    Klaus - Testing.

    Ben - Acceptance.

    please engage– i would love to elaborate on this

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