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  • Listen I love fiveya but every single five is an ooc unrecognizable psychopath who abuses poor uwu vanya who is a total doormat fic pushes me over the edge to where I never want to explore that ship again.

    Like I understand that ppl like dark fics, but if you’re gonna make it dark and depressing can you at least make it realistic? There’s shows you can watch if you want that psychopath/victim ship.

    But ppl twisting Five’s character until he’s Leonard/Reginald 2.0 with only the shadow of his canon qualities amped up to make him look worse is just…. not great.

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  • image

    Well s2 made me think five finds it hard to have an argument with vanya because she always gets her way

    But maybe its also because he’s just a wife guy 👀

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  • Vanya in season 1: fear me assholes

    Vanya in season 2:

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  • Vanya:
    Five: 🥺👉👈❤️

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  • Vanya: if you could be anyone in a movie what would you be?

    Five: axe murderer

    Vanya: what?

    Five: what?

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  • *spoilers for tua s2*

    So, like ooc!amnesiac!Vanya asking, “aren’t we brothers and sisters?” (paraphrasing), while shaming Allison, and Vanya’s own past feelings for Five, is like if Elliott were to ask the same question to Luther & Diego while they talked about Allison. He would be an outside perspective, unnecessary to their own understanding. I’m sure Five would’ve just changed the subject because it’s none of his business and they have more important shit to do.

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  • *spoilers for tua s2.*

    That conversation with Vanya, Klaus, and Allison is completely imbalanced. Vanya has no memory of their past with one another. She’s an outside perspective looking in, a reason to shame the Hargreeves dysfunctional relationships when Klaus asks if Five will be hot when he grows up and of Alluther.

    I’m sure the conversation would’ve been completely different if Vanya had her memory. Kinda like the conversation with Diego and Luther. That felt a little more natural than the OOC conversation with 3, 4 & 7.

    I mean, they are aware of their dysfunctional relationships, but it’s how they grew up, and that scene with them just shows that outsiders wouldn’t understand. Vanya having no memory just shows this to be true, and a conversation that isn’t for anyone but them.

    I don’t necessarily care what you ship or who you hate, but I do know what reality and fiction is, I am a writer. So, I don’t care if Alluther ends up canon, or somehow Five & Vanya acknowledge their past feelings for one another or if Klaus & Ben or Diego have a moment with one another.

    The whole conversation was just plain dumb to add to their established characters and the concept of who they are. They’re in their 30’s, and they’re probably more understanding to one another’s weirdness than anyone on the outside. And if anything, if they really thought it was a huge fucking issue, they could’ve went to therapy to sort that shit out, but it’s not how they see their relationships, which is the point of who they are.

    They are a group of dysfunctional people with powers put in a house, dressed in school uniforms, abused, traumatized, blamed for the death of their brother, and emotionally stunted as they grow into adults.

    They aren’t remotely healthy people, and trying to make them would be ridiculous. The pseudo-incest is barely the biggest issue of their individualities, and barely the focus of the plot.

    So, idk…I guess they tried to reveal the weirdness, but…all they did was write an unnecessary scene with an amnesiac who is practically a stranger in her own body.

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  • i have work in like 10 hours but i cant sleep and am thinking about fiveya <3

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  • Hey there! You are you a vanya multishiper or do you ship vanya with one of the hargreeves ? Maybe you ship vanya x sissy? Or with even a different character from another show? Then you can join the white violin cult discord server!

    We don’t judge here! The only thing you need to do is to be 15+ and respect others’ ship because these characters aren’t real and are fictional.


    DM for the link if you want to join.

    (DONT send send me hate if you personally don’t like any of the ships. These aren’t real characters. )

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  • fluffernutter (fanart)

    young vanya and five because yes :’) 

    also can we just talk about the fact that aidan gallagher himself supported five x vanya?? PLEASE???

    edit: yall are fighting about vanya’s sexuality can we just appreciate that she likes girls ;-;

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  • is it just me? But whenever Netflix / TUA markets vissy on social media, they also post five & vanya

    They KNOW, guys. THEY KNOW.

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  • Vanya: do you think I can fight

    Five: no

    Vanya: it’s because I’m a woman is it?

    Five: it’s because you’re 5’1. Smol.

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  • Five: I feel dehydrated. I’m thirsty.

    Vanya: I can get you some wat-

    Five: Coffee. Black.

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  • #fiveya#my art #jk it's showing up in the tag loool
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  • Alright, I know some doesn’t like to ship any of the Hargreeves (FiveYa, AlLuther, Kliego, Horrance) but does it really have to result to ad hominem insults? Like, okay I get it, you don’t like shipping character because they are incest but please don’t insult the intellect of the shipper. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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