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  • queen-of-the-waffles
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thinking of takig a trip to Fjerda ❄️❄️❄️ Last time we went I almost died. It really do be like that sometimes💙

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  • hannahgoldfish
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    A Spy in the Fete

    Description: Adeline is one of the Darkling’s favoured heartrenders, and when she notices something suspicious, she is quick to the Darklings aid. 

    Word Count: 1.5k

    I hope you enjoy! I felt like writing something dramatic with a quick pace, so here it is! 

    Adeline stood in front of her General's door. A repetitive tap of her foot and a stern expression as she watched guests of the Winter Fete breeze by. She couldn’t seem to tear her attention away from the fashion. A woman was drenched in a mix of gorgeous silk, another man in a suit so white, her eyes stung . The whole world seemed to be here, dancing on their toes, beaming with excitement at the rumors of the Sun Summoner. 

    However, something about having a party while Ravka was at war stirred something viciously in her gut. Why have Alina and the others play tricks when really they could all be figuring out how to destroy the Shadow Fold? She knew the General and Ivan agreed with her, but the king? About oblivious as ever to the jaws of death that's clutching Ravka’s throat.  But with the war raging on, she loved her country nonetheless and would happily protect her people. In the process, hopefully acquiring a sneaky glass of Kvas when her shift finishes.  

    A cool voice trailed from the shadows behind her, “Deep in thought?”

    The Darkling stepped into the light, his eyes seemed blacker than usual, as if deep water swirled in them, a mysterious and alluring edge- she found it oddly comforting. 

    “Moi Soverenyi,” she bowed, her blonde waves falling into place infront of her shoulder. 

    His mouth flickered into a smile they only ever seemed to share, “shall we?” 

    She nodded once, before striding along with him, Ivan then joining from further down the hall. He angled his head at the Darkling before joining Adelines side. 

    She hit his shoulder, her voice barely a whisper, “One you’re late, two, why are you so happy?” 

    Both guards walked a few paces back from the General, but she couldn’t ignore the sheer amount of power radiating off them as they stormed the hallways. 

    “I’ll see Fedyor!”

    She rolled her eyes, a nice calmness in her mind, “I’ll cover first, if you want to see him at the Fete?”

    Ivan’s face lit up, and he nudged her gently, “I owe you,” 

    “You can pay me back in Kvas,”


    “Let's stay focused please,” The Darkling's voice held a slight bitterness causing both soldiers to straighten.The General curved his lips as he shared a look between them both

    And finally they reached the main doors to the great hall.  

    “This night is an opportunity to show off our Sun Summoner,” he began, “but it is also a night to show off Ravka’s power, ” he straightened his Kefta’s cuffs, the voices of people singing and dancing drifting playfully from behind the door. He turned back to them, “I need you both to keep a lookout for any… unwelcoming behaviour,”

    It was about time something interesting other than the Sun Summoner happened in the palace walls Adeline thought. 

    After a moment, the General signaled to them to push the doors open. A silence choked the room as the whole of the great hall stared at them. Adeline only studied their faces in return, before being drawn to the building's interior. Gold flaked across the walls, spreading like vines, something obviously new and Fabrikator made. She caught Fedyors gaze in a crowd of heads, smiling widely at Addy. She gave a brief smile back before ushering Ivan off to Fedyor, leaving just her and The Darkling. As they walked through the crowd, she noticed his ashy scent, as if fire twirled and danced before him. In some ways his darkness could be similar?

    The man seemed to have acknowledged her stare, “Have you improved on your punches, Adeline?”

    “I uh, yes?” 

    That was a strange question to ask somebody at a party but well… The Darkling is indeed a man of business. The thought reminded her of a Ketterdam Criminal. If only she could remember the bastard's name. 

    “You don’t sound very convincing.”

    She chuckled quietly to herself, “Well… It's a long process.”

    He turned to her, analysing her like some sort of puzzle, “It is important to me that all Grisha learn the works of both the small science and standard combat,” he turned his gaze back to the people dancing as they reached the edge of the hall, “You and Ivan being my favoured Heartrenders, need to do the same.”

    She felt like a scolded child, she could very well stop a man's heart with the flick of her wrist, why learn to punch too?

    “Of course,”

    He nodded slowly in agreement, before leaning down, his breath warm on her ear, “It's time for the main event,”

    She clenched her jaw, trying to dismiss the growth of butterflies fluttering in her stomach. 

    You’re his guard, be professional.  

    A wash of darkness flooded the room, covering every crevice and leaving an eerie presence in return. The public murmured nervously to each other as they awaited the demonstration. Adeline squared her shoulders, feeling the atmosphere of pure exhilaration and authority as she stood with the very man that could play with shadows.

     From the other side of the hall, a ball of light captured the dark, turning it inside out until only streaks of black remained. The whole crowd gasped and Adeline couldn’t help but gasp too. The Darkling raised his chin higher, a smirk painted across his face as he watched Alina play with her light. The light had now cascaded over the room, leaving everyone in a beautiful golden glimmer as they peered up at the girl, ready to bow down at any moment. 

    But something was wrong. A single heartbeat faltered, and then increased. Her eyes immediately darted to the crowd just as a figure shifted from the shadows, knife glinting in Alina’s light. The man was quick, launching the knife to the Darkling, but Adeline was quicker, using all her weight as she pushed into him. The Black General stumbled to the ground, a calm sort of fury flushed his face that even made Addy shiver. 

    The crowd had formed into a circle with the Fjerdan man, Black General and Adeline in the middle. 

    The Darkling rose from the ground, adjusting his cuffs while summoning shadows to waver behind him. Adeline was focused on the man, her hand squeezing something invisible. He wobbled to the ground, blood oozing from his nose. 

    “We need him alive, Adeline.” The Darkling said carefully as he observed the scene in front of him. How tightly she held her power over the Fjerdan, the cruel look poisoning her eye.

    “Would you rather I punched him?” 

    “I would rather you let him live to be questioned,”

    She brought her hands back to her sides as Ivan ran through the wall of people into the circle’s center.

    The General only nodded in his direction, “Take the Fjerdan to the cells, do not talk to him until I arrive, understood?”

     “Yes, Moi Soverenyi '' Ivan said, sending a cold glare to the Fjerdan before yanking him to his feet and taking him away. The Fjerdan could barely walk, clutching his chest, breathes escaping heavily. , 

    The Darkling’s voice slithered through the whole space, “As for the rest of you, the Fete is over,”

    The crowd didn’t move, stuck reliving the same few moments. The rattle of a knife being unsheathed, the groans of the Fjerdan as he fell to the ground helpless to the unseeable hands squeezing his heart.

    “LEAVE!” The Darkling shouted, causing the people to spill out of the hall in a scramble of bodies. 

    Adeline was heading towards the door just as a shadow blocked her. Her throat suddenly becoming dry, she turned around to face the man, “Yes?” 

    “You saved me,”

    “That is my job,” she actually wanted to hit him on the head but of course, that would probably lead to exile or worse… execution, “Moi Soverenyi.” 

    He strided closer to her now, and automatically she took a step back but he grabbed her hand, keeping her from moving any further. His voice was generally at ease, “Thank you, Adeline.” A new sort of hunger in those opal eyes.

    She smiled, the peculiar pull towards him, feeling his skin on hers, she tried not to blush. Ivan always joked how they could be a ‘perfect pair’ but really he was always infatuated with the idea of the Sun Summoner and she was his personal soldier. The Darkling is only thanking, not proposing. I don’t even like him. 

    “You're welcome-”

    “I mean it,”

    The General's attention was caught by a loose strand of her hair stuck on her lips and without thinking, he fiddled with it before tucking it behind her ear, his hand lingering by her cheek. She held eye contact with him for the whole time, heart rolling around in her chest. And only when he pulled away, she felt her body relax. 

    He seemed to have acknowledged what he’d done, “You may leave,” he said softly. 

    Not trusting her own mouth, she bowed before striding to the door, hoping to keep a steady and soldier-like pace. 

    “Adeline, there's something you should know” That I’m better than Alina?

    Oh shit. 

    She whirled around, “yes?”


    She frowned, “W-what?” 

    The man hesitated, having an internal battle with himself while piecing together the next stages of the game. 

    “My name is Aleksander.” 

    The air lingered between them, and slowly she lifted her lips to say something more, her stomach forming knotts again, “It's nice to know the real you.”

    If only she really did. 

    #shadow and bone #shadow and bone imagine #darkling imagine#darkling fanfiction #darkling x oc #ravka#grishaverse imagines#heartrender#aleksander kirigan#aleksander morozova #aleksander morozova x reader #fjerda #the grisha series
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  • tovezza
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Gd everything about looking for viking info outside of strictly academic sources is…. Loaded

    #Fjerda being a braiding together of some different aspects that are.. #a lot. I had to look up backwater firearm production of the 18th/19th centuries and that TOO was just so much #My search engine is like. Pls don’t remember this
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  • kazs-can
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Episode 8:

    Alina: Kirigan turned on his own people.

    The west Ravkans were never "his people". They tried to kill you for God's sake. They wanted to form another country. This would just weaken Ravka.

    I do accept that destroying THE WHOLE CITY was a bit of an overkill but Zlatan allowed the Fjerdans to come in and take Grisha. He also conspired with the Arken? The man taking Grisha out of Ravka?

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  • bendychickeytendy
    17.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Mal says I Am Become A Blade

    Genya says I Am Become A Girlboss

    Zoya says I Am Become The Avatar

    Nina says I Am Become a Fjerdan

    Nikolai says I am Become Likely Dead By The End of Six of Crows 3

    #Six of Crows #Crooked Kingdom #I am Become a Blade #shadow and bone #seige and storm #ruin and rising #king of scars #rule of wolves #six of crows 3 #leigh bardugo #oh no my heart its broken #ravka#fjerda#kerch#nina zenik#zoya nazyanelsky #zoya my beloved #if zoya isnt asexual why dragon #if nikolai isnt gender why pirate #genya safin#nikolai lantsov#girlboss #gaslight gatekeep girlboss
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  • softersinned
    15.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    tag drop 1/?

    #ii. why would you make out of words a cage for your own bird? ( inspiration ) #ii. sweet music playing in the dark. ( playlist ) #ii. what is a home if not the first place you learn to run from? ( fjerda ) #ii. i smell backstory and i love backstory. ( worldbuilding ) #iv. tilting pretty sharply bitchward. ( marianning ) #iv. follow for more soft grunge. ( promotions ) #iv. feed me and tell me i'm pretty. ( self promo ) #iv. actually... i'm gonna go with the fame and fortune. ( wishlist ) #iv. i trained in monologues! not poetry! ( memes ) #iv. prophecies are never wrong. that's just science! ( important ) #( tag drop )
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  • hellvar
    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    CONFRONTATION    ( accepting )

    @pistolslinger​ asked:    “  you think you’re handling this on your own but you’re not.  that’s not how it works when the people who care about you can see you’re suffering but refusing to ask for help.  ”

    Matthias was.  So.  Tired.  Of people telling him what he needed,  how he felt,  what he did not understand.  Gritting his teeth he turned on Jesper,  his anger brewing like a storm behind his dark scowl.    “    Leave.  Me.  Alone.    ”    He growled,  each word carefully enunciated and clipped.  He was exhausted, worn dow to the bone taking care of Nina as she bore the withdrawal symptoms of parem.  Dark rings circled his eyes as he tried to glare hard enough at Jesper to make him leave.

    Yes,  he had been avoiding the others,  save for Nina.  He didn’t think any of them would want anything to do with him when they finally returned to Ketterdam.  He hadn’t even been supposed to return to Ketterdam at all.  Why did they insist on hounding him.  He could never return home again,  to land he was born and the resting place of his family he was a traitor,  was that not enough for them ?  What more could they possibly take from him ?    “    Godsdamn you !  I just wan’t to be alone.    ”    Being alone was less painful when he told himself it was his choice.   

    #logically matthias knows he couldn't have stayed in fjerda. but logical matthias isn't here right now. #the first few days after soc are. a rough time for him. #⊰ i have been made to protect you. only in death will i be kept from this oath.  ─  in character. ⊱ #⊰ there's so much in the world you don't have to be afraid of.  ─  answered. ⊱ #pistolslinger
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  • camille-lachenille
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I had a very weird dream a few night ago and I needed to write it here.

    So, it was kind of an AU of Six of Crows where I was Wylan's sister and I had to hide for many years because I was a Corporalki.

    The dream took place after Crooked Kingdom and I lived in a very cosy chalet in the countryside of Kerch with my brother Wylan and Jesper who was, in this universe, working in a drag queen show (and he looked FABULOUS, let's be honest).

    So, at some point, a group of Fjerdan invaded the house and we had to run away. It was winter and Jesper ran in the snow with stilettos, a lime green evening dress, a silk turban and a bright pink feather boa.

    As the Fjerdan were destroying the whole village, a pregnant woman joined us in her leak. But, because of the panic, she entered into labour before term. So, as I was a Corporalki, I had to help her while Wylan and Jesper protected us. The poor woman was loosing blood and I couldn't help her that much because I was never given a proper Grisha instruction. In the end, she finally gave birth to a little girl and I wrapped the baby in Jesper's turban.

    The woman was to weak to run so Jesper and Wylan carried her as we ran away from the Fjerdan. And my alarm clock rang at this point so I'll never know how this story ends. I just hope we made our way safely to Ketterdam and the Crow Club and the woman survived to live happily with her baby girl... And that Jesper didn't broke an ankle while running with stilettos.

    #six of crows au #six of crows #jesper x wylan #jesper fahey #wylan van eck #wesper#grishaverse#leigh bardugo#weird dreams #i don't know why i dreamed of that but it was hilarious #this dream was hilarious #hilarious dream #jesper as a drag queen #fjerda#fjerdan#the grishaverse#grisha#corporalki
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  • hellvar
    11.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Send “ 📦 ” for your muse to find a memento of my muse’s past that they keep hidden away or in storage.  ( accepting. )

    @pyreshe​ said:   📦

    Matthais should have gotten rid of it-  thrown the damn thing in the harbor and let it sink to the bottom of the ocean floor with the rest of his life as a Drüskelle but because of some twisted sense of obligation he had never been able to.  It was hidden away intentionally, tucked away in a small linen pouch at the bottom of his trunk. 

    The original Drüskelle rings were carved from the bones of a wolf that dampened the powers of Grisha named Fenrisúlfr,  similar to the Morozova creatures that amplified their power.  The creature was sacred in Fjerda,  and the Isenulf that they bred were said to be distant descendants of the mythical beast.  Drüskelle recruits wore rings made of antler until they completed their Hringkälla,  after which they would be given the bone ring that marked them as a full member.  Matthias had been given his early,  an honor awarded to only those who showed remarkable potential.  

    Matthias felt sick at the sight of it in Olivia’s hand,  white bone beautifully carved into the snarling head of a wolf with polished,  black volcanic stone glinting cruelly in it’s eyes.  Matthias didn’t actually know if the rings were still made from the bones of Fenrisúlfr or if it could actually hurt Grisha,  likely it was just made from Isenulf bone but Matthias still snatched it from Livvy’s hand as if it would burn her.  

    “    Where did you get this ?    ”    He demanded gruffly. 

    #:^) #⊰ i have been made to protect you. only in death will i be kept from this oath.  ─  in character. ⊱ #⊰ there's so much in the world you don't have to be afraid of.  ─  answered. ⊱ #pyreshe #remind me to write a meta abt dampeners and bone jewlery in fjerda its a headcanon ive had bouncing around in my brain for a while
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  • ikaravki
    09.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    actual footage of me with the survival verse :’)))

    #IT'S COMPLICATED OK #did i just realize i need to get domek out of fjerda? out of ENEMY TERRITORY? yes i did 🤡
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  • ruinousaltruism
    08.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    @djelvar​ sent a kiss ;; { kiss maisy }

    She’s loved him nearly from the moment Jarl brought him into their home. She knows if he wanted to court her, Jarl would allow it, might even encourage it. If she has to be married, she would rather be with someone like him, someone who would be patient and gentle with her as he has been. She’d hoped once he’d gone through Hringkälla and earned his colors, he would ask Jarl’s permission, and had to stifle her disappointment and heartbreak when he didn’t.

    She already knows he’s leaving before he comes to say goodbye; Jarl had been talking about this expedition for weeks, taking his newest drüskelle out to earn their stripes. They’re left as alone as they ever are, but Solvie has long since turned a blind eye to how familiar they’ve become. (She is ever thankful for her maid, her confidante, for many multiple reasons.) Familiar, but he has been ever the gentleman, and has done nothing to be construed as an overture. Solvie has assured her the way he looks at her sometimes is decidedly not platonic, but he has not expressed any such leanings.

    Until today. He tells her he wants to be an established drüskelle before he courts her, so that no one can protest an orphan with the commander’s niece. His fingers on her chin are terribly gentle, the brush of his lips against hers more a promise than a kiss, but it leaves her breathless all the same. She takes his hand before he leaves, presses a kiss to his palm and curls his fingers over it before releasing him. “I will be here for you when you return,” she promises softly.

    She settles in the window, embroidery in hand, to wait for him.

    #djelvar #{ & gold cage hostage to my feelings } ;; fjerda #( and then :) he never :) returns :) ) #( and jarl has to tell her he's dead ) #{ grabbed a pen and an old napkin } ;; responses #{ ♥ i looked at you like the stars that shined } ;; matthias & maisy
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  • tovezza
    07.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    But returning to draft writing realisations that not only is Matthias a villain he’s an infinitely scarier one than any of the volcra

    #Like highly trained soldier from fundamentalist religious cult who’s been societally trained to align unlovable grief and arguably #Clinical depression to the cause of genocide of a whole people is so fucking much. His story is much deeper and wierder than the vast #Majority of evil white boy Learns better imho #Fjerda in general is quite a terrifying villain and row fell apart when it tried to #Introduce a silver bullet panacea to a problem as messy and complicated as a #Religiously justified culture of genocide and violence. That’s so much more than just converting religions basically can fix
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  • follow-thewhiterabbit-hatter
    06.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    okay I feel like I'm going crazy. is this canon that druskelle were present on the Ravkan court, with Fjerdan ambassadors??? it feels like it’s something LB would do, but also it’s so goddamn stupid I can’t believe it, and it makes me think I just read too many fanfics that had this element in them. 

    like, I'm just, baffled.

    1) it’s surprising Aleksander didn’t snap way before. he spent his formative years being hunted by the people who are now walking freely around him, their sole job is to kidnap, torture and murder people like him and everyone he protects. they pride on how many grishas they killed. not only that, no one can touch them because attack on them would result in trouble from the King, and Grisha’s safety is on shaky grounds as it is. he and other grisha would have to look at the faces of people who, quite possibly, murdered and tortured their friends, loved ones, family. the General of the 2nd army can’t also just refuse to meet an ambassador or opt out of a meeting, it would be viewed as an insult. if this isn’t a goddamn trigger I don’t know what is. 

    2) I am just baffled how are druskelle allowed into the country, never mind the goddamn court. what kind of message does it send, if you allow a group of murderers (and basically nazis) to come into the place that is a safe haven for the people they specifically target and try to exterminate? it’s a show of weakness of the crown and the country, it sends a clear message that the people (grisha) do not matter, that crimes against them won’t be persecuted, shows that the general of the second army has close to no power when it comes to decisions like this, and gives way too much power to the druskelle straight away. 

    it’s a miracle Ravka still existed by the time Alina was alive, honestly. 

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  • camille-lachenille
    04.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Death can’t tear us apart

    What if Nina never accepted Matthias' death ? What if she turned mad after that and used her new powers to keep him near her ? What if she seeked revenge against Matthias' murderer ?
    this is a repost of the fanfiction in two parts I posted some days ago. I though it was more comfortable to have all the story at one time.

    This is a dark!Nina fiction so CW : angst, death, blood, descriptions of dead corpses and wounds.

    In the middle of the wild and dangerous forest that marked the border between Ravka and Fjerda was a small, decrepit dacha. It was a miserable place to live, yet the glimpse of a candle could be seen trough the dirt that covered the windows. Some men, mostly hunters or Drüskelle used this place as a refuge during snow storms but some of them started disappearing mysteriously while trying to reach it. And the rumours started after the corpse of a lost Drüskelle was found completely disfigured on the Fjerdan side of the border. The poor man had been stabbed many times with sharp bones, a terrifying grin had been cut trough his face and his dead eyes expressed pure fear.

    There was a monster in these woods, and it was ruthless. A squad of the best Drüskellewas sent to find this creature of evil but only one of them returned to the Ice Court, half-insane and missing his right arm, the one who held his weapon. “It’s a Drusje. She can raise the dead. I saw her.” He managed to say to the guard before collapsing, a trickle of blood dripping from his mouth.

    This was the beginning of the legend of the terrifying, the cruel Corpsewitch.

    Mother started telling stories about her to their children when they wouldn’t obey. Young men wanted to prove their courage by defeating her but the few of them who returned was never the same again.

    “There is a knight who protect her. He is as pale as snow and he can’t die.” Said one of these young men.

    “I heard he once was a Drüskelle but she put a spell on him to make him her slave.” Told an elderly woman.

    There were many other rumours about the Corpsewitch, some closer to reality than others. It was said this terrible woman was a demjin who kidnapped men to torture and kill them. She would eat lost children and haunt the peace of the dead. He power was so dark she could poison water just by looking at it and even corrupt the sacred tree of Djel.

    Once, a pregnant woman swore she was lost in the woods when a silent man with a gunshot wound on his side helped her find her way home. His eyes were dead, his lips blue and his skin too pale to be a living man. When they reached the limit of the woods, he went away in the dark forest and she saw him reach a beautiful woman in a red cloak who kissed him on the forehead. They both disappeared before she could do or say anything.

    The poor woman was told she was under the spell of the Corpsewitch and she was shut up in a convent in the middle of nowhere to be exorcised.

    But no one could imagine the Corpsewitch hadn’t always been cruel and evil. She was a broken heart with an unknown power. She was a twenty years-old girl named Nina Zenik who swore on everything sacred in the world to take revenge on the murderer of her loved one.

    Because the dead knight of the legend was once a young and brave man who loved her heart and soul. He was a Drüskelle who learned to love a Drusje.

    And Nina was happy, then. She had friends and a found family. She loved Matthias over everything in the world, even waffles. But he was shot by a former brother in arms and Nina Zenik died the moment he stopped breathing. Only was left the Corpsewitch, and she made the oath she would never find peace until all Drüskellewere dead and Fjerda dwelled in chaos.

    Her powers were fed by her anger and pain and she knew no limit. She begged Matthias to stay whit her until her revenge was accomplished, so the young man stood again in a semblance of life. His body was here, slowly decaying despite the powers on the witch, but his soul was condemned to wander restlessly until she let him go for good.

    She fled to the border of her native country, Ravka, in the ever-cold forest who extended until Fjerda. There, she would be alone and well situated to plan her vengeance, with only the wind and the wolves to witness her sorrow.

    But a lonely and broken girl, even with mighty powers, wasn’t able to destroy the strong nation of Fjerda.

    So, the Corpsewitch stood in her forest, feared but slowly becoming a legend more than a real threat. Men disappeared once in a while without giving any sing of life ever again. “This fool shouldn’t have gone in the Cursed Forest.” People said. And they quickly forgot the victim. Sometime, a lost woman was helped by a strange man hidden in a wide cloak and the people would say it was Djel who guided her feet.

    The time passed and the Corpsewitch was now an ageless myth, almost forgotten. But she was real, hidden in her dacha and waiting for the right moment to act.

    She had and army of dead men ready to obey her. And, always walking along her side, what was once Matthias Helvar. He promised her he would protect her forever, even in death, so she kept him close at every minute.

    He was maintained on his feet only by the witch’s will but he was unrecognisable. His skin was now greyish and falling apart, his eyes were two dark holes open on his void skull and his once golden hair had lost its colour for a dull white.

    Nina Zenik was unrecognisable too. She once was a beautiful girl but time and the rough life she had turned her in an old woman who walked with a stick. She had become so thin it seemed she would break at the slightest gesture and her face was ravaged by tears and pain, with deep wrinkles across her forehead and red eyes.

    The years became decades, and the Corpsewitch still haunted the woods, her loyal knight a step behind her. She looked more and more like a corpse herself and Fjerda was still here, strong and rich, full of young men convinced to be right when they tried to kill her.

    She wasn’t even satisfied anymore when she took a life but she had to kill them all. Why? She wasn’t sure anymore. And then she remembered she did that for her knight. And she took another life, making a new soldier for her army of dead. Once in a while, she found a child or a woman in her forest and she sent her knight, always hidden in a cloak, to help them find their path. She was barely alive, lonely than ever but still thirsty for revenge.

    And one day, someone knocked on the dacha’s door. The Corpsewitch was surprised to see a very old man when she opened. He had a dark skin, grey eyes and the ghost of a grin still printed on his face.

    “Finally, I find you, Nina.” He spoke.

    The witch couldn’t remember his name or his face but it seemed the knew each other once. And something familiar in the man’s gaze made her let him inside. He looked at the shabby furniture and cracked walls, then his eyes fell then the knight that was sitting in a corner, stiff and still, almost a skeleton now. He had a sad smile and a glimpse of an unidentified emotion flashed in his eyes. The Corpsewitch felt suddenly ashamed.

    “So, the rumours are true. You keep him at your side.” He told. “But that’s not how it works, you know? We are Grisha but we can’t play with life and death. I know how it feels. I saw my love die while I still had long years of life. You have to let Matthias go, Nina. You know he would never have wanted this for you and him.” Said the man with a stern voice.

    Yes, Nina knew. But it doesn’t mean she accepted it. Time hadn’t relived her sorrow and she wasn’t able to let Matthias go. Death couldn’t tear them apart. She was stronger than Death. The urge to kill the man overtook her but she controlled the impatience of her knight, ready to jump from his seat at the slightest sign from her.

    “Go away. Now.” She ordered to the old man. “You have one minute before I send my soldiers after you.”

    The visitor sighed and left the dacha without a word. And Nina felt terribly alone. It was the first time in years she spoke to a living person. An old friend if she remembered correctly. Tired, she turned to Matthias, who was still waiting for her orders. Her beloved Matthias.

    He is right, you have to let me go. You have to abandon revenge to get peace.

    The voice in her head made her eyes watery. It was so clear and familiar. But it was also the first time in decades she heard him.

    I can’t, Matthias. If I let you go, I’ll be alone forever. Tears started running down her cheeks as Matthias responded, firm and horribly true.

    You are already alone, Nina. I am already gone a long time ago. My soul is restless as long as my body is not returned to Djel and I am so tired. So you are, my love. I see how much you are tired. So, I beg you, let me go. And Death won’t tear us apart, I swear.

    He went silent again and Nina begged him to respond. But Matthias’ voice was gone and only the wind responded to the supplication of the old woman. Her cries resounding in the night.

    In the morning, Nina knew deep down he was right. It was terribly painful to admit but she had to let Matthias go for good.

    So, the Corpsewitch stood and went out her dacha. With a large gesture of her arm, she made her army of dead rise. They followed her with a noise of shaking bones as she traced her path to the Fjerdan side of the forest, Matthias at her side. Once the macabre cortege reached the end of the forest, she stopped and ordered to the corpses to dig in the ground.

    “Now, you can go and rest, my soldiers.” The Corpsewitch said. And all the men she killed collapsed in the pit.

    She covered them with dirt and snow and turned to Matthias’ skeleton who was still standing at her side. He nodded when she took his hand and walked back in the forest.

    They found a glade surrounded by ageless fir and Nina kneeled om the ground to dig with her bare hands. It hurt but she felt at peace for the first time in so long she didn’t mind. Matthias helped her until they had a grave big enough.

    She then helped him to lay in the pit and covered his remains.

    “I let you go, Matthias Helvar.” She said. “May Djel guide your path.”

    Nina smiled and laid down next to Matthias, nestling under the layer of dirt and snow like it was a blanket. She closed her eyes and let the sleep took her away forever. Death couldn’t tear them apart.

    Nina dreamed again. She dreamed of him.

    Welcome home, Röed fetla.

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  • ruinousaltruism
    31.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    @hellvar sent : "I, um, I brought you some Semla from the festival if you would like." He hands over the treats and shifts his weight awkwardly before also presenting the flower crown he wove with clumsy fingers. "I made you this so even if you can't go you can still be a part of the festival."

    She accepts the sweets with a gentle smile. Maisy always appreciates how Matthias brings her food, even if she can rarely eat it all. It’s tiring, not able to take part of things, but she runs out of stamina so quickly. Sweets are easiest to eat anyway. When he presents the flower crown, tears prick at her eyes, touched by his thoughtfulness. She gently takes the crown from him and sets it on her head. She kneels up on her seat, stretching up to press a soft kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Matthias,” she murmurs, settling down again. “It means a lot.”

    #hellvar #{ & gold cage hostage to my feelings } ;; fjerda #{ grabbed a pen and an old napkin } ;; responses #( I'M SCREECHING HE'S SO ADORABLE ) #( i'm just screaming into a pillow nbd )
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  • ruinousaltruism
    31.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #lantsovheir #{ & gold cage hostage to my feelings } ;; fjerda #{ grabbed a pen and an old napkin } ;; responses #( she loves her husband :3 )
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  • hellvar
    30.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #matthias is from fjerda which means he has strong opinions about fish and fishing #⊰ there's so much in the world you don't have to be afraid of  ─  answered. ⊱ #compluras#compluras (theofan)
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  • tovezza
    29.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i LOVE secondary world though because like. much of it can be true but it doesn’t HAVE to be it can also be vibes. just vibes 

    #norscottsota fjerda ya know. five research papers up and i just pick and choose what's vibes #but also a big thing in draft i've just pulled from the spartans for funsies. ya can do that
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  • somestorythoughts
    28.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    At some point Nina decides she wants really good Ravkan food, and makes a sneaky plan to get it that is somehow less convoluted than it would be to arrange a trip to Ravka (cause she’s set up to be a princess at the end of ROW and that means attention).

    It’s been a few years since the events of ROW and the 2 countries are in this uneasy peace. There haven’t been actual battles, barely even a skirmish, and most of the regular people are happy to not be fighting for once though the aristocrats and druskelle have more mixed feelings about that, but the countries aren’t exactly friendly. They’ve been at war for too long. So they’re enjoying the peace but also kind of waiting for the other to mess it up. They’re not even allies, they’re more like two vicious rivals that mutually decided to take some time for themselves.

    In short its a pretty good climate for Nina as Mila to suggest sending a veiled insult to Ravka’s court in the form of a skilled Fjerdan chef, maybe one who’s recently committed some relatively minor crime. They reach Os Alta with a message that’s full of polite critiques, read “insults” of Ravka’s cuisine, and though it’s phrased as “here is a chef to teach you some about our country as a sign of our new peace” Nina presents it to the advisors as a harmless, petty thing that allows them to insult Ravka a bit without being the kind of thing that could start the fighting all over again. And they go for it cause sure, they’re at peace, but that doesn't mean they’re friends. Most think its kind of funny.

    Ravka’s queen naturally is very polite to the official Fjerdans and welcomes the chef, while making the same polite critiques of the officials, and, “in the spirit of goodwill” sends them back with a Ravkan chef for all of the same reasons.

    A few months later Nina sneaks a letter through Ravka’s spies that reads “WHERE DID YOU FIND A RAVKAN CHEF WHO CAN ALSO MAKE WAFFLES?! Thank you so much.” And the Ravkans in Charge (that little group needs a title you know who I’m talking about) have a good laugh about it.

    #nina x hanne #nina and waffles #ravka and fjerda #trying to make my tags to avoid spoilers for the people who aren't caught up #cause damn there are a lot of books #and i got that asshole's ressurection spoiled #didn't ruin the book cause then i wanted to know how the frick that happened #and fine that spoiling was my fault #but the thoughts there
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  • yototothelalafell
    27.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    See the fire rise

    Flames are raging high

    Soon all will burn and die

    Burn for honor, glory, death in fire


    Perhaps Djel is not based on Odin, but on Surtr.

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