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  • here’s an excerpt from a fic i’m still debating on finishing. please help me decide whether it’s worth continuing i am so bad at this

    He doesn’t quite know when he began to associate home with her smile. 

    Perhaps it was when she’d saved him from the clutches of a vengeful, furious death. When her hands pressed life back into his bloodied, mangled corpse, the power of her magic grasping his fading sense of self and guiding it back with gentle hands. He was brought back from his watery grave with a burst of green light behind his eyes and the choked cry of her name on his tongue. 

    His first breath filled him with such a brilliant heat he thought that he was going to die all over again, overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of it. But then he saw her face– streaked with rainwater and tears and blood that he desperately prayed was none of her own. He felt her hands in his hair, against his collar bone, grounding him, healing him, saving him. She saw him looking back up at her, and she smiled

    Fjord decided right then and there that he would die happily to the blaze if it meant he’d get to see that smile again. 

    Perhaps it was then, surrounded by the rage of the sea, though in her arms he’d never felt safer– that he began to harbor such feelings. 

    Or, maybe it was earlier than that. Back when everything was fresh and new, and temptations of power were but occasional whispers within dreams, like the light hiss of receding seafoam against the shore.  

    #critical role#cr2 #critical role fan fiction #fjord x jester #fjorester#fjord#jester lavorre #please help me i’m so bad at deciding what’s good and what’s garbage
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  • can u believe the vox machina epilogue gave us the de rolo quarter-elves and the mighty nein epilogue could very feasibly give us the lavorre quarter-orcs

    #laura bailey ship supremacy #critical role#fjorester #the mighty nein #rev talks cr
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  • One of these days Fjord or Jester is going to go feral in battle for the other person and I’m wondering if its going to happen this Thursday since we might be in heavy combat this upcoming episode… 👀

    #i want to see it happen but also know if it does I'm gonna be like #LET THEM BE HAPPY STOP #strap yourselves in for a longer episode #fjorester #fjord x jester #critical role#fjorester thoughts
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  • A quiet moment

    Every scar she rubs feels fresh. They remind her of the mortality her found family bears, how dangerous this quest really is. How, was it not for her magic, the rising chest she rests on would be still this day. And it’s the steady heartbeat that assures her he is safe and still with her, until it lulls her to sleep for another night.

    In this desolate, mysterious, frigid place where each step can cost their lives. This icy north where they’ve joined and followed the group they seek to stop. Here he finds himself swaying in a net with his blue healer resting on his chest, his hands glowing with healing magic moving over her exposed and wounded skin. All the unfinished past is weighing him down. A great leviathan on his back. The threat of tomorrow haunting his thoughts. To protect the only family he’s had. And yet, he finds a moment of peace.

    He briefly interrupts the healing to reach his hand out once the swaying net comes to a stop and push off the wall to get it back in moving. Silence. The only sounds he hears is her breathing and creaking of the wooden ceiling from which the net hangs. Perhaps it was created for one person only. He digs his hand in her hair to let her know he’s always there.

    Watching Jester sleep will never bore him. She is beautiful. There is nothing that brings him more closure and calmness like the quiet moments in Jester’s company. And it’s these moments that remind him it is worth to keep fighting. So, he resumes the healing, presses a kiss to her temple and whispers,

    “I will heal you when you start to hurt.”

    #fjorester#fjord#fjord stone#cr fjord#jester lavorre#jester#cr jester #i was imagining #after a fight where Fjord almost lost his life #they pull up the tower and jester and fjord decide to sleep together to make sure they both live #they go to fjord's room and lay in the hanging net #they inspect their bodies for wounds and heal each other #jester falls asleep once she feels like fjord is healed #and he continues healing her and quotes what she told him all that time ago
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  • First Kiss.

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  • The amount of times Marisha and Laura’s words are taken of context just angers me. These people intentionally misrepresent things they say so it can fit their narrative. People currently ignoring anything Laura says about Fjord/Jester so they can act like their ship still has a chance and that Laura will leave Fjord eventually because she’s clearly not interested. All of that is just flat out wrong even if you watch talks just once. Laura has been extremely open about Jester’s feelings towards Fjord.

    Marisha is even worse because they just don’t ignore her words they completely change her wording of what she said. After last talks I saw multiple posts saying see told you Marisha thought of Beauyasha as a joke and her feelings changed post hiatus, all this because Marisha talked about old fuckboy Beau. People are just going to ignore the fact that the entire cast agreed that there was going to be NO romantic relationships this campaign. Obviously that fell through but if go you back and watch those talks Marisha said multiple times that Beau didn’t want to get with Yasha, not because she didn’t like her but because they weren’t going to do romance, they were just fucking around. The concept isn’t that difficult to get it’s an improv game and things changed, Marisha felt Beau started developing feelings and the no romance this campaign thing changed. Marisha didn’t think of it as a joke, to sit there and say she did is completely disrespectful because your intentionally stripping context from what was said early in the campaign by the ENTIRE cast.

    This really only ever happens to Laura and Marisha, people flat out lie to make themselves feel better. Then when their ship doesn’t happen they’ll throw hate towards these for “leading” them on. Some of these people think we’re just critiquing the show, no your flat out lying and making shit up, you’re no different then those YouTube commenters who thought Travis hated Marisha and that Sam disliked Liam in C1. You just invent shit to cause problems and sow division in the community, your just upset your not getting what you want.

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  • (nott): so, are you two dating now?

    (jester & fjord): yes.

    (nott): why?

    (fjord): i happen to find jester very appealing.

    (nott): yeah i can understand that, i’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with jester’s head.

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  • Jester wants a unicorn so Fjord had better start prepping find steed and pray that Matt is generous.

    But seriously how cute would it be if Fjord prayed to the wild mother and asked for a unicorn just to make his girlfriend happy?

    #i need it #fjord#jester lavorre#fjorester #fjord x jester
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  • fjord: im going to give jester a porcelain unicorn she loves unicorns
    fjord: i want to sail the ocean and discover new things and i hope jester comes with me
    jester, like 2 weeks later: i want to domesticate unicorns, like for real this is not a joke
    fjord, calculating how the fuck he’s going to keep alive not one but probably multiple pet unicorns, an animal he didn’t even think existed in the real world, on a ship: 

    #fjorester#critical role#fjord stone #none of yall were appreciating his face enough #THE PAUSE AND THE LOOK OF ????? before he asks what for a second time ajsfhbasjd #the way he looks at her and then looks at the table like oh no jashfajsd #i could genuinely look at that gif for hours its so funny
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  • the more i live the more fond of fjorester i grow

    #critical role#cr#fjorester #Before it was a ship i just . didn’t pay attention to #but they are real sweet 🥺
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  • One day, when things calm down…

    In response to this post by @fjoresterthoughts

    #critical role#fjorester#fjord stone#jester lavorre #oh boy. learning photoshop brushes for the first time after years on SAI is A LOT #i am having a lot of fun though #drawing fjorester as baileyhams is my one weakness
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  • Listen, I think both of them being able to heal now is neat.

    Fjord and Jester having a quiet moment, holding hands and swaying from side to side? Fjord telling Jester “I will heal you if you start to hurt” because he can actually do that now?

    #fjorester#fjord#fjord stone#jester lavorre #i think there is something beautiful about fjord and jester #in terms of healing magic #it is almost perfect #they ended up together after so much growth #especially on fjord's part #where he got healing magic from his goddess #and jester who's been healing him and keeping him alive #and bringing him back from the dead #altho that was caddy #(she would have done it if she got there first) #doesnt have to worry so much now #she knows he's got her back #and he'll repay all those healing spells used #imagine if they kissed #and both used cure wounds at the same time #to heal each other #it just contrasts so well with their growth #and makes their relationship that much more precious
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  • Perhaps not quite as noble, but equally respectable.

    #fjorester#critteredit#critical role#criticalroleedit#jester lavorre#fjord stone #otp: fjord x jester #edits #he's trying to calculate how to keep unicorns alive on a ship overseas i just know it
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  • A little bit of salt incoming but the amount of people blaming the nein for Caleb’s current sadness is stupid. What are they supposed to do they offer love and support and guidance and have helped him with everything he’s asked. Spoiler alert this a ENSAMBLE not one with a single main character. The nein deserve to live their lives and go on dates and be happy, I love Caleb but the fandom makes to much about him sometimes. All the talk after last episode is about Caleb but no ones talking about the rest of the nein who could lose 2 of their closest friends. Every episode Caleb pretty much has a good long 1-1 scene with a character are we saying that instead of Travis and Laura RPing Fjord/Jester they should throw their characters aside and constantly give Caleb pep talks same with Beau and Yasha.

    None of this has anything to do with the canon of show just the fandom and how they treat Caleb and other characters. Caleb has been the main focus of this campaign since the very beginning and outside of maybe Jester is the character who gets the most focus from other characters. Imagine being a fan of Cad or Veth and seeing people complain that Caleb doesn’t get enough support. Cad and Veth both died and not one of nein really talked about it and neither really got checked on. I love Caleb but the fandom makes it really hard to like him because they treat him like he’s the main character of an anime.

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  • image

    Fjord and Jester do this challenge

    #please #its so soft and sweet #the baileyhams#fjorester #fjord x jester #critical role#travis willingham#laura bailey#fjorester thoughts #its from campaign 1 ep 114 at 1:34:30!
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  • No, I’M cold.

    #critical role#criticalroleedit#critteredit#fjorester #not really but it kind of is because #i love the implication that every time they whisper to each other random shit we can barely hear its probably in character #even though its irrelevant to whats happening #edits
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  • Jester’s really out here saying she’s going to support Fjord no matter what he looks or sounds like.

    #I love love #jester lavorre#fjord#fjorester#critical role#c2e16 #cat catches up on c2
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  • image

    Tattoo Parlour/ Flower Shop au

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  • image

    Something, something, butterflies and romance.

    #fjorester #i might adjust things to see the butterfliee better but #they#cr fjord#jester lavorre#digital art#moltentarts#fanart#mighty nein
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