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    (Photo: Erol Ahmed on Unsplash)   She did not require much notice for her travels. Her bags were packed. All papers drawn. There was enough of any currency she needed. More than enough of All the the hopes. Distance was no issue. Time, however, sometimes was. And space. There wasn’t always sufficient space. To take the journey. From here. To as much as a step Beyond. Still, the need persisted. It…

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    FULL NAME: Jessica Parker Kennedy AGE: October 3, 1984 BIRTHPLACE: Calgary, Alberta, Canada NATIONALITY: Canadian ETHNICITY: African-Canadian, Italian, Russian OCCUPATION: Actress KNOWN FOR: The Flash (CW Series) & The Secret Circle (TV Series)

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    So for a while I kept updated (i.e. periodically looked it up on social media to see if anyone found something new about it and checked the comments on its Lost Media Wiki page) on the Hitogata case, because something about it just grabbed me when I heard of it. And I found something intriguing.

    The “Theories and Speculation” section of the wiki page discusses a theory that the Hitogata commercial might’ve been produced by the Tokuyama Corporation, a prolific chemical-manufacturing company. The basis for this theory is that Tokuyama supposedly aired a commercial with a similar description. Quoting from the wiki:

    “Believed to be a commercial that aired locally in the Yamaguchi Prefecture, eyewitness accounts state that a white, featureless figure is shown against a bluish-black background, with a number of white balls appearing around them. Text appears on the screen that roughly translates to "Chemistry is now in the Unknown World," followed by text that says Tokuyama.“

    A person going by the username “2AM” left a comment on the Lost Media Wiki page asking if something that they found on YouTube might be related to Hitogata. They posted a link to (MASSIVE SEIZURE WARNING IF YOU CHOOSE TO GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO) a 16-minute-long compilation of old Japanese commercials / PSAs with similarities to the description of “Hitogata” uploaded on the channel animeru02, which appears dedicated to uploading old commercials and anime OPs. Specifically, the link that 2AM posted was to a timestamp near the end of the video, which shows... what appears to be the Tokuyama commercial!

    But some things about this feel off to me.

    When I clicked the link, I immediately noticed that it looked like the description of the Tokuyama commercial. I don’t know Japanese, so I decided to look up the word for “Chemistry” and see if it matched the first character on the screen with the figure. It did, so I tried typing the full phrase “Chemistry is now in the Unknown World” into the translator, and it matched perfectly up to a point (after which the text in the video cut off).

    Thing is, though... I used GOOGLE TRANSLATE (because I don’t really know any other translation sites). Which everyone knows is not a very reliable source. So why does the text on this commercial match so perfectly to its Google Translate translation? I could definitely be missing something, but this seems odd. Additionally, there logo at the end of the clip doesn’t look like any version of the Tokuyama logo I could find, and the writing at the bottom doesn’t seem to match up to the company’s name either. Finally, the clip doesn’t entirely match the description: the balls don’t “appear around” the figure - the whole thing is just three still images lasting ~10 seconds max, which doesn’t seem like a real commercial. I don’t know how the person behind animeru02 finds the commercials they upload, and I was wondering if they might’ve found a fake / mock-up, accidentally taken it for a real thing, and included it in the compilation, but I’m really not sure...

    Here are all three frames that comprise this commercial. If any Japanese speakers (or well, readers) could translate the text here, I’d be extremely grateful!

    #lost media#Hitogata#interests #Chemistry is now in the Unknown World #cw flashing#flashing cw #for the link
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    My knight in black 😍🥰❤️

    Luke x Reina ❤️

    (Please don't reblog my self-shipping post/letter to Luke because I'm uncomfortable. And please don't be rude when interacting with me 🙏🏼)

    #i still dont believe the sequels about luke #all i wanna say is i love him entirely & at all stages of his life #luke skywalker #letters to luke #f/o gush #luke x reina #tw flashing #tw: flashing images #tw: flashing lights #tw: flashing colors #tw: flashing gif
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    The Peculiar Introduction

    A/N: Thanks to the Flarrowverse Shipyward, I have found a new rarepair. So, this is a tale about Larry Trainor from Doom Patrol and John Constantine. And how they met each other through an unconventional set-up. This is also a gift to KEO for making me ship them.^^
    Word Count: 785
    TW: None, except Larry being insecure I guess


    Night fall proved to be the time where caution had to be necessary. A lone figure strolled down, going towards the bench on the grass. He took a seat at the corner, lifting his head up. The sky had been darker without the stars and with the moon as the only sole source of light.

    Larry wrapped his arms around himself, shuddering at the cold air surrounding him. Owls hooted above on the branches of a birch tree.

    The only reason he was outside at a desolated park in the late night had been because of Rita. She had told him that she set him up to meet someone, she had met recently. The streetlamp was his only company for now. He had to wait for the person, he was going to meet eventually by the time midnight occurred.

    A clandestine meeting at midnight. Yeah, right. Why did Rita ever believed this could be a good idea for him?

    The last time he had done this was with John, and it all went away as quickly as it happened. Before he could have time to react, of course.

    "Good evening over there," a smooth and amused voice said right behind him. "Quite the get-up you got there, you enigmatic bloke."

    He detected a British accent in that tone. Okay, so Rita met a British guy and then decided he should meet him?

    When Larry tilted his head low, he found a white man with rumpled dark blonde hair and a face covered with facial hair to match. He wore a light brown trench coat, he noticed, with a red tie and white button shirt beneath it. He carried this air of confidence that he used to have before the accident had taken place.

    "Hi," Larry said, waving awkwardly. "I apologize if this isn't what you were expecting."

    "No, don't be," the man replied, sauntering to the bench to sit down on the other spot. "Your friend did tell me on what to expect but I didn't imagine this."

    "Oh, didn't know that."

    Well, she did mention the guy would be blonde and charming in a rogue sort of manner. He could see that as well as the pain concealed underneath. Maybe he was projecting his own past onto a stranger, but he could tell.

    The man threw an arm over the bench, his hand few inches away from touching Larry on the shoulder. He remained where he was, not wanting to get any closer. It never went well.

    "If you'd like to find some way to get drunk out of your misery," the man started, "maybe I could cast a spell to help you with that one. Perhaps, a potion would do a trick or too."

    "What?" Larry asked, his heart rate spiking with a high rate. "Is that what this is all about?"

    "Of course, love," the man answered with a cackle.

    His throat closed at the endearment the man blurted out so casually and so easily. Back then, even. . . Larry dislodged the memory from his head.

    "Don't call me that."

    The guy tossed his hands up a little. "Alight, if you wish."

    At least, the guy can't see his face, Larry thought with relief. With the disfigurement and all the radiation concealed, he didn't have anything to be worried about. Except one thing, of course. His sheer embarrassment and lack of experience in situations like this.

    Larry cleared his throat.

    "Who are you exactly?"

    The man pulled a cigar out of his pocket

    "Some refer to me as a dabbler of the dark arts, a person who walks with the shadows as his only companion. Exorcist, demonologist, among other bloody terms associated with it.  Most people who knew me, call me John Constantine if you will."

    John. A tidal wave almost smacked him square at the chest at that little revelation. He sorta did hear about a warlock roaming around the streets of Liverpool, but he didn't know his first name.

    Forcing himself to keep calm, he cleared his throat.

    "And I'm Larry," he said, breaking the silence. "I have some sort of spirit that lives in me. I guess, that's all there is about me really."

    The negative spirit stayed dormant within him for a few hours now, so it was strange that he didn't

    Constantine raised his brows. "Really? Is that all there is to you? Or is there something else, you'd rather not share? I mean I get it, life's pretty rough."

    "Something else," Larry admitted with conviction. "But I'd rather not talk about it now."

    And not so soon.

    "No problem for me." Constantine's face relaxed with a grin. "Alright then, where shall we start?"


    #larry trainor#john constantine#doom patrol #legends of tomorrow #constantine#dc comics #doom patrol fanfic #constantine fanfic #legends of tomorrow fanfic #flash fiction friday #fff68
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    “This is all your fault.”

    Oliver straightened. “What? How is this my fault?”

    Vic glared at him from across the aisle. At least, Oliver thought he was glaring — as usual, the mask made it difficult to tell. 

    “Because,” Vic began, clinging to a straphanger that he could barely reach, “you were the one who thought it would be a good idea to call a fifth dimensional being ugly. What are you, six?”

    Oliver glanced down at his legs, which dangled helplessly from the edge of his bus seat. “Eight, last I checked.”

    “You know what I mean,” Vic snapped. “If you hadn’t provoked him, we wouldn’t—”

    “Have to follow him by bus? Newsflash, no face, that was your idea, not mine.”

    Vic let out an indignant huff. “My car would have attracted too much attention.”

    “Oh, and four underage commuters won’t?”

    Dinah looked up from the comic book she had been pretending to read. “Hey,” she said, “y’know what would attract a lot of attention? Two dweebs in Halloween costumes making a scene on public transit.”

    “Says the cocktail waitress in training.”

    Dinah ran a self-conscious hand over her nylons before narrowing her eyes.

    Oliver winced. It had been a while since she had given him that look. “Sorry,” he muttered. “Too far.”

    Dinah nodded her agreement, then returned to the matter at hand. “Look, I don’t like this any more than you do, but if we’re going to stop Mxyzptlk, we have to keep a low profile. Otherwise, who knows what he’ll do to us.”

    “Can’t get much worse than sending me back to the third grade,” grumbled Oliver.

    Vic tilted his head to one side. “Not interested in reliving your salad days, I take it?”

    “If by that you mean my days as a stuck-up rich kid, then no, not really.”

    “Hm. Fascinating.”

    “What’s that s’pose to mean?”

    “I thought you’d relish the opportunity to indulge your inner child.”

    “I don’t see you doin’ cartwheels, junior.”

    Dinah sighed, stealing a glance at the back of the bus. To her relief, Wally was exactly where she had left him, sitting on his knees and staring out the window. Most of the nearby passengers eyed him warily, as if unsure whether to ignore him or ask him where his parents were, but he didn’t seem to notice. His eyes were locked on the slow moving cityscape and filled with an almost childlike wonder. 

    Dinah slumped into her seat. “At least one of us is enjoying this,” she muttered. 

    #DC Comics #Justice League Unlimited #JLU#The Question#Vic Sage#Green Arrow#Oliver Queen#Black Canary#Dinah Lance#The Flash#Wally West#Writing #[ In a shocking turn of events I actually managed to write that Kid Stuff drabble that I mentioned a while ago! ] #[ No Helena in this one -- I couldn't fit five characters into a story this short -- but maybe I'll write about her some other time ]
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    Endless beauty Cas series

    tag list: @donestiel  @sinnabonka - @you-cant-spell-subtext-without - @casthyelle - @saltyghostsworld - @bebecas - @plantdadcas - @sammy-501 - @dtadeancas - @highvoltagejackles - @subtledean - @kaz2y5baby - @angelic-bee-enthusiast - @gardenforcas - @bimiserables @gabrielle-main @acklesology  @highkey-dysphoric @lila-tom  @teddybluesclues  @moonlightdeancas @transfoundfamily

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    With the extra space you could hire editors, photographers - I could turn my blog into a real newspaper.


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    Underrated visual humor from Hathaway’s Flash- this Gustav Karl tries to land on a building that can’t support its weight and slips in a hilariously human way. 

    #hathaway's flash #mobile suit gundam #gundam
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    The Reclaimed Individuality

    A/N: Ahh, this is a serving of another character study, featuring Grace Choi. Slightly sad that we didn’t get more clues about who she was before BL started. Never read the comics, however, I have a little info about it. Really sad of a lot of things about this show. Not that I’m gonna start being salty, lmaooo. Anyway, just me exploring Grace’s story because she’s an amazing character who deserved more screen time.
    Word Count: 577
    TW: Reference to canon past non-c0n, nothing too graphic though


    Throughout in the dark of the woods, a leopard dashed towards the grove of towering trees. She leaped over the obstacle on her path, maintaining the rate of her speed as she run far away as she could without stopping.

    Adrenaline burned through her with her chest tightening at the terror reigning over her.

    Upon stopping on her tracks, her fur shed off to give way for human flesh. She pressed a hand over her chest, taking a deep breath. She stayed hidden beneath an oak tree with the leaves and the smell of copper wafting around.

    The fact that she still got from the sight of her captors could surprise her. She had been meaning to escape from them and had finally been able to do so. If she hadn't shifted like she had, who knew what could have happened to her?

    When her shifting got out of control, the men often beat the hell out of her. They had believed they might be able to make her human again and force her to do their bidding. Their cruel hands and their scathing words left a bruise on her body, heart, and soul. She was good for selling her body to other men, who had used her like a docile rag doll.

    After her adoptive parents passed away, she had been kidnapped by foul men. They had used her body as a means to earn income, often making her comply by force and leaving her with no choice. They stole a part of her childhood and she couldn't get it back.

    While she found a way to out, it didn't mean she had found freedom.

    She wasn't getting hunted nor assaulted. She might not know where she was but it was better than remaining trapped with them.

    Anything better than the beatings she got from her captors or insults would be good right now. It would do her some good, actually.

    With her clothes in tatters, she found an empty spot to sit down. She wiped the bruises on her arms, the blood on her chest. She flexed her fingers as her muscles quivered.

    What did she even do to deserve this shit to happen to her? Just because she managed to survive a horrific ordeal, it didn't mean that it had to happen to her. Sure, she might sound spoiled but it didn't make any of those feelings go away in an instant.

    Anger boiled down to a misery and she lowered her head, closing her eyes. Tears slipped down her cheeks and she didn't protest. She needed to let it all out.

    Maybe when she learned to gain control of her abilities, she wouldn't have to run away. For once, she could have somewhere to stay and not worry about the shadows of her past catching up to her. Just this once, maybe she wouldn't worry about getting hunted down by some organization who could experiment on her. People like her would never be accepted.

    She might be lost now but she could find a way to change it up.

    So, she would start anew here in Freeland. With a new name, a new identity and everything to conceal the truth of her past. So, Grace decided to scare the other men off and rushed to the direction of a new chance for a different life.

    She could have anything better than this. But she couldn't and wouldn't even know how to accept it.


    #grace choi#black lightning #black lightning fanfic #dc #flash fiction friday #fff65
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    Ray: Remember, murder is never the answer

    Mick: You're right. Murder is the question

    Len: The answer is yes

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    untitled by Flash Parker on Flickr.

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    hanihae, i guess 🙄
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