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  • guidingsbolt
    16.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    so you've heard of the crop stage play, but consider. the motwinchester tv show

    #had the idea during this session that if it was a tv show there would be a flashback episode about yaz's grandparents in the summer of '57 #and THEN i started thinking about how the tv show would actually work #and how it would probably start earlier in universe than we did in game with parch's arrival in winchester #and how the mid-season finale would be the episode where cedar arrives #because you need that audience insert character to introduce you to the the world! #and how both the house and winchester bay itself would be characters #and how it would be painfully obvious will is a werewolf but it wouldn't be 'revealed' in show until parch finds out #and in the first ep playing on the news in parch's new house there would be discussion of those wolf attacks again! so common around here! #and how everything would be centered around yaz because she is leading all of these characters through everything #and there would be the end of episode scene of the stranger killing that person in the laundromat #but there would also be flashes of people's shadows being kinda weird! #and an end of ep scene where mike ross (random character at this point) acting really weird #will would get a flashback ep and so would cedar #i think yaz would too or at least one focusing on her family as legacy monster hunters in juxtaposition to cedar's upbringing #oh maybe they're the SAME ep #i think we could do supernatural better triumph emoji #and i'm having a lot of fun #g: motw
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  • notmebrainrot
    16.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    twitter with the braincells 🤯

    #not me series #not me spoilers #< tagging this as spoilers just in case #not me the series #not me #but hiiiiiuuuuh I'm so excited for all the action scenes #I also wanna know if it's black or white with the gun #might be a flashback even #idkkk #probably not this episode anyway
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  • mulletmarcy
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    sighs. i missed them and how fucked up they are

    #junebugging #yes i did have to censor this #this comes right after their sex scene cause guts starts having flashbacks during it #nudity. #suggestive. #death tw. #ask to tag #sorry for the formatting also i tried fixing it but tumblr refused to let me
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  • pierremichelofavignon
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    watched eternals

    #thoughts and spoilers in the tags! #overall i did enjoy it #it handled immortality / never interfering better than i expected it to #(i.e: they attempted to handle it) #it wasn't perfect? but it's one of the better mar/vel movies imo. mostly bc it only referenced the wider m/cu a few times #so i could (and did) forget it was part of that. which is a good thing bc i maintain mar/vel movies are better when they're standalones #i'd be happy with it being a one off #also i liked the characters a lot + they all actually seemed to like each other! which was nice #+ its queer rep was nice. i'd expected a lot less. but it was nice. incredibly late but #and i did like how they made multiple references to it instead of one in passing and then cutting away #queerness was an essential part of phas/tos' character (and i think giving him the 'i wouldn't change who i am' part was deliberate) #i.... didn't like ika/ris. at all. i couldn't feel bad for him bc i just didn't really like him tho that mightve just been me #i did like the general sentiment of 'people are worth saving' that came up a few times #it isnt the old guard (2020) dir. gina prince bythewood but. i wasnt expecting it to be. #i enjoyed it tho! #neon has thoughts #other thoughts: #the diversity was done fairly well i think. very late but. they did well in this movie i think #also everyone wasn't inexplicably speaking english in the flashback scenes. the eternals were even tho english didn't exist yet #but i'll let it slide i suppose #also visually the movie was pretty. probably insanely cgi'd but it did look nice #i still have thoughts and criticisms of the m/cu and mar/vel as a whole but. you know. movie was still fun #names have been censored with slashes to avoid this post appearing in tags #later addition: i am still skeptical about the 'never interfering' thing #the justification they gave in the movie was that war / conflict is necessary for humanity to develop as they should #which is an idea i really really don't like. sets off multiple alarm bells in my head. #especially since one of the scenes that they used to show this was the violent colonisation of tenochitlan which. was a choice. #i think if i were a super powerful god like being i would simply not let genocide happen. rip to the eter/nals but i'm different #the hiroshima scene w pha/stos also didn't need to be in there imo they could've shown him gradually becoming disillusioned over the other #flashbacks. not uh. that.
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  • dopemonkshit
    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    have been sleeping all day cause covid has taken me the fuck out BUT this has lead to some of the craziest and most detailed dream i have ever had BUCKLE UP!

    in summary this was some dc superhero universe fan fic nonsense but i am Obsessed! i dreamt there was this show called “the wolf of gotham” and it was about this entirely new character my brain made up! he had powers where he could assume this shadow wolf form (extremely on brand for me its stupid) 

    basic premise: this guy grew up in gotham and was childhood best friends with bruce wayne; his mom (or dad idk) are involved in organized crime; he eventually left home (when he was like 20?) to get away from the crazy crime family drama but he also kinda left bruce behind in doing so; he somehow got his powers while away from gotham (no details here); cut to present day he is returning home cause his mom/dad just died; so he comes back to gotham after a long time and is taking over the “family business” 

    there’s just a lot to unpack here but dude there are storylines where this guy is trying to clean up the city from his position in organized crime and also as his vigilante alias (something to do with wolves idk); he is interacting with bruce as well as batman and the two are doing this crazy dance for a bit with them not knowing each other’s secret identities! there is just so much good stuff of him trying to reconnect with bruce but bruce is just going through A Lot with his friend (who he feels abandoned by) returning and him knowing that said friend is involved with organized crime (cause he figured out what his fam was up to while doing batman shit)

    ALSO to top all this off is the Romantic tension between this guy and bruce! i am LIVING (truly is just childhood friends to lovers mixed with some enemies to lovers but not really cause any enemy shit is just there cause secret identity nonsense) 

    #ANYWAY #i am just going through it with this shit #INSANE i have all this detail and absolutely no name for the main character of this fictional show lmao #my brain really said you are gonna have a bruce wayne x oc dream deal with it #some of the Scenes are so detailed in me brain!! #there is like a flashback of lil bruce and his friend (who is a couple years older) #where bruce is scared for some reason idk but bff says 'i'll always protect you bruce' #LIKE WHAT THE FUCK #and there was ab intense fight scene between batman and the wolf #some awesome scenes once the two dummies figured out the secret identity stuff #but still some conflict there even though they have the same goal of fixing the city #cause their methods are very Different #FUCK #idk what i am supposed to do now #how dare my subconscious do this to me #never in my life would have thought i would have a batman x oc ship and be this emotionally wrecked over it #nancy's dreams#nancy talks
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  • ssadrith
    14.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    was writing a scene to end in absolute tragedy because i felt like torturing athesie but ended up almost writing soft smut. me making athesie happy? impossible

    #i was going to write the betrayal acene of the a kiss before dying quest #with lucien accusing her and everything #and then yk #dying #but it halfway i turned it into a flashback of a very sweet night in an inn #just the two of them before one is tortured to death #and then i will torture athesie a little more to make her mad #but now i wrote that scene and i'm severely touch deprived #so#good night #cat.txt #oc: athesie#lucien lachance
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  • kraniumet
    13.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    live action katsura with his extra brain cells advice moment

    #the worst part of the live action is just the flashback battlefield scenes looking like they were recordied in a tiny room with 8 actors #the funniest part is takasugis purple emo streaks
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  • everyone-has-their-story
    12.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I feel a lot of flashback and/or dream-like scenes coming up while TK is in the hospital

    #911 lone star #TK strand #fingers crossed for flashback tarlos scenes #like the parts of the relationship we missed on screen
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  • sprout-fics
    12.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    That was a fun episode!

    #tbobf spoilers #we got a good ol fashioned speeder chase #a fight scene #some plot some flashback #had a few cameos #boba got a pet #fennec got to eat #it was fun!
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  • theinternetisfulloftrash
    11.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #dylan o'brien#shirtless dylan#fredrick fitzell#flashback 2021 #yeah I know they got a rash from this bath scene #but ... #what a nice piece of footage we got #I can't look at these gifs any more if I'm going to get anything done in the last bit of my work day #that's for FUCKING sure #and I just want to point out how much I love his knees #;)#ask#independent-thought-alarm#also #everything looks better wet #and soapy#apparently
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  • bbugyu
    11.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #im so fucking long winded i literally wrote. one scene and one flashback. thats it. #help#ask#🐰 anon
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  • dontjudgemeimawriter
    10.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Find the Word Tag

    Tagged by @thegreatobsesso ty!

    glow, shine, color and shadow


    Raymond let out a small sigh, and I looked to him. A dim orange glow from the can was lighting up the bottom of his face. “I’ll put it out,” he said. “You head back.”
    I nodded. I should. As much as meeting with him was a relief, I only got this— brief conversations, mostly consisting of me making sure he was being safe and him wondering when he’d stop needing to be. Focus. “Stay safe,” I reminded him.


    Despite how apart they’d grown, Mika looked a lot like her brother. Her hair, though longer, had the same shine to it. Their skin was practically the same shade— a light, warm brown. They had the same round face and the same deep brown eyes— though Mika’s were so often full of anger. Raymond’s were full of hope, despite everything.
    “You gonna stare at me all night?” I asked after a while.

    Color (Part of a flashback scene)

    I’m eleven and I’m facing Zachary, looking at him over the tops of a row of hearts and spades. The numbers are unclear—a decent hand, probably a straight, and Zachary isn’t looking at me, but his cards, and he pushes chips into the center. I stare at the pile—we don’t play for money, but I want the pile, I want it to be pushed towards me and to give him a triumphant grin. I’ve won before, but never when there was so much. I want to hold up the game by sorting the multicolored chips into piles, and for him to give me congratulations, I want him to admit that he’s taught me well.


    So I waited. I sat on the fire escape, pressing my back against the wall, Jesse’s shadow just visible. I kept focus up, listening, but after a while I felt some tiredness. I’d be here for another hour at least, waiting for him to leave—perhaps I could’ve come later, but his hours weren’t in the phonebook, just in the directory (not the smartest business decision, Jesse), and keeping focus up took energy. I could trust my own enough while waiting, I decided, and released it.
    Immediately I felt my muscles relax, every part of me wanting desperately to untense. A small headache I hadn’t known was there was suddenly palpable, my eyes felt like I’d been holding them open too long, and I both wanted to move and wanted to sleep.

    Open tag, feel free to say I tagged you! (& you may get more tags in the future)

    #With the exception of the flashback these are all really early #like shine is the first description of Mika #in chapter 1 scene 1 depending on how you count scenes #Also Shadow is the second time we see him unfocus and the first time he's unfocused alone #& first time he describes how it feels to unfocus #at least in this draft XD #find the word tag #my writing#syndicate
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  • leaf-greener
    10.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Guess who just watched Encanto and sobbed like a fucking baby?

    #like actual sobbing #like not silent tears #it’s usually always silent tears #NOT THIS TIME #the scene where the grandmother apologizes and there’s the flashback and this horribly sweet and painful song??????? #crying #GOD THE SCENE WHEN THEYVE REBUILT THE HOUSE AND THEY GOVE MIRABEL THE FUCKING DOORNOB?? #SOBBING#LIKE#UGLY CRYING #oh look original content
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  • rexsjaigeyes
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #also i am just now realizing i didnt make any of the flashback scenes so if y'all want more headers lmk!! #header/gif requests are always open 😌 #sapphys#header req
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  • doctorweebmd
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Dare I say it....... zero sum game chapter 16?!?!?!? 

    Its nearly 12k words and uhhhhh I honestly shouldn’t be posting it today lmao but yolo i guess 

    #spoilers for those who read zero sum....sort of? #this chapter made me insane #i got teary eyed during the flashback scene which is always ominous on my own writing #though i do feel like if i let it marinate and edited it next weekend it would be a better chapter #but listen.................... i do not want to do that #part of me wants to finish zero sum by the time i turn [REDACTED] which gives us about 8 weeks #and i dont know if it will happen but it feels like a motivator to post more frequently #literally nobody cares anna
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  • howtosingit
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    #I'm not blaming Ronen for trying to make it unclear #that's the narrative that they were going with until Tim changed it with his interview responses #which happened on Monday and this live happened on Sunday #I'm just saying that I never for a moment seriously thought that scene would be flashback #and now I don't think we have to pretend that it is one #I mean it could be - but I don't think it is #asks#anonymous #I won't comment on Ronen being a terrible liar because I rarely watch Ronen content so I can't form an opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️
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  • keniaku
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    #YORIICHI OHHHMY GDODDDDDD HES HERE HES REALLY HERE NOW #HIS VOICE... #he sounds deeper than i thought i expected him to sound a lot softer #but to be fair hes SUPPOSED to be scary and menacing in that scene so #im looking forward to the sumiyoshi flashback i wanna hear his usual talking voice... wanna hear him be gentle and soft #and sad #yoriichi is actually how i imagined koku to sound LMAO #txt#kny s2
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  • supersnowballspy
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    How have I found out that Ben Barnes and Andrew Garfield, in fact, weren't in the Harry Potter movies only now

    #I'VE EVEN SEEN ALL THE MOVIES #Like damn it I really did think they were in some flashback scene or something #Harry Potter#marauders#sirius black#remus lupin#andrew garfield#ben barnes
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  • starryeyedstories
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    If Geralt of Rivia leaned slightly towards me I would kiss him on the lips not back away from him, RIP to Eskel (literally) but I’m different

    #nova talks #all i could think about during the flashback scene #the witcher spoilers #geralt #geralt of rivia #eskel #the witcher series 2 #the witcher season 2 #the witcher s2 #the witcher meme #the witcher shitpost #the witcher netflix
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  • radioactivedotcom
    08.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    DAY ROUND [ 1 ]


    It was around 0315 hrs...

    [NYX] How do you remember the time that clearly?

    [CASSIDY] Because I took a break from playing at 0300 to do my stretching exercises, they take fifteen minutes and I was just about to go back to playing when I heard it. It was some kind of commotion, two... well, definitely two masculine voices arguing. I was going to check it out, but I figured it was nothing and... I mean, it stopped so quickly... Gods, I should... I should've gone, right? Then maybe I could have...

    [NYX] How come you heard it yet no one else did? 

    [CASSIDY] Oh, it's... you know, Ms. Blake... My hearing aids. They actually give me a better hearing than most. That's what I've been told, anyway. During the day, I keep the range level lower, otherwise it's a bit overwhelming. But at night, when everyone's sleeping... I don't know, there's something soothing about catching all kinds of small, innocuous sounds, so sometimes I up the level. And I... I just don't like the silence.

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    #ts4#s4#sims 4#ts4 story#s4 story#nemesis:story#the nemesis#cassidy#nyx #jesus christ night scenes are hard to edit #BTW the flashbacks... don't mean those things happened for real #i mean... they could be #but they could also not be #it's just to illustrate what the character is talking about
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