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    22.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Some headcanons❧

    || Some Iris West HC :)||

    ➥ Iris likes to paint when she is bored, and she is great at it, btw Barry loves her paintings he is her N #1 fan

    ➥ Iris has the habit of taking pictures with her camera, to remember the old days of high school when she was a photographer for the school’s paper (witch inspired her to follow the investigative reporter career)

    ➥ She likes baking pancakes a lot, bc when she was a kid it was her favorite food, and she and her mom would make pancakes together so it bring backs happy memories

    ➥ She has like a diary bc she likes to write her feelings down

    ➥ She always knew Barry was the Flash but she never pressed him into telling her because she respects him and wants to develop trust in their relationship

    ➥ Due to her Daddy issues, she always got into problematic relationships, and because of that her younger brother turned out to be over protective because he didn’t want to see anyone hurt his sis again (he probably even threatened Barry)

    ➥ She used to go on family counseling around 16-18

    ➥ She always loved her nephew from the moment she met him

    ➥ As a kid her hair were more red but eventually as she grow got a bit darker

    I feel likes there’s more but I can’t really think rn

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    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Dc better give us a westallen Valentine’s Day especial, idc a book a comic issue anything as a westallen fan I’m thirst for some content

    @dccomics hire me ASAP!! I would make a hole flashfam book no jokes fr

    Follow my ig an tiktok btw,I recently posted a westallen edit on it !! (@iriswestgirlfriend)

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    21.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    #bart allen#impulse#flashfam#the flash #i keep thinking someone else made a very similar post like this not too long ago???
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    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    wake up babey, new impulse costume just dropped~

    bart wears skirts and no one can convince me otherwise.

    #bart allen#my art#dc comics#impulse dc #bart allen fanart #kid flash#flashfam #hello local 31st century teenager wears skirts nothing new #the flash#young justice #i made too much research on tenis dresses for this tbh #bart deserves more skirts in canon #i spent way too much energy on this doodle too #tim called for more protection #hence the knee pads provided by steph #approved by team mom kon so he's all good 👍 #eye strain
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    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    The Strange Redemption of Thaddeus Thawne: part fifteen

    Thad gets dressed hastily. It’s always somewhat unpleasant looking in the mirror, but it’s ten times worse when he’s unclothed. Unfortunately, the clothes have to be informal, shorts and a t-shirt, because of summer weather in New Jersey, but he consoles himself with the respectful black of the shirt. And anyway, Joseph Wilson has probably heard everything he needs to form a bad opinion of Thad; all Thad can do in his first impression is make it better.


    Thad still feels a bit naked without the second skin of his formal clothing. His bare arms are disturbingly identical to Bart’s—they are Bart’s, of course, but he knows what he means—down to the pattern of the faint freckles. To succeed today, he needs something else, some kind of talisman to make him feel more like himself.

    He goes to his room, opens his wooden box, and selects the shiny-smooth black rock. He puts it in his pocket.

    There. Now when he feels the air ruffling the pale hair of his arms he can redirect his attention to the perfect smoothness and blackness of his rock instead of his cloned flesh.

    He smiles, satisfied.

    There’s about an hour left until they go meet his potential host. Thad pushes his desk back against the wall and crawls under and draws an intricately detailed “sounder”, a family group of red river hogs, to pass the time.

    Then he goes to the living room and oh, Max has changed into shorts and a t-shirt and he’s waiting for Thad in the living room with his hands in his pockets and oh no, he didn’t think of this, how can Thad do this when they both know he’s awake? He’s a superb actor, but he has no script for being carried.

    Max’s eyes crinkle.

    “You look like you’re thinking a mile a minute,” he says.

    Thad blinks at him, trying to come up with an appropriate response.

    “Anything you want to talk about?” Max asks.


    “Well, before we go, I need to tell you some things.”

    Thad waits.

    “When you’re talking to Joseph, look at him, not me. Okay?”

    “Etiquette,” Thad says. “Yes.”

    “Good.” Max rewards him with a smile, and Thad’s pitiful enough to feel pleasure at it. “Also, when we’re outside, we respect the environment. You can take things if you like, but make sure to take only what can grow back when you take plants.”

    “Got it.”

    Thad hadn’t planned to take anything, but it’s good to know the rules.

    Max walks towards him, unhurried, and picks him up, one arm around his back and one under his knees. Thad turns in towards Max, wraps his arms around his shoulders, and clasps his hands at Max’s back. This has two advantageous functions: 1) securing his position, and 2) hiding his face.

    Not that 2 is much use, given that Max with his inhuman senses must have felt the full-body shudder that ran through Thad when Max touched him. And he certainly feels how unnaturally tight Thad is holding on. That void in his chest is so desperate for contact that it’s all Thad can do to claw his fingers into the backs of his own hands to spare Max that pain. Is that kindness?

    Max hoists Thad a little higher, and Thad ducks his head so his chin is pressing into Max’s shoulder.


    Thad nods.

    “Three… two… one.”

    Thad squeezes his eyes shut at the last second. He’s still too much of a coward to look at the lightning all around him, although he can feel how fast they’re going and hear the familiar crackling. It distracts him from the feeling of being held long enough that, when Max stops and puts him down, he’s a bit disoriented and angry at himself. He so rarely has the good fortune of being touched. He should savor every moment. Every nanosecond.

    Max releases him. Thad looks around, squinting. It’s bright. Only a few small clouds are scudding through the sky. As his eyes adjust from the sky, he sees that they’re at the intersection of a highway and a gravel road, surrounded by scruffy pine trees and short underbrush of startling vivid green. They’re standing a respectful distance away from a tall man in an orange shirt and blue jeans; they’re still in relative time.

    He’s facing away from them, looking upwards with his hands loosely clasped behind his back. He appears to be human. And he’s bright blond, like Thad, but curly-haired.

    “That’s Joseph, I believe,” Max says. “Ready?”

    Thad responds by letting the world speed up. The gravel from their arrival sprays across the ground with a clatter, a gentle wind starts blowing in Thad’s face, and Joseph Wilson turns and takes the few steps to meet them.

    Thad knows immediately that he’s never seen anyone like Joseph Wilson. Good or bad, he doesn't know; favorable or unfavorable for his chances of pleasing him; but there is something very different about Joseph from anyone he’s ever met. Something… impressive.

    He has thick curly beard on his cheeks, a fashion that Thad now remembers used to be called “whiskers”. That explains the comment from earlier.

    His body shows signs of vigilantism. There’s a small scar from a cut on one of his temples. A long pale scar diagonal on his throat. A bullet scar through the meaty part of his left calf. His left wrist is tightly wrapped in stretchy tan fabric, either a brace or a solution for chronic pain. His build is a martial artist’s, muscled for fast and deadly movement. But… his eyes are sea-green and gently thoughtful. Not the eyes of a fighter.

    He’s not smiling, exactly. But somehow his mannerism gives the impression of being pleased to see them.

    He offers his hand, not to Max but to Thad.

    Thad takes his hand—he has a strong grip!—and shakes it firmly.

    “Mr. Wilson,” Max greets him.

    He gives Max the same thoughtful look, and signs something.

    Max says “Call me—” and signs what must be Max’s name in ASL, although it doesn't look like it contains the letters A or M. Thad memorizes it carefully: a quick swoop of a pointing finger and crossed hands clawing twice at the chest. It looks rather violent.

    “And this is Sophos Thaddeus Anacletus Free, known as Thad.”

    Joseph nods in acknowledgment and signs, and Max says: “May I call you Thad?”

    “You may.”

    Max coughs.

    “Well, I’ll be taking the backseat for now, since you’re really here to meet Thad.”

    Joseph Wilson signs again. Thad glances from his hands to his face. He signs more fluidly than Max; the movement of his hands reminds Thad of CRAYDL shapeshifting. Yet Thad can’t seem to look away from his face for long.

    “Oh yes, the morning is usually the best time to call,” Max says.

    Joseph Wilson nods, signs briefly, looks back to Thad, and signs again, and Max speaks. “Nice to meet you.”

    “Nice to meet you too,” Thad says. “Uh… sorry I don’t know ASL yet. It’ll take me a week or so to learn.”

    Joseph Wilson smiles in what looks like genuine delight.

    “If only all my friends could learn that fast,” Max translates. “I don’t mind. I called you at the last minute because it’s such a lovely day for a hike. I’m glad you could come!”

    It is a lovely day. It’s not nearly as hot as Alabama.

    “It is nice out,” Thad agrees, calling on his long-ago experience socializing with Bart Allen’s friends.

    Joseph Wilson signs again. Thad pulls an errant strand of hair away from his face and lets the wind catch it and toss it behind his head.

    “There’s a place where we can talk more comfortably,” Max translates. “It’s only a short walk from here.”

    “Let’s go there, then,” Thad says.

    Joseph Wilson nods and starts to turn, but Thad thinks of a question: “Mr. Wilson?”

    He turns back with unflustered grace and listens. It’s amazing how Thad can tell he’s listening, really listening, with his whole self. Thad can see it in his eyes.

    “Is it really okay to take things from these woods? Like rocks and things?”

    Joseph Wilson considers this. Then he signs something, slower than he’s “spoken” before.

    “As long as you treat the forest with respect and don’t take too much, taking treasures can be a way to enjoy the forest.”

    “Forest” involves an open hand turning back and forth, Thad notes in the back of his mind. The rest is thinking about the idea of respect. Respect, for a non-living thing. He finds he likes that idea. It’s easier to respect the forest than most people he’s met.

    Max’s voice adds, “Please, call me Joseph.”

    Thad blinks, thrown. The dignity of Joseph’s bearing made him assume he’d expect formality.

    “Okay,” he says. “…Joseph.” 

    Joseph nods and turns again, gesturing welcomingly to the gravel road. Thad obeys the gesture, moves up to walk beside Joseph, hoping that’s correct. It seems to be. Max falls into line a bit behind them.

    Thad walks silently, watching Joseph for cues. This is another thing he doesn't have a script for: ‘hiking’, or walking solely for entertainment. It’s a useless luxury, and it goes against speedsters’ very natures. Or at least that’s what he was taught. Max seems to be enjoying it, looking around at the trees and inhaling deeply. But Max, “the zen master of the speed force”, has always been atypical of speedsters.

    Joseph is looking around, too. His eyes flit from tree to tree, up to the sky and down to the undergrowth. He seems to put his whole self into everything he does. But he takes moments out of looking at the woods to check on Thad, not in a wary way like how Max and Helen glance at him but… just… like he wants to know about Thad, like he’s observing him like he’s observing the trees: without expectations.

    Thad likes it.

    After a while, they reach a sign with a walking person silhouette. They turn off the road onto a grassy trail.

    Oh. oh. It’s completely different in here. They’re surrounded by trees now, actually inside the forest; the wind barely stirs in here. Thad looks up so high his mouth has to fall open, possessed by a sudden urge to see impossibly more of the sky, which is so, so bright blue in contrast to the dark intricate lace of the tree branches with their needles and leaves.

    Thad stumbles.

    He looks down to step over the root he nearly tripped on and ends up fascinated by the way the grass moves when he steps on it. When he walks like this, at human speed, the grass is undamaged; it springs back up under his feet, alive and well. Magical. He angles over to the side of the path where it blends into the forest and kicks the long grass; it rustles and bends and springs back, ears of grain bobbing. He does it again, hopping to balance himself and slowing down the world slightly so that he can keep level with Joseph while experimenting with the grass. The springiness is pleasing.

    He checks; he’s still pretty much level with Joseph and both adults are looking the other way, so he stops to pick a stem-and-ear of grass, then runs a few steps to catch up with Joseph.

    Joseph looks down and sees the grass and smiles, displaying a twig in his hand.

    He takes things too! Thad smiles back.

    Joseph puts the twig in his pocket. Thad watches at the sides of the path for grass, but the clump of long grass ended a minute ago and now it’s all shorter underbrush and tough bushes that are unpleasant to touch.

    Then he discovers that twirling the grass stem between his finger and thumb whirls the ear around very fast, which amuses him enough that he has to look around to get his bearings when Max asks “Is this it?”

    They’re entering a little clearing that contains a few wooden benches and the shape of a butterfly outlined in palm-sized rocks.

    Joseph signs; Max says, “We could stop here or go on. There’s a stream and a platform with a good view up ahead.”

    Joseph looks at Thad inquiringly.

    “Let’s go further.”

    Joseph gives a swift bright flash of a smile. He smiles a lot, Thad realizes, and each one is different. And genuine, all of them.

    How can anyone be so happy?

    They walk on. The path gets mossy as they go on, really beautiful with the different greens and grays. Thad finds out that moss is more firm than grass by stepping on it and watching it slowly rise. Then he finds out that moss is more fragile than grass by stepping on a mossy rock wrong and scraping some off with his heel.

    It looks sad, broken from its roots like that. He kneels and picks up the broken part, squishes it slightly in his fingers, and it crunches in his fingers. Instinctively, he does it again, and feels the tiny fibers break. Bits of dirt fall off.

    Joseph kneels beside him. Thad looks up and tries to tone down his fear over the destruction of the patch of moss. He feels—irrationally, he knows—like Joseph owns the forest and will be angry.

    Joseph’s eyes are knowing and deeply calm.

    His hands move in a quick sentence, and Max murmurs, “Moss grows quickly.”


    Just that. And Joseph is still watching him calmly. He’s a bit like Max, Thad thinks. But different somehow. More… comfortable to be around.

    “I didn’t know that about moss,” Thad offers. “I… did you know I spent most of my life in virtual reality?”

    Joseph shakes his head, listening.

    “Oh. Huh.” Thad frowns. “I thought they would’ve told you everything.”

    Joseph signs; Max translates, “Wally told me only the barest bones of your situation,” then adds, “We thought it would be best to say as little as possible so that you could tell your story your own way and in your own time.”

    “Really?” Thad asks.

    Joseph and Max both nod.


    He gets to tell Joseph his story his own way? In his own time?

    “What’d you tell him?” Thad asks.

    Joseph signs. “I know your grandfather cloned you from Impulse, you were Inertia briefly, and you need a home that’s not with the Flash because you want to go to college. I also know there’s some kind of magic that could make it safe for you, but it’s dangerous, so Max and the rest want to make very sure that you’re with the right person for you. That’s all I know.”

    “That’s all?”

    Thad laughs in delight, and Joseph smiles at him, smiles like the sunlight emerging from a parting of clouds.

    His own way!

    Thad puts the moss in his left side shorts pocket with the ear of grass, the right pocket being the pocket with his black rock, and they walk on, up some wooden stairs built into the hill. They look quite old; moss is growing in the cracks. They’re squishy, too; Thad guesses it’s because of rot and damp.

    After the stairs comes a rock-strewn path, with grey and purplish-red little pebbles. Joseph pauses and stoops to pick up a rock, a red one with a chip that sparkles in the sunlight. Thad picks a bumpy light-grey rock to compliment the smooth black one, which he shows to Joseph, shoving down a stupid shy feeling, and earns another smile, a congratulatory happy-for-you kind of one.

    He decides he wants to make Joseph smile all his smiles. They’re so nice.

    After five more flights of wooden stairs, they reach a wooden platform, raised about a foot off the ground. It has a railing that also functions as the back of a circular bench.

    Thad’s lungs and legs ache a bit from the climbing.

    Wow, they sure have come a long way up! It didn’t feel like it, because they were just walking, not running, but they’re far above where they started. The wind is stronger than before, tossing his hair. Thad climbs up on the bench, leans over the railing, facing into the wind, and looks the long way down. He can see the tops of the trees a long way down, an undulating surface like CRAYDL amusing itself by turning into a flat surface and wobbling in waves.

    He wishes CRAYDL was here. CRAYDL loved seeing things like trees and stuff. It liked interesting complex shapes to imitate, fractal patterns like the pine trees branching out into more and more thinner and thinner branches and culminating in thousands of needles. CRAYDL would love this hike.

    Thad’s chest hurts. He shakes his head hard, looks again and observes the curves of the treetops, the exact pattern of one of the trees with its needles, intentionally memorizes it even though he knows he might regret that later. It’ll remind him of CRAYDL.

    He turns around to look at the other side and realizes that they’ve not even reached a fifth of how much there is to climb. This isn’t a hill. It’s a mountain.

    Joseph smiles playfully at him. Signs.

    “Big, isn’t it?” Max translates, nearly laughing.

    Thad suppresses a flash of anger. This is truly amazing, and Joseph is enjoying watching his reaction. Let them see him amazed for once. He’ll deal with Max’s infantilization. For now.

    “I had no idea this was a mountain,” he says, exaggerating his surprise.

    “It’s a beautiful spot,” Max translates. “I like to come here to relax.”

    Thad reluctantly sits down.

    Joseph’s expression grows serious, and he sits down too, facing Thad, leaning forward. His hands start moving, and Thad watches, glancing back and forth from Joseph’s hands to his face.

    “Do you have questions for me?”

    Well, yes, there is the question that’s been bothering Thad all day.

    “What makes you so powerful?”

    Joseph looks surprised.

    “I heard you could easily kill most vigilantes,” Thad explains, confused. Surely he’s a metahuman of some kind?

    Joseph lifts his hands again. He looks solemn.

    “I have the ability to take control of a person’s body through eye contact.”


    That would do it, all right. Thad grips the bench underneath him, disturbed. Take control of someone’s body—so whatever power that person had would of course be of no use. No wonder he could kill anyone he wanted. Murder by suicide. Through eye contact. And Joseph’s eyes are so magnetic—gentle, long-lashed, and expressive, a soft bluish-green Thad can’t get enough of.

    Is Joseph’s beauty predatory? Is it meant to lure people into staring at him? Thad can hardly believe it. He’s so… nice.

    Joseph signs again, and Thad looks at his hands. Something-H-A-D. Thad! He figures it out just as Max starts translating.

    “Thad,” Max says, as Joseph’s hands dance; “I think you have the wrong impression of me. I don’t kill people. I stopped being a fighting vigilante years ago. I vastly prefer painting and playing music and writing poetry to fighting.”


    “You’re an artist?” Thad asks.

    A quiet pride suffuses Joseph’s face. He nods.


    Thad thinks for a minute. Joseph is watching him, but it doesn’t feel oppressive like when Max watches him. Joseph isn’t scared of him.

    Joseph isn’t scared of him, and that’s a rare and precious thing. Thad decides not to tell him more about his past. Not today. Not unless he asks. Thad would tell him if he asked.

    “Have you ever been to a zoo?” Thad asks.

    Joseph nods, raising his eyebrows inquiringly.

    “Max took me to the Barnett Zoo two days ago,” Thad explains.


    Joseph tilts his head. The wind is ruffling his bright hair.

    Even if his beauty is dangerous, Thad loves looking at him.

    “What’s your favorite animal?”

    To be continued…

    part one


    next (link to be added next Thursday)


    archive of our own version

    #Joseph Wilson #!! #my beloved! #The Strange Redemption of Thaddeus Thawne #Thaddeus Thawne#Thad Thawne#Max Mercury#Max Crandall #'lightning bear' is his name in ASL if you were wondering #he didn't tell Thad quite ~all~ of them #he never ~said~ he did #but he let Thad think so #ah Max#flashfam#fanfiction#Danielle writes #updates on Thursdays #oh also I do not know ASL so if you see something that could be corrected let me know! I try to be as accurate as possible
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    the star and the speedster

    Bart Allen. Courtney Whitmore.
    Lunch. Giant Mechas. Devilish Smiles.
    841 words.

    Being young and living in New York City, there were endless things for Courtney Whitmore to be doing in her spare time. Trying new foods, checking out pretentious art shows, seeing up and coming musicians, watching a Mets game — even cutting out the kitschy touristy things, the possibilities were endless.

    Yet somehow Courtney found herself sitting on a rooftop in Chelsea. The sight of the Hudson river was in perfect view as she dug into a plate of chana masala. Out of everyone who could have been sitting beside her, she dined with Bart Allen — the current Kid Flash, a current university student, and a current consumer of butter chicken on rice.

    It was rather fortunate to have run into him. Courtney — having now transitioned into being Stargirl 24/7 — was doing her daily dues as a full-time hero. Bart — who had been visiting the New York division of Wayne Tech for an internship — just happened to be in the area when a giant mecha spider decided to attack Hell’s Kitchen.

    Frankly, what surprised Courtney was not the random robot suddenly appearing (that was normal for New York), but what did catch her off-guard was a yellow blur suddenly zipping onto the scene.

    And now here they were — eating lunch on top of a random building without a care in the world.

    After finishing another spoonful of chickpeas, Courtney tried to grab some more of Bart’s meal.

    “Hey, gimme another bite of that.”

    Playfully, Bart pulled his take-out container away from her. “No way! You’ve had, like, six.”

    Courtney scoffed, digging her spoon back into her food. “Boo, you’re no fun.”

    “If you wanted chicken then you should’ve just ordered it,” Bart pointed out, dabbing his chin with a napkin.

    “Yeah, yeah, I know,” Courtney said dismissively.

    Ever since living in New York full time she had been trying the endless medley of foods available to her. A single block in Brooklyn had much more variety than the entirety of Blue Valley, the entirety of Nebraska even. She found herself in a position to try different diets as well, mainly out of curiosity. But Courtney was only human, after all.

    With a mildly grumpy look in her eyes, the blonde grumbled and said, “God, this whole ‘vegetarian-for-a-month’ thing sucks.”

    Bart chuckled, rolling his eyes as he took another bite of his food.

    Behind Jay and Jesse, Courtney was probably the third JSA member that Bart was familiar with. Back when he was just a short half-pint who saw the world as a game and she was just a mouthy blonde with a magical belt. That old adventure was years behind them by now, but sometimes when Bart closed his eyes he could remember hanging out in Blue Valley, pulling on a disguise as he, Tim, and Kon searched for the new Star-Spangled Kid.

    Sometimes he liked to see how far they came. Bart was now a three-quarter-pint working with the Teen Titans (and attempting a degree in electrical engineering) and Courtney was a full-time member of the JSA. They grew up so fast.

    As Bart speared another piece of chicken with his fork he said, “Hey, thanks for picking up the bill.”

    “No problem,” replied Courtney in a casual tone. Technically, it was her official JSA credit card (issued by Michael for emergencies) that paid the bill, but he didn’t need to know that. “Besides, you were the one who helped me take down that big ol’ mecha robot thingy. It’s the least I can do.”

    Bart nodded. “Remind me to pay it on our next date.”

    For a beat Courtney could only remain still in shock, then she glanced towards the not-so-scarlet speedster with a confused look in her eyes.

    “Whoa whoa, hold on, Romeo, what makes you think this is a date?”

    “Kickin’ some robot ass, getting some food afterwards — sounds like a date to me,” Bart explained as if it was nothing. In the most nonchalant manner he took another bite of his food and swallowed.

    “But if you don’t wanna call it that then it’s fine. Honestly, I just thought about what Jay’s reaction would be if he thought we went on a date. I mean, could you imagine that?

    Courtney thought for a moment. She knew all too well of Jay’s protective tendencies. Anytime a suitable partner — usually a man — would so much as look at her Jay would immediately slip into Papa Wolf mode, something that annoyed Courtney at best and humiliated her at worst. His heart was in the right place but his gestures had a tendency to get on her nerves.

    When she imagined Jay learning that she went out with Bart Allen, of all other young eligible heroes in the world, the image of the old dude either fainting or freezing in complete shock popped into her head. She couldn’t help but smile — it was a comical image, afterall.

    With a devilish grin on her face, Courtney eyed Bart like a little trickster and nodded her head.

    “Alright, it’s a date then.”

    #bart allen#courtney whitmore#stargirl#kid flash#flashfam#jsa#jay garrick #pictured in the background: jay garrick sensing a disturbance in the speed force
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    Grandma Iris hugs <33333

    Dc please give us more heartwarming Bart and Iris moments thank you

    Comics : Impulse (1995) and Flash (2016)

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  • iriswestgf
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Wally law of attraction worked Lmaoo|| Barry went from 😁🤣 to 😧😰 in seconds

    Comic : the life of the flash

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    The Flash 80-Page Giant (1999) #2

    #jay garrick#barry allen#wally west#the flash#dc#dc comics #fastest man alive #flash#kid flash#scarlet speedster#flashfam#flash family#norm breyfogle#brian augustyn#comics#detective comics #out of context #three generations of flash #jay and barry's friendship is so underrated :') #look at jay he is so humble i love him #80 page giant
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    I tried to make comics icons lmaoo (they might not be perfect but i tried) Anyways Stan Iris and Barry 🛐🛐|| btw posted those on Pinterest its the same user from here <33 (iriswestgirlfriend)

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    hey guys does anyone know who made this??? i saw it on someone’s profile photo and asked them but they couldn’t find it and i really would like to find it. so if you know the artist, please let me know! thank you so much <3

    #barry allen#the flash#dc fanart#fanart#dc comics#flash#flashfam#art help #find the artist #dc help #looks like qpqpqlla00's work but i can't be sure #if you know please tell me #i've searched on pixiv but couldn't find anything #and it's so hard to exclude arrowverse!flash from comics when looking it's so annoying #wally west#bart allen #bc i want more people to see it kldfkjsd
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    speedster kids/kids with superspeed must have such a hard time going to sleep. its very canon bart goes to bed hours earlier simply because it takes so long for him to fall asleep but i wonder if it affects all speedsters and maybe the older ones just get used to it? like, barry and wally and max/jay can sleep rather normally because theyve experienced it enough times to find things to get comfortable. 

    but it also makes me think of meloni trying to get lil kid bart to fall asleep and just having SO much trouble because since shes not a meta she doesnt understand speedster’s experience time differently and thus have trouble falling asleep. so maybe barry steps in and helps soothe bart til hes asleep? just a cute thing to think about. 

    #grandpa's magic soothing powers activate #barry allen#meloni thawne#bart allen#the flash#flash family#impulse#flash #the flash fam #flashfam
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    #dc#bart allen#flashfam #for some reason i just hc that Libby lawrence is a very Mallory Archer type of lady #which might explain jesse
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    #jesse chambers#jesse quick#dc#flashfam#rick tyler #i think technically she'd still be getting that $$$$ from her dad's company #so hun why u eating 50 cent noodles?
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  • corner-stories
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #wally west#linda park#dc#flashfam #i've been reading the Flash arcs where Wally has a mullet #it gives me mixed feelings
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  • radioactive-earthshine
    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I made an error...

    Thad isn't Allen-like, he takes most after the Wests.

    I am a fool.

    #thad thawne#inertia#flashfam #bart's still mostly thawne #he legit seethes west energy
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  • cranberrykissel
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    he deserved this skirt 😌

    #bart allen #I had this on my mind since autumn #my art#the flash #let boys be feminine #Bart deserves a lot of skirts let's be honest #They're made for him #dc comics#kid flash#flashfam#impulse #bart allen fanart
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  • mr-popularity
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Idk if this has been said before but for the love of god please let Max Mercury say Fuck

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  • fewet
    15.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Irey is so funny. She has such a dominant, take-nothing-from-anyone, sassy personality. I love the issues where they put that aspect of Irey’s personality on display. For example,

    Irey is giving some civilian a hard time after SHE SCARES HIM ON PURPOSE. I bet she comes across as a little abrasive to others even though she’s got a big heart. And, she is also totally the one to give her parents hell too.

    Whereas Jai is a bit more, relaxed and go with the flow. Jai always seems to be a lot happier being part of a team and/or being a sidekick than Irey who obviously loves heroing and her dad and all those things but definitely likes and wants independence anyway she can get it. And, sometimes it can come across a little ‘bratty’ but that’s also just part of being an assertive and, at times, little bit moody pre-teen. And, I love it when Irey is being a ‘13 going on 30′ year old. 

    But I theorize, as Irey gets older, she continues to be a terror. Again, Irey wants freedom, independence, and more responsibility when it comes to heroing and her everyday life. Wally is the definition of an overprotective dad and Linda is protective but probably a little more giving to a teenagers need to grow into themselves. Irey and Wally are super close but I can definitely see them getting into arguments all the time about Irey essentially in a hurry to grow up and be an adult and Wally wanting to shelter his children from any bad thing that could ever happen in the world ever. 

    Linda is bae so she definitely gets tired of their loud arguing and they do family therapy which helps them better understand each other and come to compromises (sometimes). Jai has trouble not laughing audibly during their dumb and petty arguments both at home and at family therapy. Linda, ofc, gives him the ‘quit it now’ side eye. 

    #irey west#wally west#linda park#jai west#flashfam #i love wallys family #theyre so domestic #and are definitely the family that has the most 'normal' disagreements and arguments #earth so and so
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