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  • hwanwooyoung
    25.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    [210514] Music Bank :: Black Mirror :: Hwanwoong

    @soppa made me choose: black mirror era hwanwoong or lit era hwanwoong 👀
    #oneus#oneusnetwork#weusnet#idolsincedits#ultkpopnetwork#kpopccc#kreativesnet#mgroupsedit#hwanwoong#yeo hwanwoong#flashing tw #igm.gif #mine:oneus #p: music bank #black mirror was my first comeback as a tomoon i will forever have an attachment to it <3
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  • torchwoodreadyforanything
    25.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Arrow Verse

    NAME:  Jenna Alexandria Merlyn

    Nickname: Starlight

    Previous names(s)  

    Jenna Alexandria Hopkins

    Jenna Alexandria Queen

    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to Malcolm Merlyn


    Worked for team arrow for a bit

    vigilante in secret



    Birth Father: 

    Alex Hopkins [Deceased]

    Birth Mother:  

    Jennifer Hopkins  [Deceased]

    Adopted Parents:

    Moria Queen

    Robert Queen


    Oliver Queen [Adopted brother]

    Thea Queen [Adopted Sister]


    1986: Jenna Alexandria Hopkins was born   and grew up in the glades. Both  Jenna’s parents died when she was barely a teenager.  And Jenna had witnessed their death, traumatising the young teenage.

    Her parents had been friends with both the Queens and the Merlyn’s . But had wanted either of  them to take care of Jenna if anything ever happened to them.

    Malcolm had very little involvement in Jenna’s life, despite promising her father, he  would  be there for her if anything happened to him. He had already gone down a darker path, after he lost his wife, sending his own son away to boarding school. So he didn’t want the responsibility for another child.  But he would pay her school fees and make sure she was taken care of, just not by him.

    The Queens stepped in  Robert and Moria and adopted her and for several years she lived in a family where she was accepted and loved until the day Her father and brother went missing , presumed dead. Those five years were hell. Her mother pushed her out making Jenna feel alone. And Thea was distant spending her life going to party after party.

    Later Teen years

    Jenna,  and Tommy Merlyn eventually became friends and she became his first girl friend when she was sixteen and Tommy was nineteen , but Tommy was spoilt and  extravagant party-boy who didn’t appreciate Jenna.  This continued for years. She dabbled in the party scene herself but it made her feel alone 

    Young Adult hood 20+ Jenna was 22 years old when Oliver returned  around same time as the hood appeared. 

    Jenna was all too aware of how dangerous  Star city was becoming.  she wanted to fight for her city. And one could say she was inspired 

     She  eventually approached Malcolm Merlyn at the age of 23,  begged him to train her.  But as they trained  Jenna & Malcolm became closer, around same time   he cut his son  off, taking not just his trust fund  but  his girl friend.

    Slowly isolating Jenna from her family which wasn’t that hard . Under Malcolm control he sent her out to find out who the hood was and she found out it was Oliver and told Malcolm . Betraying her own brother was very simple  as they were no longer any kind of family.

    in time she becomes  a vigilante, using her new found skills that Malcolm taught her, into helping  people

    Even through Malcolm had her brain washed . The glades was where Jenna grew up  and not everyone there was bad but Malcolm  wouldn’t listen to her  he had made his mind up and not even Jenna could change it.  Jenna is often  conflicted between feeling she can save Malcolm because she loves him  and her desire to help the city. 

    Jenna is 25 years old  when she eventually marries Malcolm and gives him two beautiful children. Twins. a boy and a girl.  Alexandra &  Annabeth

    #(arrow verse) #Also it will be the verse for spin offs/crossovers in the  super girl #the flash & legends of tomorrow fandom #original character
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  • habibialkaysani
    25.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #maybe i'll do a separate set with just joe singing to iris #me.txt #replies#the flash
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  • cherriki
    25.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #flashing tw #this genuinely obliterated me im not the same anymore
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  • tevyat
    25.07.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    Her Excellency!
    The wait is over, my comrades. Now is our moment!
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  • nedgis
    25.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Davide Groppi : la simplicité et l’émotion à l’italienne !

    Davide Groppi : la simplicité et l’émotion à l’italienne !

    A ses débuts, Davide Groppi commence à travailler comme concepteur mécanique. Autodidacte, il produit peu à peu ses premiers modèles de luminaires à la fin des années 1980 dans un petit atelier du centre historique de la ville de Plaisance en Italie. Il fait de son passe-temps une carrière, en projetant et construisant des lampes, lui-même, jusqu’à se faire remarquer pour son originalité dans…

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    #anima#davide groppi#Design Italien#designer italien #flash davide groppi #infinito #infinito davide groppi #luminaire italien #moon davide groppi
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  • the-highest-warlock
    25.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    HC that Logan will sometimes go nonverbal and when he does he has flashcards that he can show people with different phrases on them such as “Yes”, “No”, “I need help” (which is never used as often as it should be), and “Do not set fire to the kitchen Remus”.

    (Inspired by the tiktok from this collection at 12:28)

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  • artsbymaria
    25.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    HELLO EVERYONE! I got great news! I just created my own discord server! was created exclusively for artists who want support! Join here


    Thank you

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  • ambivartence
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ✨🎂🎈 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRONWYN @hy-ck 🎈🎂✨

    from Jackie @hchan and me 💌

    SURPRISE! a gift to a very dear friend <3 i'll never forget those kind messages you sent me all those months ago. your warmth and enthusiasm made me realize what it meant for me to truly be able to share my drawings with people. in ways you may not have realized, you were one of the first to make me feel truly welcome in this space, and for that i am forever in your debt so thank you thank you thank you. we found each other through a mutual love of hyuck, but these days i love him more and more because he reminds me of you ☀️🧸 i am so lucky to know you, and i hope you have the happiest of birthdays today 💖💖💖

    and a bonus version of the lines bc i love lines :)

    #haechannet#itsnctsworld#nctinc#nctcreations#haechan#lee donghyuck#nct#nct dream#nct 127 #EVERYBODY WISH BRONWYN THE HAPPIEST OF BDAYS <3 #it felt very fitting to combine hyuck as both art and gif for u so i hope u like this little surprise #i would draw hyuck a hundred times for you but here's twenty to start #also jackie is the best for entertaining my strange ideas #and just the best in general <3 u both are #flashing tw#*mine
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  • a-drawingpanda
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ✦ 18/02/04 Seulgi BadBoy ✦

    Seulgi am I right!
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  • onmythirdleg
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Honestly I have quite a bit to say about The Untamed: The Living Dead but if I cast all the negatives behind I find it hilarious that there's just.. some guy who managed to find another piece of Yin iron, who knows Wen QiongLin as the Ghost General--who definitely knows the most about the Yin Iron besides Wei WuXian--and yet he STILL challenged Wen QiongLin in a fight of brawn AND Yin Iron smarts like WQL and LSZ aren't among the most knowledgeable ones about it

    #i will soon be searching for post the living dead fics because the amount of family drama this movie would stir up is incredible #the untamed #the untamed the living dead #wen qionglin#wen ning#lan sizhui#gideon's post #like all i could think about in the last scene with WQL and LSZ with the iron as they go to Gusu is WWX having an aneurysm #WQL: 'wei-gongzi!! lsz and i found a guy who found your manuscripts and somehow got a hold of yin metal but we fought him and won dw!! #WWX: *having his entire life and also lack of life flash before his eyes* you found WHAT and did WHAT with my SON and then you WHAT???
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  • kamino-coruscant
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hunter protecting Omega

    #hunter the dad #hunter#sergeant hunter#omega #bad batch omega #tbb #the bad batch #bad batch#tbb spoilers #the bad batch spoilers #flashing gif#wrecker#cid#captain rex#tbbedit #bad batch gifs
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