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    @scrcnity​ (Anyone)

    “Sometimes I have these days where I miss this guy, right? I don’t know who he is nor do I really remember dating anyone back in Beacon Hills. It’s just I keep having dreams about this boy with beautiful blue eyes and I always wake up crying.” Mason sighed. “I need to find a boyfriend, huh? Maybe that is my sign.”

    #Considering the state of my dating life I need a wingman co-pilot and a really hot flight attendant.: Mason Hewitt
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    @devilsborn​ (Anyone)

    “If you knew someone that could change you, say that you knew a vampire or a werewolf that could give you these gifts that they have, would you?” Mason asked curiously. Both Liam and Corey had offered it to Mason on several occasions and he never knew what to say to them. Sure, he was tempted but he also knew how complicated their lives had gotten as well.

    #Considering the state of my dating life I need a wingman co-pilot and a really hot flight attendant.: Mason Hewitt
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    Hidden Scars

    I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI.1 / XI.2 XII - XIII - XIV - XV - XVI - XVII - XVIII

    Chapter 19

    Draped over her knees with your arms bent under your head as a pillow, you genuinely wish the reason for that position would be another entirely.

    Not that you’d thought you were the type of person to like impact play before meeting Miranda, but a lot changed since she decided to kidnap you and turn your life upside down: you didn’t think you had so much strength in you, you didn’t think you were too smart with electronics and computer softwares, you didn’t think you weren’t made to fight, you didn’t think you would fall in love with a psychotic killer who liked to push your limits, teach you things, even how to fight, who fucked you and let you fuck her… and there you were, enjoying all those things because Miranda was there.

    You’re trying to imagine that this is one of her weird scenarios back in her bedroom, roleplaying god-knows-what, putting a little fun in the punishments she oughta give you for not doing something right. Yet, this is not a game. You won’t enjoy any of this and you know it already.

    The pain is excruciating already as it is and it’s only about to get worse.

    She tried to be incredibly gentle when she removed the tatters of the shirt you were wearing from your back, but that too sent your skin burning aflame, the welts screaming and making you tear up.

    The cool air did little good on your bare skin, the gentle scrape at the base of your neck as Miranda helped you lay across her thighs, close to her lap only a sad consolation. She praised you, but you just hiccupped through a sob and stood silent.

    You wish you could reassure her, tell her to not feel guilty because what else could she do there, if not obeying? It was that or bullets in your brains.

    At least wounds could heal, and you’re not new to wounds either. You can do it. You can bear anything, she’s made you strong, but you can’t bring yourself to speak to her: there are too many thoughts in your mind.

    Victor’s words, for instance.

    You know it’s only a bunch of lies, but there’s something telling you that it’s not just a bunch of lies.

    Victor is an asshole and he likes to tease and to provoke and you bet he’s only said those things to get a rise from Miranda and awaken something within you that could possibly turn you against her, in the end.

    Improbable, but not impossible. There’s still too much to uncover.

    You swallow down, fidgeting as you try to find the most comfortable position, but already aware that nothing will lessen your discomfort.

    Hidden from your eyes, Miranda unfolds the foil that she’s stuck in the wall a few days ago. She opens up a new bottle and drinks from it - you can hear her swallow in long, rhythmical gulps - the foil rustles in her hand for a moment, then she caps the bottle again and shakes it vigorously.

    Your first reaction is to grow tense, you can’t even help it.

    “It’s going to sting.” Miranda warns with a low, apologetic voice.

    You’d tell her that it’s not her fault, except that it is, in a certain sense. Besides, you can’t bring yourself to actually talk, already so invested with bracing yourself for pain.

    Water and salt: she’s going to clean the welts on your back to the best of her possibilities. It won’t be pleasant at all. “Try not to fight it, it’ll only be worse.” She suggests. You don’t really know if you’ll be able to do it.

    When she starts to pour, it hurts like hell. She tuts at you, shushes you when the clatter of your teeth becomes louder, but it doesn’t help the searing pain that radiates in your body.

    “I’ll kill him,” Miranda mumbles behind clenched teeth, “I’ll fucking run him over with a car and kill him.” She says.

    It’s nice to know that she’s unhinged toward Victor because of you, that she would kill him for you, but somehow, it’s not enough to distract you from the pain. It’s the only disinfectant you have access to, it’s supposed to burn, but there’s something terribly wrong in the way it steals your breath away.

    You feel like dying, and, at some point, you know you’re unconsciously wiggling, thrashing your limbs in the grasp of a maddening pain, caused by something that it’s supposed to help but that seems only to make things worse. You feel your skin tearing, the salty water seeping inside, overwhelming your body - it’s too much.

    You’ve been through a lot in the past few months, and yet, somehow, nothing was as bad as this. Maybe it’s the situation, maybe it’s the fear, maybe it’s the realization that something terrible has happened that involves the person you’ve grown to love, but you can’t bear it.

    You let go. You allow yourself to cry. For the pain, and also for something else.

    Maybe you’ve passed out. You clearly don’t remember falling asleep, honestly, how could you have fallen asleep?

    You’re still draped over her legs, you feel one of her hands carding mindlessly through your hair and on the nape of your hair.

    Miranda seems to notice the change in your breathing, or maybe you’ve just moved unconsciously, but your body falls limp over hers, every muscle turned to liquid under her hand and soothing murmurs.

    To her eyes, you even might look relaxed. In reality, you don’t have enough strength to push yourself up and put some distance between the two of you.

    “It’s done.” She says, pressing her fingertips between your shoulder blades, the other on your tailbone as if to keep you still. “Don’t move yet, the rash is fading, but the welts look rather sore.”

    You’re barely listening to her.

    You don’t feel exactly fine, but better, besides, it’s not your back that hurts most, but your head. The thoughts swirling in there are screaming louder than anything else.

    You don’t care about the welts, you don’t care about the rash nor the soreness. You don’t even care about Victor for putting you in this situation. You don’t care about Victor for putting Miranda in that situation. You care about him because he put those thoughts in your head and now you don’t care about anything else: what is it that you don’t know? What important secret has Miranda kept from you?

    “I wasn’t the only one?” You ask without small talks, eager to get it out of you and sorted out before it drives you insane.

    Her breath falters. She doesn’t move, but you feel something shifting in the air, in the way she rests her fingertips across your skin.

    There’s silence for a long time.

    You don’t know if she’s finally given up, or maybe it’s because she feels trapped, with nowhere to go, yet she heaves a sigh, hopefully readying herself to face you, your questions, and possibly the future that lies ahead.

    “Nobody ever made it that far.” She says in the smallest voice you’ve ever heard coming from her.

    There were others. There have been others before you. The information doesn’t shock you, what does it’s the complete lack of emotion on her part.

    “You killed them?” You inquire. The words haven’t even left your mouth yet and you already fear the answer. She doesn’t speak, which already is enough, or very close to the reply you were anticipating and, still, you need to hear it; you need to hear it from her. “You killed other girls? Miranda!”

    She flinches at the way you shout her name: demanding, enraged, not allowing room for lies or more silence. It’s new, it would’ve earned you a punishment. Now, it doesn’t.

    You feel her muscles tense under you, above, all over.

    “It’s my job.” She says, again, emotionless. “You don’t have to be shocked. You know how it started, you listened to my tales, you’ve seen this place and known Victor.” She swallows. “It was my job.” She corrects.

    “So, you would’ve killed me.”


    “Yes. You would.”

    Miranda doesn’t reply to that. She can’t reply to that with anything that could make you feel slightly better. You both know that, and you’re grateful she’s not telling lies, nor shying away with some witty comment, or distracting you with anything else.

    “I didn’t.” She says at one point. “The point is that I didn’t.”

    “Yes.” You agree, slightly confused.

    You know there have been others in the same cell, maybe others had managed to get out and endure some of her training, but nobody has made it, in the end.

    What makes you different? You’d want to know the answer so badly, but it’s probably too cheesy and close to the nonsense that it’s impossible. It had to do something with a peculiar feature in you, or how fast you learn, or something that you can’t think of right now. But what? “Why? Why didn’t you?”

    “Listen,” She lets out a frustrated sigh. You know what she’s about to do: you’ve reached the breaking point, she has no escape and now she’s shying away, “this is not the place, nor the time to-”

    “We could die.” You cut her off, virtually grabbing her before she can go and hide somewhere you can’t reach. “Am I right? We could die.”


    “Then talk to me!” Your breath hitches. “Please.”

    Hidden from your inquiring glare, Miranda heaves a long sigh. One of her hand hovers on the small of your back, the other trails through the fine hair on your nape, but it’s hardly for your pleasure: she’s using you as a sort of stress relief and you’d gladly let her without complaints. You’d do that in normal circumstances, now you’re more than happy to indulge her to know the truth, finally.

    “You know why I chose you.” Miranda says. You nod: she’s told the story already: no bonds, no real purpose in your life; simply the preferable candidate to kidnap and train. “But I never told you why I needed someone like you.” She pauses, clears her throat, her voice is getting hoarse. “You’ve seen this place, you must’ve realized, by now, that I work for Victor. Worked that is. We- we are criminals. Ruthless, cold-hearted, murderous criminals who obey orders for money, no matter what.”

    “I know.” You croak out, even just to give her courage. Of course you know she’s not a saint, you’ve known it since the beginning. You have to admit that hearing it from her, the plain truth, is strange and upsetting, but you’ve been preparing for the revelation for weeks.

    “I was supposed to collect some information about a very important family. Drug dealers, weapon treaders- the worst kind. I was supposed to get close to them and inside their corporation and get out when the work was done, but to do that, I needed bait. I needed somebody to blame so I could get out clean and alive.” She says in a thin voice. Her fingers get caught in your hair, she doesn’t pull. “I was supposed to train someone and feed them to the lions, but- I couldn’t do it. In the end, I couldn’t do it.”

    “Because of me?” You ask hesitantly, fearing that your voice might break the spell. Luckily, it doesn’t. If anything, it seems to comfort her, in some way.

    “Because it was you.” She corrects with a small huff. You can feel all the frustration trapped in her words. “I thought I was simply having fun while doing my job, I thought there was nothing wrong with taking the best out of the situation... but things got out of hand. I- I didn’t know what I was doing, at some point, I knew you were getting attached, but I tried to ignore the signals, I tried to dismiss the issue until it was too late. Until there was no space left to back up, and the only way was going forward.” She inhales deeply, resumes the slow caress on the small of your back. Inadvertently, she catches a welt and you do your best not to flinch away at the pain. “I convinced myself it was just fun, just sex, just casual cohabitation with benefits, and then you talked about love... and the bubble burst.”

    “I’m sorry-” You murmur, she doesn’t hear you.

    “I got- I got scared and I fucked it all up.”

    She moves up your back without warning, and your abused skin sets on fire. Your mind was racing already, now, spurred by the blazing pain, is in literal delirium. You push yourself up, ignoring the tightness in your muscles, the ache of your welts, and sit back on your haunches, wincing at the position that has you dizzy, eyes boring into her.

    Miranda stares, her gaze a mixture of concern and shyness, and guilt that flashes oh-so-clear in the blue of her eyes, like nothing ever before. Miranda has always been tough to read, but right now, she’s so vulnerable, so exposed that your heart almost aches.

    “So?” You blurt out. “I’m scared all the time! I fuck things up all the time, what’s the big deal?”

    Miranda chuffs out a chuckle. Her smile is bittersweet when she shakes her head.

    “You don’t understand.” She whispers. “There’s no room for being scared in this world, nor to fuck things up. You do that, you’re dead!” She growls, jaw clenched and voice vibrating with the effort. “I can only be cold-hearted and confident and ruthless and strong-”

    “No, you don’t understand!” You cut her off, heart in your throat. “You can be all of that at the same time and also allow yourself to be scared. Being scared it’s what makes you different from them, can’t you see it?” You lean forward, panting hard through the soreness in your back, and rest a palm on the floor.

    “It’s what got us caught.” She insists. Miranda tries to reach for you, but you flinch back.

    “You’re more than just black and white.” You whisper softly, voice so low you even wonder if she can actually hear you. Eyes fixed on the sticky linoleum, you don’t feel brave enough to bear her gaze. You’ve been willing to tell her something similar for ages, and now that it’s time, now that you’ve finally decided to seize the opportunity - because, frankly, there might not be a lot of chances in the future - you feel extremely agitated. It’s now or never. Literally. Besides, what is she going to do about it? Run off? Choke you to death? You’ll be dead anyway. “You’re more than that, Miranda, in fact...  you have a whole spectrum of colors within you and you don’t even know it because you’ve been too busy suffocating it for years.”

    You find the courage to lift your head, and look at her. She looks beautiful as always, her puzzled face all angles and sharp edges, blue eyes boring into your very soul. You feel exposed, and yet, for some reason, you’ve never felt braver.

    “I can see through you.” You sigh, your hands shake. “You let me in, Miranda. It’s too late to push me out.”

    There’s a long pause. Or is it a quick one, you don’t really know. The whole room is spinning, your tired brain struggling between processing the pain and the situation at the same time.

    “I did, didn’t I?” Miranda snorts, chuffing out a disbelieving giggle as she probably laughs at herself. She breathes hard behind her palms, covering her face, and when she peels her hands away, she cocks her head to the side, her face a mixture of concern and condescending curiosity as she studies you. “I got your point, no lay back down. I don’t have salts if you faint on me.”

    You gape at her, but you’re too tired to protest further, so you simply give in and settle on your stomach by her side.

    “Do you really think this is the best time to pull out a joke about salt?”

    “Why not?” She shrugs.

    She’s right. Neither of you knows how much it’s left, and the timing, you have to admit it, was quite perfect.

    “I think it’s the first time I’ve heard you joking.” You confess. Surprisingly, even and especially to yourself, you’ve managed to keep your voice even and emotionless. You were simply stating the fact, but you’ve managed to conceal everything that was behind it: even in those horrible times and even more disgusting place, Miranda is still uncovering new little bits of her.

    “I’m sorry.” She mumbles, out of the blue. “You didn’t deserve this.”

    “Nobody does.” You reply, a little shrug of your shoulders.

    Even if you might have a distorted vision of reality, you know she doesn’t deserve it. Despite what Miranda thinks of herself, no matter how guilty she feels, she does not deserve this.

    The woman scoffs, you see her carding her hand through her hair angrily with the corner of your eyes.

    “You shouldn’t be here in the first place.” She growls. “You shouldn’t love-”

    “Miranda, stop it.” You exhale sharply and her precarious rambling stops immediately. “It’s not like I can help it.”

    “Pity.” She mutters, almost automatically.

    You can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt, but you manage to mask the rejection quite well. You turn your head to the other side, so you’re now facing the wall.

    You know you’ve been a fool, you know you’ve just self-deceived for months about the nature of your relationship, you know you’ve hoped and waited for something to finally shift, and it did, but only on your side. Hope… was just a weapon as dangerous as a gun, maybe even worse.

    It’s so perfectly clear, right now, so close to actually dying, that things will not change. Miranda will never love you when she barely cares.

    After all, why would she? Why would somebody like her love a dull girl kidnapped in a dark alley, drunk, that was supposed to serve as bait?

    Of course, it changed a bit. Maybe she’s taking a liking of you, but that’s it. That’s as far as it’ll ever go.

    You stiffen when you feel her fingertips crawling up your back, dragging her pads along your spine, minding not to touch any welt or sore point.

    You don’t know if she knows what you’re thinking, yet you’re sure she’s sensed your melancholy. She always does.

    “It’ll take a while, but it’ll heal eventually.” She whispers soothingly.

    “Those are not the scars I’m worried about.” You murmur back.

    You’d wear those scars proudly just as you wear hers, if only to remind yourself of those times, of those things you’ve endured and survived together. You know those will heal, one day, leaving simple marks behind, but you’re not sure the hidden ones will too. Anyway, what’s the point, now? Everything seems so meaningless so close to possibly dying while being stuck: impossible to go back to feel nothing, impossible to claim more.

    “Everything heals, eventually.” Miranda says, she seems lost in her thoughts and you don’t even know if she’s talking to you or to herself. You’re in no mood to mind looking, right now. “With time.”

    “We might not have that, though.” You exhale, let your eyes close. “We might die before anything can actually heal, right?”

    Miranda pauses for a moment. She stops her movements, settles her hand on your bruised hip, making you shiver under that hesitant touch. She sighs.


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    This is why I’m a bitchy flight attendant

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    Currently sitting with my feet up on the wall so I don’t step in PEEEEE

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    “Oh you’re a flight attendant? Omg that’s so cool!! You get to travel for free, must be so glamorous!


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    Ahhh my bag!!!

    Rip bag

    6 years of me beating the shit out of it

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    My baby sister is about the un-nerdiest member of my family after my father. Today she said to me: “Have you watched Loki? I’ve watched Loki. Well...I’m part way through an episode. Do you want to watch with me?”

    “I’ve seen the first episode seven times and the second episode four times, but yes, I’ll watch with you.”

    Turns out she was twenty minutes into Glorious Purpose. And, her being her, she was on her phone at the same time and kept missing beats. She did love Casey though.

    #the loki series #she asked me why i'd seen it so many times #because it's loki #duh #loki series spoilers #she didn't even get the subtext of what the flight attendant thought was in the note #she's still in high school #and has been on more dates than i have been so #i guess she's still sheltered anyway?
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    Both terrifying

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    “I’ll be your friendly flight attendant today.” ✈️🙂

    *daydreams about using that EXIT door to escape*

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    Ain’t getting no sleep tonight

    Minimum rest means fuck you, you can either shower, eat dinner or get a full night rest but you can’t have them all choose bitch

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    Flying over Key West, Florida ✈️

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    green glowing clawtips 😳

    #flight rising#fr#capsule gene #hi ive been very sick all weak and just had to attend a party but im doin good now 👍 #anyways im flipping back into fr a little bit while i recover and finish some projects ive been sitting on for months.. lol
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    miranda is used to hauling viktor’s dead weight

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    Alex’s 2021 Emmy Nominations - Comedy Series

    PEN15 (Season 2A)

    Ted Lasso (Season 1)

    Girls5Eva (Season 1)

    Hacks (Season 1)

    Search Party (Seasons 3 & 4)

    Superstore (Season 6)

    The Flight Attendant (Season 1)

    Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Season 2)

    #PEN15#Ted Lasso#Girls5Eva#Hacks#Search Party#Superstore #The Flight Attendant #Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist #Alex's Awards
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    Manifesting Michelle Gomez for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series!!! She’s on the ballot for TFA and I cannot think of anyone who would deserve it more—Miranda was SUCH a delightful character with so much unexpected depth and Michelle’s performance was perfection!!!

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