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  • So I just flirted with this guy for 15 minutes, but he’s gone to bed now and I’m bored again. If anyone else would like to project me into your ideal partner without really knowing me hmu ;)

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  • 😅 I need to learn how to flirt again lol! 😅

    #any guy or gal #flirt#im bored
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  • Pre-made, mini strip tease video (1 min) just $8 for my followers. Message me for a little pick-me-up for your Monday 💗

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  • Continuing the little comic panel idea from a “foxes in love” comic between Zev and Ariel.

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  • A massive depressive flirting.

    ‘Hey babe, i took a shower today 😘’

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  • so we were ordering in a restaurant and i really wasn’t paying attention and then this hot waiter said, “dine in or take out?”

    and i, not blinking and still scrolling through my phone, just went: “take you out.”

    and then the waiter just sat there looking confused for a second and then the little bitch smirked.

    my mum had never looked more mortified in her life

    #why #why am i like this #hot waiter #moments of life #embarrassment as its finest #second-hand embarrassment#flirt#pick-up lines #very terrible ones #mother#traumatized mother
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  • Is it odd I have a tendency to call things what they are instead of their name?

    I call my Rabbit Marbles “Bunny”

    I call my kitten Cricket “Kitten”

    I call dogs “Doggo” and Cats “kitty”

    I call my girlfriend beautiful

    I call my hamster Honey “Hammi”

    So strange 😂

    #i said this to her and she turned red #lovecore#heartcore#love#cupidcore#ily#crush#crushcore#cupid #i love you #lover#flirt
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  • image

    Oh no

    Not again

    #poly problems#flirt #i just can't help myself #hehe oops
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  • She stole my heart, irrespective of being a thief.


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  • Juno x Nureyev as Muchas ‘Flirt’

    #click for better quality #got a bit carried away with the lightning there #i couldn't resist #this just exists because i couldn't get myself to draw the one i had planned for buddy #tpp #the penumbra podcast #juno steel#Juno#peter nureyev#nureyev #the aurinko crime family #art#digital art#mucha#flirt #juno x peter #art study #Just for Fun
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  • Why is it so much easier to flirt through messages than in real life?

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  • This is part of my Four Years AU



    … … … … . .

    “There she is! Get her!”

    The masked figure turned and bolted through the trees, cloak billowing out behind her. Many footsteps sounded behind her, alerting her to the number of witches chasing her.

    The figure raised her head, summoning a white staff with a snowy owl atop of it. She grasped the staff and skirted around a fallen tree, leaping over it.

    “You ready?” The girl asked, grinning at the snowy owl.

    The owl chirped in response and raised its wings, keeping its position on the staff.

    The figure hopped onto a rock and leapt off it, bringing the staff underneath her in those few seconds she was in the air.

    In a flash, she was off.

    The figure flew above the treeline, looking back at the witches watching her through their gray beaked masks.

    “WOO! Victory once again!” The cloaked figure cheered. “Thought you could catch me this time, didn’t y–”

    A bola was flung from below, catching the figure by surprise. She yelped as it wrapped around her and got tangled in the bird’s wings.

    “I got her!” Someone exclaimed.

    They plummeted towards the ground.

    The figure flailed about as she hit the trees, landing on what felt like every little branch before she hit the ground with a thud.

    The masked girl groaned, raising her head ground the dirt as her vision spun. She couldn’t feel anything broken, but she’d definitely have some nasty sores and bruises tomorrow.

    “You alright, Snowy?” The girl mumbled.

    A coo came from the palisman, who poked her head through the ropes.

    The sound of boots crunching on fallen leaves caused them both to snap their heads back towards the trees.

    One of Emperor Belos’ guards stood before them. The girl couldn’t see through their mask, but she didn’t have to guess what their face must look like.

    “Oh, great.” The girl muttered, thunking her head back on the ground. It was uncomfortable, due to her black and white owl mask pressing against her face, but she was too dramatic to care.

    The guard approached and Snowy hissed, flaring her wings and only getting more caught up in the bola.

    “If you’re gonna gloat, you better do it quickly.” The girl grumbled. “I’m gonna be out of here in no time, and your friends are bound to show up–”

    The guard crouched down and held up a finger to the girl’s lips, effectively surprising and silencing her.

    “Luz,” The guard said. “It’s me.”

    The girl squinted her eyes, completely confused before she broke into a wide grin.


    “Guess the mask really does it’s trick, huh?” Amity chuckled, pushing the mask up and smiling down at the caught witch.

    “Why, hello to you too, fair lady.” Luz grinned, trying and failing to put on a coy look. “You come here often?”

    “I try not to,” Amity shook her head, though it didn’t hide the blush coming to her cheeks. She summoned her staff, which held a cobra glowing with the faint blue light of illusion magic, and began to burn off the more tangled bits of rope.

    “I guess I’m just that special then, eh?” Luz teased, resting her chin on the back of her hand.

    “You can flirt later, Luz,” Amity said, standing up as the worst of the rope burned away. “The other guards are bound to notice my illusion eventually.” She said as she offered a hand.

    “I must admit, you’re getting good at those.” Luz said, picking up Snowy and taking the offered hand. “Guess Em and Ed really know their teaching.” She taunted, standing up and placing Snowy on her shoulder.

    “If you mean their teaching in pranks and making my mornings a nightmare, then yes.” Amity rolled her eyes, but was still smiling. “What are you even doing out here?”

    “I fell asleep studying at the library with Gus again,” Luz admitted shyly, rubbing the back of her neck. “I hoped I could make it home before Eda noticed but that’s definitely not happening now.”

    “I’ll vouch that you got caught by the guards,” Amity sighed, as if it was a great inconvenience for her.

    “Aw, really?” Luz grinned, tilting her head. “How sweet! You really shouldn’t have.”

    “Probably not,” Amity agreed, her smile never faltering. “You’re just too charming to say no to.” She said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

    Her cobras glowing blue eyes flickered.

    “I know,” Luz said proudly. “I mean, I managed to charm Amity Blight,” She continued, leaning an arm on the shorter girl’s shoulder. “I must have quite the magic then.” She taunted.

    “Now is not the time, Luz,” Amity scoffed, pushing at Luz’s face as warmth flooded her face. “We have more important things to worry about!”

    “You’re right, you’re right.” Luz relented, stepping back.

    “My place at six, then?” She added right after, giving Amity a smug look.

    “You’re impossible,” Amity sighed, turning her head away like it would hide her flush.

    “I’m not hearing a no~”

    Amity relented with a sag of her shoulders and a faint chuckle. She was about to say more when she caught something fade out of the corner of her eye.

    Her cobras illusion magic wore off completely.

    “Where’d she go?” Came a shout that was far too close for comfort.

    “Get out of here!” Amity hissed, whirling her head back to Luz.

    “Crap,” Luz pulled back down her owl mask, which only covered up to her nose, and lifted her staff for Snowy to perch back on.

    Amity lifted her hand to pull down her own mask before Luz darted forward, giving a quick kiss to Amity’s nose before bouncing back.

    “See you later!” She winked, giving the witch a salute before her staff rose into the air.

    “Wha–I–Luz!” Amity stuttered, quickly pulling down her mask.

    Luz laughed and shot into the air, leaving Amity back on the ground as she stepped back, letting her own staff vanish in a swirl of pink beside her.

    “There’s the Owlet!” A guard shouted.

    Soon after, a horde of guards swarmed out from the trees. Amity was soon lost among the clamor as Luz flew higher into the air, taunting the witches of the Emperor’s Coven.

    “Better luck next time!” Luz jeered. “I will see you soon, I promise you that.” She said coyly. “C’mon, Snowy!”

    With that, the palisman twisted and shot through the air, easily leaving the Coven witches far, far behind.

    And if Luz was lucky, it wouldn’t be for long.

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  • Are you an erbal mix drowned in boiling water?

    Cos you sure are a hot-tea

    #pun#flirt #pick up lines
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  • As a bi guy, when men hit on me, I’m like “cool”.

    But when women or enbies hit on me…

    That hits ✨ DIFFERENT ✨

    Women and enbies feel free to hit on me at any time cuz y'all are amazing 👏 🙌

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  • Kiss kiss to you all because it’s Friday 💋💋💋💋👄

    #flirtychats (at Toronto, Ontario)

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