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  • Lexa trying to flirt (and failing miserably my poor bamf)

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  • is the fact that you send me fifty frog videos a week proof that you have a crush on me or do you know nothing about me except i like frogs?

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  • “You are perfect in all of the right ways and you are flawed in all of the perfect ways..”

    ..that means that you are perfectly, exactly who you were supposed to be, and no matter how you look at it.. you are perfectly you just the way you are, and that makes you perfect - eUë

    #imperfect perfection#perfect 10#perfect#perfection#perfectly#perfectly imperfect #thinking about you #thinking about love #thinking #me trying to flirt #flirt with me #flirty#sweet flirt#flirting #you are perfect #i am in love #with you #falling in love #in love #you are amazing #romance quotes#romantic quotes#love #love quote for her #love quote life quotes #love quotes#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#quoteoftheday
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  • So I just flirted with this guy for 15 minutes, but he’s gone to bed now and I’m bored again. If anyone else would like to project me into your ideal partner without really knowing me hmu ;)

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  • 9/17/20 😒

    Co-vid is making me dumb. I haven’t seen a coworker in person in months. He adds me on LinkedIn just now. He’s younger, I’ve always thought he was awkward in an adorable sort of way and think he’s got the hots for me. He’s younger, I think 25, maybe younger, and I think that I’d probably eat him alive. I think I would be a bit much for him. I try to keep my claws out of anyone I work too closely with. Also, he’s young for my taste. Then again, older means baggage.

    I’m probably just lonely because of co-vid but I have half a mind to see if he wants to hang out…. I know he likes video games… hanging out as friends, I say to myself… 🤦‍♀️ I don’t know. Something kinda stirred in me seeing his picture. I need to not date coworkers. He’s cuter than I remember? Or that’s a really good picture. He’s short and a little tubby in the most adorable way. I don’t mean any of that in a negative way. I think he’s about as cute as a button.

    I’m still too emotionally sore over L to date. It’s way too early. I know in my heart that if L weren’t leaving for NYC that I would have fallen in love with the guy. I wish he were staying, but this isn’t the movies. We don’t get cinematic endings. Things don’t work that way. They’re much messier and complicated. They don’t end, wrapped up nicely in a little bow and that’s probably why we love those neat little happy endings so much. They aren’t real and they’re much nicer than reality typically is.

    And as she types this… she is still thirst texting the cute, baby software developer on LinkedIn. I swear to God… what’s wrong with me? I am being friendly, not openly thirsty, but I wanna kiss him… ok, I blame hormones. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I’ve already sent a regrettable text to L. I think I’m testing to see how much he REALLY wants to stay friends, by testing boundaries too much, because I’m psycho and told him that I’m sad to see him go and that I was falling hard for him and think I would have fallen in love with him if he stayed.

    Push, push, push. If I push those buttons enough, he’ll never talk to me again, right? Like so many dudes who told me they wanted to be friends or keep in touch. Haha. Right…

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  • “pools of sweet honey”

    zuko x genderneutral! reader

    a/n: just a short lil thing i made after daydreaming also reader is black even tho there’s not much description

    contains sleepy flirting, flustered zuko, some cursing, mentioned sokka x suki

    modern au? FLUFF!!!!!


    zuko absentmindedly played with your curls as he watched that dumb drama show he made a mistake of getting hooked on. “y’know your eyes sparkle in the light like pools of sweet honey?” you sleepily slurred as you looked up at your lover. zuko choked on his air as he looked down at you with pink cheeks. “w-what?” he said with wide eyes. “they’re so pretty… cute lil golden eyes. precious…” you mumbled with a dopey smile. “y/n s-stop.” he said as he quickly looked up at the tv again. you whined as you watched him look everywhere but you. how dare he deprive you of your dose of his golden eyes. “ya hair’s so pretty an’ silky…” you said as you sat up from his lap. his ears burned. this was something he never got used to. you being sleepy and flirting with him then falling asleep. “such a pretty boy. good pretty boy you are…” you said as you tucked a lock of his long black hair behind his ear. “s-shut up! you do this a-all the time!” he whined as he swatted your hand away. you tiredly giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “can’t help it. so so pretty just sittin’ there.” you said as you pressed gentle kisses over the right side of his face. he huffed out a small chuckle as he leaned into your touch. “my lil baby. you can’t jus’ sit here lookin’ like that and expect me not to nom on ya cheeks.” you mumbled as you playfully bit his cheek. “lookin’ like what, munchkin?” he giggled groaned as you gently moved his face and pressed kisses over the bridge of his nose. “lookin’ like a snack. no… a buffet. all pretty an’ shit.” you mumbled against his warm skin. “an’ yer all mine.” you whispered as you sprinkled kisses over his scar. the action almost brought tears to his eyes as he felt the love you had for him. had he still been sokka’s roommate, he would’ve been clowned big time by him as if he didn’t physically melt when suki kissed him goodbye.you really mean that?” he questioned as he looked at you with glossy eyes. spirits, he felt so embarrassed tearing up at this but he couldn’t help it. he had never been with someone who made him feel so loved and happy before.

    you looked him in the eyes. the same eyes that you thought were so beautiful and breathtaking. the same eyes that held so much emotion. the same eyes that resembled the same passion a bonefire held. the same eyes that looked at you like you hung all the stars in the sky. you moved your hand to cup the left side of his face and gently thumbed over his scar while you used your other to intertwine your fingers. his eyes fluttered closed as he held your hand on his cheek. “i really mean it. you’re my sweet pretty boy. my sun. my little…. foofoo cuddlely poops.” you said with a slight giggle. he opened his eyes and smiled lightly at you. you pressed a kiss to his scar. “i mean everything i tell you whenever we do this, zu. i love you.” you whispered as you watched a stray tear roll down his cheek. you gently wiped it away with your thumb. “i-i love you too.” he whispered back as you pressed a kiss to his lips. you lingered for a couple seconds before you pulled away, causing him to whine slightly and chase your lips. you giggled into the kiss as his cheeks heated up. you pulled away and peppered his face with much needed kisses and multiple “i love you’s” in between. he smiled wider. you leaned back to admire his dazed look and snorted. “are my kisses that magical? did i cast a lil spell on ya, prince fire boy?” you teased. “oh shut up the fuck up. you ruined it. now come pay the price and cuddle me.” he grumbled as he pulled you to his chest. “your wish is my command, princey.” you chuckled as he swung his legs onto the couch. you hummed as you watched him pull his raven locks back into a bun. “beautiful.” you mumbled as you kissed his jaw, making him shudder. you layed your head on his chest and closed your eyes. his cheeks continued to tint a lovely pink as he lovingly looked at your face. he brushed a stray curl out of your face before pressing a kiss to your forehead. he wrapped his arm around your waist before looking at the tv again. he slightly groaned as he picked up the remote to rewind it. “you can be a brat sometimes.” he mumbled as he pressed play. “so can you, my lil foofoo cuddlely poops.” you tiredly mumbled. your words were slightly muffled as your cheek was smooshed against his chest. he hummed with a smile.

    alright, y/n. go back to sleep.” “gladly.”

    #zuko x reader #black reader #zuko x gender neutral reader #sokka would clown zuko 100% #y/n gotta give zuko his kithes #zuko is a lil emotional and lwk tsun #cuddles#flirting#compliments
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  • Message me for some fun 🥰 I’ll take your special requests 😜

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  • Oh to hold someone’s hand while on a walk, complimenting them nonstop about just how much I adore them and making them beet red with all of my compliments as they squirm.

    I know it wouldn’t take long before they’d beg for me to bring them somewhere private and do something about how worked up I’ve made them, but we both know they like the affection and how willing I am to praise them in public.

    Aw, are you that worked up just from my words, sweetheart? If you really want something from me all you have to do is ask nicely. I know how good you are at being good for me, or would you rather be a mushy little mess for the rest of this walk? I’m a fan of either or both. ;)

    #neru nerds out #flirting#teasing#dom thoughts #for once it's non-hypno related wow can we believe #thank you anon for the lovely inspo ~ #maybe I'll write a hypno one for the other idea ;0
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    World’s Finest (2012) #1

    #HELENA IS CLEARLY FLIRTING WITH KARA HERE AND KARA KNOWS IT #KARA: ID GET ARRESTED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE WITH YOU ANY DAY OF THE WEEK HELENA: *BLUSHES* #THIS PAIRING IS ONE OF THE MOST BLATANT VERSION OF QUEER BAITING DC COMICS HAS EVER PROVIDED #DESPITE DOZENS AND DOZENS OF MOMENTS LIKE THIS THEY ARE ‘FRIENDS’ #dc comics#batfam#batfamily #out of context #worlds finest#huntress#helena wayne#parallel daughter#power girl #kara zor l #karen starr#funny#dammit helena#flirting#queer baiting #helena x kara
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    Title: Vamp it Up

    Author: Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)

    Rating: General

    Word Count: 1100

    Tags: Rafael Barba/Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr., Rafael Barba, Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr., halloween party, Halloween, Vampires, First Meeting, Instant Attraction, amazing costumes

    Summary: Vampire Sonny meets quite the guy at Gina’s annual Halloween party.

    Comments: A very fun and cheeky story about vampire!Sonny meeting Rafael at a Halloween party. And would you look at that, Rafael is dressed as a vampire himself. The tag “Instant Attraction” speaks to this fic perfectly, they hit it off immediately and the flirting is just delightful.

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  • Some of y'all probably think I’m smooth af, but no, 99% of my flirting tactics are screaming internally and blushing a bunch 👏🏻

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  • Chapter 2

    An impulsive fic I started, inspired by Link talking about how much he wants a horse yesterday and @mycuppuffedhedraws adorable comic.

    (Chapter 1)

    #rhink fic #rhett and link #good mythical morning #rhink#flirting #equestrian judge rhett #horseback rider link #horse trainer link #I love horses #the contestant
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  • Masterpost by creativepromptsforwriting

    Flirting - Successful and unsuccessful Part II

    Prompt #351

    “I could kiss you right now!”

    “You’re very welcome to do it.”

    Prompt #403

    “I could ruin you.”

    “I know.”

    Prompt #412

    “One kiss before we die?”

    “You can get the kiss when we survive, so move!”

    Prompt #468

    “If I go on a date with you, will you bring the dog from your profile picture?”

    Prompt #488: Quotes (61)

    “You kissed me.”

    “You kissed me back.”

    ”And I’m not here to apologize.”

    Prompt #490

    "I would appreciate it, if you would kiss me right now.”

    Prompt #558

    “Your way of flirting is truly awful.”

    “But does it work?”


    Part I

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  • Fun little secret about me, if I text you “good night” were probably just friends, but if I text you “goodnight” I’m like head over heels in love with you. Like that little space makes all the difference. And sure I mess up sometimes but overall, that’s how I work.

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  • Haley set up the bbq! 

    Shaz was flirting with his girlfriend when they were eating. 

    They are super cute! 

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  • Masterpost by creativepromptsforwriting

    Flirting - Successful and unsuccessful Part I

    Prompt #219: Quotes (31)

    “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

    Prompt #256

    “I’ve never thought I could fall in love with someone like you.”

    “Because I’m a man?”

    “No, because I never liked your dog.”

    Prompt #276: Quotes (42)

    “Do I know you?”

    “Yes. We had Sex.”

    Prompt #279

    “Stop calling me Princess!”

    “I apologize, my Queen.”

    Prompt #293

    “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

    “It ripped out my wings, so yes, it did hurt.”

    Prompt #302

    “Don’t you know the language of love?”

    “Sorry, but I chose Spanish in school.”

    Prompt #340

    “You must be the reason for global warming because you’re hot.”

    “Actually it’s primarily because of too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

    Part II

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