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    That you want to rush into my arms and kiss me?

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  • One of my favorite things, Frisk teasing Sans, it never gets old

    (I forgot to publish it yesterday)

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  • miraculous lb, but drag racing au

    chat: oh m’lady, is that a new paint job? it looks purrfect. almost as purrfect as my last win.

    ladybug: it is! just thought i should be stylish when i leave you in the dust.

    chat: *swooning*

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  • ARYA x GENDRY WEEK : Deja Vu

    This is super late (as is all of my stuff), but @welt-verbessererin reminded me about finishing it. Expect the last two sometime this week. If you want to read the entire entry, I also posted on Ao3. It’s longer than I expected it to be. 


    “Disappointment, thy name is Gendry,” Bella leaned against the counter behind the bar. She picked up another freshly cleaned glass to wipe dry. “Come on,” his sister glanced at the entrance as a group of giggly women stumbled inside. “It’s been a year. Don’t think it’s gonna happen." 

    He made a dismissive snort and tossed by the last of his ginger ale, then sat the empty glass in front of her. The edges of his brows twitched with irritation when none of the dark-haired women in the group was the person he sought. Bella was right; it’d been a year to the day since that night. If the brunette did remember him, why would she want to come back? 

    Gendry ran a hand through his loose black hair as it began to itch his forehead. He meant to cut it last weekend, but things ran late at work, and he never got around to it. His sister returned with another drink and a plate of wings. She took some more orders, then returned to her task of cleaning glasses. 

    "Maybe she got hit by a car,” Bella said in the form of a question. 


    "Maybe she got hit by a car,” she shrugged. “You know, like in one of those classic movies. The ones Edric loves to bore us with watching." 

    "How does that make me feel better?" 

    "Cause you’re not the reason she didn’t show up. Maybe she wanted to, and on her way here, she got ran over."  

    "That’s awful!” He tossed his half-eaten wing back on the plate. “Why would you-” Gendry pushed his dinner away, no longer hungry at the image. “And I’d still be the reason if she was on her way here when something bad happened to her.”

    “Oh.” Bella’s lips rolled inwardly awkwardly, then shrugged again. “There are plenty of others who’d kill for your attention. Why don’t you go spend a paycheck on one of them,” she pointed the bottom of the glass towards the crowd before setting it down. “Get something out of it while getting her out of your head.”

    He mumbled under his breath, then bowed his head to toy with one of the chicken wings. Bella got the message loud and clear. She snatched some food from him and walked away. Not long after, someone took a seat on the stool at the corner of the bar next to him. Gendry didn’t care to acknowledge the customer. He had to admit they had a great pair of legs from what he saw in peripheral. 

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  • Hello Everyone

    So my phone is playing up and I’m anxious to release the Jacob black chapter so to make sure it’s safe, I’m posting something that has nothing to do with twilight and thought cute to post cause why not, I’m pretty gay and happy so ya know.

    Thought it would be nice and of course it is a small little distraction that came to mind so please thoughts would be lovely anyway.

    Hope you’re all having a lovely day/night and coping with the world.

    The idea for this came from this little saying on Pintrest



    I open the door as red and blue lights shine through the windows. My eyes captured by emerald green with fire ginger curls held back in a bun, “Mrs Lovell?” I smile widely, opening the door wider to reveal my gown of black, pink frills and satin, falling to my feet.

    “Sadly yes” I murmur when seeing her delectable lips, she bites at them. “I’m sorry to say your husband has been murdered” I smile meeting my eyes with her own, they widen when seeing me. “Oh darling, that’s the best news I’ve heard since his heart attack” I take a step forward, my heels click on the stone.

    “lucky me that it brought such a beautiful looking woman to my door” I purr and her eyes widen before she blushes and looks down, coughing into her fist. “May I come in, ma'am?” I smile “I want nothing more” I purr.


    I sit down on my lounge and look to her. “Make yourself comfortable,” I say, smiling softly. She nods sitting down “I’m detective Anderson-” “first name?” I ask, she looks into my eyes again. “Amber” I smile wide, my red lips portraying perfection and white teeth reflecting poise.

    “Well Amber, I have been here all night packing,” I say, her eyebrows furrow. “Packing?” I nod “before my husband went wherever he usually goes, he was here arguing with me.” She interlocks her fingers and leans forward, I raise a brow at the midnight shade of blue polish she wore.

    “What was your argument about?” She asked I lean my head on my soft knuckles as I observe her. “We argue all the time, it’s an arranged marriage you see, I was pretty and my family wanted me off, he was rich and needed to look for a bride” she nods “I wanted a divorce,” I tell her, she nods. “I’m gay you see and like the rest of my family, he wouldn’t accept it” her eyes look to me with sadness.

    “I didn’t want money, I had enough I wanted out he wouldn’t allow it, saying he would be a laughing stock” she nods, I roll my eyes. “Like every argument, he stormed away from the house in anger and left, he comes back in the morning at six to get changed and go to work, then he comes home I bring it up and we argue until it repeats, he usually sleeps at Williams, his best friends” she nods.

    “What time did he leave?” She asked I look at the grandfather clock across the sitting area. “He came home at six he was in his office for ten minutes before the maid brought him down to dinner we ate and then I brought it up and he stormed out twenty minutes later so roughly six-fifty” she nods.

    I watch her wrist write the words elegantly, her lower lip sucked into her mouth. “You’re very beautiful and graceful, detective Amber Anderson” she stops writing to look up at me. “Thank you ma'am” she murmured looking back down. “Do I get to see you at the station?” I ask, she looks up with a soft smile.

    “No,” she said, disappointment swells inside me. “I should be leaving” I nod and stand walking out of the room and down the hall before back to the front door, I open it and move aside.

    “Do come over anytime detective?” I say, she smiles her cheeks turning red. “Thank you for your full co-operation with the LAPD” I nod. She hands me a card “please call me if there is anything else you would see as useful to us” I nod, memorised by her eyes.

    “Of course, detective Amber Anderson” she blushes and walks out the door and down the steps to her car. I wave softly before closing the door and looking down at the card, my lips lifting when seeing her personal number with ‘call me" scribbled beside it.


    It’s small and perfect and here are the characters


    Thoughts on this would be lovely


    Your writer Bethany

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  • psychoanalysing people is my way of flirting

    #flirting#flirt#dating#relationship#relationship advice#psychosis#psychoanalysis#psychoanalysing #someone teach me out to flirt #i’m not mean i’m flirting with you #it’s also a defense mechanism
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  • Inspired by the lovely @the-sweet-dream‘s translation of a passage from Dazai, Chuuya, Fifteen Years Old. Go check out the post, it’s really great.

    Oh yeah, there’s gonna be a bit of angst. You have been warned.

    • I think this would take place before Dazai leaves the mafia, maybe a month before?
    • (i’m a sucker for pining Dazai, so that’s what we’re gonna do)
    • After one of their missions, Dazai and Chuuya are sitting together, probably at a local park or in one of Ane-san’s gardens
    • It’s pretty late, a few minutes until midnight, and they’re celebrating a mission well done
    • Somehow Dazai brought a tub of ice cream, despite not leaving Chuuya’s sight since they finished the mission
    • They’re teasing each other and bickering lightheartedly and are generally in a good mood
    • Chuuya’s really giggly from the sugar high
    • They both talk for a bit, at first it’s pretty shallow stuff, like what kind of books they like, but soon it gets deeper, like their past, insecurities, etc.
    • Chuuya leans on Dazai’s shoulder, who stiffens like a board at first, but then gradually relaxes
    • They’re borderline cuddling, but both will deny it for the rest of their days
    • The moon shines down on them illuminating their faces
    • Chuuya looks at Dazai, who’s staring at the moon, eyes wide and a soft smile curling on his lips
    • For just a second, the redhead thinks that Dazai wouldn’t looks out of place among angels
    • Dazai turns to face Chuuya, smile curling into a coy grin
    • “Hm? What are you looking at, Chibi?”
    • Chuuya blushes and looks away
    • Dazai leans closer, close enough to feel his breath tickling Chuuya’s ear
    • Shaking his head, Chuuya maneuvers so they’re sitting side by side again, but this time with a few inches in between them
    • Dazai’s smile fell, “What’s wrong?”
    • “You’re t-too close,” Chuuya replies, feeling like he could combust
    • They sit like that for a while, staring at the moon and trying not to look at each other
    • After a few minutes of silence, Chuuya squirms and says, “The moon looks beautiful tonight…”
    • It’s mostly to himself, but Dazai hears this and takes it as a confession
    • This is where the translation comes in
    • “Looks like we’re compatible. I love you like that.” Dazai whispers, loud enough for Chuuya to hear, but quiet enough for him to ignore if that made him uncomfortable
    • Chuuya pokes Dazai’s ribs with an elbow, face flushed a pretty pink. “Ew, that’s so sick I might die,” Chuuya snipes, trying to hide the rapid pounding of his heart.
    • Dazai feels his heart crack a little. “Yeah… I feel so sick I might die too.”
    • Because surely he has to be sick, right? As the tumultuous feeling in his stomach grows, Dazai thinks he might throw up
    • Chuuya immediately notices the tone change, but doesn’t say anything
    • The two grow distant in the following weeks, Dazai avoiding Chuuya and clinging onto Odasaku and Ango like a leech
    • In return, Chuuya avoids Dazai, preferring to spend time with Tachihara or Akutagawa, occasionally visiting Ane-san’s orphans
    • One day, Chuuya receives word from Mori that Dazai defected
    • Of course, Chuuya thinks it’s a joke
    • Then his car blows up
    • Chuuya’s ready to kill someone at this point, until he finds a singed letter next to the remains of his car, miraculously intact
    • It was from Dazai, and as Chuuya reads the first line, it becomes obvious that Dazai meant for it to burn with the car
    • That night Chuuya opens the bottle of Petrus Dazai got him for his 18th and cries
    • 4 years later, when Dazai is being held in the mafia’s basement, it takes all the self control Chuuya has to stop himself from throwing himself into Dazai’s arms and kissing the life out of him

    I think this is all I’m going to do for now.

    10 likes for a part 2 and 5 reblogs for what was in Dazai’s letter!

    #soukoku#dachuu #i love these idiots #pining dazai#confessions #but not really #misunderstandings#romance#flirting#odasaku#ango#shipping #a little at the end #bsd light novel #dark era dazai #fluff#angst#hurt comfort#i dunno
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  • Istg I’m asking my 14 year old brother for dating advice cause he’s always been so good at it! Like right now he has a wonderful girlfriend and a healthy relationship and when I asked how they got together he’s like

    “She was single, I was single, I asked if we should try dating each other, she said ok”

    And they’re so freaking cute! How do you young fetuses know the art of talking to pretty girls???

    He then told me part of it is being able to actually talk to girls.

    #lesbian#brother#flirting #how to talk to girls #seriously#dating advice #this is tough #girls are so pretty
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  • Hey to all my lovely non-hungarian flowers! In case any of you ever want to confess your attraction to someone in hungarian I suggest saying: “Nálam van a kombinált fogó” or “Olcsó bojler, csak ötezer”. They’re guaranteed to fall for you! uwu

    #relationship advice#hungarian #please don't actually say this they'll either laugh at you and refuse to explain or think that you're a communist #depends on which one you use #hungary#flirting #how to say i love you
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  • At least only realizing now that one of my friends might have been flirting with me for a few months before the covid stuff happened isn’t as bad as the time an acquaintance asked me out on a date and flirted with me and I didn’t even notice because I assumed they were joking, but I still fell like an idiot.

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  • The Mystery of Love, Courtship and Marriage Explained by Henry J. Wehman 

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