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  • euesworld
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    "Good morning floofy butt!! Grab a chair and stay awhile cause today is going to get good.."

    I think today is going to be a great day, not cause of luck.. no.. cause we are going to make it great, why?? Cause today is gift that we shouldn't waste - eUë

    #good morning #in the morning #morning thoughts#morning#floofy butt#floofy baby#floofy #grab a chair #grab my ass #i don't care #haha#stay awhile #today is a great day #today is a good day #today is a gift #good vibes#good energy#good things#life#life quotes#spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love#quoteoftheday#thoughts#feelings #thinking of you #thinking about you
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  • marytudorbrandon
    18.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Evens wen hooman iz doing speaks wiv da press types hoomans, most majestic floof boi doggo me needz hiz butt scratchez (I gotz toldz offs for being naughty boi) hehe 🐕

    Shakez yer floofy bitz

    Kal 🐾🐾❤

    #henry cavill#kal cavill #kal the bear #kal the akita #kalbear #who doesnt love kal #floof boi #floof bois unite #floofyness#floofy bum#butt scratch #scratch da floofy butt #the travelling bear #bear pig #henners is not a happy hooman #kal and his hooman rock #embrace da floof #embrace the fur
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  • everythingburns
    07.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    I am finally here! If anyone would like to plot or chat, hit me up in my IMs  I apologize about not being here 

    #I have nothing else to do really #So I am just watching Youtube #weiner dogs and floofy butt corgis #Aww they are soo cute!
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  • euesworld
    04.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    "Good morning beautiful, wake the desire in your smile when you open your eyes this morning cause I want to tell you something.. I love you like I have never loved anyone before and you are so, so lovely being around you. I just hope you wake gently.."

    Good morning floofy butt, here's a kiss for being so beautiful - eUë

    #good morning#morning thoughts #in the morning #morning#beautiful #you are beautiful #beauty #beauty surrounds you #i love you #open your eyes #wake up #deep morning quotes #loving you#floofy butt#kiss#kisses#kissing #you are lovely #spilled ink#spilled thoughts#spilled words#love quotes#love #love quote life quotes #love quote for her #quoteoftheday#romance#romantic#life#life quotes
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  • darkicedragon
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    darkicedragon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyFGlmgOMHs frankenstein being a wildlife rescue person or something, and gets called out to get wolf!muzaka out of a tree. first intro is just to muzakas butt XD aZure MY BRAIN TOTALLY DID NOT READ "first intro is just to muzakas butt" AS FIST INTO MUZAKA'S BUTT but yess XDDD darkicedragon I MEAN MAYBE aZure Franken having to save his floofy ass from time to time bc he's silly also office werewolf AU, Muzaka stuck with his paw in the printer and just going QAQ darkicedragon 'how...did you manage that' 'i was trying to change the ink!' 'just call IT next time' darkicedragon 'but they take so long' Q3Q

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  • unauthorizedhenry
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Floofy Kal butt 😍

    #henry cavill #every time i open Instagram he's posted another story
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  • irockgyu
    30.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • artaelyn
    28.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    BEHEGDJDHD I left my bedroom to go get water n I came back n from the darkness heard this deep, lonely sigh n it scared me so bad but it was just my dog. Help I love her but she is a pain sometimes BEURGDJSBDM scared me. SO BAD.

    This is a rlly bad picture of her from earlier btw :] she is the baby. She is very dorky n so frickin cute!! Her social skills w/ other dogs are like. .5/5 stars but with peopel she is a littol angel <333 Everytime we leave for more than 5 minutes she goes crazy when we get back. She jumps a lot n it’s so cute!!! When she’s let into the backyard as I unlock the door she kind of lowers herself into a pounce position n then as soon as it’s opened she is SPEEED. she races down the steps then runs until she gets to this giant pile of soil n barkchips then she LEAPS into the air, her paws outstretched. :]]

    She has this “muffin mouth” as I call it (I also call her a muffinhead becuz of BadBoyHalo) basically her jowls get stuck on her teeth n get a lil poofy because of it, sometimes it’s on,y one side n she looks confused becuz usually when that happens she tilts her head to the side. Also when she does the muffin mouth her bottom teeth stick out a bit which is rlly funny, n sometimes her tongue will be in a littol blep it’s so cute

    I miss my old dog though. I don’t really remember her very well but her name was Corabell n she was an Aussie Shepherd!!! My bestie always called her a sausage n she was!! So wiggly! Becuz yknow they like. Chop off their tails or somthing but since she didn’t have much of a tail to wag she’d just shake her whole butt. She had this SUUUPER loud bark n we always got her a hedgehog squeaky toy for Christmas. She didn’t get along too well with other dogs either but!! My grandparents dog Russ (who sadly passed as well) n her were besties. Everytime we went to their farm they woudl play the whole time!!

    Now my grandparents have a puppy named Dutch n he is!! Such a sweetheart! The sweetest lil guy. He’s got this biigggg swooshy tail n he’s super friendly and cuddly. He somehow always gets Rosie sopping wet (he splashes her with water from his bowl n his kiddie pool. Also slobbers over her ears becuz that’s his (play) fighting technique, he'll just latch onto her ears)

    My cousins just visited for Thanksgiving n they brought their dogs, Poppy & Hamish. Poppy is a Shiba Inu n she pretends to not notice you but she loves attention. She also looks for gifts for u when u first arrive it’s rlly cute! She also destroys ping pong balls.

    Hamish, idk what breed he is but he’s HUUUGE n floofy!!!! He attacked me w/ a sock once hehe he is very slobbery but also a snugglebug. I adore big dogs they r so sweet <33 he tries to swipe food off the table with his tail (or so I’ve been told) I love himb so much!! I only get to see him and Poppy like once a year :((

    My Nana and Pa also have a cat!!! Her name is Button she is black with yellow eyes :D I named her becuz she was “cute as a button” which is true! Whenever we visit I’m her favourite I think :]] she is very independent but ever since my dad installed a greenhouse she has been seen more often (it is warm in there!) she always sits up when I enter and leans into my arm when I give her scritches n pets. She also drools and purrs <333 my brother wanted to name her Shadow and I remember being so defiant like “no no! Her name is Button ://“

    My Grandma and Grandpa used to have a cat idk how to spell her name but she was Siamese and literally didn’t like anyone besides Grandpa n my brother. Probably becuz all us kids were super young n always tried to look for her, I remember shining a flashlight under my grandparents bed to try to find her. I also remember when we visited them in California that I’d make my brother go out the room in the morning first because I was scared of her. I miss California :(( I was too young to fully enjoy Disneyland but I do remember the Winnie The Pooh ride being a favourite! And Eeyore gave me a flower once :]]] I love Eeyore

    I should probably stop ranting or I’ll just keep going :/

    #slight death tw #because I mentioned my past doggo :/ #death mention tw #brhrhrbdjdbdid#rant #gryrgrrjrgrhrgjshfjrbremsnd dogs <3333 #*calls into the abyss* #i need to stop talking
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  • trishmishtree
    14.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Corset-Making Chronicles: Part 4 (it's done!)

    I think it's part 4 but I lost count. This is probably the most technically demanding and second-most time consuming sewing project I've tackled yet.

    Anyway, woke up bright and early today to figure out how to hammer on eyelets for the back lacing since I've never tried that before. It turned out surprisingly straightforward and only took about 1 hour, most of which was spent trying to force holes into the weave of the fabric without breaking any of the threads. The eyelets went in with no fuss, though the hammering did make my cat rather concerned.

    Unfortunately, I only had enough eyelets to do the back, so the front eyelets were going to have to be stitched and finished by hand.

    Which I proceeded to do for the entire rest of the day. Because I'm a moron who would rather take 10+ hours to do a thing by hand than get off my butt to buy more eyelets and get the job done faster. I'm not mad at all about how they turned out, though. At least it was much faster than the flossing or the boning channels.

    And then she was complete. For the lacing, I used a bunch of pink ribbon that @rockscanfly gifted me when we were in college (she's probably forgotten all about it, but I distinctly remember saying something like "um thanks? I'm sure it'll turn out useful... someday?")

    I should point out that no, this is not the outfit that I plan to wear with the corset. It's just a nightgown that looks like a chemise because I haven't gotten around to making a real chemise yet. I can't show pictures of the back because I live alone and am incompetent at photographing things I can't see.

    Initial observations: It seems I messed up the direction of the lacing in the front towards the bottom, but that's okay because this is just for testing the fit of the finished corset.

    It's doing absolutely nothing for bust support, but that's okay because this was designed to be a pretty floofy thing and not actually a functional undergarment. However, I am very surprised by the amount of back support I'm getting. Like, no joke, I could slouch in this thing and people would still think I have good posture. Now I'm actually tempted to try wearing this under my scrubs at the hospital and see if it will help keep my lower back from screaming in pain when we're in the fifth straight hour of walk-rounding.

    In before anyone asks, no, I don't feel like I'm being tortured or like I'm on the verge of passing out. I am comfortable. This was made specifically to fit me, since the pattern was originally drafted from one of my dresses that I altered to fit snugly. Yes, I do have to breathe differently in it, but I can take deep breaths. There's no compression on my diaphragm or ribcage. No, I am not tight-lacing, and my oRgAnS are not being sHiFtEd ArOuNd. My waist actually measures larger in the corset than without it.

    Anyway, I'm thinking I'll go back and properly tack down the lace trim on top since it seems to want to stick out and flip inside out. Otherwise, the corset is compete, and I'm looking forward to tackling some less ambitious projects.

    #tricia sews (kind of) #corset making#corsetry#sewing#hand sewing #tbh kinda tempted to try this madness again but with an underbust design instead #so i can wear it under my scrubs at work #did you know the corset never truly went away? #they just started calling it the girtle in the 1900s #and nowadays it's made of spandex and called spanx #i could probably also achieve the same back support effect by just wearing an abdominal binder #but i hate velcro
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  • strongbrew-hamstery
    29.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It's Friday!!! Time to celebrate with a Kevin or two from the #BakersDozen! The Kevin trio has been very popular on social media lately which tickles me because they are so cute and floofy! I am fairly sure Kevin Butt will stay at SBH, Kevin Back will go to @wildrosehamsters and Kevin NoCut will go to an adopter on the waitlist. I also think Kevin NoCut is yellow while the other two would be yellow black. ED and cream always mess things up. Part of why I can't wait to breed the cream right out! The #BakersDozen are otherwise doing really well. HW is such a great momma and still with her girls. Some mums are happy to stay with their daughters while others aren't at all fans. It seems HW falls in the first category which works great for me especially since Franny is still little. Hope you all have a lovely Friday! https://www.instagram.com/p/CVndXd7gYjg/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • klonoadreams
    22.09.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #ask #rogue crew ask blog #university au#fgo#oberon#venti (oc)#fujimaru noa#yuu (ewe) #counting sheep (fanfic) #bread and bitter (fanfic) #master is strange (fanfic)
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  • lmtyl
    15.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    It’s so funny how weirded out my dad acts when I’m patting on Mattie cat saying things like, “hows my butt? how’s my floofy pooter?”

    Like, in the six years of her life, I’ve had to keep an eye on her backside since Day One because she is fluffy and stuff gets stuck in her fur sometimes (and by “stuff” I mostly mean bits of poop but one time it was a whole dead wolfspider)

    It helps to make a game of it, she’s used to me checking and occasionally giving her a sanitairy trim when her fur grows long. My cats are very used to being handled and I think my dad takes that for granted.

    #cats #mattie and v #cats are gross #gross#family #i say weird shit all the time
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  • hotch-and-bunny
    11.09.2021 - 4 monts ago
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  • rubykgrant
    09.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Wash gets everybody into helping him with foster cats, and it was all part of his devious plan to trick them into adopting kitties! Mater of manipulation!

    Church; gets one of those looong cats, who is also very fluffy. she’s a white kitty named Marshmallow, who he sometimes calls Marsh, or to get her attention “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”. she’s one of those very talkative cats who constantly makes little chirps and beeps, which Church starts doing too

    Tex; got a tiny little orange kitten, who turned into a lanky cat that likes to jump. she trained him to sit and wait for her to lift up one knee and then pat her shoulder, and he jumps to the knee first and then the shoulder to perch. he was just a baby, so she got to name him, and went with Austin (because she’s a dork like that)

    Tucker; insists he only got a kitty for Junior... and then insisted he only got another one to keep the first one company. now he’s got two kitties, a black-and-white boy named Tux (he’s got a stubby bob-tail) and something that looks like an Abyssinian (but is probably a mix)- a girl named Ginger (they sleep on both sides of his head at night)

    Caboose; has one big chunky brown cat named Teddy (this cat isn’t just fat, he’s HUGE, like almost the size of a medium dog. his full name is “Teddy Bear” because he looks like a bear cub). Caboose also takes in 2 more, one cat who is missing an eye and ear (she’s named Daffodil, mostly white with creamy/yellow tips), and one who is missing the right front leg (he’s named Zip because he still likes to run, dark gray with black tabby-stripes). Caboose is very good at taking care of their specific needs

    Carolina; has two cats that are sibs, both calico girls. one has more white with  many small orange/black spots and yellow eyes, the other has more black with a few large orange/white spots and green eyes. the mostly white one is Jasper and the mostly black one is Jade. They are the best at wearing harnesses/leashes, and are very well behaved when going on walks

    Kai; has a mix that is some kind of Norwegian Forest Cat/Ragdoll, a very fluffy guy with dark-brown/orange fur that fades into a lighter belly. his name is Ash, and he is one of those cats who can actually pay attention to a TV, and he oddly likes watching action cartoons/anime

    Sarge; first took in an big older dark gray boy cat that had been feral and covered with scars on his face. Sarge took his time to slowly get the cat to trust him (earning several scratches in the beginning), but after a couple of months the cat was super affectionate. Sarge named him Maximus, and also calls him Max. At one point, Sarge was visiting Wash with Max, and the old cat started cuddling up to two young kittens that had been abandoned. Sarge obviously wanted to keep them too, and learned how to hold little bottles to feed them properly (both girls, one is a little ginger tabby named Clementine, the other is a little white short-hair named Sugar). he spoils them all

    Simmons and Grif; together, they got one kitty that resembles an Egyptian Mau with rusty fur and spots (probably a mix of unknown breeds). they name her Blaze (and had to convince Donut that it was NOT a reference to drugs). she likes to give them affectionate head-butts (they get two more kitties later when family times happen)

    Donut; has one kitty with glossy brown fur, lighter blonde-ish tips around the feet, one green eye/one blue, and a floofy tail named Diva (she WILL get your attention when she wants it, and is very dramatic). he later gets another kitten who likes to rough-house (but doesn’t actually hurt anybody, just playful attacks). she’s a dusty-colored little fluffball he calls Cookie, “because she’s a tough cookie”

    Lopez and Sheila; they have a quartet of 4 kitten sibs who were rescued from a fire. Sarge taught them how to use the little nursing bottles. the babies didn’t even have their eyes open yet. all 4 are white with patterns of brown stripes (when you line them up, one has only a few pale stripes on her back, the next has more darker stripes that reach his ears and tail, the third has even darker stripes that go down his legs, and the last has the darkest/most stipes with solid brown on her ears/feet/nose). they’ll get names when they’re older

    Doc; he got a cat first, a big boy named Domino (two-tone white and black, split right down the middle. his head and front legs are white, his back legs and tail are black). he’s a very cuddly and comforting pet... once O’Malley finally admitted he wanted a cat too, Doc got another kitty. a little kitten that has gray fur on the back that fades into a cream color that O’Malley names Stephen (yes, after Stephen King... Doc talked him out naming the kitty after a specific character from Pet Sematary, at least)

    Locus; kept the all black stray cat that seemed to take a liking to him. he started saying “ki-ki” when calling her (you know, that short for kitty-kitty call), and now her name is just Kiki. she’s much more calm around other people now, but pretty much doesn’t come up to anybody but Locus (she’ll sit and watch other people, like she’s saying “Get off my property”)

    Wash; still has like, 10 cats

    #red vs blue #cats
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  • formerlyknownas-delight
    05.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    More chicken footage, first proper day in their new home

    [image ID: the first two of four photographs show a small foofy black and a beige chicken, Friederich and Agatha. In the first they are on lush green grass in front of a chicken fence, in the second they sit on hay under the coop, the beige hen loafing cozily next to the back rooster]

    Friderich and Agatha are quite curious and explored everything, but always sticking close together Friderich has fancy dark green highlights on his butt feathers. Agatha is the floofiest and her eyes are an impressive amber colour

    [image ID: Photograph three shows a small brown hen, Hilda, with a floofy butt standing in front of the coop. She has blue earlobes and a tuft of feathers sticking up from her head. Photograph four shows the same hen and two similar ones together. Two sit on the edge of the coop where the hatch above the nests is lifted. The third is inside the cook]

    The three brown sisters are still noticably shy and not as used to people, but after some coaxing they came out as well. Wilhelmine is smaller than the others and almost bald on her head. Hilda's chest is a pretty orange, and Hennelore has the most voluminous hair of the three

    #chickens#silkies #is there a special english term for miniature silkies? bc in german silkies and mini silkies are different #following the fish #f
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  • petfinder-names
    13.08.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Adopt Sergeant Floofy Butt

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  • a-lil-perspective
    05.07.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #I make myself cry with these lol #sorry this isn’t exactly what you asked for lol #the dad batch #Dad!Tech #Ba’vodu Bad Batch #Ba’vodu Crosshair #is the real deal #nonverbal#ASD #early childhood development #tech’s baby genius #until I come up with a name lol #bad batch headcanons #tw diapers #it’s a lil thing
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  • sunspot-illustrations
    20.06.2021 - 6 monts ago
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