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  • well of course i got the flu right before halsey’s concert. why, why on earth would my body let me have a good time?

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  • Sleepy Drafts- Andrew Siwicki

    AN: I’m gonna start a series where I write tiny oneshots involving late night thoughts. Basically tiny comfort and fluffy stories. Requests and feedback very much appreciated. :)

    Dark. Blinking rapidly, his eyes try to adjust to the haziness that sleep had granted him. Turning over on the tiny couch that he had fallen asleep on, he sees her. Softly snoring and curled up into a ball, she slept across from him, a little pillow fort had been built between them, a stop sign for “unwanted” cuddles. Smiling to himself, he watches her blanket rise, a steady rhythm being deployed by the peaceful state of mind she seemed to be in. Carefully sitting up, he stares at the tiny night light that Shane had placed in the living room, not wanting another tripping accident to occur in pitch black like last week. Smiling to himself, Andrew stretches before carefully sliding off of the couch. Walking to the kitchen, he carefully gets himself a glass before pouring some water into it. Taking a thoughtful sip, he wonders how they ended up like that, so close together. All four of them (Shane, Ryland, him and her) had been watching a movie. He knew for a fact that he was the first to fall asleep, and that she was nowhere near him at the time. She probably watched the whole movie, and then once it was over noticed his sleeping form. She probably bided Shane and Ryland goodnight before stalking off to he closet in the hallway where she knew extra bedding was kept. She probably gathered as much material as her small arms would let her, and carefully stalked back to the now pitch black living room. She was most likely happy for the new installment of the nightlight that made her able to kind of see in the dark room. She most likely decided to sit herself at the edge of the couch where he was sleeping, and carefully built that little wall and then tucked him in. Then, and he knew this for sure, she lied down next to him, leaning as far from the blanket fort as she could so she wouldn’t bother him, and tucked herself in, not wanting to leave him all alone. She knew he’d most likely wake up confused, so she had decided to stay with him. Not only with him, but next to him in the most pure and innocent way he could imagine. Taking another sip of his water, he sets the glass down before walking back into the living room. Staring at her peaceful features illuminated by the yellowish glow of the night light, he carefully lays back down where he was previously sleeping, being mindful of the blanket wall. Closing his eyes, he hums a little before placing his hand right on top of the wall she had made to separate them, hoping that when he woke up she would be holding onto it. 

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  • I’m sick with the flu and I just thought to myself “What of someone did Megalovania using the dude from the Krabby Patty video?” I am not disappointed

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  • Taking Control of Your OWN Health Care - 9 Simple Steps

    There is no end to health care in the news today as everyone is looking to their elected officials to solve the problem. You have the power to take control of our own health!

    There is no end to information on the internet on living healthy but that often leaves you confused and overwhelmed.

    There are 9 simple steps to a healthier you that can be started today:

    Eat as much whole food as you can. Organic when available! This means foods without an ingredients list! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meats! +90% of your food intake should come from whole foods!
    Cut sugar intake from non-whole foods down to less than 20 grams a day. You are most likely eating over 100 grams a day right now when you add up all the added sugars in processed foods, FRUIT JUICES & sodas.  This does not mean you should switch to artificial sweeteners!  When you cut sugar intake down over a few months you will see how little you need to be satisfied!
    Get your Vitamin D3 levels back up.  Get a good quality Vitamin D3/K2 supplement.  2000IU of D3 a day keeps you at the level you are currently at.  If your D3 levels are already low then you need to start at 5000IU or 10,000IU a day.  Your doctor can run a blood test to see what your levels are at. As you get older your body quickly lowers its ability to produce D3 from the Sun!  I take 5000IU a day.
    Earthing/Grounding is a great way to lower body inflammation by reducing free radicals in your body.  Free radicals from fried foods and other sources bounce around your body causing inflammation. This is pure science as static electricity discharges from your body are free radicals escaping! This is why you feel so good after a beach vacation! More info available at:  https://www.earthing.com/pages/what-is-earthing
    Use high quality organic coconut oil for cooking. Most oils break down thus creating ingestible free radicals(see above).  Coconut oil does not break down at a higher cooking heat.
    Get a good probiotic into your diet on a daily basis.  Whether this is a supplement or a fermented food/drink like kombucha or fermented veggies & fermented pickles. If you feel you are coming down with a stomach illness it is best to triple your intake of these supplements or foods.
    Anti inflammatory supplements - Fish Oil, Tumeric and Organic Tart Cherry juice.  Give your body extra protection against inflammation with these options.  Most diseases and illnesses are caused by inflammation in your body damaging cells which are then attacked.
    Take one oscillococcinum a week during the flu season.
    Reduce inflammation with a daily CBD supplement. Use an oil or creme directly on injured or sore muscles.

    One thing to note is that the body uses viruses(cold & flu) to clean out dead, damaged and dying cells in your body.  Viruses attach themselves to damaged cells and kill them which is the phlegm that comes out when you are sick.   The more work that needs to be done the longer you are sick with a virus. Diseases use these damaged cells to propagate themselves that is why your body clears them out by being sick with a virus.  Keep your body healthy and immune system strong and your body will not need to use a virus to clear itself.

    Even with this simpler cleaner lifestyle you may feel a cold or flu coming on.  Learn how to stop colds and the flu in their tracks with our natural hack

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  • Health: Stopping Colds & Flu at the onset - Naturally

    When you feel a cold or flu coming on it is best to attack it head on!  Most medications just mask the symptoms.  What I do when I start feeling sick and continue for at least 4-5 days. In most case you will skip the sickness & full time stuffiness and have a couple of days of just clearing out your nose and throat.  Just like the ‘feeling better’ days of after bad illness.

    Big glass of water with 2 or 3 EmergenC packets 3 times a day.

    Triple my intake of vitamin D3/K2 combined . 5-10,000 IU pills.

    10 drops of Lomatium Isolate in a drink 3 times a day.  The first time you take this you may get a minor rash as your body clears out all sorts of viruses.  Lomatium is one of the best virus killers!

    Take Echinacea (2 - 4x a day) and Elderberry supplements

    Hydrogen Peroxide soaked in each ear for 5 minutes helps kill off any viruses feeding into your body from your ear canal.

    Take one oscillococcinum a day.  

    Teaspoon of Manuka Honey 3x a day to prevent an secondary infection like bronchitis

    Make sure to keep up with this regimen for at least 4-5 days until you are completely in the clear and feeling 100%.

    One thing to note is that the body uses viruses(cold & flu) to clean out dead, damaged and dying cells in your body.  Viruses attach themselves to damaged cells and kill them which is the phlegm that comes out when you are sick.   The more work that needs to be done the longer you are sick with a virus. Diseases use these damaged cells to propagate themselves. That is why your body clears them out by being sick with a virus.   Keep your body healthy and immune system strong and your body will not need to use a virus to clear itself.

    Learn how 9 simple hacks can let you take control of your own healthcare

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    Hey guys! Sorry for being inactive for a while… I’ve caught the flu, so I’ve been bedridden for the past few days… I know I still have some unanswered asks in my inbox, but I’ll get to them as soon as I get better. Hope you guys understand

    Existence is indeed… P A I N

    So always make sure to take care of yourself and stay in good health!

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  • So, like, apparently the flu season is getting really bad and a bunch of people have already died from it. I know this is serious but my clown-ass thought “Damn who played Plauge Inc. in america” ;-;

    But seriously, stay hygienic. I know there are some nasty people out there who dont wash there hands so like, wash your hands for ONCE please.

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  • My head feels like tissue paper. Like when I try to think it feels like I’ve tried to draw with a sharp pencil on thin material that tears apart easily. I haven’t had a fever in 2 days but I still feel weird and floaty. How long is this going to last? I have to work on training at my new job soon. ;-;

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  • I slept from 6 am to 12 pm. It’s a new sleeping pattern but it worked. Six hours of sleep is better than none.

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  • Wow, so I pulled my first all-nighter last night because of a stupid cough caused by the flu. Highly do not recommend. Get your sleep, kids.

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  • Me: hey let’s get some nice sleep so hopefully tomorrow we’ll feel better!

    My body: Sure! But first you have a bunch of crap to cough up even though your abdominal muscles are sore from coughing literally since the buttcrack of dawn and that kinda requires sitting up 😬 sorry

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  • I can feel myself getting sicker as the day goes on…

    Darn kids need to STOP putting their hands into my mouth!

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  • Sick Day

    “You feel warm to me.” Prompt for @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk Drabbles! I love these so much!

    “You’re getting sick.” Bucky sighs stepping away from you. It was breakfast time at the compound, Steve, Bucky and Sam got back from their morning run and Bucky sensed immediately you had a virus on the way.

    “No I’m not.” You tut, drinking your coffee and willing the slight ache in your throat to go away.

    Bucky plants the back of his hand against your forehead and nods his head like he’s a doctor.

    “Yep. You feel warm to me. Stay dry, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest.” He orders.

    “Thank you Dr. Barnes.” You roll your eyes sarcastically and Steve smirks at you.

    And the next morning, your throat felt like you had swallow the pricks off a cactus, your head pounding and your nose was blocked, which meant every breath you inhaled through your dry mouth, a monstrous cough would erupt.

    You were laying on the couch facing the TV watching something Steve put on Netflix for you, with a blanket draped over you and a fan blowing in your face, since you were stuck between hot and cold you figured this was an ok solution.

    You sniffled through your blocked nose and groaned in frustration. Why the hell did you need to get sick. And why was Bucky always right. The fact he was able to tell you that you were getting sick days before you actually did was amazing.

    Bucky walks in and his heart sinks to his stomach at the sight of you.

    “How are you feeling, doll?” He asks, putting his flesh hand against your forehead and hissing at how hot you were burning up.

    You didn’t respond, only groaned. And Bucky did the unthinkable, stripping down to his boxers as he climbed behind you under the blanket, gliding his metal hand under your shirt and you shivered at how cold he was, his body keeping you warmer.

    “You gotta sweat it out. I can help you tonight.” He whispers, and you can tell just by the tone of his voice he’s smirking.


    “Night time activities doll, the more you sweat the quicker you’ll get better.”

    “What’s in it for you?” Your voice was hoarse and you hated it.

    Bucky laughs. “You.” He states like it was obvious. You roll your eyes, secretly excited by what he has planned exactly, the warmth and comfort of Bucky makes your eyelids heavy and you fall asleep in his arms.

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