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    Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader

    Summary: You're up late one night, thinking about your busy life as a princess. You manage to get locked out of your room, leaving you stranded on your balcony. It's a good thing your guard is there to catch you.

    Word Count: 2.1K

    Warnings: fluff fluff fluff, grumpy Iwa, that's about it, just pure softness

    A/N: Hey y'all! I can't remember what number this one is, but here is another contribution to The Barn's Royal Rodeo Collab! I hope you like some soft and grumpy Iwa :3 -Rach<3

    Moonlight flooded down from the sky, catching on a few stray clouds here or there to cast faint shadows on the ground underneath it. Millions of stars dotted the night sky, a mirage of faint navies, purples, and white that was breathtaking and eye-catching.

    Your balcony was lit up by the moon, paled and white from its bright shine as the polished quartz gleamed and sparkled in the silence of the night. It was late, past midnight as you sat on the ledge of your balcony, (colored) eyes turned toward the sky in wandering thought and want.

    Though your eyes were tired from the long day, you couldn’t quite pull them away from the expansive sky above you. There was a myriad of thoughts running through your mind from throughout your day.

    Thoughts of important meetings, abrasive and annoying suitors, the kind and sweet woman from the bakery that morning, and even your personal guard.

    You just wanted one moment to yourself to escape the pressures from your parents. It wasn’t easy to be a princess, no matter how glorious and perfect your life seemed to be. Every day was filled with stressful demands and even more exhausting people.

    Yet glancing at the sky for a few minutes seemed to help ease your mind, even if you wanted nothing more than to escape the confines of your room. Your mind was running so fast that there was no way you could attempt at sleeping, so watching the night shift and glitter was the best option.

    It had been almost an hour of sitting on your balcony, quietly thinking to yourself while your legs swung dangerously beneath you. A hefty gust of wind curled up the side of the castle, slamming the door to your balcony shut and leaving you outside.

    You freeze in place as you realize that your door is automatically locked from the inside, your heart picking up its pace as you move from your seat to go to the door. Frantic footsteps lead you to the grandiose door, and you move your hands to pull on the silver-colored handle with a few harsh tugs.

    No resolve, the door was completely and utterly locked, and you can feel your panic and stress begin to build back up in your body as you begin to pace. You knew no one else would be up at this hour and that there was only one way to get out of your situation that didn’t involve waiting till morning.

    Climbing down.

    You gulp shakily as you try to will your jittery thoughts and feelings away as you grasp your skirts in one hand and begin to lift your leg over the railing. The pale quartz is cool under your smooth hands, and you silently pray that your grip won’t slide on the slick material.

    You maneuver yourself onto the outside of your balcony, your feet firmly placed between the arches on the railing while your hands gripped at where you had been sitting not long ago. In front of you was the mocking and locked balcony door, teasing you about the drop in height behind you toward the ground.

    You try to steady your breathing as you once again try to shift, but your head whips around at the sound of footsteps sounding out on the gravel below you. You cease your movements as the footsteps get louder, and you try to shift your weight once again to get more comfortable, but your right foot slides out from underneath you.

    A strangled scream falls from your lips, and you hear the footsteps grow rapid as they approach you from the ground. You can hear the faint clang of metal armor rubbing up against itself and you close your eyes in fear as you picture the drop below you.

    “Princess, are you alright? What are you doing?” the low and gruff voice comes. A sigh of relief leaves your lips as your foot catches onto something sturdy enough to put weight on, and then your body slightly relaxes at the sound of the familiar voice.

    “Iwaizumi! Thank goodness you’re here! My balcony door locked on me and I didn’t want to spend the entire night outside,” you call over your shoulder, albeit your voice was slightly muffled.

    You can hear Iwaizumi huff something out under his breath, although you can’t quite make out the words as your grip starts to slacken a little on the grip on the railing. Iwaizumi’s footsteps can be heard again as he positions himself underneath you and says, “How did you think you were getting out of this?”

    You roll your eyes in slight annoyance as you call out, “Can we talk about this whenever I’m on the ground?” Iwaizumi sighs loudly and grumbles, “Alright, but no breaking any bones, alright? Your parents will have my head on a platter before a girl flocks around Oikawa.”

    You laugh at the low pun, but you can tell that Iwaizumi is grumpy and sleepy because it’s so late in the night. Yet you can tell that he cares by the softer tone in his voice and the gruff way he has of showing affection.

    You shift your feet once again as you try to lower yourself, but your hand completely loses its grip on the quartz railing, and you cry out again as you scramble to hold yourself up.

    Iwaizumi quickly yells out, “It’s alright, Y/n! Try to quiet down a little bit, I know this is scary but we can’t have the whole fleet of knights coming out here to save you.”

    At the end of his words, Iwaizumi unties the leather straps holding his sword at his side and tosses it a few yards away so that neither of you would get hurt. He pulls off his metal gloves and some of the other protective plates on his arms before also tossing them.

    Iwaizumi positions himself underneath you once more before he states, “Alright, princess, go ahead and let go, I’ll catch you.”

    You glance down at him and you screw your eyes shut tightly, your throat tightening with fear at the drop. You say down to him with a wavery voice, “I don’t believe you! You’ll drop me, I know it!”

    Iwaizumi’s face pulls into a scowl, his eyebrows drawing in thought before he replies, “When have I ever lied to you?” Your mouth falls open to shoot back another sassy retort, but a shrill shriek is ripped from your lips as your hands finally give out.

    Wind smacks into you from all sides as you quickly fall, and Iwaizumi opens his opens to catch you right as you land on top of him. He catches you fairly well, but your weight and the momentum from the fall causes him to tumble back and onto the hard gravel with you in his arms.

    A broken groan falls from Iwaizumi’s lips as you gasp and pant, trying to catch your breath and recenter yourself after the rough landing. Your eyes shoot wide open as you glance down at Iwaizumi who’s face was pulled into a painful frown, his teeth bared in pain.

    “Iwaizumi! Oh my goodness, I am so so sorry! Oh my gosh, look at you!” You whimper out as your (colored) eyes begin to scan his features. Your hands move to tenderly grip his face as you look him over for any external injuries, and you flinch when you see a line of red across his cheek.

    The scratch isn’t too bad, but there are some gravel chunks that you brush away as gently as you can. Iwaizumi gasps in pain and flinches from your touch, his body still recoiling from the impact with the ground.

    “I’m sorry,” you whisper again as worry and concern flash over your features, your eyes softening as you make eye contact with him. You continue to cradle Iwaizumi’s face as his eyes flutter open, and he blinks at you a few times before his vision clears up.

    Iwaizumi moves to stop you from continuously checking him over, but he’s too out of breath to stop you, not to mention that he’s enamored by the softness of your hands touching him so tenderly.

    Under the light of the moon, a subtle pink glow rests on Iwaizumi’s cheeks as his large hands move to grip your wrists, halting your movements as you regain eye contact with him.

    For a minute, it’s just the two of you. Nothing else seemed to matter as you gazed upon the handsome and angled features of your guard. To Iwaizumi, his pains and aches seemed to melt away with the kind and caring look in your eyes as he looked up at you, trying to memorize your features in your close proximity.

    Iwaizumi doesn’t mean to look so long, but his hazel-colored orbs linger on your parted lips for a few too many moments. When he looks back up and into your eyes, you’re looking down at him in a slight daze, a far-off look in your eye.

    In an instant, you seem to remember where you are, lying on top of Iwaizumi. You quickly start to shuffle toward your feet, scrambling to get off of him as your cheeks start to flush in embarrassment.

    “Oh my gosh Iwa, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I was crushing you, you probably couldn’t breathe! I’m sorry!” You manage to spit out, one hand rest on your face in worry while you offer the other one for him to take.

    You help pull him to his feet carefully, and Iwaizumu shakes his head to try to clear his mind of his prior thoughts. His cheeks are still painted red in embarrassment, he thought he was going to kiss you. What was wrong with him?

    Iwaizumi just grunts out, “Don’t mention it. I say we keep this nighttime balcony jumping between the two of us.” You giggle at his gruff response and you offer, “Well would you like to go on a walk with me? To shake off the fall?”

    The guard just offers his arm to you stiffly, and you frown as you take a hold of it and ask, “Are you sure you’re alright, Iwa? I’m-” “Don’t say you’re sorry. It’s my job to protect you, princess, even if it is against your own stupidity sometimes.”

    As the two of you walk over to his discarded sword and armor, your eyes flick over his face for any sights of pain or discomfort. When you don’t see any, you stop him gently, your hands resting on his forearms as you give him a small smile.

    Iwaizumi looks away and toward the ground, his cheeks still dusted with a soft blush color. Under the glow of the moon, Iwaizumi’s features are softened, and you can’t help but silently acknowledge how handsome he looked.

    You grab a hold of the silver metal pauldrons on his chest, slowly leaning up to press a warm and sweet kiss to his un-injured cheek. As you pull away you whisper, “Thank you for catching me, Hajime. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

    When you finally settle your weight back onto the base of your feet, your eyes scan over Iwaizumi’s features. You can’t help but giggle at him when you see the red coating his entire face, your hands tightening their grip on his forearms as you double over with laughter.

    In between your giggles, you manage to get out, “How can I make it up to you, Hajime?” The brown-haired guard watches you carefully for a few seconds as you calm your laughter, your eyes wide and twinkling with a playful mischief.

    Warm hands wrapping around your waist catch your attention, and before you know it, Iwaizumi is pulling you into a quick but passionate kiss. His lips are warm and smooth against your own, and you let out a soft hum as your eyes flutter shut.

    He pulls away after just a moment, holding you close to him before resting his forehead on your own. Iwaizumi smirks down at you and says, “Well how about you don’t go falling out of balconies in the middle of the night, princess? I might not always be around to catch you.”

    At that, Iwaizumi rests your hand on his arm again as he ties his sword to his waist and grabs the rest of his armor before leading you off for your walk. He might have said that he might not always be around to catch you, but you both knew that wasn’t true.

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    episode 27 - i love you, you love me (but not in the same way)

    lover of mine - music major!bang chan x english major!reader

    genre: fluff, angst, (attempted) humour

    A/N: hahaha guess i ruined that for y’all, huh? so close! yet so far. i hope you liked the conversation though. i think this is quite possibly my favourite conversation i’ve written so far for chris and sunshine. there’s something very,,, playful and comfortable about it. even though they’re both hurting and meant to be feeling awkward. but they don’t. i hope that catches on. that, and i just really like the fact that they have a text conversation while sitting right across from each other. it kind of cements in that “so close, yet so far” vibe. heheh.

    also, don’t feel too sad bestiessss. i won’t give y’all a sad ending. it’s just that, chris needs some growing up to do before he can get the girl. he’s got issues to solve. in this house we only stan healthy relationships between people who are ready to take the responsibility 😤 we’ll get there. i just hope you stick around for the journey❣️

    (thank you for all the love on the au. i love you all very much! 🥰✨)

    previous episode // next episode

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    #rodrick heffley x reader #rodrick x reader #rodrick heffley #Diary of a Wimpy Kid #diary of a wimpy kid rodrick #fluff headcanons#fluff#headcanons#request
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    this is us trying, Chapter 10 - The Epilogue

    In this AU, they don’t know each other outside of the suit. And in this AU, Ladybug and Chat Noir love each other. But in this AU, Chat doesn’t want their identities revealed.
    Written for @ladynoirjuly 2021

    notes: the last chapter consists of the last 2 prompts

    Read on AO3

    30. Rose

    Chat was down on one knee, a palm placed right on top of his heart, and presenting something red to her.

    A rose. It was something she hasn’t seen much ever since the final battle, minus the time of the reveal because that was special, but it really has been a while since he last held out a red rose to her.

    And he was down on one knee in a very public area. Parisians were watching.

    “Chaton, what are you doing!” She spoke through gritted teeth, which just made her seem like she’s smiling with her white teeth.

    “A display of affection!” A shit-eating grin sat on his handsome face.

    Ladybug made a noise. “I can see that! And it’s very sweet of you, but right here?!” she yelled in a whisper.

    “I think Parisians need an update that we’re officially together meow.” His smile grew wider.

    And she finally caught on. It has been at least 6 months since she proposed her stupid idea of patrolling around when they were actually dating. But ever since they’ve gotten together, they patrolled, really patrolled, around Paris.

    So an update they’ll give. Ladybug walked over to Chat and took the rose from his hand to give it a long sniff. Chat stood from the ground and waited until she’s done before wrapping his arms around her waist, drawing her closer. Ladybug giggled and snaked her arms around his neck, pressing her lips onto his. They heard the crowd around them cheering before they could get lost in the kiss.

    They pulled back slightly, still looking at each other adoringly before they directed their attention to the crowd. Sure enough, phones can be seen in their hands. With pink cheeks, they posed for a few photos and said their thank-yous in response to their blessings. Ladybug and Chat Noir then made their way, hand in hand, to a nearby rooftop.

    “You think that’ll bring an interview our way, my lady?”

    “It’s Alya, Chaton. Once she catches wind of this, of course she will,” she ran her hand up their once-connected hold to his chin to scratch. “Her LadyNoir ship has finally sailed after all.”

    “Our superhero ship name, huh?” He fluttered his eyes close, really enjoying it when she does that.

    Ladybug stopped her ministrations gradually. “Mon Chaton, what’s the real reason for giving me a rose?”

    Chat opened his eyes and smiled sheepishly. “I realised I haven’t given you anything ever since we became official, as our civilian selves.”

    “A romantic at heart, huh?” She flicked his bell. “Thank you.”

    He twinkled and placed a kiss on her knuckles. “Anything for you, my lady.”

    They made their way home after patrolling around for a while longer, and Ladybug de-transformed the moment the balls of her feet touched the floor. She gave Chat a quick kiss on the cheek before finding a suitable vase for the rose. A soft look reserved only for her sat on Adrien’s face as his eyes lingered on Marinette before she disappeared around the corner.

    Marinette exited the kitchen with a cup of tea in her hands when she suddenly came to a halt. Adrien was down on one knee again, but this time, instead of a single rose, he held out a bouquet to her.


    “Yes, my love?” His eyes were shining.

    She blushed at the endearment. “Why am I receiving something from you again?”

    “Can’t I shower my lady with gifts?” His pupils were dilated.

    “You can, you absolutely can.” She placed her cup down on a nearby table and went to help him up before taking the bouquet from him. “And I’m not complaining.”

    Marinette hugged the bouquet and brought it to her face before lifting her head, a smile on her face. “Thank you again, Adrien.”

    Adrien leaned in to kiss her cheek. “I’m glad you like it, Marinette. Red suits you really well.”

    “It’s really lovely.” Her cheeks bloomed and she sniffed it once again. “So… what's the reason?”

    He brought a hand to his chest.  “My lady, can’t I give you anything without you assuming I’ve an ulterior motive?”

    She tilted her head.

    “I can't hide anything from you huh?”

    She gave him a sly smirk.

    He released a short breath of laughter. “I would like to take you out on a date, as Adrien and Marinette.”

    Her smirk turned into one of surprise. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.”

    It was his turn to be smug.

    “Is this for an event or?”

    “Just the two of us having dinner together.”

    Marinette looked at the clock. “It’s not today, is it?”

    “My lady, I would never.” He placed his hand on the small of her back to pull her in. “I know how important it is for you to have enough time to prepare.”

    “Adrien! The flowers!” Her lips curved downwards as their bodies squashed the bouquet a little.

    He chuckled, picking the bouquet from her arms and settling it down on the table where her cup sat before his arms rounded her waist, peering at her earnestly. “Is that a no?”

    Marinette pulled him down for a kiss before smiling. “It’s a yes. Of course it’s a yes, you silly kitty.”


    A day had passed since Adrien told her about the dinner date, and Marinette was currently in her home choosing the perfect outfit to wear for it. It’s her dream to date openly with her kitty, masks off. And now that she’s finally going out on a date with Adrien, she had to look her best for this special occasion.

    The problem was, she had no idea which outfit was suitable for the date.

    “Chaton, what will you be wearing for the date?”

    Adrien was currently sitting on her bed admiring her vast creations of apparel as she dug through her wardrobe.

    “Why, just a normal suit you’ll wear for dinner,” he smiled, knowing exactly what her dilemma was.

    “Not very helpful, Chaton.” Her voice was muffled as she had the top half of her body shoved into the wardrobe to dig deeper. “Have you seen anything suitable from those on the bed?”

    “I think any one of them is perfect, my lady,” the smugness on his face grew larger by the second.

    “Chaton!” She whipped around and stomped her foot. “I really need some advice here.”

    She’s so endearing even when she’s angry, can he get any luckier? “And I’m giving you legitimate advice, anything here is stunning.”

    Marinette made a strangled noise. “Okay, fine then. Where are we eating?”

    “It’s a secret, Buguinette,” he winked.

    “Adrieeen!” She whined. “Okay, okay, calm down Marinette. Just think logically. Your boyfriend loves spoiling you, so it’s reasonable to think he’ll bring you to a nice and classy restaurant…”

    She glimpsed at him, and he just smiled.

    Marinette groaned. “As dreamy as you are with that smile, it’s not really helping me with my predicament here.”

    “Marinette, it’s like I said earlier, any—”

    “—one of them is fine,” she finished his sentence. “Yeah yeah, I’m painfully aware.”

    She activated her kitty eyes. “May I know the colour of your suit at least? Please, Chaton?”

    Adrien was offended. How dare she use his own weapon against him. And it worked so well. It’s no wonder Marinette can never say no.


    “Pleaseee!” She made herself look even cuter than before.

    Man, it sucked to be the receiving end of it.

    “Oh alright,” he gave up, “I’m wearing black.”

    He was tackled onto her bed in an instance. “Yay! Thank you, Chaton! Now I can narrow down the number of outfits to choose from!” She flashed him a genuine smile.

    Maybe he should’ve just let loose some facts earlier. Her happiness is his dopamine.


    They walked through a hotel to get to the restaurant Adrien had in mind. Marinette still had no idea which one it was, but she was definitely right on him wanting to spoil her.

    The walk was a long one, but she couldn’t find herself complaining. With no one else around but themselves, it indeed felt like they were in their own mini-world. Their hands were clasped together tightly, with Adrien rubbing his thumb soothingly on the back of her hand. Marinette had never admitted it but she really loved it and found it comforting when Adrien ran circles on her skin. She almost wanted to just push him into a corner and make out for a while given how private the moment felt.

    But Adrien’s hand was starting to get clammy for some unknown reason, and she was about to call out to him when they suddenly stopped in front of a square mirror.

    They looked so adorable together Marinette honestly wanted to snap a few pictures and keep them as cherished memories. It was their first after all. But before she did that, she directed her attention towards him to wait on him, except he was already looking at her.

    “I would like to share a picture of us on my account?”


    His forehead had beads of sweat. And his hands were still damp.


    “I don’t see why not?” She dug her purse for something. “My face’s already on your account, no?”

    “You are, and the public has been very accepting of our relationship as of late.”

    She brought tissues to his face. “Then why are you sweating so much?”

    Adrien let her dab the sweat off his face. “I was worried you’ll see it as me trying to give you exposure through my account.”

    “Well, seeing that you said any outfit of mine was stunning enough, isn’t it?” She smiled.

    He winced when she acknowledged it. Yet, she kept smiling.


    “It’s your account,” she booped his nose with her finger. “You decide what goes on it.”

    Relief flashed across his face.

    “Besides, there’s only so much I can do to get my designs out there.”


    “Yes, I don’t mind it. And I really really want to keep memories of this night.” She turned both of them towards the mirror. “Just look at us! We look so cute together!”

    Adrien laughed as he stepped behind her to wrap his arms around her waist. “As my lady wishes.”

    Marinette took out her phone, getting ready to take a few photos. Her hand enclosed his as Adrien bent a little to kiss her temple, and she captured the image of them in the mirror.

    She swiped through to find the one which had them both looking the best. “How’s this for your account?”

    “You look gorgeous,” he breathed as he placed another kiss on her cheek.

    “And you look charming,” she giggled. “Now let’s take cute and silly pictures together!”

    Marinette escaped from his arms to stand beside him and posed.

    He chuckled. “Buguinette? Our dinner?”

    “Yes, I’m hungry too. So hurry up!”

    31. Pound it

    “Buguinette,” Chat called out.

    “Chaton,” Ladybug replied.

    He smiled at her attempt to be kittenish.

    “The interview with your friend Alya is this Friday,” he detailed.

    And she confirmed. “Indeed it is.”

    “And I was thinking…” he drawled.

    “And you were thinking…” she rephrased.

    “Can you formally introduce Alya to me?”

    Ladybug blinked in surprise before her smile returned.

    “You want to get to know my friends,” she stated.

    He nodded. “Indeed I do.”

    “I can do that. But…” she hummed.


    “Why don’t we go on a double date with Alya and Nino?”

    Chat tilted his head. “Nino?”

    “Alya’s boyfriend and my childhood friend!” She puffed her chest proudly. “I’ve a feeling you’ll be best buds!”

    Ladybug suddenly had her back flat on the rooftop, a certain cat had tackled her into lying down and he was rubbing his cheek against hers.

    “Thank you, my lady! Thank you!”

    She patted his head. “Of course, mon Chaton.”

    Chat let her go and hovered above her.

    Ladybug brought her hand to his cheek. “Your eyes are sparkling.”

    “Of course they are!” He grabbed her wrist and smiled. “I’ll have two new friends at the end of the double date! Two!”

    “You so sure,” she chuckled.

    He kissed her palm. “They must be as awesome as you are, so yes.”

    “Well then, we better finish up with patrol soon!” Ladybug pushed herself up. “So that I can call Alya as soon as we arrive home!”


    They had collectively decided on a game night at the Agreste mansion. And since Adrien didn’t have the dancing video game Alya and Nino love playing, Alya will be bringing that game over so that they can all play together.

    Adrien and Marinette were in charge of providing dinner for them all, and Alya had suggested ordering some delivery. Adrien, aiming to be a good host, wanted to cook but Marinette assured him that calling for delivery would suffice.

    Now that preparations for the game night were done, all they had to do was wait for their friends’ arrival. Still, they were taking a while to get here, since it’s a workday after all. Marinette suggested playing some video games to pass time, and they were back in his room again.

    Maybe they got bored of playing the same video games. Maybe they got tired of waiting for their friends and were beginning to get restless at their tardiness. Whatever it was, Adrien and Marinette were currently making out on his bed. Their hands grabbed any body part they could get hold of, and their lips wet from all the kissing and biting.

    It had started out like any other kiss they had had, until Adrien got cheekier and started nibbling on her lower lip. The mewls she let loose spurred him on and he bit down and pulled. Marinette moaned and released her hold on his neck. Her brows furrowed as he caressed her cheek and tasted his lips, a smirk sitting on his face; warmth burst forth within his chest at what he was able to do to her. She pushed him onto his back to straddle him, her fingers sprawled and glided across his chest, shoulders and neck, before reaching up to play with his hair. Marinette leaned towards his face, leaving butterfly kisses on his forehead, nose, lips, chin, jaw, and finally stopping at his ear. She started licking and grazing her teeth on his ear, giving it a nibble before moving down to his pulse to suck.

    Adrien was quick to grab her face and brought her lips back to his before she could leave a mark.

    “We’ll have guests over soon, Marinette,” he breathed over her lips.

    “You didn’t seem to have that in mind when you bit my lips, Adrien,” she growled and gripped his hair hard. Adrien groaned and Marinette’s tongue traced over his lips before sliding into his mouth. It felt around, eager to roam and discover each and every corner it could reach. Adrien breathlessly drank her onslaught, enjoying her strawberry flavoured lips and the thrill that was coursing through his being. He hummed as his hands clutched onto her hips as tightly as they could, and she licked his lips once more before biting down on his lower lips to pull and suck.

    Adrien moaned in approval and Marinette smirked at his reaction. When he finally realised what he had just done, he opened his eyes to see his lover’s face full of smugness. But it didn’t last long as she was flipped onto her back.

    “Two can play this game, Marinette,” he grunted and devoured her lips. His hand interlaced with hers, bringing them above her head while the other caressed her cheek. Marinette felt herself trembling and whimpering as he continued to kiss her vehemently and his hands caressed her body as it went down her neck, down the side of her chest, down her waist before travelling under her shirt to brush her ribs tenderly. Adrien’s mouth ghosted over her burning cheek to the side of her face and nipped her ear. She gasped and Adrien pressed his body into hers harder. Marinette felt hot all over and she twisted her core, sitting on top of him once again. She wasted no time and went straight for his neck. The desire to one-up each other continued for who knows how long until Marinette’s phone rang.

    They sprang apart for Marinette to answer her phone.

    “Marinette? Are you not home? We’ve been ringing the bell for over a minute now,” came Alya’s voice.

    Marinette was horrified, they got so carried away that they didn’t even realise the doorbell had been ringing that long.

    “O-Oh! We must’ve f-fallen asleep or something! We’re coming to get you now!”

    She hung up and pulled Adrien out of the room, almost falling in the process. “It’s Alya! T-They're here!”

    Adrien’s eyes grew to the size of saucers and they ran to the front door.

    “Uhh,” Nino started, “are we interrupting somethi—”

    “No,” Marinette answered before Nino could finish his sentence.

    Alya snickered and snapped a photo.

    Their hair was a mess, they had their cheeks ablaze, and lips red and swollen. Fierce red marks can be seen on their skins as well.

    “Look!” Alya shoved her phone into Marinette’s face.

    “I know how I look, don’t show me that,” she covered the screen with her hands and turned around. “Come on in.”

    Alya looked at Adrien and smirked. “Don’t worry, Sunshine. I’ll send it to you later.”

    Adrien crimsoned.

    Marinette showed her friends where the game night would take place before heading to another toilet to tidy up. Adrien used the toilet in his room.

    Both of them returned to the room, only to have Alya and Nino challenge them to a showdown.

    Marinette knew Alya and Nino have been totally in sync ever since they got together. She wasn’t as surprised about their score as Adrien was; he was really impressed.

    When it was their turn, Adrien stood and offered his hand to her. Marinette chuckled and took his hand, moving to the play area hand in hand.

    Alya and Nino were shocked that they got a near-perfect score. After their ‘workout’, the four of them sat on the sofa and enjoyed their dinner.

    “My little sis has finally found the one,” Nino wiped fake tears away. “Adrien, you’re a mec!”

    Adrien beamed at the nickname Nino had given him, and Alya was really glad that Nino liked Adrien enough to call him ‘Mec’.

    “Nino look!” Alya showed him the picture Adrien had of them on his account. “Aren’t they adorable?”

    “Oh! Marinette, you finally gave him that scarf huh?” Marinette nodded. “See, there's nothing to worry about, Adrien looked like he really loved it, don’t you mec?”

    Adrien’s smile faltered a bit, but he nodded nonetheless.

    “Nino!” Alya whacked his forearm. “He’s not supposed to know that!” she whispered harshly.

    “You’re worried that I wouldn’t like it?” Adrien looked at Marinette. Alya just smacked her forehead and Nino slapped his hand on his mouth.

    “Uhh, yeah…” she admitted. “Honestly this was a huge gamble for me because I really didn’t know if scarves are even your kinda stuff.”

    She held his hand. “But I’m glad you like it! Your reactions when you first saw it will forever be carved in my memory. And when I saw that you wore it on our first public date, I almost cried,” she laughed a bit.

    Adrien placed his hand on the back of her head to bring her towards him, and he pressed his lips to her forehead. “I love it, Marinette, please don’t doubt yourself.” Then he whispered. “I hardly receive things from anyone, so really, I’m delighted I could even get anything from you.”

    Marinette gawked at him and tackled. “You’ll be receiving tons from me from now on.”

    Alya crossed her arms. “Mhm,” and nodded, “sickeningly sweet.”

    “Man, you’re not wrong. I could really get diabetes from this,” Nino acknowledged.

    Adrien sat up and Marinette let go of him, both had rosy cheeks, but they were still looking at each other.

    “And has anyone scouted you yet, Marinette?” Nino waved to get her attention. “You said something about giving Adrien tons of gifts?”

    “Shit. I totally forgot about updating you guys,” she scratched the back of her head. “There was a number and I’ve been discussing with Adrien to see which one is the most suitable before I reply to them.”

    Adrien was gleaming and Alya and Nino were frowning but they just looked constipated because they were also delighted by the news she just dropped. And they spent the rest of the night congratulating Marinette and enjoying themselves: playing, eating, and talking.

    And Adrien got two new friends.


    The livestream of the Ladyblog had already started when Ladybug and Chat Noir suddenly dropped down onto the seats reserved for them.

    “So you guys were making out and lost track of time?” Alya shot them knowing looks.

    Ladybug and Chat Noir regarded each other and saw that their lips were redder than usual. Their cheeks were flaming and their hair was messier as well. They scarlet even more than Alya thought possible.

    So much for looking prim and proper.

    “Anyway, has my LadyNoir ship finally sailed?”

    “If this,” Ladybug signalled to the both of them, “isn’t enough proof then I don’t know what else to tell you, Alya.”

    Alya addressed the livestream once again. “Well, there you have it, folks! They’re official now!”

    Ladybug beamed. “Wait, that’s it?”

    “Wouldn’t you like that?” The sly smirk from before came back onto Alya’s face.

    Her cheeks blazed and Chat took Ladybug’s hand to hold and caress, throwing her soft and loving gazes. “My lady.”

    Ladybug smiled, remembering that they were in this together. “Alright, any questions you and the viewers of Ladyblog have, we’ll answer them.”

    “Well, it was really beautiful to see your relationship grow from your first day till now,” Alya praised. “So, any plans to get married?”

    Ladybug chuckled while Chat smiled broadly and answered. “That’s the plan, isn’t it?”

    “You hear that, viewers?” Alya squealed. “We’re going to have a miraculous wedding!”

    She turned her attention back to them. “Any dates in mind?”

    “That’s for us to decide and for you to find out in due time,” Ladybug returned.

    Alya’s eyes glowed. “So we’re invited?”

    Chat spoke this time. “We’ll see, Alya. We’ll see.”

    “You guys are being vague here, is it a yes or a no?” She furrowed her brows.

    “Thank you for your service all this while, Alya,” Ladybug added and gave her the best smile she could offer before clapping her hands. “Next question!”

    They landed on the top of the Louvre Museum and made themselves comfortable, the interview playing on her bug phone.

    “The comment section seems very ecstatic for us,” she grinned.

    “I mean, didn’t you see, my lady? We’re ‘so cute together’, we’re ‘couple goals’,” Chat scrolled through the comments and twinkled. “I think they really are.”

    “Bien joué ?” Ladybug smiled and brought her fist towards him.

    He connected his fist with hers. “Bien joué !”

    Chat saw her smirk, but it still didn’t prepare him for Ladybug’s unprompted endearment. He froze for a second before cupping her cheek and deepening the kiss.


    The next day, a picture of their kiss on top of the Louvre Museum was submitted by an anonymous user to the Ladyblog, and it was the first thing one would see when they accessed the site. Ladybug and Chat Noir were extremely pleased that it was a very flattering image of them both, and they made absolutely sure to download the image for themselves, a reminder of how far they’ve come together.

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  • wxstoria
    31.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago


    • has definitely tried all the baby snacks. he eats them at the same rate his kid does

    • his social medias are taken over with pictures of his kid as soon as they’re born

    • buys matching pajama sets for you, the kid, and him.

    • sings his kid lullabies. his voice is super soothing and never fails to put them to sleep

    • he has their name tattooed on him

    • he’s a great party planner and puts a ton of effort into birthdays, even the ones they won’t remember

    • gets really into whatever cartoons they’re watching. he might be more interested in it than the kid is

    • uses reverse psychology. say your kid doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. that’s fine, that just means it’s bed time now. vegetable are eaten, parents are happy

    • loves building forts for living room sleepovers. he’ll end up sore beyond belief the next morning but he doesn’t mind when he sees the excited smile on his kids face

    • always puts artwork on the fridge. the door is decorated with colorful drawings made by his kid

    #jean kirstein#jean kirschtein #jean kirstein fluff #jean fluff #jean x reader #jean headcanons#aot fluff#aot headcanons#snk fluff#snk headcanons #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #aot#snk #ur a queue t ;)
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    ❝ RUDOLPH. ❞

    || pairing. miya atsumu x gn!reader

    || tags. fluff, drabble, reader is sick

    || note. came back for a bit bc i miss atsumu :(


    it's unbearably cold in your room. you sniff as a shiver runs down your spine, wrapping the thick blanket tighter around your curled up frame. atsumu chuckles at the sight, the sound of his muffled laughter bounces off the white walls of your bedroom.

    “what?” you glare at him.

    “nothing.” he shrugs as he plops down at the foot of your bed. there's a moment of silence as atsumu gives you an indecipherable gaze. “your nose is red. you look like rudolph.”

    “shut up,” huffing, you stretch your legs out to purposely kick atsumu on his side.

    your attempt was to no avail; he stands up, swiftly missing your kick, and proceeds to stick his tongue out. “come on, rudolph, you have to eat. i cooked some soup.”

    “is my kitchen still intact?”

    he rolls his eyes in return. “for your information, i'm an incredible cook.”

    “sure.” you nod condescendingly.

    he ignores your response, opting to sit closer to your side. lifting a hand to press against your warm forehead, his eyebrows scrunch together in concentration and worry. “have you drank the medicine i brought you?”

    you hum, saying 'yes' wordlessly. his eyes scan your face and when your eyes meet, you smile reassuringly. “i'll be fine.”

    “i know. i'm just admiring how pretty you are.”

    you reach out from under the blanket to slap his arm, a small 'ow' leaving his lips once your palm made contact with his honey skin. “you're annoying.”

    “and you love it,” he smirks, before leaning down to press a kiss to your hairline.

    “i guess i do,” you mumbled, a sigh leaving your lips when you feel how cool his lips felt against your warm skin.

    another moment of silence passes with him affectionately brushing the stray hairs away from your face. “do you know who's prettier than you?” he mutters.

    you squint your eyes at him, partly confused, but mostly suspicious with what trick he has up his sleeve. “...no?”

    he laughs, leaving you in the dark for a few seconds before saying, “exactly. there's no one prettier than you.”

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    #anon#seulrene#seulgi#irene #troublemaker!seulgi #school president!irene #model student!irene #high school au #angst#romance #one direction's perfect cause they're perfect for each other yeah #baby i'm perfect for you #fluff
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  • reverees
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    thinking about...

    warning(s): none. dogs, i suppose? if you don't like them. gorou is probably ooc but oh well.

    other musings: i know nothing of gorou's personality but one thing's for sure: dog boy. therefore, he's a good boy. and i can work with that.

    ...jealous, pouty gorou. that's all.

    you start walking towards gorou, and he's anticipating a hug after a few days of being seperated, tail wagging in barely contained excitement when—


    he blinks, and you've brushed past him, instead approaching the owner of the komore teahouse.

    fingers moving to scratch beneath the shiba's chin, you coo, “who's a good boy? who's a handsome boy? the most handsome boy? the bestest boy in all of teyvat?” tarōmaru’s tail whips from side to side, tongue lolling open as you buried your nose further into his yellow fur, unaware of another set of pointed ears that is drooping lower as the seconds go by. “you are, yes, you are!”

    a frown makes it's way to the resistance general's visage, his bottom lip slightly jutted outwards. “i thought i was,” he mutters under his breath.

    you pet him like it's the end of the world. although, it's mostly because you've been having the urge to do so to a certain blue-eyed brunette, but are too afraid to even ask of him in fear of turning your relationship to a weirder direction.

    alternatively, because i feel like putting this here too,

    you: *is petting tarōmaru*
    gorou: *muttering* archons i wish that were me.
    you: what
    gorou: what


    you, to tarōmaru: who's the best, handsomest boy? thaaat's right, you are!!
    gorou: *pouts* ...i thought that was me.

    ©reverees. all rights reserved.

    #genshin impact x reader #genshin x reader #gorou x reader #gorou #genshin impact fluff #genshin fluff#genshin imagines#genshin scenarios #genshin impact imagines #thoughts.genshin impact.gorou.txt
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    hey i decided to rewrite everything that i am reposting so it is fresh and you guys aren't so bored. here's "karl realizing he's falling in love with you" that used to be a drabble based on an ask!

    reminder: im sage i used to be notplanningshit until i accidentally deleted my old blog

    info: karl x reader, gn!reader, fluff, no warnings!

    realizing he's falling in love with you

    objectively, karl loves everybody. not in the same ways, or to the same degree, but everyone he keeps around in his social circle he does love. he doesn’t entertain acquaintances he doesn’t-quite-like, or that one “friend” who he only sees in when he's with groups. he loves everyone he considers a friend, and that includes you.

    that's probably why it takes him so long to realize that what he feels for you now is different from the glowing affection he’s felt since the first conversation the two of you had.

    now, he's more likely to catch himself staring at you as you do mundane things, like brushing your hair, or fixing the bedspread. and he just can’t look away, because his eyes are too busy trying to take in everything in front of him, a love his brain can’t seem to capture- so he has to keep looking, keep trying. maybe he’s a little quieter around you because he wants to hear you talk- he always has, he’s always been interested in what you have to say, but now he just wants to hear your voice because it makes him happy; it makes his chest warm in a way that nothing has before. and so he hangs onto you, his chin resting atop one of your shoulders and arms low around your waist, as you wash dishes and explain a theory you’d learned about that day. he barely notices when you finish the dishes because he’s too busy trying to commit every single vocal inflection, every single amused huff, every single “like” and “but”, to permanent memory.

    he really starts to notice when he catches himself leaning into your kisses more; when you kiss him on the forehead and he slings his arms around your waist to make you stay, even though it’d just been a passing gesture on your part. when you are laying with him, your nose buried in the warm skin of his neck, and you press a kiss to a freckle on his collarbone, he tightens his arms around you- and oh, man, you’re wearing one of his hoodies, and that really does something for whatever his ribcage is trying to keep contained (certainly not a heart, hearts shouldn’t feel so much). he drops his chin to rest in your tousled mess of hair, and his eyes are a little wet. why? he feels good, he feels amazing, and everything is so nice- it is, it’s just also… so much.

    realizing that he’s falling in love with you would also mean he gets comfortable letting his guard down, being vulnerable, admitting when he’s tired and struggling without adding a “haha jk” to the end. he always thinks about how you bring this side of him out of the darkest depths that he’d previously condemned it to (when he realized that being vulnerable and open was not conducive to being popular and entertaining). this is a thing he thinks about a lot- how open he can be with you, without feeling like he’d done something he'd regret afterwards, because he knows for a fact he isn’t comfortable in that way with other people.

    he knows he likes you, obviously- he’s dating you. but this is different and unique, and so nice it makes his chest burn in a way that is gutting but so overwhelmingly good. the final straw comes when he finishes up a late night alt stream, his bones aching from sheer exhaustion and eyes trying to close on their own, and he wanders to the bedroom, expecting to find you asleep-

    and instead you’re sat on the edge of your shared bed, with two mugs on the bedside table next to you. you're wrapped in a knitted blanket, and wearing one of his hoodies, scrolling twitter while you wait for him. when he walks in you perk up, your own tired eyes brightening with excitement, and you let him walk right up to you so that he’s stood between your legs.

    leaning down, he kisses your forehead and mumbles, “why aren’t you asleep?”

    “i made us tea,” you say, leaning around to grab the mugs off of the nightstand. they're still steaming. “it'll help you sleep.”

    there it is again- his eyes feel wetter. the back of his throat is tighter. he takes the mug in his hands, fingers curling around the ceramic. it's so warm- it smells good, sweet-, “did you add-?”

    “honey? mhm.”

    he sits down next to you on the edge of the bed, drawing his feet up so he can get comfy, and sips the tea. it's all he can do, other than cry.

    the tea is good- of course it’s good, you made it for him.

    while he’s trying to douse the raging inferno inside his ribs, you shift so you’re leaning heavily against his side, legs tucked to your chest and mug held near your lips. one hand drops down and fiddles with the hem of his sweater. there's a loose thread, you notice. you think about how you will fix it for him the next time you see it in the laundry basket.

    and then karl realizes. oh.

    “i love you, you know that?” he murmurs, slipping an arm around your shoulders, and smoothing his hand up and down your arm gently, just because you’re there, and you made him tea, and you’re wearing his hoodie, and you’re leaning against him like you trust him, and you waited up for him so you could go to bed together, and-.

    “i love you too,” you whisper back, hiding your smile by taking another sip of tea.

    #sage vs karl #karl jacobs #karl x reader #karl jacobs x reader #karl jacobs imagine #karl jacobs fanfiction #karl jacobs headcanon #karl imagine#karl fanfiction#karl headcanon #karl jacobs fluff #karl jacobs x y/n #mcyt #mcyt x reader #x reader
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  • notanotherreidgirl
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    #lanie's 1k celebration! #blurbs #spencer reid fanfiction #spencer reid fluff #spencer reid x y/n #spencer reid x reader #spencer reid x you #spencer reid imagine #criminal minds fanfiction #criminal minds
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  • borathae
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    “Trying to be in a relationship when both of you are shy, oblivious idiots isn’t easy. You want to kiss Jungkook. Jungkook wants to kiss you. And yet somehow you can’t even cuddle without tensing up in nervousness. Soon all this tension is getting too much for you to take. 

    Alternatively: Jungkook is the biggest oblivious idiot while you just want to kiss his stupidly handsome face.” 

    Pairing: Jungkook x f.Reader 

    Genre: Fluff, Smut, Mutual Pining, Two Idiots in Love, New Relationship!AU

    Warnings: these two are together and yet still so oblivious to the other’s feelings omfg you guys, so much shy and giggly kissing, body worshipping, clumsy mutual stripping, holy shit so many giggles :(, they are both in love and really horny, this is pretty vanilla but you know what they say about vanilla. it’s sweet af :(, oral sex in the form of 69ing, safe sex, cuddly missionary :(, the fluffiest afterglow talk

    Wordcount: 10.5k

    a/n: One of my favourite couple is back, you guys!! It started as a cute little idea in the back of my mind and then escalated into this fluffy tragedy of a story 🤧 I hope you guys enjoy it hehe! 💜

    ~ To Index ~

    Jungkook cooked for you tonight. It wasn’t great. Well no, it was great because Jungkook cooked it for you. It just wasn’t grande. Instant ramen with two eggs and some dongchimi Misses Park brought over last week. You liked it a lot, especially because that meant spending time with Jungkook and getting to talk to him and getting to look at his awesome face.

    It wasn’t a date persay. Jungkook simply texted you and asked you if you wanted to come over for an impromptu late night snack. You said yes of course, taking twenty minutes to get ready and then off you went on your long journey to nextdoor. He already waited for you by the opened door in his grey sweats and pink sweatshirt. You thought that maybe he wanted to kiss you but he ended up pulling back at the last moment to pat the top of your head instead with an awkward smile on his face. 

    It was a little peculiar at first to be greeted like that, but you were far too nervous to call him out on it. And also in the four months of having whatever thing you and him were having, peculiar greetings such as tonight were a regular thing. One time when he tried to hold your hand to pull you closer for a goodbye kiss you ended up high fiving him instead. Another time you reached out to touch his chest and kiss his lips but he ended up shaking your hand instead and greeting you with a nervous "good day". And another time you and him both wanted to go in for a kiss at the same time but ended up headbutting each other and almost breaking each other's noses. It was so embarrassing, but it still wasn’t quite enough for either of you to end whatever thing you and him were having. 

    Tonight however, you felt a little sad when he greeted you with a pat on the head. It wasn’t just an accidental, awkward spurt of the moment misunderstanding, but a conscious decision by him. 

    You had finished dinner a few moments ago and Jungkook was busy washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. You asked him if he needed help but he told you to relax on his couch slash bed. Jungkook didn’t own a bed, he just owned a small but comfortable couch with lots of pillows and three blankets. He could extend it for sleeping, he showed you that he can one night and no you didn’t stay over to sleep because you felt too nervous to ask if you could.

    You can watch him work from where you are sitting. He is currently scrubbing the pot he used, having his back turned to you. He looks very concentrated, singing along to the music of his bluetooth speaker quietly.

    You like his voice. He has a really nice voice and you like that he is starting to sing in your proximity. In the first two months of whatever thing you and him were having, he immediately stopped singing when he realised that you could hear him. You like that he doesn’t feel that nervous anymore and actually started to sing when you were in the same room as him. Now bear in mind, he would never actually sing next to you, serenade you so to speak, but at least he sings when he thinks you aren’t listening. One night you asked him if he could sing you a song and his face became as red as a tomato before he ran away with an excuse of an aching tummy, so you are happy with whatever little glimpse of his voice you get these days.

    Jungkook turns around, waddling to the counter which separates his kitchen from the rest of his quaint, little apartment. Above the counter there was a row of cupboards in which he stores most of his plates, bowls and glasses (just like you do at your place). Jungkook opens it, gets on his tiptoes and begins sorting in the washed bowls. His sweatshirt slips up as he moves, exposing his lower stomach to your eyes. 

    You stop playing with his Nintendo Switch, letting your gaze linger on his skin. Even in this quite stretched out position his lower stomach showed muscle. Well defined abs and two impressive v lines which disappeared into his sweats. He is so hot. Jungkook lowers himself again and starts moving back to the sink to get plates. Your eyes are away from him in an instance, cheeks feeling on fire as you stare back into the game. You feel like a complete creep for staring at him like that and thinking that he was really hot whilst doing so. It feels like you just sexually assaulted him, even though you know that technically you didn’t. 

    You saw Jungkook shirtless on three occasions. One time back in the day when you didn’t have whatever thing you and him were having yet and you visited him at Taekwondo practice and he was training his abs without a shirt on. The second time was when you and him met at your university's swimming pool and he was just on his way to the locker rooms all wet and breathless from swimming for an hour. And the last time was when he hung up his laundry on his balcony and you accidentally took a look over at him while you were sweeping your own.

    On all three occasions you looked away in an instance, your cheeks began to burn and you felt your heart race like crazy. Tonight however you made the conscious decision to look at his exposed stomach and now you feel awful. You wonder what he would think of you if he knew. He would probably be really uncomfortable, you know he would.

    "All done", Jungkook sighs, hanging his teatowel back on its wall hook and then making his way over to you. 

    You look at him, hoping that he hadn’t noticed your creepy staring. He hasn’t, judging by the content look on his face. He is bringing dessert in the form of an opened package of marshmallows. 

    "Here, do you want some?" he offers, towering over you as he doesn’t quite dare to sit down. 

    "Not now, uhm put them down for now", you tell him. 

    "O-okay", he says and places them on his coffee table slash dining table.

    He sits down next to you, hiding his folded hands between his legs and rocking back and forth nervously. 

    "So uhm what did you pick?" he asks. 

    "Uhm. Animal Crossing", you tell him, showing him the screen. 

    He inspects it with knitted brows and his lips pouting before he nods in content. 

    "Do you like my island?" he asks. 

    "Yes, it's pretty. Also I picked your weeds." 

    "Oh?", his brows furrow, "uhm, oh okay. Yeah that's fine", he murmurs. 

    "Did I just do something I shouldn’t have done?" 

    "No I, I just wanted to, to keep them", he explains, voice growing quieter and quieter the more he talks. 

    "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn’t know. I thought that you wanted them gone. Can I fix this somehow?" you gasp, feeling so terrible that your stomach starts hurting.

    "No, it's fine really, don’t worry about it", he assures you and locks eyes with you for only a moment, "uhm", he looks away again, "do you want to watch a movie or something?" 

    "Yeah a movie sounds really fun", you say, nodding your head. Everything is better than sitting here in silence and screaming in your head because you messed up his island. A movie is the perfect distraction.

    "Okay cool", he jumps up and runs to get his dvd collection, "I have many movies. Most of them are romantic comedies, but I also have a few superhero movies. You can pick, I'm happy with everything", he explains excitedly, carrying the big plastic container over to you and putting it down on the coffee table. 

    He starts sorting through his collection, reading you the titles and summaries and discarding them quickly whenever he realises that maybe he wouldn’t be happy if you picked that movie. It made you smile a lot because you thought that he was really cute.

    "Let’s go with Iron Man, I never watched that movie", you told him in the end. 

    You were forty minutes into the movie when you couldn’t really take the distance anymore. Jungkook kept at least an arms length of distance between you and him when he sat down again and it made you a little sad, because you really wanted to cuddle. You didn’t do lots of cuddling yet. Twice actually, you cuddled twice. One time when he came over for a movie and you shared a blanket because it was so cold in your apartment. And the second time was when he was really down because of a shitty Taekwondo practice and you hugged him on the bus for the entire drive home. They were both really amazing and epic experiences and you reached a point in whatever thing you and him were having where you wanted more of them.

    You sneak a glance at him. He is currently munching on a marshmallow and giggles to himself. He really seems to enjoy the movie, unlike you who can’t stand the distance any longer. 

    And so you scoot closer until you could rest your folded knees on his lap and drape your arm around his stomach. Jungkook tenses up, his giggles stop and when you take a look at his face you notice his eyes widening. He looks at you with blushing cheeks. 

    "Are you cold?" he asks. 


    "I, I don’t need comfort", he says. 

    "I know." 


    "Because I want to cuddle with you." 

    He clears his throat nervously, blinking rapidly. He shifts in your embrace, looking back at the movie with his face burning up. This makes you sad. Why isn’t he showing more enthusiasm? This is the first time you actively showed him that you wanted skinship with him. You thought that maybe he would be more excited about it.

    "Do you not want to cuddle?" you ask him, already pulling away.

    "Yes, no. No! I do", he stutters, "I do." 

    "But?" you fear that maybe he just doesn’t want to cuddle with you. 

    "Nothing", he murmurs. 

    He scoots closer and drapes his arm around you. You relax back against his body, knees resting on his lap and arm placed over his stomach. For the rest of the movie you stay in this position. Jungkook doesn’t move even an inch, as if you were a cat that had fallen asleep on his body and he was trying not to wake it up. You tried caressing his tummy at one point but gave up once you noticed how much tenser he became. It didn’t just make you a little sad, it frustrated you on top of that. So when the movie was over and Jungkook asked you if you wanted to watch the second part you said that you didn’t want to and stood up to leave. 

    "Did you not like the movie? We could watch something else instead. Or maybe we could play Animal Crossing together?" he hurries after you. 

    "No, I'll be going home now", you dismiss him with sagging shoulders. 

    "But...don't you want to stay a little longer? We're having so much fun right now", he begs and pouts.

    It confuses and surprises you. He is having fun? He has been tense the entire movie, gave you no sign of actually enjoying the skinship and on top of that he patted your head as greeting. Nothing in his gestures showed you that he was having fun. But because you are a nervous idiot, who on top of that is scared of confrontation, you don’t tell him that.

    "No sorry, it's already so late. I want to go to sleep already", you lie, putting on your slippers with a heavy heart.

    "Ah okay, uhm yeah I get that", he stutters, scratching his neck, "should I walk you home?" 

    "No, it's fine", you dismiss him and open the door, "see you next time." 

    Jungkook follows you outside. 

    "W-when is next time?" he asks, grasping the doorframe nervously. 

    "Don't know, I’m really busy with exams right now", you lie again. 

    "Oh okay...yeah okay I get that. Then, uhm call me if you have time again?"

    "Yeah I'll call you." 

    Jungkook reaches out, hesitates, reaches out again, hesitates again and ends up patting your head. 

    "I had lots of fun tonight, uhm. Thank you", he says and smiles cutely. 

    "Me too", you murmur, turning away. 

    "Goodnight ___", Jungkook calls after you, taking a step outside. 

    "Mhm night", you say over your shoulder before closing the door behind you. 

    You don’t call him for a week and then you start missing him. So you text him and ask him if he wants to have dinner at your place. 

    His answer came an hour (and your endless torment of nervousness) later. 

    Kook: That would be cool. I can come over at eight. Is that too late?

    You told him that it wasn’t and that you would be making fried chicken tonight. Jungkook answered you ten minutes later. 

    Kook: oh wooow *-*💕

    And the heart he added sent you down such a spiral that you almost broke your phone in half. He never used hearts with you before and you may have screeched for a good five minutes afterwards. Once calmed down enough to actually function (because trust me you will never be completely calm ever again) you finally began preparing tonight's dinner whilst listening to cheesy love songs and giggling to yourself.

    Jungkook arrived at exactly eight o'clock with his hair tousled from letting it air dry after swim practice. 

    "Hey", you open the door to him with a goofy grin.

    "Hey, uhm", he scratches his neck, "I know I said I'd be here at eight, but can you give me ten minutes to change into different clothes? They smell like chlorine." 

    You look over your shoulder at the nicely plated chicken. Your goofy grin drops. It will most definitely become cold. 

    "Yes….", you answer him hesitantly. 

    "Thank you, gosh you are an angel", he says and leans close to peck your lips, "see you soon", he says and hurries to his apartment as if he hadn’t even realised what he had done.

    You are left staring, lips parted and head dizzy. He just kissed you. Holy shit he just kissed you! This actually just happened. He kissed you. He kissed you. His lips touched yours. In a kiss. A kiss. 

    You close the door and fall against it, fingers touching your lips. First he sends you a heart and now he is kissing you. Did that week of no contact actually work? Did he realise that if he wanted to keep you he needed to work a little harder? Because if it did you are going to ghost him more often. This was only partially the talk of a woman madly in love with an oblivious idiot. You wouldn’t actually ghost him, that would be way too mean for you. But holy moly oh my god he just kissed you!!

    Knock. Knock. 

    The sound startles you to the point of you making a little sound.

    "Okay he is back, you can do this. This is easy", you take a deep breath for good measures and turn.

    You open the door to a newly dressed Jungkook with his styled bangs covering his eyebrows. Wow. He looks so good that your heart is skipping a beat.

    "You're back", you say, grinning goofily and stepping closer to kiss him again. 

    "Yes hah", he laughs nervously and swerves past you, "so uhm chicken? Is it already done?" 

    He steps inside and kicks off his slippers. He looks around for a moment, fumbling with the hem of his striped shirt. You wait for a moment, hoping that he would mention the kiss, but he doesn’t and it makes you pout. It even seems as if he is actively trying to act as if it never even happened. The swerving past you was proof enough for you.

    "Yes it's done already. Come on let's eat", you murmur sadly, dragging your feet over to your dining table. 

    You and him don’t talk a lot during dinner. You never really do, because talking meant looking into each other's eyes and you both just couldn’t do that. It was really scary to look into Jungkook's eyes because you always start stuttering and that is so embarrassing to do in front of him. So you ate your chicken in silence and felt more frustrated by the second. 

    Jungkook stayed for dessert after you asked him in hopes that this would lessen the tension. It was your half eaten bar of marzipan chocolate and three oatmeal cookies. You shared it on your couch, listening to music as you did. The tension really didn’t get less. On the contrary, while you were waiting for him to mention the kiss he was busy staring at your plants and chewing the cookie nervously. 

    "I like that band", Jungkook says and plays with the cookie in his fingers. He just couldn’t take the silence anymore and needed to talk.

    "Mhm yeah, they are good", you agree, shifting on the couch, "I want to see them live if they ever come here." 

    "Yeah? Me too." 

    You look at him, waiting for him to ask you if you wanted to go together. 

    "What?" he asks instead, looking from side to side nervously.


    You turn away and eat your cookie. He watches the way your jaw tenses and your nostrils flare.

    "So uhm, how were your exams?" he asks in hopes of lessening the tension.

    "My exams?" you ask, tilting your head to the side in question.

    "Yeah the ones you were busy with this week", he explains with slight confusion in his eyes. 

    Oooh the exams you made up. Shoot, you completely forgot about that lie already. 

    "They were okay. I'm just glad that they are over", you lie. 

    "Yeah", he says in a laugh, "I feel you." 

    He takes a bite of his cookie and speaks once he has swallowed it. 

    "What were they about?" 

    "Uhm…" you pause to think, "...German." 

    Your eyes zoned out on your German language book and so you said the first thing that came into your mind at that moment. 

    "I see, cool", he smiles shyly, "do you still have more exams?" 

    "No, I had my last one today." 

    "Mhm cool. So does that mean we can hang out more again?" 

    "Yeah I guess."

    "That's so cool", he murmurs and looks away to scratch the side of his neck. 

    You look away too, twisting the material of your sweatpants. This is so freaking uncomfortable. 

    "So uhm, how was swim practice?" you ask, trying not to show how down you are.

    "It was good. The coach said that my dives are getting really good." 

    "Oh that’s cool, I’m proud of you." 

    Jungkook fumbles with his cookie furiously, cheeks becoming beet red. 

    "Thank you", he whispers with his nose scrunching up, "uhm…" he fakes looking at your clock, "oh it's already so late. I think I should go", he says, standing up. 

    It tugs at your heart strings that he already wants to leave so soon. He hasn’t even mentioned the kiss and now he wants to flee again like he always does.

    "You want to go already?" you ask, following after him.

    He scrambles to the door, cookie still in his fingers.

    "I don't want to keep you up." 

    "Why would you keep me up?" 

    "Don’t you have dance practice tomorrow?" 

    "Technically I do, but I don't want to go." 

    "Why? Did something happen?" 

    "No uhm…", you begin scratching your neck frantically, "...I was thinking that maybe we could have breakfast tomorrow...together, uhm...after you stayed overnight?"

    "You want me to sleep here?" he gasps, eyes widening. 

    You look at your feet and nod your head. 

    "Only if you want to though." 

    This would be the first time you and him would fall asleep together. You have no idea if he even wants something like this or if whatever thing you and him were having was still far too new for such a big step. But you were a little desperate tonight because he gave you all that hope with the heart and the kiss and now you want him to act goddamn it.

    "Can I just quickly go to my place and shower?" he asks.

    "Sure...uhm yeah you can, but you can shower here." 

    "No it's fine really", he opens the door and stumbles outside, "give me twenty, I'll be back", he says and throws the door closed. 

    You watch through your spy as he stumbles to his door and almost falls face first into his apartment. 

    Jungkook doesn’t take twenty minutes, he takes an hour. You had already given up all hope of him coming back (and also whatever thing you and him were having) when he knocked on the door again.

    "Hey", he says, hair fluffy from being freshly washed. The scent of his vanilla shower gel surrounds him.  He is wearing sky blue boxer shorts and a white shirt, you know both of them to be his pyjamas. 

    "Those were the longest twenty minutes ever", you grumble. 

    "I know, I’m sorry. I kinda overdid the beauty routine. I just didn’t want to stink." 

    You snort and chuckle. His attempt at not smelling bad for you makes you feel a little less mad at him. 

    "You never stink", you murmur, "come on in, I warmed up the bed already." 

    Jungkook knows what you mean by that sentence. That you had already given up on him coming over and went to bed without him. But as a really nervous idiot with a massive phobia of confrontation, he stays silent and tiptoes behind you whilst suffering from serious heart palpitations.

    Your laptop was on, illuminating the wall behind your bed blue. You lift it up from your sheets.

    "Sorry, I was watching Queer Eye", you explain. 

    "It's fine. Do you want to watch it?" 



    You study his features. 

    "Sure we could do that. I just started a new episode", you say, crawling under the blanket. 

    Jungkook stays by your bed, looking down at you with widened eyes. You look up. 

    "Are you not going to join me?"

    "I am!" he exclaims and scrambles on your bed. 

    You open the blanket for him but he denies you with a shake of his head. 

    "Very well then", you grumble, pressing play. You are annoyed again. You literally made it so obvious that you wanted him under your blanket and yet he didn’t get it. 

    You watch the episode next to each other without speaking a word, let alone moving. You could tell that Jungkook was cold the entire time, judging by the millions and millions of goosebumps on his naked thighs and yet he still didn’t crawl under the blanket with you. Was it because if he did, your naked legs would have touched? You know they would have, because throughout the entire episode they were pressed together with the blanket separating your skin from his'. 

    "That was really cool. Do you want to watch another?" he asks, fumbling with his thumbs. 

    "No, I’m tired, I want to sleep", you say dryly, pressing the off button of your laptop aggressively. 

    Jungkook watches you as you discard it on the floor and then flip on your side, pulling the edge of the blanket to your cheek. You have your back turned to him. 

    "Okay", a pause, then, "do you have a blanket for me?" 

    You sigh loudly. He is so freaking oblivious. 

    "On the couch." 

    "Thank you." 

    He rolls out of bed and waddles to your sofa. Once he retrieved your blanket he waddles back to bed and lies down beside you, keeping his distance as good as possible. 

    It makes you really sad that he doesn’t even want to cuddle up to you. 

    "Goodnight ___", he tells you, gnawing on his lower lip to wait for a reaction from you. 

    You just huff out air and keep the cold shoulder turned to him.  

    You counted at least six minutes of silence until you can’t take it anymore and you flip onto your other side to face him. 

    He is resting on his back, fingers sprawled out on his stomach and hair spread on your pillow. He has his eyes closed but that changes real quick when he feels you scoot closer to him and drape your arm across his chest. 

    He tenses up and clenches his jaw. Your warm breath is fanning over the side of his neck repeatedly and it makes his skin tingle and shivers run down his spine. 

    "Are you awake?" he whispers. 

    "Yes", you say, making an effort to brush your lips over his neck as you speak. It makes his chest rise in a shaky inhale and sink in an even shakier exhale. 

    "What are you doing?" 

    "Cuddling you." 

    "Why?" he asks and shifts uncomfortably. 

    "Because I want to cuddle." 

    "Oh, okay", he murmurs and shifts again. 

    You rest in silence for exactly forty five seconds and then you grow annoyed by his continuous tenseness. 

    You let go of him and scoot back, turning on your fairy lights to see him better.

    "You really don’t like cuddling do you?" 

    "What?", he blinks repeatedly, "but I enjoyed this. What do you mean?" 

    "That's how you are when you enjoy things? You’re basically stress sweating right now and you are as tense as if you wanted to mimic being a freaking statue." 

    "But I like this", he insists quietly. 

    "Do you really? Because I didn’t get the feeling whatsoever. As a matter of fact I don’t even know if you even want to be with me in the first place." 

    "What?" he sits up with his legs crossed, "don't say that, that's not true." 

    "Is it?" you challenge, sitting up as well. 

    "Yes", he starts pouting, "what the hell? It's been going so well those past four months and now you say all those things", he murmurs sadly, lowering his eyes. 

    "It's not been going well and you know that." 

    "No I don’t be-because for me everything was going so w-well." 

    "Jungkook you don’t even want to kiss me, let alone cuddle me or show me in any way that I am more than just a friend to you." 

    "But I did", he whispers, "so many times." 


    "Whenever I, I cooked for you. Or whenever I told you that I liked our date. A-and when I came over whenever you asked e-even if I busy before." 

    You realised as he spoke that there were indeed occasions when you felt really appreciated by him. All those cute dinner dates he prepared for you with candlelight and cheesy music and all those times he spent minutes letting you know what he liked about the evening or all the times he arrived at your door out of breath and sweaty because he hurried back to you from whatever place he was at before. You hadn’t forgotten those times, they just grew unimportant as you grew selfishly greedy for more than just words and actions. 

    "I know…I’m sorry", you murmur, lowering your eyes, "I just feel a little frustrated lately." 

    "With me?" 

    "Yeah partially." 

    "So I didn’t just imagine it. Oh my god. Why? What did I do?" 

    "Nothing. You are quite literally doing nothing and that frustrates me because I want you to act on all the clues I send you." 

    "So you want me to be more involved?" he clears his throat, "o-okay", he says and laughs nervously. 

    "Would that be such a problem for you?" you study his features and how they scrunch up in awkwardness, "are you perhaps ace?" 

    "Mhm?" his head snaps up.

    "Asexual. They aren’t really interested in sex and some don’t like skinship in any form. Are you perhaps like that too?" 

    "What?" he gasps and begins shaking his head vigorously, "no of course I like skinship and I'm not asexual." 

    "Then do you not like it with me?" 

    "I like it with you."

    "Then why aren’t you reciprocating it when I try to initiate it?" 

    "Because I talked to Jimin."

    Jimin was your shared friend. Well, he was more of an acquaintance to you, who you sometimes talked to after your shared dance practice. But he was Jungkook's friend, they were in the same Taekwondo class and you know that they talked a lot. 

    "What does Jimin have to do with this?" 

    "Because he told me that, that women like cool guys who are always really collected and a b-badboy. And, and that a distant man, who doesn’t show emotion a lot is really hot to them. And I thought you liked it when I was being all cold and mysterious because that's what Jimin told me you like", he babbles in a whine, eyes widened and lips pouty.

    "Hold up. So you're telling me that all this time you were following the advice of the biggest playboy on campus?" 

    Jungkook cringes in realisation. 

    "But he told me that women don’t like it when we are really pushy with skinship a-and so I tried to hold back and give you space so you are comfortable", he explains, "I thought I was doing good", he adds with a pout.

    You laugh in disbelief. It all makes sense now. 

    "I do like it that you didn’t rip my clothes off at the first chance you got, but goddamn it Kook, a little more reaction to my skinship would be nice. You don’t have to turn into a statue, you know?" 

    "I'm sorry", he whispers, hiding his face behind his hands. He takes a deep, shaky breath to calm down his escalating pulse, wishing for the floor to swallow him whole. 

    "I'm sorry, I just wanted to be a gentleman", he croaks, rocking himself back and forth.

    "Hey it's fine. I accept your apology. Also it's sweet that you wanted to be a gentleman", you say and touch his knee to soothe him, "also don’t listen to Jimin anymore, I like it when you are sweet and show emotion. Badboys suck really bad, I don’t like them."

    "This is so embarrassing", he groans and buries his face deeper in his palms. 

    "No it's not and I don't judge", you assure him. 

    Jungkook groans and raises his head. His blush has spread over his entire face. He looks like Hoseok - another shared friend - after he drank two glasses of beer. His big eyes race between yours. 

    "So you like it when I’m sweet?" 

    "Yes very much." 

    "Wow", he breathes in awe, gazing at you with a fond sparkle in his pretty eyes.

    The silence isn't heavy but it is making you nervous nonetheless. He grasps the bedsheets and twists them, getting on his knees. He is closer to you in this position, you can smell his minty toothpaste in his breath. His gaze shifts to your lips, his tongue sticks out to wet his own. 

    "Can I?" he asks in a hushed whisper. 

    "Yes you can", you breathe, cupping his cheeks to pull him closer. 

    The kiss is chaste. Nothing more than the peck he gave you earlier that night. And then he already pulls back again, licking over his lips nervously and sitting back on his feet. 

    He giggles shyly, lowering his head and fumbling with the leg hem of his boxer shorts. 

    "That was really nice. I liked it a lot", you say with your voice giddy, "did you like it too?" 

    He nods his head and giggles. 

    "Can I do it again?" you ask him. 

    He nods his head, tilting it up a second later. He lets his eyes fall closed and waits for your kiss with pouted lips and held breath. 

    He releases it real quick once your lips actually touch his'. You kiss him a lot more than just a peck. Your fingers are threaded through his soft hair, lips moving slowly. Jungkook was a little clumsy at first but found your rhythm very soon. It is gentle and without tongue, just lips on lips and shaky inhales whenever one pulls back slightly. It is so nice. Your entire body tingles in the feeling and every so often your teeth clash with his’ when both of you smiled and giggled into the kiss. It was literally so perfect. 

    You scoot closer, the kiss to his lips breaks as you let it trail over his face. His burning cheeks, the tip of his nose, his eyelids and forehead. You kiss them, making him giggle and his shoulders rise to his ears. 

    You finally pull back, heart racing in anticipation of whatever look he is wearing on his face. Shy fondness. It makes his big eyes sparkle and his soft cheeks glow rosy. 

    "That was so nice", he breathes, reaching out to intertwine his fingers with yours. 

    "Yes, it was so nice. You have really soft lips." 

    "I used an exfoliant tonight", he explains. 

    "In case we would kiss?" 

    He nods his head and avoids eye contact. 

    "Did you want to kiss me?" 

    "Yes all the time. It was so hard to hold back", he pouts.

    You laugh fondly. 

    "So did you want to kiss me when we were watching Queer Eye?"

    "Yes of course." 

    "And Iron Man?" 

    He blushes, "yes so much." 

    "I don't think you should listen to Jimin's advice anymore", you joke, making him laugh shyly. 

    "I don't think so either", he agrees and finally looks back into your eyes. 

    He cups your cheek and draws closer, eyes glued to your lips. It is your turn to let your eyelids flutter closed and hold your breath.

    The kiss feels just as epic and amazing and exciting as it did all those few times before. He is such a great kisser. Really gentle and sweet and yet passionate. You just can’t get enough of it. 

    After way too many minutes you grew so greedy that you pushed at his chest and made him fall into the pillows. He gasps, breaking the kiss to stare at you with his swollen lips parted in surprise. 

    You giggle, rubbing your nose against his cheek. You are almost on top of him, one leg draped over his hips and chest pressed against his'. 

    You connect your lips with his neck. 

    "Ah", he lets out, fingers twitching on your back. 

    His pulse is racing against your lips, his chest vibrates in a shy moan. 

    You kiss him, suck on his skin softly and pull back to look at his face. 

    His pupils are just slightly bigger than before. 

    “This felt really good”, he lets you know just slightly out of breath. 

    “Yes?” you bury your face back in his neck, dragging your nose up and down his skin to bask in his scent. 

    He sighs and shivers. 

    You inhale deeply before kissing the spot under his earlobe. His back twitches off the mattress in an arch, his fingers twists the fabric of your sleepshirt. 

    You look at him again, grinning goofily. He looks so affected. It's affecting you too.

    “I like how you smell”, you say, dancing your fingers over his chest. You can feel his racing heart against your fingertips. 

    “I washed myself really thoroughly”, he explains. 

    “Even your neck?” 

    “Yeah, I went like”, he says and demonstrates it by rubbing his hands over his neck rather aggressively, “until I was sure that I would smell nice.”

    You grin fondly. He is so cute.

    “In case I would kiss your neck?” 

    “Yeah”, he says in a breathy laugh, nodding his head and widening his eyes. 

    You giggle, drawing closer until your lashes are tickling his cheek. He turns his head so his lips are brushing over yours as you speak. 

    “You’re such an oblivious idiot you know that Kook?” you kiss his lips then speak again, “I was already going crazy thinking that we weren’t even dating and I made you uncomfortable with trying to be all touchy.”

    “In my defense, you could have said something too”, he says and kisses you. 

    You break the kiss after a minute, outlining his lips with your thumb. 

    “I know, sorry I kept all of this to myself. I’m just really bad at confrontation.” 

    “Me too, I suck at it big times.”

    You giggle, Jungkook giggles too. You stumble into a kiss again, kissing away all those misunderstandings and frustrations and unsaid words until your chests actually felt like they would burst. You are on top of Jungkook by now, knees caging in his waist and elbows resting beside his face while your fingers were in his hair. Jungkook was holding you, running his hands up and down your back and legs, leaving out your booty for now because he was still far too shy to take that step. 

    You break the kiss again not only so both of you could breathe, but also to speak. 

    “We could try to talk more from now on”, you suggest. 

    “Yes, I will try for you”, he whispers. 

    “And I will try for you”, you promise, falling into a kiss again afterwards. 

    Your bodies grind together before melting closer. He mewls softly, swallowing the tiny moan you let out in answer. He lets his tongue dart out, making you gasp and flinch back. 

    “Sorry”, he says in an instance, fearing that he went too far.

    You don’t answer him, instead you press your lips against his deeply and kiss him passionately. He gasps and shudders, struggling for a moment. This is making his head hazy and his chest tingly. He dares to dart his tongue out again, meeting your own this time around. Moans mix together, bodies grind on each other, stomachs tingle in butterflies. You can’t kiss like this for long and then you both pull back at the same time, staring at the other in a mixture of surprise and slight arousal. 

    “That was…” you begin. 

    “...wow”, he finishes your sentence. 

    “Yeah”, you agree. 

    He takes your hand and presses it against his chest. 

    “My heart is racing so much.”

    You take his hand and press it against your chest. 

    “Mine is racing too.”

    “Are you also nervous?” 

    “Yeah a little.” 

    “If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.”

    “I want to do this with you. Unless you don’t want to, then we don’t have to.” 

    He squeezes your hand. 

    “I want to do this with you too. I just don’t have lots of experience.”

    “Me neither. You would be the second boy.” 

    “You would be the second girl for me too”, he confesses and blushes. 

    You blush too and look to the side. You giggle. 

    “This is so embarrassing to talk about”, you confess, feeling your cheeks heat up. 

    “Yeah it is”, he agrees. 

    Your eyes meet in a shy gaze. 

    “How should we start this?” you ask him. 

    “Maybe we could undress each other? This could be really hot”, he suggests. 

    “Yes, I like this idea”, you say and scoot down his body to sit down on his lap. Jungkook sits up, holding your waist between his warm hands. 

    You and him smile shyly, draw closer and kiss again. You kiss until his fingers have disappeared under your shirt and your own are tugging at the hem of his own and being naked in front of the other doesn’t sound that scary anymore. You start pulling each other’s shirts up at the same time, soon having to come to the conclusion that it won’t work like that as arms get stuck and tangled and joints almost dislocate in weird positions. 

    You stop undressing each other and pull back, both of you burning up in embarrassment but letting your hands run over the other's torso. 

    “You go first”, he says, laughing. 

    “Yeah okay.”

    He raises his arms and lets you take his shirt off. You throw it on the ground, staring at his eyes obsessively. You don’t quite dare yet to look at his torso. 

    “It’s your turn”, you say, raising your arms. 

    Jungkook begins undressing you. It goes really smoothly at first until he reaches your face and not only squishes your forehead but also tugs up your nose rather painfully. 

    “Ouchies”, you grunt and giggle. 

    “Sorry”, he gasps, pulling off the shirt quickly and clutching it against his face in nervousness, “so sorry.” 

    “It’s fine”, you rub your nose, “god that was such a mess”, you cringe and giggle. 

    Jungkook discards your shirt and touches your sides again. 

    “Was it at least a little sexy though?” 

    “Yeah it was a little sexy”, you say and mean it. Even if you and him acted like complete idiots whilst taking off your shirts, it still left your stomachs tingling in excitement of what was to come.

    "I will look now", he lets you know. 


    Jungkook shifts his gaze downwards, brows shooting up and lips parting. 

    “Oh wow”, he breathes, making you blush. 

    You aren’t wearing a bra (because sleeping with a bra on is uncomfortable) and so he is getting the best view of your naked breasts right now. You are really nervous, but don’t hide away because of how mesmerised he looks. Somehow this makes you feel really sexy. He drags his hands up your stomach, fingers tickling your sides, until his thumbs touch the swell of your breasts. He looks into your eyes. 

    “They are so beautiful”, he says softly, leaning closer.

    He keeps up eye contact as his lips come into contact with your left breast. They leave the softest of kisses on your skin, making you shudder each time. All the while his right hand is caressing your other breast, the warmth of his soft palm feels like fire on your skin. 

    “This feels really nice”, you sigh, breaking eye contact because it would make you way too nervous otherwise. You close your eyes and pet his hair, basking in his touches and kisses. 

    You like how gentle he still is, how slow and calculated he places each of his kisses and how safe your breasts feel in his hands. It makes you feel the appreciation you had started to grow so greedy for. 

    Jungkook soon lifts you up and places you down at the foot end of your bed, resting between your legs and kissing up your collarbones until he has your neck under his lips. 

    His naked chest is rubbing against yours, his skin feels so soft and warm, he smells so nice. You especially like the way his spine feels under your fingertips or the way his back muscles move with every little movement he makes. He moans cutely and sucks on your skin just enough to make it tingle before moving to a new spot and repeating what he had done before. 

    “It's so nice”, you breathe, making him kiss your jawline tenderly in answer.

    You run your fingers along his sides, making him shudder with each touch. You are happy that you said something to him. You weren’t planning on saying something at first, because you feared that you and him would end up fighting, but now that the situation has escalated in such an epic, amazing way you are happy that you felt brave enough to speak up. Honestly you feel so freaking good that you fear nothing else in this world could ever come close to this feeling again. 

    Jungkook stops the kisses to gaze at you and caress your cheek. 

    “I like your body a lot”, he tells you with his voice surprisingly deep for him. 

    You look down at his body, drinking in the paths of it and thinking to yourself that there is no other body more beautiful than his’ on this earth. You don’t feel like such a creep doing so now.

    “I like your body too. You are really beautiful and hot”, you say, making him smile shyly. 

    He draws closer and kisses you hungrily. He is threading his fingers through your hair and lets out desperate little squeaks every so often. He is so not at all like the shy, nervous Jungkook you fell in love with. He is so vocal and needy all of a sudden and his voice has this really sexy rasp on it. It makes your toes tingle and your stomach tighten. 

    You push at his chest and roll you and him over, taking his hands to hold them tightly. He mewls, tilting his head up to kiss you just as deeply as he wants to do. But you let him chase you fruitlessly, breaking the kiss to giggle shyly.

    “What?” he asks breathlessly.

    “This”, you say and grind your soaked core against his swollen length.

    He moans shakily, eyes widening and fingers squeezing yours.

    “I’m really wet”, you stutter, grinding down a second time.

    “Y-you made me hard”, he chokes out.

    “I know”, you giggle, leaning down to kiss his neck, “it’s really hot”, you say between kisses, moving on to the other side of his neck until you have him mewling underneath you.

    You abandon his hands all to his dismay and run your fingers down his collarbones and chest. Your lips follow the path they draw, kissing every inch of his perfect torso until you have reached his lower abs and he is panting quickly. You touch the hem of his boxer shorts, making him tense up.

    “No! Wait!” he exclaims, hazy mind clearing up for a moment.

    “What is it?” you ask.

    "You don’t have to do this”, he says and blushes.

    “Why? Do you not like blowjobs?”

    “I, I do, but-“, he stops talking.

    “But what?”

    “What if I taste weird to you? Or what if I smell weird? Or you don’t like the shape of it?”

    You smile fondly and lean down to kiss his lower abs.

    “I don’t think any of those things will happen.”

    He props himself up on his elbows.

    “But what if they do? I would literally die if they did”, he says and pouts.

    You chuckle.

    "I promise you they won’t, but if you really don’t want this, we can do something else instead", you say and kiss up his body. 

    Jungkook pants and mewls, presenting his torso to you with a cute arch of his back. When you reach his neck and start kissing it, he even goes as far as to tilt his head back for you. 

    "I do want this", he chokes out. 


    "Yes. I'm just so nervous." 

    "Don't be, I’ll be gentle", you promise him.

    You smile and kiss down his body again until your lips are brushing over the hem of his boxers. Jungkook mewls and lifts his hips, silently asking you to undress him. You do so with nervous fingers, avoiding the important look for as long as possible. You even considered starting the blowjob with your eyes closed until you remembered that Jungkook was your boyfriend and he gave you his consent to look at him in a sexual way and that you were allowed to gawk at him right now. 

    "Can I look?" you still ask. 

    "Yes", he answers you. 

    Your eyes flit up. 

    "Oh wow", you breathe, reaching out in an instance, "it's so...pretty." 

    "You - oh wow ah  - you, you think so?" he stutters, feeling hazy from your tender touches. 

    "Yes, I can assure you that I like the shape of it", you joke and it makes him laugh.

    His laugh turns into a gasped moan when he feels your kiss on his cockhead. 

    "Ah", he gasps, eyes glued to you as he watches your every move with a racing heart. His abs are tensing and his thighs are twitching every so often. He loves it so much.

    You moan and kiss up and down his length a few times. He smells so very nice and his skin is so soft. He must have shaved for you in his hour long beauty routine. 

    "You smell nice", you gush, kissing the spot next to where he wants you most. That tiny, overly sensitive spot between his uppermost inner thigh and his length, where you can feel his pulse race and make him shudder. 

    "I was really thorough", he tells you in a sigh. 

    "Yeah? I think that is really hot", you say, blushing at your own dirty talk until you can feel how it makes his cock twitch. He likes it when you talk like this and the realisation makes you feel so sexy that all of a sudden you grow terribly hungry for his cock.

    You kiss up his length before finally wrapping your lips around his tip and sinking down slowly.

    His forehead creases as his brows shoot up in surprise. He blinks repeatedly, lips forming an O and thighs twitching. He can’t believe how good this feels. 

    "Oh god ___", he murmurs breathly, twisting the sheets. His body feels so warm, it radiates from his center and makes him tingle all over.

    You release his cock, kiss his tip and take him in again. You don’t come far because you are way too shy to gag in front of him, but you try to make up for it by touching the rest of him and hoping that it feels good. 

    What you don’t know is that Jungkook was currently on cloud nine, asking himself what he had done in his life to deserve something that feels so freaking good. He loves every second of it, feeling himself get addicted to the sensation more and more. 

    He moans and places his hand at the back of your head. He doesn’t guide you or push you down and stress you, he just wants to run his fingers through your hair. He really likes your hair and thinks it feels even better when you suck his cock. 

    You move up again, sucking with all you got as you do. 

    "Ah! Ah, ah!" Jungkook moans and bucks his hips up accidentally. You gag in the process and flinch away, giggling shyly as you hide your face from him. 

    "I'm sorry did I hurt you?" he gasps and pets your hair. 

    "No, but I gagged", you explain and rest your face on his thigh, "that’s really embarrassing." 

    "I don't think so, it was kinda hot", he assures you. 

    "You think so?" you look up at him, "don't you think it's disgusting?" 

    He shakes his head. 


    "Yes", he blushes, "I like it." 

    Your stomach tingles in a wave of confidence. You sit up and cup his face, kissing him a moment later. He has you pressed against his body in an instance, parting his lips so you could feed him his taste. He doesn’t think that he tastes that bad, but he likes it a lot more once your taste grows stronger again. It makes him wonder if something else tastes just as sweet as your lips do. 

    He breaks the kiss, "can I eat your pussy in return?" 

    You plop down on his lap and stare at him with widened eyes. 

    "I don't know. What if I taste weird?" 

    "Did I taste weird to you?"

    "No of course not, but-"

    "You don’t taste weird either." 

    You lower your eyes. 

    "I'm a little nervous to receive it. I like giving, but receiving is hard." 

    "Me too", he agrees, "but it feels really good to receive. And I'll try to do the best job ever."

    Your eyes meet. 

    "We could do it at the same time?" you suggest.

    "What do you mean?" 

    "I'll show you."

    You push him down into the mattress, "stay like this and then." 

    You turn and sit down on his stomach, hands resting on his thighs. 

    "I can suck your dick and you can eat my pussy like this", you explain, looking back at Jungkook. 

    He is quite literally salivating at the view you so mindlessly presented to him. 

    "Did you get it?" you ask. 

    His eyes meet yours, he nods vigorously. 

    "Do you...want this?" you ask, growing more and more nervous the longer you sit in this position. 

    "Yeah so much", he croaks and touches your hips to pull you closer. 

    You lift your hips, cringing when you can feel the wet string of arousal you leave on his chest. But he doesn’t seem to mind, growling deeply as he pulls you closer and closer. It is like the view of your core and ass in those panties flipped a switch in his mind. Shy, hesitant Jungkook is gone and horny, impatient Jungkook replaced him, that's how it feels like and it excites you so, so much.

    "Not so fast, my panties", you squeak. 

    "I got it", he dismisses you, pulling them to the side and pushing your hips down on his face. 

    "Ah!" you squeal, head snapping up and thighs twitching. It is as if you are being electrocuted over and over again. You hadn’t even realised how wet and warm his tongue is until you had it against your clit. He flicks it over your bundle of nerves quickly, moaning into your pussy and massaging your hips. You had expected everything but not for him to go so freaking feral for your pussy. This is a side of him which will haunt you in your wettest of dreams. 

    "God, Kook", you moan, grabbing his cock and taking him into your mouth to stifle your sounds. You bop your head up and down, playing with his balls at the same time.

    He mewls and presses you closer, tongue speeding up and making you quicken your own pace as well.

    What you and him were doing most definitely didn’t win the price for sexiest sixtynining. At one point you had to pause because your buttcheek cramped. At another point Jungkook needed a break because he curled his toes so hard they cramped up too. And it was really sloppy and messy and also clumsy, but it felt really good to both of you and that was all that mattered. You didn’t need awards for sexiest performance when simply being with the other felt so incredibly rewarding. 

    You roll off of him with your limbs sprawled out. You are literally aching in the desire to climax, even taking a breath hurts. But you didn’t want to climax on his face because this would have taken way too much courage, which you didn’t own. So you rolled off at the last moment, leaving both of you aching. 

    Jungkook stumbles to his knees and crawls between your legs. His face is still drenched in your juices as he bends down to kiss you. Your taste mixed with his in an addicting cocktail, making both of you moan and mewl. His hands are basically groping you, squeezing whatever ever part of your body finds itself under them. It is so good.

    "I want even more", he breaks the kiss and says. He runs his right hand down to your panties, pulling them off quickly. They land somewhere on the floor and then your attention shifts to his hand running along your inner thighs. 

    "I want more too", you say and reach down to touch his cock. You pull him closer. 

    "Wait", he flinches back, "condom." 

    "Good that you remember, my brain is already mush because of you."

    He laughs shyly, "I almost forgot too." 

    You sit up, making him rest on his heels. It is so peculiar to have him sitting on your bed with his cock standing hard and proud against his toned stomach and his chin glistening in your juices. But even more than peculiar it was exciting. You never even dared to dream that one day you would have the cute, shy Taekwondo student, who you share art history with, on your bed in such a position. 

    You break your eyes away before you stare too much. It is still a little scary to do it so freely. 

    "Don't judge me but I bought a few different condoms just in case", you explain and reach for your bedside drawer, "I got the ultra thin ones, but in different sizes because I didn’t know which one would fit you", you place them in front of him, "here I think you know your penis better than I do." 

    You cringe in realisation. 

    "Please act like I didn’t just say penis. This is such an unsexy word." 

    He laughs and takes the condom packages. 

    "Everything you say is sexy", he assures you, reading the packages, "here this one will fit me", he says and hands it to you. 

    "You need to put it on", you hand it back to him.

    "Oh yeah", he cringes, "I'm such an idiot. Wait, let me just quickly do it."

    You watch him as he struggles and fails. 

    "My fingers are slippery", he laughs nervously. 

    You watch intendly. 

    "Almost got it", you say in encouragement.

    It slips off again, making both of you gasp in surprise. He catches it and tries again, only to fail under your intense gaze. 

    "P-please don’t stare so much", he stutters, blushing. 

    "God sorry", you close your eyes and turn away, "I'm such a creep." 

    Jungkook works in silence for a moment until he finally cheers in victory. 

    "It's on! I did it!" 

    You turn and look. 

    "It looks comfortable." 

    "Yes it feels good. You got the right size." 

    Your eyes meet, both of you cringe at the same time. This is so embarrassing to talk about.

    "Let’s just don’t talk that much", he suggests and scoots closer. 

    He pushes you down into the mattress, making himself comfortable between your legs. He leans down to kiss your neck and reaches for his cock. Your breath hitches in your throat at the feeling of his cock rubbing through your folds. He is panting, it mixes with your own nervous breathing. 

    Your eyes meet and both of you giggle. 

    "I'm really nervous", he confesses, smiling shyly. 

    "Me too", you agree, retorting the smile. 

    "It feels really exciting doesn’t it?" 

    "Yes, it does."

    He reaches your entrance and starts pushing, watching how your eyes widen slightly. He stops. 

    "Are you scared that it will hurt?" he asks.

    "No, not really", you grin sheepishly, "I kinda really want to have you inside", you confess and blush. 

    "Yes?", he lets out a squeaky giggle, "it's so weird to hear you talk like this." 


    "Yeah in a good way. It's so exciting and really hot." 

    He draws closer to peck your lips. 

    "I also want to be inside of you", he whispers in a rasp and it would have sounded so beyond sexy hadn’t he giggled shyly afterwards. 

    Your eyes meet again, both of you burning up in embarrassment but feeling so, so horny. He starts pushing again, furrowing his brows and holding his breath. It only burns a little at first and it is manageable because after that second of discomfort you feel incredibly warm all over. 

    "Oh that’s nice", you say breathily, rolling your hips up in instinct. 

    He shudders and whimpers, "you're so warm", he whines, burying his face in the crook of your neck, "oh my god ___ this is literally so good", he moans, bottoming out. 

    "I think so too", you sigh, wrapping your arms around him because this felt like the only right thing to do. 

    And it is. Because as Jungkook finally starts moving and his back muscles ripple with every thrust and your neck tingles in the breathy moans he muffles with it, you are so happy about the close proximity you and him were in that you felt your head become dizzy. And so you pull him even closer, moaning his name and feeling how it makes him twitch inside of you.

    "This is so good. Ah, this is so good. So good", he chants in whispers, floating on the sensations. 

    "It's so nice. I like it so much. Don't stop", you answer him repeatedly, basking in the electrifying feelings. 

    And it is peculiar, you once again think, that one day you would be in such a position with the cute and shy Taekwondo student, on whom you had the biggest and silliest crush for the longest time and who so often made your thoughts jumble when he looked at you. And now he is close to you, you can feel his skin on yours and bask in his sweet scent and it isn’t considered creepy anymore because he was now your boy and you in return were his girl. 

    You twist his hair.

    "I'm really close", you moan, arching into him. 

    Jungkook reaches between your bodies on instinct, finding your clit in an instance and making your legs shake in answer. And it is so peculiar, you think as your body tenses in preparation for your high, that you can call him yours for as long as he wants to be yours.

    "Now", you sigh, stumbling over the edge a second later whilst grasping his shoulders and sobbing his name. 

    Jungkook follows soon after, clasping you so tightly to his trembling body you fear he might break you by accident. 

    He finishes with a squeaky moan, littering your neck with kisses before collapsing on top of you. You hug him, outlining the paths of his back and breathing heavily. You like the silence you and him share and the warmth he radiates. You had wanted to close your eyes, but Jungkook stops you beforehand as he rolls off of you with an exhausted but happy sigh.

    You chase him, cuddle against his side and nuzzle your nose against his neck.

    "I loved this so much", you whisper and giggle.

    "Me too. It was literally the best thing ever", he says, caressing your side. 

    "Yes, it was." 

    "What did you like the most? I think my favourite was the kisses and your blowjob and then when I ate your pussy and then when you hugged me and we had sex." 

    "So everything?" 

    "Yeah…" he smiles contently, "...everything." 

    You giggle, giving him a squeeze. 

    "I liked everything too and I like you." 

    "I like you too", he answers in an instance, squeezing your waist tenderly. 

    You sigh and finally close your eyes, wanting to drift off to your happy slumber. And you would have if Jungkook hadn’t started to shift all uncomfortably again. 

    "What is it?" you ask in a sleepy whine. 

    "My cum is running out of the condom", he says and shifts again. 

    You chuckle, rolling away. 

    "Way to ruin the cuddles, condom", you joke, making him laugh. 

    He nudges your side. 

    "You should go pee anyway so you don’t get an UTI." 

    "Urgh fine, but I want cuddles once I'm back", you say, dragging yourself out of bed. 

    "You will get lots and lots!" he calls after you, fumbling with the condom. 

    Jungkook keeps his promise that night and he even makes out with you sleepily until both of you drift off to the best sleep you ever had. 

    @tipsydipsydo @bts-fan-obsessed @anonymous2505 @jikooksgirl19 @lilmeowmeowyoongles @fan-ati--c​ @trusfatedk00kie​ @cravingforhotchocolate​ @seagulljk​ @kthblackgf​​ @greezenini​​ @pb-n-juju​​  @flxrcnt​​ @issysor​

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    The Jet Black Crow Wings of Icarus

    The Jet Black Crow Wings of Icarus by ALetterToTheSea

    A short and cute one shot about Kageyama proposing to Hinata after a game between their teams: Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackals.

    Words: 1969, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Haikyuu!!

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Kageyama Tobio

    Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio

    Additional Tags: Short One Shot, Pro Volleyball Player Hinata Shouyou, Pro Volleyball Player Kageyama Tobio, Post-Time Skip, Marriage Proposal, Volleyball Dorks in Love, Romantic Fluff, Fluff without Plot, Hinata Shouyou is Sunshine

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32938183

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    making miracles at mirakeul’s !!!

    welcome, dear @quanxui​, thank you for supporting mirakeul’s! your match will be right with you! just step this way, and you’re good to go! pardon me for the long wait, we hope you enjoy your date ! [reader uses she/they interchangeably]

    matchup masterlist || event details [event status ; closed]

    y/n buzzed with excitement as she sat with their partner, osamu miya, in a pottery class she found online. it was an impulsive date, really. but, they were there and honestly, that may be one of the best impulsive things they did as a couple.

    "welcome!" mr. kobayashi, their teacher, greeted their small class of ten. "thank you for joining us today. my grandson and his partner are also here to help us, so say hello, yuta and hina."

    yuta and hina waved just beside mr. kobayashi as the class waved back. yuta explained their plans for today's class while hina was the one that explained the basics about pottery making as well as how to shape and mold the clay.

    "okay! now that you've got all the basics, we will allow you to make your own pottery work that you can also take home and use!"

    "samu, what're you doing?" y/n asked, cocking their head at the shape osamu was making.

    "none of yer business, doll," osamu said, winking. y/n, exasperated, rolled her eyes and continued. "but since you're asking so nicely, it's a jar."

    "boring," y/n teasingly said as they shaped theirs. "mine's gonna turn out better."

    "keep telling yourself that," osamu said, smirking. "we all know who's better."

    "me." said the two.

    and so, the battle for the best pottery piece commenced, with limited resources, of course. the two couldn't, for the love of everything that is holy, suddenly waste clay just because they wanted to. they both concentrated, remembering the things they were taught earlier.

    at some point, y/n wiped her hand on their face, some of the clay transferring to her face. osamu laughed lovingly, wiping more on her face to the others' amusement. the couple, forgetting about their so-called battle, ended up with clay on both their faces, their teachers just chuckling and shaking their heads. it wasn't the first time they've seen such a couple and it definitely won't be their last as osamu and y/n returned the next day, wanting to learn more. in the end, the two had three pieces to take home, with one made together by them.

    reblogs are greatly appreciated ! keep reading for a personal letter !

    letter from you ;

    hi gurl, first of all congrats!! and second, thank you for being one of my mutuals too!! we didnt get to interact much huhu but i really enjoy seeing you on my dash~ next, may i experience your cupid skills and be matched?

    im 19 (and on fire hehe), an ambivert... i love to go out but i also enjoy times inside my room because sometimes socializing a lot can be tiring, scorpio, an ENFP, she/they is fine too! i may sound distant online but tbh im just no good with interacting online since i rely heavily in physical gestures

    im pretty much an easygoing person so im fine with almost anything. i like spicy food, reading books and manga, watching movies (from action to old b&w films), sitting under the sun! i also like things that give me adrenaline rushes like hiking, running, and rock climbing. as for my dislikes, im particular about them. i don't like horror films, terrible movies, rain, and strong perfume/cologne/anything scents. the only strong scent ill accept is food lol

    what do i look for in an s/o? hmm funny, independent, sweet, reliable, can cook, and can be serious when needed to be. i don't need them to like the things i like, i just want them to respect the things i like just like how i will with them!

    do i have any preferences? anyone would do, bb... could be you, too ;)

    and lastly, what is a date idea i like? i like the idea of hiking a mountain together and a picnic at the top or like going to a pottery shop and learning together. i like dates that require both people to work and learn together. i don't like movies for first dates because i would rather watch movies with someone im close or comfortable with.

    congrats again! excited to see what you have in store!!

    letter from me ;



    #[make miracles at mirakeul's] #[milestone.events] #reader uses she/they interchangeably #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fanfiction #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fluff#fluff#comfort#haikyuu comfort#haikyuu matchups#matchups#matchup#hq#hq imagines #hq x reader #hq fanfiction#hq matchups#hq fluff#osamu#osamu miya #osamu x reader #osamu imagines#osamu headcanons
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    act 10: “male wife era?”

    < previous | next >


    ❑ summary: Sunoo was going to do it. He really was going to confess to School Council President Y/N. He’s been planning his careful approach for WEEKS! However, fate is a bitch and one misunderstanding led to not only Sunoo failing to admit his feelings to the elusive Y/N, but also taking up a newer responsibility he was absolutely NOT ready for.

    Why is being in love so hard?

    taglist [closed]: @jojomints @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @imtrashingeneral-helpme @neo-atlantic-03 @dear-dreamie @agustpeepee @icywhatim @goldenxddeonu @notmangojuice @yongbokfrecks @instahann @ncityy04 @atinyyylove @markleepooh @enhaphile @amireallyari @kpop-bambi @strwberrydinosaur @pebbypenny @jeanboysgf @abby-os @kuroosmikasavolleyball @highkeygolden @envirae @jakeycore @woniecstasy @gogo-is-cooler-than-you @cheonsacheol @ffuuckji @terrytaehyunnies @neonew @witheeseung @whoe-dis @vantxx95 @hobistigma @ac-ewow @eeheeeh @ferxanda @yut0s @straykidrens @jjikyuu @luvelyxp @cha-raena @rainbowfishpotatobubbles @youreverydayzebra @channiescutie @wonclusion @lvpersona
    #SUNOO TROPHY HUSBAND??? 🤨🤨 #i was looking thru my meme folder and found those and went ‘ah something Sunoo would say’ LMAO #enhypen #kim sunoo x reader #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen scenarios#enhypen fluff#kim sunoo#sunoo enhypen #kim sunoo imagines #kim sunoo scenarios #kim sunoo fluff #enhypen social media au #enhypen socmed au #socmed: let my love
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    of songs about you.

    rayray’s mini event 🎐

    as thanks for sticking with me here, like why and thank u? ily

    send me the last song you listened to (or any song, really) + a haikyuu character, and i’ll write you a drabble!

    anyone can join, even anons!
    please remember that i keep my works sfw, so any ask that goes against that i won’t do :<
    mini event will be open until friday (august 6), 12nn (GMT+8)
    block the tag #☂️—pleuvoir to avoid dash spam~
    hugs and lotsa lotsa kisses!

    » navi » m. list » ask here

    #re: rayray's 600 🎐 #☂️—pleuvoir#haikyuu fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu event#hq fluff #hq x reader #hq x you
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    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers fluff #manjiro sano#mikey #haitani ran x reader #haitani rindou x reader #mikey x reader #manjiro sano x reader #kokonoi x reader #kokonoi hajime x reader #kakucho x reader #kakucho hitto x reader #haruchiyo sanzu x reader #sanzu x reader #manjiro sano scenarios #mikey x reader imagines #haitani ran x reader imagines #haitani ran#haitani rindou#kakucho hitto#haruchiyo sanzu#kokonoi hajime #haitani ran x you #haitani rindou x you #rindou x you #rindou x reader #👔 ― Bonten! Husbands Exclusives
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            WHAT ABOUT ME & YOU FOREVER? ★ ハルト

    ✧.. . grammar and spelling errors! not proofread.
    playing.. ❇ televison / so far so good by rex orange county

    “what about me?” haruto mindlessly says as he turns his head to look at you. baffled with what he just said, you look him in the eyes, just as a cold breeze pass by the two of you. “what do you mean?” you ask the solemn looking boy as he inches closer to you.

    “don't you like me? I like you and I know I'm not really your type but I could treat you right.” he says, his voice full of confidence—which honestly suprised you, a lot and you couldn't think of anything to reply with what he just said.

    so instead you remained silent for awhile, you gaze at the glistening sea horizon as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore, which was very pleasant. you let out a sigh as you take a glance at haruto's face again.

    it feels like he sensed that you were overwhelmed with his sudden question and was giving you time to think. but you knew he was feeling eager and impatient and so you proceed to ponder with your thoughts.

    there was nothing wrong with giving him a chance, after all—as cliché as it was he had been there for you since the beginning, he's seen you break down over multiple people before, only to come back to them months later and getting your heart broken once again. he was your go to person whenever you wanted a shoulder to cry on, he had always been accepting and understood you in every single way.

    so maybe, you should give him a chance.

    “haruto, I'll give you a chance. only if you prove to me that you are true with your words.”

    “deal. but even if you wont feel the same at the end, I'll be sure to stay.”

    hI EVERYONE! ya girl encountered a slight writers block, which explans the lack of posts 🤧. BUT IM HERE IM BACK!!! also happy birthday to @mintchoyoshii bestie I hope you had a nice day <3
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    Flour and Salt (We're Sitting on the World Together)

    Flour And Salt (We're Sitting On The World Together) by DashFnanz

    An evening spent with fire, pizza, and soft dinner conversations. It's just another day in their lives.

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    Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

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    Characters: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

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    Additional Tags: Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Slice of Life, Post-War, Post-Hogwarts, Cooking, but off-screen, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts

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  • randumwriter
    31.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Dating Shoto Todoroki Head Canons!

    Pronouns - He/Him

    - This Man's childhood may be trash, but that doesn't mean he'll be a boyfriend with no class :D

    - (Well he has class-but social cues, love language and showing of love-that he won't have those at first-)

    - You and Him probably met as Classmates

    - He at first, disliked you.

    - Which was normal since well, at the start he didn't like anybody

    - You were apart of the stronger more battle ready of the class

    - Which made Todoroki view you as Competition more than anything else

    - However you were anything BUT competition

    - Friendly, kind and was very confident! Making friends with almost everyone in the class

    - And yet you were still able to give the likes of Bakugo, Him and Midoriya a run for their money in power

    - As Classmates, you also ate at the roof, where you found Todoroki sitting alone

    - So of course, you being you, you started up some friendly conversation

    -(Todoroki just actually wanted to leave, but it was either JUST you, who was polite and respectful but friendly, or a whole cafeteria filled with people. That includes Bakugo- who Todoroki did not like at first.)

    - So as you stared to try and lead a conversation, all Todoroki would give you is a few nods, some yes and no's, that was until you got to a particular question.

    - "So who do you think will be the strongest here? I personally think it'll be that cool guy from last year! He was able to phase through things! Though he looked like he was having a little trouble with it he still-" You said, excitedly, until Todoroki suddenly cut you off.

    - "It'll be me. I'll be at the top, unbothered, and unrivaled. Not that Angry pomeranian, not that Broccoli head, and not some smiley airhead like you. I'll be the strongest with just half my power!" Todoroki said as some small flames started manifesting from his left side. Walking away as you were left mouth wide open.

    - The next day at lunch, you had found him again, and still, even after with his somewhat rude and arrogant remark, which was not at all a good conversation ender, you still talked to him. Which made Todoroki a bit confused, since you were still the same as yesterday, all sweet and happy. Which bothered him in two ways.

    - One was he was starting to get annoyed your seemingly endless positivity and optimism-

    - And the other was that it was actually working. Any question or things you wanted to talk about didn't interest him, what interested him is that You made him want to talk, and to actually be around and be friends with you-

    - (Which certainly made our confused introvert confused-)

    - So Months had gone by, and by now Todoroki had been completely head over heels in love with you. (He just didn't know yet-)

    - He stared at you in class as if you were the only Calculator in the world and in a room full of people taking a hard math test.

    - He didn't even know what to even call it, all he knew was that, whenever you were around him, he would feel butterflies in his stomach, and that both sides of his body would be producing steam, one hot and one cold.

    - And you two were always almost together, he naturally drifted towards you during activities, and you two always met at the rooftop during lunch.

    - So, One fateful day, before leaving the classroom for lunch, he had overheard Mina talking with Uraraka and Tsuyu.

    - "I'm tellin ya! When you feel the butter flies in the stomachh and all you want to do everyday is just look at them for hours, just kiss em already and see how it goes!" Mina exclaimed as the two other girls look at her weirdly.

    - "Isn't that a little inappropriate Mina-chan?" Tsuyu asked as Mina shook her head and said, "But that's how you make the butterflies go away! And if the other person likes it, it means they've been feeling the same butterflies as you!" Mina said excitedly as the three girls went off the cafeteria.

    - So, as routine, Todoroki went to the rooftop, and saw you there waiting for him. As he walked closer, you looked over at him with your usual smile as you stood up and greeted him!

    - "Hi Shotorokii~~~ Now, I know you don't like that but it's really starting to roll off the tongue perfectly-" You said as Todoroki placed his tray down and placed both of his hands on your cheeks before crashing his lips down to yours. Holding onto his shoulders.

    - "Hi Shotorokii~~~ Now, I know you don't like that but it's really starting to roll off the tongue perfectly-" You said as Todoroki placed his tray down and placed both of his hands on your cheeks before crashing his lips down to yours. . Though Todoroki held on to your hipis.

    - Minutes later and you both pulled away from eachother, gasping for air. Though Todoroki held on to your hipis.

    - "Why aren't the butterflies coming out of my mouth? I thought that was how it goes away." Todoroki bluntly asked as he huffed from the intense make-out session.

    - "W-what do you even mean by that? And why the sudden kiss-" You said as you huffed.

    - Todoroki then explained what he was feeling recently, and what he heard from Mina too which made you understand the whole thing.

    - "So basically...You like me? And you overheard from Mina that you should kiss a person making you feel that way? And if they feel the same thing, it means they like you too?" You summarized as he looked at you blankly, muttering a "Yes."

    - "So....that....was....a...confession from you...?" You shyly realized as Todoroki grew red himself.

    - "I....guess..." Todoroki had said which made you smile and link your hands with him.

    - "Then I guess this is mine~" You said as you pressed a kiss to his lips suddenly as you dragged him to your usual spot and started eating as always.

    - After that, you two were officially boyfriends! The rooftop was now your territory and you two always had 'Lunch-Dates' there everyday

    - The class found out about it of course, you calling "Shoto" and him calling you "Y/n-kun." And of course, Mina thought it was pretty sus that you two always came in, and came out of class holding hands.

    - And when the dorms were implemented, before it, you two had asked Aizawa if you to could share a room, which you two only managed to persuade him by saying, "You won't get any future Migraines or loss of sleep from this decision." Which of course, was a deal he could never resist.

    - So you two always slept cuddling together!

    - At first, Shoto didn't really get the whole thing with PDA, it was just two people in love touching and holding eachother? What good would that bring?

    - So obviously, you would always be the one to initiate said PDA, which he didn't complain about since of course, it was you.

    - But, one night, he woke up to a warm feeling on his right side, which he usually never felt since the right side was his ice.

    - Looking at the source of it, it was you. Clinging to his arm as you slept comfortably, emanating a comforting and sleep inducing warmth.

    - The sight of it almost made Shoto burst into flames, but he held it in since he didn't want to wake you up, especially not with a room fire-

    - So he quietly turned towards you, watching you, careful not to wake you as he snaked his arms to your back and held you close to his chest as he placed his chin on your head. Sleeping so comfortably as he basically held you as tight as he could, you felt like a pillow with the fluffiest material in the world.


    - Opening your eyes, you felt hands around your back as you were pressed again the toned chest of your boyfriend, making you smile as you kissed his chin.

    - Breakfast at that Morning, even when you two went out of the room, Shoto kept clinging onto you shamelessly. Even when Bakugo and Kirishima was at the Kitchen where you had grabbed some food, Shoto was still just latched onto your back. Making the two boys snicker at the sight.

    - "Awww~ Look at that! IcyHot's finally found his will to live!" Bakugo taunted as Shoto looked at him and flashed him the middle finger, making Bakugo angry and tried lunging at him, only to be held back by Kirishima, who had giggled and said the two of you looked cute.

    - "Find a better Hair style, then we'll talk about finding things." Todoroki bluntly said as he gave you a kiss on the cheek as you giggled at his remark, making Bakugo even more mad.

    - That morning was the morning that made you realize your very own Boyfriend was touch-starved, and that just made you even more affectionate with him.

    - (And the morning that made you realize how shameless Shoto was with PDA-)

    - Like he led you two at the Common room couch, sitting you on his lap as he continue to backhug you.

    - Even when the Girls came in and started teasing and taking pictures, and you embarrassed attempts of making him let go, he still held on.

    - And of course, not only was he touch starved, he was very much so oblivious-

    - You flirted with him sometimes when you two are alone and at a playful mood, which he of course didn't understand-

    - "You're quirk may be called 'Half-Hot' but you certainly aren't~" You said cheekily, Shoto reciprocating with a confused look.

    - "But my right side is cold. That's why it's just Half-Hot." Shoto explained as you laughed a little at his obliviousness.

    - You taught him words and actions that can be considered flirting, such as calling another person a "Snack", "Total Hunk", and "Killer smile"

    - (Which he understood for the most part but he wasn't clear on how a smile could be fatal-)

    - You two also began sharing clothes since you shared the same closet, though his is a little big on you-

    - The class is extremely supportive of the two of you, even teasing when you two walk in the class hand in hand.

    - But when Endeavor found out-A.K.A his father-

    - (Let's just say it ended with you and Fuyumi holding Shoto back.)

    - Actually, before even Endeavor found out you're relationship with Shoto, you had already known about how he used to treat his family, and especially Shoto-

    - (So it then turned into Shoto, Fuyumi AND Natsuo holding you back from assaulting Endeavor with a large Sword you made with your quirk-"

    - The concept of "Anniversaries" to Shoto was new, so on your first year one, he literally bought you so much expensive gifts-

    - Which of course, you brought him along to return most of it- saving only the locket he gave you with a picture of the both of you since you had actually got him the same one :D

    - He isn't really the jealous type, but he'll be very sulky if he sees you with another boy, and will cling on to you even more until he feels better :(((

    - You two must always cuddle each other at night because both you and him (Mostly him) can't get enough of eachother

    - He even does this thing where, he regulates his body temperature with his quirk so he's just basically a body pillow set at maximum comfort~

    - So all in all, Shoto would start out a bit awkward and oblivious, but it's very clear he loves you, and as you two develop more and more, your love for eachother would just deepen, and Shoto is just glad that all of his First's was with you, who loves him all the more, and all the same :D

    - Beware though, once this man understands the full concept of giving you love and affection- he'll be utterly shameless and blunt about it~


    (How can he be so cute yet so handsome at the same time- Istg he's making it harder to decide between him and Bakugo-)

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