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    So, chapter 6 is here.
    A bit of development fro our two idiots. Hope you like it.

    I have chapter 7 and 8 down but they need heavy editing.
    Also, last night I was inspired and I did manage to plot the skeleton of the story, so I know exactly where I am going. There should be 28 chapters and an epilogue.

    Well, I hope, in the meantime that you will enjoy this one.

    Spot the HoF references :)


    The next day Rowan was back at work.
    He opened on time as usual and a couple of tourists came into the shop but left quite quickly. Probably not impressed by the lack of tacky touristy stuff.
    He was working on re-organising a shelf when the door opened and he was not ready to see again the person who crossed the threshold.
    “Hey you.” The woman smiled at him tenderly.
    Rowan forgot how to breath. Aelin had her hair in a braid and a straw hat on her head. A nice colourful shirt and then his gaze trailed south. She was wearing shorts and the sight of her long tanned legs almost killed him. It looked like Aelin was ready to go on a tropical beach to suntan and relax all day.
    She was a goddess. And she was in front of him. Smiling.
    “Back at you.” He said, getting up slowly, not trusting his legs. He felt he could faint anytime at the sight.
    “I am here for my book.” A timid smile appeared on his lips then his legs finally moved and did manage to cover the few steps taking him to the counter. He grabbed the book and handed it to her. He hesitated for a moment, as if to try and have a conversation but then decide against. What was he going to say anyway?

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  • Summary: You and Tsukki walk to school. Idk that’s really all it is. 

    Pairing: Tsukishima x fem!Reader 

    Word count:  582 (bro its soooo short, I hate it)

    Warnings: None, just something light

    A/N: its short.


    There was an unusual summer breeze in the atmosphere. It rustled leaves and caused acorns to fall from their resting place. It brought a beautiful feeling across the skin. Today you decided to walk by yourself to school. It took about 20 minutes and you had more than enough time so you started your journey. You say this even though you had made yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because of your poor time management skills.

    After a good 5 minutes of walking and enjoying the fresh air you spot your favorite blondie. He was just standing there looking intensely at his phone. He had his backpack propped on one shoulder and left his uniform jacket unbuttoned. So me being you, you crept up on him.

    “Hey love.” You said, standing in his personal bubble. Today instead of wearing the blazer and vest you just wore a short sleeve button up with the bowtie and the skirt. 

    “Ahh, what the hell.” Tsukki said as he jumped up. After, he stood in an annoyed stanced and rolled his eyes. “I see your obsession with me has grown to stalking.”

    “Obsession? The only person I am obsessed with is myself.” you rebutted in a matter-of-fact tone. 

    “What do you want?”

    “Oh, I’m walking to school and saw you just standing here. Why are you just standing here?”

    “Yamaguchi was supposed to meet me here so we can go to school but he already left.” he answered eyeing you.

    “We can walk together.” 

    “It’s not the worst thing in the world.”

    “Then lets be on our way!” You said with joy. 

    The walk began in a comfortable silence. You knew tsukki isn’t one to talk a lot so you didn’t want to burden him with conversation. This went on for a couple minutes until he broke the silence.

    “I’m surprised that you’re not talking my ear off right now.” He stated looking forward.

    “Well i don’t want to annoy you with my rants.” You replied looking at the ground. Now, you are by no means a shy little school girl but you know how to play your cards right.

    “No, no. Please do talk, being quiet is out of your character.”

    “Well, you shouldn’t have said that sir. Brace yourself.”

    And so the rest of the walk you talked about different music and musicians. You talked about some of my favorite shows and video games. In between he would give his little two cents or say something sassy. You even mentioned how you have poor time management and organization skills and that’s why you barely got anything to eat that morning. 

    Yall made it to the school with some time to spare and Tsukki guided you away from it to the convenient store. He bought some food while you stood there and watched. When yall made it back in front of the building he dug in the bag and handed you a breakfast sandwich and orange juice.

    “Here, you should make sure you eat properly.” He said looking away with a slight blush under his glasses. 

    “You bought this for me?”

    “No, I bought it for me.” he said sarcastically. “I’ll change my mind.”

    “Thank you Tsukki!” You exclaimed as you took the sandwich. You got on your tippy toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “See you in class!” You called as you walked into the building. That whole morning you had one of the cheesiest smiles plastered on your face. 

    #tsuki x reader #tsukishima kei #haikyu x reader #x reader#fanfic#fluff#haikyu fluff
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    | Nothing turned into something |

    [Diluc x F!traveler]

    Summary: It was a stupid argument. He knew it was stupid. You knew it was stupid. Yet, it was nothing being turned into something.

    Warnings: Angst, arguments, violence (not abuse!!) (fluff ending)

    You stood there listening to him as he calmly delivered his point. Each word he said, each point he made created a boiling anger in the pit of your stomach.

    You couldn’t explain in the moment why you snapped or why you suddenly found his voice irritating, but you did.

    “Enough, Diluc! I don’t want to hear it!” You screamed, taking both yourself and the red head alike by surprise. “Y/N I am simply asking you to think about this, putting yourself in danger for no reason is… is not worth it.” He stammered over, taken aback by your blunt anger.

    At the last three words you finally lost it. “Not worth it? NOT WORTH IT?”

    “Diluc I have been scavanging this lowly planet for months now, in search of my brother. Anything and everything is worth it.”

    At that you grabbed your weapon and without a further thought stormed out.

    Your feet carried you subconsciously as you played and replayed the argument in your head. You knew Diluc was only looking out for you and yet, you were stubbornly blinded by rage.

    If you had to go to the camp alone so be it. You need not bicker with your partner when you could be out doing something useful instead.

    Eventually, you came to a halt. Your feet had walked you from the dawn winery to the depths of the forest in Wolvendom. You were aware that around here the knights of favonius had reported sightings of Abyss mages.

    Despite Diluc’s warnings and the argument taken place you had to investigate. One of them could know where your brother is. Why couldn’t Diluc just see that? Nothing was more important than finding him.

    - - - - - -

    You had been scavanging the woods for what seemed like over an hour. There was no signs of any abyss mage.

    You slumped to the ground. Tears fell from your eyes. You hadn’t been aware you were crying until you felt them fall onto your hands.

    However, before you could begin to process the occurrence of tears a cryo crystal was shot at you, narrowly missing your head.

    Immediately, you sprung to your feet. Tears long forgotten. Fortunately, it had missed and you remained unwounded. A second shot was fired but you deflected easily.

    Then they revealed themselves. A cryo abyss mage. “I was right!” You cried in a whispered tone. “Time to finish you off, but first where is my brother! Where is Aether?”

    The abyss mage let out a low chuckled and began chanting. Releasing upon you a rain of frozen crystals.

    You dodged them with ease. However, before you could gloat over your success the abyss mage fires at you once more.

    The shot sent you flying into a tree and you landed with a thud. You were momentarily frozen in place, the wind being knocked from your stomach.

    In the time it took you to recooperate, the mage shot at you once more. The crystal was deflected. You glanced upwards to be met with the pyro claymore of your partner.

    Heroically he swooped into battle and with all but a few slashes defeated the abyss mage. In the pit of your stomach you knew you should have remained angry, he’d just killed the only lead you’d had in months.

    But, in the brief moment relief crashed over you like a wave. You ran towards Diluc and buried your face in his back. A hug he had become aware was your hug of needing comfort.

    Diluc dropped his weapon and spun to you. Lifting you off your feet in a warm embrace. He said nothing, as nothing needed to be said. An unspoken “I love you” drifted in the air. Sometimes nothing could be turned into something.

    The forest remained still as a deafening silence fell upon you two. It was eerily peaceful. Only the stars twinkling above through the thick overgrowth of the trees provided light, in the thick night of the forest.

    However, the stillness of the forest had to be disturbed one way or another.

    “I’m sorry.” You mumbled. Voice barely audible, fearing it would crack and you’d crumble to the heavy tears you felt dwelling your eyes.

    Diluc gently grazed his fingers under your chin. Ever so slightly he tilted your head up. At that he placed a gentle kiss to your lips. Leaning his forehead against yours he breathed. “You terrified me… seeing you there wounded. It felt like someone had sliced my heart in half.”

    Even though he spoke the words out loud Diluc himself couldn’t grasp the true meanings of the words. All he knew in that moment was that no matter silly argument got in the way of you two he wanted to always be by your side. He wanted you to clean the bar with him late at night, after rowdy customers. He wanted you to be the one to save him and for him to save you. He wanted you to be the only one he should have meaningless arguments with and forgive each other at the end. He wanted you to be the only he loved. Forever and always.

    “Marry me…”

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    after an argument y/n ignores jaehyun, until the rest of the gc decide to figure out whats going on! 💌

    a/n: i thought i’d explore with a little bit of angst, nothing too major tho! :) enjoy ~

    #nct#nct 127#nct jaehyun#kpop#jaehyun#jung jaehyun #jaehyun x reader #nct x reader #smau #nct x reader smau #jaehyun x reader smau #jung jaehyun x reader smau #jung jaehyun x reader #nct au #x reader smau #x reader#fluff#angst#au#one shot#nct u#nct dream
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  • Hey Jupiter

     gnv“Hyung couldn’t sleep,” Taehyung says, by way of explanation. He feels like some explanation is probably needed for why he and Hoseok are snuggling on the couch together. “Sometimes he can’t sleep, and then he comes and gets me and we sleep out here. He says he doesn’t know why, but having me around makes it better.”

    Or: the one where Taehyung is completely and utterly oblivious. 

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  • [hc] jealous s/o reversing the situation

    synopsis : part 1 (oikawa, ushijima)

    characters : daichi, atsumu (crush!reader)

    genre : fluff, crack

    warning : none ?

    Daichi Sawamura


    Originally posted by kageyamaluve

    • daichi more like daddy
    • sorry my daddy issues kicked in, anyway,
    • you were dating thee daichi, karasuno’s vb team father captain
    • literally *chef’s kiss* he is a great boyfriend, all what someone can dream of
    • and you had a healthy relationship, even if daichi would be possessive sometimes but that’s just his fatherly side that shows up
    • you trusted him and you knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you
    • but god that Yui chick was getting on your last nerves
    • even if he saw her as a friend, she obviously had a crush on him and would try to talk to him all the time
    • like ??? back tf off he’s y/n’s ???
    • ofc she isn’t being disrespectful but still, your tolerance and patience had limits

    “kiss my ass, daichi,” you said to your boyfriend who was giving advice to Yui, you know “captains got each other’s back” he’d say. of course he didn’t here you, but sugawara did and he couldn’t help himself from laughing what made you roll your eyes and turn back to your classroom.

    “come on y/n, you know he only loves you,” suga tries to put some sense in you. “i know but it’s getting pretty fucking annoyin— OW,” you groan after he flicks your forehead. “no swearing young lady,” “sorry mom,” you roll your eyes and you both chuckle.

    • you and suga were really close, real bEsTiEs you know?
    • he read you like an open book and vice versa, your friendship was the most wholesome
    • and you were in the same class so you spent lots of time together
    • what you didn’t know is that when daichi finished talking to Yui he came to check on you only to see you laugh with sugawara
    • he trusts his friend ofc, but the sight of you, his s/o with his closest friend made him feel uneasy sometimes
    • he knew there was nothing between you but it stung him sometimes to see how close you are
    • yes he was lowkey jealous but he tried to be mature and always shake it off
    • oh how the world works
    • anyway, after he saw you and suga he went back to his classroom feeling lowkey 💔

    it was lunch time, daichi came to your class so you can walk together to the cafeteria but was surprised when he saw you and sugawara facing each other, focused on your textbooks and your bentos next to you.

    “baby? aren’t you coming?” he asks as he walks in shyly. “oh sorry but me and suga have to revise for out calculus test,” you explain. “you can stay if you want,” adds suga but he politely declines letting you focus on your work

    • he is now eating with asahi and this one notices that daichi isn’t his usual self
    • “something’s wrong?” he asks, really concerned about his friend who he’d never seen like that before
    • “a y/n issue?” he tries again after getting no response from him
    • “i don’t know,” he finally growls rubbing his face. “it’s just that— i feel like she is closer to sugawara than me, i know this is dumb and they are just friends; i trust both of them but…”
    • homeboy couldn’t even find the words
    • “you’re jealous?” bold of you to assume that asahi is the one who asked that
    • daichi freezes to the sound of your voice and doesn’t want to turn around
    • “baby?” you chuckle, “come with me,” you take his hand and take him to a calm spot
    • “y/n, what are you doing here?” he asks avoiding your gaze,
    • “you dropped your badge, so i brought it,” you handed him the small item

    “sawamura,” you held both his hands, “are you jealous of suga?” you ask softly trying to meet his gaze. “no! it’s just that,” he looks away and finally brings his eyes to meet yours. “i don’t know, sometimes i just feel like you are closer to him than me; the amount of time you spend together, and how you were earlier just makes me wonder if i am the one for you,” your eyes widen at his confession.

    you smile sheepishly before you answer, “sugawara is my best friend, we’ve known each other since forever so it is normal for us to be this close but nothing will ever happen between us. sometimes i feel comfortable talking to him about the things that i can’t talk with you about, like earlier,” his eyebrows furrowed. “i was telling about that Yui girl who is very close to you, and how pissed i was, but he had already noticed it by himself and he was knocking some sense in me,” you sigh and a grin appears on daichi’s face.

    “so you’re jealous of Yui-san?” he arks an eyebrow, you roll your eyes and let go of his hands. “but you know that i only love you, you know as captains we” he holds you by your waist, “got each others’ back, i know,” you finish, “and i only love you, dumbass,” you wrap your arms around his neck and his kisses you softly.

    “and of course you are the one for me, i wouldn’t have it any other way,” you add as you pull away, he smiles and presses his lips against yours again

    • since then daichi never felt uneasy when he saw you with suga ever again
    • somehow yui didn’t come to him as much as she did before
    • and you also talked about telling each other everything so your relationship could remain healthy and strong

    Miya Atsumu


    Originally posted by abuliawrites

    • this brat, oh god
    • he obviously has a shit tone of fangirls drowning him in confession letters, chocolate boxes, bentos… ext and he can’t help but be the big flirt he’s known to be
    • you knew the twins since forever and you couldn’t help but develop a crush on him
    • you also assisted to him gaining in popularity and seeing all these girls ready to throw their bras at him made you feel uneasy

    “that is crazy,” you say as you get into the living room where tons of gifts were displayed on the dinning table. “it never ends, it is getting annoying,” adds osamu clearly annoyed by the situation, “and now he is probably with one of them, leading her on to think that something will happen but nothing will,”

    he saw the sad glint in your eyes, “well, as long as he is having fun,” you finally shrug realizing that nothing will ever happen with him, finally accepting your fate. “let’s start studying, he may have the gifts but we have the brains,” you joke making osamu chuckle

    • before that day you would always go to their matches and bring them their favorite snacks as a reward
    • but since it lowkey hurt you that he would still get all those gifts, you came to the conclusion that your snacks were not needed anyway
    • so to their next match you only brought snacks to osamu, thinking that atsumu wouldn’t even notice

    “congrats on winning guys! you did great!” you greeted them when they got out of the gym. “thanks y/n,” “thank you y/n!” they smiled at you. “oh by the way, here osamu,” you handed him the bag containing snacks, “you brought my favs, thank you y/n,” he hugged you tight making you laugh.

    atsumu stood there waiting for his turn, but it never came, “atsumu,” you started looking at him, “i didn’t bring you anything, i figured your fangirls would already drown you in gifts so i didn’t want to add to it,”

    • on cue the fangirls came in rushing to give atsumu different kind of gifts, congratulating him on their win
    • you and osamu smiled at him and headed to the twin’s home before him
    • atsumu was left DUMBFOUNDED
    • homeboy wasn’t expecting that lol
    • he loved receiving snacks from you, especially with the notes you’d leave for them
    • it was not about the snacks, it was about you thinking of him and getting him what he loves
    • he also had a crush on you, but now his heart was the one crushed LMFAO
    • anyway he was sad, he didn’t even flirt with his fans like usually
    • and now it became a habit to only bring snacks or shower osamu with all the attention atsumu wanted from you
    • he cursed the day he started gaining popularity
    • he got so jealous lol suna had a fun time taking pictures and videos of him FLAMING HOT of jealousy when he saw you take care of osamu
    • he couldn’t handle it anymore, so one day after a match where you once again brought snacks to osamu only lol
    • he came back home after you two because of his fans you know the drill
    • he got in on you and samu on couch, your legs on his lap, both laughing at some show you were watching

    “ssup tsumu?” you greet him from your place, “no gifts today?” you ask, “he probably turned them all to the lingerie store,” jokes samu making you chuckle, “or at this point he probably needed a car to get everything,” you shrug turning your attention back to the show.

    atsumu got pissed enough to come and throw you on his shoulder, taking you to his room, “LET ME DOWN ATSUMU IT’S THE BEST MOMENT OF THE SHOW!” he throws you on his bed and locks the door.

    “what is wrong with you?” you ask him trying to get out of his room, you didn’t know if you candle you two being alone. you tried to move him but he remained unfazed, he didn’t move one bit, he finally held both your arms and looked straight into your eyes.

    “i don’t want my fangirls’ gifts, i don’t care about them,” he bluntly states making you look at his confused. “screw being popular if it means that you get to distance yourself from me and get closer to my brother,” he states leaving you in shock. “atsumu—” you couldn’t finish your sentence as he kissed you deeply, it took you a moment before kissing him back

    his hands move from your arms to cup your cheeks as yours met his strong chest, he finally pulls away as you got breathless. he looks at you with a smirk on his face and you roll you eyes before kissing him again as you knew he was gonna say something dumb ruining the moment

    • “y'all don’t make babies, i’m warning you,” you both heard osamu scream from the living room
    • you pull away again and laugh, “you should’ve told me sooner this is the way i would’ve caught all your attention,” he smirks
    • your laugh and roll your eyes, “whatever,”
    • “am i going to get all your attention back now?” he asks seriously
    • “uhm, i don’t know you still have all your fangirls and that would be unfair to samu,” you tease
    • “i’m going to tell them that i don’t need them anymore since i have my girlfriend by my side now,” he smirks
    • “oh so you have a girlfriend,” you tease
    • he rolls his eyes and kisses you again
    • “okay, okay, i got it, “boyfriend"” you chuckle
    • since then you guys started dating what broke many girls’ hearts
    • atsumu asked them to respect that and to stop giving him gifts
    • you still took care of osamu though but it is not false that atsumu got a little + from you
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    Originally posted by imagining-in-the-margins

    Requested: Yes. 

    @meowiemari I hope this makes your day a little better 

    Summary: Reader needs to get a gigantic stuffed animal and Reid is determined to get it for her. 

    Category: Hardcore fluff. 

    Warning: Hardcore fluff, you’ve been warned. 

    Word count: 1K


    It was supposed to be a fun day. Not every day the team got the chance to spend their evening in a summer carnival. And they were honestly excited. Even Hotch kept laughing. Yes, no one else could believe it. It was something you had to see to believe. 

    Morgan and Emily were all over the place, trying to ride as many attractions as possible. JJ, Henry, Jack, and Penelope followed close behind, but stayed away from the one that looked a little less secure (most of them as a matter of fact), and took the kids to the children rides, while Hotch and Rossi enjoyed as many corn dogs as they could. 

    Reid was looking for (Y/N), his girlfriend. She said was going to get something to drink and never came back. Reid was starting to get worried, as the apprehensive boyfriend he could be. To be fair, when you have a job that implies your life is constantly in danger, you might be scared bad things could happen all the time. 

    When he finally found her, she was sitting on a bench, eating pink cotton candy. 

    - “Hey, what are you doing here?” 

    - “Nothing- she whispered, pouting” 

    - “Hey, what happened? I thought you were excited about the bumper cars”- Spencer sat next to her and held her hand. She didn’t move. 

    - “Ok, what’s wrong?”

    - “Nothing”- she murmured again and sighed- “Ok, promise me you won’t make fun of me.”

    - “I could never”- and Reid meant it, he really did. 

    - “I swear, you could”- she shook her head, embarrassed of what she was going to confess. 

    - “You know that game, the crossbow shoot?”

    - “Yes… what happened there?”- (Y/N) bit the inside of her cheeks and looked at her boyfriend. 

    - “They didn’t give me a prize I won”

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    #spencer reid#criminal mind#fluff #spencer reid fanfic #matthew gray gubler #hardcore fluff#mgg fanfic
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  • okay so here’s another one lol, this one’s so cliche my friends, eat my trash :)


    Summary: Logan finally breaks lol

    Word count: 995

    Warnings: uh, hurt comfort, virgil says shit once, a shit on of crying, i guess a panic attack, so sweet and cliche you might want to stop reading :)


    Everything had been so perfect, so perfect. He had Virgil. It was perfect. At least that’s what he’d concluded in his own mind.

    They’d been sitting on Virgil’s bed, watching a movie, and Logan hadn’t really been paying attention. He’d been so focused on his work before Virgil dragged him away.

    You work too hard, Lo,” he’d said running his fingers through Logan’s hair, “come watch a movie with me.”

    Logan had smiled and agreed, not wanting to stress Virgil or heighten his anxiety.

    So there they sat, watching a movie and buried underneath blankets. Logan’s mind was racing, so many thoughts rushing past each other, sentences being unfinished. He thought and thought and thought until he couldn’t handle his own thoughts.

    He sat frozen, words swirling in his head, drowning out his surroundings. He tried to ground himself, trying to find just a single thought to hold onto and complete. His vision blurred and his jaw clenched, everything still going too fast for his liking.

    He identified thoughts about his work, he thought he should work. Sitting around won’t get work done.

    “But Virgil was so worried. But Virgil doesn’t understand. I need to work. I have so much to get done. But Virgil’s still worried. Will he be mad?”

    Logan was swallowed whole by panic, he did not understand why. Everything was wonderful, he did his work well, he had Virgil, he loved Virgil. Virgil loved him, he said so himself.

    “I love you too,” he sniffled. Virgil pulled Logan closer than physically possible and they stood close together for what seemed to be a lifetime. After so long, they were together.

    Logan recalled this moment, his thoughts slowing until it landed on one specific thought. “But does he still love me?”

    And then he broke.

    All sense came back to him, rushing over like a tidal wave. The thought scared him to death. He gasped and grabbed his chest, heaving, squeezing his eyes shut as tears flooded over. His chest was so tight, he couldn’t breathe but air was filtering through him. His heart was pounding, it felt as if it would explode, it felt like he was drowning in a lake and falling from the sky.

    “Logan, holy shit, Logan?” Virgil shook his shoulder, then grabbed Logan’s face between his hands. “Babe, breathe for me. Please? Look at me.”

    Virgil’s voice flooded through his ears, finally, something. He listened to Virgil’s counting, the exaggerated inhales and exhales, the heat of his palms against his face, soaking in every real moment there was.

    Virgil’s thumbs swiped over Logan’s cheeks, trying to stop the tears from wetting his face, trying to wipe Logan’s pains away. His breaths slowed, still uneven but not panicked. Tears still glided down but he was there, he was with Virgil, Virgil was there.

    His head was cleared, he felt relieved, but then embarrassment washed over him. He quickly ducked his head into Virgil’s shoulder, hiding his face from prying eyes. He breathed slowly, inhaling and exhaling, a comforting scent of sunflowers. They sat like that for a few minutes, Logan officially calming down, the only sound being the dialogue from the long forgotten movie.

    “Lo,” Virgil called out softly, gently pushing Logan away from him. He looked away from Virgil, not wanting to address their current situation.

    “Look at me please, what’s wrong?” He asked softly, brushing hair away from Logan’s face.

    Logan looked at Virgil, grabbing Virgil’s hand and gripping it tightly, pressing his lips firmly together. Inhaling through his nose he took a moment to respond;

    “Do you still love me?” His voice cracked and the question came out broken and scared. He needed the confirmation, no matter how silly the question seemed. He needed Virgil to say it to him, to assure him, even if it was childish.

    What?” Virgil’s eyes widened, bewilderment edging itself into his face.

    “Do…do you still love me?” Logan stuttered out again, tears starting to slowly trickle back down his cheeks again. He was so scared, so scared Virgil would leave him, he knew there was no reason he would leave him but he was still so scared.

    “What? Of course I do. What are you talking about?” He rushed out, stumbling over his words. He had no idea what would make Logan think he didn’t love him anymore.

    “Are you sure?” He sniffled out, a quiet sob wracking his body. He believed Virgil, he knew he was telling him the truth but his mind was still not settled.

    “Yes, yes I’m sure. I’m so sure, I love you so much, I’m so in love with you it scares me sometimes. I promise I love you.” Virgil repeated his words, trying to keep his tears from spilling over. It scared him seeing Logan like this, it scared him to think Logan thought he didn’t love him anymore.

    Logan nodded, wiping at his face with his free hand, trying to be rid of the tears that stained his cheeks. He downcasted his gaze to their linked hands, willing his heart to slow down.

    “I’m sorry, I don’t know why that happened.” He told Virgil, keeping his voice as steady as possible. He sighed deeply, looking up at Virgil, trying to stay composed.

    “I just…I don’t know what came over me. My thoughts were going so fast I couldn’t actually think properly. And then my mind found that question and…,” he trailed, gaze flicking away from Virgil again.

    “You don’t have to apologize,” he said, running his thumb over Logan’s knuckles. “You were stressed, and anxious. Lo, you’re human, well mostly, it’s okay to be worried, it’s okay to be in doubt.”

    “Okay—“ he nodded to himself— “okay.”

    “Let’s go to sleep, we can talk more in the morning, okay?”

    Logan nodded again, sighing and running his hands through his hair. “Thank you, star, so I love you so much.”

    Virgil kissed his forehead, “I love you too, now sleep.”


    lmao okay there you go

    idk how i feel abt this one

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  • Rushing, rushing, always rushing. There’s work to be done, or so it feels. Tommy’s almost forgotten how to gather his own resources, but trip after trip to the nether is bringing back forgotten memories. He’s got his own set of diamond armor, which feels nice. He feels so much more complete than he has in ages.

    He hasn’t been able to talk to Tubbo much, and while he wishes Tubbo was more focused on the upcoming fight with Dream, Tommy also doesn’t blame him for wanting to start a new settlement. Tommy won’t admit it out loud, but he likes how it looks. It’s hard to stay there for long, because a cabin in the snow brings back memories he wishes would stay buried, but he admires Tubbo all the same.

    Currently, Tommy is trying to carry a handful of items in a sack. He’s got more nether quartz than he knows what to do with, along with gold. He doesn’t exactly know what he’s going to do with all the gold, but it’ll come in handy for something.

    Unfortunately, this means he’s not paying attention to where he’s going, and he bumps into someone, sending them both sprawling back. All his items spill all over the ground. He lets out an irritated grunt as he grabs at some of the gold ingots, trying to salvage what he can before it rolls away. “Oy, dickhead!” Tommy gripes. “Watch where you’re going!”


    His head snaps up at the soft voice. That’s not a voice he hears much at all, and it’s so jarring compared to the lower voices of his more typical associations. “Puffy?”

    She’s getting to her feet, though bent over to grab what he dropped. She even takes it a step further and puts the items back in his sack. “Tommy, I was looking for you.”

    He remains silent as he hoists himself upright, now finding it hard to look at anything but the cracked prime path below his feet. “You were?” The ground is very fascinating. Too fascinating. Maybe if he harvested more wood, he could help repair some of the damage.

    “Tommy, can you look at me please? I have something I want to say.”

    “I don’t want to talk to anyone but Tubbo.” Even with those words out of his mouth, Tommy sneaks a glance upward. She’s looking pensive, almost concerned. Tommy hates those expressions of pity from people. Pity doesn’t do anything. He can feel the anger welling up inside of him, threatening to choke him and explode into fury and all the bitterness he’d been keeping at bay. He swallows it down, feeling that stupid ache of ‘why does it matter’ sink into his stomach again.

    Wordlessly, he takes the sack from Puffy and turns to go.

    “Tommy I’m sorry!”

    Puffy sounds frantic, desperate to be heard. It does very little to quell the anger inside of him, but he does stop moving. He doesn’t turn back to face her, but he does stop to listen.

    “We should have helped you. I should have helped you. You were right, this wasn’t about just one of us or individual people or feelings, this was about something that meant everything to a lot of us. I should have stood by you, and I didn’t. I regret that every day.”

    “Were you the one who placed the flag?” Tommy’s voice is broken, cracking as he speaks. Even worse than the rising and uncontrollable anger he feels, is the urge to break down crying every time someone speaks to him. “You were, weren’t you?”

    “Yeah.” He can hear her moving closer. “If it’s not too late, I want to try now. Someone needs to stand with you, and I know what you’re planning still.”

    Now, he whirls around. Not to yell at her, that anger is passing. “Tubbo and I are going after Dream to get my discs back. I don’t need anyone getting in my way or trying to convince me not to. That’s always been my goal, that will never stop being my goal until I achieve it. I don’t care what you or anyone else does, but you cannot stop me from doing this.”

    “Can I ask why you think you have to do this alone?” She reaches out a hand, but Tommy flinches away. He doesn’t need pity comfort, either.

    “Because I’m always alone,” he says. “No one’s ever had my back before, and I don’t want it now. I have Tubbo.”

    “I want to help you,” she says softly. “I’ll let you call all the shots, but you need more than just Tubbo for firepower. Let me help, please?”

    He’s quiet. Her words do make sense, and it’s the sort of help that he wouldn’t mind taking. He also knows that if he refused it, he and Tubbo would die. She has the power of influence on her side, and he has no doubt she could talk a few other people into rallying behind him. The problem is, no one’s ever taken his goals seriously before. This has to be his thing, this is his moment.

    “You can help,” he relents. “But I’m doing this, regardless of who stands with me or not. I don’t care if I die doing this, I’m getting those back.”

    She offers a smile, reaching a hand out for him. “Then I’m with you. We’ll get them back together, okay? You, Tubbo and me.”

    This time, Tommy takes her hand, and he offers the tiniest of smiles to her.

    Yeah, maybe things aren’t so bleak after all.

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  • With You By My Side Part 2

    Dean’s Pov

    I woke up the next morning with y/n still in my arms. I smiled at the sight of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. The truth is, I’ve been in love with her for as long as I can remember. Before Bobby died he made me promise to always take care of her. Until the day I die for good she’ll always be my top priority. Sammy always told me to take a chance with her but I’m a coward who can’t express my feelings. If I were to leave the hunting life for anyone, it would be her.

    She began to stir in my arms and slowly opened her eyes. Our eyes met and she gave me a soft smile that had my heart racing. I smiled back at her and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

    “Goodmorning sweetheart, how did you sleep?”

    “I slept really well, nightmare free.”

    “Well I’m glad. I hope I helped you clear your head and made you forget about the dark things, at least for a little while.”

    “You did Dean, I’m so lucky to have you in my life. My knight and shining armor.”

    I chuckled and felt my cheeks heat up a bit.

    “Oh stop it.”

    “It’s true Dean, if you and Sam didn’t take me in after my dad died I don’t know where I would’ve ended up..most likely dead.”

    “I’ll always protect you y/n..always.”

    She leaned in and kissed my cheek and my face probably turned every shade of red imaginable.

    “That goes for you too Winchester, you’re my top priority. You and Sam.”

    “Hey guys, I think I found a case, whoa am I interrupting anything?” Sam said with a small smirk on his face.

    I gave him a small glare

    “No you didn’t, what are we looking at?”

    “It’s looking like a vamp kill in Louisiana, the three victims we’re camping out in the woods, all their throats ripped out.”

    “Okay, let’s go check it out then.”

    Your Pov

    In less than 30 minutes we’re on the road to Louisiana. It’s been a while since a vamp kill so I could feel the adrenaline already pumping through my veins. I could feel the sleep drifting in and out.

    “Sleep for a while sweetheart, it’ll be awhile before we get there.” Dean said as he looked at me in the rearview mirror.

    I yawned a little and laid down on the back seat.

    “Here y/n” Dean said as he handed me his jacket.

    “Thank you Dean.”

    He gave me a small wink as I drifted into sleep.

    Dean’s Pov

    I smiled at her as she snuggled into my jacket. I could feel Sam staring out of the corner of my eye.


    “Nothing, I’m just wondering when you’re finally going to tell her how you feel.”

    I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

    “Shut up Sammy.”

    “Dean just tell her already I can almost guarantee she feels the same way.”

    “Sam she’s asleep not dead would you keep your voice down please.” I said as I glared at him my face burning hot.

    “I’ll let this go for now but Dean seriously you both deserve to be happy for once.”

    I just grumbled and ignored him the rest of the ride to Louisiana. When we arrived I put baby in park and turned to y/n. She was still asleep and I really didn’t want to wake her.

    “We’re here sweetheart.” I said as I gently shook her leg. She stirred and looked up at me and gave me one of her famous y/n smiles.

    “Ok I’m awake Dean give me a couple minutes to get myself situated.”

    I nodded my head as Sam and I got out of the car. I grabbed our bags from the trunk and we made our way to the motel we’re staying at. Y/n joined us a few minutes later and while the lady at the front desk was doing our credit card information, I rested my arm on top of y/n’s head as an armrest.

    She playfully glared at me and pushed my arm off her while I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her shoulders instead. We grabbed our bags and went into our room.

    “So y/n are you sharing with Dean or me?”

    “With Dean, no offense Sammy but you hog the entire bed, you hog the covers, and you sweat and it’s disgusting.”

    Sam and I laughed loudly while she giggled and put her stuff on the same bed as mine. I couldn’t deny that my heart raced a million miles a second. Just thinking about sharing a bed with her made my heart swell in my chest.

    “Alright so let’s go talk to the police and find out what we can about the victims. Was there any survivors Sammy?”

    “Yeah a girl named Emily Walker she’s in the hospital. It must be a fresh vamp because they normally don’t leave survivors.”

    We all got changed into our FBI gear and made our way to the camping site.

    “Hi there I’m agent White and these are my partners agent Smith and Williams.” I said as all three of us showed them our badges. “What can you tell us about the victims?”

    “Well the four of them just graduated from college and went camping together, three out of the four kids’ throats were slashed and Emily is currently in the hospital. It looks to be an animal attack.

    “Alright thank you gentlemen.”

    We made our way to the hospital and to Emily’s room.

    “I already spoke to the FBI this morning. Why do I have to go through this again? My friends are dead.” She said as fresh tears welled in her eyes.

    “We just want to know what happened honey, that’s all.” Y/n said as she looked at her with sympathy. She took a deep breath

    “You won’t believe me if I told you. Nobody else does.”

    “Try us.” I said.

    She sighed and looked at us

    “We were sitting by the fire, and four guys came out of nowhere and killed them. They bit into their necks and sucked them dry. Only they weren’t people, they were monsters. One drank from me too but I passed out from shock and blood loss and they thought I was dead so they left me alone. They took off after that.

    “Thank you Emily, can you tell us what they looked like?”

    After she told us what they looked like, we all looked at each other in knowledge. There were three teenage boys in the motel this morning that fit the description.

    We left the hospital and drove back to the motel.

    “Alright we’ll go back tonight when it’s dark.”

    I opened a beer as Sam sat at the table and opened his laptop, while y/n laid on the bed on her phone. I caught myself staring at her for a few minutes before Sam kicked my shin while smirking and shaking his head in amusement. I gave him a harsh glare and kicked his leg back ten times harder.

    As it got darker outside we made our way to the woods where the kids were killed. As we walked through with our machetes ready to swing we noticed a small cabin. I nodded towards it.

    “Ok y/n you’re with me we’re going through the front, Sammy go through the back. Be careful.”

    “Always Dean.”

    We looked through the window and saw seven vamps including the four that killed the kids. A nest.

    “We got this Dean, let’s gank these sons of bitches.”

    I chuckled as we snuck around the side door. When we went inside I noticed Sam quietly making his way through the back door. Once he got close enough he swung, knocking the head off one of the vamps. They noticed our presence and immediately hissed showing their fangs running towards us.

    Y/n killed two of them in one swing, while I knocked the head of one of them. One of the last 3 vamps tackled Sam to the ground but he quickly ganked the bitch, while I tried to kill one of the remaining two, the other tackled y/n to the ground and almost bit her neck. I got distracted and the vamp tackled me to the ground. Sam beheaded the bastard and I quickly got up beheading the one after y/n.

    We all took deep breaths, our chests heaving and sweat pouring down our faces.

    “Good job Winchesters.”

    Before I could congratulate her for a job well done, two more vamps came out of nowhere, tackling y/n from behind almost sinking his teeth in her neck. She got out of the vamps hold pretty quickly, but without even thinking I grabbed her and pushed her in one of the closets locking her in.

    “DEAN WHAT THE HELL?!” I heard her scream while shaking the door handle. She’s definitely going to be really pissed at me but I had to keep her safe. That’s my job. Sam and I quickly killed the two remaining vamps and then after they were dead, I let y/n out of the closet.

    “Dean what the actual hell is wrong with you?!”

    “I-I’m sorry sweetheart…I didn’t want you to get hurt and I..”

    “You what Dean?! I’ve been doing this just as long as I have, I’m perfectly capable of doing this just as much as you and Sam. Do you not think I could do the job?! IS THAT IT?!”

    I watched as the veins stuck out of her neck in anger, which only happens when she’s really really pissed.

    “Whatever, let’s just go.”

    You could hear a pin drop in the car on the way back to the motel. Sam kept his mouth shut, I kept mine shut, and y/n was fuming in the backseat. I hate when she’s mad at me, it’s the worst feeling in the world.

    No sooner after I put the car in park, y/n was out of it and slammed the door as hard as she could.


    “NO Dean, don’t even talk to me!”

    She slammed the bathroom door shut as I heard the shower running. I sighed and ran my hand down my face.

    “Dean, what were you thinking? She’s a damn good hunter and she had it.”

    “I know Sammy, all I saw was the vamp about to sink his teeth in her neck and I panicked. She has every right to be pissed but I promised Bobby that I would always protect her.”

    “I know Dean, but she’s not a little kid, she’s been doing this as long as we have and she knows what she’s doing.”

    I just sighed

    She came out of the bathroom in her sleep shorts and one of my flannels that she kept from years ago. She looks damn good in my clothes. She gave me a dirty look as she laid on the floor bringing a pillow from the bed onto the floor shutting her eyes.

    “I’m not sleeping in the same bed as you, If I do I might end up smothering you with a pillow tonight.”

    Sam chuckled I couldn’t help but chuckle too, she’s one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met.

    “I’ll give you two a little privacy to work this out.” He said as he left the room.

    “Y/n I’m sorry sweetheart, You’re as good of a hunter as Sam and I and I trust that you know what you’re doing.”

    She looked up at me

    “Then why did you do it Dean? You really hurt my feelings. I felt like a little kid being scolded.”

    I sighed as I sat next to her on the floor

    “I promised your dad that I would ALWAYS protect you and keep you safe. I thought we killed all the vamps and then when the other two came after you it caught me off guard..all i saw was their teeth about to sink into your neck and it scared the hell out of me. It wasn’t the smartest decision but i just jumped on instinct. Y/n i’m really sorry sweetheart.”

    She sighed as a small smile played on her lips.

    “I guess I can forgive you.” She said teasingly.

    I chuckled as I felt mischievous.

    “Oh really? You guess you can forgive me?”

    “Maybe i’ll give you the silent treatment just to torture you some more.” She giggled while I chuckled and a smirk came across my lips

    “Well I guess i’m just going to have to try harder to make you love me again.”

    Before she said anything else, I lifted her up and threw her on the motel bed. I playfully grabbed her wrists in one of my hands and pinned them above her head while I held her legs down with both of mine.

    “NO Dean please don’t I forgive you” She said already in a fit of giggles.

    I chuckled along with her

    “Sorry sweetheart I have to make absolutely sure you’re not mad at me anymore.”

    Without saying anything more, I started to tickle her. She screamed in laugher as I tickled the spots where I learned were most ticklish over the years of knowing her. Her sides, her ribs, and the spot above her hips we’re being tortured by my fingers. She wiggled trying to get out of my hold but I had a strong grip on her.

    “D-D-DEAN P-PLEASE S-S-ST-TOP!!” She said between cackling.

    I chuckled

    “Do you still love me or do I need to go for the spot?”

    “NO P-P-Please don’t Dean I love you!! I-I’m not mad anymore!” She said between her laughter. I let her arms go but still held her down with my legs. She looked up at me with her eyes pleading..but I was still feeling mischievous, it’s been a long time since I’ve tickled her and heard her laugh this much.

    “I think this is for your own good y/n.” I smirked as I turned around and started squeezing her knee, and she downright screamed in laughter punching my back with all her might while I just laughed and moved my other hand to her other knee tickling them both.

    Around the age of 12, She was being a brat because she couldn’t come on a hunt with Bobby and I and he held her down and tickled her to get her to stop pouting. He told me if she ever needs to learn her lesson, punish her by tickling her knees. I always remembered that and I’ve used it to my advantage a lot over the years. Sammy caught on quick and does it quite often to this day as much as I do.

    She was screaming, squealing, cackling, and giggling all at once when I continued to tickle her. Sam walked back into the motel room and smiled when he saw what I was doing.

    “So I take it you guys are good?”

    “Yeah we’re good, just making extra sure y/n isn’t mad at me anymore.”

    “She needs to breathe, Dean I think she’s had enough.” He laughed

    My hands finally left her knees and I got off her. I chuckled while she panted and gave me a harsh glare. I wiped the tears of laughter from her cheeks and she started to smile at me.

    “I really am sorry sweetheart.”

    “I know Dean, it’s ok.” She said while squeezing my side and I quickly held her wrists down again.

    “Do you wanna go another round?”

    “No I’m sorry I’ll be good I promise.” She giggled

    I chuckled and let her go for good this time. I went into the bathroom and changed into my boxers and gray t-shirt. I brushed my teeth quickly and went back into the room. Sam and y/n were already in bed. I climbed to the empty side and got comfortable. I looked at y/n and held my arms open for her to come and cuddle with me, which she accepted and climbed in my arms.

    I rubbed my thumb up and down her arm for a couple minutes while I heard her breathing get slower until she was asleep. I let the darkness take over.

    PART 3 COMING SOON! Let me know your thoughts!! :)

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  • Person A keeps bringing strays home, and Person B has to break it to them that they can’t take care of all of them.

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  • Pairing: 1990 damon albarn x reader

    Word count: 1.064

    Warnings: none

    * * *

    “Red wine suits you. You look exceptionally sexy when you drink red wine,” Damon mumbled, sounding sophisticated and intelligent despite the slur in his voice. I smiled and looked down on the wine glass in my hand and then traced my gaze back towards Damon where he was almost fully laying down on my bed with his elbows lazily propped up behind him for support. His chest looked broad and his chin was pressing into the top of it. They were playing New Order in the living room and he was bobbing his head along to the muffled music.

    “You look exceptionally sexy drinking beer.”

    “I know,” he answered with a dorky smile and groggily half closed eyes. There was an almost finished dark green bottle in his right hand. The beer was probably warm by now.

    I gave a short chuckle. That type of confidence was typical, and admirable, of Damon. To please him I took a big sip of my wine and sensually licked my lips as I leaned back to lay on my side next to him. His eyes were still groggily half closed and he was breathing calmly. He looked content, happy even.

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  • Loki: *shifts to jotun form*

    Aaravos, trying to flirt: your eyes look like droplets of blood against the deep blue ocean of your skin

    Aaravos, internally: stars I sound like an IDIOT “drops of blood in the ocean” what am I saying??

    Loki: ….thanks?

    Loki: *shifts to aesir form*

    Aaravos: now your eyes are a beautiful shade of green, and your hair is very black


    Aaravos: a beautiful black, like the night sky except not so many stars

    [mun says: I’m posting this because @shiniestcrow said they’re still a little mad about parts of ch4. Here, Crow, have some fluff. *throws* pls no mad]

    #aaravos answers #loki of asgard #the snake and the star #the snake and the star outtakes #lokivos#lokivos humor#incorrect lokivos#fluff #the snake and the star chapter 4 outtakes
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  • every fluff fic should feel like this song

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