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  • andiwanderer
    25.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    Sebastian Stan x f!Reader


    It came out of nowhere. It was so sudden that is why he choked on the food he was chewing.

    "What did you call me?"

    You look at him clueless, with furrowed brows you repeat, "Sebastian."

    He made his way to you, strong arms carried you making you squeal. Gathering your bearings, you tightened your grip on the tub of ice cream.

    Occupying your abandoned seat, he placed you on his beefy hips, arms on your waist bringing you so close to him, personal space be damned. The action made you bite your lower lip. His free hand went to caress your bare legs, crept up to your bare hip, and starts to knead the flesh.

    His gruff voice whisper directly in your ear, which made you whimper, "You call me hubby, husband, baby, honey. Not Sebastian, because I don't fucking know who that is."

    Forehead connecting with yours, eye's meeting, "Are we clear?"

    Pondering for a second, you lick your lips, the tub in your hand forgotten as your eyes fitted to his lips, "How about daddy?"

    He smirks, "Woman, you're in a heap of trouble. Don't worry it'll be in bed."

    #sebastian x reader #bucky x reader #avengers#marvel #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x you #james bucky barnes #bucky fic#drabble#fluff#reader insert#my fics#sebastian stan#bucky barnes
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  • prompty-ping
    25.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Saying "I Love You" Without Saying "I Love You"

    When "I love you" isn't enough.

    Cw: there is two (2) mentions of sex, once referred to as "fuck". A couple of lines have swearing.

    "You mean everything to me."

    "I can't say it back, but I need you to know I feel the same way."

    "I genuinely don't think I've ever felt this strongly about anyone like I feel for you."

    "I got you a little gift." "Awww! Thank you, this is sweet. What's the occasion?" "Nothing. I just saw it and I thought of you."

    "Here. Happy Birthday." "Oh... my goodness. I... I can't accept this, it's too much." "You can. I want you to have it. You deserve only the very best."

    *Pounces on them, kissing them deeply as soon as they come home* "Wow, what was that for?" "I just really missed you, today."

    "I sometimes have to stop myself from grabbing you and kissing you." "Why would you stop yourself?" "I don't know."

    "I don't ever want to stop touching you." "Good. Because I never want you to stop touching me."

    "I cleaned the house, and the car, I made your favourite food, I gave the dog a bath, and I sorted through the accounts." "That's sweet of you, but how come?" "You've been really stressed lately, and I wanted you to come home and relax."

    "When you smile at me, I have to remember to breathe sometimes."

    "Dude, I just can't get her out of my head. I don't think I want to. All I want is to give her everything she's ever wanted." "Yeah, sounds like you love her, mate." "...Maybe I do."

    "I want to marry you, have babies with you, buy you presents, kiss you, fuck you, make sure you've eaten and slept well, watch your hair go grey and your skin wrinkle and your belly go soft— be next to you for the rest of my life and whatever comes after it."

    "I don't believe in coincidences. Someone upstairs sent me to you, saw that we needed each other more than anything, and I will thank them until my dying day."

    "I think dying by your side, when we've lived a long, happy life, would be the best way to go."

    "Ughhhhh... I don't want to go to work. I want to stay here and hug you all day."

    "I have been blessed with you in my life, and I will spend it making sure you don't regret it."

    "There isn't really anyone else. You're it for me."

    "Saying your name brings me so much happiness."

    "When you say my name, my brain just kind of fries. In a good way, though."

    "God, you are so much better than my dreams."

    "Hey, I got two tickets to this thing, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?" "Me? Are you sure? Wouldn't you rather take one of your friends?" "No, not really. I'd rather take you."

    "You're my best friend." "I thought James was your best friend." "No. You are my best friend."

    "You make me so happy." "You make me happy, too." "I'm glad."

    "I don't want you any other way. I want you as you are."

    "You're my favourite person."

    "I want you." "I'm not in the mood tonight—" "No, not sex. I want you. I want to know more. Talk to me, anything you want."

    "I could sit here and listen to you forever."

    "Your voice gives me goosebumps."

    "When I look at you, my heart swells in my chest. That's never happened to me before."

    "We'll see, James, I gotta ask the Missus." "We're not married." "That can be resolved."

    I'm not that proud of this one, but I'll post it anyway in case someone else likes them.


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  • kerakaali
    25.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Yandere Aizawa and student Darling (Platonic)

    A/N: Hi! Writing some headcanons and I hope you like them. I don’t know if I'm happy with them but yeah bye!!
    300ish words

    First time he saw you was when you got into UA. And from the first moment he was in love.  

    I headcanon him as very protective but lowkey yandere. So, at least in the start, he would look you from afar. He doesn’t want to overwhelm you.

    At the start his obsession shows itself in the forms of letting you sleep during the class, give you more points from tests. Small things that no one would pay attention. And if someone did, their suspicions would be dismissed in a blink.

    But when the school when on his behavior got more obsessive. It would go to the point that he needed to make your family disappear.  

    And your family being gone someone needs to take care of you. Aizawa being you home teacher he was the one they put him in charge of taking care of you, until you are old enough to live by yourself.  

    When you moved to his place, you thought an air matters and a closet. But you got a fully decorated room and a closet full of new clothing. If you didn’t like something in your room, he would have it changed in the next day

    If you had nightmares or insomnia he would and up sleeping in his room in his bed with him. He would cuddle you all night and slowly you couldn’t sleep without him.  

    He would be amazing cook and he would do all your favorite foods.

    He wouldn’t say no, with being with your friends, but he would manipulate you. Tell you they don’t understand you or that they don’t care about you and stuff like that. At the end you wouldn’t even want to be with your friends.  

    Slowly you would become dependent of him and he would be the only person you even interact.  

    #mha#mha fanfiction #mha x you #aizawa sensei #aizawa x you #aizawa fanfiction#yandere aizawa#aizawa fluff#yandere#headcanon#bnha #bnha x reader #shota aizawa #my hero academia #boku no academia #my hero academia hc #my hero academia hcs
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  • hellojeongkook
    25.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    A/N: Here's a little teaser of Be-ghoul-ment. I'm so, so fond of this fic and I really hope you guys like it! Reblogging would mean the world <3

    Coming October 31st!

    pairing: jungkook x reader / word count: TBD / genre: idiots to lovers, university!au

    summary: [beguilement (noun): an entertainment that provokes pleased interest and distracts you from worries and vexations] – You hate haunted houses more than you’ve ever hated anything. You don’t understand the appeal. But this Halloween, you decide you might hate Kim Taehyung even more.


    You love everything about fall - except for Halloween.

    Scary movies, haunted houses, horror stories - you avoid them all. Who scares themselves on purpose? It’s never made any sense to you. You much prefer to use movies and books to escape into happier worlds. Plus, you've never been a big drinker or costume-wearer, so the parties aren’t your thing, either.

    It’s October 25th, and as you pass by dozens of signs for spooky shindigs happening on the upcoming weekend, you remind yourself that you’re almost past the shittiest holiday of the year and on your way to its cool aunt, Christmas. It’s October 25th, which means that it’s almost Halloween, which means that Halloween is almost over. You’re more than thrilled with your plan to spend the weekend in your room watching rom-coms while everybody else gets drunk in awful costumes.

    Unfortunately for you, Kim Taehyung loves Halloween, and extra unfortunately for you, Kim Taehyung also knows that no one can say no to him - not even you.

    “Please,” he pouts as he sits across from you at lunch. “Hobi got roped into work, and I have no one else to go with!”

    “I am absolutely not going to Halloween Haunt,” you say firmly. “Not even for you, Kim Taehyung. I would do anything for you… but not this. I refuse."

    “Are you going to make me go alone?” He sounds shocked at the insinuation, and you roll your eyes.

    “Why not ask any one of your many suitors?”

    Taehyung frowns. “I don’t want to go on a date. I want to go with you.”

    Your hand flies to your heart in mock sincerity. “Wow, thank you so much for the honour!” He rolls his eyes, and you add, “I’m not doing it, Tae. You know how much I hate scary things. Absolutely not.”

    It’s 6:30pm on October 29th, and you’ve just stepped off the bus - the bus that’s brought you to the front gates of Halloween Haunt.

    You despise Kim Taehyung.


    As always tagging some loves  if you care to signal boost <3 also tagging some of my fav writers, so if u see this and hate it pls ignore.

    Here’s my Masterlist if u wanna check out my other writing so far!

    @tae-bebe​ @taejinnies @textsfrombangtan @xjoonchildx @hobi-gif @sunshinerainbowsbts @taehyungsupremacy @moon-write @snackhobi @dvalities @hansolmates @underthejoon @kpopfanfictrash @cupofteaguk @jungkxook @hobidreams okay thanks gonna disappear now xoxo

    #jjk fic #jjk fic rec #jungkook x reader #jjk x reader #jjk fluff#jjk smut#jjk angst
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  • ja3hwa
    25.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Did I just suddenly have the urge to write again?


    Did I just spend 3 hours writing another Halloween special for ateez and now its 12am?


    Is it smutty?


    Does it have supernatural ateez in it?


    Do I regret anything?

    Absolutely not!


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  • nyctophicbtch
    25.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Winter, Books and Thestrals - Theodore Nott

    [ Theo x reader ]

    Summary: While most of the students spent time together outside in the snow, you found Theo, peacefully reading a book in the library.

    Warnings: none

    Word count: 2,067

    "You're such a nerd, Theodore," you chuckled, gaining the attention of the slytherin boy sitting in the library when he looked up at your figure leaning against one of the shelves. "It's snowing outside and you're here, reading."

    "Yes. It is snowing outside, so what are you doing here?" Theo grinned, pulling a chair from the other table next to his. He patted the seat as a signal for you to sit next to him and you happily obliged.

    "To find you. I didn’t see you outside, and if you thought I was gonna let you sulk in here all by yourself, then you're mistaken." You knew he was more of a loner and often preferred to spend time for himself instead of following his group of friends around all day, but you had to admit that you enjoyed those certain times since you two would occasionally bump into each other, and the only moments that you’d spend together is when neither of you were with your friend groups.

    "I'm not sulking," he said, sounding terribly offended by the accusation. You of all people should know that reading books in the library and gazing out at the other students running about and building snowmen during the chilly weather was one of the most heart-warming activities.

    For years you've talked to Theo, yet you weren't necessarily best friends. You hung out with your friends more often, and the two of you barely went anywhere together, though you'd always know where to find him

    “You can’t stay here forever. The snowballs aren’t going to make themselves,” you whined, hearing the gentle ‘thud’ as the side of your head fell to the table, next to where his book laid. You kept your gaze at the soft brown eyes that stared back at yours before Theo quickly looked away and brought his line of vision back to the book. He wasn't usually flustered around you, except in moments like these, where you two would gaze at each other and say nothing. Though the whole staring contest won't last long with Theo always looking away after a few seconds.

    “Yes I can.” You lingered there for a moment and kept your eyes on Theo who’s eyes were on the book, but didn’t seem to be reading at all. He looked to be stuck in the same sentence, over and over again, and couldn’t get himself to focus.

    “Fine, but we’re not going outside,” Theo snapped and closed his book shut a while later once he discovered he couldn’t bring himself to focus with you staring so intently at him. You grinned and linked your arms with his, beckoning him to the great hall.

    The doors were opened when you got there, lights and all sorts of decorations brightening up the room and lifting the christmas spirit. A few students hung out in the great hall, though not many since most were outside, playing in the snow.

    “Peppermint or gingerbread?”

    “Neither. I prefer the traditional hot chocolate,” you answered nonchalantly, watching Theo prepare two mugs for the both of you as you took your seat near him.

    “Thanks,” you muttered, sipping little amounts of your drink as you looked out the window. You could feel Theo’s gaze on you the entire time, and you started to fiddle with the mug in nervousness before turning to look at him in question.


    “Hm?” He steadily avoided your gaze. What you didn’t know was how so at peace you look with the gentle smile on your face, and how the sunlight shone in a certain angle that made him unable to take his eyes off you.

    You decided to avert the question and prevent the awkwardness that threatened to seep in, and bring your eyes to look around instead. You always enjoyed Christmas at Hogwarts for this reason. The festive decorations, the fun winter activities. Though you missed Christmas with your family back home.

    Whenever you visited the Weasley’s because the twins dragged you into their home, they reminded you of your own warm-welcoming family that were miles away.

    And now, looking at the boy beside you, you felt a twinge of guilt. He’d finally opened up to you about his childhood in the beginning of the year and how his dad raised him as not much of a talker, which was what brought up the topic in the first place.

    “Your hot chocolate is gonna turn cold if you keep staring at me like that,” Theo pointed out, pulling you from your thoughts.

    “Right, sorry.” You swore you could see his amused smile as you looked down in embarrassment.

    Theo had always been smart and calculating, you just hope he wasn’t smart enough to notice the unsubtle feelings that were starting to form towards him. It was new, but it would take a bit more for you to admit them to yourself, let alone the boy sitting beside you.


    “Not your strongest suit, huh?” Terry grimaced as the occamy scowled at you and flew away. This was utterly embarrassing when the entire class was watching the two of you, especially with Nott silently observing in the corner.

    Ever since the little moment you shared with him in the great hall, your body had a mind of its own whenever Theo was around. Your heart would race and your hands would get all nervous and shaky, and it wasn’t the least bit enjoyable to you.

    “Next! Parvati.”

    “It’s not my fault occamys are hostile,” you shrugged in reply, walking back to where your friends were huddled together. Parvati started feeding and petting the occamy, much to your dismay, and Terry shot you a look of pure stupid arrogance.

    “Lover boy’s watching you.” Your cheeks heat up, knowing exactly who Goldstein was talking about, and before you could stop yourself, you snuck a glance at Theo who was leaning against a tree, not seeming to pay any mind to you.

    “Very funny,” you stated dryly, shooting a look at Anthony who merely shrugged and responded, “He was, I swear.”

    Telling you friends was a bad idea. In fact, you never recalled telling your friends about your friendship-relationship thing going on with Nott. They just happened to notice moments where you’d run off to Theo to give his notes back or find you sitting with Theo in the library which led them to start teasing you because he’d say more words to you than to anyone. According to them, Theo’s quiet self being more talkative to you meant that he enjoyed your company, and the fact that he never seemed bothered whenever you approached the slytherin, despite your chatty self, just gave them another excuse to tease you.

    You noticed the group of students start to disperse as the lesson came to an end, and you thought better than to walk back with your friends who would just tease you along the way for your obvious response to Anthony Goldstein’s comment, and instead find Luna amongst the crowd.

    “Hey, Luna. Mind if I walk with you?” Luna shook her head in reply and happily strolled through the woods beside you. She was an odd one, but you were glad the ravenclaw considered you as a friend.

    “Look,” Luna calmly pointed towards nothing but the woods. You furrowed your brows in confusion, seeing nothing there other than the few students that were not already ahead of you.

    “Look what?”


    “Oh.” You didn’t really know what to say. You’ve never witnessed any deaths except for the poor bugs that your sibling would kill, which most definitely did not count. “How many are there?”

    “Just a few.”

    It was then when you noticed Theo sitting against a tree, holding his advanced potion making book, and Luna seemed to have noticed too because she quickly said her goodbye and strolled away from you to pet what you assumed was a thestral and probably not the air.

    Looking around, you slowly approached the slytherin. You’ve completed all your subjects for the day, and it wouldn’t hurt to hang out here for a while.

    “Only you’d study in the middle of the woods.” Theo glanced up at you, and shifted to make room for you to sit beside him.

    “You would, just as much. Don’t act as if you don’t enjoy reading.”

    “Not when I’d have to clean my robes even more because of the dirt and when thestrals are swarming me.”

    “You see them too?” He questioned as you sat beside him in the branch that wasn’t as muddy as the ground and shook your head in response, making sure to leave a bit of distance between the two of you just for the sake of your now quickly beating heart.

    “You’re fortunate. They’re unpleasant little creatures,” he shook his head and resumed his reading.

    “Why are you still reading that as if you haven’t memorized every single word and alchemical symbol already?”

    “Why are you so talkative today?” You didn’t take that offense well and Theo’s smile dropped once he noticed the look you were giving him. “I’m kidding. You’re always chatty.”

    That did not make it any less offensive.

    Theo shifted closer and continued to speak, hence your silence, “But I like that about you.”

    That made it slightly less offensive.

    “Didn’t think I would, but here I am. I remember how sickeningly talkative you were when you first bumped into me in our first year, and thought I was going to go mad if I kept listening to you.” That particular statement made your lips curve up into a smile, and when you turned your head to look at him, his eyes immediately found yours.

    Merlin, since when did he get his close? Your breath hitched as the sleeve of his arm brushed against yours, his head slowly moving forward as his eyes locked its gaze on your lips.

    Frozen in place from the close proximity, Theo took the chance to press his lips against yours, moving deliberately slowly against your lips as his hand cupped your jaw, bringing your head closer towards his.

    For a moment you just sat there in surprise before you finally responded, shifting closer towards Theo if that were even possible. Your head was spinning and warmth blossomed in your chest at the course of his actions that ended all too soon.

    Theo pulled back for a moment, relishing the feel of your lips brushing against his and your forehead resting against his. His thumb gently brushed your cheek as your eyes slowly opened to see his brown ones.

    “I still find you annoying.” He laughed as you pulled on his shirt to bring his lips back to yours, melting into one another's arms.


    "Where were you?" Terry asked as you finally walked into the common room all flushed, your clothes and hair slightly disheveled.

    "More importantly, what were you doing?" Anthony smirked knowingly at you before continuing, "Luna told me she saw you last with lover boy. Was he as good as they say he would be?"

    "Oh my god, no. No, we didn't do anything of that sort."

    "So something did happen?" You gave Anthony a glare as you made your way to the couch, bombarded with what felt like a million questions from your curiously excited friends.

    Theo's friends however, were much less pleasant to him. When he first stepped foot into the slytherin common room, the group halted their conversation and gave knowing looks. He never understood how rumors spread that fast in Hogwarts, especially between Draco and his goons.

    "What have you been up to lately, Theo?" Pansy remarked with a hint of satisfaction. They usually never bothered to question what he was up to when he wasn't with the group, which was pretty often, so the abrupt attention could only mean that they've, for sure, heard about his little "interaction" with you.

    He rolled his eyes in reply and made his way to his dorm, ignoring the teasing comments his friends threw. At least tried to ignore them. His face was beet red just at the thought of his little session with you, the way your lips felt, the tangling of your hands in his hair, and how sweet you tasted— it was all beginning to become too much for him, and he looked forward to more moments like those, which would most likely be happening soon.

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  • hyunsuks-beanie
    25.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Stupid Filter

    Minho x gn! reader; pure fluff

    Word Count: 0.38k

    Mellow speaks: So I just wanted to write a (super) short and sweet something for my baby Min, and here we are! Hope you guys enjoy reading this! PS. This is officially the shortest fic I written wow!

    "You're gonna upload that?," you ask, rolling your eyes as you look up at your boyfriend's phone, your head comfortably in his lap as you shift your attention from your own phone to the photo he is getting ready to post on Instagram. Looking down at you, Minho quirks his eyebrow, a soft smile playing at his lips as he ponders your words.

    "Yeah, what's wrong with it? I look absolutely amazing," he asks, turning the phone to give you a better look, already knowing what's bothering you. Pouting, you try to pick your words, aware that he has you trapped in a game of words "I mean, yeah," you admit biting down on your lip, "You really do look quite hot in that." Your comment makes Minho's face break into a full grin, only to turn into one of shock as he hears your next words. "But your hotness kinda went down the drain the moment you tried that stupid filter."

    Unable to stop yourself, you let out a snicker at his dumbfounded expression, snatching the phone from his hand and posting the photo on his behalf. After all, you are already aware of the hashtags he uses, having had rolled your eyes and exaggerated a gag while teasing him for the same, hundreds of times. It's only then that your boyfriend finally recovers from his shock, a belated "Hey!," escaping his lips as you lift yourself up, climbing down the bed and running away before he can so much as reach out for you.

    But he eventually does catch up to you, his arms wrapping around your waist as he lifts you up, the sound of your laughs bouncing off the walls as a revenge brews up in his mind. It's hours later when he puts his plan in action, trying his best to stop himself from cooing as he captures your sleeping form on his phone. Smirking, he does what he had set out to do, his ego finally at ease as he slips under the duvet, snuggling close to you.

    Safe to say that when you wake up, you're met with a not-so-pleasant surprise, your phone blowing up with the boys making fun of a photo of you. A photo ruined using the same filter.

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  • beom1e
    25.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    [ 9:47 am ] #25 — pumpkin picking

    pairing sunghoon x gn! reader. genre fluff. wc 248.

    ‘it’s so pretty,’ you dropped sunghoon’s hand, practically skipping towards the field of pumpkins. there was an array of colours and sizes, people scattered around in search for the most perfect ones. ‘come on, i’ll let you push a wheelbarrow.’

    he grumbled a short reply and followed after you, hands in his pockets and zip all the way up to his chin. from his perspective, it was way too early in the morning and way too cold for you to be jumping around excitedly. a bed with extra blankets and a steaming mug of hot chocolate sounded a lot better to him.

    when he made it to your side, you were examining a large, orange pumpkin and trying to decide wether to take it or not.

    ‘it’s perfect,’ you spun around at the sound of his voice, taking in the sight of his red nose and shivering figure. ‘i think we should get this one and get out of here.’

    ‘are you sure?’ spinning it around, you checked for any signs of damage. ‘we could get a smaller one.’

    ‘i’m sure,’ sunghoon moved past you to pick it up, already turning towards the exit of the field. ‘i’m so cold all i can think about is how badly i need a hot drink.’

    ‘then let’s go to the café!’ you ran past him, jumping around once again. he followed behind you slowly, a pout on his lips. all he wanted was some blankets and your arms around him.

    #october queue w lei ☆ #enhypenwriters#enhypen#enhypen au#enhypen timestamp#enhypen blurb#enhypen drabble#enhypen fluff#park sunghoon#sunghoon#sunghoon au#sunghoon timestamp#sunghoon blurb#sunghoon drabble#sunghoon fluff #park sunghoon au #park sunghoon timestamp #park sunghoon blurb #park sunghoon drabble #park sunghoon fluff
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  • tragicromanceftus
    25.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    baby harry: uncle pa'foo

    sirius: *gasp* SHIT OMG MOOONYYYYY

    remus: what sirius?

    remus: *gasp* HARRY IM SO PROUD OF YOU

    sirius: *running to get the camera*

    later on

    james: *to harry* walk for dada harry

    sirius: *evil laughter* suck it up prongs


    #wolfstar babysitting harry #jily out on a date #wolfstar witnessing harry's first walk #all the young dudes #atyd #harry james potter #jily#lily evans #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot#harry potter #james fleamont potter #pengiwen#wolfstar textposts#wolfstar#wolfstarbucks#jily fluff #jily death day #jily supremacy#jily headcanon #incorrect jily quotes #jily au#jily fanfic#wolfstar headcanon#wolfstar fanfiction#sirius black#remus lupin #moony x padfoot #padfoot x moony #moony
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  • watchmegetobsessed
    25.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    PAIRING: husband!dad!Harry X Reader

    WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Life is perfect with your three amazing kids; six-year-old Ellie and the four year-old twins, Maddie and Max. However Harry wants to expand the family, go through the joys of parenthood and welcoming a baby to the world just one more time. So you decide to try for a fourth baby. The decision brings some ups and downs to the life of yoru family of five, but one thing is for sure: you're gonna have another baby soon.

    A/N: i fell in love with the family i created in Another One and decided to take it a bit further :) these fics will take place in the same universe, where you and Harry decide to have a fourth kid, it's gonna be about how this decision changes the dynamic of the family all the ups and downs and i hope you guys will enjoy them! feel free to send me requests about what you'd like to see happen in their story!


    Harry reveals that he wants to try for another baby.

    TWO LINES (coming soon)

    Getting pregnant turns out to be harder than you thought.

    ENDLESS LOVE (coming soon)

    You both thought announcing the baby news to the kids will be the hardest on your youngest one. Turns out, Maddie wasn't the one you should have been worried about.

    More fics will be added to this list and feel free to send me requests of what you'd like to see happening in this universe!

    #harry#styles#harry styles #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles fanfic #harry styles au #harry styles fluff #harry styles x you #harry styles x y/n #harry styles x reader #harry styles oneshot #harry styles one shot #harry styles blurb #dadrry #dad!harry
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  • ao3-saiki-updates
    25.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    The Kid Started It

    The Kid Started It by Falling Forever 4

    In which, Saiki's pesky little neighbor finds a new favorite superhero/person (that being Toritsuka), therefore ensuring that Saiki just has to continue hanging out with him whenever Yuuta is over.

    Saiki will probably be OOC because I don't know how to write his character. I also have only watched season one of the Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    Words: 10491, Chapters: 6/6, Language: English

    Fandoms: 斉木楠雄のΨ難 | Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Saiki Kusuo, Toritsuka Reita, Saiki Kurumi, Iridatsu Yuuta, Teruhashi Kokomi, Mera Chisato, Saiki Kuniharu, Toritsuka's Dad(OC)

    Relationships: Saiki Kusuo/Toritsuka Reita

    Additional Tags: first fic, saiki has a heart, toritsuka might not be straight, fluff mostly, Yuuta is adorable and obsessed with Cyborg Cider Man #2, Angst, Fluff and Angst, toritsuka is sad, Saiki is good with kids, Saiki is also very good at comforting people he cares about, Teruhashi is mean, I hate Teruhashi, Panic Attacks, Love Confessions

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/23113867

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  • theiauwu
    25.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    You're Gorgeous (Bakugou Katsuki)

    Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x reader

    Word Count: 900

    This is something I wrote about how a relative insult you and our favourite little bomber isn't gonna sit there and let you take it. Sorry if it's out of character or anything. I'm not too confident in my writing skills but I'm hoping to improve as I go. Enjoy!
    Also reminder that you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says!

    Content Warning: gn! reader, insensitive comments about weight gain/loss, suggestions of starving oneself, a little angst but with fluff ending.


    “Don’t you think you’re eating too much?”

    Y/N sighed as they put down the spoonful of rice that was about to enter their mouth. Nodding their head showing that they agree.

    Their grandmother was visiting for the weekend just because she was in town and didn’t feel like paying for a hotel.

    Y/N knew that their grandmother had good intentions, at least they think so.

    Good intentions, bad executions?

    Katsuki who was sitting beside them had steam leaving his ears but kept his mouth shut just because he promised his fiancé that he wouldn’t say anything rude to their relative, no matter how distasteful her comments were.

    But he was almost at his breaking point.

    The old hag had barely been staying with them for a day and she had already made Y/N as miserable as they can be.

    The constant jabs at their weight were bringing back bad memories for them and seeing the light slowly disappear from their eyes was tearing the blonde apart. He wouldn’t admit it to them but he hated seeing them like this.

    Usually they would’ve snapped right back at whoever made offensive comments at them.

    Their wittiness was one of the most attractive things about them. He always thought it was sexy the way they could fight back at anyone who did them any wrong, never holding back.

    That’s why it infuriated him that they were just sitting there, taking all this shit from the old sag of shit just because she was related to them and had to ‘respect their families’ type of crap.

    It made no fucking sense.

    Why respect someone who couldn’t have the decency to keep their irrelevant thoughts to themselves.

    “Ya know something Y/N?”

    The grandmother opened her mouth again as Y/N stood up to clean the table while she sat back looking at her grandchild up and down.

    ‘No one fucking cares.’

    Katsuki thought internally but chose to stay quiet as Y/N gave him a pleading look knowing fully well what he was thinking.

    “You looked better while you were studying overseas, skinner ya know, maybe starving really is the way to go about it. I get that Katsuki here’s cooking is nice and all but you really should lay it off if you want to keep hi-“


    The pair of chopsticks in the pro hero’s hand broke into two.


    Both the people in front of him gasped and looked at him with shocked wide eyes.

    “Excuse m-“


    He has had it with the degrading comments about his fiancé’s weight and size. That last comment was the final straw. The mere suggestion of having them StArVe themself just to look a different way was too much for him to bear.


    Y/N spoke up most likely trying to calm him down and defend their grandmother even though they were clearly holding back tears from the hurtful words.


    The elderly woman who had stayed silent after all this time even had the audacity to look offended after all the shit she put her grandchild through.

    The fact that they didn’t say anything to her insults meant that they probably had endured this all their life.

    Till now that is.

    Katsuki was gonna kick the raisin lookalike out of their house and then his next goal was to lecture the shit out of his lover.

    No way he was gonna let them allow those insults hit them and treat it like its nothing, family or not.

    After screaming more insults at his supposed grandmother in law, he had forced her to pack up and leave while he made his partner sit down in the living room couch. Any movement from them in an attempt to help the lady and he would send them the nastiest look as a warning.

    He still ordered a cab for the old bat, not because he thinks they deserved it, but because he knew his significant other would feel worse than they already did.

    The young pro hero sat next to Y/N on the couch while holding them to his chest.

    “She’s bat shit crazy if she thinks you need to lose any weight.”

    “I know but-“

    “No, fuck off with that shit.”

    He shut them down immediately. Not wanting to hear any more of that nonsense.

    Sure he was fit as hell but that was because his career needed him to be and he personally preferred to stay in top shape.

    His fiancé is the most beautiful entity in the whole damn world and no one could say shit about it. Size didn’t matter as long as they were healthy. And according to his home cooked meals and the weekly (forced) exercises together, there’s no way they weren’t healthy.

    Anyone who thought otherwise can fight him.

    Rest assured, he will win.

    “You’re gorgeous damn it. And it’s true if I say so.”

    It was then he heard them laugh.

    “Something funny?”

    “Pfftt- you care about me.”

    “You little-“

    He tackled them down the couch and started tickling them all over.

    “I fucking put a ring on it no shit I care about you!”

    He grinned as he watched his whole world cackle below him, the light returning to their eyes.

    Peace has been restored and he would do anything for it to stay that way.

    #mha bakugou#bnha bakugou #bakugou x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou x y/n #bakugou x you #bnha bakugo katsuki #bnha x reader #mha x gender neutral reader #mha x y/n #mha x plus sized reader #bnha x gender neutral reader #bnha x y/n #bnha x you #bnha x chubby reader #bakugou x self insert #bakugou x gender neutral reader #katsuki x reader #katsuki x y/n #bakugou fluff#bnha fluff#mha fluff#katsuki fluff#bnha angst#mha angst
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    Cri de Coeur (XVII - The Final Chapter)

    Characters: Baekhyun x Y/N x Chanyeol

    Series: Masterlist

    Genre: Fluff; Angst; Implied Smut

    Summary: You are hopelessly in love with your best friend, Baekhyun, who, unfortunately, is locked up in a relationship with his girlfriend of nine years, Seri. These desperate feelings were always confided by you to your friend at work, Chanyeol, who, unfortunately, is in love with you. When Chanyeol solicits Baekhyun’s help to date you, Baekhyun realizes that he might feel a little more than friendship for his best friend.

    Taglist: @wooya1224 @littleflowercrown13 @taemin-jaemin @sorrowinblood

    A/N: My heart is full. I hope yours is and will be, too.

    There were times when you found yourself asking when did it start.

    Maybe it started when he asked persistently and pestered you about your study schedule for the next few weeks. When you asked him why he was asking a thing you deemed so personal--sacred--for a studious and type A person like yourself, he just shrugged and reasoned that he just wanted to plan his schedule like and around your own.

    At other times, you imagined it started when you called him in the middle of a busy final exam season, to tell him about your awful legal internship interview. When you sniffed over the phone, unable to hold the tears any longer, he comforted you, telling you that the company failed to see just how flawless your resume was. When you heard the distinct and loud "ssssh" of someone, it was only then that he told you that he was actually in the library, cramming his review for his final exam in International Law the next day.

    Or maybe it started when you told him to get lost after he, with so much insistence, persistence, and patience, asked you to tell him the funny dream you had last time. When you playfully screamed at him to bugger off, he said, with much nonchalance--as if the words were ready to fall out of his lips so carelessly--that he just cannot help pestering all the girls he has fallen in love with before.

    After countless sleepless nights, innumerable lazy Sunday afternoons, and series of hopeful sunrises--you still do not know the answer when.

    You still do not know the answer when did you exactly fall for Baekhyun.

    And as you watch Seri enter the clinic, you want to ask yourself if the many hours you spent wondering about the specific moment in time you have loved Baekhyun, were really worth it in the end.

    It was Seri who noticed you first.

    When she called your name, you did not realize you stopped in your tracks in the middle of a busy sidewalk and people were bumping against your shoulders, some mumbling annoyance to your way. "Hey!" a woman, probably rushing off to go home, told you off, her eyes glaring at your still stoic body. You blinked your eyes, moving your stare away from Seri, and finally going back to the present, where Seri is now walking towards you.

    When the distance between the two of you was finally reached, what she did next astounded you.

    Seri is hugging you, her bulging stomach, bumping delicately against your own belly.

    When she moved away, it was only then when you noticed that she was actually smiling at you.

    With so much sincerity.

    With so much honesty, tenderness, and... understanding.

    And from then, you knew immediately that you can still spend the next few years of your life wondering when you started loving Baekhyun.


    "Hi!" Haein greeted you rather enthusiastically, his arms finding purchase around Seri's waist, helping his girlfriend adjust on the chair in the waiting area of the maternity clinic.

    "Honey, I forgot my phone in the car," Seri tells Haein, the pout in her lips making you smile a little, a tiny bit of your heart aching as you have not realized how you missed seeing Seri this carefree in a long while.

    When Haein left the two of you, Seri smiled at you and turned her attention in caressing her belly. "I'm reaching three months by tomorrow," she says.

    You said a small "oh", your eyes trained in her stomach, remembering how you were exactly in her position many years ago.

    "When I lost my baby before, I thought for a long time that I would not get pregnant again," she begins. "The hate I had for myself for destroying everything, everyone, was so intense, I feared I might not recover from that downfall. I feared I might not find any speck of maternal instinct in me ever again. I felt like I do not deserve it."

    "But, I think, destiny is ready to give me another chance," she continues, her eyes staring blankly along the small hallway where Haein had gone off, as if waiting for him to come back. "And when it sent my childhood best friend back into my life, I know, it has forgiven me for all my sins, and has given me another chance."

    Seri then tells you how she and Haein met four months ago. When they reconciled, they talked as if they had not been apart from one another. They reunited as if they were the same old teenagers and neighbors they once were a million years ago.

    They rekindled their love as if they had not been hurt and pained ever before.

    "I think," she begins again. "I think I have always known that you would always be different for Baekhyun. That you would always occupy a space in his heart, with so much depth and volume, no one can ever compare."

    You pursed your lips, the hand that was gripping the edge of your plastic chair, digging dipper into the furniture.

    "When he went to see me after we broke up to talk and to apologize to one another--for everything that went through over the past years--I realized something I had not realized before."

    "I realized that he really cares for you.

    "I realized that he really loves you.

    "He really loves you to the extent that he has prepared to forgive me for all my sins against him. That he has prepared himself to forgive himself for all his shortcomings. That he has prepared to end things between us with much respect.

    "Because he wanted to give you the best 'beginning' there could be."

    And it was that point where you look at Seri, her eyes already on yours, the tears in hers ready to fall, but ones she quickly swiped away.

    "Baekhyun and I were together for nine years. And I do not regret every single moment of it.

    "But I also know, at the bottom of my heart, that what we had was already enough.

    "Because we were destined to be with other people. Because we were destined to find our hearts with others and not with each other."

    Seri holds your hand, her palm pressing yours with assurance and safety.

    "But you, Y/N," she says softly. "Your destiny is just about to begin."

    And that was the moment when you finally let the cry you were tucking away in your chest for so long, as Seri collect you in her arms and cries too.


    "Congratulations on the finalization of your divorce a few months ago."

    Donghun gave you a nod and a small smile, his eyes looking at you with such clarity and sincerity, you cannot believe he was the same man meeting you since the last time you saw him.

    You were supposed to be with Chanyeol for this meeting, but he has to postpone to attend some personal matters, details on which he has refused to disclose. But the numerous sightings of him with a woman, your cafe hangouts with him getting lesser and more often postponed, and the number of times you caught him smiling at his phone while texting someone, makes you realize fondly that he may be getting a girlfriend sooner than you expected.

    "What are you laughing at?" He once told you off, as you caught him chatting with someone in Telegram, his grin from ear to ear.

    "Nothing," you said, the sniggering laugh however still continuing.

    "I'll have you know," he said, "that this was how exactly how I looked when I was head over heels in love with you a few months ago." He stuck out his tongue at you, as you smacked his arm in fake annoyance.

    "As you probably know, this meeting was arranged for us to talk about the settlement of your conjugal assets with Ms. Kang," you begin again, returning back to your conversation with Donghun. "You also know by now as well that Ms. Kang has relinquished all the company shares in your favor. She believed that you were the one who deserved them, since it was through your money efforts that these shares were brought in the first place."

    Donghun nodded at you, but his body, noticeably restless, and his eyes darting off at the direction of the door every now and then.

    "With that, I brought the documents you have to sign to finalize the turnover of the shares in your name. Once you signed them, the shares will be recorded in the company books, and you are free to dispose them as you wish," you explain as you hand over a folder of documents and a fountain pen, expecting him to sign the documents right away.

    "Is it.. Is it possible.." he interrupts, making you look properly at him for the first time. The dark lines formerly lacing his under-eyes were now gone, the creases around his mouth from his too many frowns, replaced with the prominence of his laugh lines.

    The divorce has really helped him--emotionally, mentally, and physically. He was completely reborn.

    "Is it possible to have the shares be named under me and my wife's names?"

    Oh. You didn't expect the question. You were expecting him to ask questions on the logistics of the transfer. Or maybe a quick refresher on the current financial status of the company. The question was probably displayed and visibly displayed in your face as well, the confusion in your eyes, making him nervously smile.

    "What do you mean, Mr. Park? Your wife? I think we have already cleared that you and Ms. Kang's marriage is already--"

    "I'm sorry I'm late."

    Your head automatically turned to the direction of the door, tracing the voice of the woman you never thought you would see with Donghun. Again.

    You never expected to see her.

    It was Lee Jian.

    Park Donghun's best friend, who has loved him ever since.

    Park Donghun's one true love, who, just a few months ago, has promised to never associate herself with Donghun any longer.

    Lee Jian--

    --Park Donghun's current wife.

    When you looked over at Donghun, it was only then that you noticed the gold band shining proudly in his ring finger.

    They have reconciled.

    When everything settled, you found yourself explaining to Donghun and Jian--the newly-married couple smiling ever brightly before you--the legal consequences of the transfer under their names. Sometimes, you interrupt yourself, surprised at the affection and care displayed before you by the newly-wed couple.

    Instead of directly answering you, however, Jian smiled--a meaningful, as if you were supposed to find her most elaborate and eloquent answer there. "I think the more appropriate question is who changed my mind."

    When the discussion was over and all the things that needed to be signed were already signed and put away, it was then that you finally found the voice to ask the elephant in the room. "What.. what changed your mind?"

    And as if on cue, the door opened and footsteps--sounds familiar and distinct to you--entered the conference room.

    "Am I late for the meeting?"

    Your heart stopped.

    You know that voice.

    You know his voice.

    Even from a cacophony of voices talking, singing, and making noises all at the same time, you could recognize that voice.

    And when you looked up and saw Baekhyun's eyes, again, you knew what destiny meant.


    The cold October wind brushes gently against your arms and you lightly shiver. But despite the quickly-decreasing temperature in the open, you continued walking away from the building, afraid that if you stop, someone will catch up with you.

    And make you stay.

    Because as much as you wanted to, you wanted to know answers first. You wanted to ask questions first.

    You wanted confirmation first and foremost.

    Lee Jian explained that for the past few months after the finalization of the divorce, Baekhyun has been consistently talking with Donghun and her. It was he, with much patience and persistence, who has made her talk to Donghun. It was he, with much belief and faith, who has made her try once again. It was he, with much hope, who has made her see that sometimes, all she has to do is ride with destiny, and let it dictate everything.

    That sometimes, all she has to do is trust that destiny has her best interests in heart.

    You stopped in your tracks when your mint green scarf dropped, the wind blowing it away towards someone else's direction.

    When you looked where--rather, to whose direction it went--you almost wanted to cry out loud.

    It was as if all the forces of the universe were meaning that it land to the only one person you wish to see, yet avoid; feel, yet not see; and miss, yet not talk to.

    "Please," the first word coming out from his lips ever since he has you to his own. "Please, can I take you home?" he begs, his eyes trained on no one else but you.


    The car has stopped in front of your apartment unit for quite some time, but neither of you has made a move to get out. Your eyes remained fixed outside, mindlessly looking at the random passersby hurriedly walking to avoid the harsh blows of the cold October wind. Baekhyun, on the other hand, remained in his seat, but his eyes, on you, his body completely turned facing your direction.

    "I'm sorry."

    Two words. Two words and at that, your heart felt a complete and sudden twinge, wanting nothing more than accept it.

    Wanting nothing more than forget everything and everyone, and exist tonight as if you two are the only ones in the whole city.

    Baekhyun sighed. The apology came out of his mouth just as he rehearsed it repeatedly in his head and before he met you today. But he realized that no matter how much he rehearses, no matter how much he begs and apologizes, the resolution of everything will only come down to one thing: you.

    You and your answer to the love he is so willingly laying down before your fee

    "I'm sorry, Y/N. For everything. For everyone. I'm sorry for all the pain, for all the frustrations and hesitations I made. For all the times I thought I was doing our friendship a favor, but was hurting what we could be more than friends. For all those moments I made you feel as if you matter less than what you truly meant to me.

    "Because you have to know that you deserve everything. That you deserve more and more, and nothing less. That.. maybe you deserve someone even better than me.

    "But I'm sorry, because even if I know I'm not worth it, I love you too much too to just let you walk away again.

    "So, I am sorry, Y/N. I am really--"

    "What if I tell you I want to be yours?"


    A complete and total silence.

    But amidst this silence, a hope grows.

    A hope grows in the core of Baekhyun's heart.

    The exact question he asked you when he first laid his heart for you to take. (A/N: See Chapter VII)

    The exact question.

    The exact question, he could not believe was escaping your lips right now.


    "What if I tell you I want to be yours, Baekhyun?"

    You stared at him for the first time. For the first time after the passing of bitter and cold months. For the first time after both of you have forgiven everyone who hurt you; after both of you have forgiven yourselves for the self-inflicted wounds you caused to your own skins.

    For the first time, after shedding away all the doubts and second-guesses, that you hold each other's hearts.

    And when your eyes landed on his, you were transported back to that night when you were driving with him downtown. When you were there, again, in his passenger seat. With Baekhyun, willingly releasing the car's steering wheel, to hand over to you--to share the course of this journey with you.

    "I have always been yours," he says, finally inching near, closing the gap between the small space separating your bodies. Your bodies that have missed each other's touches and warmth. Your bodies that are still aching for each other's proximity and intimacy.

    "I was yours. I am yours. And I will be yours," he begins again, his hand unclenching, his warm palm touching the side of your face, hesitating for a moment--almost as if asking for consent--until you nodded and come closer to him. "Even if you do not like it. I have always been yours, Y/N.

    "Because you are my cri de coeur, remember?"

    And when he kissed you, the tears that you were holding back since the day he left; the tears that you were holding back since he told you he loved you; the tears that you were holding back since forever, has finally flowed down, and coated the love sealed that night between the two of you.

    At last.

    At last--you are home.


    In your dream that night, you were drowning in softness.

    In your dream, Baekhyun made love to you.

    In your dream, you made love to Baekhyun and you became one.

    In your dream, he undressed you slowly--each piece of clothing removed, feeling like a new discovery. With each piece of layer peeled off, a kiss sears your skin, his touches getting lower and lower, just where you need him the most.

    In your dream, he teased you mercilessly--the tickles getting heavier and heavier, until his delicate hands and fingers have brushed your sensitivity and the sensuality you were hiding from the deepest part of your throat gave out to a moan, that he has longed to hear over and over and over.

    In your dream, he let you rode your high, tempering himself to enjoy in the fruits of your oversensitivity. He let you find your pleasure, until all you can see is white behind your eyes, his lips and tongue praying adoration and sacred verses before your womanhood.

    In your dream, he held you close, his arm firm at your waist, demanding every closeness and intimacy there can be between you.

    In your dream, he has kissed your forehead good night, before he tucked you safely in the warm corners of his own skin and bones.

    And when you awake this morning to find yourself still locked away in his embrace--you knew then that it was not a dream.

    You knew then that it was real, and it was not a dream.



    Five years later

    Yohan has been standing for the last ten minutes in the room, some eyes peeking over him, but mostly just trained in their own books and notes, pretending as if their classmate has not been unable to answer every single question that his law school professor has been asking him since he was called for recitation.

    He sighed. Why did I get sick last night? He was not able to read anything last night, his coughs and colds forcing him back to bed whenever he tries to ick up his books and read. His head looked up quickly when his professor's voice sounded off again, asking yet another question, which answer he still could not recall until now.

    Or maybe... He can.

    Across the front row, a bright laptop screen lights up, behind it a woman wearing a white eyelet top, looking back at him for a moment, before turning her head directly towards the direction of the laptop once more. When Yohan looks again in her direction, the answer to his professor's latest question was displayed proudly in her screen, tempting him to notice and say.

    "He should've filed a certiorari petition, professor," he asks, mimicking the exact words flashed in the laptop screen before him.

    Yohan's professor stared at him for a moment, her head turning to the side, before finally asking him to sit down, as she continues with the discussion for the rest of the afternoon.

    When the class was over, Yohan was surprised to be called over by his professor, asking him to come forward.

    "Mr. Kim," she asks, her eyes trained on picking up the lecture materials in front of her, but her lips moving. "I want you to meet Ms. Nam Aesin."

    When Yohan turned around, he saw the same white eyelet top of the woman who saved him in today's cold call recitation, only that he did not expect to lay his eyes on the loveliest person he has ever met.

    It was his savior.

    "I just want you to meet your savior, before you missed your chance," your professor says, before she picked up her bag, and went out of the room, the distinct sound of Yohan's trembling voice as he greeted Aesin sounding off in the room, with Aesin's giggles matching his equally shaking state.

    "I wish someone did that for us."

    The professor looked up and when she saw his eyes, she smiled, quickening her steps to hug him.

    Baekhyun welcomed you with his arms, his hands finding purchase at your arms that have grown cold because of the briskly cold air of the aircon inside the lecture room.

    "I know," you say, your voice muffled by the suit he was wearing, the exact ones you prepared for him this morning for his hearing.

    "You ready to drive?" Baekhyun asks, his hand patting your back, his cheek squished on top of your head, holding your body close and protected.

    You smiled, remembering the very first time he playfully let go of his car's steering wheel to tease you into handling it, until that very first time, two years ago, when you occupied the driver's seat as he teaches you to drive, him sitting beside you in the passenger seat, and your hands nervously perched on the wheel, shiny diamond wedding bands proudly wrapped around yours and his ring finger.

    "Wherever we need to be," you answer, as you take his hand and he encloses it securely within the safety of his palm, vowing to protect and hold it close, just as he did in your wedding day, years ago, whenever, wherever.



    The end.

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    25.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    To Raise Children: Chapter 2

    Chris Evans X Daughter!Reader, Grandpa!Chris Evans X Flynn and Felix Evans (OCs) Tom Holland X Single-Mom!Reader (Slow Burn)

    Series Masterlist

    Series Summary: It's been 4 years, your sons are starting kindergarten, you're starting junior year of college, a lot has changed.

    Chapter Summary: School shopping!

    Series Warnings: Age gap (Reader is 20, Tom is 29), absent father, mentions teen pregnancy, mentions abortion, if you see anymore please let me know politely.

    Chapter Warnings:

    Sequel to It Takes A village

    You sighed looking at your bank balance. You should have enough to get the boys both new shoes, new clothes, and all their supplies. If not you'll just pull from your savings.

    "Okay boys lets get you two dressed so we can go school shopping." You said as you finished cleaning up breakfast.

    "Can I get a frog backpack?" Felix asked you.

    "I want a forky backpack." Flynn said as he finished his apple slices.

    "We'll see what they have." You smiled at them. "Go pick your outfits out then I'll help you get dressed."

    "Okay mommy!" Felix said.

    "Hey Sweetpea what's your plans for the day?" Chris asked walking into the kitchen.

    "I have to take the boys school shopping." You said setting the towel down. "You can join us if you want."

    "Okay I will join you guys. Well I wanted to talk to you about something. Tom Holland is going to be in my next movie!" Chris told you smiling. The movie was filming in boston and filming starts next month.

    "Cool. We could invite him to Flynn and Felix's birthday party. Felix would to have the "real" spiderman there." You joked.

    "Yeah, but I was also was thinking about inviting him to stay with us while we are filming so he doesn't have to live in a hotel." Chris told you. It was obvious he wanted you opinion before he actually did invite him. He didn't want to just invite someone in the home while your living there and raising your kids there just in case you didn't like the person for whatever reason.

    "Oh okay. I mean I don't care." You shrugged. "It's your house."

    "Okay thank you peanut." He smiled before you left to go get ready for the store.


    "Okay boys pick a backpack." You said. Both kids jumped off the sides of the cart and looked at the wide selection of backpacks at Walmart. You get a employee discount it's just more practical to get stuff there. Anyway there were sharks, dinosaurs, princesses, videogame themed bags. Your dad was standing with you but was distracted looking at hats.

    Flynn looked closely at all of the backpacks trying to find the perfect one. Felix on the other hand grabbed the only two spiderman book bags.

    "Buddy you can only get one. Which one is your favorite?" You asked him smiling. One was a basic bag with Peter Parker's spiderman on the front, the other one was a spider-verse backpack with Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen in their costumes. Both of which came with a matching lunch box.

    "This one." He held up the second one.

    "Okay, buddy toss it in the cart then." You smiled looking over at Flynn. He was now looking at the dinosaur bookbags. There was a Jurassic World backpack and some generic dinosaur bags that were still really cute. You had a feeling he'd go with the Jurassic World one.

    "Poppy! Look at the bag I picked!" Felix said pointing in the cart at the bag.

    "That is awesome! I wish I had one." Chris said smiling.

    "It's the only one you have to have that one." He pointed the bag you were hanging back up seeing has he sat it on the bottom shelf and not the hook it was hung on. not hung up.

    "I think I'll just wait." Chris chuckled picking Felix up. Which the kid welcomed, he liked being picked up by Chris because it made him feel like he was tall.

    "Mommy! I want this one." Flynn held up the Jurassic world bag it also came with a lunch box. You weren't sure if you'd be packing their lunch this year or not. You probably would since school lunches are anything but healthy.

    "Okay toss it in." You smiled, "okay climb on." Flynn climbed on the cart standing on the end of the cart. Felix was on Chris' shoulders.

    You four went to the shoes aisle. They both need two new pairs of shoes. You had a feeling they'd pick matching shoes but you didn't care as long as they were happy.

    They picked out shoes, they both got a pair of light-up sketchers, and another pair. After going to shoes the four of you went to the cup aisle so that the boys could pick out water bottles as that was something on the list. Felix picked out a water bottle themed to the Spidey and his Amazing Friends show on Disney Junior. It is his favorite show, while Flynn's favorite is Dino Dana, though Felix also likes that show just not as much as his brother. But they didn't have a dino dana water bottle so Flynn got a Paw patrol one. Which is a show they both love.

    After water bottles and shoes you grabbed a cheap pack of reusable plastic utensils to put in their lunch boxes. So they wouldn't lose your dad's silverware. Chris was entertaining the boys in the toy section while you did that.

    You gathered them after you got everything you needed. It was time for clothes. Five shirts should and a few new pairs of pants, underwear and socks then they should be fine. You let them pick out their shirts while you grabbed the pants. You were just getting them jeans so there was no point in letting them pick them out, besides your dad was helping them with the shirts.

    "Okay boys look through the shirts then I'll grab your size." Chris smiles at them. They normally picked out clothes where they matched. You never forced them to match, you gave the ability to pick their clothes. Now obviously the two of them like different things but if they want two of the exact same thing your gonna get it for them.

    "That one!" Flynn said pointing to a shirt with a dinosaur on it.

    "Bub do you want one too?" Chris asked Felix as he looked through the sizes.

    "Yes please!" Felix said smiling.

    "Okay." Chris smiled. He was very pleased to see that they had two shirts left in their size. Soon they had their shirts, the dinosaur shirt, then Flynn got a toy story shirt while Felix got a Winnie the Pooh shirt, then they got matching shirts that say "warning: Small but hazardous", then a few other shirts. You came back helped them both pick out a hoodie before leaving that aisle to get school supplies. Eventually, you got everything and made it home to pack everything in their bags for next week. The lost said not to label the supplies but your a rule breaker. Also you can't afford to get them more supplies if they end up becoming communal supplies.

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    Flynn's Stuff Felix's Stuff

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    #.sender: midyiderit #.mailbox: Requests #.characters: Masumi Usui #.fandom: A3! #.content: Fluff #.media: Headcanons/Scenarios #masumi usui headcanons #masumi usui x reader #masumi x reader #a3! masumi #masumi usui#a3 #a3! game #a3!
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    A/N: this is my favorite chapter so far!!!!

    Part nine

    “Dray, we should take a break.” I stated, my head feeling dazed and unfocused from staring at these packets so long.

    “Okay, okay. Let's just finish this page and then we can take a break.” I sighed but nodded anyway.

    “What’s the next question?” I asked, we were sitting on the brown leather couch, him on one end and myself on the other. Draco was holding the packet that we were given to go over in our couples. Draco’s cheeks tinted pink as his silver eyes darkened over the words on the paper. His strong jaw tensed, and teeth sunk into his bottom lip. Could he get any more attractive? I felt myself heating up from his demeanor and I forced myself to advert my eyes.

    “What’s wrong Dray? What does it say?” I questioned, reaching for the packet. He swiftly moved it out of my reach.

    “Eh eh eh.” He tsked me, shaking his head. I stuck my bottom lip out, pouting at him.

    “I just want to see what it says. Dray.” I sweet talked him, he rolled his eyes at me. Muttering a here, before giving me the packet. I beamed at him, before reading over the words. My breathing froze. They cannot possibly expect us to talk about that so quickly.

    “Go ahead, honey b, read the question.” Draco taunted me. I shot him a glare, before clearing my throat and reading the words.

    “How exactly do you want to experience pleasure sexually with me?” My cheeks warmed the second the words left my mouth.

    “I can show you better than I can tell you.” Dray teased; I roll my eyes laughing at him.

    “Okay, but seriously, I like to be more dominate in the bedroom. If you know what I mean.” His smirking lips left me squeezing my thighs together. I definitely was not sexually experienced in the slightest, however I wasn’t naïve. I had read enough smut from the muggle world to figure out what to do in the bedroom when the opportunity arose.

    Draco eyed me carefully after answering. After a minute or two of silence, he spoke.

    “Your turn.” I wasn’t sure what to say, I didn’t want to out myself as the virgin I was. However, if this was going to end up in marriage, he probably should know before the situation came up.

    “I actually am not sure what I like yet.” I stated honestly. His eyebrows furrowed at my answer, before a smirk graced his perfect face.

    “Potter couldn’t perform, aye?” I rolled my eyes, shoving his shoulder lightly.

    “Oh merlin, Dray. It’s not like that.”

    “What’s it like then, honey b? You dated him almost three years. He shouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off you.”

    “Dray, that’s really none of your business. I am a virgin obviously, now can we move on.”

    “Fine, we’ll explore this question more later.” He smirked at me. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but it instantly made my body heat up.

    “What’s the next question?” Draco asked.

    “Can you show me what you would like to experience?” I read out loud, before closing the packet. “Okay we are done for today.” Draco let out a deep laugh as I tossed the packet onto the table. I stood up to unpack the rest of my stuff from my trunk. Draco’s hand wrapped around mine pulling me back down onto the couch next to him.

    “Let’s do something together.” Dray’s thumb rubbed the back of my hand. Draco’s touch brought me so much comfort, and it was different now. We were different now. It was like the wall that we put between ourselves was lifted.


    “Let’s play quidditch.” Draco said excited. My heart dropped a little.

    “Dray, I don’t know how to play.” I stated a little disappointed, “I can watch you though, if you want to.” Draco shook his head.

    “No ma’am, I am teaching you to play.” My eyes widen in excitement, and a smile beamed across my face.


    “Yes really. You can borrow my old jersey since I know you don’t have clothes to practice in.” He stated, moving to his trunk and pulling out a dark green jersey with Malfoy displayed proudly on the back. I quickly grabbed it from him and went into the bathroom to change. I was so excited; I had always dreamed of playing quidditch and while this was just for fun, the idea of it still made my whole day amazing.


    I sat on the bench waiting for Dray to come out of the locker room. He went to go get brooms for us and change into his practice clothes. I swung my feet back and forth in a childlike manor waiting for Draco. The quidditch pitch always smelled like broomstick bristles, and turf. It was a very comforting scent to be honest, most definitely in my top three.

    Draco graced me with his presence, holding two broomsticks in his hands. “You ready?” I nodded eagerly, jumping up from the bench. His deep laugh filled my ears from my actions, and I never wanted him to stop. He opened the box that contained the quidditch balls and unstrapped one of the bledgers.

    “We won’t use the snitch today; I don’t want to have to chase it down.” Draco stated, before positioning himself in front of me. “Do you know how to get on your broom?” I shook my head; I was never able to master that. I did more work with plants anyway, once I realized I wasn’t going to get off the ground anytime soon, I focused my powers on other subjects. Draco took the broom and laid it beside me, his hand grabbed mine. He lifted my arm where my hand was directly above the broom before letting his fingers trace back over my skin. His touch caused a shiver to run through my body, as little sparks fired off from his fingertips tracing my skin.

    He stepped back away from me, almost as if I shocked him, before composing himself and speaking again.

    “Okay, Honey b. Clear your mind and will the broom up into your hand.” I followed Draco’s orders and closed my eyes taking a deep breath. Come on, don’t embarrass yourself. Most of the first years can do this, figure it out, Mae. My face twisted in frustration. I glared at the broom. If this fucking broom doesn’t up itself into my hand right this minute, I am going to snap it in half.

    Just about that time the broom’s wood hopped into my hand and I excitedly jumped. “Oh merlin! Dray did you see that?!” Draco beamed at me, before nodding his head, yes. I did a small victory dance causing Draco to laugh at me.

    “Okay, okay. Let’s get you flying.” I quickly got on my broom, waiting for further instruction. Draco shook his head at me, “No you’re sitting on it wrong.”

    “What do you mean?” I questioned confused, looking down at the broom below me. He got off his broom and came towards me.

    “You need to be more-” His warm hands touched either side of my hips before lifting me and pulling me backwards on the broom. “There you go.” He muttered, moving one of my hands to the front of the broom. “This will keep you balance, now focus and fly.” He directed me. I did what I was told, and soon I was flying into the air. I was a little nervous, being up this high, but Draco quickly followed me up and it put me at ease.

    “How do you feel?” He shouted over to me.

    “Amazing!” I beamed at him, the wind around me blew against my face making me feel free. I can’t believe I’ve never done this until now.

    “Okay I’m going to pass the blegger to you and I want you to try and catch it.” I nodded, and we practiced that whole afternoon. Eventually, getting to scoring in the rings and we went over rules. We were about done, me and Draco were just hanging in the air talking to each other, when my broom started acting up.

    “Dray, what’s happening?” My voice quivered with worry; we were extremely high off the ground. Draco’s hand reached for me, but I was too nervous to let go of the broom. It bounced in the air like it was hitting speed bumps on the road. Reminding me of the time this happened to Harry, I quickly looked around me seeing no one, but the chosen one himself. My eyes went wide in disbelief. Draco’s arm quickly encircled my waist and pulled me off the wild broom, and onto his lap. He quickly went to the ground and we both got off his broom.

    Draco’s hands grabbed both my cheeks, and his eyes scanned over my body. “Are you okay, Honey b?” He lifted my arms up, examining every inch of my body.

    “Yeah, that just scared the shit out of me.” I said, a bit breathless. Anger washed over my body as I stormed over to Harry. His pale green eyes, stared at me with a bored look. My frustration skyrocketed.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you, Harry?!” My voice echoed around the pitch as I pulled my wand out, digging the tip into his throat. I was seething, he knew how it felt! This happened to him before, why would he do this to me? My blood boiled as Harry glared down at me, not denying it.

    Draco’s arm snaked around body pulling my waist towards his front, as his other hand pulled my wand away from Harry’s throat. “Relax.” His deep voice said in my ear as his warm breath fanned my neck. I shivered from his actions, but my anger was still very present. Draco turned us around, to walk back to our room, when Harry spoke.

    “Wow, it only took one day and you're already acting like a Malfoy.” Harry seethed. Before I knew it, Draco had spun around and knocked his fist into Harry’s face. It made a crunch sound and I winced at the impact. Harry hit the ground from the force, and it definitely looked like it hurt. Draco’s large hand wrapped around Harry’s jaw and forcing Harry to look him in the eyes. “That’s Mrs. Malfoy to you, Potter.” He corrected shoving Harry’s face back into the ground. He walked over to me, putting his arm around my shoulders and kissing my head as we walked back towards the building.

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    Flufftober - Day 25

    Sequel to Day 23 - thanks to @mssr-mcknickers for the idea!

    Day 25 - Cuddling and Snuggling

    Poe is sitting on the floor of his quarters on the Tantive IV, mindlessly tinkering with some parts from his ship. It’s been a long week, with Finn and Rey gone on the Falcon with Chewie. Poe hadn’t realized how close they’d all become until they had left. He’d spent the week with his squadrons, training and flying his own missions, but he had felt like something was missing the entire time.

    Especially because BB-8 had gone with them. Poe misses his droid more than anything. Jess teases him constantly, giving him a hard time for moping. Flying with another astromech is okay, but Poe misses BB-8’s chatter, his resourcefulness, his loyalty. And he misses his new friends, especially Finn.

    They were due back that day, but Finn had radioed in that they were delayed. Poe decides it’s too late to keep waiting, he may as well go to sleep and get up early to see them. Yet he waits a while longer, startling when there is a knock at the door.

    “Come in,” he calls, and the door opens to BB-8 barreling into the room. Poe grins as the droid rolls straight to him, trilling happily. He rubs BB-8’s round body, thrilled to see his friend.

    “Welcome back, buddy!” he exclaims, laughing as BB-8 beeps and whistles a dozen different things. “Of course I was waiting for you,” he finally manages to reply. “I missed you!”

    BB-8 spins around, asks a question that leaves Poe surprised and laughing.

    “Seriously?” he asks in return. “You want to what?” Beep beep whorp. “I remember. It was after you came back from the Colossus.” Bleeeep? “Okay, I guess we can. You were gone a long time. Let’s get you up here.”

    Poe squats, picks up his droid, and places him on the bed. Then he sits down next to him, putting his arm around BB-8 and pooling the blanket around them both. BB-8 whistles happily.

    “I’m glad you’re back, too,” Poe murmurs. “Maybe next time I can—”

    There is another knock at the door, and Poe calls for them to enter before he realizes what it looks like with BB-8 in his bed. Finn walks in and stops, raises an eyebrow.

    “So that’s why you didn’t welcome us back,” he says with a grin.

    “You’re late. I was about to go to sleep when BB came in,” Poe tells him.

    “And now you’re snuggling with your droid instead?” Poe grins sheepishly while Finn shakes his head. “That is one seriously spoiled droid. I carry him, and you cuddle with him.”

    BB-8 whistles from his place at Poe’s side.

    “Rey said what?” Poe exclaims, then bursts out laughing. “It’s fine, buddy. If she wants to give you an oil bath, you two have fun.”

    Finn laughs with him, motions at the bed. Poe nods and Finn sits down next to BB-8, pulling over some of the blanket. Together they tell Poe about their trip, and Poe couldn’t be happier to have them back.

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    Diluc loved listening to you. Like right now, listening to you ramble about what different clouds looked like. He felt, as if life was just right. No annoyances or work, just you and him, wife and husband, together.

    He stared at his wedding ring, he still remembers how nervous he was to propose, he felt a small smile creep up on his face. This was just right.

    "'luc, is there something wrong?" No, it was just right. He shook his head no, and you went back to making shapes of clouds.

    That huge smile on your face, the way your eyes were glittering, he couldn't stop staring, he fell in love all over again.

    You felt Diluc's stare on you and when you looked at him, you couldn't stop the red blush on your face. He looked so,, smitten. Smile brighter than anything you've ever seen, you move towards him for a kiss.

    With you, diluc felt just right. Not anyone else, just you.


    #❄️ebg #diluc x reader #diluc fluff#genshin diluc#diluc ragnvindr #genshin x you #genshin fluff #genshin impact diluc #diluc x you #diluc x y/n
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    Chapter 20

    Set in season 14 and follows Y/N, a young girl from the Apocalypse world as she tries to navigate this new place that she was thrust in after being rescued and the feelings she begins to have for someone she really shouldn’t be having them for.

    Warnings: There’s a bit of angst, smut and fluff in each chapter. I will tag the smut chapters appropriately but if you’re following me and reading any of my stories, you know it’s gonna be there.  LOL

    WC: 1319

    Maggie sleeps most of the ride back to the Bunker but in the moments she is conscious, she is full of questions.

    “So,” she whispers as we cross the Oregon/Idaho border a few hours later. “What is going on?”

    “Well, I helped the Winchesters take out a ghost that was possessing toys and…”

    “That’s not what I’m talking about Y/N,’ she says with a grin. “What’s going on with Dean?”

    I put up a front of ignorance. “What are you talking about?”

    “I might be worn out, Y/N/N, but I’m not blind,” she scoffs. "I see the way he looks at you in the mirror. I saw how he checked you over before you got in the car. He was looking for wounds, frantically I might add. The man was terrified you were hurt. And you seem happy. Like really happy; happier than I’ve seen you in a very long time and you know I’ve known you forever; I know you. Something is up. So, tell me, what is going on with you and Dean?”

    I can’t help the blush that creeps up my cheeks. If anyone were to notice a difference in me it would be Maggie. Maggie and I became friends in elementary school before our world turned to hell. We played together everyday on the playground and always got along swimmingly. Our friendship continued on into middle school and into our freshman year. She was my best friend and I, hers. 

    Even when the bombings and the battle began, we kept close. I was there when she lost her parents to the war and she was there to witness how my dad unceremoniously took over and began fighting back. She saw how he tried to keep the whole town safe and out of harm’s way. Maggie had been through it all with me. 

    If there is ever anyone I needed to confide in, I knew Maggie would be that person. So, I clear my throat and prepare to tell her what is going on between me and Dean.


    “Yea, I know.”

    “No. I mean WOW!” Maggie says and I have to shush her before the guys hear us. Yes, Sam knows about me and Dean but I don’t want them to know that we are in the backseat gossiping about it.

    “Okay, wow what?” I ask, curiosity getting the better of me. Why was she acting like the fact that Dean and I had had sex was a such a significant event. Well, okay. It kinda was. Maggie and I had always discussed how our first times would be and how we would tell each other as soon as it happened. 

    “It’s just….he looks exactly like-”

    I cut her off before she could finish her sentence. “I know. That was an issue, for me anyway. But I can’t help who I’m attracted to right? And he doesn’t treat me like Dad does-did.” I correct myself quickly. It is likely there are no survivors in our old world. And as much as it hurts my heart to think about it, I know my Dad went down fighting for the greater good.

    “So,” Maggie says, looking at me with mischief in her eyes and a wicked smile on her lips. “How was it?”

    “Oh my god! Better than we could ever imagine,” I whisper with a giggle. “And you’ll never guess what he likes to do!”

    When we pull into the garage of the Bunker, almost all of our friends are there waiting on us, welcoming Maggie home with praises and inquiries on her well-being.

    I make eye contact with Dean over the top of the Impala and he nods slightly, causing me to smile. He understands that I want to be with Mags and make sure she is A-Ok. My attention is taken away from him when Nancy, a woman who was a nurse in our world whisks Maggie away; to the infirmary to check her over.

    I follow and listen as Maggie explains to Nancy what happened and how the monster had been draining her blood and causing her to hallucinate. 

    Nancy checks Maggie’s blood pressure and her oxygen levels before pulling out a stethoscope to listen to her heart and lungs. I sit on the little stool at the side of the bed, holding my best friend’s hand in mine. 

    If anything had happened to Maggie, I don’t know what I would’ve done. She has been my best friend for as long as I could remember. It has always been Y/N and Maggie. If one was seen the other wasn’t far behind; if one got into trouble you can bet your bottom dollar the other was just as guilty. 

    Nancy takes the ear pieces out of her ear and unclips the monitor from Maggie’s finger. “Well, it looks like you were lucky. I can’t seem to find anything wrong. Just take some time to rest. And maybe next time take someone with you on a hunt?”

    Tears well up in my eyes as I listen to Nancy giving Maggie a clean bill of health and shoos us out of the room. I take my best friend’s hand and we run toward her room. I am not letting Maggie out of my sight for a good long time!

    It is hours later that Maggie retired for the night that I was in my room, thanking my lucky stars that I didn’t have to say goodbye to her when someone knocked on the door.

    “Come in,” I call out and smile when Dean steps in. “Hey handsome.”

    “Hey. How’s Maggie?”

    “Good. Clean bill of health. Just needs lots of rest and no more solo hunts for a while.”

    “That’s good,” he says and I can tell he has something on his mind.

    “What’s wrong?” I ask as I fold my legs up under myself on the bed and pat the mattress beside me, asking him to sit.

    “Are you-” he says. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

    “Yea, why wouldn’t I be?” Why is he so worried about me? I didn’t do much on this trip. And I was only attacked once.

    “When, when you and Maggie came hobbling downstairs, I saw the dust on you. I recognized it from when I was attacked in the shed. You fought something but you didn’t say anything. I was afraid you were hurt and too scared to tell anyone.”

    Oh. Oh! He was worried about me. He was concerned I was injured and hiding it. It was endearing how he was distressed about the idea that I was hurt. 

    “Other than being way too out of shape to be a hunter, I’m okay Dean. I promise,” I tell him. “I think the vampire that chased the daughter came after me because it looked just like she described. But when I stabbed him, he turned to dust.”

    “Yea, it probably was,” he agrees with a nod. “Vampires have to be beheaded to be put down. It was just a figment created by that jackass djinn. Too many hunters met their fate because of him but I put an end to him so no more will die at his hands.”

    I lay my hand on top of his, that is resting on his thigh. “We make a pretty good team, you know?”

    Dean cups my cheek and leans in, barely brushing his lips across mine. “I think so too.”

    With the knowledge that for once everyone was unharmed and familiarity that we already had between us, Dean and I made love into the early morning hours before going to sleep wrapped around one another.

    Dean Winchester might look like my father and might even be a warrior like him, but this Dean Winchester has a heart full of love and tenderness, concern and responsibility but also passion and devotion.

    And I am falling in love.

    @lostinaseaoffictionalbliss​ @spnbaby-67​ @tftumblin​ @sea040561​ @delightfullykrispypeach​ @larajadeschmidt13​ @atc74​ @vicariouslythruspn​ @squirrelnotsam​  @sandlee44​ @blacktithe7​ @hoboal87​ @mogaruke​ @deanwanddamons​ @supraveng​ @deandreamernp​ @akshi8278​ @lyarr24​ @wintersoldierwinchester @we-are-all-a-bunch-of-idjits​ @nancymcl​ @kazsrm67 @lostdarksoul6

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    hc: if you like sweets kenma likes to indulge in it as well, I feel like he's not fond of them at first but later keeps a candy dispenser beside his desk for you whenever you come over. that's when he starts to buy different varieties of sweets and keep them stocked especially your favorites.

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