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    This photo makes me think of going to the horse races with Henry since he’s all dressed up around other people.  You get dressed up, too.  Henry is excited but you are just uncomfortable.  It’s not exactly an ideal date.

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      “So who are we rooting for again?”

        “The one in the yellow.”

        “Oh okay…”  You tried the fan some air onto your face, but it did little for the humidity that clung to your skin.  The seats weren’t exactly comfortable, but leaning on Henry’s arm made things more bearable.  The sweat falling down the side of Henry’s beer glass mirrored the sweating running down his neck.  You sipped a now watery lemonade and gazed out onto the track.

        “When are they starting?” you asked, still fanning yourself.

        “Fairly soon.”  Henry finished off his beer.  “I’m gonna get another drink.  You want something to eat?”

        “Sure.  I don’t want anything hot.”

        Henry nodded and shimmied his large figure past the people sitting near you.  With the beer being so cheap, there was no doubt in your mind that you would be carrying him home once the race was over.  You adjusted your hat and tried to give yourself some air.  Henry said the race would be entertaining, but sitting in the muggy air was less than ideal.

        A group of young guys got rowdy for a moment.  They had also taken advantage of the cheap alcohol.  Their shouts and cheers made you a little uneasy, and you glanced behind you to see if Henry was returning with a drink and food.  He was nowhere to be seen, but out of nowhere there was a presence beside.

        “Not often I see pretty things like you at the derby,” said the man who was now sitting in Henry’s seat.

        “I’m here with someone,” you replied, scooting as far away as possible.

        “So?” The man downed the last half of his drink and looked at you with droopy eyes.  “You can come hang out with me and the other boys.”

        “No thanks…” You scrunched up your nose as the smell of alcohol and sweat filled your nose.

        “C’mon!” he practically yelled.  “I’m a nice guy!  Why won’t you come.”

        “You’re in my seat.”

        You turned to see Henry looming over you, hands full of drinks and food.  His voice came from his throat deeper and harsher than usual.

        “Whoa!  Easy, man!” the guy said, throwing his hands up.  “This your girl or something?”

        “Yes.  She is.” Henry leaned forward slightly, shoulders bulking and eyes shooting flames at the guy.  “So get out of here now.”

        “Okay, okay!” The guy pulled himself to his feet.  “Maybe we’ll meet again.” He flashed a lopsided grin at you before stumbling back to where the other drunkards were.  Henry watched him before leaning down to offer you food.  You took one of the sandwiches he had on a paper boat - the smaller one was obviously meant for you.  Henry then offered you another lemonade which was balanced in one large hand with yet another pint of beer.  Henry scooted past you and sat down.

        “You alright, babe?” he whispered close to your ear.

        “I’m fine.”  You took a big slip of lemonade and looked back out onto the track.  Horses were making their way to the starting line.  “How long does the race usually last?”

        “Not long.”  Henry pressed a kiss against your cheek.  “I’m sorry this isn’t as fun for you.”

        You didn’t say anything.  Henry had made the derby sound so magical, but it had turned out to be far, far less than that.  If it wasn’t for the heat and the long wait and the drunk people everywhere, maybe you would be having a better time.

        “I’ll make it up to you when we get home, okay?  We can do something fun.”

        “…Alright.”  You leaned into Henry’s shoulder despite the heat and took a bite of your sandwich as all the horses got to their positions.

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  • İyilik yapıp, iyiliği benimseyenlerin saf ve kolay kandırılabilir olduğunu düşünen bir toplumla iç içeyiz. Ne yapsanız eleştirecekler. Boşvrin, duymayın.

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  • Dad!Janus holds baby!Virgil close to his chest. He drapes his cloak over the small boy’s form, and places his bowler hat onto the small precious head of the child.

    He chuckles and the baby gargles, small hands coming to play and inspect the new items of clothing.

    Janus’ mind drifts to how great this child is going to be when he grows up. He’s going to be so strong, helping the other sides and Thomas.

    Janus knows for a fact that he’s raising a little hero.

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  • ReignDream - Dreamswap Dream x Dream

    Reign and Lune are the nicknames I’ve given to Dreamswap Dream and Nightmare.


    Dream looked up at the bigger, taller, flashy-er looking version of himself. He scanned him from head to toe, taking in every detail. The skeleton spiked curiosity in him.

    From his mysterious yellow-filled sockets, with darker yellow eye-lights, to his beautiful large golden colored wings. That were dirty.

    The guardian could see clear specks of dirt in between the feathers. It annoyed him to no limits. How could he fly with such filth in his wings? Dream could barely put up with any form of dirt on his bones.

    “Why are you staring at my wings…?” Asked Reign. He slowly folded his wings behind his back to hide them from his smaller version’s gaze. It was certainly uncomfortable.

    Dream shook his head, moving his eye-lights to make contact with the other’s. “Forgive me, I was just looking at something. My name is Dream Joku.”

    Reign raised a figurative ‘eyebrow’. “Very well… My name is Reign Joku.” He introduced. The guardian smiled, clasping his hands together and holding them downwards.

    “I am not quite sure on how you can return to your universe yet… But while me and my friends try to figure it out, you’re more than welcome to stay with us.” He said.

    Reign blinked, being slightly wary of the smaller’s kind and joyous nature. Now it was his turn to stare Dream down.

    The feathered skeleton has met hyper and overexcited monsters. They all had an overwhelming positive aura. It was most irritating.

    But this small version of him… He had that overwhelming positive aura. But he was calm and formal. Which is why it raised suspicion in Reign whether he was who he said he was.

    “Alright… Where is your Lune?” Reign questioned, crossing his arms. Dream looked confused for a few seconds before his face brightened up.

    “Oh, do you mean my Nightmare? He is most likely in his mansion with his team.” He stated. This, in turn, made the winged skeleton confused.

    “Mansion? Team? How does he have that if you are hunting him?” Reign frowned. Dream mimicked his frown, tilting his head to the side.

    “I am not hunting him? Why would I hunt him?” He asked.

    “To kill him and end all negativity in the multi-verse?”

    Dream’s eye-lights shrunk slightly from shock. Was Reign serious? Did he not know about the balance? If Nightmare died, there would be too much positivity and the multi-verse would cave in on itself.

    “But if I do that, there would be no negative feelings…” Dream mumbled. Reign spread his wings out a bit, almost in a form of authority.

    “Precisely. I do not see the problem in that. If there is no more negativity, there will be no more troubles in the multi-verse.” He stated.

    The Guardian shook his head, trying his best to focus on Reign’s eyes instead of his wings. Now that the dirt was visible again, Dream couldn’t help feeling the urge to clean them.

    “If there is no more negativity, the balance would be tipped. The multi-verse would collapse. Just as if there were too many aus or too little. We, along with our brothers, are needed for the balance. Neither of us can perish.” He explained.

    Reign seemed unconvinced. And was once again, weirded out by Dream’s staring. He folded his wings behind his back. “I do not understand this 'balance’ concept. And why do you keep looking at my wings?”

    The smaller shook his head, blinking a few times before refocusing on the winged skeleton. “I could explain to you what the balance is… But please, let me do something about your wings.”

    Reign spread his wings out a bit, looking at them. He scanned them up and down, not seeing anything out of the ordinary. “What is wrong with my wings?”

    “They are… Filthy.

    The taller looked over his wings again, now seeing the bits of dirt and debris lodged in between the feathers. He seemed disgusted at it. “I… Never realized how dirty they were.”

    Dream smiled a bit. “I’ll be happy to clean them for you! While I do so, I can explain what the balance is.” He offered. Reign looked back at him.

    “I accept your offer, Dream.”


    “Here we are. Have a seat at the edge of the water with your wings facing the waterfall.” Dream said, gesturing with a hand to the pond. Reign nodded and did as he was instructed.

    The Guardian followed and sat next to him, taking his gloves off and setting down a brush to the side.

    “Please be careful. My wings are strong but sensitive at some points…” Reign muttered, looking off to the side. Dream smiled.

    “I’ll be gentle. Promise. Now, spread your wings fully please.” He said softly. The taller nodded and stretched his wings out. Needless to say, they were large. At least five feet in length.

    Dream gazed at them for a bit before his face scrunched up in disgust at all the pieces of filth he saw in them. He stood up and went over to the tip of the right wing, softly pushing it back so that it was over the pond. He then lowered the wing and started cupping water with his hands to soak the feathers.

    Reign shivered, closing his eyes at the cold sensation of the pond water. He relaxed when he felt Dream stroking the feathers. The smaller’s hands were warm and gentle. Dream spread the feathers with his fingers, picking out pieces of dirt before cupping more water over the wing.

    “So… Explain to me what the 'balance’ is.” Reign said after a few seconds. Dream glanced at him before starting to work his way down the wing.

    “Well, the balance is quite simple. We are the supposed guardians of positivity. We keep positive emotions alive in the multi-verse. Our brothers do the opposite. There are two balances that are essential to the multi-verse. The balance we control, positivity and negativity, and the balance of creation and destruction.”

    Reign listened intently, his sockets drooping to a close every few moments. He opened them immediately after though. He more than liked how gentle the smaller was with his wings.

    “I am not certain who controls the balance of creation and destruction in your multi-verse, but in mine, Ink controls creation and Error controls destruction. Well, Ink does not create aus. He protects them.” Dream kept talking, his tone patient and warm.

    Reign tried his best to listen to his smaller version, but he found it harder to keep his eye sockets open. Between the water falling, the warm sensation on his wings, and Dream’s voice, it was causing him to get drowsy.

    Which was odd, considering he never got much of a wink. Eventually, the winged skeleton fell asleep. His head hung down as he slept in his cross-legged position.

    Dream didn’t notice at first, still being too intent on cleaning the taller’s feathers. He continued talking. It just lulled Reign even more due to his soft tone. When he finished the right wing, which took about seven minutes, he saw Reign’s hung head.

    A smile formed on the Guardian’s face as he moved onto the left wing. He repeated the process of soaking, removing, and rinsing. After another seven to eight minutes, Dream was done.

    Dream sat on his knees in front of Reign, staring at him for a bit before placing a hand on his shoulder. The taller’s closed eye sockets twitched and slowly cracked open.

    “Mh…?” A soft noise emitted from Reign’s 'throat’. He quickly blinked, sitting up right and looking around. “What happened?”

    Dream giggled. “You fell asleep.” He said. Reign’s eye-lights rested on him, a frown forming on his face. Had he really fallen asleep? Back at home it was impossible for him to fall asleep in his large mattress bed with fluffy blankets.

    “I apologize.” He said, looking to the side. Dream smiled, booping his 'nose’.

    “No need. Sleeping is good for you. Anyways, I finished cleaning your wings. If you could flap them so that they dry?” He suggested.

    Reign pouted. “The feathers will get ruffled.”

    Dream picked up his brush, showing it to his taller version. “That is why I brought this.” He responded.

    The winged skeleton nodded and flapped his wings softly. After a few minutes, they were all dried up. And the feathers were sticking up everywhere.

    The Guardian laughed gently at how wild the ruffled feathers looked. He stood up and started brushing them down. He used his hand and fingers for any stray feathers that refused to flatten down with the brush.

    “Do you understand the balance now?” Dream asked. Reign smiled, nodding.

    “More or less. I might ask you to explain it again.” He answered.

    Dream giggled. “Of course.”

    Reign closed his eyes in relaxation at the, once again, warm and gentle feeling he sensed on his wings. A yellow blush crept onto his cheekbones as he finally allowed himself to purr.

    Dream was now on the left wing. He had a smile on his face and a soft yellow hue dusting his cheeks. After a few minutes of silence, minus Reign’s purring, all the feathers were smoothed out.

    The Guardian took a few steps back to stand in front of Reign. “Okay, now spread them upwards to see how they look.”

    Reign opened his eyes and quickly realized that Dream was done. He nodded and stood up, stumbling a bit from being sat down for so long.

    The winged skeleton turned his head to look at his wings and slowly stretched then out. He then raised them a few inches. Dream’s eye-lights immediately widened in awe at the sight.

    Now that the dirt and filth was gone, the wing’s true beauty could be seen. The feathers were a lovely gold color that looked like they would shine under sunlight. They swayed softly from the waterfall behind them, only adding more to this magnificent sight. The wings were spread out in such a manner, that you could see how large they were and how powerful they could be.

    “… Dream?” Reign titled his head in confusion at his smaller version’s wide-eyed expression.

    Dream shook his head, looking back at him. “They’re beautiful…” He complimented. Then he got reminded of something. “Almost like a butterfly’s.”

    “Well, they would not be that way if it were not for you, Dream. Thank you for cleaning them,” Reign bowed his head as he folded his wings behind him once more. “And… Offering good company.”

    Dream smiled, walking back up to him. “Of course. I enjoyed your company as well,” He looked to the side, a frown forming on his face after he realized something.

    “We must leave at once. We’ve been here too long, my brother will have surely detected our positive auras.” The Guardian said. His voice was low and he spoke quickly, stressing out how urgent he sounded.

    “Actually, brother… I’ve been here for a while now.”


    I might make a part two. If I don’t, ignore the last two paragraphs.




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  • Shigaraki x reader w/ acne HCs

    Request from @lilac-s-k-i-e-s : Hi I know I requested something the other day unaware you did not feel comfortable writing it. I wanted to apologize for that, so I’m sorry. If it’s not too much to ask, would I be able to requests some soft headcanons for shiggy with a fem reader who has acne? I’m sorry once again for any trouble I caused you. Keep up the wonderful writing 🥺

    Warnings: none!

    A/N: no worries at all, love! you did me a favor reminding me to add to my rules ^^ also, I was trying to save asks as drafts so I don’t lose em and accidentally deleted yours, so sorry about that! It’s here now tho and I had fun writing it 🥰

    • Okok so FIRST OFF
    • This man could NOT care less about your skin. He knows with his eczema and scratching habit that being bullied because of your skin is the worst, and he is in no way going to judge you for something he struggles with too
    • He’d probably never mention a single word about it unless someone else brings it up
    • If he catches you feeling down about it, he’ll be sure to let you know he finds you absolutely beautiful regardless of it
    • If anyone, and I mean a n y o n e says something rude about your acne, he will not hesitate to dust them on the spot.
    • This is also pretty rare, since Dabi’s covered in scars, Spinner has literal scales, Toga and Magne know the unspoken girl code to not point out a friend’s insecurities, Kurogiri doesn’t even really have skin and Compress always covers up, so really, who’s gonna judge you? Not the league of social outcasts and daddy issues, that’s for sure.
    • It has happened once where you got some backhanded comments about your skin around a new “ally”, who Shiggy didn’t hesitate to threaten and almost throw hands with. He would have, too, if you didn’t grab onto his sleeve and hold him back.
    • He can manage comments about his own skin, he’s used to it (though it does make him rather insecure), but no one can breathe a word about your skin, or they WILL be dealt with.
    • Tries his absolute hardest not to show it, but if/when you stick up for him against anyone says something about his scars, he gets pretty emotional. This boy still isn’t used to being unconditionally loved.
    • You might be able to pull him into a skincare routine with you, which he’ll fight tooth and nail to get out of at first, but your assortment of creams for his dry skin do end up making him feel a lot less itchy. He also doesn’t mind the extra time with you, just talking about your day while washing up and gently applying creams. Be patient with face masks though, since he’s sensitive to certain textures and if you try giving him a weird one he will squirm away like a word on the sidewalk. Peel off masks are a no-go. Gentle stuff only.
    • At the end of the day, he loves you so much and your skin doesn’t mean a thing to him, he thinks you’re the prettiest girl in the world.
    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #bnha fanfiction#mha fanfiction #my hero academia fanfiction #my hero academia fanfic #shigaraki#shigaraki tomura#tomura#tomura shigaraki #Shigaraki x reader #Shigaraki tomura x reader #tomura x reader #tomura shigaraki x reader #fluff#acne #boku no hero academia fanfic #shigaraki headcanons
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  • Cotton Candy Fluff!
    by Crocamura

    How does the lonely, hard-working, blend-in amusement park worker get the girl? Ojiro Mashirao gets a stroke of luck as lovely loyal park customer Hagakure Toru gets knocked out of the ring of her relationship… only to fall into his.

    Rated teen for relationship angst and slight implications.

    Words: 1327, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of Fluffy Fics <3

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27266503

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  • Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

    Summary: Your journey of overcoming your fear of dogs to loving Dodger.

    Words: 3.6k

    Warning: mention of smut, language. Loads of fluff

    A/N: I obviously don’t know Chris Evans, this is just a story.



    Everyone was packing up and you rushed to get things in order. Your coffee had gone cold hours ago, and some poor intern would be responsible for throwing it away from wherever you had left it. Working in the film industry could be rough, and this was just backstage. You went through the set, automatically putting things in order as you moved and waved goodbye to others. Stuffing the last of your things in your overstuffed bag, you left to find a taxi. You were glad you weren’t working tomorrow morning, for you planned to have a long hot shower and an undisturbed sleep after a long time.

    It was late at night and no taxis came your way. You hated taking an Uber this late, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You had only just taken out your phone when a car stopped in front of you. The driver’s side door opened, and a smiling Chris Evans greeted you.

    “Can I give you a ride milady?” He asked and you snorted.

    “You have the worst English accent. If you do that in London, they’ll smell the imposter in you” You said. “And it’s cool, I’m calling an uber.”

    Chris frowned, leaning against the door with arms spread, his few sizes short, too tight shirt stretching over his broad frame. You felt like he needed to be arrested for the cardiac arrests he may cause.

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  • fluffy cat  by Kamwei Fong

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  • Cotton Candy Fluff!
    by Crocamura

    How does the lonely, hard-working, blend-in amusement park worker get the girl? Ojiro Mashirao gets a stroke of luck as lovely loyal park customer Hagakure Toru gets knocked out of the ring of her relationship… only to fall into his.

    Rated teen for relationship angst and slight implications.

    Words: 1327, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 4 of Fluffy Fics <3

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27266503

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  • 2. LUMINOUS 

    He spent all day outside. He spent all day in coffee shops and diners and parks, like a homeless lost guy. Cursing between his teeth, glaring at strangers and walking aimlessly.

    How the hell was he going to return home and look you in the eyes again?

    How the hell did he manage to fuck things up?

    How did he ….how did things whirl in a huge black vortex all of a sudden?

    Why didn’t he keep his big mouth shut? What a loser, a loser and a weirdo.

    That’s what he thought of himself, all the way wandering in the street.

    Now he might go back home and you won’t talk to him again.

    Or worse,

    He might go back and find you packing your things to fuck off, away from a whack like him.

    Or even worse,

    He may return and find you already gone, and will never see you again.

    He groaned loudly out of frustration, shooting randomly an empty dented can as he walked an avenue bathed in the setting sun warm light. The can went rolling and hit the feet of a passerby.


    He shouted in Adam’s direction and Adam muttered a confused sorry, big frame glued to a wall to avoid the angry man.

    The little incident aggravated his gloomy mood and ended his street journey for the day. He still didn’t want to go home though.

    A coward.  

    When Adam thought he had his share of self-deprecation, he headed directly to work and decided to spend the night there. That was the best thing he could do, or that’s what he convinced himself was best to do.


    Tucked in your sofa, mouth full of cherry pie, you threw away the tv remote control moodily.

    The sun disappeared under the buildings of your neighborhood and you knew that Adam wasn’t going to show up till late night, and maybe not at all.

    you waited for him to return home all day. You worked from home and you had nothing to do outside. You tried to busy yourself with anything that crossed your mind. You cleaned the apartment, you brewed cups after cups of tea, you took a bath, thinking and rethinking what you were going to tell him, writing and erasing speeches in your head, fancy dramatic ones and simple, heartfelt confessions.

    All morning, you were buzzing with excitement, unexplainable striking feeling of warmth, recalling his awkward blush and silly excuses, his reddened ears as he struggled with his words.

    Those were the signs, weren’t they? So obvious, he likes you.

    But as the afternoon progressed, you weren’t sure anymore.

    Was it just a misunderstanding? Have you projected your own feelings and hopes on him?

    You even prepared a cherry pie and took your time to decorate it, expecting him to share it with you after you’ve confessed to him. You waited for it to cool watching the wall clock, sitting in the little kitchen and gasping every time you heard footsteps echoes in the building corridors, thinking it might be Adam, disappointment flooding you because it wasn’t him, every single time.  

    And here you were now, like a loser, zapping over Netflix series, eating your pie alone.

    You felt like an idiot, you couldn’t just stay and wait anymore, so you jumped to grab your cellphone and call him. It rang and rang but he didn’t answer. He might be wanting to be alone, you thought, you really hoped that was it, and nothing else.

    And what if something happened to him? What if a truck hit him, what if he got assaulted? What if… The what ifs were increasing your anxiety but you couldn’t bring yourself to call again. In the ocean of uncertainty you were rapidly drowning in, you were certain of one thing : It took just one little incident to make you realize you were already so into him. And now doubting his intentions and emotional state was unbearable once you came to acknowledge your own feelings. Love is tricky. That was a sure thing too.


    Adam arrived at work earlier than usual. As he emptied his bag in the changing room he noticed that his phone was dead. Shit. No charger in sight, he forgot it at home. Of course. Shit again.

    Did you call? He couldn’t help but think about this possibility. Are you worried about him? Or are you mad at him? What are you thinking of him now? A fucking perv? A crazy needy perv?

    “ You wearing you blue pajama”



    Damn it Adam, stop it for a while. Give it a break.

    He reached for a small box he was hiding in his personal locker. He exhaled a deep sigh but he smiled. Its content shone glowingly under the bright recessed lights, it was still beautiful and he was still wanting to give it to you. He didn’t know how for now, or if what was he doing was worth the try anymore so he tucked it in his pocket and let the comforting presence warm his heart as he proceeded to clean in autopilot mode. Numbing his worries for the night.  


    11 PM

    You fidgeted in your sheets. Impossible to close your eyes or get your brain to shut down. Even your book that was thrilling yesterday felt bland tonight. What you were about to do was crazy, maybe, but the idea had been trotting in your mind for some time now. You wanted to be sure nothing happened to Adam, you didn’t have his work number, but you were familiar with his work place cause he asked you (sheepishly) several times to bring him something he forgot at home, a habit of his. Even his annoying habits weren’t annoying, and it wasn’t because he always treated you to dinner afterward.

    You had to find him.

    You jumped into your leggings and put a hoodie on, called an uber and in the span of 20 minutes you were facing the big illuminated building. You inhaled deeply before going in, trying to focus and not let the fear seep in you.

    As you pushed the entry door and the vast cold space unfurled before you, your heart beats raced in your throat, your dread came to embrace you again. You saw the receptionist looking strangely at you, half expectant, half annoyed, and you cleared your throat.

    “ Hi, um.. I’m looking for Adam”

    please say you know who I’m talking about.

    “ Adam who?”

    “ The guy… the tall guy who cleans stuff here”

    Please, say he is here.

    “ I haven’t seen him come in today, sorry” he snorted. It was obvious from his tone that he didn’t want you there.

    Damn, this couldn’t be possible, come on people.

    “ Please, it’s urgent, I’m his roommate and I can’t reach him on his phone, can you please ask anyone in the offices, anyone who can help me find him?” you talked so fast and your voice was shaking, tears menacing to spill over.

    The receptionist eyed you displeasingly then with a huff he told you to wait and started dialing.

    With every second you hoped someone would pick up on the other side of the wire but nothing. For long seconds you looked around you, the hall silent, the buzz of air conditioners, the lightening, white and blinding recessed damned lights.


    “ Y/N !”

    You gasped, and turned your body to the source of the voice, the one and only voice you wanted to hear now.

    “What are you doing here” He stopped, eyes of a deer in the headlights, beautiful, wide, luminous, your favorite.

    He was a little out of breath, in his work clothes and holding bottles of detergents, his strands of hair a bit sweaty, a bit messy, but he looked more glorious and glowing than any prince you read about in fairy tales. Love is what it is.

    “ Adam …I..” You started but he cut you off.

    “Come upstairs?” he simply asked, still out of breath. He nodded to the receptionist and he nodded back. Implicit consent.

    You followed and struggled to keep silent, mesmerized by his large shoulders as his long legs climbed the stairs. You could feel the electricity buzzing between you two, heavy silence, sexual tension ?

    You reached the floor he was cleaning and you were about to lose it when his hand pushed you gently in one of the open spaces  and your turned your heels to face him, at last.

    You both breathed deep in unison.



    You looked like two idiots, for sure.

    “ so…” he started.

    His eyes, you needed to stop staring.

    “ yeah..”

    “ I think that at some point someone should start to really …talk” you laughed.

    “ yeah. Sure, sure” he paused. “ I’m sorry. If that makes any sense” his voice was reaching its deepest lowest levels. It sent shivers through all your body.

    “ I’m sorry, I acted like an idiot the previous night and this morning…. And during all the day, actually …eugh” He winced, looking at his feet.

    “ No…Adam ..”

    “ No, you don’t have to act like it’s ok, I really crossed a line and I’m truly sorry y/n” he was about to put his large hands on your shoulders but he changed his mind and fisted them on his chest, another thing he did a lot, and that you found endearing.

    “ Adam, just listen !” you blurted out, reaching a peak of nervousness because of  all the things you were holding in.

    “ Adam it was ok, it was really ok… it ..was, it felt good.” You gulped, watching him under your lashes, you couldn’t believe you said this, you watched as his pretty lips parted to form a perfect O. Then what seemed like a sunny smile reaching his eyes.

    “ And I was worried about you all day, I tried to call but you didn’t-“

    “ Fuck, my fucking…sorry, my stupid phone was dead.. that’s ..that’s why”

    You sighed out of relief.

    “ So you called me? Jesus, I thought you will be like … purifying your bed from my presence and invoking… dunno… a divinity to take your revenge or something..”

    “ Shut up” you laughed heartily, all nervousness starting to fade away as a blush spread over your face and warmth in your gut.

    “You are pretty” he blurted, blushing the tiniest bit.

    You looked down to your worn leggings and tennis shoes, suddenly self- conscious. Your face must be just as pity looking, but as you looked up you saw him staring at you, eyes searching for something, then stilling on your lips.

    You reached for a damp strand of hair and tucked it behind his ear, all words failing you.

    He took a step forward, and leaned down, hesitant. You met his movement, and as you closed your eyes, you felt the gentle push of his lips on yours, and the world ceased to exist.

    He kissed you with all the tenderness he got, all the delicacy and sweetness you needed. It felt nice, it felt pure and just like him. It felt kind and caring.

    Your heart swelled and swelled, head span, you lost every sense of time and place. You didn’t even mind the white, cold blinding lights above your heads. All you could feel was his warmth, invading you from everywhere. Then he stopped.

    “ I wanted to do it somewhere else” he whispered, out of breath again.

    “ where” you hushed, eyes shut, still lost in the moment.

    “ Your room”

    “ let’s go then”  you beamed at him “ I even made a pie for you… well, it’s half a pie now” you laughed gently.

    And he kissed you again. He couldn’t believe this was happening. You were perfect for him. He never considered himself lucky, but what was happening now made him reconsider everything. Maybe it was his time, to be happy, to share all that he could give with someone willing to receive and to give back, abundantly. You.

    When your lips parted again, he took your hand and led you outside.

    “Let’s go finish this at home before I got fired”

    You shared laughs and kisses and light chit chat all the way home and as soon as the door closed behind you your lips crashed again, with much more vigor and passion this time. He lifted you in his arms, so swiftly and easily you felt like a feather. Flush to his body you shuddered under his caring touch. It was mind blowing, so mind blowing he stumbled on the chair leg and lost balance, luckily he could put you down in time and avoided crashing on the floor with all his weight on you.

    “Aouch” You laughed loud.

    “ Fuck me!”

    “We should eat my pie first”  

    Your eyes were glowing with mischief.

    “ I have something for you, too”  he scratched his neck.

    And he took the box out of his pocket.

    “ Sorry, I’m so impatient, I should have wrapped it at least, I know, and I should have waited till your birthday”

    “ no more “sorrys” ! Adam that’s … that’s so kind of you”

    “ it’s not just kindness, you know it now”

    And you blushed some more, he made of you a hot mess.

    “ open it, come on” he urged.

    And you did.

    It was wonderful.

    A book mark. Shaped as a beautifully sculpted dragonfly, decorated with glowing stones in all shades of green. It was fairy. That’s all what you could think of it.

    “ matches the fantasy books you like to read” he said sheepishly as words refused to leave your mouth. You were bewildered .

    So you just jumped on him, hugging him and kissing him randomly, everywhere you mouth could reach. He seemed delighted, euphoric, eyes glassy as if he was drunk, and when you recovered, a detail stroke you. His gift must had cost a little much.

    “ Adam, it’s expensive, isn’t it?”

    “ No ! at all” he protested a bit aggressively and you knew you were right.

    “ Adam is that why …” it hit you now.

    “ What?” he laughed

    “ Adam is that why you are working extra hours?”

    “ nooooo” he sang awkwardly.

    “ yes, please tell me “

    “ NO!”

    But you knew the truth. Adam couldn’t lie, it was that simple. It showed. Too pure for that.

    You wanted to treat him right too. You just wanted to show him how much you felt love blooming in your chest for him. it always was there. When he asked gently if you wanted to be his roommate, in the way he refused to take money from you to pay rent because he knew you were jobless at the time. How he cared for you all the two and half years you were living together, the little details, the gentle words, the beautiful little, simple gestures, the occasional long talks. How he was being protective and nervous everytime he saw lame guys hitting on you, at the rare parties you went to together. It was always there, the love, growing silently, little things wired, linked, spreading roots in your hearts and now the time finally came for it to bloom and sprout, in the bright light.

    “ Won’t we eat your pie now?”  he asked, playful. 

    “Of course we will” and in your eyes sparkled the promises of much more.

    #adam driver x you #adam driver#fanfic #not waiving but drowning #happy ending#fluff #he deserves the world #ilove him so much #baby adam#love
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    Originally posted by ydotome

    Pairing: Giyuu x Reader

    Synopsis: Headcanon/scenario for how Giyuu proposed…how he asked you to marry him…how he popped the question

    Tags/warnings: There is slight mention of near-death, but yes, all fluff apart from that!! Also, this can be taken as modern or during canon timeline, whichever works really

    a/n: again, thank you so much for requesting anon!! apologies for taking so long :((( i hope you like it though 🥺

    LINK to the ask: Request by Anon

    anyway, please enjoy!! <33

    • When he knew you were the one, marriage was always in the back of his mind
    • You made him yearn for something he feels like could never have
    • He dreamed of living a quiet, peaceful life with you, to build a warm home and a loving family
    • And he wanted it so badly
    • But he couldn’t
    • Not when he lived the life of a demon slayer—a pillar no less!—not when they were fighting a literal war against the demons who brought so much pain to him, to you, to so many people
    • He didn’t want his family grow in a world where demon exists
    • You two talked about this already
    • And you’ve both agreed that you’re all fine with not getting married even if both of you wanted it more than anything
    • Your jobs were dangerous—one wrong move could mean death
    • Both of you entered the corps knowing the consequences, and have made peace with that fact 
    • I mean, you were open to getting married to him
    • and as much as he loves you, a lot
    • He didn’t want marriage if it only leads to you dying 
    • this man has experienced so much loss already, he can’t lose you too.
    • And you respected that. You didn’t care much for labels. 
    • Marriage was, in essence, just a piece of paper to prove your relationship, and you knew that you loved each other too much to let a mere document dictate your relationship. 
    • You don’t mind just staying as boyfriend and girlfriend, you’ll take whatever he’s willing to give
    • One day, on his way home (to you uwu), he passes by a jewelry store, and sees the ring
    • Now, Giyuu was never an impulsive buyer, but the ring was perfect.
    • He could clearly picture it on your left ring finger and—
    • Oops, he now has a ring in his pocket
    • It would either be a real classy ring—you know, the classic engagement ring with a yellow gold band and a sizable diamond in the middle
    • OR
    • A unique and pretty ring that reminds him of you—a ring designed with sapphires and diamonds. 
    • (only the best for u after all uwu)
    • We all know man´s rich enough for it
    • (giyuu is a pillar. he can literally afford to buy everyone in the corps this ring, and still have left over money to have a lifetime supply of salmon daikon if he wanted to.)
    • When he got home, his stupidly impulsive buy just dawned on him and u bet he was awkward with you until he found the sneakiest hiding spot for it
    • ((it was hidden underneath a shingle on the roof—a little overkill honestly))
    • Anyway, all was normal
    • But Gods, everything changed when the fire nation attacked when you were called to the Butterfly Wing.
    • He was finishing up on a mission with another pillar, Shinazugawa, and four other slayers (ranked kinoe’s and kinoto’s) when they ran into an upper moon.
    • And surprisingly, all of these slayers came home, bruised and a lot bloody, but alive.
    • As you were listening to the report at the Ubuyashiki estate for a meeting, you were relieved to hear that—six demon slayers, all alive after an encounter with an upper moon!!—but when you heard the entire report, your stomach dropped in dread and you dead-ass sprinted out the door to go straight into the butterfly wing.
    • (You can apologize to the Oyakata-sama later though he was a second away from shooing you out the door)
    • Because Giyuu—
    • Giyuu was there 
    • Your stupid, brave, lovable Giyuu,
    • Threw himself in front of his fellow slayers to take the brunt of the hit with lull, and so very nearly died when he got hit by the demon’s blood art.
    • It worked though, because now, the demon got distracted, giving the others ample time to deal with the minions
    • Once Sanemi and the others were able to lop its head off, the kakushi arrived promptly and rushed everyone back to the butterfly estate.
    • He woke up after a week. That was the extent of the damage brought to him by that near fatal blow.
    • First thing he saw was you

    You were sound asleep right by his bed, slouched over the visitor’s chair in a position Giyuu knew was anything but comfortable. He was quick to note the dark circles under your eyes, briefly wondering how long you were there. You looked a little cold, so he moved to place the extra blanket from his bedside over you, but you immediately stir when you felt the slightest movement.

    “Giyuu? Sweetheart, are you…?”

    Seeing him awake felt like a huge bucket of water was poured over you. Any trace of sleep was gone from your body—you were wide awake in a flash, relieved and grateful that he was alive.

    “Hello—“ His voice was a little raspier than either of you liked, but yours however, was fine, and healthy enough to to speak your mind. 

    “You dumbass!” You hiss, throwing him a light glare.“Do you know how worried I was? How scared I was? I thought I was going to lose you!”

    “I’m sorry.” He says, and squirms slightly under your gaze. He would’ve looked away, but he’s missed you a lot. Wasting a few seconds from cowering in slight shame and a little fear would be unbecoming of a Pillar.

    “Don’t say sorry!” You were trying so hard to look stern and mad, but having the love of your life nearly taken away from you? You nearly lost him—all you wanted was to just touch him, and never let him go.

    Tears start slipping down your eyes before you could stop yourself. Without a word, you wrap your arms over his neck, nearly straddling him as you buried your face in his neck. You try to memorize how his body felt against yours, clinging to him like your life depended on it—and in a way, it did. 

    “You!—don’t ever do that to me again!” You cry, being mindful of his injuries as you hold him tighter. Neither of you make mention of how his hospital clothes were starting to grow damp. “If you die and leave me alone, I swear to the gods!” 

    “I’m sorry,” he says again, because what else can he say? He wasn’t aware of how close he was to losing you, until he woke up from the week-long coma. He made you sad, and worry over him, and he never wants to see you cry ever again. He brings you closer against his chest, and says a silent thank you to whatever god let him live. 

    “You better be!” You mumble.

    “I am. I missed you.” He drops his head against your shoulder, and holds you tighter against him.

    Still mindful of his injuries, you return his hug tenfold. “I missed you too.”

    • Neither of you let go until Shinobu and Aoi dropped by to clean and redress his wounds. 
    • Afterwards though neither of you left each other’s side (I mean, it’s not like Giyuu could, but you get my point)
    • Anyway, even if one of the butterfly girls or even Shinobu came in to give him meds—
    • He would always be touching you
    • Holding pinkies, even holding hands, which was a surprising, since he wasn’t much for PDA.
    • Another surprising fact was that Shinobu would only tease him no more than eight times per visit, when she would usually tease him nonstop.
    • You didn’t leave him for the entire week he needed to recover, unless it was for a mission (Oyakata-sama was very kind in giving you lighter, and easier missions—easy for you, hard for lower ranked slayers)
    • That night, you definitely stayed in his room (one of the pillars was kind enough to take over your patrol. it was Mitsuri), and slept right by his side. 
    • As you slept, he watches the careful rise and fall of your chest. 
    • You looked so peaceful that he starts daydreaming about what could be—a future with you.
    • His near death experience made him realize that if he didn’t marry you, it would be one of the greatest mistakes of his life.
    • You taught him to live life to its fullest, to live without regrets
    • And he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t get to call you his wife, even if it was just for a day.
    • The demons have taken so much from him already—his sister, his best friend
    • They’ve already taken too much
    • He’s not going to let the demons take away any more of his happiness
    • SO YES
    • This was the moment he finally decided to ask you to be his wife.
    • took him long enough
    • Giyuu knew that he wasn’t the best at communication
    • And he was really worried about you not wanting to marry him anymore. It’s been a while since that conversation after all
    • He wanted things to be as clear as spring water before even popping the question
    • So he decides to ask you.
    • He brings you out to the engawa and sits there with you, enjoying the night breeze and the view
    • You’d look very pretty under the moonlight and aaaaa
    • He wonders how he ever managed to control himself from asking you to marry him earlier 
    • Because right now
    • Giyuu has half the mind to just beg you to marry him 
    • He brings it up bluntly carefully,

    “…How do you feel about marrying me?”

    • He brought it up bluntly.
    • You’re used to it though (you didn’t even bat an eyelash—what a champ), so you take it in stride.

    “What I said before still stands, sweetheart. I would love nothing more than to be your wife, but if you’re not ready—“

    “I am.”

    Your neck almost snaps with how fast your head turns to look at Giyuu. He wasn’t far, just a few inches of space between your bodies, but you could feel his comforting warmth, and could clearly see his expression despite it being night.

    “Are you serious?” You knew he was—Giyuu never was the type to joke—but you couldn’t help but ask. You knew he loved you, you knew he wanted to be with you for as long as possible, but him asking to marry you? Both of you talked about this, and you respected what he wanted and his reasons behind it, so whatever this was? It all felt too good to be true that you wanted to pinch yourself.

    “Yes.” Giyuu carefully takes your hands and uses his thumb to trace soothing circles onto the skin of your palm. “If you’re fine with someone like me…” He places his forehead on top of yours and your heart just…picks up the pace. You’re sure he could hear how fast it was beating, while you’re made aware of the fact that your eyes were starting to get teary because everything looked so blurry. 

    “Marry me, (F/N)?”

    • Him wanting to know if you still wanted a marriage with him, turned into an actual proposal
    • But neither of you minded
    • It felt perfect

    You burst into a loud, giddy laugh, the happy smile on your lips wide enough to reach your ears. The tears start spilling over as you nod your head vigorously, repeating the word “Yes!” like it was the only word you could say.

    Giyuu’s mouth curls into the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen on him, and continues to grow each time you ‘yes’. He puts the ring on your finger and you’re struck by how pretty it is, feeling a sense of rightness wash over you. He feels it too as both of you take a moment to look at how perfect the fit is, before you look back up at him. 

    By the gods, he looked so handsome with that smile on his face, you couldn’t take it. You bring your hands to cup his face, and kiss him for all you were worth. HIs hands wrap around your waist, and you grip the nape of his neck, savoring the feeling of his comforting warmth pressed against you. As both of you pressed your lips against each other, neither of you could stop smiling—you were both so happy.

    • “You’ll marry me?”
    • “I’ll marry you right now, if it was possible.”
    • “You really want to marry me?”
    • “I always did. I feel stupid for making you wait so long.”
    • “It’s fine, sweetheart, I understand why.”
    • He pulls away a little, pouting. “But I could’ve been calling you my wife earlier.” 
    • “And I could’ve been calling you my husband earlier,” You tease “but here we are.”
    • “…Maybe we can find a priest right now.”
    • You laugh and smack his shoulder. “We waited a few years, I’m sure we can wait for a few months.”
    • The two of you look at each other for a moment.
    • “Giyuu?”
    • “Hmm?”
    • “I love you.” You really do.
    • He smiles softly, taking your left hand and kissing the back of your hand. “I love you too.” He really does.
    • For better or for worse

    During the next Pillar meeting, everyone definitely notices your ring


    a/n: i would like to marry this man please and thank you (′ꈍωꈍ‵)💖

    I have another request in the works, but if you liked this headcanon, maybe you’d like to see a continuation! I’ve got some ideas stocked up for “how they met”, “how they got married”, or maybe “how the other pillars react to your engagement”… anyways feel free to drop a request!

    apologies in advance if it takes me another month 😔

    #giyuu tomioka x reader #giyuu x reader #tomioka giyuu x reader #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer#kny#kimetsu giyuu#kimetsu tomioka #kimetsu no yaiba giyuu #giyuu#giyuu tomioka#giyu tomioka#tomioka giyuu#fluff #kny x reader #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #demon slayer x reader #tomioka x reader #proposal#proposals
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  • A little story I wrote for my dearest friend  @drew-winchester,

    about Audrey, and Neville, spending a cozy evening and night in a cottage. Some fluff and cuddles!

    Story under the cut.

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    Originally posted by mostlybois

    Pairing: Luke x Alive! Reader

    Warnings: A bit of angst I think

    Summary: You meet Julie, and for some reason can see the boys, one day you find out you and Luke can touch and decide to see how long it will take for the others to notice

    Words: 2183 (ahhh)

    A/N: This is my first Luke x reader and also thanks to JatP I have gotten back into writing so I hope you like this!!

    Keep reading

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp #julie and the phantoms x reader #luke x reader #luke jatp x reader #julie molina#alex jatp#reggie jatp#fluff#luke patterson #luke patterson x y/n #luke patterson x reader #x reader#angst ig#jatp fanfiction #julie and the phantoms fanfiction #jatp x reader #jatp imagine #jatp x y/n #julie and the phantoms imagine
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  • [Prompts are here by the way

    [Inspired by this post]

    This turned out much more angsty than intended. I’m sorry. Basically Crowley has issues and Azi is a good partner. And it includes the headcannon that Crowley is cruel to his plants because that’s the way he was always treated in heaven because that just makes sense.

    - - - 

    Aziraphale was enjoying a quiet evening with a good book, when he heard yelling coming from their garden. He was not surprised in the least – Aziraphale knew Crowley bullied his plants - but he assumed it harmless chastisement at most.

    This was not that.

    It was loud and aggressive. There was plenty of curse words and Crowley just didn’t seem like himself. Aziraphale could hear the crack in Crowley’s voice, as he teetered on the edge of tears. Enough was enough decided Aziraphale. He set his book on the table and went outside to find Crowley crouched over a flower bed.

    “What are you doing dear?” he asked.

    “Telling this pathetic piece of garbage that it needs to start growing properly or else,” snarled Crowley.

    Then everything started making sense. Crowley was mimicking the way he was treated in heaven before the fall. People up there spent so long pressuring him to be perfect and the second he showed the slightest flaw they threw him away. That kind of treatment would have an effect on anyone.

    Just as Crowley went to rip the offending plant out the ground, Aziraphale grabbed him by the wrist. “Don’t do this,” he said. “Don’t hurt yourself like this. You’re perfect just the way you are my love.”

    Crowley snapped back at him. “I don’t know what you’re—”

    “It’s okay. I understand why you’re doing this and I’m so, so sorry for the way that you were treated in heaven.”

    Crowley stared at him with teary eyes before pulling Aziraphale close. He isn’t even sure why he’s crying. But he just needed to let all this pent up sorrow out. Six thousand years of distress came flooding out.

    Time passed – it might have been minutes or it might have been hours, time didn’t really make sense at that moment – and Aziraphale spoke again. “I love you dear, but you need some serious therapy,” he said gently.

    Crowley chucked a little to himself. “You think?”

    #fluff#flufftober #aziraphale x crowley #crowley x aziraphale #good omens fanfiction #good omens#Ineffable Husbands#fluff october#hurt comfort#my babiiiiiiies #who need some therapy.
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  • H.O x Reader Drabble


    (My edit please give credit xx )

    Note: So this little drabble, is something special. Its a little birthday present for my love @karmelek-9 💕💕 I hope you enjoy this little piece!

    Update: THIS TOOK SO LONG TO UPLOAD! Tumblr literally wasn’t working for me for about a week and it annoyed the living shit out of me, but oh well its fixed now so ENJOOOYY 💕💕


    Warnings: just cute fluff!! Stuff to make ya heart melt

    Wordcount: 930

    Birthday Surprise - Harrison Osterfield

    “Shhh would you keep quiet!”

    “You’re the one yelling”

    “Bloody hell guys she’s already walking up to the door”

    Harrison hushed everyone and hurried with them as they tried to all fit and hide behind the couch in the living room. Both Harry and Sam had squeezed in, along with Tuwaine and Tom too. It was a full house, the lights were dimmed and the decorations were done to the boys best efforts… even though the amount of tape they used could definitely be seen. Once they heard the lock of the door turn they prepared themselves. Harrison peeked through the side and smiled as he watched you walked to the door, little bags in each hand, they were little gifts you had gotten from your friends at work. With a quick tap to Toms shoulder, Harrison popped up with the rest of the lads blowing little horns and popping confetti poppers


    The lights switched on to reveal the surprise party. Your scream filled your living room and the little bags in your hands went flying

    “AHH!!— dammit, you guys…”

    They all laughed and you placed your hand to your chest. When your eyes looked around you read the happy birthday banner and smiled, the whole time you thought everyone was too busy to hang out, including Harrison who only gave you a quick little good morning birthday kiss then said he had to go to work with Tom.

    “I thought you were all busy— this is so sweet”

    You couldn’t help but tear up a little bit, Harrison took notice of your little tears and walked to you, wrapping this arms around you warmly.

    “Aww my sweetheart come here”

    “I didn’t think you’d do this”

    With a tight squeeze Harrison made you face him, his lips pressed to yours longinly and when they parted you both looked into eachothers eyes, you instantly melting into his ocean blue ones.

    “Now what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn’t throw you a surprise party”

    You giggled and kissed him once more

    “And what kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn’t have a surprise gift for you-”

    “What! But you already gave me a lit-”

    “Did I? Oh— I must’ve just gotten you something else without thinking”

    You looked to him with pure excitement, Harrisons smirk spread on his lips and it gave off an alluring vibe. Gently he took hold of your hand and escorted you away from the rest of the group and out into the garden. Twinkle lights light up everything, you were surrounded in a golden glow but your eyes couldn’t stop looking at harrison.

    “Just a few more steps please”

    He said confidently, still having your hand in his. Once in the middle of your garden Harrison placed his hands to your waist pulling you in for a quick kiss.

    “Harrison what-”

    “Close your eyes”


    “Cloossee em”

    You played along and closed them, making sure you covered them with your hands just so you wouldn’t peak. A big smile on your lips; Harrison had wanted to give you this gift for almost a month now, it was something he couldn’t wait to give to you and now that it’s finally your birthday it was all he wanted to see you react to it.

    “ I remember we had a talk about this and for the longest time… i wanted to give this to you”

    You thought to yourself but no idea of what this gift could be came to mind, your excitement had blurred your memory

    “Haz… come on you’re killing me now”

    “Okay okay, just a little bit longer”

    As you waited you soon felt the warmth of Harrisons hands touch your skin, and with a low whisper harrison spoke to you.


    When you opened your eyes, all you could see was a key. In Harrisons hand was a golden key and nothing else, for a moment you were confused but before you had a chance to answer Harrisons lips pressed to a smile then opened.

    “Y/n… my darling love, I remember the first time we spoke about this. Your eyes lit up with such beauty and I knew this had to happen”

    It was all hitting you at once and you almost couldn’t hold your excitement but the only way of expressing yourself was to tear up a little

    “Will you move in with me? It would a place for just us… a highrise apartment in london for you and me-”

    “Yes! Harrison! Yes yes! Of course!”

    You could help but to jump into his arms, kissing him immediately. Both laughter from you and Harrison were heard in the garden, nothing but pure joy was there.

    “How long have you been— ah! Haz! This— this is beyond the best birthday gift I could have ever dreamed off I don’t know what else to say!”

    Harrison just looked to you, his eyes filled with admiration as he gazed at your beauty. He wanted nothing more than to make you happy and this was it, this was a first step to hearing you laugh and waking up next to you every day… you were a part of him.

    “I love you”

    He said, eyes meeting yours. A soft smile came to your lips, and softly but longingly you kissed Harrison. You knew this would be the best next step in your relationship and it was more than you could ask for.

    “I love you so much Haz… I really do”

    “Happy birthday darling”

    Taglist: @tomsrebeleyebrow @marvels-blue-phoenix @marveling-avengers @screeching-student-unknown @averyfosterthoughts @rubberducky-jrr @funky-munky @rissa067  @peter-man-parker @lovesmesomehiddles @littlekidsteve  @xsleepylilgeekyx  @terrifictomholland @tomhollandreads @heyhihellowhatsup0  @yourwonderbelle @justtamisfitt @when-hell-freezesover  @skullchik89 @martinafigoli @fancybrittrash @marajillana @peterspideysense @hayoosh22   @juliebean247 @parkerpeter24 @underoosjae @ietss @143amberrose @paaaam97 @karmelek-9 @ohhh-boo-tiful @broimjustvibin   @let-me-luve-you @courage-of-the-stars

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    #harrison#harrison osterfield #harrison osterfield fluff #harrison osterfield drabble #harrison osterfield x reader #harrison osterfield x reader fluff #tom holland #harrison osterfield edit #harrison osterfield request #harrison osterfield special! #birthday#fluff#please reblog
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