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  • Eye Of The Storm - Headcanon Fluff


    Gif found at @yennefer-de-vries!

    • “Hurry up,” Geralt grumps, tugging your hand as you try to keep up with his pace.
    • “Some of us don’t have long legs and thighs strong enough to crush watermelons between!” You force out, your breath quick.
    • The sound of thunder prowls across the sky like a hunting cat, warning.
    • “It’s going to pour and the village is so close! If you’ll just walk faster–”
    • “I’m walking as fast as I can, Geralt!” You huff in exasperation.
    • A few droplets fall, fat and wet; lighting whips through the stormclouds, forking jaggedly in a flash.
    • “Hurry up!” He snaps, and you jerk your hand from his. “What–?”
    • “Or what, huh? We’ll get rained on? Are you scared of being a bit damp?” He lunges to grab your hand again, and you leap back.
    • “No, I’m scared you’ll get cold and sick!” He growls, as the rain begins to fall. It’s a sprinkle, settling on your hair and skin like prism mist.
    • “I’ve been wet before, Geralt. I’m not as fragile as you think I am.” There’s a clap of thunder like the strike of a hammer on iron, and you jump, giggling at your own skittishness.
    • “Love, please.” He’s using his soft voice, and his best sulky pout; still, when he goes to take your hand, you dodge him.
    • “Catch me, and you can take me wherever you want!” You challenge him, sassy, and with a flick of your skirts you’re running into a meadow of wind-whipped grass as the rainfall increases.
    • “Get back here!” He demands, before rolling his eyes at the dark skies, “You’re being ridiculous!”
    • His answer is a distant giggle, and he makes a low growl, jogging after you, easily tracking your clumsy path.
    • Sheets of rain begin to unfold, a torrent of water that your boots splash in as you run, soaking through your clothes in an instant.
    • Your breath is quick as you peek over your shoulder to see how close he is, and find suddenly that he’s nowhere in sight.
    • “…Geralt?” You question, pausing your run.
    • The next thing you know, you’re scooped up in a pair of dripping arms, lifted off the ground, the snarl at your ear giving your captor away; you cling to his forearms and squeal.
    • “Always fall for that one. You are impossible, sweetheart.” He mutters, and nips your earlobe. “Impossible and wet.”
    • “You like me wet.” You tease, and laugh when he twirls you, hugging you to his huge chest.
    • He lets you stand, and you turn to face him, grinning; the rain pours, the lightning licks the sky, and you watch the water run down his angular features in little rivers.
    • “A rainstorm won’t break me, love.” You tell him, standing on tiptoe to kiss his chin, “Maybe I’ll get wet and cold, but I’d sooner stand in the downpour, with you, than run away, frightened of what might happen.”
    • His eyes blaze; he knows you’re not just talking about weather anymore. When he bends down to kiss you, his mouth is a hot contrast to the splash of the rain on your skin, and you lick the water from his lips as if drinking of him.
    • “So, then. You’d weather any storm, with me?” He asks, and you nod, brushing a strand of streaming slick hair from his forehead.
    • “If you’d stand with me, then yes. Any storm.”
    • He smirks, and takes your hands, kissing your fingers. “Well, I’m happy to know, because… hmm. This is not how I’d envisioned it, but…”
    • You quirk an eyebrow, confused, until he slowly lowers onto one knee right there in the mud-puddle field of wild wheat and spring flowers, still holding your left hand.
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  • Just a Date
    by MukashiMukashi

    Kenma and Kuroo give Hinata and Kageyama a little push in the right direction to finally getting together officially. Even if Hinata was now on the other side of the world.

    Contains Manga Spoilers to Chapter 372 (mildly canon divergent after that)

    Words: 6098, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22878940

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  • iida tenya’s perspective on the separation of izuku midoriya and shouto todoroki
    by captainharsya23

    Shouto doesn’t really take Izuku being away too well and Tenya somehow got stuck being the one who have to look after him during their separation by the Pacific Ocean.


    At this point, Tenya wasn’t sure whether the one whose mental health was deteriorating was Shouto or him.

    Words: 2548, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22878496

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  • Dark Side
    by HenceComesAutumn

    “It’s in silent agreement that they drop the discussion, Hawks nodding to himself and Shouto looking passive as ever, if not a bit more pale. They clean up their dishes quietly, teacups clinking in the sink, dirty laundry aired, secrets hanging heavy from the washing line. Somehow, Hawks gets the sense than neither of them are leaving the conversation with a lighter heart than how they arrived, but there’s not much to be done about it, really.
    These aren’t the kind of problems that a quick chat will fix.”

    Summary: A shocking run-in with Dabi while on patrol leaves Hawks with an unsettled feeling in his gut and questions that only a small number of people can answer: a UA student he barely knows, a pro hero who won’t give him the time of day, and an arsonist who won’t pick up his damned phone. He takes his chances with the first one, and while he wasn’t exactly expecting his findings to be pleasant, he wasn’t anticipating anything like this.

    Words 10748, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22877026

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  • iida tenya’s perspective on the separation of izuku midoriya and shouto todoroki
    by captainharsya23

    Shouto doesn’t really take Izuku being away too well and Tenya somehow got stuck being the one who have to look after him during their separation by the Pacific Ocean.


    At this point, Tenya wasn’t sure whether the one whose mental health was deteriorating was Shouto or him.

    Words: 2548, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22878496

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  • Summery: Takes place after Rapunzel’s return. Varian is not sure why Andrew wants to see him, hes nervous and unsure. But surprisingly Andrew surprises him. _________________________________ Unease drifted in Varians gut the sound of silence all but the slight wind that shown in the cells as he walked by, it felt like just yesterday that he was back here. An sense of dread filling the Teenagers gut. He didnt know why but Andrew had wanted to see him. He was almost to an panic attack right as he reached the cell almost gave up and ran away, but he wasn’t an coward. He wasent about to let Andrew intimidate him anymore. Reaching the cell Varian stiffened noticing Andrew sitting on the bed leaning up against the wall, his eyes opening when Varian shifted nervously. “Well well long time no see buddy”. Andrew smirked standing, the chain on his leg making noise as he drifted over to the front of the cell “The guards said you wanted to see me?”. “Relax kid”. Andrew rolled his eyes frame leaning up against the bars, “I am not going to hurt you. Not that I could anyway”. He rapped his knuckles on the bars. “The truth is against my better judgment,I owe you an applogy”. Varian did an double take. “Look being in this cell wn couple nights and thinking what went wrong, sure I was angry at you. We all were. But looking back I didn’t exactly treat you right”. Andrew struggles with the words. “And I didnt respect that you didnt want to hurt anyone. We’ve gotten close these months, and I cant deny I care for you kid. And what I did was wrong, even for me. So I am sorry”. Varian opened and closed his mouth an few times, eyes drawn together in confusion for an moment, Andrew was turned away not looking at him. “Hey”. Varians tone soft reaching out touching the muscular arm, he gave an slight smile as Andrew jerked his head up meeting his gaze. “If your going to applogize, then I want to say thank you”. “Thank you? For what?”. “I never told you think”. Variwn placed in front of the cage, “but the first couple nights I came here. I thought about committing suicide. I had so much hate in me, and heartbreak”. An pained sad smile flashed across Varians facs. Nothing usually bothered Andrew he was ad strong ad they came, nothing rattled him. But the thought of fhr Teenagar committing suicide tore at his normally cold heart. He was just an kid, true he wasent the nice to Cassandra. Oe even him. But he couldnt deney he had an soft spot for the Alchemist. Varian blinked as he felt Andrew’s hand touch his own. “Do you still think about it?”. “Not so much anymore, the pain is still there though. Losing my dad, hes back but he lost an year of his life. Being an bad person”. “I am gonna stop you right there kid”. Andrews tone firm. “You may have helped us but your not an bad person. You were put in an situation that you couldnt help”. “Why are you saying all this? I got you put in prison, were not on the same side anymore?”. “Truth? We made our mistakes, we made our live choices, but you, you have an bright future ahead of you. The things you built amazed us, amazed me. I might be an bad guy. But even I am not blind to the true potential taped in that mind of yours”. Varian didnt know what made him do it but he lunged forward wrapping an arm around the older male through the bars, head resting on his shoulder. Andrew was not an touchy feely guy however he wrapped an arm around the Teenager resting his head ontop of his hair. He gently took the Alchemist by the shoulders pushing him back there eyes meeting. “I need you to promise me somthing Varians, go out there, make somthinf of yourself. Dont make the same mistakes we made”. Andrew glanced behind him at the crew who were sleeping. “What I made. Go do great things”. Varian swallowed thickly nodding eyes filled with emotions. “Now”. Andrew ruffled Varians hair. “Get our of here before the princess worries that we killed you”. He smirked earning an smile from Varian. Turning to leave Varian paused at the door. “Hey Andrew?” Andrew looked up from the bed which he had went back to. “Can I come back in an couple days to come visit you?”. “Why would you…”. “Thsts what friends do right?”. An geuigine smile flashed across the older males face putting his hands behind his back, smirking he nodded. “Yeah that’s what friends do”. Grinning Varian left the prison leaving Andrew to think. Maybe being locked up wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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  • not so bad pt.2 [seonghwa]


    surprisingly, you adjusted to work life pretty quickly. got the hang of it and can manage all the paperworks while having one of the best department as your colleagues, especially wooyoung. he’s always supported you since you entered the door on the first day. really thankful for someone like that in your life to motivate you.

    perhaps you’ve been thinking about something lately. perhaps? no way. you’ve really been thinking of the guy the other day, always wondering if he’s some sort of artist. this wasn’t the first time you had someone in your head, thoughts lingering. it’s just you found him mysteriously attractive. no feelings or whatsoever.

    all the thoughts made you realize it’s already time to get off work. packing your stuff, you said bye to everyone and grabbed your bag, down the elevator and out the front door. as you walk, you pass by a dark alleyway on the right but you try to walk as fast as you can knowing it’s not safe and yet you’re also alone. pacing your footsteps, you felt your wrist grabbed and your body swung towards the brick grey walls. fuck.

    “well what do we have here?” he let out a laugh. you tried to let go of his grip but failed. it wasn’t because you’re weak but he’s a bit stronger. realizing that won’t work, you hissed and kicked his right ankle and he lost balance, wincing at the pain from your sharper heels of your shoes. “don’t mess with people easily, asshole. you have nothing better to do, it seems. why don’t you go back to kindergarden?” you scoffed before grabbing tight of your bag and running towards the side of the highway.

    suddenly, engine sounds filled from behind you. you turned to make sure it wasn’t the guy just now but as you turned around, you saw the same black-haired male with the same outfit on his bike, on halt. “here, get on.” he said as he passes the helmet. you know that if you refused because you’re scared, the guy would be behind you in no time. without further thinking, you grabbed the helmet and hopped on, securing your hands on his waist.

    he drove off, wind gushing past you and past all the cars, faster. you were scared, making the grip around his waist tighten as you rest your head on his back. he felt you behind his back, smiling.

    when he made sure you guys were far from the place earlier, he stopped in front of a convenience store. you got off, taking off your helmet and face him. “I can’t thank you enough. it was such an annoying and scary experience.” he put down his helmet, gave you a reassuring smile. “I know, no need to thank me many times. just once is enough. I’m glad to be of help.”

    you felt your cheeks start to feel hot but you thought you’d just grab a taxi from here to home. it doesn’t feel good to walk home and as soon as you move to call a taxi, he grabbed your hand. “it’s okay, dear one. I’ll give you a ride home.” you shook your head. “no, I don’t wanna trouble you..” he poked your hand and chuckled. “I insist, but is it okay if we get something at the convenience store first?” you know it’s useless to argue back so you nod. “take your time.”

    “I’m seonghwa.” he held out his hand for a handshake.

    “y/n.” you shaked back, cheeks feeling hotter than before.

    “don’t blush so much, it’s gonna make me weak.” he laughed. “c'mon, let’s head inside.”

    you gulped at his words. what is he trying to say?


    both of you searched for stuff to buy and paid respectively while head back out to get ready for the ride home. since now it’s a bit calmer than before, you were hesitant to wrap your hands around his waist but knowing you’re still scared to ride a motorcycle, sighing. he looked at you, puzzled. “it didn’t take you long just now to place them around my waist but you took 5 minutes now staring at my waist.” giggling. “hey, I’m scared okay.” you scoffed. he nodded in response, taking your hands and wrapping them around. “I take my rides seriously, just hold on tight to me for dear life.” he smiled.

    he’s unreal. he doesn’t seem like a bad boy, after all.

    the ride back felt like a dream, the wind got colder but his warmth enticed your hands. cars passing by look like hundreds of stars in the sky as you rest your head on his wide back.

    when you reached home, you got off and took your stuff you bought just now. “hey seonghwa.” he looked at you, still with his helmet on. “yes?”

    “thank you so much.” you smiled, patting his back. you could see his eyes twinkle in surprise. “no worries.”

    “see you around.” you said, walking towards the building.



    “you’re adorable.”

    you couldn’t let your cheeks hide anymore, they were red as a tomato but you stayed cool. “I-”

    he giggled before starting his engine. “you really are adorable.”


    I’m lying to myself, this has gotta be more than a 3 part series 🤭 hope you’re enjoying it so far!

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  • a/n: thIS was requested a looooooong time ago, and i am so sorry that i only wrote this now. My mocks are finally done, and they actually went pretty well, so i hope my results will match whatever i am claiming skdjkjd. This headcanon was really fun to write, and it was overall just adorable oof alright, imma head to over to my next oneshot now. Hope all of you have a great day.


    Originally posted by negrowhat

    • Okay so ya’ll are in uniVersity (as expected because I am writing this)
    • You met johnny 2 years ago when you were freshman looking for a job on campus cause um,,, college is a bitch
    • And you saw this uni radio show ‘Night Night’ which went live every wednesday at 9 in the evening
    • You honestly had no idea what they talked about since you’ve never listened to one
    • Despite the fact that your roommate Sicheng always talks about it and claims how great it is
    • You always enjoyed radio shows in general, and saw that they were hiring for another radio show personality
    • HMMmmMmmmM i wonDEr wheRe tHIS Is gOInG
    • You were one intellect my dear; you were studying political science at Konkuk University, meaning, you were one opinionated ass individual
    • But, you also had your crack side acCording to ur roommate
    • You fucking chased Sicheng around with those incense sticks cause you couldn’t find your go-to rolling pin to scare the shit out of him for eating your pack of strawberries
    • I swear the two of you are great friends ya’ll just show love to each other in quite a unique way
    • YeAH so you went to ask for the job cause you need money to buy a safe for your precious strawberries
    • You brought whatever requirements they asked for, and nyyOoooOOooooOOOOnged your way over there
    • It was a pretty old building, or radio station per se. not that it was bad or anything but, it isn’t exactly a place you would like to step into
    • Going up the stairs, you just saw a really TALL and attractive guy clearing out a few things in the booth. Your guess was that he was also probably new to this and whoever lent him the place didn’t exactly clean up the place.
    • With whatever courage you had in yourself
    • Or i guess how much sugar you consumed this morning cause you casually just walked it without contacting the guy
    • ‘Uh… hello?’

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  • a/n: severely unedited, oops<3 I love this Man with all of my heart though

    genre: bulletpoint-scenarios, teeth-rotting fluff, maybe a teeny bit suggestive, gender-neutral reader<3

    warnings: light swearing, mentions of alcohol

    Word count: 2.1k


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  • #asks#harry styles#concepts #harry styles concepts #harry styles fluff #fluff#harry#styles #gaaahhh this was cute
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  • image

    They’re just being really gay, really adorable, and married babs.

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  • 04:29 pm

    Hongjoong sneezes for what feels like the millionth time that day as he reaches for yet another tissue, frowning when he sees that the box is almost empty. He lets himself fall back against his chair as he sighs deeply. It seems like his cold is only getting worse. The fact that he’s still working and not taking rest is probably the reason why it’s getting worse. Hongjoong groans as he saves his work before turning off his laptop, getting up and grabbing his things as he heads out of the door. Thankfully the walk home isn’t a long one and soon he walks through the front door. You frown as you see your boyfriend walk through the door, putting your phone away and turning towards him. He’s unusually early which can’t be a good thing. 

    Hongjoong takes off his coat and shoes before making his way over to you. The look on his face telling you all you need to know. He moves to sit down next to you and instantly nuzzles into your chest. You smile at his actions as you wrap your arms around him, gently brushing his hair out of his face when you accidentally touch his forehead and feel how hot it is. “Joong, are you okay? You’re burning up.” He just hums in response as he tightens his grip around your middle, indicating that he’s very comfortable and wants to stay like this for a while, which you agree to. 

    “We can cuddle for now but after that you’ve to go to bed, okay? I’ll make you some soup.” Hongjoong nods in agreement as he lifts his head a little so he’s looking up at you. “Will you still cuddle with me in bed?” A smile spreads across your face as you nod your head. “Of course I will cutie.” 


    Originally posted by heoneyology

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