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  • This is Juliana. She was in the shelter way too long and was super stressed. She is much happier now via https://ift.tt/2CcCg8F

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    Originally posted by twilightgifs-blog

    The girl jingled the keys in her hand, excitement growing in the pit of her stomach. “Come on, Paul, let’s go!”

    Paul ran out of the house, a big grin on his face and something hidden suspiciously behind his back. “Sorry, I had to go get something.”

    She arched an eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh yeah and what was so important you had to keep me from driving another ten minutes? I just got my driver’s license, I wanna get behind the wheel, I want to… to spread my… tires,” she finished with a laugh.

    “Okay,” Paul laughed, his face twisted with amusement. Then he revealed what he’d gone inside for - slowly he slipped it over his head and sat down in the car. “Ready when you are, babe.”

    The girl glared. “Why do you need that?”

    “It’s a life-saving device,” he said simply.

    The girl huffed. “You’re a shape-shifter. You can literally heal a broken bone in hours and you want to wear that on a quick drive with me?”

    Paul knocked his knuckles against the top of the football helmet and grinned. “Safety first, babe.”

    A laugh bubbled from deep within her chest and she leaned over and pressed a sweet kiss to the cold side of the helmet. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

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  • A Way with Words

    Fluffy Julian x MC! Julian needs a pep talk..

    Gender Neutral MC

    (Based on Julian’s route, minor spoilers)

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    #the arcana #the arcana fic #the arcana julian #julian devorak#ilya devorak #julian x mc #ilya x mc #my writing#mine#fluffy
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  • Winter 2010-11. Pigeon flock in winter is the world of fluffiness and puffiness.

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  • Did I just spent an hour to read a 2k fanfic??

    Yes, the answer is yes.

    (fluffy fics give me energy😌😌😂💖)

    (I should post a link though🤔🤔 maybe later when I had my sleep😌💖)

    #fluffy#fluffy fanfiction #It was a cute one-shot #a cute one #coffee shop au #And omgds Norman had legs #(you will understand once you read it😌😌😂) #i need to sleeeeep #i need to sleep #Ohh look what a coincidence!! #Ray needed to sleep too in the fic #And it was a Norray fic #*whispers* #Omgds it was a Norray fic #it's been so long #Since I read one😌😌💖 #so fluffy#gay mess#mutual pining #Babies are pining messes #And I love that #take care 💖💖
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    sumberdy ain’t amused by all dis bullsh💩t nonsense these days

    #fluffy #snapshots and borrowed thoughts #photographers on tumblr #shih tzu
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  • it’s just great to come home to two furbabies that make a mess of everything. I don’t wanna clean!!!

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  • [BREAKING] Two chaebol heirs seen out together?

    CG Group’s Na Jaemin and WYH Corporation’s Lee Jeno were spotted together in Gangnam. They look so handsome together, and they’re only entering their third year of high school. ㅋㅋ It feels weird to be treating kids the same way as idols but even the media has picked up on this. No one has ever seen them out together before, though. Could they be friends or is this just another marketing strategy?

    1. [+4637, -224] Wow… They’re not even idols but their aura really makes them seem like it. They’re so high class but only 18 still. I wish they were idols, they would attract muggles like me for sure ㅋㅋ

    2. [+2987, -319] No, but what’s with this sudden business article? They’re cute but is this really newsworthy?

    3. [+2860, -1726] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah but isn’t this just mediaplay for some new scheme their companies are cooking up?


    #fly me to the moon #Nomin#Jeno#Jaemin#NCT#NCT Dream#NCT U#fanfic #high school AU #ABO verse #beta!Jeno #alpha!Jaemin #chaebol AU#rich kids#cute#fluffy#slow burn#pining #strangers to friends to lovers #arranged marriage#chaptered#6 chapters
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  • birthday party throwback

    fluffy bun buns are 1 year old 

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  • During daytime, Lesley loves to sleep outdoors so I got some rags for her so that she’s comfortable. via https://ift.tt/31YkuRw

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  • Sleeping Beauty ;)

    Summary: after a long day at the beach, Scott helps you get a nighttime routine in before you get to bed.

    Warnings; not that I know of, if there are lmk.

    After a long day at the beach with everyone, you’re so exhausted. You’re just in the mood to crash on the bed and drift to sleep.

    Unfortunately, you have sand in places you aren’t aware of and your hair is dampened in saltwater. So before you snuggle up in bed you must drag yourself to the shower to wash everything off.

    You felt bad about not helping Scott unpack the car, but you literally had no energy to even grab the half-empty bottled water sitting in the cupholder. He gave you a forehead kiss and sent you off saying he’d meet you inside when he’s done.

    Oh what would you do without him…

    You stripped out of your clingy wet swimsuit and your skin met the harsh cold air, causing goosebumps to rise all over your skin and bits of sand to scatter on the floor beneath you with every movement you make. The water turns on, and you turn it to the hottest setting to heat it up a bit. You usually love it scolding hot, but for today it’s going to be a relaxing warm temperature since that’s the mood you’re going for.

    You stood in the shower for what felt like a couple of minutes doing nothing but yawn under the water and fighting to keep your eyes open. But it seems like it was for a while when Scott finally came back to the room to find the shower still running.

    “Baby?! You still in there?” He shouted, there was concern in his tone.

    “Yeah I’m-“ you yawned again, “I’m still here.”

    He checked the time, “Are you almost done?” He took a pregnant pause, “NOT rushing you at all.” He scratched his head nervously.

    “Actually… I just started…” you said quietly, grabbing the soap in embarrassment.

    A few moments passed where you didn’t even know if Scott was on the other side or not until he just suddenly came in already stripped.

    You were about to speak when Scott lightly placed a hand over your mouth.

    “I figured we could just shower together, we could save water this way, yeah? I know you’re tired, let me help you.”

    You yawned and nodded at the same time. He took the soap and loofah from your hands and began to lather you in suds. You both exchanged very admirable gazes at each other, this was a very intimate moment. It felt like time was standing still and it was only just the two of you to ever exist at this very moment.

    Every five seconds, a yawn escaped from your lips. Maybe warm water wasn’t the right option since you were half asleep. Scott found it so funny, yet so cute, he let you rest your head on his chest while he scrubbed your back.

    “Baby here’s the shampoo, start doing your hair and I’ll help you after I do myself,” he gently brought his fingers under your chin to lift your face up to plant a small kiss on your lips before placing the bottle of shampoo in your hands.

    You lazily poured the shampoo and began to spread it over the top of your head, letting it lather around for you to start scrubbing. After a few moments of constant yawning and scrubbing, you peek at what Scott is doing and it looks like he was trying to get his back.

    You giggled and took the loofah from his hand to help him get the spots he couldn’t reach.

    After, he turned around and placed both of your arms around his neck, and both of his around your waist in an attempt to lean in and kiss you. Which failed hilariously, because every time he’d make it less than an inch from your lips, you started to yawn, which made you both laugh.

    “My baby is really tired huh. The beach tired you out that much bub?” You nodded, and he scrubbed your hair, getting all the sand out from where you forgot to get. Scott was so caring with you, it always made you question how you got so lucky.

    He gave it like two to three washes before he went to condition it. He was massaging your head really well, you honestly were convinced you could sleep standing up.

    “I should have you-“ you yawned, “wash my hair more often…”

    And Scott chuckled, he was almost done. He was just trying to do his best with detangling with his fingers because you both forgot to bring a comb.

    The both of you were about to finish soon, you were rinsing out your hair while Scott was quickly washing his, -quick because he obviously had short hair.

    He shut off the water, while you squeezed the excess water from your hair. Scott got two towels, one that he quickly wrapped around his waist, and the other for you.

    He slid the door open to get you out, and the cold air sent shivers up your spine as your teeth chattered horribly.

    He quickly wrapped the towel around you to warm you up, “it’s okay sleeping beauty,” he had both hands holding your head as he was drying your hair with the towel. Scott quickly threw you over his shoulder and made his way to set you down onto the countertop. He left for a few seconds and came back with lotion and your hairbrush.

    “Alright babe, you brush your hair and I’ll lotion you. The quicker we finish, the quicker you get to bed yeah?” He started doing your legs and you hissed at the coldness of the product.

    You yawned, “okay.” And you grabbed the brush and started working on your hair. You didn’t mind Scott doing any of this since you both are already comfortable with each other, and you guys have already seen it all anyways. There was no point in hiding.

    You both were already done with everything and you let out a “fuck yes” under your breath until Scott came back with your blow dryer.

    “Oh no you don’t, I can’t let you sleep with a wet head bub. It’ll be quick I promise.” You pouted, and he kissed your cheek, turning the dryer on and drying your hair.

    Scott was surprisingly doing very well, I guess he knew what to do because he always watched you do it before.

    He placed the hairdryer in your hand, he left for a second and came back with one of his t-shirts and your panties. He quickly put your legs in them and brought them up to your hips as he stood you back up, and then helped you with the shirt.

    Your hair was almost fully dried, and finally, the bed was all yours.

    Scott carried you bridal style to your side of the bed, placed you down under the covers, and tucked you in. You felt goosebumps from the warmth surrounding you.

    You looked up at him, yawning for the 100th time tonight. This slumber was about to be bomb.

    “Goodnight my sleepyhead,” he chuckled whilst giving you your final forehead kiss for the night.

    “I-,” you yawned once more, “I love you.”


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  • Happy gotcha day to this little monster! Dwight came into our life after our first kitty, Stitch, passed away from multiple illnesses less than a week after we adopted her. He healed our hearts and continues to make us laugh every day, one year later. via https://ift.tt/2Z7S85b

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