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    "You don't belong here"

    Word count: 2497

    Warnings: angst, mentions of suicide attempt and self-harm, insanity, daydream.

    Summary: You're in a kind of madhouse when the red-haired doctor decides to save you and tell you the truth.

    N/A: i have no idea what is this, this thoughts just came to my mind and i wrote that so I'm sorry if it sucks, but if it serves any purpose, i really liked it.

    You were in the bathroom, under the shower, the weather was cold but you opted for the cold water, thinking that somehow the cold water could dispel the millions of voices and thoughts in your head.

    You had come to two weeks, after taking pills to try to end your life, it didn't work, your parents found out and admitted you as soon as you recovered. It wasn't all bad there, one way or another you knew that if your suicide didn't work you would go there. It wasn't the first time you went to a house of depressives, you spent most of your adolescence in places like this, every time you cut yourself too deep or had some suicide episode, your parents sent you to a different "hospice", as you used to call it. But this one was different, it was bigger, more doctors, more patients, there was a hint of madness in the air.

    You got distracted in the bath with a crazy idea of ​​how you'd run out of there if you could, and found yourself laughing out loud until you felt your foot slip and you couldn't see anything else.

    You woke up, there was no more water noise but you were still wrapped in the blue towel, which all patients had the same. The red-haired doctor was at your side, analyzing something that was probably your medical record.

    - So you chose to take care of me?

    The words came out of your mouth quietly, with an almost audible tone of teasing. You've seen this doctor before, but he's never treated you, you remembered seeing him in the long and white corridors of the hospital, his straight red hair always down, and his green eyes that you could have sworn that sometimes they were looking at you.

    - I'm not the one who chooses. - His eyes flicked to the file until he found your name. - Y/n.

    - I'm sure you're not.

    You sat on the metal infirmary table and felt your body shiver as an icy wind blew in through the window.

    - How did you fall? are you feeling something?

    The deep voice of the man next to you made you glare at him.

    - You know - you flicked your eyes over to the name tag with his name on it - Axl, it doesn't look like a doctor's name.

    The redhead now with a name gave a small smile, you continued.

    - So I think I ended up thinking too much and I got so wet that...

    - You're all the same aren't you?

    you stopped talking, putting your hand to your head trying to understand what he meant.

    - Such a beautiful face, but completely mad.

    The redhead cupped your cheek in his hand as he spoke, the warm touch of his fingers on your skin still cold from the bath gave a little shock to your body.

    - I think you're fine, you can go.

    You jumped off the table, put on your slippers and left the infirmary, walking towards your room.

    "completely mad" you thought, the pretty face part is true, but you weren't crazy, were you?

    You woke up early the other day, as soon as you opened your eyes you started to hear voices, most of the patients and doctors walking down the hall, but the other part, inside your head. You took your pills that were already waiting for you beside a glass of water on the dresser and put on your clothes and distracted a few doctors to go straight without breakfast and went out into the huge backyard. There was a shy sun in the sky but it wasn't hot, even the weather in that place was boring. In the garden, patients of all ages could gather, which gave the impression of having more people in this part of the hospital.

    You leaned against a wall as you watched the patients, each one inside their own insane minds, you knew you weren't like them, you might have some problems, but you weren't crazy.

      You took a cigarette out of the pack and put it to your lips, an old man dressed all in white came out of nowhere with a lighter in front of you, you lit the cigarette and he left with a nod. You took a deep drag and let it out softly when you saw this guy Axl walking through the garden, taking care of the patients to see if they needed anything, you noticed some colorful tattoos on his arm and were curious to know what they were.

    - Do you want help with this?

    You gave a little jump of fright when you heard Axl's deep voice beside you.

    - What?

    The redhead took a lighter from his white coat pocket and offered it to you.

    - No, I already... - You looked at the cigarette between your fingers and froze for a few seconds when you saw that the cigarette was intact, as if it had never been lit.

    "Yeah sure" you said trying not to care too much, you could have sworn a man lit the cigarette for you. You put the cigarette to your lips and tilted your head forward a little, putting your hand up to keep the wind from extinguishing the lighter's fire.

    - you should stop skipping meals

    You looked at the garden as he spoke, something about him stirred you, as if he was always surrounded by an air of mystery and you couldn't decipher him.

    - I don't feel hungry in the morning.

    You saw the old man who a few minutes ago had supposedly lit your cigarette and walked over to him, your black boots crunching through the green grass you passed.

    "Hey" you said, but he didn't seem to hear, you called him again and he stopped in his tracks, looking at you like he was shocked. He didn't look like the kind of man who would have a lighter, didn't look like the type to smoke, however much most people here would.

    - You lit my cigarette minutes ago, didn't you?

    You could feel the redhead's gaze behind you as you spoke.

    The old man looked even more confused.

    - I- I didn't do anything I was drinking coffee.

    You stared at him trying to figure out if your brain had played a trick on you, suddenly you found the situation funny, you started to laugh, louder and louder until you felt hands hold your arms and pull you back, you couldn't stop laughing, even when you heard voices asking you to calm down, you saw the other teenagers staring at you crookedly, but even they looked funny.

    Your laugh just slowly subsided when you felt the needle pierce your arm. dark again.

    You woke up, again feeling your body against the cold metal table, the redhead sitting a few feet away from you, eyes fixed on yours.

    You brought your hand up to your forehead, massaging it slowly, thinking you must have had a headache, but you weren't, and that's when you realized, there was no pain, there was nothing.

    - What the fuck they give me?

    You tried to scream, but your voice was inexplicably calm, like you couldn't even feel angry. the empty.

    - I could help you.

    The redhead got up and walked slowly towards you, his eyes still fixed on yours, as if he was looking for something. His hands went up to your cheek, you didn't understand what was happening, you wanted to scream, cry, run away, but it was like something was holding you back, like a very strong barrier held back any impulse, you felt tears rolled from your eyes but you didn't know why, your head was empty, your feelings had turned into the small tears that rolled down your face.

    - Help me.

    You managed to say, the doctor's blue eyes changed as soon as the words left your mouth, the door to the infirmary opened, two nurses rushed in, before he left, the redhead left a paper in his hand. "Be quick" he said before leaving the room, you hid the paper in your pocket and went back to lying on the table.

    You had followed his rules, it was at night, you said you were going to get a glass of milk in the kitchen, you wore your robe to hide your garments under it. It was a hot night, but your body shivered as you waited for Axl outside the hospital, your head starting to ache to alert you that your brain was returning to normal.

    You heard the car, your instinct told you to hide if it wasn't Axl's car, but your legs wouldn't obey and you remained still until your vision was cleared by the headlights. it was him.

    You got into the car, your heart pounding so hard you put your hand over your chest to make sure it didn't suddenly stop.

    - W-why, where we are going?

    your voice came out shaky, your emotions slowly returning, you felt your hands sweat.

    - You need to trust me, okay? you need to sleep until you get back to normal, i have some thin...

    The panic. Your mind closed as if a rain-covered cloud had just landed on it.


    You yelled, but the redhead remained calm, a cigarette resting at the corner of his lips and a hand on the steering wheel.

    - You need to calm down, you don't belong here, I read your medical record.

    The words entered your head bringing even more confusion, your mind began to jumble thoughts and you were about to get out of the car, but where would you go? go back to the madhouse and pretend that nothing had happened? running through the night until you get home and go back to your monotonous life alone? neither seemed like a good fit.

    Axl's hand landed on your thighs, giving a little squeeze to get your attention.

    - You gotta trust me, get in the backseat and try to sleep, we can't stay here too long.

    His hand left your thigh going back to the steering wheel, you did as he said, and your eyes closed as you leaned your head back on the seat and the last thing you heard was the car starting and the radio turning on.

    Your eyes opened when you smelled the strong smell of sea breeze, you were still lying in the backseat of the car, but now it was stopped and there was only you in it. You sat down and desperately opened the car door, a shiver of fear ran through your body as you stepped onto the sand, it was all dark and you could barely see your own feet. the car was stopped on the sand of a deserted beach. You were desperate, where the fuck was Axl? had he abandoned you? You walked to the back of the car and jumped when you saw the redhead taking things out of the trunk, he looked surprised to see you, and that's only when you stopped to analyze where you were.

    You were on some beach you've never seen before, completely deserted, there was only one house, it had dark blue walls and two floors.

    - Where we are?

    The redhead took a flashlight from the trunk and lit the place, making it easier for you both to take things out of the trunk, you helped him and you walked in silence to the blue house.

    - Why did you bring me here? why did you get me out of there?

    You were calmer than you should have, despite all the sudden, Axl didn't scare you.

    - I helped you. - He nodded indicating you to sit down.

    You sat down, he offered you a cigarette and lit one for himself.

    - you shouldn't be in a place like that...

    You interrupted him, the cigarette pressed to the corner of your lips as you spoke.

    - Why you think that? I tried to kill myself, I started seeing things and hearing things, they said it was best for me.

    - Since when? - he asked.

    - What?

    - Since when you're seeing things? hearing things? have you always been like this?

    You stopped for a moment, your mind was still fuzzy but you struggled to remember, it was true that you had a troubled adolescence, but things got worse when you entered the "hospice".

    - I- I'm not sure but...

    He interrupted you.

    - No, you haven't! They were drugging you, making you worse, that's what they do!

    You froze. Was that true? Was all that treatment just a cover to make money from suicides? your parents know about that?

    The room was silent for a few minutes, you stared at your shaking hands as you thought about what to say.

    - Why?

    He stared at you, his blue eyes staring into yours, the cigarette still between his fingers.

    - Why what?

    - Why did you helped me? I mean, you can't go back, they would suspect that I disappeared at the same time as you.

    He was just silent for a moment, you looked around noticing the room in the house and noticing some crosses on the wall.

    - Honestly I don't know - He chuckled. - I've been watching you, you're just... different, and I don't really care if I lose my job.

    You were silent, was being different a good thing?

    - The bathroom is upstairs if you want to take a shower, I can sleep on the couch and you can have my bed.

    The redhead got up and went upstairs, you only managed to say "okay" more to yourself than to him.

    You went to the kitchen to look for something when you heard the sound of the bathtub filling on the second floor, you went to the stairs and climbed carefully, the sound got louder and when you got close to the door you could feel the warm air coming out from underneath it, and felt it get even hotter as you opened the door, silently finding Axl in the bathtub with his eyes closed, his red hair wet and you could clearly see some tattoos on his arm.

    You didn't think you were crazy to be doing this, after a long time you were feeling that you were finally in control of your own mind, you wanted it. Axl's green eyes opened when you finished undressing, you weren't ashamed knowing that there was nothing sexual about it, it was just a meeting of bodies with minds that related.

    - I can?

    he nodded, a small smile appeared on his lips as you stepped into the tub, you felt comfortable to lie on your back to him with your head on his chest. That felt right, no bad thoughts, no voices telling you what to do, you still weren't completely okay, but somehow you felt like there was someone to help you.

    A tear ran down your face as you ran your wet fingers over a tattoo on Axl's arm, finally being able to see all the details and colors, closer to what you expected, and definitely not in the same circumstances as you imagined,but you were there and so was he, and it was a good feeling.

    #axl rose #axl rose fanfic #axl rose x reader #axl rose imagine #axl rose headcanon #axl rose fan fiction #axl rose fanfiction #gnr#duff mckagan #guns n roses #guns and roses #smut#slash#x reader#x you#izzy stradlin#fluffy#angst#Imagine
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    Fluffy thoughts...

    Working on some stuff, and I just need to share about one of my favorite things.


    Hugs from tall, lanky guys are the fucking best. They have this way of wrapping their whole bodies around you and just cocooning you in love and warmth. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see/be around my lanky guy friends and I miss the hugs sooooooooo much.

    #pete davidson#mgk #machine gun kelly #colson baker #pete davidson fluff #colson baker fluff #mgk fluff #machine gun kelly fluff #nice thoughts#fluffy thoughts #i just want to cuddle #i need a fucking hug
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    #kingdom hearts#kh3#sora#yozora #kingdom hearts 3 #kh remind#kh edit #kingdom hearts edit #Fluffy edits #I wanted to do a little editing practice with the end bit of this and decided this little trend was perfect for it shshsh #plus don't think I've forgotten about this Nomura #I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS ENDING IF YOZORA KILLS YOU #I NEED ANSWERS SIR- #I KNOW YOU'RE GONNA MAKE BOTH ENDING CANON #YOU'RE A MADMAN
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    #{fluffy <3} #{owners.note: regular customer!} #{owners.note: mooots <3}
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    #AAAA THIS IS EXCITONG SOMETIMES THERE PENGUIN CHICKS AND THEYRE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY 😭😭😭 #its like not v often i get to see the chick in these pics maybe every other 5 pics #v glad i chose penguins
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    #wolf bakugo#asmr #give me pets #now #or as he said #he'll eat your book #whiny bakugo#jungkook fluff#fluffy#roleplay
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    A Wendigo I drew for Halloween...

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    CS AU: Lost To The Shadows, 1/5

    Rating: T

    Summary: When Liam Jones' younger brother disappears at sea under mysterious circumstances, he enlists the help of Emma Swan to find him. What ensues is by far the weirdest case Emma has ever worked - and the most traumatic. Thankfully Killian Jones is good at surviving; and it's just as well, because he's going to get quite a few chances to prove it.

    A/N: For @teamhook's prompt: Killian goes on a solo sailing trip and has to make land during a storm. When he doesn't check-in, Liam hires Emma to find him because the coordinates are nonsense - there's nothing there. However, when Emma travels there, she finds an island. 

    It's been a long time in the works, but here you go, Alma. Happy birthday, lovely! 

    Fair warning, things will get a bit unpleasant for Killian and Emma. Stick with it though and I promise it'll all be okay in the end!

    Thank you for the speedy beta skills @ultraluckycatnd!

    Read on AO3

    Lost To The Shadows

    There have been plenty of strange cases Emma Swan had taken on in her career, but this one took the cake. It started out innocently enough; a worried older brother, a boat that had disappeared in bad weather. These cases hardly ever had a happy ending, and as much as Emma hated accepting them, Liam Jones was a difficult man to say no to.

    "My brother said he'd found an island where he was going to make land, to wait out the storm. He sent me coordinates for this spot-" Liam taps his forefinger against the map. 

    It's a wide expanse of ocean, no land for miles in any direction. That was Emma’s first hint that this case wasn’t going to be a usual one.

    "There's nothing there," Liam says, his voice near breaking. "There's no island, nothing. I don't know what he thought he saw, but… I haven't heard from him since." 

    He looks imploringly at Emma, desperate for her to understand. Desperate for her to help. And Emma should really say no. 

    "Okay. I'll do it,” she tells him instead. If nothing else, at least she can find his brother’s body and get the poor guy some closure.

    A relieved smile spreads across Liam's face and Emma holds up a hand to halt his enthusiasm. 

    "I can't guarantee you anything. I'm sure you understand."

    "Of course," he agrees with a nod, but his smile doesn't fade. 

    "Half the payment now, and the rest when I find him,” Emma says, like she tells everyone.

    Liam nods.

    “The money will be in your account by the end of the day.”

    He signs the forms Emma gives him. Just before he leaves her office, Emma speaks up once more.

    “Mr Jones.” He turns back to her, and it hurts to extinguish the spark of hope in his eyes, but she has to be honest. “You know… your brother might not…”

    “I know,” he says sombrely. “But I have to have hope. Killian is a survivor.”


    Emma hires a boat; nothing too fancy, but she doesn’t skimp on quality either, the small cabin comfortable - though she probably won’t be making much use of it - and the motor powerful enough that she makes good time getting to Killian’s last known location. Well, it felt like she had, at least. But the sun sets much sooner than Emma would have thought, the pleasant daylight giving way to grey dusk before she’s even made it to the coordinates. She checks her watch and notes with irritation that it seems to have broken, the numbers frozen. How inconvenient. But she could have sworn it hadn’t taken this long to get here. Putting it out of her mind for now, Emma focuses on steering the boat towards Killian’s “island.” She doesn’t expect to find anything. Perhaps, if she was lucky, she’d find Killian’s boat, adrift and probably heavily damaged from the storm. Whether she actually found Killian or not would remain to be seen, but she certainly didn’t not expect to see an imposing jungle island on the horizon.

    “What the hell?” Emma picks up her binoculars, one hand remaining on the wheel, and takes a closer look.

    Somehow, it’s giving her the creeps even from this far out. A combination of the unnatural night and the fact that the island doesn’t exist makes her break out in goosebumps. Emma can’t spot any movement on the shoreline or any sign of a campfire. There’s no sign that Killian had made it to the island at all, no washed up debris from his missing boat. Emma knows she’s being ridiculous, allowing herself to get so spooked over nothing. Shaking her head to get rid of the thoughts, she guides the boat into the island’s cove. When the engine cuts out and she’s dropped the anchor, Emma is struck by how quiet it is out here. Even the waves crashing along the shoreline seem oddly muted. But she knows she shouldn’t dwell on the strangeness of it all, or risk getting too worked up again. It’s not the first time she’s stumbled across something weird. She has a job to do.

    She takes the tender to the shore, dragging it up the sand until she’s sure it’s far enough up that it won’t get taken if the tide comes back in before she returns. She doesn’t know how long this will take. It really depends on if she finds any evidence of Killian’s presence or not. So far, there’s a whole lot of nothing. The full moon has risen and it’s making it easy to see how smooth the sand is. There are no footprints to be seen, not from a human or an animal, which seems a bit odd. Emma files that observation away as just another weird thing she doesn’t want to think about. 

    The sand is soft and shifting under her boots, turning to pebbles and flat gray stones further up the shore, their surfaces all worn smooth by the rolling waves. It's peaceful enough here, but Emma can't shake the feeling of foreboding, like there's something dark and sinister hiding beneath the idealistic facade. She shivers, despite the damp warmth of the air that's already making her shirt cling to her skin. Several steps further and the jungle looms in front of her, dark and ominous, the canopy of trees too dense for any moonlight to filter through. 

    "Of course it would be a creepy jungle," she mutters, trying to call up some bravado to combat the anxiety taking up residence in her stomach. "Couldn't possibly be bright and peaceful. Couldn't even be fricking daylight."

    The island is silent but for the waves along the shore, though the sensation of being watched is making Emma’s skin crawl. She almost calls out in the hopes that whoever it is will show themself, but the words stick in her throat. She’s too afraid to make a sound, and she feels a little silly for being so easily unnerved. It’s just a jungle. On an island. That shouldn’t exist. 

    “Damn it.” Well, she's gathered as much courage as she can. 

    Emma switches on her flashlight, takes a deep breath, and walks onwards. Her skin prickles with a sensation like electricity as she steps into the jungle, something cold and unnatural that makes her shiver, but it’s gone just as quickly. 

    “Keep it together, Emma,” she mutters.

    There’s a trail to follow, a blessedly clear track through the underbrush, worn in by wild animals - small and friendly ones, Emma hopes. She wonders how long her luck will hold out. And is Killian Jones even here? Emma hasn’t seen any sign of life, human or animal, since she set foot on this strange island. Usually she’s unbothered by aloneness, in fact she even prefers it that way a lot of the time, but this place is giving her the creeps. It’s not natural. Crack. The sudden noise startles her after so long with nothing but her own footsteps. Emma pauses, hardly daring to breathe, straining to hear more. There’s definitely someone, or something, not too far ahead. Steeling her nerves, Emma keeps walking, and eventually, the trail gives way to a clearing. And standing in the centre of the clearing, there is a man, equally as dark and deadly as the jungle around him. He’s clearly heard her approach from a long way off, standing firm and straight before her, a knife clutched in his fist, his eyes both wild and cold. But Emma knows him, recognizes him even like this.

    “Killian?” she asks in barely a whisper, and even that seems too loud for the heavy quietness around them.


    TAG LIST:  @teamhook - @klynn-stormz - @xarandomdreamx - @zaharadessert - @kmomof4 - @therooksshiningknight - @batana54 - @ultraluckycatnd - @anothersworld - @tiganasummertree - @jonesfandomfanatic​ - @the-darkdragonfly - @jrob64 - @hollyethecurious - @lfh1226-linda - @elizabeethan - @moviequeen51 - @onceratheart18

    #cs ff#cs fic#cs au #a bunch of tags to be added as the story progresses #but suffice to say it's hurt/comfort with a side of angst and a fluffy ending
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    oh my god what happened to my couch...

    #sid talks#sims #also shes now named shookhi and shes a white fluffy cat
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    Beautifully created by Cocoakao 🔥 Second outfit linked here 💕

    #acnl #acnl long sleeves #acnl sweater with dress #red white and black acnl #red white and brown acnl #pink acnl #pink and brown acnl #acnl coat #plaid pattern acnl #fluffy fur acnl #acnl cozy #hearts pattern acnl #acnl findsfavorites #favorite long sleeves #vintage acnl#favraincoats#2021fall #september october november acnl #winter acnl #acnl perfect fall #cocoakao#def new#xyz
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    Yet another!

    #yandere simulator#amai odayaka #kinda sad that her hair doesn’t look as fluffy anymore but thats fine
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    did some fuckin around with garageband and like. maybe someday you will actually get music out of me as a result but like. i forgot how hard it is to sing a whole aria thru in proper time without stopping!! (that sounds SO pathetic but. i have no stamina anymore.) also this is one of those things where the words are mostly still in there unless i actually think about it in which case they fly RIGHT out of my head. anyway we got maybe. 2/3rds of a good voi che and that's after. how many years without really singing. maybe we can get a whole 3/3rds by the end of the week???

    #sure wish i had like. fully solidified my basics before peacing out of singing because i can hear the spots where it's not seated properly #but if you think i can reliably fix that in the moment without like. going back 2 hammer it out 1 million times... lol no #sigh. forgot it feels really good to sing tho!! #things bodies are good for: singing‚ sex‚ bicycling #imagine if i hadn't dropped all of those #oops #anyway. right now the exercise is 'what can we pick back up' tho #only positives!! #(hilariously nefret cat does NOT like my singing which i would take as an affront if i weren't extremely proud of my voice actually) #(it's a rusty instrument but fundamentally quite a good one i have always felt & been told! but like. she has Squawked & ruined many a take) #(miss my french host family's cat wot loved my singing actually) #(black and FLUFFY and wd come gaze up at me adoringly while i practiced. þæt was god catte.) #(ignore my bastardized beowulf i have forgotten ALL the old english i repeatedly studied and do not know a word for cat.) #anyway. i never end up with any full recording 2 show for all my attempts at it but like. had a good time which i guess is what counts! #gender of the day: mezzo
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    benkei hugs takeomi when he gets tired or too stressed about brahman and lets him fall asleep in his arms just as he would have done before in their black dragon days

    #kakuchewhcs#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #arashi keizou#tokyorev headcanons#tr hcs#benkei#benkei fluff #emotional support benkei #benkei bear#benkei hcs#keizou arashi #akashi takeomi headcanon #takeomi akashi#akashi takeomi#benomi#takeben#bentake #? #fluffy headcanon#headcanon#brahman #tokyo revengers akashi #tokyo revengers benkei #tokyo revenger hc #tokyo revenger headcanon #black dragon #black dragon first gen
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    birdfolk tweens going through puberty growth spurts and having far too long and spindly wings they don't know what to do with

    #also molting probably. get rid of ur baby down and feathers and get some real flyin' feathers #fuckerswoods #lmao stupid fluffy baby feathers behind their ears
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    I've had this just sitting around because I couldn't find a bg color and decided to finish after seeing a art piece earlier today!

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    “Nice. You’re already sporting our colors.” 

    Drew a scene from @ibis-gt‘s Football Au fic .

    #Giant/tiny#g/t fluff #His hair is so dam fluffy #I havent drawn in sooo long #cam and luther
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