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  • I ground out 50 karma just to introduce Tango and Cash to Reddit!!! Say hello! via https://ift.tt/3jcDMcs

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  • When the man stands me pics of the baby and it takes all of me to not walk out of my job and go straight home and lovie this angel up 🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕

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  • My cat will always be the best animal in my heart that makes me happy

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  • I adopted my cat 1 year ago from a careless breeder, he is not 100% healthy yet but we are getting there via https://ift.tt/3tegR53

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  • 3 months old, we named her rebel and she’s so sweet

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  • Fic Rec

    I don’t usually rec fics (I’m not the God of reccing that is @sitp-recs ), I’ve never really done it before but this time I absolutely had to.


    If any of you are on the prowl for a short sweet fluffy Drarry fic, then I have the perfect rec right here for you.

    The Raven’s Flower by @midore-fuse903

    Just posted today, fresh off the keyboard, it’s an adorable one-shot about our favorite boys being adorable!

    Not only is the premise super sugary sweet, the writing sets the mood so well, makes you feel all fuzzy inside.

    Undoubtedly will put a smile on your face, it’s a huge rec, especially for all the fluff lovers out there.

    Check it out, trust me you won’t regret it :D

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  • Someone told me to rate Lucoa from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


    So I’m rating Kanna

    She’s an absolute cutie who turns into a fluffy dragon

    what more is there to explain

    My Rating: 9/10

    art by おさんぽ on Pixiv

    #hugs and cuddles #miss kobayashi's dragon maid #dragon#floof#fluffy#kanna#Lucoa#Kamui#dragon maid#maid
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    #sans the skeleton #fluffy
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    #sans the skeleton #fluffy#doodle
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  • Kyalin Prompt: person A is studying/working and person B wants… Attention.

    Kya sighed for the tenth time within 10 minutes. She was bored, this was as obvious as the Beifong family symbol hung behind Lin’s desk. A golden flying boar against the green fabric. It was a beautiful tapestry. But she still couldn’t get over the beauty of the woman sitting at the desk in that lush office.

    Lin had her eyes completely turned to a report of the police depot, in Kya’s numbers that could very well be the thousandth she read that night. A golden pen between her fingers, the white tank top looking extremely good in those muscles, strands of hair falling over her forehead, it was time to remove all those pins … But she looked so beautiful. The waterbender tried to get back to reading one of the most famous novels in the Republic City newspapers, but she failed. Her attention wasn’t on the words, but on the police chief. It was interesting how Lin captured her focus, even when that was not the other woman’s intention.

    Kya got up from the couch, leaving her book on the coffee table before approaching. She knew Lin could feel her moving through her bare feet in contact with the floor. That is why she is not surprised by the touch of the waterbender on her shoulders, even though her muscles react and melt under the healer’s fingers.

    “Lin…” She dragged the syllable of her name onto her tongue, her body leaning over her to rest her chin on her neck. Lin closes her eyes for a brief second before her big green eyes look at Kya.

    “Yes?” Her voice sounds hoarse, probably from the amount of time she has spent without saying anything. Kya pouts and that really makes chief Beifong smile, a smile that reaches her eyes. “You know that I have to finish this, there is no way these documents will not be properly analyzed tomorrow morning.” Kya knows it’s her job and that she was probably delaying the whole thing, but she also can’t help an extremely childish part of her feels she’s being left out. She would like to be with Lin when they were together, talking, cooking, kissing, having sex. She just wanted a little bit of Lin. It was pathetic how she was always starving for her.

    “Okay … I’m going to wait for you in bed then, okay?” The police chief nodded and looked back at her report as soon as the healer’s fingers left her shoulders. Kya feels her heart sink a little, her cheeks a little hot. It’s childish, she knows it is. So why does her heart look so small now?

    “On second thought …” Lin’s voice makes her stop almost at the door. She turns and what is in her blue eyes is a silent question. “Come here. You can sit on my lap while I’m done working.” Kya tries to make her smile not be too wide, but she probably fails to try not to show too much excitement when she comes back at a fast pace and quickly takes her place in Lin’s lap. The earthbender was smiling at the corner of her mouth before leaning over to place a soft kiss on Kya’s forehead.

    She just closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of being in Lin’s arms…In Lin’s thighs. It’s one of the best sensations in the world. Lin still has her eyes focused on the reports, her right hand correcting whatever her cops have done wrong, but now her left hand wraps around Kya’s waist. The police chief unconsciously runs her fingers up and down Kya’s abdomen and just the smallest touch, just the brush of those powerful arms across Kya’s skin is making her unstable.

    “Does it help if you speak? I don’t mind if you do.” Lin murmurs in agreement.

    “These are just small reports of street operations, but I need to be aware of them to make sure that none of my policemen arrested anyone they shouldn’t or acted incorrectly.” Kya likes to hear her talk about work. She likes Lin saying anything just because of the way her voice sounds.

    “So responsible.” She is not mocking when she says those words. Lin was the most honest, responsible person Kya knew. She admired these characteristics in her, just as she admired her jaw, which always seemed to be asking to be bitten and kissed.

    The healer sinks a little deeper into the earthbender’s body, feeling her breasts brush against her back. The way her nightdress was thin wasn’t helping either. Kya takes a deep breath and what comes to her nostrils is Lin’s perfume, she smells like pine, lemon and something sweeter that was always confusing to her. But it was a divine scent. She leans a little, her nose meeting the delicate skin on Lin’s neck, just to feel her scent.

    Kya’s ego is massaged when the police chief shudders. Her skin prickled in a beautiful way with just her breath close enough. Lin doesn’t say anything, she just settles in her chair, still focused on what she has to do.

    Oh this could be so much fun. Kya bit her lower lip mischievously. Thankfully, the Beifongs couldn’t read minds with those feet.

    She waits patiently until Lin takes another report, absorbed in her work before pressing her lips to her skin. The reaction is as expected. Kya can say that Lin is not reading anymore while she puts light and short kisses up her neck to the jaw.

    “Kya.” Her voice is in perfect pitch now. Her fingers tighten around her waist. There is a rebuke in that tone that makes the waterbender’s thighs press together. But she just ignores it. She places an open-mouthed kiss on that sharp jaw and then slides her mouth to pull her earlobe between her teeth. Lin’s breathing changes, just as her fingers start to caress her belly. “Kya.” She says it again, but this time Kya can’t even take the repression seriously. Lin’s breathing is labored, and she started to pant a little, her chest rising and falling much more often than before.

    “Lin.” She whispers, very close to her ear. The other woman’s shudder this time is palpable. She liked it when Kya said her name, or moaned her name, always made her come with such intensity it knocked her out of orbit. She pulled her mouth away from her neck, lifting her head to look into Lin’s eyes. They were darker now, but still as bright as two crystals. “Give me a kiss and I promise I’ll let you work.” Lin narrowed her eyes at her, as if she could see the gears turning in that head. “Afraid of a kiss, chief?” The corners of Kya’s mouth slowly lift in soft sarcasm, which only makes Lin’s eyebrows become even more pronounced.

    “A kiss?” Kya nods, eyes shining innocently. Lin ponders for a long moment. But the waterbender knows what she is going to say. “Fine.” Lin grumbles and Kya bites her bottom lip again before leaning over to kiss her. She doesn’t know why Lin still pretended to believe the promise of a single kiss. When Kya touched her mouth to hers, there was nothing left. She wouldn’t count the number of kisses she would put on those lips.

    Her mouth slides over Lin’s with a smoothness and perfect balance. They look perfect together. The way the earthbender drops the pen on the table to wrap her fingers in her hair looks perfect. She just wants to curl up in Lin’s arms until her lips are swollen, and she can barely walk right.

    Kya pulls Lin’s hands away from her, just enough so that she can face the police chief, sitting with her legs spread on her lap. The earthbender chokes and Kya laughs before leaning down to take her lips with another kiss, her hands almost instinctively touching the abs under the top. Lin takes a deep breath against her face, but it’s her who slides her tongue into Kya’s mouth, arms around her waist. Kya has to calm down so as not to moan in her mouth with the simple taste of her.

    “I thought you said a kiss.” She said, lips pressed against Kya’s cheek as her hands went down to her thighs, lifting that thin fabric with her fingers.

    “Honestly, chief. How do you expect me to keep my promises if you don’t help me keep it?” She tries to push her body away and raises an eyebrow with Lin’s arms tightly wrapped around her.

    “Touché.” Kya can feel the smile in her voice. “20 minutes, no more than that.” She gets up from her chair to sit Kya down on her desk, placing herself between her legs, her lips immediately finding the junction of her neck with the collarbone that always made the waterbender sing.

    “Make it 30.” She purred only for Lin’s eyes to meet hers again.

    “Don’t push your luck, tease.” Kya bent to reach her lips again, her fingers curling around the police chief’s neck.

    Don’t push her luck? Oh as Lin couldn’t tell Kya lived on that.

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  • Clive coming through for #tongueouttuesday

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