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    Plus One

    Marinette studied the man across the table from her, taking a sip of her coffee to help her swallow her pride. “Will you be my plus one to a wedding?”

    The spluttering sounds from the other side of the table brought a small smile to her face.

    “I’m sorry what?”

    “I want you to be my plus one to a wedding. Preferable pretending to be my boyfriend.”

    “I’m not saying I won’t do it, but why are you coming to me about this? I thought you hated me.”

    “And the feeling is mutual I assume, Dick,” she shot back, exhaling. “All my other friends are either, a: taken, or b: already have a plus one, and I told Alya that I had a boyfriend, so she would stop trying to set me up with people, so that throws everyone she knows out the window.”

    Dick laughed. “So you came to your rival to ask for help?”

    Marinette pinched her nose and sighed. “I’ll design your suit, free of charge, something many would kill for, and I’ll be covering airfare. All you have to do is show up and pretend we’re in a relationship for the weekend. You don’t have to like me, you just need to pretend you do.”

    “I’ll do it. When is it?”

    “Two weeks. I’ll need to be there next week. You’re welcome to come with me or later in the week, but I will need your measurements by the weekend to make sure I can get the fabric and get it made in time. We can do the final fitting in Paris but the brunt of it should be done before we leave. My dress and the rest of the bridesmaid’s dresses should be done by Saturday, giving me Sunday to pack, and I’ll be flying out Monday,” she said, beginning to ramble as she thought about what needed to be done before she left. Dick’s chuckle broke her train of thought as she gave him a sharp look. “When are you free today or tomorrow?”

    “I’m free all day today.”

    Marinette nodded, finishing off her coffee. “Ready to go when you are then.”

    Dick chugged the remainder of his coffee and grinned. “Lead the way.”

    Marinette led the way out of the coffee shop, starting the couple block walk to her studio, the two of them walking in silence, until Dick began to whistle. She bit back a groan, she was asking a large favor of him, she wasn’t about to snap at him for whistling, lest he change his mind.

    She unlocked the backdoor, and ushered him in, turning on the lights.

    “I’m going to need you to take off your jacket,” she said, pulling out a post-it note, pen, and tape measure, before quickly taking his measurements, jotting them down as she worked, only giving soft instructions when needed.

    “Great. So when do you want to fly out?”

    “When are you?”

    “Monday at 10.”

    “That works for me.”

    “Great. Meet here Monday at 6 so we have enough time to get to the airport and get through security and find our gate,” she told him scribbling her number down on a separate post-it note and handing it to him as she ushered him out of her studio. “See you then.”

    “See you then, Marinette.”


    They landed at the airport and collected their bags before heading out.

    “Do we need to rent a car?” Dick asked looking over at her.

    “No need,” Marinette replied. “My friend’s coming to pick us up. We’re going to be staying at his house while we’re here, since he has more space for me to work and my parents are busy at the moment preparing to cater as well as the usual bakery rush.”

    Dick was about to respond, when a limo pulled up and Marinette, grabbed her bags and strode towards it as the back door opened, and a tall, blonde model of a man rushed over to give Marinette a hug, lifting her off the ground. Dick shook her head at the slight tightening in his chest.


    “Kitty, not now, please,” she replied with a laugh.

    “Fineee,” he replied, mock pouting. Looking over to make eye contact with Dick. “And this is the second best ballroom dancer in Gotham?”

    “Second best?”

    “After Mari here of course. Don’t think she hasn’t told me all about your two’s rivalry. What she failed to mention was that her rivalry was with Bruce Wayne’s eldest.”

    Marinette looked over at him eyes wide, before burying her head in Adrien’s chest.

    “Kill me now, Chaton. Release me from my torturous existence.”

    “Nope. Luka wants to see you and we both know Alya would drag you back from death to be at her wedding,” he replied, peeling her off his chest, before holding a hand out to Dick. “Adrien Agreste. Pleasure to officially meet you Dick.”

    “You too, Adrien. I was sorry to hear about your mother and father.”

    Adrien waved him off. “Thank you. I’d rather not talk about that though. No need to dampen the mood at the moment. Anyway, shall we?” he asked, grabbing Marinette’s bags and throwing them in the trunk of the car, Dick placing his in as well. “That everything?”

    “Yep. Let’s go. I need a bed before everyone shows up Wednesday for fittings.”

    “It’s Monday, Mari,” Adrien replied, as the driver started the car and pulled out.

    “I know. Today is for sleep. Tomorrow is last minute detailing and fittings for you, Luka, and Dick. Wednesday and everyday after is for alterations and Maid of Honor duties.”

    “If you want to take a nap now, I’ll carry to your room and get everything set up while you catch up on some much needed sleep.”

    “You remember where everything goes?” she asked, yawning.

    “Yep. And I’ll hang up all the garments first thing.”

    “Thank you, Chaton.”

    “Of course, Princess. Get some sleep.”

    Marinette, nestled back into her seat, and closed her eyes, tilting slightly as she relaxed, so her head rested on Dick’s shoulder. He felt his cheeks heat slightly as she slept there. The two boys sat in silence for a minute, Adrien grinning at him.

    “You like her, don’t you?”


    “You do,” Adrien declared after studying him for a moment. “How’s falling for your competition?”

    “Honestly, it just happened. But you two have something going on so I won’t stand the way of that.”

    Adrien laughed. “I’m in a very committed relationship, and even if I wasn’t I’m gay, and Mari knows it.”


    “Good luck though. She can be a bit stubborn when it comes to her feelings.”

    “Duly noted.”


    “So you and Adrien seem close.”

    “We went to lycee together. He’s like a brother to me.”

    “And you have no problem with his father being Hawkmoth?”

    She froze, placing her work down and fixing him with a cold glare. “Adrien is not his father if that is what you are trying to say. He is quite the opposite in fact and has never done anything remotely on the scale that Gabriel did. I was honestly not expecting that type of sentiment from you, Grayson.”

    “No! No nonono. I’m not trying to insinuate anything like that. I just know a lot of people who would. It’s nice to find others who don’t.”

    “You’ll find I’m not that shallow.”

    “I’m glad,” he heard himself say, as Marinette froze once more as she was picking her work back up.

    “Is that so?”

    “It is.”

    She simply hummed giving him a once over, before glancing back at her work. “I’m glad you aren’t either,” she said simply before returning to her work, in silence.


    The two weeks went by quickly, Marinette somehow managing to get Dick to avoid meeting the majority of the wedding party, excluding Adrien, until the day of the wedding. Cursory introductions were made as she was whisked away, leaving him behind with Luka.

    She got ready, and went around helping take care of any last minute fixes and preparing Alya to walk down the aisle. Time flew by as the ceremony came and went, she found herself next to Dick once more, with Adrien and Luka beside them at the small table for dinner, when Alya and Nino made their rounds. They had barely managed a greeting before Alya started with her questions.

    “So how did you two meet?” Alya asked leaning forward slightly as she looked at the two.

    “I met my lovebug here at a ballroom dancing competition. Our partners bailed and were injured so we got thrown together. I got her number afterwards, and the rest is history,” Dick lied, twisting the truth to throw them together instead of sparking their rivalry in the circuit.

    “Lovebug?” Adrien asked, humor in his voice, as he turned to face Marinette his question clear on his face. “I didn’t realise you were that serious about him, M'Lady. You told him?”

    Marinette glared at Dick for a quick moment and took a deep breath, pinching her nose. “No. I didn’t. He doesn’t know, Chaton,” she said softly, as Adrien’s face just went ‘Oh.’

    “Doesn’t know what, lovebug?” Dick asked, looking down at her with a small grin.

    “That is nothing that concerns you at the moment, Love.”

    “You two have to dance then. You must be amazing at it. Please?”

    Marinette glanced over at Dick, as she started to give an excuse, “We wouldn’t want to possibly take away from your big day, Alya.”

    “Girl, it would make my big day.”

    He grinned at Alya, cutting in before Marinette could say anything else. “We’d love to. It is your wedding, it’d be cruel to say no to such a small request.”

    “Yes! After our first dance then?”

    “Sounds perfect.”

    “Well we need to finish our rounds but I can’t wait. It was nice to meet you finally,” Alya said, sweeping away.

    “See ya later dudes, dudettes,” Nino followed after his wife with a small, amused smile at her antics.

    “So Melody, how’s Gotham been treating you?”

    “Good. It’s been night and day from Paris. It’s been refreshing.”

    “Refreshing?” Dick asked, staring at her. “That’s not something I normally hear from newcomers.”

    “Luka don’t you need to go help your dad set up?” Adrien cut in. Luka chuckled before standing, giving Adrien a quick kiss on the cheek as he straightened.

    “You're right. I’ll see you after the wedding?”

    “Of course. Break a leg up there.”

    “Thanks. Nice to meet you Dick,” he said as he left, disappearing backstage.

    Marinette relaxed slumping over slightly, glaring at Adrien. “‘I didn’t realise you were that serious about him,’ really? You know this isn’t real.”

    Adrien grinned. “Did I? I must have forgotten.”

    “You and I both know you didn’t. You’ve been spending too much time with that stupid cat lately,” she muttered, looking at him.

    “After 10 years you really don’t expect some of his personality to rub off on me, M’Lady?”

    “I think I liked you better when you were a shameless flirt than I like chaotic troublemaker, chaton. And you sent away Luka who balances you out.”

    “But now you two can drop the act for the most part for a little. You have at least 5 minutes until the first dance.”

    “I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something here. Am I?” Dick cut in.

    “Yes!” Adrien replied.

    “No!” Marinette replied at the same time.

    “So I am. Care to enlighten me, My Little Lovebug?”

    “No I do not. Now is not the time nor the place and Adrien knows this.”

    “Please, Princess. You know there’s no danger here.”

    “Nope. Not now, Kitty.”

    He opened his mouth to reply when the announcement for the first dance, Dick stood and offered his hand to Marinette. She took it and gave him a small, albeit tight, smile. “Thank you.”

    “Of course. Anything for you.”

    She stared at him for a moment, trying to read him as they made their way to the dance floor, as the music began playing, and the first dance commenced. The couple moved well together, clearly something that had been rehearsed until it had become second nature, the newlyweds had beaming smiles and eyes only for each other as they danced. There was a loud round of applause as they finished with a kiss, holding it there for a minute before they broke apart. They smiled at their guests as Alya zoned in on Marinette and Dick, all but physically dragging them onto the dance floor as she enthusiastically gestured at the two of them to come.

    “Gotham’s finest ballroom dancers, one of them being my best friend and maid of Honor, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, have agreed to give us a dance tonight,” Alya announced as she and Nino left the dance floor before the music started.

    Marinette felt Dick lightly grab her hand as the two moved and began to dance together. A simple waltz, one easy enough to do with little practice and no partner and to add small flourishes here and there.

    “So what was Adrien referring to earlier?” he asked, placing his hands on her waist and lifted

    Her eyes widened as she folded backwards in the lift, pulling herself back up as he lowered her down, the two falling back into step gliding around the dance floor. “Something he knows better to mention. I don’t know why he’d bring that up now unless- oh. Oh I am going to skin that mangy alley cat after we get home,” she muttered. “It’s something that no one unless they are directly involved knows about, and he knows that.”

    “Got a dark secret I should be concerned about, Lovebug?”

    “Secret? Yes. Dark? No. What caused you to come up with that nickname anyways?”

    “It seemed to fit,” he said, as his mind started to run. Lovebug set off Adrien’s question. M’Lady. Chaton, They talk like the clips of-

    “You’re Ladybug, aren’t you?” he murmured leaning in slightly as he swept her around. Her grip tightened as he said that, all but confirming it for him. “Don’t worry. I’m familiar with keeping similar secrets.”

    “You better keep it to yourself. I can point out who’s safe later, but know that this is a lot of trust I’m putting on you.”

    “Believe me I know. May I say you look beautiful tonight.”

    “Upgrading to flirting now are we? I was unaware you’d had that much to drink.”

    “I haven’t. This is only for you,” he replied, grinning as her cheeks grew pink.

    The two danced in silence, studying each other for the rest of their dance. A small laugh escaped from her as they did one final lift. Placingher gently back on the ground the two finished their waltz. They ended up staring each other in the eyes for a moment before their lips met, the rest of the wedding guests seemingly disappearing for the moment, until they broke apart.

    “May I take you on an actual date after we get back to Gotham?” he asked.

    “I think I’d like that.”

    “It’s a date then. For our first time dancing together, I believe we were pretty en pointe.”

    “Oh god, not another one,” she groaned to herself, leaning against him slightly as they moved off the dance floor. “You’re going to be as bad as Chat,” she complained, with a soft smile as she shook her head.

    “How’d it go?” Adrien asked, coming up from behind him.

    “Better than I expected.”

    “I hoped it would go well. You can make a heart dance if you just give it a beat.”

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    Jack was, of course, only pretending to be asleep when his dads tucked him in earlier. How is he supposed to sit still when there's presents to find? He's been searching all week, but that was with Dean's watchful gaze following him, ready to scoop him up into his arms at the slightest sign of danger. Jack won't be deterred that easily. He's about to be four years old, he can take care of himself. That old wooden cupboard in the living room is no match for him now.

    He waits patiently under his sheets for what must have been HOURS before daring to peek his head out and survey the room. No all seeing adult eyes are waiting for him, no loving but stern instructions to go back to sleep. Giddy with excitement he tiptoes to the door, checks both sides of the hallway, and then makes for the darkened room he is certain holds the secrets he just can't bear to wait another day to unlock.

    The room is empty, his plan has succeeded.

    Jack is halfway up the bottom shelf when the smell of cinnamon wafting out of the kitchen draws his attention. What was only moments before a steadfast conviction melts away in the face of a very real cake being baked on the other side of the house. He falls to the ground with a soft thump, unhurt but a little dazed, having momentarily forgotten all about what he was originally doing. Crawling to his feet, he brushes off his pyjamas in the way he's watched Dean do countless times after sitting down to play with him in the dirt, and rushes back down the hallway towards the source of his distraction.

    He is spotted almost immediately by Cas, who has his hands around the baking tray and is lowering it onto the counter in the exact moment Jack rounds the door. There's nowhere to hide. Cas' eyebrows wrinkle into what was probably supposed to be a frown, but as Jack's grin widens his own starts winning out, and all he can muster is a small shake of his head as response.

    Looking over at Dean, everyone in the room knows they'll have to bake a second cake if they want something to stick the candles into tomorrow morning.

    #supernatural#destiel#nougatparty #this ended up way longer than i was intendjng im just really vibing with fluffy baby jack content tonight
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    Anyways <3 I'm gonna go write something

    #on one hand I want to write like #trauma related as in ''characters bonding over similar trauma and helping each other cope'' kinda thing #but also sometimes it's better to literally just write fluffy stuff with no context ever #literally just gay idiots being affectionate and that's it #that's the whole fic thank you and good night everybody #personal
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    His favorite sweater

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    Would y’all kill me if I told y’all I may need to finish the thirsts tomorrow because my head is starting to hurt and I need to rest my brain? Like I really do want to finish them all tonight but my head is starting to hurt 😔 You guys can keep sending them in, but I’m going to get back to them tomorrow. I need a break for the rest of the night.

    #I mean there’s a slight chance I might even ask you guys to do the same thing again #where you send me a character and I give you a fluffy scenario too🥺 #I don’t know…it’s up to you guys if you want that…
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    I still can't believe that I finally got to experience what it is like to be stuffed to capacity and not able to stand up very easily on my own. It was glorious and made me hornier than I thought possible. I'm not sure I want to blow any more past my limits if it is going to last this long and take this much time to recover from each stuffing session. I wish I had more feedee friends that I could talk to and get advice. I have so many questions like, does stuffing always hurt this much so long after you finish? If not, how long does the average stuffing last? I still feel the tightness of the pants around my middle. I haven't been in those pants for over 6 hours. I still feel like my belly is in a vice. I guess I will have to sleep it off and see what happens tomorrow. My belly is already softened, but tight if that makes any sense...weird.

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    This little guy went through a lot as a skinny street kitten. We kept feeding him so he stuck around. Skinny street kitten no more! via https://ift.tt/2QBYbgw

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    #asked by cassie♡ #fluffy hyucky madness is my new favorite term #AND A FIC FOR ME?????? #CASSIEEEEEE😭
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    Fan Kid Edaurent

    There are times when Laurent has to go oversea for work. No matter where he is, no matter the time zone, or what he’s doing. He calls his family based of their time zone.

    8 am to wish Elizabeth off to school, and Makoto off to work

    4 pm for Elizabeth to tell him about her day at school

    8 pm to tell Elizabeth good night and talk to his husband about his day.

    Sometimes when he’s away, Elizabeth like to wear some of her father’s shirts to bed. She once threw a fit when Makoto didnt let her go to school wearing one of Laurent’s jackets.

    Laurent sometimes surprises them of when he comes home. Elizabeth always cries and happily runs to him when he comes home. One time she almost knocked him over cause she was so excited.

    Laurent also brings back little gifts for her and Makoto.

    Laurent is the more clingy one, when he comes home, just cause he really hates being away from his family.

    Now just image a scene of Laurent with the biggest smile of finally coming home from his trip. Forehead resting against Makoto’s. And holding their daughter tightly in his arms. While she clings to him as if he’s going to leave again. Makoto staring up at Laurent with pure love and happiness that he’s finally home.

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    Hey @mysticalblue09 if you want fluff got a surprise for you tomorrow.

    #pixie talks #possibly a super sweet fluffy story
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    I’m a fluffy mood right now

    Laurent coming home very stressed from working and just collapsing into Makoto’s arms both pyshcially and mentally tired.

    Makoto just starts playing with his arm and holds him, continuing to scroll through his phone.

    Laurent listens to Makoto’s heartbeat with his arms wrapped around his husband. Makoto resting his chin on Laurent’s head.

    The two just lay there for a couple hours, no words need to be spoken, but there’s just a lot of love in that moment

    #great pretender #the great pretender #grepre#makoto edamura#laurent thierry#edamura makoto #great pretender anime #eduarent #laurent x makoto #fluffy rambles
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    🕸 Y'all remember the fuckin' pigeon Alastor put in my room t' shit everywhere an' she ended up layin eggs on my thongs instead? Well, the mother flew into a closed window, so I did the responsible thin' an' incubated 'er eggs in my tits. Only one hatched. His name is Vape Lyfe.

    🕸 Say hello t' Vape Lyfe.

    #xxx bunni this is all your fault all your fault ALL YOUR FAULT 🤣 #fuck fosta/sesta . angie fluffy bootz online #xxx he just had to name smth vape lyfe bc of fck final pam shit bro i can't feel my ribs
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    Hallelujah: Ghost x Soap

    The moonlight streamed through the small window in the room where Ghost and Soap laid, wrapped in each others’ arms. Soap clears his throat quietly, looking his lover in the eyes with a soft smile.

    “What are you smilin’ about?” Ghost asks, voice quiet. “Can I sing a song for you?” Soap asks. “Can you what?” “Can I sing you a song?” Soap asks again with a soft chuckle.

    “If you want to, go ahead,” Ghost says. Soap begins, his singing filling the room. “Now I’ve heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don’t really care for music do ya? It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, and the major lift, the baffled king composing hallelujah.” He takes a breath, beginning the next verse as Ghost tilts his head just slightly.

    “Your faith was strong, but you needed proof, you saw her standing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew her.” Soap gently strokes his hand over Ghost’s cheek, smiling. “She tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the hallelujah.”

    Ghost’s icy eyes fill just a little with tears as he strokes Soap’s cheek with his hand. Soap goes to begin again, but before he can, Ghost presses a gentle kiss to his lips. “I love you too, Soap. Always have,” he says, voice cracking. Soap smiles. “I figured you would know that me singing this was a confession. You were always too smart for your own good,” he teases.


    After a few months of dating, Soap comes up behind Ghost at the shooting range, fiddling with a small box that’s hidden in the pocket of his pants. “Turn around, I’ve got something for you,” he says softly. Ghost turns around and is met by the sight of Soap on one knee, a small silver band in the box.

    “Soap- Wha-?” Ghost stutters, jaw dropping. “This is probably not the proposal you expected, or even wanted. But I couldn’t wait, I didn’t want to wait. I love you, and I always will love you. Will you marry me?” Soap asks with a gentle smile. “Of course I will you big oaf, get up here,” Ghost says with tears in his eyes. Soap slips the ring onto his finger and kisses him.

    Whoops and hollers erupt from the other parts of the shooting range, and from a distance Price yells: “I’m officiating that wedding whether you like it or not!” Soap laughs and waves his hand towards Price. Roach jogs up with a grin. “I’m invited, right?” Ghost pats the kid’s cheek and smiles. “‘Course you are, Roach. Wouldn’t be the same without you.”


    The day of the wedding arrives quickly, and the two men walk down the aisle, arm in arm, dressed in their dress uniforms. “Let’s do this,” Ghost whispers softly to his soon to be husband. Soap smiles and squeezes his hand softly.

    “Alright you two! Let’s get this show on the road!” Price says with a grin as the two of them stand in front of Price. “Do you, John “Soap” MacTavish take Simon “Ghost” Riley as your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” “And do you, Simon “Ghost” Riley take John “Soap” MacTavish as your lawfully wedded husband?” “I do.” “Then by the power vested in me by the British government, I now pronounce you as husband and husband!”

    Soap grins a cheshire grin at the man he can now call his husband. “I love you,” he says and kisses Ghost like there’s no tomorrow. Ghost grins into the kiss and Price chuckles. “Alright you crazy kids, there’s a reception to go to. It’s downstairs.”

    Soap pulls Ghost onto the dance floor to dance as soon as they get downstairs. The dj puts on some music, and they start dancing slowly, Ghost laying his head on Soap’s shoulder. A familiar song comes on, and Soap squeezes Ghost’s waist gently.

    “Would you listen to that? I wonder who requested this,” Soap says. Ghost chuckles into Soap’s shoulder. “Yeah, I wonder who,” he says softly. He picks up his head and looks his husband in the eye. “From my lips you drew the hallelujah, darling.” Soap smiles. “That I did, love, that I did.”

    A/N: this idea came about from a headcanon i had sent to my friend about ghost and soap being friends with benefits and then soap sings the song and then they start dating and get married :’) @satan-incarnate-666 thank u for letting me scream about this headcanon!!!

    by the way this is the song i used, all song credit goes to leonard cohen :))

    #call of duty #soap mactavish x ghost riley #john soap mactavish #simon ghost riley #soap x ghost #fluffy goodness#Spotify
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    #i'm so soft for fluffy!eren #he's the cutest isn't he #i'll be tagging you again for the next chapter if that's okay!!
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    internet finds

    If you want this project to continue you can use the Paypal donation button on the web page of the blog. Any donation is welcome.

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    “Saaaaansss” Frisk’s voice was high pitched and whiny as they called from the couch.

    There was a pause, and Frisk wondered if the skeleton had finally had enough. They’d been doing this for hours, since neither could sleep.

    “Yeeeeesss?” A baritone voice called, muffed by the door. Frisk grinned at the sound of his voice.

    “Whats brown and sticky??” They sat up on the couch so they could speak easier, their grin widening.

    Another dramatic pause as Sans seemed to think, though Frisk knew the guy had probably heard this one at least a thousand times already. “A stick?”

    The pun was stupid, even by Sans’s standards, but that didn’t stop them both from bursting into another fit of sleep deprived laughter.

    Eventually, the laughter stopped, and there was another beat of silence. Frisk inhaled to call Sans’s name again, though they were interrupted.

    “Frrrriiiisssskkk” Sans’s baritone tried to reach a higher, whinier pitch, which caused his voice to crack and, in turn, caused them both to start giggling again.

    “Yeeeesss?” Frisk called back, trying to get their voice to go lower and imitate Sans’s, though they failed miserably.

    Suddenly, they were interrupted by Papyrus’s door slamming open, with Papyrus himself standing in it, wearing a version of his ‘battle body’ that was clearly meant for sleeping. Frisk suppressed the urge to start snickering again at this. “WILL YOU TWO PLEASE BE QUIET?!” The taller skeleton said in his usual, shouty voice. Frisk considered pointing out the fact that he himself was being loud.

    “Ok, sorry.” Frisk mumbled instead, biting their lip hard in an attempt to stop more sleep deprived giggles from escaping.

    Papyrus seemed to reluctantly accept this apology, turning around and slamming the door closed, loudly stomping over to his bed and flopping down onto it.

    A beat a silence passed. Then another.


    They were both still laughing like maniacs by the time Papyrus kicked them out of the house to go sleep in the garage.

    #undertale frans#frans#undertale fanfiction#undertale#sans#frisk #gender neutral frisk #fluffy #i havent slept in a week send help #unedited #written at 2 am #platonic #sans x frisk #platonic frans #platonic sans x frisk
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    #so basically what u guys r saying #is enderman r little furry creatures #little fluffy guys #i support that #asks
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