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  • shocotate
    21.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    People seemed to like the Edward mouse. If you wanna try and get one using a proxy service for Japanese sites, try searching ‘鋼の錬金術師 マウス’.

    Also, here’re some more Japanese words for things people might wanna buy.

    鋼の錬金術師 ...

    Goods/Promotional Items / グッズ

    Soft Toy / ぬいぐるみ

    Figure / フィギュア

    Trading Figure / トレーディングフィギュア

    Key Holder (Keyring) / キーホルダー

    Rubber Keyring / ラバーストラップ

    Masking Tape / マスキングテープ

    Coaster / コースター

    Poster / ポスター

    Badge / バッジ

    Bookmark / ブックマーク

    Clear File / クリアファイル

    Acrylic Stand / アクリルスタンド

    Postcard / ポストカード

    Towel / タオル

    Tote Bag / トートバッグ

    Stationary / 文房具

    Notebook / ノート

    Sticker / シール or ステッカー

    Lottery Prizes / 一番くじ

    Everyone’s Bingo prizes / みんなのくじ

    #fma#edward elric#Fullmetal Alchemist #Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood #fma brotherhood#fmab #if I've missed any that are really important let me know and I'll add to the list #shoco talks merch #maybe it'll be a thing
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  • regnantlight
    21.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I was born to love you Out where the water is wide Make me your country bride You'll be my prince of tides You were born to heal me Under a velvet sky Cattails dancing in the light We were born to live a long and happy life A happy life

    Yeah, folks like us We may lie down in darkness But we don't lose our sparks we bring back a good story to tell 'Cause we grew up around beauty Sunsets better than a movie We knew it was our appointed duty to love like the world might end And to toast to good nights with friends

    #Like Practiced Hymns (Character Music) #▲▽▲ — good & bad & all that i got (Zelda and Dol — v; AU) #▲▽▲ — drawn to her warmth (Zelda and Emily — v; FMA) #▲▽▲ — my one indulgence (Zelda and Link — v; Main) #((Zelda and all of her country loves ;-; ))
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    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago


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  • mueritos
    21.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #muertoresponds #the way i was just rewatching. fma
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  • anti-zippy-snoot
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thinking about him: *happy* “FullMetal Alchemist!”

    Realizing how long it is before I see him again *sadly* “FullMetal Alchemist . . . “

    #fma memes#af#8 weeks #of no contact #that’s a no from me
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  • serpentine-owl
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Apparently drinking a glass of milk is scary?

    I was in the kitchen drinking it and one of my flatmates walked in, stopped and glared at my glass. They looked up at me and said “the more I learn about you, the more I fear you. Only scary people drink milk.”

    I deadass responded with “OK Edward Elric” and then proceeded to explain who Edward Elric is.

    #fyi theyve never seen anime before #so now they think that im a scary nerd #but yeah im going to have to come up with a tag for my flatmate interactions #but i cant think of anything witty #so#flatmate adventures #will do for now #fma#edward elric #rant in the tags #personal
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  • zerounitrgb
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #An Ask! #Anon #That's it I think #There are some caveats here and there for certain series #Like I prefer the manga for FMA and Ass Class over the anime even though the animes are still good #Or like My Brother's Husband only has two volumes but they're so good #And also I love the Total Drama series and hate Total Dramarama #Also more people should watch Sense8 if you haven't already and read Blue Flag #Especially if you're queer and/or identify anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum! #I am also praying that So Not Worth It gets a second season I need to see Terris's gay love story develop! #Also for the music fandoms Purple Kiss is a very recent development #As in yesterday #Still learning the members names and roles #I also like The Circle and Big Brother (although I've only started watching the newest season) #And I definitely don't like interacting with reality tv fandoms because it's like extra toxic and weird #Great British Bakeoff however is perfection and I can't wait for the next season to drop #But yeah I think that is everything and again I use the term 'fandom' very loosely here
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    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TAURUS CLUB BRNO Tréninkové centrum | bojové sporty | funkční trénink | cross trénink www.taurusclub.cz #muaythai #mma #box #sebeobrana #martialarts #funkcnitrenink #crosstraining #intervalovytrenink #kruhovytrenink #TRX #FMA #kettlebell #brno #promuze #prozeny #prodeti (v místě TAURUS CLUB BRNO) https://www.instagram.com/p/CUFvQcFLCS2/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    part  3 page 15

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  • lokorum
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ahhhh im back from the vacation and it so so good to be able to draw again!! (~˘▽˘)~

    #edward elric#FMA#FMAB#fma fanart#fmab fanart#fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #fma edward #artists on tumblr #fullmetal alchemist fanart
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  • fma2
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    part  3 page 15

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  • peachysummerskies
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Fullmetal Alchemist IOS14 theme 💙

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  • namelessexistence
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Part 8 of 10 of my top 100 favorite characters

    30 - Yamanaka Ino (Naruto)

    Yes, I had my Naruto phase. It was the first manga I read, I borrowed from a friend. There’s so much characters with wasted potential there. And it is true that the story advances in terms of themes of war and cicles of hatred, but character-wise, it was on it’s best in the Chunnin Exams. Ino is one of those exemples of wasted potential. She deserved to win that fight against Sakura and I’ll die on that hill. In that arc, she’s established as confident, skilled with shurikens, she was a better friend than Sakura was and I woudn’t say that she ended a friendship because of  boy. She didn’t. Sakura ended their friendship, Ino shows clear signs of still caring for Sakura and not wanting to cut ties. Despide caring for her good looks, she would sacrifice that with no hesitation to win a fight. Yes, Sakura did it in a moment that was supposed to be a meaningful step to her growth, but Ino did it entirily for her strategy. She was smart enough to create a plan that would compensate for her jutsu’s weak spot (that it was supposed to be used as part of a team work)

    29 - Tsunade (Naruto)

    I don’t think I have to explain this one. Unlike Ino, that I feel I have to defend, Tsunade is already (rightfully) perceived as one of the best written female characters in the series, if not the best.

    28 - Nami (One Piece)

    I love how she was written. She’s well written and complex. Yes, her portray is cartoonish good part of the time, but that’s a characteristc of the story itself. I loved the arc where we learn about her past. I love how she’s allowed to be greedy, whimsical and deeply flawed and still be someone who the writer want us to root for. Usually, this indulgence is given to male characters.

    27 - Frankestein’s Creature

    Did this book sent me into this path of sympathy for the devil I never got off from? Probably. Being queer almost certainly has some part on that too. Anyway, he wasn’t a saint or inoccent by the end of the book, we already said Clerval deserved better, so did his other victims. But he was already hated and ostricized before he did anything to deserved that, because of circunstances he coudn’t choose or control. Victor created to imediately abandon him.

    26 - Greed (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood )

    I didn’t realize I cared so much for him until the end. That end destroyed me and I still think about it now, years later. But it’s poetic.If greed is satisfied, how can it keep existing?

    25 - Akabane Karma (Assassination Classroom)

    He has the same bastard energy of Izaya, but without being a villain, what else couldyou need? Also, I love how he’s first introduced as someone dangerous, a predator, a deranged man, but then Koro-Sensei treats him as a child who was hurted and needed care, wich is true, and it worked.

    24 - Azula (Avatar The Last Airbender)

    Sometimes it’s hard toremember she was only fourteen during the show. But she was. A child. I don’t deny Zuko had a kinder nature than her, but it doesn’t mean she wasn’t influenced by the way she was raised. That family and how their kids turned out would take it’s own post to make it justice. Besides, Azula is fun as a villain. She’s competent, ruthless, and seems to be enjoying herself most of the time.

    23 - Chara (Undertale)

    I just find so interesting to search for clues and pieces of information about them across the game. Chara is a puzzle we’l never be able to fully solve. We don’t have all the pieces. That won’t stop me from trying.

    22 - Violet Evergarden

    A girl who was treated was a weapon learning how to be human. This anime is so beautiful and touching. Her chharacter growth, learning how to understand other people’s feeling and, trough that, her own.

    21 - Gaara (Naruto)

    Child me was really involved with the story of this kid who was possesed by a demon, isolated, raised as both a monster and a weapon. And he had to grow and learn better by himself, with no help other than one (1) speech other child he woudn’t see again for years gave him.

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  • yanumii
    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Commissioned by mvrck.po 💙 He wanted Finn Mertens as Edward Elric 🦾 (also aged him up to Ed’s age!)

    This was supposed to be a thank you gift for the ko-fi gold he gave me but he also paid for it so ASLSALKA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CONTINUOUS SUPPORT ;__; It’s very much appreciated ❤️

    Commissions are currently full, but I’m accepting waitlists!

    If you want to be added to the list (I operate on a first come first serve basis), kindly answer the form here ⭐️ ynmcommissions[.]carrd[.]co ⭐️ (please remove brackets)

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  • fracturedvu
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Got my hands on complete set of FMA manga volumes.

    Now I only need motivation to actually read. It has been in short supply lately.

    #this is personal #books#manga#fma
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  • meriyart
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    i think I like you, maybe more than i should 🎶

    a lil royai bc it’s @saph-xxi’s birthday!!! ty for always putting up w my madness🤪 labyu! 😘🎂

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  • narutosidebitch
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Im going through my google photos and there is a lot of anime stuff especially FMA like damn past me from 2015, u had hella taste

    #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #full metal alchemist brotherhood #full metal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist#fmab#fma#fma brotherhood
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  • incorrectfmaquotes
    21.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Olivier Mira Armstrong: Oh, Mustang, it's just you.

    Olivier Mira Armstrong: I was afraid it was somebody important.

    #Olivier Mira Armstrong #fma#fmab#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #incorrect fma quotes #source: the lion king #submission#pachangas-lenguas
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  • kijobabyships
    21.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    3: So close, you could almost...

    Series: Fullmetal Alchemist ( 03 ) Ship: None Plot: Kijo finally makes it to Central City, but before she can catch her breath, Ed and Al drag her to file a report against her assault. What she hadn’t expected was to be sitting face to face with the Flame Alchemist. She finds that keeping her act together is a well practiced art, one that she isn’t very good at, and learns that navigating this world was a lot more stressful than she had anticipated. Word count: 2,862 Warning: None.

    “ Wow...”

    Kijo had barely managed to utter out a breath when she saw Central City in its full. The buildings towered over her in a way that she hadn’t expected and, despite their attempt to arrive earlier, the train had been delayed by several hours and they had managed to roll in just as the sun was beginning to set. It created an incredible backdrop behind the illuminated windows, which sparkled like Christmas lights. She was straining her neck to look upwards and spun in circles as she did, her jaw agape,

    “Central City is huge! And look at all these buildings – how many people live here? Oh, oh look, theres a bakery – can we get some coffee? I’d really like some coffee!”

    Ed groaned before turning to Al, his voice dropping, “Al, say something!”

    “What? Why me?”

    “Because if I do it, I’ll end up hurting her feelings!”

    Well, at least Ed could recognize when it was best to keep his mouth shut. Al stepped forward and spoke tentatively,

    “Uh, Kijo? We should really bring you in – to report that assault, you know? We can get you a doctor to look at your nose and make sure you don’t have any more injuries. And besides, you’re still… Well...”

    Oh, right. The blood. She was just now noticing the stares of other pedestrians as they passed around her and Kijo had suddenly gone tense. That grabbed Ed’s attention – he crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes on her. She’d acted strange at the train station, earlier that day. She didn’t have any money which wasn’t an issue, Ed covered her, but when the conductor had asked for an I.D. for her train ticket, Kijo had reacted the same way. Luckily, since she was accompanied by a state alchemist, they hadn’t worried too much about her missing I.D. and let her on, but not before she had explained herself in circles about what happened to it.

    She was acting like she was carrying the burden of a secret on her shoulders.

    “ I don’t know, I’m… I’m pretty tired--”

    “ It won’t take long.” Ed stepped forward. He had a way of getting people to do what he wanted them to with just a stare-- and she cracked easily, a noticeable bead of sweat streaking down her face. They held each others gaze for a moment before she finally looked away with a sigh,

    “ Alright, alright. I’ll go. Lead the way.”

    Kijo stared at the bakery longingly before she followed after them. Her heart thumped in her chest – it had worked out at the train station, but this was going to get messy. She had no form of identification on her, no money, and technically she didn’t even EXIST in this world up until that morning. Kijo’s mouth went dry as Ed and Al talked – what was she going to do? What would happen to her if they found out the truth…. that she had come through The Gate? Oh, she was going to puke. She could feel the back of her throat burning as they took a left, her eyes never leaving the ground. It wasn’t until there was a hand waving in front of her face that she snapped back up,

    “ Yeah! “

    “ Hey, I know you’ve had a rough morning, but try to hang in there.” Ed paused; her throat looked even more bruised now that it had some time to set in. It reminded Ed that her strange behavior was probably because of the trauma of that assault, but that didn’t do anything to quell his suspicions. Maybe if she hadn’t possibly used alchemy to defend herself, Ed wouldn’t be concerned. He attempted to be compassionate regardless.

    “ I know you probably don’t want to report a military officer to… Well, the military,” Ed laughed. “ but we’ll be with you, every step of the way. Besides, the guy I’m taking you to actually cares about the military’s image. He’d be damned if anything got out to tarnish it – he’s already having to deal with the conflict between civilians and officers as is.” Ed sighed, giving a roll of his shoulders as he spoke, “ Ishval is a mess because of them.”

    Kijo perked up. She had the story line memorized, but she must’ve been inserted in a part where nothing major was happening – she hadn’t considered that she would be a part of plots that hadn’t been shown or even written about. It made her wonder… Where in the timeline was she, exactly? And what was her role going to be?

    I’ve obviously been brought here for a reason…

    The trek up the stairs and through the main building had been rough on her – her back was now aching, probably from when she’d been shoved down in her seat, and her head was pounding. Kijo was reminded about something she’d read in trauma books – how strangulation could lead to blood clots -- and she felt the doctors visit couldn’t come any sooner.

    Being around this many military officers had her stiff as she moved, and Kijo couldn’t stop glancing around herself. She found herself staring at a pair off to the side as they waited outside a room; it was odd, watching them talk and joke like it was just a day at the office. She wondered what it felt like to think you were contributing to the Greater Good and to be in denial of the genocide you were actively partaking in before her attention was redirected to the open door.

    “Are you coming in?”

    Oh, no. Kijo should’ve known Ed was going to bring her to him.

    Roy Mustang watched from across the room with a quirked eyebrow, looking up from a pile of paperwork that he was mentally cursing, no doubt. Ed and Al had already let themselves in and were watching her, waiting for her to step inside. Kijo swallowed; she needed to make sure she didn’t share too much. She wasn’t sure what would happen to her if they discovered where she came from – or how she got there. She entered, silent as the door shut behind her and the Elric brothers took a seat on the couch. Kijo hesitated until Roy extended a hand and she sat adjacent to Ed.

    “ Kijo, is it?” she nodded. “I am lieutenant colonel Roy Mustang. I’ll be the one helping you file your report today. Edward tells me that you were attacked by a police officer. I want you to recount the events for me.”

    Kijo glanced at Ed and Al before furrowing her brow. She really didn’t want to be there. Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest and she knew she was trembling, but she swallowed it down and spoke. Kijo had to twist the beginning; she told Roy she had been offered a ride from Clark, who had been out patrolling. She had taken it because she lost her wallet and didn’t have money for the train, and at first things had been going well. Until Clark suddenly pulled over and began strangling her. The desperation and panic she felt. How he confessed about the other girls and that she was going to be next. Her throat tightened at the memory and Kijo stuttered, looking away,

    “ And… Then I blacked out.”

    Ed’s eyes narrowed on her.

    “ Next thing I knew, these two had found me and I was covered in that mans blood. And I KNOW what that looks like but I – I didn’t do it.”

    “Of course you didn’t. That was a really unique style of alchemy,” Ed’s arms were crossed over his chest as he observed Kijo’s body language. She almost jumped at that, “  it’s not a style that I see frequently. But their execution was sloppy.”

    “ Alchemy?” Roy perked up, “ you told me this was about an assault.”

    “Oh, it is, Colonel! Kijo was definitely attacked – look at that shiner on her face--”

    “-- hey!--”

    “-- but there might’ve been foul play involved by a passerby. ”

    Does he know? Kijo’s palms tingled. She refused to meet any of their eyes – she felt she would fall apart if she did. God, what if he knows..?

    Roy gave a pensive hum and leaned back in his chair, holding up the form he had been filling out. He redirected the focus,

    “ So we had a rogue officer. He’s dead, why bother filing away a report? I’m assuming you called in the car and body, right? So that’s taken care of. What’s left?” Kijo jutted a finger at her neck, looking shocked at Roy’s lack of interest, “ we’ll have a doctor look at that for you, but there’s really nothing else we can do. I can’t arrest a dead man.”

    The Elric’s and Kijo all glanced among themselves. He had a point. What was the point of Kijo even coming? This had wasted time that Kijo could’ve used in finding a place to stay. She almost gasped – that’s right. Where was she going to go after this? Were they just going to punt her to the street after they examined her? It would be night soon, that couldn’t be safe. She didn’t have any money, either, and her stomach was growling angrily – it’d been several hours since the banana bread. Her mind sped up and she remembered Ed mentioning the interstate conflict and a lightbulb went off.

    “ I’m aware of the tension between the Amestrian military and civilians for your continued occupancy in Ishval,” Kijo spoke with a control she didn’t have before. Roy lifted his eyes, curious, “it would be a shame if someone were to go to the press about this and further escalate that conflict. It would be devastating to lose what minimal amount of trust this country has in you, wouldn’t it? I can see the headlines now,” Kijo leaned back but her eyes never left his. “ ‘Military Officer responsible for assault on Traveling Woman; rethinking our supposed protectors.’”

    There was a silence between them. Ed and Al glanced at each other with sweating foreheads, amazed by her bold move. Within seconds, she had Roy cornered and it was evident by the look on his face. Roy sighed and threw in his cards,

    “Yeah, that’s a pretty good point. We’re not exactly excelling in the popularity poles. “ He leaned back so he could pull his desk drawer forward and he removed a checkbook. He scribbled something in it before ripping it out. Kijo wondered if Roy could hear the loud beating of her heart as he got up and drew closer, leaning forward to offer her the slip of paper,

    “I’m sure this will be enough for your silence.”

    “ You’re bribing her--?!”

    “ What? It’s obvious that it’s what she wants – she said it herself. She lost her wallet, she doesn’t have money – you said she was a foreigner, right? Then it certainly doesn’t sound like she has a place to stay,” Roy smirked down at her and Kijo was impressed, and relieved, by his deductive skills. “This will carry you through the week, at least. Ed, why don’t you escort her to the hotel, just down the street? I’ll call ahead and make the proper arrangements.”

    Kijo stared up at him in awe before taking the check, her eyes never leaving his face. He offered a smile down at her,

    “ A doctor will come to your room later this evening so you can have those injuries checked out. Try to get some rest. Here, I’ll escort you three out.”

    “Oh, we’re fine--”

    “ Please.” Roy gave a pained expression as he gestured towards the paperwork on his desk, “ it would be my pleasure.”

    It was typical for Roy to search for an excuse to get away from paperwork. He was quick to press Ed’s buttons, teasing him relentlessly about something that Kijo hadn’t cared to pay attention to and instead, was just simply background noise. She was too absorbed with staring up at Al as they walked; it was odd to think that the soul of a 14 year old was in that massive suit. His voice echoed within it like a chamber.

    “Are you okay?”

    She hadn’t realized he’d caught her staring and she laughed awkwardly, waving him off,

    “Sorry! I just – I’m exhausted so I’m zoning out. I wasn’t joking about that coffee earlier,” Kijo looked away, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. Al was so sweet, and she was still amazed by the brother’s willingness to help her. It could’ve literally been anyone else, but fate decided it to be them, and Kijo couldn’t help but feel that there was a reason for that. “I appreciate everything you and your brother are doing for me. It makes me feel a lot better.”

    “Oh, of course! There’s no way we could’ve just left you. Besides, you made the train ride a ton of fun, and now I know a new song to annoy my older brother with!”

    “ That’s right, you do! He’s gonna regret never learning it with you, huhuhu.”

    “What’re you two talking about back there?”

    Al attempted to whistle innocently, but Kijo just stared at Ed with a blank face,

    “ I was just talking to Al about how he plans on annoying you in the future.”


    “ Brother, it’s not like that!”

    Their back and forth banter was interrupted by Roy standing at a sudden salute, and the mood drew serious. Kijo couldn’t see over his shoulder at first, and she rolled onto her tiptoes to get a better look at what they’d come to a stop for.

    Her breath hitched in her throat.

    “Good evening Lieutenant Mustang. Another late night with the paperwork? Ah, and it looks like the Fullmetal Alchemist has finally returned. How was your trip to Resembool?”

    Oh god.

    “ It was good. A much needed break – but now we’ll be back to our research!”

    No no no.

    “Hah! Splendid.”

    The man that had them at a stand still was suddenly looking over Ed’s shoulder and staring Kijo right in her eyes. She felt frozen; this was the last person she’d wanted to run into. King Bradley smiled at her,

    “And who is this?”

    “ This is Kijo, a friend of Edward’s,” Roy quickly interjected. “ She’s visiting from out of town. They were just about to walk her to her hotel room. Kijo, this is Fuhrer King Bradley. ”

    “ Oh, is that so?” He was staring at her. She could feel his uncovered eye analyzing her face, hovering on the bruised skin decorating the bridge of her nose and the curve of her neck. She wondered what was going through his head, and the ruminating was enough to have her stomach turning before he quickly turned away and yawned loudly. It almost made Kijo leap out of her skin. “ Well, I’d love to stay and chat but I’m afraid this old man is tuckered out. I will be heading home. Kijo, it was nice to meet you. You enjoy the rest of your visit with Edward, and get some rest tonight. Colonel, why don’t I walk you back to your office? ”

    Kijo knew that was code for, we need to talk. and she was horrified that it could possibly be about her. Ed and Al didn’t seem overtly concerned about it, and instead, happily parted ways from Roy and King Bradley. It did nothing to calm the nervous perspiration dripping down Kijo’s forehead.

    “ I guess we gotta go find that hotel you’re gonna be staying at. How much did Roy end up giving you, anyways? Maybe we can get some room service – I mean, it’s the least you can do, since we helped you get to Central City and all.”

    “ Brother, you can’t just impose like that!”

    Kijo blinked, remembering the check that she had clutched in her hand. She’d almost forgotten about it; She was lucky she hadn’t dropped it. “ Oh, right, I’d almost completely forgotten about it.”

    She held it up and the three of them turned their attention to the check. They all made audible shrieks of surprise when they saw the zeroes.

    “ What – why is it so much?!”

    “ Is it okay that he gave you that much?”

    “ I – I don’t know? You two are the ones that work with him, you tell me!” “ Alright! Room service on Kijo tonight!”

    “ Brother, what did I just say?!”

    Kijo had fallen out of tandem with their steps as they talked back and forth; she paused, turning to look back at the headquarters. She couldn’t shake the feeling that running into King Bradley was a major mistake. But, she tried to brush it off – after all, he’d only seen her for a moment, and it wasn’t like that was enough to capture his attention.

    At least he didn’t notice the blood.

    What Kijo didn’t know, however, was whether she was the main topic in Bradley and Roy’s conversation. And THAT was what plagued her thoughts for the rest of the night.

    #fma isekai #tbh im gonna probably go through and rename these chapter titles lmfao im not v happy with them #but im happy with this chapter so #whatever#kijos writing
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    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Nothing heterosexual is going on in the Devils Nest

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