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    Hughes: Hey Roy, do you have any hobbies?

    Roy: Swimming.

    Hughes: Really? That's cool. I never expected you to-

    Roy: In a pool of self hatred and regret.


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    #boy sure did eat bugs #y'know as one does growing up #stranded on an island with someone hunting you for sport #fma#fmab#fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #edward elric#ling yao#video#my art#doodles#buzzfeed unsolved #i should watch that sometime it seems popular #watcher #that last shot might be one of the best ling faces i've made in a long time i might make that my new icon
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    I think it's time to admit that I'm hyper-fixating on fma. There are handful of scratched drawings inspired by many fanfics I read over the past few months. I think I'm just gna share random wips??? Some are ansty becuase my life is ansty😢

    Anyway hit me up for any good fma fanfics you'd want to share!!! Who knows if I end up drawing a fanart of the fics you like? 👀

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    Some cute gifs of the couple who doesn’t know that they’re dating.

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    The dogboy urge to be pet on the head is very strong.

    #love drawing guys like >:/ #wow I have been on a roll with them #no thoughts just drawing them in very pink color palettes #fma#fmab#fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood #fma greed #greed the avaricious #dolcetto fma#greedol #greed x dolcetto #my art
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    So happy my sister finally watched FMA so we can have conversations like this

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    Pairing: Edward Elric x Fem!reader

    Rating: Explicit, minors do not interact

    Warnings: mention of nightmare, hurt/comfort kinda, soft smut, female receiving oral, light biting, my nose kink is evident here sorry not sorry 😬

    Word Count: 4k

    a/n: This is my submission for the Cummunity's Tender Taboo's Collab, check out the masterlist and read all the awesome pieces as and when they come out. But please read tags as there is some extremely dark content! I went for tender so no warnings here really, except for the fact this is my first ever smut lmao. Thank you so much wife @dabilove27 for being my beta and hyping me up immensely (also for giving me a title), this would not have happened without you, I love you 💙

    Recommended song: link here

    You couldn't sleep.

    You swear you had been exhausted when you and Edward had crawled into the apartment, just shy of midnight, and collapsed into bed. Ed was out as soon as his head hit the pillow, but you couldn't seem to settle your racing thoughts and let go of the day. It had been a busy one, full of research in the library and chasing up several leads on a promising case. Useless information and earlier conversations swirled around your mind in an anxious haze, and so here you were, two hours later, staring up at the cement ceiling in resigned defeat.

    A few minutes ago, Ed had begun twitching in his sleep. His loose hair splayed across the pillow messily, as low murmurs fell from his lips in a jumble of words that you couldn't make sense of. It wasn't anything new. This was his nightly routine, unimaginable terrors plagued his fitful sleep, until he eventually awoke in a cold sweat. You were used to it by now, and usually slept through the minor stuff, only stirring if he jerked awake with a kick or a yell.

    But tonight was different. The terrors gripped him early and were getting worse, you could tell by the pants and groans that escaped him, and the way his head tossed from side to side. You thought it's probably why you couldn't sleep, your body so attuned to his that it knew tonight was going to be a bad one, that he would need you. You tensed as he sucked in a gasp and his breathing halted, but when he finally let out an exhale a few seconds later, you slowly relaxed and reached out a hand to find his.

    Your pinky finger had just grazed his fingers when a thunderous roar erupted from his chest and pierced the stale air. The sound bounced off the bare walls and wooden floorboards, and filled up the small room. You jerked into a sitting position in total panic. The noises that left Ed's mouth were inhuman, broken, inconsolable and you wrestled with the covers, scrambling out of them to reach him.

    He was sitting up now, shoulders hunched over himself, while shaky hands grabbed at his hair harshly, as if he could pull the horrors from his subconscious. You hovered next to him on your knees, breath held and heart beating wildly, as you came down from the rush of adrenaline that had spiked through your bloodstream at his shout. It was when his shoulders began to shake, and pained moans became laboured breaths, that you jerked out of your stupor and placed a gentle hand on his back, touch hesitant so as not to startle him. He stiffened, as if realising he wasn't alone, wasn't inside a nightmare of his own twisted creation, but home...in bed...with you. One touch was all it took for him to come back to himself.

    His head shot up alarmingly fast and his mechanical arm reached for you just as quickly, he grabbed your upper arm in a forceful grip. The bite of cold metal sharp against your skin, goosebumps bloomed under the hold, as his other hand cupped your jaw gently. The polarising pressure in either touch was dizzying, one possessive and desperate, the other gentle and imploring. Those honey irises of his were wide, fixed on your own, and wavered as fresh tears escaped them.

    "You're alive," Ed whispered, voice hoarse and thick with emotion. Your heart shattered then and there, and you placed your own hand over his in a comforting gesture.

    "I'm alive," you confirmed, thumb rubbing over his knuckles in a repetitive motion.

    At the sound of your voice, a whoosh of breath left his lungs and his head fell forwards, it landed on your shoulder with a thump. Your arms immediately caught him as he sagged against you, the fingers of one hand brushed through his tangled locks, while the others ran up and down his back to soothe him. His skin was clammy to the touch, sweat already drying in the cool air of the rented room you shared. Small tremors rippled through his body, from the chill or the lasting nightmare, you weren't sure. You held him a little tighter, now using a whole hand to rub along his back in hopes the friction would warm his skin.

    Ed nuzzled into your neck with a hum of content, and rubbed his nose against your pulse point in circular motions. He inhaled deeply as if he could breathe you in and keep you safe that way. The same mantra escaped his lips over and over as he clung to you, "you're okay, you're okay." You said it with him, willed the reality behind those words into his mind. As much as you wished that these moments wouldn’t occur, you despised the cause, you cherished them. Edward was an open and honest person, but it wasn’t often he showed this amount of vulnerability, allowed someone to take care of him. And you loved to take care of him. He often called you his ‘tonic’ for the bad dreams, a balm on his shattered heart and fragmented mind, after all the years of heartbreak and torture.

    You closed your eyes tight in an attempt to stop your own tears from falling, the last thing he needed was to end up comforting you, and placed your cheek on his head. You breathed in deeply, mimicking his action, and took in that familiar, comforting smell. The subtle scent of his skin, wood and musk with a hint of spiced sugar, mixed with the harsh tang of metal and sweat and the citrus of his shampoo. It was intoxicating, he was intoxicating. His smell went straight between your legs, and you struggled to keep your breathing even, especially when his touch went from blind panic to a desperate need.

    His fingers stopped clutching you to him and instead began roaming insistently, over your shoulders, across the back of your neck. Hands smoothed down your back, one warm skin and the other cold metal, the stark difference in temperature and feel caused you to shiver involuntarily. The same hands slid to your front and settled over your waist, and used it as an anchor point to pull you closer to him. You acquiesced, you lifted your hips instinctively and your knees fell apart to allow him into the small space between them, ushering him in.

    His mouth was molten against your skin, lips pressed open mouthed kisses down your neck, and teeth nipped playfully at the delicate skin of your collarbone, he worked every inch of flesh until it felt like it was on fire. Every sweeping touch, every heated brush of his lips, every comforting word murmured against your skin was a reminder that you were real; as if he had to make his reassurances that you were safe tangible. Your gentle fingers tightened in his hair and pulled the strands near his scalp as you made a fist, mouth falling open as your head dropped back against your shoulders.

    His affections continued, the tip of his nose and plush of his lips blazing a path down your chest and between the valley of your breasts. He paused for effect- his hot breath fanned over your cool skin and drove you wild. Then, without warning, he turned and sank his teeth into the soft flesh of your under breast through your cotton slip. You gasped out his name in shock and arousal.

    "E-Ed!" Your legs tightened at his waist where they caged him between you. His name on your lips was all it took for him to lose his composure, the fingers of his right hand curled into the fabric of your nightdress where it lay at your waist, and yanked. Metal creaked as fabric tore, the fibres separated all the way up, and snapped the spaghetti strap that had slipped down your shoulder. You shrieked in alarm as he used his other hand to whip the useless garment from your body and discard it behind him carelessly. Before you had time to scold him, his hands were on you again, fervent in their mission to map out your flesh.

    The thumb and fore finger of his left hand found your nipple and began to tug at the already hardened bud. His mouth worked the other, tongue laving over the tip before he sucked it into his mouth. You moaned into the frigid air, now pressed flat against the bed, elbows barely propped you up. Ed continued his ministrations, eyes locked on yours, they looked like liquid gold in the dim light of the moon, darkened with lust and shadow. He looked absolutely sinful as he suckled at your breast like a man starved. Your mouth fell open in another ‘O' as heat pooled in your stomach, slick rushing to wet your slit and coat your inner thighs.

    You groaned as you tried to squeeze your legs together, you sought friction, but found only the impediment of his waist. His eyelids fluttered shut, long lashes brushed his full cheeks, when your hips rose to meet his. Your clothed pussy rolled along him slowly, panties already damp with arousal, and caused his hardened member to twitch at the sensation. Within seconds he had slid down the bed, and taken your panties with him, before your legs were thrown over his shoulders. You cried out when he dove between your legs enthusiastically, no trace of the usual cocky grin he wore, too focused on your body. His nose grazed your thigh as pointed canines bit into the flesh there. He held the action for a moment, as if savouring the feel of you between his teeth, and the sound of your breathy whines as you urged him to move elsewhere.

    He sank his teeth into the other thigh for good measure, harder this time, as his composure slipped once more before he plunged his tongue into your dripping hole. You clamped around the wet muscle with a wanton moan and your fingers found his hair again. His own appreciative moans were drowned between your folds, sending vibrations of pure pleasure to your sensitive clit. You clamped your thighs around his head and rocked up into his face, you met every thrust as he fucked you on his tongue, his hands held your thighs apart so he could revel in his meal.

    When your whimpers and pleas for more became a song in your throat, he slid his tongue out of your hole and up to your clit, and swirled around the bundle of nerves. You yanked a fistful of his hair and levelled a lust-filled gaze at him as you breathed out a single word, "please." He knew what it meant. All pretence of foreplay gone, he sucked your clit into his mouth and shoved two of his thick fingers into your cunt right up to the knuckles. You babbled and whined like a cat in heat, as he curled his digits deliciously, hitting that spot inside you that had your toes curled against his shoulder blades. You were so wet, his fingers squelched in and out of you as he slurped and licked at your pussy, a sinful cacophony of sex.

    You were already on the brink, ready to topple over into euphoria when his fingers were ripped from you and his tongue stilled, flat on your clit. You sobbed at the ruined orgasm, your hole fluttered around nothing. Ed gave you one last flick of his tongue, you clenched in response, before he placed a messy kiss to the swollen bud. He rose to stand by the edge of the bed and pushed your legs up and out as he moved to settle between them, the rough pad of his thumb settled instantly on the skin underneath your eye, soothing the frustrated tears. You hiccupped and gasped out a breath, as you tried to get out words to let him know how much you needed him.

    He only gave you a "shhhhh," and pressed his lips to yours sweetly, they were wet with spit and slick and mixed with the salt of your tears. You held onto him for dear life, mouths moulded perfectly to one another, tongues intertwined in a battle for dominance. The taste of your tang was on him. Your heart beat so fast you thought it might pound straight out of your chest as you lost yourself in him, the feel of his chapped lips against yours, his thumbs on your cheeks, fingers curled around your face and nestled behind your ears. The warmth that radiated from him lit you up from the inside out, as the smooth metal of his automail cooled your feverish desire.

    You marvelled in the hot and cold, the hard and soft feel of him, and drew his tongue into your mouth, biting on it playfully. He moaned long and low and it went straight between your legs like a bolt of electricity. You arched up into him and swallowed his spit that was on your tongue. Your hands grabbed at his face, neck, shoulders- wherever you could find purchase-desire coursed through your veins and urged him on. He wasted no time in pulling away from you, teeth nipped at your bottom lip to disconnect the two of you, before he whipped off his boxers and lined himself up with your hole.

    Your breath was ragged, so hard and fast it sounded like you'd ran a marathon, face hot and sticky. Ed's own face was flushed a deep red across the apples of his cheeks, his chest rose and fell with every stuttered breath. His hands gripped at your waist as he watched himself slide through the wet mess of your folds, rolling over your clit deliciously. You cursed under your breath and bucked into the movement, his tip caught on your hole before the ridge of his cockhead slipped past the first ring of muscle, he was ecstasy against your walls.

    He made a beastly noise before he roughly pulled you onto the rest of his length, spearing your insides. The action pulled a string of cries from you as he set a brutal pace. His eyes never left the spot where you were both connected, a union of your passion. His plump bottom lip was caught between his perfect white teeth as he bit hard to control the lewd moans that threatened to spill from his tongue. Beads of sweat sprung from his hairline and rolled down his forehead as he let loose inside you. You writhed beneath him, already rocketing towards a peak you weren't yet prepared for. His cock dragged against the walls of your cunt as he pulled out of you, and hit that sweet spot over and over as he snapped his hips and plunged back in.

    He felt so good inside of you that your eyes rolled back as you tried to gasp out words. This wasn't right. You needed him closer. As close as humanly possible.

    You laced your fingers with his and tugged on his hand, foot pressed into his back to urge him closer. Ed snapped his eyes up to meet your lidded gaze and his expression softened in an instant. It was always so thrilling like this; you weren’t sure which side of him you were going to get. As if he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to take his time and worship every inch of you or if he wanted to be inside you immediately and devour you whole. He slowed his brutal pace, gave you a few more pumps, and placed both hands around your ankles and pulled you closer to him at the edge of the bed. You squealed and giggled as he scooped you into his chest, arm laced around your back as he crawled across the bed with you tucked to him, still inside you. Once he was situated, he sat on his knees and let you drop fully back into his lap. He groaned as your greedy walls clenched around him tightly, sucked him in. You let out a loud whimper and his cock twitched inside you, ready to spill over.

    You leant into him, chest pressed to his, your nipples caught on his skin as you laced your arms around his neck slowly. Your fingers tangled in his sweaty blonde locks and scratched at his scalp. He hissed as you rolled your hips and gyrated slowly. Maddeningly slow. He huffed a breath, the hot air between you charged, laced with a tension and a magnetism that was overwhelming. You pressed your lips to his gently and smiled against his mouth, it never got old, kissing him. The feel of him, the taste of him, it was so familiar yet still so exciting. Your tongue licked at his bottom lip, requesting access.

    His lips parted for you, his tongue met yours unhurriedly, for a delicately tender kiss. All the words that he wanted to voice, the emotion he wanted to express being spoken right now, in this moment with the touch of your lips and dance of your tongues. You sighed into his mouth, and rolled your hips slowly once more, as the kiss deepened and became sloppier with each second that passed. Teeth found lips, and moans met flesh, and vibrated into the hollows of who you were. Edward's hands travelled from the small of your back to cup your ass cheeks, he held your plush skin in his palms and guided you up and down his cock, giving you the support you needed.

    You let out a string of unintelligible praises and appreciations as he split you open carefully. You allowed the kiss to break as you rolled your head to rest against his shoulder, you wanted to focus on the feel of him filling you so perfectly, so completely, like he was made for you and you for him. Your rolls and thrusts became more frantic, it was a deep and animalistic feeling that passed between the two of you, despite the languid pace. Fresh kisses met his collarbone, his neck, his shoulder, wherever they could land as you whispered pretty things to him, things that made his heart skip a beat and cheeks flame. The fire that roiled in your gut became almost unbearable and you whimpered as Ed thrust into you particularly deep. His good hand left it's position on your ass, allowing his metal appendage to take your weight, and touched your chin. Two fingers guided your head up so you could look at him, and you stared into those bottomless pools of topaz that only held kindness and gratitude and devotion. He leaned closer and whispered against your lips, "Touch yourself for me, I want you to make yourself come".

    A shudder rippled the whole way down your body, and the noise that left your throat was purely feral as you obeyed. Your fingers trailed down his broad chest, over his sculpted abs and through the tuft of blonde curls at his base, before gliding over the space where you both met. Your fingers finally stilled on your aching and swollen clit, sparks of pleasure ignited through you at that simple touch, at the slightest pressure on your bundle of nerves. Ed smiled against your skin, his nose skimmed along your jaw before his lips brushed the shell of your ear, "Good girl."

    You practically sobbed at the contentment in his purred praises, the love and adoration in his voice. You began to fuck yourself on his cock desperately, fingers dipped into the juices that leaked out around him and swirled over your sensitive bud. He rested his forehead against yours with an uncontrolled whine, damp skin stuck together, fingers laced through his once more as your joined hands fell to your thigh. You moved together beautifully, it was no longer careful or controlled but just as tender, like you were making music with every thrust, every touch, every cry. You screamed out his name in warning, as the dam of emotion and tension broke inside you, waves of ecstasy crashed into your senses and washed over every nerve. Your body was a live wire as you convulsed around Ed's cock, so fiercely that he fell over the edge with you, and spilled inside you with a shout. He jerked into you sporadically, as he emptied the last of his balls into your over-sensitive pussy in hot spurts. You moaned with him, limp against his front, as your breaths mingled together with each heaving pant.

    You were barely able to remain upright, thankful for Ed's secure grip on you and his sturdy frame that you clung to. You allowed yourselves to stay connected for a moment in time, as you came down from the clouds, heads full of fuzz and cotton. Then Ed lifted you up and off his cock with a lewd squelch. You squeaked in shock, "Edward!" His softening dick slapped against his stomach and he winced before he threw you down on the pillows. You bounced comically with the action and he grinned wickedly at you.

    "You're a menace." You pouted. He laughed in that perfect way of his, the one that always had you laughing alongside him, and rolled you over so he could lay down and snuggle into your back.

    "But I'm your menace." His retort was muffled, his face lost in the crevice of your neck.

    "Yup. All mine." You tangled your legs with his and tightened his arm around your waist with your own. "Lucky me."

    "That better be sincere,” he warned against your neck, and his voice tickled the vulnerable skin there. You giggled and raised a shoulder to trap him there, as if to silence him.

    "Of course it is dummy, besides would I ever use sarcasm on you?" Your words were mocking, but your tone was warm, affectionate.

    "We both know you would, and do!" He added, as if he had almost forgotten the fact, you built your relationship on exchanged insults and merciless teasing.

    "As if you’re any better,” you scoffed, ”I've gotta go clean up!" You attempted to sit up, but Ed wouldn't budge. You sighed and squirmed uselessly.

    "You're not going anywhere. Besides, I wanna keep my cum stuffed in that pretty pussy of yours." He smiled into your shoulder, it felt obscenely wide, you could almost see it split across that annoyingly handsome face of his.

    "You're nasty." You rolled your eyes as you settled back against him, and lifted your arm to grab at his face. He shifted you onto your back so he was leant over you, his hair fell around his face in a golden curtain.

    "Nah, I just wanna put a baby in you," came the husky response.

    Heat rushed to every part of your body and you gaped at him, you hadn’t expected the sincere tone of his voice and that glimmer of vulnerability in his eyes. He opened his smart mouth, but before he could finish his "Always leaving you speec-" you had your lips pressed to his own. Emotion bubbled in your chest and threatened to spill over, so you put it all into the kiss, his cheeks between your palms as you caressed underneath his eyes- his favourite act of affection for you.

    You parted for a gasp of air and he murmured against you, "I love you so much.” Your heart beat for him and the pure reverence weaved into each word. You moulded your body to his and hooked a leg over his waist to pull him closer, "I love you too. Now make me your baby mumma, daddy.”

    He groaned in arousal and mock defeat, "Well, how can I say no that?"

    You snorted and laced your arms around his neck as he rolled over onto you, "You can't, now make love to me, like you mean it."

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    Hey Iv seen this one before

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    Derek: So, you're finally awake, but are you sure Alphonse will be coming for you?

    Listener: He won't. That's the end.

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    03 vs Brotherhood: Team Mustang Assembled

    #fma#fmab#fma03 #03 vs brotherhood #i love the 03 sequence of them all getting the phonecalls #i wonder why bh changed mustang's chess piece #i checked the manga and it’s a white knight there too #(because of course it is) #mine
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    Somebody requested Lan Fan getting her arm back

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    The first tankoban volume was released in Japan 22 January 2002, 20 years ago today!

    #fma#fullmetal alchemist#fma brotherhood #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #edward elric#fmab#alphonse elric#roy mustang#roy fma#fma edward#fmanga#my edits #fma 20th anniversary #you have no idea how difficult was to find a pic of original volume 1 from 2001 with its obi #2002 I mean #luckily one is on sale right now #on yahoo auctions #message me if you wanna buy it and I'll try and find it again
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    A lil bit late, but here is the preview of the piece I've been working on for the @rizazine! The preorders are now open!! Go check it out ;)

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    Listen I love parallels where things come full circle but this one was just rude 😭

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    Favorite English Voice Actors

    Stephanie Young

    OLIVIER MIRA ARMSTRONG from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009-2010)
    NICO ROBIN from One Piece (1999 - )
    NANA SHIMURA from My Hero Academia (2016 - )
    BENIO AMAKUSA from Ouran High School Host Club (2006)
    ARACHNE from Soul Eater (2008-2009)
    CLARE from Claymore (2007)
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    if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine

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    im actually so unbelievably proud of this omg

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