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  • valen-chu-11
    23.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #five nights at freddy's #fnaf fanart#fnaf 2 #fnaf william afton #Williamafton#Purpleguy #purple guy fanart #Williamaftonfanart #the man behind the slaughter #fanart fnaf #fnaf 2 fanart #Fanartfnaf2#Fanartfivenightsatfreddy's
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  • thebyteshop
    23.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ## Toy Bonnie :; Retro + 80s ᪤


    ok 2 tag as kin!! :; 🎸

    #fnaf #five nights at freddy's #fnaf 2#toy bonnie #fnaf toy bonnie #toy bonnie fnaf 2 #fnaf 2 toy bonnie #toy bonnie kin
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  • theleafwire
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Foxy and mangle are having a conversation about what???    I don't know you tell me

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  • teagica
    23.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I don’t love the way how the eyes turned out, now I remember why I only do them traditionally

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  • sharksinstars
    22.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #if i cant be the physical embodiment of mangle fnaf 2 what is even the point
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  • cann1bal-r4inbowz69
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #fnaf#answered#au 2 #they're not the aftons anymore lol
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  • cann1bal-r4inbowz69
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • creations-au
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #Fnaf #Five nights at freddy's #Fnaf 1#Fnaf 2#Fnaf plus #Fnaf fan art #Fnaf art#Fnaf AU #Five nights at freddy's AU #Fnaf Toy Freddy #Fnaf Toy Bonnie #Fnaf Toy Chica #Fnaf Bonnie#Fnaf Freddy#Fnaf Chica
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  • punkdhazardd
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    who is spamtom and why does my brain keep thinking it says spandam???

    #is it that guy with the weird nose that looks like a fnaf 2 character ?? #once i figure out who this spamtom guy is i am going to make the worst art ever #biscotti's ramblings
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  • sonirey
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Golden Freddy

    Please don't steal/copy/trace or use my artworks

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  • xxxgalaxyfriendxxx
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bunch of characters just 🕺🕺💃💃

    #I know I reposted this #I needed more tags lol #lemon demon#william afton#afton#fnaf #five nights at freddys #fnaf 2#fnaf 1#fnaf 3#fnaf 4#fnaf 5#fnaf 6 #fnaf ultimate custom night #fnaf help wanted #fnaf security breach #springtrap#mha #my hero academia #my hero acadamy #mei hatsume#mei#hatsune#mei mha#hatsune mha #mei hatsune mha #bill cipher#cipher#gravity falls #gravity falls bill cipher
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  • cann1bal-r4inbowz69
    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    ✨🌈Friends 4 ever!🌈✨

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  • mushramoo
    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #fnaf#fnaf fanart#fnaf art #five nights at Freddy’s #five nights at freddy’s #five nights at freddys #shadow Bonnie #fnaf shadow bonnie #fnaf 2#my art#digital art#my artwork #asks and replies #commissions open#fnaf pride#animatronics#lgbtq community#lgbtq pride#trans pride
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  • astoryshark
    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ask Box for Fnaf is open!

    Feel free to send some requests! Please read my rules before that :)

    Reader is female!

    I will write for:

    - Fnaf 1 - Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, G. Freddy

    - Fnaf 2 - Toy Animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Mangle), Withered ones, Marionette

    - Fnaf 3 - Springtrap

    - Fnaf 4 - N. Freddy, N.Bonnie, N.Chica, N.Foxy,

    - Sister Location - F. Freddy, F. Foxy, Ennard, Circus Baby, Ballora

    - Human Versions of the Characters, just say it in your request

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  • astoryshark
    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Fuzzy Feelings Pt. 2

    (Picture by XyurlovaX on Deviantart)

    It was the next night, around 23:40 

    I arrived a bit earlier than usual, I finished everything I wanted to do before my shift at home so why not come earlier. It surely will make a good impression, right?

    I entered the building and pulled out my flashlight, shining through the path in front of me. My body was freezing on the spot as I heard people talking, it sounded like teenage boys and girls.

    "You saw the nightguard yesterday? She was about to get eaten alive by that rusty old fox, it was kind of funny to watch" a male voice snickered, sounding extremely mischievous.

    "Don't be like that! I think she did quite well in that though situation" a female voice answered and seemed to..defend me? It was very confusing to be honest, who could have seen me work last night? I checked the whole place; they were no kids around. I stayed quiet to not draw any attention to my position and carefully continued my way. I passed the Parts & Service room again, a shiver running down my spine as i recalled the past events. I still felt bad for the old animatronics; however, I did not want to encounter them before my shift today. I will look for spare parts another time or ask the other employees.

    I quickly head to the office, not noticing that a familiar golden eye was watching me through the slightly open door.

    The pirate fox was holding back a sigh, his ears hung down a little bit.

    'Why was the lassie not coming to look again? Was it because me scared her that hard yesterday?'

    Robotic gear shifting could be heard from the room, bright blue eyes giving the fox a judging look.

    "Y-You r-r-really y-yearning for her a-attention, aren't you?" The glitchy voice mocked the pirate, earning an annoyed growl in return.

    "Yarg! N-Nonsense! Why would me y-yearn for a-any lassie's at-tention?! J-Just w-wanted to l-l-look how s-scared she i-is this night!" Foxy protested aggressively, not wanting to show any sign of being flustered to his fellow bear animatronic companion. The brown robot let out a small chuckle at the answer, not believing a single word.

    Time flew by really fast, and the clock hit 00:00 again, time for another shift.

    Since I knew better this time, the flashlight became my new best friend quickly. Still startled to see the animatronics in the hallway, I tried to keep my composure and focus on keeping them away from me.

    Foxy was in the hallway a lot, always trying to get near me but I kept him away with the light. I swear that I could hear an annoyed growl coming from it. 

    The music box was winding down a lot faster now which did not make my job any easier. There are so many things I must keep track of, it's exhausting.

    I was mostly watching the vents on the camera as well as the hallway, that toy bonnie really is after me today. Meanwhile I have seen toy Chica only one time, and toy Freddy did not come in the office at all. It was odd.

    Above everything, that voice and laugh of damn balloon boy was driving me crazy.

    "Ugh, can't you just shut up and play somewhere else!?" I groaned before i put on the mask to make that kid go away. Balloon Boy looked at me with a glare, did he feel insulted now? The animatronic stayed in the vent a lot longer than usual, giving Toy Bonnie enough time to step into the office as well. I started to panic, breathing was hard while wearing the mask and I was not able to see much of my surroundings. The two animatronics finally went back, giving me the chance to take off that stinky mask and breath in some fresh, as much as it can be in a restaurant, air.

    I quickly hurried to the camera of the Prize corner to see that the music box was about to stop. I winded it up as fast as I could, completely loosing track of everything else.

    It was all too much

    As if the Animatronics could hear me struggle, withered Bonnie stepped into the office. My eyes widen, its red glowing eyes looked right at me, and I could feel a shiver run down my spine. I was terrified, even though I already saw the animatronic before my shift last night. However, this time it was different. The torn Bunny robot did probably not know that I wanted to help, that I meant no harm and I just want to do my job here. I quickly put on the mask, the animatronic stepped closer and looked right at my face. It tilted its head to the side for a moment and then left the office. I put down the mask and wanted to use the flashlight, but it did not work. 


    Ballon Boy. 

    I glanced over to where the sound came from and saw that the boy animatronic was standing in my office, holding batteries in his hand. He looked at me, an evil smile on his face. 

    Why did he got into the office? I wore the mask! Was he insulted from my words before? Regardless of the reason, it was over now. That brat had my batteries and with that my only defense against the pirate. I was helpless.

    The sound of metal footsteps running could be heard from the hallway. I knew what that meant.

    The animatronic fox came closer into my field of vision, Balloon Boy still laughing like a maniac in the background. With a loud screech, the robot jumped at me, ready to end my life. It was the same situation as before, however this time, the clock could not safe me. I jumped out of my chair, away from the attack. Foxy turned around, his ears moving up a bit. I could see an amused look on its face.

    "Wh-What ya g-gonna do n-now, little lassie?" The robot spoke and my eyes widen a bit. I never heard its voice before, it was glitchy and broken and had a heavy pirate accent to it. 

    I walked away from it, trying to search for a way to escape. I knew it was no use since this place is full of robots, but I also did not want to give up. 

    "Please, don't hurt me. I mean no harm, r-really!" I started to speak up, my voice trembling a bit. The fox tilted its head to the side, was it listening to me? 

    "Im just doing my job, I even tried to help you guys! I searched for parts to fix you up so you can maybe perform again. P-Please, it's the truth!" I continued explaining myself, still sounding terrified by the whole situation. The fox stopped right in front of me, looking at my face, searching my expression for lies. After a while, it stepped back and looked, relieved?

    "A-Alright, I will s-s-spare ya t-this night" the pirate said, my eyes widened. Was it serious?

    "H-However, ya h-have to keep looking a-after us! T-To repair I mean!" it adds. I need to smile a bit into myself, the way he said that sounded kind of cute. 

    "I will, I promise!" A relieved breath escapes my lips, my body started to relax. Balloon Boy looked confused at us, shrugged his shoulders, and then left through the vent with the batteries. Seems like he does not care about anything else. I sit down in my office chair, the fox leans against the wall behind me. I could feel that he was glancing over to me from time to time. I switched through the cameras and noticed that the other animatronics where nowhere to be seen. It gave me an uncomfortable feeling, only because foxy changed his mind does not mean that the others did as well. 

    I looked up from the computer Display and into the hallway. I could hear familiar voices.

    "Ugh, it was no fun today! Even though I played a bit more aggressive she still was able to mess with my facial scanners. It annoys me so much! Like we don't know that behind the mask is a person!" it was the male voice from before the shift again. I took a closer look into the hallway, trying to make out who the person is. The hallway was so damn dark that I could not see a single thing. I heard a growl from behind me, it was foxy. He sounded annoyed.  I turned around to face him.

    "What's wrong?" I asked careful, trying to not anger him any further. The animatronic looks at me.

    "T-That voice, it's th-that stupid lo-ooking toy bu-unny" he growled under its mechanical breath.

    I look at him in confusion, toy bonnie? 

    "But..the voice, it sounds way too human for an animatronic." I answered in disbelief

    The fox let out a slight chuckle "Ay lassie, i-t's because h-he walks a-around in h-his human f-form. W-e-e all ca-can do tha-t-t" the pirate sounds casual about it; however, my mind feels like its exploding. 

    Animatronics that can turn human? What is going on here?

    Foxy seemed to notice that I did not really understand what he was talking about, he needed chuckle again and walked over to the hallway

    "Ay! To-oy bonnie! get y-ya shiny ass over he-e-re!"

    A sigh could be heard from the hallway and a teenage boy came into the view. He has light blue hair, two bunny ears that sit on top of his head and the outfit was like the animatronics design. I could not believe what my eyes are seeing. Toy Bonnie looked at me with a raised eyebrow. A girl came shortly after him, she has bright yellow hair and hold a cupcake in her hand. That must be Toy Chica then. She smiles at me.

    "Hey Y/N!" she greeted me like nothing was wrong "It's nice to finally get to talk to you! Im sorry for Toy Bonnies behavior, I said he should just leave you alone like me and Toy Freddy, but he said it would be fun to scare you" she explained and shot a glare over to the boy. He just shrugged with his shoulders.

    It took me a moment to understand what was happening but then i needed to smile at them "Thank you for trying to help me. I appreciate it" I answered her, and she needed to chuckle. I looked back over to Foxy "So..you said you all can change?" 

    The pirate nodded "Ay la-lassie, that is r-right. Wanna s-see?" he answered, and I could hear that he sounded kind of smug. 

    I nodded a bit shyly; I can't deny that Foxy has always been my favorite. Who can say no to a pirate?

    Just as he was about to say something, the other Animatronics came into the office as well. I gulped but Withered Bonnie shock its head

    "W-W-We mean n-no harm" he assured me; his voice box sounded broken. 

    I nod and let out a relieved sigh. Withered Freddy let out a low chuckle "I-It seems like y-you k-k-know our s-s-secret now" the band leader spoke to me and looked to the others and waited for their approval. As they all agreed to whatever he meant, he looked back at me. "Pl-Please c-close yo-ur eye-s-s"

    I did as he said and could hear some weird sounds, I could not really tell what they were but I just waited.

    "Ya can look now, lassie" I heard Foxys voice and opened my eyes. In front of me where a bunch of people, all still looking similar to their Animatronics. If I would tell anybody about this, they would think I was crazy. My eyes wandered over to Foxy and I could not help but blush a little, he was indeed handsome. The pirate quickly notices my reaction and needed to grin confident "Like what ya see?" he mocked me with a low chuckle. 

    I talked a bit with everyone, and we sat on the ground by now. They explained their stories and situation, even the Puppet joined after a while. I quickly noticed that they are not as dangerous as they seemed, they are just lonely and troubled by their past. The puppet explained the most complicated parts to me, but I was quick to understand and assured my help. 

    I sat between Foxy and Withered Bonnie, getting in a longer conversation with the former musician. I felt sorry for what happened to him and wanted to comfort him the best I can. He said how much he misses his guitar and to make music with it, I showed him a sad smile

    "Maybe we can get a new one for you" I suggested and gave him a light pat on the back. The Bunny looked at me with wide eyes

    "Really? You would do that?" He asked surprised

    I needed to chuckle a bit, "Sure, why not! I said I want to help all of you the best I can, so getting a new guitar should be one of the smaller problems"

    Bonnie smiled at me, it looks like he got some hope back. "Thank you a lot, Y/N"

    I shook my head "No need to thank me"

    I could hear a light growl from the other side and before I could react any further, Foxy pulled me a bit closer to himself. My eyes widen and I couldnt help but blush, what was he doing? As I looked at the pirate, he glared and growled at Bonnie. Withered Freddy needed to chuckle and shake his head, seems like he knows a bit more.

    "Foxy? You okay?" I asked and looked directly at him. His ears twitched a bit and I swear I saw a slight blush on his cheeks, he turned away his head to hide it

    "Yarg! Of course! Why wouldn't it be?" He answered a bit flustered. It made me chuckle a bit and I just stayed close to him. He still had his arm around my waist and as he noticed that i shifted a bit closer, the blush on his cheek only grew brighter. The fuzzy feeling he felt before was back again. The others started to laugh a bit and Foxy raised his hook

    "Shut up ya landlubbers!" He snapped at them to defend himself, it only made the situation worse.

    Not long after the situation, the clock hit 6:00. The animatronics slowly said goodbye to me and got back to their places, shifting back into their robot forms. Foxy and I were the only ones left in the office.

    I slowly stood up to gather my items together and looked at the pirate, our eyes meeting.

    "Ya will come back tomorrow, right lassie?" He asked and smiled a bit at me, still trying to act all cool and captain like. It made me chuckle a bit, knowing that the scary looking pirate Fox is actually a touch starved softie.

    I walked over to him and pulled him into a short but tight hug.

    His eyes widen, cheeks becoming as red as his hair. Seems like he did not expect that move from me.

    "Of course I will, I keep my promise with helping all of you" I whispered before I let go of him. A big smile came to my lips because of his reaction, he was a flustered mess. I waved goodbye to him, leaving him standing like this in the office.

    Foxy put his hand on the place where his heart would be, the familiar fuzzy feeling was stronger than ever

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    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    these are so stupid fun to draw >:)

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    20.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    i have no idea what’s happening in the fnaf universe anymore, anyways here’s toy chica because i miss being 13 

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