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    Give me the wings and I Will fly high. Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high.

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  • Can’t wait to get back in the Lab got so much work to get done. Heading back home to to work as well keep on us. 💯#barsmatter💯🔥🎤😤 #freestylehiphop #workingheavy #quickthoughts #newyorklife #412 #914 #Brooklyn #newmusicdaily #followdreams @hervisionmedia wit the dope photography ♥ bless

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  • Midweek motivation is here! Don’t ever feel you are not capable of great things. You can do more than you can think, just keep challenging yourself. Keep going!

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    When it’s too noisy… Retreat. Find a place. And flow again. Find moving parts around you. Lives being lived.

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  • TIS LIT AF… Rap Battle tonight @selahiphop @projektmayhemstudios 2669 Gage Ave. Huntington Park 9pm @selahiphop shout out to @darmedius and @pumpgatto for starting it and putting it togetherrrrrrr, finnnnna year this tearrrrrr this boiiiiii uppppp @btasner96 haha let’s get it breh 😈#versatileverses #leetaylorgreene #redipsflow #dreamstorealities #followdreams #rap #rapper #believe #verses #rapbattle #projektmayhem #losangeles #percievebelieveachieve #motivation #lyracist #lyricaldestruction (at Huntington Park, California)

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  • Sigue tus sueños por que se cumpliran nada te será imposible siempre podrás realizarlo

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  • What is holding us back? 

    What is preventing us from jumping at opportunities and seeing what we can make of the one life we have?

    When i was 16 years old, i wanted to leave school. I didn’t care about what was next, I just wanted to be out the grips of power hungry people spurting a load of rubbish at you and giving you into trouble when you disagreed with them. So that’s exactly what I did. 

    I got a job and I became more independent. After 4 years and an apprenticeship later, I left Scotland to follow my dreams of playing college soccer in America. A year later and finishing 6th in the national tournament, i left America with a broken leg but an intact dream. 

    I planned to go back, but unfortunately I broke my leg in the first game back and that also shattered my life long dream.

    But forward two years and I decided once again to leave Scotland and follow my dreams of travelling parts of the world I never thought i’d see. I went to Thailand, Cambodia, Australia and then stopped past Indonesia on my way home. I loved every second of it. 

    Now i’m home I have decided on a new dream - to get a job as an engineer, complete a degree, and make a career to go along with my travelling achievements and ambitions. 

    You can have your cake and eat it. Be smart, be brave and jump.

    instagram - @travelwanderlustly

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  • Tomemos el control de nuestro destino, nada es fácil todo necesita de nuestro esfuerzo, evita a esa gente que solo te quita el tiempo y lucha por lo que quieres para ti, para tu familia y para los que te rodean, éxito que este y todos los demás años sean los mejores de tu vida.

    #FollowDreams #motivate #esfuerzo #CDMX p

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  • Always follow your dreams-never give up!

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  • #goodmorning #monday #poetry #impromptu #innerjoy #followdreams

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  • Dear Friends,

    From April 1st, 2017, I will be taking a leave of absence from work to pursue my interest in portraiture photography, full time, and see where it leads me to. 

    Some friends & colleagues earnestly requested me to share my adventures during this time.

    Whilst the excitement, fun & dangers that typically accompany such an endeavor cannot be denied; I must admit that this phase is more of an inward journey and self-discovery phase for me which I will explain in later part of this blog.

    I will though try best to share, what I can on a monthly basis, with an intent that most of what gets penned down may be of use and value to someone out there. Truth be told I have not planned everything to the day as that would just make this journey feel like executing a typical 30-60-90 -120 day plan on which I had based my career thus far upon.  

    Also that, as writing and attending to blogs is not my primary focus; sometimes, it is entirely possible, I may just give doing this a miss (at least I know I won’t get fired for doing this  – so maybe I may just intentionally skip publishing any blogs just for fun).

    For the first time in life, I am attempting to do something where the outcome is completely uncertain. A lot of people, after they came to know of my decision, asked me what actually lead me to this adventure and most importantly on what basis did I built up the courage to take this leap of faith into the unknown.

    And so, on this blog post, let me share something which may help provide a possible perspective on that front.

    Primarily there were 3 key questions that stood out strongly in front of me. Reflecting over these gradually lead me to make the final call and share the news with my bosses.

    How many people are blessed with a serious hobby OR passion that makes them immerse within it completely?

    o   When I brought my first DSLR camera in March 2011, little did I realize that it was a start of something that probably will never stop and lead me gradually to this juncture. When I look back now, photography just stayed within me during the last 6 years with occasional gaps which only increased my appetite for doing more of it. So in that sense, I consider myself to be truly blessed (and lucky) with a serious hobby. Even on some of the most tiring and extended days, I do not call it a day without browsing through a photography mag or doing some post production work in Photoshop which really helps destress me and take my mind completely off any worries.

    o   At the same time, I am not suggesting what I am doing is a template/suggestion/model for everyone around. They key thing here is to love and thereby enjoy what you do. If your current profession is keeping you happy, then there is no need to look else-where. Just continue doing it. In my office, I have seen so many Sr. Executives who work tirelessly almost 24x7 because they are really very passionate and excited about the work and the value they bring to the table. It is because of a few such passionate people that organizations weather tough business situations.

     Is my hobby something that could be also converted into a possible profession?

    o    A big YES although quite a few odds to overcome.

    o    I know nothing of the business side of the photography industry – but I did not see this as a big challenge.

    o    Also, I thought, since I would be coming new and with no conditioning about how this industry works, I would probably be able to spot opportunities which others with experience may not be able to see.

    Do I have enough courage to bite the bullet? (Probably the most important question)

    o   To this date, I don’t have a 100% convincing, fault proof and safety guaranteed answer to this question.

    o   There were sincere and well intentioned requests from some of my family and friends to also consult astrologers, tarot card experts, counselors & holy people   –  which I politely declined.

    o   Although not quantifiable, and to a large extent subjective, something within me just told me that I was taking the right step.

    o   After some introspection, I felt that my attempt to seek an answer came from my conditioning to secure me and my family from unwarranted and unforeseen incidents that may befall on this journey. However practical that may sound, it also made me think that maybe this very seeking then might be the thing that may stop me from experiencing life to the fullest and living in the moment (whatsoever and howsoever it might be).

    o   And so, after a while, I just stopped thinking and searching for an answer and just let things be. 

    As has been mentioned at the beginning of this blog, that this is an inward journey for me. A journey where I would be attempting to seek answers to some of the most basic questions that have been troubling me for a while. Some of these are -  Is life to be lived in rules? Is a good salary & promotion the only reward of following these rules? And so what happens if those very rules are abandoned completely & totally? Is the fear of living with no rules real & tangible? And is there something above and beyond this fear that is worth reaching out to? Is a life that is secured in confines of a societal framework, built upon beliefs and fear, really a secure life camouflaged with a word called as “being practical”? But are we actually “safe and secure”? And then are we the ones who are really living safe or in fact are the living dead? Is there anything such as “true” freedom? Does the path to this “true freedom” tread through facing your fears? And does this “true freedom” only come by following your heart, your dreams, your life goals? 

    Am making an attempt to find this out for myself. Time therefore now to plug back my into the world of my dreams. A world which is now slowing becoming reality for me.

    Until we meet the next time, Love and take care all.

    Adwait Kulkarni

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  • Waiting for my youtube to upload like 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐


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  • Taylor’s acceptance speech while slaying album of the year for ‘1989’.
    yo see we all of us are unique, y'all got that different thing just explore it within!
    #iheartRadioMusicAwards #2016 #FollowDreams #FlashbackFriday #Peace

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  • My little sister (8yearsOld) #piano #baby #music #loveyou #like4like #likeforlike #followdreams #followme #siguemeyteigodevuelta #sigueme #instaselca #instpic #instamusic #instamoment #selcagram (en Coquimbo, Chile)

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  • Эй, ты! Убери глаза от своего экрана, налей себе чашку кофе и иди навстречу своей мечте! 

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