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  • dayrooo
    28.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Had a bad social anxiety day... I want the ground to swollow me......

    #personal talk tag #i feel so... ashamed? #and misunderstood #like my family was there and #they tried to help me but my god they just made it worse #i wanted to be alone and they just kept trying to talk to me #like dude im literally on the verge of tears leave me alone #i eventually left and they just. followed me #im just... a bit dissapointed #especially of my mother #because she keeps telling me she wants to help me #but fuck this woman knew for 2 years i have social anxiety #and she didnt do any research about #like. she researches more about getting rid of all the sugar in her cooking then her child's mental fucking illnesses #its the same with depression #like. i know she did about 0 research bv shes making textbook mistakes #which wouldve been understandable when i first got diagnosed #NOT 2 FUCKING YEARS LATER #like the research she did starts and ends in a book she read that a guy with depression wrote #which is a good start i guess. but like. youre not gonna look up more then that??????? #like fucking hell #and then she doesnt understand what shes doing wrong. she asked me what she couldve done better today that wouldve made me feel better #the reason i felt more shitty then i probably wouldve has so little to do with what spesifically happened today #its just an underlaying problem that keeps getting bigger and bigger of my mom just putting her effort in the wrong places #like trying to make pretend that im normal or that she can understand my emotion #like mom. you dont have social anxiety. you dont understand me. what is so hard to get in that #...last time i told her that she start shouting at me so... #and its painful. because i can feel the tension between us. but i dont have the energy to make it better #because i gave up on the relationship between us so long ago #its just eaiser to give up.
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  • the-wckd-powers
    28.11.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Thanks for 250 followers everyone!

    I know it’s only been fifty followers since I did a celebration of any sort but my life is boring and I need things to celebrate so I’m doing it again, same options as last time.

    Anyways thank you all so much you all mean so much to me I love you all.

    Disclaimer: I will be doing all my writing ones but they might take a little longer because I’m putting all my time and energy into Jerejean appreciation week at the moment

    #Rory’s got 250 followers #byler#newtmas #kit x ty #reddie#Jerejean#Andreil#renallison
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  • fxllingout
    28.11.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    #3k more who wants to chip in to buy bot followers #lmao#cait rambles
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  • ink-mania
    28.11.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Higuruma Hiromi for my 500+ follower event.

    (probably will do all the event requests in this style for my own sanity’s sake)

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  • remuslupininskirts
    28.11.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #1500 follower celebration
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  • redrattlers
    28.11.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    ashton irwin vibing be like

    #hi this is so dumb #here’s some shitty quality gifs of ash vibing like baby groot cause i thought it was accurate and cute #this part killed me #the little vibey dance moved followed by the giggles #i’m out #this is somewhat for jess #vibey ash for you jess <3 #do i even tag this #ashton irwin#baby groot #??? #10 years of 5sos
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  • remuslupininskirts
    28.11.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #1500 follower celebration
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  • daisukoth
    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    "ironic misogyny" im going to "ironically" report you and get you suspended 🥺

    #ironic misogyny #its always the edgy annoying ones doing this shit #its why i could never follow umber(the arknights girl) on twitter #like pls shut up
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  • farbeoctown
    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Farbe explained

    Within the 51st state of America, was the famous town of Farbe, ran by 12 colour based groups. These groups are called “Families” and are run by a family head as well as Number Two and a Muscle/Number three. 

    The town was originally created in the late 1800s when Fredrick Black, Clarise White, Adam Red and a man only known as Mr Yellow settled their families in the little area. 

    Quickly the town grew in size and more families invested in the little town. Two new influential groups arose, the Grey family and the Orange family. The most prominent families remained, but their influence wavered and fights broke out. The members of the Black, Pink and Red families believed that the most influential families should take full control, while the others fought for a democratically elected mayor ship with candidates outside the families. 

    To prevent the fights from escalating the Unca (those who were no related with the groups/families) created the Rainbow Hall. This place allowed the families to meet and have discussion without causing mahem with the supervision of a supreme judge nicknamed the Queer Master. Within the Rainbow Hall, all confessions are heard but none may be used against any family as proof in court. This was implemented to protect the families and ensure that all discussions are truthful and secure. The only people allowed inside the hall are the Heads of the families, each seated at their own desk. The Second in command or Number Two, are located at the back of their respected families, while the Muscle or Number Three are held on the veranda looking over their family heads. 

    This plan worked perfectly, until the arrival of six new families; the Pinks, Purples, Tans, Greens, Browns, and Blues. This caused Each family to lay claim on their own area of the town or their own specialty within the town.

    Since Black and White were the first two families, their retained their reputation and became the two richest families in Farbe. Although, the Black family delved down a dirtier road to keep their coin. 

    Purple and Pink arouse with the creation of the down-town side of Farbe. The Purple family is notorious for taking in people who are prostitutes or low-lives, only for them to serve the head of the Purple family. The Pink family on the other hand became known as a drug nest with each of the twenty core members being the biggest distributers. 

    Green and Brown started their own universities. The Green group focused on art and culture, while the Browns focused on intelligence and sport. Both Universities receive sponsors from the White family. 

    Blue and Red took different paths. The Blue family includes all those within the police, legal or protection areas of Farbe, with the head of the Blue family, Mr Blue, being the Chief of the Farbe Police Department (FPD). The Red family on the other hand, work as the middle man for the Pinks and Blacks. They help with the money laundering and keeping both families out of trouble while receiving generous pay for their work. 

    The Orange and Yellow families are both farming families. Both deal with the produce and meat industries. 

    The Tan and Grey families are the families least interested in the workings of the town and more in maintaining a social power to secure the members in their families. The Grey family are filled with members who suffer mental illnesses or those who need protection from the law. While the Tan family was created after Noah Tan realised that there were children in Farbe who desperately needed a home and he started the orphanage with the help of a few nuns from a nearby convent. 

    Further details on the families, family members and the way in which they run will be discussed later on. 

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  • specterris
    28.11.2021 - 12 minutes ago


    #personal#mcyt #sorry followers tldr mcc organizers put dream on a team with 2 creators who made a popular video mocking the speedrunning scandal #'im dirty dan' 'no im dirty dan' 'WHICH ONE OF YOUS IS THE REAL DIRTY DAN'
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  • rotationalsymmetry
    28.11.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Man, you go one single month without checking queeranarchism’s posts, and then all of a sudden you have a month’s worth of queeranarchism’s posts to catch up on.

    #no I can’t just ‘follow’ queeranarchism #because then when I’m catching up I’ll see a post I saw on my dash #and assume I’m all caught up when I’m not
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  • bugzyboiz
    28.11.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    i will post art i made for quackity's lore stream later tonight or tomorrow, everything i draw is just incoherent drawings that need to be filtered HBJASFJKHSD

    #is this coping #quackity lore#dsmp#sawyer's shit #whatever you originally followed me for i am sorry #
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  • vikingstrash
    28.11.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    In celebration of my newly acquired 333 beautiful heathen souls voluntarily looking at those posts I make, we will have a little fun!

    This challenge will be a mix of writing, moodboard or art. Whichever you want to go with. 😊

    The prompt's are a collection of sentences I came up with myself or were once said by a book/movie/show character. 

    Rules and Prompts are below the cut!


    If you tag correctly and warn about it, anything goes, rating, genre or kink wise!

    It's apparent that I like smut and angst, but fluff, romance, comedy and bromance are also very welcome. 

    Heavier stuff like violence, gore, dub/non-con are allowed, but need to be tagged! (Please no rape, I cannot always stomach it)

    Pairings can be: F/M, F/F, M/M, Multi, Gen

    Canon or AU timeline, whichever you like more, I'm game

    Reader inserts(just try not to overdo the (Y/N) parts please, my brain can't read them without shutting down like an overused Windows '95 computer on a hot summer day), OC’s, character studies, crack pairings are allowed

    Look outside, diversity is a thing and appreciated to be written about too! 

    If you write a story, please do it in english, or put translations for the words you use next to them or at the beginning. 

    No one likes a wall of text on here, so I'm begging you, use "read more"

    You don't need to follow me to take part in this, but it would be cool ;D

    Send me an ask, comment, or DM me the prompt(s)/character(s) you’re picking!

    Tag the work using #vikingtrash333 and please DM me the link as well, because Dumblr.

    You can participate as many times as you want, but each prompt can only be used twice before I cross it over!

    "Officially" it will be open until the 3rd March '22, but there's no hard deadline

    This post will double as a Masterlist so I’ll update it with your submissions

    Vikings Characters to choose from:















    "I don't like your music and your face is weird."

    "You bought a gun? What the hell do you need that for?"

    "Love is just a myth."

    "Would you believe me when I said it isn't what it looks like?"

    "Can you tell me why our kitchen looks like the Winter Wonderland?"

    "I don't feel so good."

    "The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I would hate you forever."

    "You know those tiny night light stars you put on the ceiling over your bed as a child? I think I swallowed one." @serasvictoria

    "And then there were two."

    "If only I knew what language you speak."

    "Mother would not approve."

    "Blood is a good color on you"

    "I don't drink water. What am I, a tiny fish? Bring me mead!"

    "I would love to learn how to do this!"

    "I've never smelled this great before."

    "Stop following me!"

    "Are you threatening me?" @underragingwaves

    "I wish I wasn't married."

    "The sounds you make..."

    "I want you."


    I've never hosted a Follower Challenge, so it'll be a journey 😊 Really interested in what you guys come up with! 💕

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  • despairfound
    28.11.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Daily reminder:

    #☆°student records:aesthetic #{follow hope boi get the hope :v}
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  • snakeeatery
    28.11.2021 - 21 minutes ago


    #watching this outlaw movie w idris elba and im ngl #whether it sucks or not. we NEED more Black outlaw movies #most spaghetti westerns suck. but the American outlaw is a Black character. period. ill put my degree on it #why? because truancy and homelessness were jailable crimes following emancipation specifically to recapture formerly enslaved ppl #and their children. and so many many Black ppl took to live outside the law to keep their freedom #against a government taking control of human chattel after private ventures proved too difficult to protect #the other major bastion of Black freedom was the church and employment tied to it or supported by it #your random dose of US history because im bored
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  • artxii
    28.11.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    months ago I stopped following all exclusive j0j0 accs bc weird activity, it smelled like sexism and homophobia.. and now that I'm done with j0j0s and found new ppl to follow, tl was a bit dead, they also gotta be fans.. why?? my tl be like: germans and j0j0s and I don't want either! (last part is a joke, I only hate USAmericans and brits but mostly the first, don't hate me germans that follow me pls)

    #no but for real why are most ppl that I follow german??? is that the european place that uses tumblr the most or what?? #i know in spain there's porbably 3 ppl and I'm one of them but idk #I find it interesting that most tumblr I interact with is german/lives in germany xd #actually this post is mainly about that even tho it's in tags. whats up germany? what the fuck is up? #don't you all have some beer to drink??? (I'm catalan which are the last ppl that can make that joke when it's our only social trait) #(like if you ever meet someone catalan there's a 90% chance that the first words you'll hear from them is 'nem a fer unes birres?' #which means 'let's go get some beers?') #[tags were all messed up at first sorry]
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  • kurusu
    28.11.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    pepperidge farm remembers

    #not going to lie though even though i have nowhere near as many followers as i used to on kin tumblr in 2016-2017 #i like the group of people i'm mutuals with and talk to and associate with so so much more it's incredible #this website is actually bearable now and even fun a lot of times #and it's all because of viewers like you.... thank you :)
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