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  • chronicallyunlaconic
    08.12.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Why do I have followers I do not Say Things on this site

    #my role on this site isn’t as a creator it’s as a curator #i do not make posts but i will find good ones and put them on your dashboard #welcome to my sixteenth post of 2021 was it good? #i think i stopped making posts on here when i got less into starkid. idk what else my followers want to see from me besides starkid posts
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  • felippetek
    08.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #felippetek#iOS 15 #iOS 15.2 #iOS 15.2 beta 4 #iOS 15.2 RC #Apple#iPhone#youtube#like#foloow#follow
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  • jackredfieldwasmyjacob
    08.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #ask #she doesn't really use social media and i don't have her number so there's no way of directly contacting her (and i'm too shy to ask #her friends lol) #also she doesn't live in my town so it's harder to see her randomly #the time i described it was because she was visiting a friend #btw a few weeks after it happened she saw me again and the scene repeated lol #she said we should hang out but nothing else #and later that day her friend followed me on insta #i thought something was gonna come out of that but nope
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  • daily-tropes-provider
    08.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    TROPE: "I died after getting betrayed by the people that I trusted the most before. Now that I am given a second chance, I'll definitely live differently this time!"


    • The Soulless Duchess

    • Justice for the Villainess

    • There's No Use Hangin On

    • The Villainess Needs a Tyrant

    • The Villainess Behind the Mask

    • A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money

    #The Soulless Duchess #Justice for the Villainess #There's No Use Hanging On #The Villainess Needs a Tyrant #The Villainess Behind the Mask #A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money #Yvona Bote#Charlotte Morden #Kaira de Orsia #Maribelle Edenbarre#Winsty Sol#Judith#manhwa recommendation#manhwa#webtoon #The Duchess with an Empty Soul #It's Useless to Hang On #daily trope#isekai#webtoon recommendation#rofan#time travel #manhwa female lead
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  • not-a-support-soraka
    08.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Legend of Runeterra's concept art is on a whole new level as usual.

    #Legends of Runeterra #Ahri followers
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  • gay-pls
    08.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Fall in love w me but don’t break my heart pls

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  • a-rradio
    08.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago
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  • a-rradio
    08.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #A-RRadio's Followers #Sushi My Sweet ^^ #[=#<3
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  • seema-chahal
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj aim - Creating a world free from social evils which are prevalent in society such as the dowry system, foeticide, untouchability etc.


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  • seema-chahal
    08.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    My aim

    is to simplify the unequlled spiritual knowledge of God so that the beloved souls of God can understant it.

    - Savior of the world

    Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

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  • deepspaceclawstation
    08.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #I don't quite know what to say this was so sweet #and funny because now I can add 'had the same food fantasies as OP' to my list of 'weird ways I got people to follow me on tumblr' 😂😅 #My asks
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  • x-polycule
    08.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    the way I am going to fail my next job interview... entering my flop era for real

    #made it past the first round only to just have my brain melt for the follow up task #feels good feels organic #meanwhile the other place I interviewed with hasn't gotten back to me #im begging someone to employ me in the field I studied in aha #delete later#blah #user.mitz
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  • walk-ng-d-saster
    08.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    The self entitled Karen who thinks she's above the rules at my apartment complex. She's not supposed to be smoking there but she does, and she throws her cigarette butts on the ground even though the landlords have kindly asked everyone not to and have provided a safe place for her to sit and smoke... with huge concrete ashtrays. If you smoke and your landlord asks you to go to a designated area ... please go to the designated area. Please don't throw your nasty cigarette butts or cough up nasty tarry brown sludge by the doors....

    I finally gave in and reported her and sent photos of her to the landlords because I didn't want her to ruin all their hard work that they did, trying to clean the reputation of this building up. I dunno if she'll be evicted, but hopefully someone gives her a stern talking to because this kind of behavior is what makes people think badly of a building.

    Don't be like Karen here.

    #i personally am upset whenever i hear smokers hacking and coughing #i wish she would follow the rules
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  • seema-chahal
    08.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    #Aim_Of_SantRampalJiMaharaj is to make our world social evils free, so that everyone can worship Supreme God and attain Salvation. And by good deeds & environment of Bhakti on Earth 🌎, heaven like environment is created here.

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  • maetantei
    08.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I posted 481 times in 2021

    46 posts created (10%)

    435 posts reblogged (90%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 9.5 posts.

    I added 116 tags in 2021

    #detective conan - 42 posts

    #dcmk - 28 posts

    #edogawa conan - 16 posts

    #shinichi kudo - 6 posts

    #meitantei conan - 6 posts

    #akai shuichi - 5 posts

    #haibara ai - 4 posts

    #sakurai sho - 3 posts

    #minami hamabe - 3 posts

    #detective conan movie 24 - 3 posts

    Longest Tag: 111 characters

    #and yup never ever allow your failure/s to define you & to limit you from what you can do and who you can be :>

    My Top Posts in 2021


    Same energy.

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    Detective Conan Movie 25: The Bride of Halloween 『名探偵コナン ハロウィンの花嫁』 Teaser Video

    Release Date: April 15, 2022

    65 notes • Posted 2021-12-03 07:52:02 GMT


    just Conan-kun dropping by your dashboard to check if you're doing fine

    86 notes • Posted 2021-08-13 14:04:15 GMT


    THE HOST NATION ~ TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS 🇯🇵🗼🏟 (July 23, 2021)



    96 notes • Posted 2021-07-23 14:08:57 GMT


    Same Minami-chan, same.

    134 notes • Posted 2021-04-22 14:19:43 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #thank you tumblr <3 #this is so cool #arigatou dcmk fam for the follow likes and reblogs #I appreciate you all #and your dcmk contents too #love dcmk so much and this fandom #to more dcmk contents in 2022 #can't wait for m25 #and all the other exciting dcmk-related stuff gosho has in store for us #<3
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  • justsomeguycore
    08.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    cowboys are frequently secretly transing my gender

    #everyone who follows me: umm not a secret ?
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  • tiaskofi
    08.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    how do you see your tumblr year in review i cannot find it

    #not that mine will probably be very indicative because i never tag anything #in order to make my blog an even bigger hellscape for anybody following me
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  • kebabra
    08.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    hey guys look at my awesome nft that i acquired with the newly developed right click save feature!

    #this is a joke #my tweet blew up on twitter with a bunch if cryptobros following me #i am disappointed with myself
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  • occorner
    08.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    People, who asked about their OCs become crazy like this:

    I love you ❤️

    #Occorner posts #I need more worked up passionate about their #ocs people to follow
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