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  • Can someone please tell me how to edit my post html to change the font size on here. Like on the dashboard, not on a blog theme

    I’ve tried everything, nothing seems to stick and every site that addresses this is from like five years ago and no longer applies

    I tried to just edit the post on mobile but it won’t let me save it, so I need to do it in the code on desktop but nothing is working 🙃

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  • So just noticed that the font on Tumblr is much smaller. Is there a way to fix this? @staff

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  • #fairy tales written by rabbits #font size
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  • The new tumblr update is a good example of how Not to do accessibility. Font size for most has been increased under the guise of making everything easier to read but its been accomplished by overriding the mobile user’s native font size settings. Now anyone who needed extra large font is being forced to use this middle of the road font size.

    They’ve taken away accessibility features in the name of accessibility and solving a problem already designed around by smartphone engineers.

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  • Tumblr updates on my mobile and I need my three pair of classes again. How do I get that font larger?

    #tumblr#font size #@staff #the font size on my mobile settings are already extra large #please solve my problem
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  • Is it just me, or the text font size for this app has gotten smaller ?

    #tumblr#fonts#font art#font style#font size#text #texto en tumblr #text post #text on tumblr #text only #text on photo #text on image #times new roman #But then again I do have #astigmatism#nystagmus #but then again I do have astigmatism and nystagmus with cause me to be nearsighted #nearsighted
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  • It’s 2019 and I only just learned how to bold, italicize, and change font and font size on Tumblr mobile

    #tumblr mobile#bold#italics#font size#font type #i cant believe i just learned this #this will make my text posts so much better
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  • One thing I will never understand about some roleplayers is that they use the smallest ass font I have ever seen. Now I like to use italics and bolds because I like to think it distinguishes actions from speech and cleans up the presentation overall.

    That 2 size font I will never understand, I’m guessing its to fit everything on one page. But as a guy who is blind in one eye. Yeah no, theres zero chance I am able to read that. 

    In my humble opinion I would prefer a normal sized font wise paragraph, filled with spelling errors that makes it look like something out of the elderscrolls, than a nice neat paragraph with font size 0. Because at least with the elder scrolls I can at least translate that shit.

    Whats wrong with the default size? I get that everyone has preferances but unless your an owl or super human with 90/90 vision….How can you read it comfortably? XD

    #rp topics#font size#why #I don't get it
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  • I just found out you can add half’s to your Word font sizes and I’m truly shook.

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  • A la comunidad de rol hispano: La fuente mínima recomendada son 16px

    #html & css #css#font size
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  • Hey, Writers!

    I had a random thought today, as I set up to write 4 fanfics at once and succeed. When I write- I always write in Book Antiqua font size 10.

    Anyone else fussy about their fonts and sizes when writing? I am genuinely interested in what other writers around like to use.

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  • I can’t read half of the existing RP mains’ themes. That is my problem. I wish more people made LEGIBLE themes. It’s a problem if trying to join something gives me a headache.

    #they're not friendly towards people who have issues like i do #i get that people have their aesthetics but i wish they would cater to a larger audience #that wants to be there for the content but can't for the life of them read a single page #whether it's the colour scheme #font size #or the font choice #or a combination of all three
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    • does am#nyone know how to make tumblr bigger
    • (text)in general without me zooming my webpage and it fu1cking up the page layout???
    • its all tiny!!!
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  • I was just informed that I am blind because I use font size 14-16 regularly when writing and then adjust the size to 12 before turning something in for school. Maybe I just don’t like to strain to see when writing (is that the actual definition of blind?! 😹)

    What font size do you use? Am I writing too big or is this normal for recreational writing?

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  • Ultimate Type (Size) Test!

    In this experiment, my aim is to find out what font sizes are easy to read on a phone screen, what sizes are hard to read, and what sizes are in between, where a user starts having difficulty reading. 

    How this works:

    A user is told to stand straight with the Ultimate Type Test open on a phone, kept at eye level, 30.48 centimeters/ 12 inches (optimal screen to eye distance) away. The user then begins reading the text on screen, and is required to read all of it, even if he/ she has to bring the phone extremely close to their eyes.

    This will allow me to observe at which font size the user is forced to bring their phone closer to them. This relates to the ergonomics of using font sizes comfortable for a user to read at a safe distance. 

    NOTE: The font being used in this experiment is Segoe UI.

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  • writing in font size 13 is True Evil

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  • “Big boi”

    #h #posts that make you go h #font size#quotes #font size of quotes
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