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  • la-saffron
    22.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    recently finished a commission for Nanami x Gojo in Greek/ Roman clothing ♥️

    #la-saffron#my art#JJK#jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru#nanami kento #nanami x gojo #commissions#manga#anime#gege akutami#Roman#Greek #oh god they look so hot #look at those feet 👁👄👁 #I do have a foot feti——
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  • packer2323
    28.03.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Trying on shoes!! Like what u see?

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  • mysterycloudsblog
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • mistressemmedi
    12.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Listen, not to expose myself on main... But that picture of Susie's heels? 👠👀 I'm kinda starting to understand Lando's foot feti-[GUNSHOT]

    #Rip to me i guess
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  • syccphant
    24.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Hi, I’m bunny (he/him) 💖🐰

    DNI: under 18, minor in your country, a trans feti/shist, transmed/truscum, a general bigot, if you support tru/mp 👌🏽
    Beyond that I ask that if the kink isn’t listed on my “yes” list, then don’t tag my posts as such! Thank you 🥰
    I’m not gonna block you for having different kinks then me, but I ask that you respect and follow ykinmkato/dldr rules on this blog. Yeah, going way back to 2012 here lol 😂 basically, I won’t force my kink on you, and you don’t force yours on me and we’ll be okay ❤️🥰


    Bunny body = My photos. Do not reblog.
    Bunny feelings = anything I make thats not inherently nsft but that I don’t post elsewhere because reasons lmao
    Bunny bonk = my explicitly sexual posts. (Not photos.)
    Bunny blogs = reblogs / text post
    Bunny dream = reblog / photo post
    Lucky rabbit foot = wishlist

    And here’s my kink list! (This is obviously subject to change)


    ✨ cnc / soft r*pe play (depending)
    💖 exhibition
    💖 somno
    ✨ calling someone “master”/“daddy” (just as a title tho, because ~power dynamics~)
    💖 bruises / hickies / marking
    ✨ age gaps (I like people older than me 🙈, 10+ years )
    💖 self identifying pillow prince
    ✨ soft bdsm (collars, biting, ropes, etc, etc)


    💫 hair pulling
    💫 degradation
    💫 alcohol
    💫 role play 
    💫 monster fucking (I’m iffy)


    ❄️ choking
    ❄️ knife stuff
    ❄️ do not misgender me. Or else.
    ❄️ body fluids (spit and cum are fine. Everything else is no)
    ❄️ smoking
    ❄️ pet play
    ❄️ vore

    Things to know about me:

    🐰 you can call me Bunny
    🐰 he/him & 21+
    🐰 I’m Bisexual && polyam
    🐰 I identify as a trans demiboy
    🐰 I’m only really online on fridays & saturdays.
    🐰 I’m in a (partially open) relationship of 2 years. My gf knows of this blog and supports me.
    🐰 I made this blog for the sole purpose of uhhhhh attention. I crave more than any one person could ever hope to give me.
    🐰 Please gimme attention 😔
    #pinned post#kink list#bunny feelings #ugly mobile post is ugly but whatever
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  • kibumkim
    07.08.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • clay-b0i
    19.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    why tf does tumbr keep giving me feet ads for things irrelevant to feet like

    you cant advertise anti ageing with a picture of a woman holding her foot

    what in the name of foot fetis-

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  • jason-az
    29.03.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Slave girl worships her masters`s feet II TNAFlix Porn Videos

    "Slave girl worships her masters`s feet II TNAFlix Porn Videos" https://m.tnaflix.com/hd-videos/Slave-girl-worships-her-masters%60s-feet-II/video5383498

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  • houseisekai
    24.01.2021 - 11 monts ago

    House Isekai: Shadowbringers -Interlude 1

    House Isekai Shadowbringers AU Masterlist Here

    Interlude: Konosuba Gang

    Directly after the events of Act 1: Finale...

    As House Isekai moves to Derdriu after escaping Church Forces at Garreg Mach, they decide to camp for the night and rest before continuing their journey.
    Finally having a moment of calm, Sitri decides to speak with one of the very first members of House Isekai...

    [No Greater Sorrow - Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers OST]

    Sara stopped the group and turned around to do a quick head count.

    All the students were accounted for. Blue Lions and Black Eagles not too far behind.

    ...Then there was Lahabrea and Sothis, keeping an extremely far distance from everyone. She was hoping they’d keep it that way.

    (Sara) “Campin’ here tonight boys and girls. Wouldn’t do us good to get ambushed when we’re exhausted.”

    Everyone nodded and moved into the woods nearby and cleaned up a spot.

    (Ainz) “We will create protection spells in case anyone is watching.”

    (Futaba) “Leave scanning the area to me and Fuuka!”

    (Mitsuru) “Understood. Us Persona users will secure the area then.”

    (Akira) “Roger. Let’s get going.”

    (Dimitri) “Suppose we can make the area comfortable to sleep in then.”

    (Edelgard) “Seems fine to me.”

    (Megumi) “ We will help as well.”

    (Kazuma) “Guess we’ll get a fire goin’.”

    Everyone had their assigned roles and got quickly to work.

    The Phantom Thieves hopped into the trees and disappeared into the night as S.E.E.S, Class VII followed on foot.

    The Denizens of Nazarick began casting spells and aiming it above the campsite.

    Lahabrea and Sothis set their own mini camp away from everyone.

    Sitri noticed Lahabrea staring at her, then quickly looking away.

    (Sharon) “Miss Sitri?”

    Sitri turned around and saw Sharon with her smile as Doomguy laid Byleth gently on the floor and began patrolling the area.

    (Sharon) “Would you like to get some rest?”

    (Sitri) “As much as I would, I don’t like everyone doing work as I do nothing. I will go help Kazuma and the others with the fire.”

    She took one last look at Byleth before Sharon bowed at her.

    (Sharon) “Rest assured, Byleth will be in good hands.”

    (Sitri) “Thank you, Sharon.”

    Sharon went back to Byleth and took out some strange device and looked over him. Knowing she was not being any help by standing, she went after Kazuma.


    (Megumin) “Hm...You know I just realized I can’t really see at all.”

    (Aqua) “I can see just fine.”

    (Kazuma) “Then hurry up and find some good firewood, would ya? Place is creepin’ me out.”

    (Darkness) “If there are beasts here, I will intercept it!”

    (Kazuma) “Listen we are NOT getting killed because you want to fuel your sick feti-”


    (Megumin) “W-WHO’S THERE?!”

    Aqua turned around reaching for her staff before easing up.

    (Aqua) “Oh, hi Sitri.”

    (Sitri) “H-Hello...”

    Sitri brought up a torch and looked at the four.

    (Sitri) “Would you like some help?”

    (Kazuma) “Sure. Though, shouldn’t you be resting?”

    (Sitri) “I could ask the same for everyone. You all have been working and fighting tirelessly.”

    (Darkness) “Hah, this is nothing, Mrs. Eisner! Byleth took us through worse!”

    (Kazuma) “Pah, bullshit! He never trained us for all out war!”

    (Megumin) “Kazuma! S-Sorry Mrs. Sitri, he can’t really control his language.”

    Sitri couldn’t help but laugh.

    (Sitri) “It’s quite fine. Jeralt wasn’t exactly the type of person to filter himself either.”

    As she walked over to the group she began thinking to herself.

    (Megumin) “If...I can say something, Sitri. We all knew Jeralt during our year at the Academy. He was a good man, and a good father. He talked about you almost every other day.”

    (Darkness) “Indeed. I wish he was here to see you now.”

    (Kazuma) “You uh...have our condolences.”

    (Sitri) “...Thank you. It brings me some level of peace to know how he was...”

    She looked up at the night sky longingly.

    (Sitri) “Just like all those years ago...”

    (Aqua) “By the way, why did you follow us out here of all people? Any reason?”

    (Sitri) “No, not particularly. I’ve just had a few questions I’ve been wanting to ask.”

    (Kazuma) “Hm? ‘Bout what?”

    (Sitri) “Well, I think that floating girl to start. Everyone called her Sothis, but if I recall correctly Sothis was an all divine goddess.”

    (Aqua) “Psh, divine my butt! She’s a little gremlin!”

    Aqua had a smirk on her face, which confused Sitri.

    (Sitri) “Gremlin?”

    (Kazuma) “Eh, don’t mind the useless goddess here. She started a lotta bullshit between then two.”

    (Aqua) “DID NOT!”

    (Megumin) “A-Anyways, we don’t know the true story ourselves. But...from what I heard from other members of House Isekai, she was a true friend.”

    (Kazuma) “Not was, IS, a good friend.”

    (Sitri) “I’m not sure I understand then. You all seemed so hostile to her.”

    (Aqua) “It...may not make any sense but she isn’t OUR Sothis. The Sothis we knew infused herself into Byleth during the encounter with Jeralt’s killers.”

    (Kazuma) “Though that’s a story you need to hear from your son and not us. Anyways, only a select few of us could see her during the Academy. We didn’t know the true nature of her, but all we know is that she was with Byleth when it all began. Preeetty sure we were the first ones to meet her actually.”

    (Sitri) “You were the first to arrive in Fodlan? Oh, by the way I think I may have found some wood.”

    (Aqua) “Yeah, first us, Class VII, then Megumi, then everyone started pouring in.”

    (Darkness) “Hm...No, too damp. It wouldn’t light properly. And yes, we were. The four of us were in Kazuma’s mansion when we suddenly found ourselves flung into a battle at Remire Village. It was there we rescued Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude alongside Byleth and Jeralt.”

    (Sitri) “So he became a mercenary like his father...”

    (Megumin) “Very good one at that! When we first met him, he didn’t seem to have too much emotion. Though overtime he became a great teacher!”

    Sitri smiled as she continued looking.

    (Sitri) “...Thank you for taking care of him.”

    (Darkness) “If anything, I feel like that we should thank you, Sitri. We don’t know the full story, but you sacrificed yourself so that your child could live.”

    (Sitri) “It’s something any mother would do for her child. Though I can safely say I had no intention of...being resurrected, I am happy to see my son alive and well.”

    Her smile quickly faded when she started to think again.

    (Sitri) “But...Why did Lahabrea resurrect me? He appears to be my son but-”

    (Kazuma) “Frankly, I think we should be careful of that asshole. I don’t know what’s going on with him exactly, but I KNOW he doesn’t have our best interest at heart.”

    (Aqua) “Right? Plus she resurrected her using some dark magic! That can NOT end up being good!”

    (Sitri) “...”

    Minato walked past them, not even facing their direction.

    (Minato) “Could try and NOT talk like Sitri isn’t even there.”

    (Kazuma) “Oh piss off, Arisato. Like you’re one to give me a lecture about manners.”

    (Minato) “Hmph.”

    (Sitri) “Um...Pardon my rude manners but are you all always this...um...-”

    (Kazuma) “Dysfunctional?”

    (Aqua) “Aggressive?”

    (Darkness) “Violent?”

    (Megumin) “Insane?”

    (Sitri) “...Well I was going to use nicer words, but considering our first meeting was launching my body into the air and strangling each other-”

    (Megumin) “Yeah, most of the time.”

    (Kazuma) “House Isekai says you get used to it after a while.”

    (Sitri) “I...suppose that’s true. I guess it’s not entirely set in since I’ve only awoken just a few days ago.”

    (Aqua) “Alright, these ought to be good. Everyone got something?”

    Everyone held up some wood and started to walk back to camp.

    (Kazuma) “Oh hey, you finally weren’t useless.”

    (Aqua) “Shut up, NEET.”

    Sitri looked puzzlingly at them. She could tell they cared about each other, but why were they so...mean?

    As they continued to walk, they saw Lahabrea sleeping underneath a tree nearby the camp with Sothis nowhere to be found.

    (Aqua) “I got a real bad feeling about him...”

    (Kazuma) “I’ve noticed him staring at us, including Sothis while we were walkin down the road.”

    (Sitri) “Perhaps there’s a reason he looks like my son?”

    (Megumin) “It better be a good one. We haven’t had the best experience with impersonators if you haven’t noticed.”

    (Darkness) “Not to mention your resurrection appears to play a key role in all of this as well...”

    Sitri looked at her hands and furrowed her brow.

    (Sitri) “...Am I?”

    (Kazuma) “Well, once we get to Derdriu and meet up with Claude I suppose we’ll get our answer. No use bustin our brains trying to figure shit out so early.”

    (Aqua) “Oh hey, you finally said something intelligent-”

    (Kazuma) “Fuck off.”

    Sitri giggled.

    (Sitri) “I guess you were right, you do get used to this.”

    (Darkness) “That was....alarmingly fast.”

    (Megumin) “Oof, whatever I’m exhausted. Let’s hit the hay yeah?”

    (Sitri) “Oh um...”

    The four turned around and faced Sitri, eyebrow raised.

    (Sitri) “Thank you for taking care of my son.”

    [This Beautiful Cruel World - Attack On Titan OST]

    They all smiled and raised their arms in unison.

    Without another word, the four went to their spot to sleep.

    Sitri smiled and was about to sleep when suddenly a pain flashed in her head.

    “…I can’t believe I’m missing her.”  
    “...do me one favor in case I go down for good this time? Protect everyone else. You’re the only one I can rely on for that.”    
    “Do not hesitate to call upon me or the others should the need arise. We will take care of you in these times…”   
    “Edelgard, what did you do…?!”

    Sitri shook her head once the pain was gone.

    (Sitri) “What was that...?”

    She looked at the four who were setting up their beds, yelling at each other with profanity.

    There was no way they had said all those things at her once.

    ...So why did their voices sound clear as day, and what was going on?

    Her eyes glazed over to Byleth, who was finally put to rest with Megumi, Sara, and some of the other staff and House Reps looking over him.

    She then turned to Lahabrea and frowned again.

    (Sitri) “What have you started, my son...?”


    Your dream is where your heart is
    It’s something more fragile than life itself
    No matter how many times you throw it away, you still find it
    So rest in peace now
    Your wish is violated by your pulsing urge
    and as much as you forget about it, you recall it again
    In this beautiful and cruel world
    We only ask “why” we’re still alive…
    Ah, what are we going to protect
    with our strength and weakness? If reason no longer exists


    #House isekai #House Isekai Shadowbringers #House Isekai Shadowbringers Interlude #crossover#fanfic#writing#sitri eisner#satou kazuma#darkness #dustiness ford lalatina #megumin#aqua
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  • rukia-writes
    20.01.2021 - 1 year ago
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