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  • arguablysomaya
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ollie: Billie Eilish is the most hardworking teenager I know of

    Dick: I literally fight crime every night

    Ollie: But can you pay your parents bills?


    Dick: My parents are dead

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  • agapitotoyski
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mare: Sometimes I love it that you're a foot taller than me.

    Maven: *blushing* so you can listen to my heart that only beats for you?

    Mare: So I can listen to your heart and know exactly where to stab you

    #theres a difference of one whole foot #marecal#red queen#glass sword#king's cage#war storm#victoria aveyard#mare barrow#cal calore#tiberias calore #incorrect red queen #incorrect red queen quotes
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  • fletcher-renn
    13.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    New favourite pastime is watching Scorpios get confused as to why I’m not scared of them

    #my classmate (born on halloween so def a scorpio) was in a bad mood yesterday #she wasn’t really lashing out at anyone but she was being sarky and kind of harsh and just generally throwing shade #(nothing serious just. yeah) #and our other classmate (libra i think? her birthday was recently) was like ‘omg i’m a little scared of you rn i’m going to stay away’ #and i was just stitting there Laughing and i could feel the scorpio looking at me in confusion #and i wanted to say ‘bestie you think i’m scared of you?? don’t make me laugh’ #first of all i’m like a foot taller than you. you can’t hurt me. you can’t REACH #second i’m an aquarius and your shit doesn’t work on me. i am completely dead inside and also have a massive ego #there isn’t a single person on this planet that i’m scared of because i think i’m your god #third i was raised by water signs. my mom is a scorpio and my dad was a cancer and both of them could eat you for breakfast #i know all of your tricks. i’ve known them since i was born. none of your shit is going to work on me #shut the fuck up and help me with this fucking poster #i like her but goddamn she’s a drama queen #this has been a public service announcement to leave your baggage at the door before you come and interact with me #i’m immune to intimidation tactics and snide comments. you will not get a rise out of me i simply do not care #personal
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  • jinxthejubilee
    12.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Disney Villain Recruiters Personalities Part 1

    So, this has been something I've wanted to for a while now. For those of you who don't know, the Disney Villain Recruiters was a Tokyo Disneyland-only show held every Halloween. Basically, the minions of famous Disney villains come to our world to try and tempt us to join their villain bosses.

    - By the way, they are not the sons, daughters, or genderbent versions of the villains. They are just minions.

    Anyway, I discovered this show at least two months ago, and I've loved them ever since. Sadly, the show ended in 2018, but thanks to Twisted Wonderland's popularity, they've gained a following. I wanted to try and help others in this small fandom of ours by writing out their personalities. Just in case anyone wants to write about them, they can have a better grasp at what they act like. And I want to help give ideas in terms of character interactions, not just with other recruiters, but with the main heroes of their stories. Starting off with Apple Poison!

    - Just a heads up by the way, I do not speak Japanese. Thankfully, there were a few that had English subtitles, but not a lot. These are just my interpretations of him based on the videos I've seen, along with my own personal ideas about his character. So, let's get started!

    Apple Poison

    Created to serve the Evil Queen, Apple Poison was once the very apple used to put the fair maiden to sleep. [Or if he's not the actual apple the queen used, he's at least a prototype of a poison apple]. He comes off as suave and mature, but loosens up around the others over time. Since his movie came out long before the rest of the recruiters, he's basically the dad of the group, with the others even commenting about his age. He's definitely the one who acts like a gentleman most of the time, but in a sense that it comes off as a bit intimidating. He's not obsessed with his looks, but he still wants to look presentable. While he does see and point out the bad qualities of the people around him, he can find and respect the good qualities and traits in others, he just prefers to point out the bad.

    Snow White: I've seen art of Snow and Poison together romantically, and I'm personally not really down with it. I don't know how others see the recruiters, but to me, they come across as at least 18-19 years old or in their early 20s. And Snow White is canoncially 14 years old. With that in mind, I see their relationship as a sort of step-sibling relationship. He doesn't necessarily "hate" her, he's curious of her more than anything. And he's often shocked about how honest and hopeful she is. I haven't found a video of Poison giving his opinion on Snow, at least with subtitles that is, but I think it boils down to this: He's curious and doesn't truly hate her, but that doesn't mean he's merciful.

    Evil Queen: Not sure how she managed to turn an apple into a human, but she has magic, so I can see it being plausible. He respects her and almost sees her as a mother figure. A twisted mother figure mind you, but one nonetheless. He will do anything to help her achieve her goals, whatever that may entail. Very loyal and one of the queen's most trusted companions. He does question her decisions at times, but only on occasion. And he can get annoyed with her looks being priority number 1. Only time may tell when that loyalty will be questioned further.

    Jack Heart is definitely the member of the group who gives Apple the most trouble. They fight like brothers. Sure Jack antagonizes him most of the time, but every now and then, Apple will tease Jack for being shorter than him. Though I like to think that Apple does admire Jack for his showmanship. Bring able to entertain a crowd of people is impressive, but his admiration for that can only do so much.

    With Mr. Dalmatia being best friends with Jack, their rambunctious antics skyrocket. He only finds Dalmatia to be slightly less annoying than Jack. At least Dalmatia was an actual dog before he transformed! What's Jack's excuse?! He does scold Dalmatia at times. Maybe for making a mess at dinner time, or for getting distracted so easily onstage. He doesn't fault him entirely though, he is, at least in part, a dog. That being said, Dalmatia is still a man...a man who needs to calm down with a squeaky toy...

    Malfie (Malfi) gets on his nerves too. Not only for joining in on the duo's shenanigans, or for his open disgust for apple pie, but Malfie's narcissistic personality can get pretty irritating after a while. He already lives with someone who prioritizes her looks over running her kingdom, he doesn't need this! Although he admires the fact that Malfie takes diligent care of himself, and for at least being more mature than the other two, the urge to throw the mirror on the floor and smash it, is strong.

    Despite his attitude towards guests and his general apathetic nature, Eight foot Joe seems to be one of the few coworkers who's a lot more competent than the others. He gets stuff done and is much more mature, Poison admires that. He just wishes that Joe wouldn't sleep on his shoulder every few minutes and was able to hold a conversation without being rudely snarky.

    On the girls side, he finds Veil and Pretty Scar to be annoying, but in varying degrees. Pretty Scar's attention seeking behavior gets old REALLY fast, but he does have a soft spot for her, almost like a little sister. He's the one who escorts her when it's time to leave, and he often pets her head. Awww!

    Poison hates the fact that Veil needs to sing and ring her bell every five minutes, but he does admire her passion and devotion. Plus, he can admit, her singing is very good!

    Poison seems to have this rivalry going on with Lady Hock (or Hook). She loves to steal his apples, she's mischievous but not silly, and she's considered to be the "gentleman of the ladies." I'd say that they respect each other. Again, he likes the fact that the people he's working with have more than one brain cell, but could they just NOT mess with him every five minutes?

    Ms. Hades is another that he respects. I couldn't find a lot of videos of them interacting, but she does scold him for showing up late. She's dependable and responsible. A bit of a nag, but he'll take that over the absolute circus that is EVERYONE ELSE.

    Farja (Faja) is definitely the female recruiter he's seen with the least, and for good reason [or at least the reason I came up with]. Farja is, for lack of a better term, a walking, squaking alarm clock. She and Pretty Scar tie in terms of who talks the most, and that's saying a lot. She's very vocal about what she finds frustrating or annoying, which just makes HER more annoying than whatever she's ranting about. She's constantly trying to show off her magic, which he finds both funny and irritating. But, he does see how hard she tries to prove herself, and when she's not yelling, she pretty friendly and likeable. Just, why does she have to be so extra??

    I honestly love the guy who played Apple Poison, you could tell that he was having fun. I'll start with guys, then the ladies, and finally the hosts. Next up is Jack Heart!

    Hope you guys enjoyed this! See you later, byeee!

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  • thecruelwife
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Left my footloser hubby like this all night last night & made him worship my feet before I let him out this morning 😂😂⛓🔐

    #queen of spades #qos#snowbunny#footboy#footworship#chastity#footcuck #female led marriage #female led relationship #hot #caged foot slave #caged sissy
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  • brattyprincessxx2
    11.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Cum talk to me on Snapchat🥺 need some entertainment to get me through work today..


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  • milfmarthawayne
    10.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Reading Spider-Man fic and none of you guys have ever actually been to Queens have you

    #in fic living in queens = being poor #also… ZERO Tudor houses ANYWHERE #excuse me sir you’re setting your story in forest hills #I’m gonna need to see some Tudor architecture #yes i understand that the majority of the world has never and will never set foot in NYC #it's just weird for me as someone who spent a LOT of time there as a kid #especially since you can just google maps Peter's address and boom- big honking tudor houses all up and down the street #damn it I kind of miss New York a lot #spider-man#marvel
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  • von-eldritch
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    “The middle ground is making out for a while so I think you mean pass.”

    #serenity you shouldn't even touch her with a ten foot pole #she is NOT to be trusted #Watch your back | Dash comm #Queen of the beasts | IC
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  • goddessdarkbrown
    30.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    This Ebony Queen is ready to use you. You're now going to spend your time with me sending, serving and worshipping the floor I walk on, doesn't that sound like heaven? Keep squirming in your seat I am only just beginning, this is what you have been waiting for - you were made to serve your superiors.

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