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    05.12.2021 - 16 hours ago


    @pyreshe​ asked:



    Hello! This is my first time writing in a journal. Do I say hello? I don’t know. I guess I do. It’s my journal, so I can write whatever I want. 

    I have a journal now! My master gave it to me. I should probably introduce us so if anyone ever reads this, they know who’s who. (Do I want someone to read this? What's the point of a journal if they don’t?) 

    My name is Braig! I just turned thirteen years old (it’s my birthday today), I was born and still live on Coruscant, I’m a human, and I’m a Jedi. My master is Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’ve probably heard of him. He’s a great master. I’ve only just become his padawan, but we’ve known each other for as long as I can remember. There’s nobody else I wanted to be taught by. 

    What else? I feel like I should talk more about myself. Write more. You know. I have two lightsabers, and they’re purple. I’m studying to be a healer and I’m also studying weapons mastery. I haven’t had my first field mission yet, but I’m very excited for it. It’ll be nice to actually go out into the Galaxy and help people. 

    I guess I should also write more about what happened today. It was pretty normal. Or, normal for being a padawan. That part’s still new. It’s a good new, though! I keep glancing at my braid every time I walk by my own reflection to see the new band. Is that weird? Maybe. I’ll have to ask the others if they do it, too. 

    Anyway, things that happened today: I got up and made my bed like always, said hello to my master (if you’re reading this again, hello!) and went and had breakfast at the usual spot with my friends. Should I write where the spot is? It’s the third table from the door and then two to the right in the commissary nearest the creche. But I guess, since we’re all padawans now, we can eat in the lounge. And we won’t be in the creche any more, so maybe we’ll get a new spot. After that, we did morning lessons. We started with meditation and then went on to navigation and galactic exploration. That’s our new unit. We’ve only been working on it for a few days, but I like it because we get to look at a lot of star charts. It’s fun.

    Then we went to our first training session. We had another empty handed lesson today. Master Kyun ran us through a cardio warm up, then had us practice the ins and outs of the hawk-snake form (including the applications). It was fun, and I always learn a lot from his classes, but after all of those joint locks, I’ll be lucky if I can get out of bed tomorrow. I’m already sore. Anyway, after that, it was cultures and politics. Right now, we’re deconstructing the trade treaties struck between the different Twi’Lek clans in 984 BsR and comparing them to the Trade Federation’s more modern arrangements. It isn’t the most interesting thing in the galaxy. I did my best to take notes, but I almost fell asleep a few times. (Sorry, Master Shi Ari!) I think the Twins actually did fall asleep. It’s kind of hard to tell with them. I think tomorrow, I’m going to compare class notes with Booda to make sure I didn’t miss anything. After that was laps, then I had time for another meditation session. I did moving meditation since I was already warmed up. Then lunch - in the usual spot again - and then we got to do one-on-one training with our masters. 

    I can’t believe I finally get to learn from Obi-Wan! It feels like I’ve been waiting for this forever. I don’t even know how to put it in words. I’m just (scribbles) Nope, still don’t know how to put it in words. I tried. We did a lot of saber work and I feel like I improved by miles already. I can’t wait for our next lesson. I know, I know, patience, but can you blame me? He’s the best. I’m so happy he chose me. 

    Anyway, right. Back to the day. I had Force studies after, and Master Yoda talked to us about the cyclical nature of time. It’s really interesting to think that everything is connected like that, how our choices can affect that much. We meditated a lot in the dark. We had to think about everything we’d done and learned so far, and how we might use those lessons. We also had to imagine our futures. Not like having visions or anything, just what we want to be and how we might become that. I want to be as good a Jedi as my master is. As to how I do that, it seems half straightforward and half easier said than done. For now, I’m just going to do my best to absorb his lessons and live by all I’ve learned. 

    … Again, easier said than done. 

    So after that we had a break for chores, and I’m not writing about those because they’re boring. Yes, I know they’re important, but this is my journal and I think they’re boring. Then our last meditation period of the day. I just did normal seated meditation this time. After that, most people went to their second saber lesson, but I went with Master Windu. We’re still only on the very start of Vapaad, so I don’t know enough to really write about it, and this is a really long entry already, so I’ll talk or write more later. After that, we had dinner, and then the seven of us (have I written their names yer? That’s me, Hano, Naweh, Booda, Lohata, Garak, and Shah Ki) went swimming in the lake. Someone started a water fight at one point and I can’t prove anything, but I think it might have been Master Fisto. I don’t know who won. Then I went to bed.

    I’m in bed now. I should be asleep, but I can’t manage it. I guess I’m just too excited. I’m learning so much, and so much is changing! But tomorrow is a new day, and ‘we rise with the sun’. So I should really try sleeping again.

    Am I supposed to say goodbye?

    Oh well. My journal, my rules.


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  • xshinigamikittenx
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    suffering intrusive obsessive thoughts about

    Giyomei Himejima

    Demon Slayer Corps // Stone Hashira

    #I- #WHO SAID HE COULD BE THIS PERFECT???? #LIKE-#FUCK #SEVEN FOOT TWO?!?!? #the number of times #they’ve said he’s the perfect specimen #in this manga #I just #he’s too good for this world #DESTROY 👏🏽 ME 👏🏽 #kimetsu no yaiba #Demon slayer manga #demon slayer#giyomei himejima
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  • fictional-worlds-are-exquisite
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    got a Christmas present of a sort of analogue alarm clock but it also allows you to set the day/number like Saturday 4th or whatever

    anyway the thing about this clock is it’s one of those audible ticking ones so it’s just tick tick tick tick tick tick every second

    and i FEEL like it should be driving me up the wall it SEEMS like the sort of thing that would normally piss me the fuck off

    but honestly? I’m kind of vibing with it. I like it. it’s soothing. in 24 hours i might change my mind but I’m not even remotely bothered by it rn. my mum’s already asked me 3 times if I’m not annoyed by it in a tone that implies she’s annoyed by it but like. nah. it’s actually calming me down lmaoooo

    #for example #I’m not very good at staying completely still when falling asleep #but ive gotten better so I now only twitch a big toe rapidly against my other foot #but even still sometimes it’s just like I’m tryna win a world record for click rate with my toe 💀 #the ticking is giving me something to tap in time to so it’s not so disruptive #it also helps with my breathing when I try to calm #it’s a vibe
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  • kyberled
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    @pyreshe​ asked:
    “  you’re going a little overboard  ”

    “I know.” He says it without looking away from his work, casual as can be. He’s used to these sorts of comments. Then again, it comes with the territory. Jedi have to be thorough. Every little detail counts on the battlefield, in the medbay, in the hangars, in the research labs. And, he couldn’t lie, he was having fun. It wasn’t often that he got to have fun these days. 

    “Here.” He hands her a screwdriver. “See if you can get the crate open.” He waves over to the box in question. “There should be enough spare parts in there for me to work with.” 

    Has he ever built a camera case before? No, but he’s built plenty of casings for his sabers over the years, and that’s got to count for something. He’ll figure it out. Just give him a minute.

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  • hvae
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    im really close to crying in class

    #hearing the claps after the performance is something i never realized i miss #because of how long its been #then just :( #im actually getting really emotional #i actually asked for tbz's seasons greetings and lightstick for christmas and my dad bought them Soooooo #AAA IM JUST REALLY EXCITED FOR THEM #tbz world tour soon i beg #im actually begging #i dont usually go to concerts tbh if anything i avoid them #but for tbz :( #just one day #AYO EAIT NEVERMIND THOUGHT ABOUT HYPNOTIZED HELL NO I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE THAT SHIT IN PERSON NVM #NVM NO TBZ CONCERT FOR ME #GONMAGO TELL MY DWD TO RETURN THE LIFHSTICJ BECAUSENOF TJST TORUGJT #NOOELENEPPEMEKEPE #JUYEONNIRL? NOPE #NOPE #NOT WITH MY FIVE FOOT ASS #‘🌵 ⟶ vae rambles
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  • kyberled
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago


    @pyreshe​ asked: 
    ❛ here, you can borrow my jacket. ❜ 

    It’s cold. He’s never liked the cold. Of course, he’s faced much worse before, so he knows how to deal with it. He’s just not enjoying it very much. The offer catches him off-guard, and he wonders for a moment if it would even fit. Still, it’s a kind gesture. 

    “Are you sure?” He asks, shifting his weight back. “I wouldn’t want you catching a chill for my sake.” It also looks expensive. He knows she’s said money is no object to the people she lives with, and that they couldn’t care less about how many of anything they bought her, but all the same. Wouldn’t she get in trouble if anything happened to it? He couldn’t imagine what the quartermaster would say if he misplaced something of comparable value. He doesn’t mention that, though. He doesn’t want to ruin the moment. So he smiles and shakes his hair out.

    “Alright, if you insist.” He accepts the jacket and drapes it over his shoulders. After a moment to make sure it’s properly adjusted and not about to fall off, he gives a little twirl. 

    “Well, what do you think? Coruscant’s best dressed, yes or no?”

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    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago


    @rcvival​ asked:
    “ it’s my job to keep you safe, yes, but you could work with me a little to make it easier. ” (yes uncle maul has now claimed that job dajhifjhapofsjpa) 

    If you had told him a year ago he’d be hearing such things from Maul, he’d have thought you were mad. And yet, there they are. It’s funny, almost, and he manages a grin as he lets himself be pulled back up onto the platform with a quick ‘thanks’. 

    “In all fairness,” he takes a moment to dust his tunic off, “if I were the type to take the cautious route, we never would have met. And I think we would both be worse off if that were the case.” He grins, then glances down the ravine. That was a long drop. He could have cushioned the fall with the Force, but he was much happier not needing to test his abilities. The assailant that Maul had rather quickly dispatched of hadn’t been so lucky. 

    “I think that’s the last of them.” Braig says as he backs away from the edge. There had been quite a few of… Well, he didn’t know. Pirates, he had to assume, though they were particularly hard to shake, and had carried some impressive firepower. (The chain gun had been particularly irritating.) Most lowbrow criminals Braig knew would’ve turned tail as soon as they realized it wasn’t worth their while. Not these ones. Most of them had met rather unkind ends. Some at the ends of his sabers, some at Maul’s. The sun beats down on him as he continues staring and he shakes his head.

    It’s too hot to think out here. Too dusty, too. But then, that’s what one could expect on a planet like this. He turns to head towards shade, glancing over his shoulder to see if Maul will follow. He probably will. 

    “What do you think they wanted? I don’t exactly carry a lot of credits on me.”

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  • hevonhelvetti
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    My foot fetish onlyfans has still a -10% discount right now, come see me there 😋 you can also order custom content there!


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  • kyberled
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago


    @pyreshe​ asked:
    14. What's on your mind? 

    He shrugs. 

    “Anything and everything, I suppose.” He offers a faint smile. Whether or not you think it’s genuine depends on how well you know him. “We’ve all been so busy lately. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing.” That much is true. He’s silent for a moment, chewing on the inside of his cheek as he debates the best way to follow that statement. 

    “I guess I’m just wondering what comes next. Both in the short and long terms.” He blinks and lets his eyes wander. “Logically, I know the days ahead are going to involve more missions and more fighting. … Unless, of course, the Separatists decide to suddenly lay down their arms, which doesn’t seem likely.” Especially not with who’s at the helm. The Sith crave violence. They thrive on chaos. Dooku won’t let it end until he’s dead or in custody. That’s going to take some time. 

    “I’m not looking forward to that.” He grimaces. “The long term is what eludes me. I know it’s not going to be easy for anyone. There are going to be treaties to be negotiated and signed, reparations to be paid, rebuilding to do, trials to hold… Not to mention all of the medical care we’ll need to administer, homes to be rebuilt, cultural items and wealth to be returned to the rightful owners. We’re going to have to push even harder for rights for the men, as well as accommodations, occupational training, citizenship…” He trails off and waves his hand to signal the monumental task ahead of them. “The Senate won’t be happy with it,  but then, I’m a Jedi. My job is to protect those that need me - not make a bunch of rich politicians happy.” That might be a bit brash, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s gotten away with worse. 

    “Of course, that’s assuming I survive to the end.” 

    He winces and brings his hand to his face.

    “...That- Wasn’t supposed to be out loud.”

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  • kyberled
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago


    @naboocrowned​ asked:
    “When is the last time you ate?” 

    He pauses. It’s not that the question caught him off guard - it did, but that’s not the point - so much as it is he isn’t actually sure of the answer. This morning, right? Yes, he’d definitely had breakfast at some point. Just rations, of course, but he’d had something. 

    How long ago had that been? He didn’t know. He hadn’t been keeping track of the time. That probably wasn’t good. On the plus side, he felt like it had been a productive evening. That was good. … Right? He didn’t want to worry about it. Everyone was busy, it was fine. He had to carry his share of the burden too. But, now that she mentioned it, he was hungry. And he would need to keep his strength up to perform for the best of his abilities. He sighs. 

    “Well, I might have an answer for you,” he brushes hair from his face and leans back to look at her properly. “But I don’t imagine you’ll like it, much.”

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  • hauntuned-a
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago
    #she's........ only to his shoulder #hE'S A FOOT AND TWO INCHES TALLER #'what does the world like like from up there' #dash games#mcrningstar
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  • kyberled
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago


    @debelltio​ asked:
    “  i do not intend to die  ” 

    “I should hope not.” Braig offers, glancing to the side with a raised brow. He has to admit, this isn’t exactly a walk in the gardens. Then again, it’s also not the worst situation he’s found himself in.

    He wonders if that’s the same for Orson. Probably not. It’s typical for a Jedi, but it didn’t take very long for Braig to realize that isn’t saying much. He hopes that the fact he isn’t panicking helps to set the good lieutenant at ease. Orson is hard to read visually. It’s a common trait among the “birth-born” soldiers (as some of the men like to say). It’s different from how the Jedi manage their emotions, though - Braig has to wonder how effective it actually is. The Force is in turmoil around them, though he doesn’t quite feel like parsing out who’s contributing what. There are much more important things to focus on. 

    “If it helps,” he says, scanning their surroundings, “I don’t intend to let you die.”

    “Incidentally, how are you with heights?”

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  • kyberled
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago


    @strcngered​ asks:
    ❛ you’re interesting and different and i like that. ❜ from momster girl 

    “Likewise.” He says with a grin. He’s certainly no stranger to ‘strange’. He would argue, in fact, that it’s his stock and trade. Maybe that’s why it was so easy to fit in here. It’s a group of people of all shapes and sizes with abilities that would’ve made them misfits anywhere else, using their powers for good. 

    It almost felt like home. … Well, without the raucous swearing, alcohol consumption, and frequent explosions, but he’d figured out the dynamics pretty quickly. Just leave him with his juice boxes and he’ll be fine. He’s got one right now, actually! According to the label, it’s fruit punch. He doesn’t recognize much of the fruit on the box. It’s good, though. 

    “So, do you always celebrate like this after major victories?” He asks, gesturing to the delightful chaos with his box-hand before taking another sip. “Everyone seems to be having a great time.”

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  • gayfrasier
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    went on a walk to see the christmas lights :)

    #highly reccomend!! it was really nice i saw a little white dog and a 12 foot tall frosty the snowman #and some nice christmas trees. i love remembering that life and love exists in all the corners of the world :) #rambles
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  • if-eventhorizon
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    very slowly going to be making a return, over the next few weeks.

    i was tagged a couple of times in the little "share the latest line from your WIP" game (thank you, @if-mirrormine and @shai-manahan), and though i don't really have anyone to tag but my other blogs, i'll still share a line (or like. two paragraphs) from the T3 rewrite.

    A snarl from the thing that wears Thirteen's body, an animalistic and yet inorganic noise, low and staticky. A brush of their mind, a howling chorus of agony and rage and all of it directed at
    A sorrow she could mistake for apology. An apology for what she must do. Her own red-tinged memories, her own deathless guilt. They cry for an execution. And stand before the most grim and prolific of executioners.
    Though it breaks her heart, she will swing her axe with impunity.

    if anyone else would like to participate, take this as your sign to do so (and tag me, maybe)

    #ifeventhorizon #ily for tagging me but i am extraordinarily bad at continuing these tag games #but yeah- going to be trying to come back to the world very slowly #this is my foot in the door i guess #please be patient with me
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  • gay-doodlebug-with-adhd916
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    lmao so I considered getting one of my siblings an "ask me about my pronouns" mug for Christmas because I saw it at the store and I was in Christmas brain before I remembered that said sibling, whose pronouns are very important to me and whom I feel great importance in referring to correctly, would probably consider a question about their pronouns to be, lets see, probably somewhere in the top five of the most terrifying questions they could ever be asked by someone

    so I put the mug down and just, walked away

    #sometimes I need to remember that I am the not-subtle sibling #I mean in terms of personality or whatever #I'm definitely the queer person who #when I come out of the closet #people are like /gen #omg I totally thought you were straight #and this sibling is the sibling who could come out as queer #and like everyone in the world would be like #yeah we knew you #we saw you once when you were like four years old #we obviously already know #like I'm not even kidding when I finally came out to a parent #they didn't even believe me because #I kid you not #they said [sibling] is definitely queer but I mean you didn't freak out when you had to wear dresses and you weren't #[literally every lesbian stereotype in existence] like your [sibling] sooooo... #well tbh this is probably all just fake because I mean [sibling] is queer #maybe it's cause my [sibling]'s closet has always been made of glass #and mine has always moreso been like this seven foot thick concrete wall that I had to plow through #just to make sure a straight man isn't going to try to unal1ve me when he finds out I don't like him that way #but yeah #I talk about being queer much more than said older sibling does in my recollection #I mean maybe I'll grow out of my need to constantly talk about this part of my identity #and maybe my sibling will become more comfortable talking about [their's] #but for now #I think I should probably just go ahead and put the mug down #and find a Christmas present that my sibling won't equal parts fear and loathe
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