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  • I’m literally teasing myself right now with this omg

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  • This scene runs away with my heart everytime and all I see is us 


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  • I don’t want to find a new you,

    I want the old you back.

    The you who used to mend my scars and share in my joy,

    The you before you stabbed me right in the chest and left me to bleed out.

    I don’t like the new you much

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  • In 10 years time, I may have forgotten your face, your voice and your laugh,

    I may end up forgetting the way you smiled and your adorable ears that stick out.

    I may just forget your goofy glasses or those cute little button-up shirts you wear,

    I may not even remember the affection in your voice when you spoke about your mum.

    I may not remember much about you in ten years time,

    But I’ll surely remember the way you made me feel.

    The way just the thought of seeing you made my heart beat faster like it was running to catch you,

    The way your softness and gentleness led me to fall for someone I would’ve never looked twice at.

    The way I would sob in heartache then shine with adoration for someone who was never mine,

    The way I fell so deeply for someone who was meant to just be my teacher but i fell in love with.

    It may not be real to everyone else,

    But it sure is real to me

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  • Dear Writers, 

    As promised, here is the good side of writing romance. For those who don’t know, a trope is a recurring plotline, kind of like an archetype but with plot instead of characters. Whether you want to write a romance as a subplot or the plot, here are some of the best tropes in existence. It’s scientifically proven that the tropes below will make your story better :)))

    Enemies to lovers: Let’s get this boi out of the way. (Do I even need to explain this one?) I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good enemies-to-lovers plotline. It makes for the perfect potion of slow-burn and passion and realizing feelings at all the wrong times. 10/10 recommend. However, please keep in mind that there are some things that maybe just *maybe* one of the characters shouldn’t be able to get past. I’m all for forgiveness no matter what, but if someone KILLS YOUR MOM maybe don’t fall in love with them.

    Shy girl/boy: I didn’t know what to call this, so yes, I called it shy girl. Anyway, it occurs when one of the characters in the relationship is really shy and has trouble confessing their feelings for their special person. This one gets cuteness points because it’s cute to read about how someone will blush or stutter whenever their crush talks to them or about how they might watch from afar.  Just be careful of confusing shyness with something less than cool. It’s one thing for your character to be a secret admirer, it’s another for them to be a stalker. And it’s one thing for them to get flustered, but it’s another thing entirely if they literally can’t talk to another person. That doesn’t make for a healthy relationship, or really much of a relationship at all.

    Slow-burn: I don’t know if this is considered an actual trope, but no matter what type of relationship it is, it’s gotta be slow-burn. (Remember, all of this is scientifically proven. Sorry if you don’t like slow-burn relationships but this is what the facts say.) Slow-burn means the writer takes a drawn out and thorough approach to the relationship. It makes the getting together part 300x more satisfying and exciting. However, if you choose to employ this trope, make sure to keep your reader excited about the relationship! Slow-burn can be awesome if done well, but you don’t want your reader to get bored waiting, so make sure to occasionally tease at the relationship. (But don’t you dare tease at a relationship only for it to never happen!! Don’t you dare!!)

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  • “A forbidden love story. The journey begins, but they both have a mysterious past. Is Victoria able to trust the unknown? Are people really the way they claim to be? Will they still be able to forgive themselves, and especially, to love each other?”

    ✧My very first book is now available on Wattpad!! Feel free to give it a try.

    ✧Chapters will be released with time so please be patient! 

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  • I’ve always liked the idea of a Vector romance for a male IA, he’s my second favorite male romance after Quinn.  I think I’m just going to head canon this in my upcoming IA playthrough.

    Male IA/Vector. 😘💙🖤


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  • Paring: Teacher!Jae x Student!Reader x Teacher!Wonpil

    A/N: IDK why but I’m on a student-teacher kick, probably because I’ve been watching PLL again so…ENJOY! BTW, if you like this I’m probably going to make it a series because why not! If this does make you uncomfy, I suggest you don’t read it. 

    Warnings: Student-teacher relationships, poly relationship, slight age gap, minor language, and suggestive themes. 

    (Unedited, and also there will be a second part!)


    High school was not fun, you know how people say it’s one of the best times in your life, well you have reason to disagree. Senior year was the most stressful to you, purely because of the inevitable change from childhood to adulthood when you go to college. That pressure to instantly grow up scared the ever-living shit out of you without fail. 

    However, school wasn’t always that bad, your senior year was bad, yes. But, three people in your life made sure on their lives that you’d have the best year ever. Number 1, your best friend Kang Younghyun. Both you and him were senior this year, Younghyun always had a higher work ethic than you. Motivated to do anything and everything, honestly, his main goal was to travel the world by himself. By far, he was the most daring, independent person you’d ever met, he had confidence practically radiating off of him. So, you can imagine that there was never a dull moment with him. 

    Number 2 and 3 go hand in hand. Mr. Park Jaehyung and Mr. Kim Wonpil, they made sure the hallways were a safe place and more importantly that class was never plain. Mr. Park and Mr. Kim are best friends from what you know ever, they even went to this high school just like you and Younghyun. Even though they were best buds, they were complete opposites. 

    Mr. Park’s english class was eventful. Mr. Park hated homework so he rarely gave it, said he “doesn’t believe in it.” Most of the time he’d spend class talking to kids about video games, giving so advice to novices to the games he liked. Of course he actually taught…once a month maybe! Mr. Park was just one of those cool teachers who didn’t teach, but yet someone taught you everything you need to know about the world. Weird how that happens. Commonly, people knew him as a young teacher-same with Mr. Kim-even romanticizing the man. Most of your girlfriends swooned over either one of the teachers: But, hey you had to admit it, you definitely had a crush on Mr. Park. 

    Mr. Kim, on the other hand, taught a tedious government class. Mr. Kim seemed to always be second whenever compared to Mr. Park, it kinda made you feel guilty having liking the one out of the two. They both were equally good people, but since Mr. Park is barely a teacher people just like him more. You see, Mr. Kim taught, there was nothing he loved more than giving 30 slides worth of a powerpoint, making you take pain-staking notes every-other day. Mr. Kim was popular more on his visuals and how shy he was. Mr. Kim could get flustered about anything and everything, once a kid in your class asked to go to the bathroom because he needed to take a shit, and Mr. Kim blushed rocking back and forth on his chair all because how the kid worded his sentence. Mr. Kim was adorable in a I-can-make-fun-of-him way, maybe it was teenage hormones but you had a crush on him too. Ah, but the crushes you had would never go anywhere…right? 

    Anyway, the theme between them two was that you always went to them when you were upset. Both teacher took a liking to you because of your playful nature and natural sense of what they taught. Your intelligence seemed to impress most people, but you had to admit when you had your downfalls, especially when learning what the difference of absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy. Civics wasn’t your strong suit. In english class, Mr. Park would make you stand out from the class making fun of every detail about you, Mr. Kim had empathy for you. Tutoring you in a heartbeat whenever you had trouble in his class, which seemed frequent. No matter how much Mr. Kim would hate to admit it, but he didn’t mind your merciless teasing, so of course you were his favorite student. Still, they both helped you through thick and thin. Like today.

    Today, today was not your day. Earlier this morning Younghyun told you he was going home early sick, so you needed to get another ride home. Or you’d have to take the bus home, which was a no-go for you since taking the public bus freaked you out. You don’t know, the fact anyone could sit next to you made you paranoid. What if it was a serial killer, who planned on following you home and killing you? See, paranoid. 

    Then this girl in your class ruined your whole project, a fucking group project, those you despise. Why was it fair to be partnered up with people who, simply, didn’t care about their grade just like you did. This girl proved this fact almost definitely, for your chemistry class, you were supposed to build a representation on how electrical currents go through objects. You being you, took on the roll easily, priding yourself with most of the difficult things. The one thing she needed to do, that ignorant bimbo, was to bring a potato and toaster. So, the chemistry project was left with an F. 

    When you got frustrated you cried, unfortunately this flaw was seen by everyone in your chemistry class. Leaving you the laughing stock of the school for at least the next few weeks. The stares from people-even the mocking laughing, made your spiral. And why, all because of a stupid girl who couldn’t do her part in a simple project. Embarrassing yourself further, you decided to run out of class to the nearest person who could help calm you down. 

    Panic filled you as you ran through the, just nearly, populated hallways. As you sobbed down, people looked at you like you were some crazy person on the brink of a full-blown breakdown. In these situation where you had minor panic attacks, you would run to yours and Younghyun’s meeting place. The janitors closet that no-one dared to go into, no one but you and Younghyun. Since, he left earlier because he’s sick, there was only one other place where you could go besides the unhelpful guidance counselors that would give you shitty life advice and send you back to class. No, Mr. Park could help you, he always managed to make you feel better. 

    People were insatiable, desperately trying to shatter you into a million pieces as you made your way to Mr. Park’s english room. Thankfully, and ironically, for you the bell had rung in the knick of time. Mr. Kim noticed a heap of students outside his classroom, crowded together whispering insults at god knows what. When he heard your name strun into the mix, he realized you were standing in the middle of this crowd, holding yourself trying to hide your tears. 

    “Alright, alright,” Mr. Kim exclaimed, grabbing the attention of the students, who seemed more flabbergasted than anything. Mr. Kim never yelled. “Clear out, now!” 

    The man had never looked more serious, a demanding tone riddled in his voice, his eyes like a black-hole to those who opposed him, and his hands put on his hips. So, this is what he’s like when he’s angry. His anger helped you, students cleared out into other room, lingering students were shoved away into the bathrooms fearing of a write up. Still, you stayed on the ground hiding your tears, Mr. Kim coming up in front of you, the tap of his shoes alerted you. 

    “Y/N,” he started, voice getting closer as he kneeled down. Sure, he’s seen you upset thousands of times, but out of those times you haven’t cried once. There was no time due to your whining and yelling about whatever set you off that day. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” 

    Mr. Kim was concerned, per usual he had empathy for you, upset himself because you were crying. He could never tell why, but he hated when you were angry or sad, he just couldn’t stand it. 

    “N-No…,” you whipped a tear, looking up at his face. Being met with pure handsomeness, but there was no time to be entranced by his record-breaking looks. “Can-Can you take me to Mr. Parks…please, I need to talk to him-to both of you. Is that okay?”

    Mr. Kim was taken aback, luckily for him and Mr. Park had no class, lunch break comes with perks. “Of course it’s okay, let’s go, everything will be okay.” Mr. Kim put a hand on your back, tapping you lightly to encourage you to get up. Complying, both of you made it to Mr. Park’s, just catching him in the middle of taking a bit of his tuna sandwich. 

    “Oh hello…oh no,” his sandwich dropped onto the desk upon seeing you blotchy face. Uncomfortable sight to see. “Y/N, Wonpil what’s going on?”

    Mr. Kim lead you to a nearby desk, out of all the empty ones he put you directly in front of the teachers desk. 

    “I’m not sure,” Mr. Kim started, backing away from you as you convulsed with a sobbing fit. “I found her like this in the hallway.” 

    Mr. Park clicked his tongue, looking around his desk for some unused tissue and a free water bottle. Oddly enough he had both of those things tucked away in his desk. Strutting over to you, he gently held the tissue up to your face, dapping off some stray tears, in the process placing the water bottle next to you. 

    “Just calm down okay,” Mr. Park muttered, focused on cleaning you up. 

    Mr. Kim came up behind him, reaching for the water bottle and opening it up for you. Carefully, Mr. Park withdrew his hand, letting Mr. Kim give you some water. Even then, you didn’t calm down, concerning both of the men when you started hyperventilating. Today was just one of those days. The whole ordeal rang through your head, no one could ever look at you the same ever again. Look at you now crying in front of two men, who you adore, sullying everything they knew about you. The thought that your life was over made your panic attack protrude, increasing your talent of overthinking.   

    “What’s going on Jae,” Wonpil kept his eyes on you with pure worry in his eyes. Wonpil has never experienced a panic attack before, let alone even seen one in person. 

    “She’s having a panic attack um…I’ve got this.” 

    Mr. Park stepped up to you again, making sure you could only focus on him. He placed his hand on your lower thing, squeezing lightly, placing his forehead against yours. Both him and you made a deep eye contact, calmingly he said “Y/N, calm down, everything’s going to be okay.” When you didn’t respond to him, instead you ignored him, he began tapping in a pattern on your thighs. 

    “Y/N,” he tried again, keeping up with the pattern. “Focus on my fingers, okay? Focus on how I’m tapping you, okay?” 

    Listening to him, you began to calm down, feeling his tapping. One time on the right, next on the left, then on the right, then on the left…

    “That’s it,” he began, not giving up on the tapping, pulling you back to reality. 

    “I’m okay…okay…I’m okay,” you spoke up, swallowing back the horrible panic you just felt. 

    Mr. Park pulled back, proud of himself that his efforts to calm you down worked, Jae was experienced with panic attacks. Although it killed him to see you like that, he’s just glad you came here for him to help you. 

    With the tissue, you rubbed your face and nose of any liquid that came out of you. Both men looked at you in waiting for your next move, they didn’t know what could throw you off. 

    But, someone had to speak up at some point. “Do you want to talk about it Y/N?” Mr. Park’s question made you shake, Mr. Kim noticed this nodding him off. 

    “Let’s not talk about that,” Mr. Kim spoke, putting a loving smile on his face to hopefully not start up another panic attack. “Um…Why don’t we do something? Yea, like…” Wonpil was at a loss, looking over to his best friend for something that could distract you in this moment. 

    “Y-Yea,” Mr. Park perked up, jumping to his desk to find anything to help you regulate yourself. The only thing he had that was remotely fun and not school work, was a Christmas word search he’d given the freshman class he taught yesterday. “This, we can do this word search!”

    “Yes, a word search!” Both teachers yelled excitedly, Mr. Park placed the word search on his desk, Mr. Kim beckoning you to come over to them to do the word puzzle. 

    You knew what they were trying to do, but really you were in exactly no position to deny the men who just helped you through that. After all, they were making you feel better. Like a snail, you slid off the desk, trudging your way over to both of the enthusiastic men sitting in Mr. Park’s spinny chair that they pulled out just for you. Mr. Kim placed a pencil in your hand, sliding the paper more towards you, meanwhile Mr. Park pulled up two chairs for him and Mr. Kim to sit in next to you. Sitting down next to you, the both watched you complete the puzzle, randomly helping you throughout. 

    Mr. Park and Mr. Kim had a secret, an unspoken secret between the two of them. Even if it was left untouched and talked about, both men new that both of them had a crush on you. They were disappointed, even discussed in themselves that they liked you, but you didn’t make it any easier either. They felt the need to protect you, constantly, the need to make you happy when no one else could are their duties. For Jae, he started to like you when you promptly scolded him for being a horrible teacher, but an amazing guy. From that day forward, you and Jae formed a bond where you made fun of eachother with hidden love. For Wonpil, it’s when you defended him when people were making fun of the way he got flustered. He just knew you were the one, no ones ever defended him that way. The more you came to talk to them, the more their feeling began to grow for you. Ditto, same thing happening to you. 

    All of it happened so fast, Mr. Park was lost in thought about you. Delicately, he watched you as you tried to figure out the puzzle. Even though your face was red, eyes swollen, and nose runny Jae still admired your looks. The way your face was scrunch up in determination to defeat the puzzle, the way you bit your lip, or the way your soft looking hair fell on your face-

    Reaching out his bigger hand, he wisped a stray piece a hair from out of your face, getting a better look at your beauty. But then you turned to him, with your wide E/C eyes and a cute pout on your face, he just couldn’t help himself. His hand moved from your, now proven, soft hair. Stroking his way to cup your cheek, his callassed thumb ran across your bottom lip. The plumpness fueling him more, before you both knew it his lips were on yours. His lips encased yours, the sudden feeling making you whimper under him, the only word to describe how it felt was euphoric. First you were shocked, not expecting your teacher to touch you, let alone kiss you. Then, a feeling bubbled in you, your stupid crush and all the fantasies you’ve had about him made you melt into him. Closing your eyes, beginning to kiss him back, your hand met grasped his shirt, pulling him further into you. Kissing Mr. Park was something else. 

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  • He taught me everything any teen wanted to know.

    How to kiss

    How to love

    How to have sex

    He was my everything but deep down I couldn’t help but feel the absolute disgust God had for us and that killed me every time we touched.

    The day came when I got pregnant… only 15 and I was carrying something inside me. As fucked up as this is to say I was happy when I had a miscarriage but he wasn’t. He didn’t care if it meant getting us in trouble all he knew was that he wanted all of me even if that meant getting what he wanted.

    When I turned 18, I started growing tired of his constant clinginess, on top of that people were starting to catch on including my mother. I started getting scared and sick of constantly having to look over my shoulder to make sure no one saw us.

    I broke  it off when I graduated and went on to college

    not knowing the pain I was about to bring myself

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  • Watch “Hairdresser Bashes Interracial Couple | What Would You Do? | WWYD” on YouTube

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    “This series ripped my heart out and shredded it into tiny little pieces. Normally when I get into books like I got into this series, I set myself up for disappointment from expectations.

    I thought for sure that was going to be the case. But I was mistaken. I love love loved this book. It was the perfect ending for this series. The only thing I would change is to make it longer….so that it would never end. I sobbed when it ended, not just because of how it ended, but also because it did end.

    Kova and Ria will always have a place in my heart.” - 5 Star Amazon Review 

    Start the Off Balance series today!

    Amazon: https://amzn.to/3cwR3en

    iBooks: https://geni.us/ImXQpdU

    Kobo: https://geni.us/azBeBg

    Nook: https://geni.us/mhBz

    Google Play: https://geni.us/Fala

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    When Heroes Fall from Giana Darling - Coming Spring 2021

    “And just like that I made a deal with the Devil of NYC.”

    Here are some things you can expect:

    ❤️ Anti-Hero Mafia capo

    💋 Filthy dirty talk

    ❤️ Forbidden romance

    💋 Forced Proximity

    💋 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐞𝐬 𝐅𝐚𝐥𝐥: https://bit.ly/WhenHeroesFall_TBR

    🖤 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐬 𝐑𝐢𝐬𝐞: https://bit.ly/WhenVillainsRise_TBR

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    🌇 The Secret from Giana Darling⁣

    “𝘔𝘺 𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘯, 𝘮𝘺 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦, 𝘐 𝘢𝘮 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘱𝘪𝘦𝘤𝘦𝘴 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘐 𝘤𝘢𝘯’𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶.”⁣

    Available now to read in Kindle Unlimited⁣!

    🌇 The Secret: https://geni.us/TheSecretGianaDarling⁣

    Continue the trilogy…⁣

    ☀️ The Affair: https://geni.us/TheAffairGianaDarling⁣

    🗼 The Consequence: https://geni.us/TheConsequence⁣

    🌅 EOS Box Set: https://geni.us/EOSBoxSet⁣

    #giana darling #the evolution of sin trilogy #forbidden romance#romance readers #readers of tumblr #book nerd#now available #giana's darling poppies
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  • It is forbidden

    The thought of your lips

    The warmth of your skin

    The softness of your belly

    It is forbidden

    The curve of your hips

    The jiggle of your thighs

    The consumption of your form

    It is forbidden

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  • Another absolute belter in this new Colorado-set series from Lucy

    Another absolute belter in this new Colorado-set series from Lucy

    Right as Raine by Lucy Lennox
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars
    Ooh, this new series from Lucy is shaping up to be an absolute belter.
    I loved the free short story starring folk rock musician Gentry and OT Winter, but this one was even better.
    What I really liked about this one was the clear friendship and connection between Tiller and Mickey irrespective of their attraction to each other.
    There was love…


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  • Take On The World

    Story Summary

    In a world where The Circle were triumphant and their leadership within The Clave resulted in the mass cull of every demon-blooded being on the planet.

    Magnus Bane is an infamous rebel leader on the run from shadowhunters. Alec Lightwood is a traitor hidden in plain sight, an insignificant foot soldier working out of the New York institute. Together, they are the legends of the Downworld survivors.

    Read from the beginning HERE on Ao3

    Chapter 22

    Sneak Peek

    “Father,” said Alec, readjusting his grip on the soul sword, drawing deliberate attention to the blade.

    “Alec,” Robert Lightwood replied and his voice came very slow, very careful. “I’ve been told some… troubling tales. Speak the truth now and we can avoid a public hearing.”

    “Oh, a public hearing?” asked Alec, managing to sound quite innocent, relishing the disapproving twist of Robert’s mouth. “These tales, father, which would you like me to speak the truth of? The fact that I have the soul-sword and Raziel’s blessing or the fact that I will kill anyone who tries to hurt Magnus Bane?”

    Read chapter 22 HERE on Ao3

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