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  • …would look great adorned with a bracelet or two! Making some bracelets together would be a nice thing to do together this Valentines Day, wouldn’t it, Fleabag and Hot Priest — since there’s so many other things you’re not supposed to do — and with handmade gifts you make for each other, you carry each other around all of the time. #fleabag #fleabagbbc #phoebewallerbridge #hotpriest #andrewscott #fleabagandthepriest #thepriest #forbiddenlove #love #crush #valentines #valentinesdaygift #handmadegift #diyjewelry #bff #bestfriendjewelry #mensjewelry #mensfashion #fashion #style #styleinspo #dateactivity #tgif #fridayvibes #shop #nyc #unionsquare #beadsofparadise (at Beads of Paradise NYC)

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  • A fey only knows identity

    when they lay eyes upon true beauty

    And weep from glass closet doors.

    When their eyes are drawn onto

    a figure of supple promise

    Brimmed and unpursued;

    When they are left


    to feel the touch of a hand

    And so long for the public embrace

    without fear of what will come;

    a firey, vehement chase.

    So they lie,

    the fey, 


    Frozen by age-old fears


    ever so slightly

    by progress that marches

    to millions of frightened tears

    The Brave,

    The warriors who lead this fight 

    They hesitate,

    Stutter and fumble

    call on all their might

    Terror brims on the back burners of the heart of a fey

    When they think, feel, urge

    For an outburst of truth

    Those three words…..

    that they just can’t say

     They’re choked out

    Filled with doubt 

    To afraid to step further apart

    So there the fey sits

    Left to die with the wants of the heart

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  • Every night as I lay on my bed I remember your face and your warm embrace, the touch of your fingers and the taste of your lips. Then the tears just flows down like river in my face.

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  • Cael finally gets a moment alone and starts thinking about the Dragonborn

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  • In one year away from my comfort zone, I’ve been experiencing lots of challenges and things that I couldn’t imagine would happen to me. I’ve encountered experiences that made me fee like a lady with a person that I really admire. he taught me lot of informative ideas and he also helped me in my darkest moments as a person. He was always there from the first moment I cried because of my dad was not able to work because of his wellness but eventually he made it and qualified to go back to work. That was my first time I cried so hard because I thought I would be the next breadwinner of my family, The pressure was on my hands. I am here and working but my salary is not enough yet to support my family back home, so i was trembling that time that i couldn’t hide my fear and sadness. He was there and and he mind to asked me what my problem was. I was hesitant to tell him but he really insisted to know. I told him what was bothering me and I hugged him and he hugged me back. He even kissed my head (that was I felt) and that was the most comforting hug I ever received in my entire life. I swear, because after we hugged, I felt so relieved and didn’t mind to worry anymore. I mean, it gave me strength. I don’t know if it is only in my mind but swear to God, I’ve been so addictive with that hug. He was also there for me when the time that I was heartbroken with my ex. He saved me. He also supported me when I had the traumatizing moment with one of my relatives here. He was there for me. Apparently, because of what happened and my stupidity, I let him avoided me. 

    We had a great time together-he was making fun of me and we built a good friendship. He even told me about his life and some personal facts about him. We shared lots of it. But, in one snapped, that person was gone. We came back to square one, like strangers. I miss him. 

    Maybe, he was the one who will just passed by into my life and taught me things that might help me in the future and will depart soon. But, I will never forget him. He got a big role to my life here in Canada. Whatever they going to say, still he has a huge place in my heart. 

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  • Me gustaria pasar el restos de mis dias con alguien que no me necesite para nada, pero que me quiera para todo

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  • 11.11

    I glanced at my phone’s screen, the clock says it is already 11:11 pm— my favorite time of the night.

    My phone beeped and I saw Justin’s name flashing on the screen. I can feel my cheeks blushing.

    “Hi!” I said as I picked up the call. I’ve never been so excited in my life and Justin is the only man who can make me feel this way.

    “Hi beautiful. Ready for our midnight rendezvous?” He asked in a husky voice.

    Damn you Justin. You’re seducing me again.

    “Always ready. I already packed my things.” I said, smiling.

    “Okay. Meet me at the park. I’ll wait for you.” He said and dropped the call.

    I took my bag and important things with me. I carefully opened the door and tiptoed as I head to our backdoor. When I finally got out of our house, I ran to the park where I would meet Justin.

    When I arrived there, I saw Justin standing beside his car. He looks more handsome tonight. His brown hair is slightly damp, his eyes look sleepy and groggy but is still the most beautiful pair of eyes I’ve seen in my entire life. He wore a denim jacket with a black signature shirt inside paired with rugged pants and a pair of brown suede shoes. He is freaking hot.

    “Hi!” I greeted, then kissed him.

    “Hi my beautiful lady. Let’s go?” He said, then opened the front seat of his car.

    When I entered his car, the scent of men’s perfume, cigarettes, and wine welcomed me but I’m kind of used to it. He then reached something in the backseat and gave it to me.

    “Flowers for you.” He said then gave me a bouquet of white roses. My favorite.

    “Thank you.” I said and I kissed him.

    “So where are we going, lover boy?” I asked the moment he started the engine.

    “It’s a secret.” He gave me a boyish grin.

    “Oh well, I love surprises.” I gave him a seductive smile that made him grin more.

    “You should sleep first. I’ll wake you up when we arrive.” He said, and so I did what he told me to do so.

    “Hey… Francine, wake up. We’re here.” I felt Justin’s hands cupping my face to wake me up.

    “Where are we?” I asked as I fixed my hair.

    “Let’s get out of the car.”

    We got out of the car and saw that we were on a cliff. I looked up at the skies and got amazed because the sky looked so ethereal. The moon accentuated the beauty of the night. The stars were perfectly scattered in the sky that made it glow and glimmer in darkness. The pine trees swiftly moved because of the winds and fireflies that lit our path. The place was so serene. Away from the stressful life in the city.

    “Justin, this is so beautiful!” I exclaimed in happiness.

    “Do you like it?” He asked.

    “Are you kidding me? I love it here! Gosh! I should’ve brought my dslr camera with me.”

    “Let’s camp out here and spend the best night of our lives.” He said. I can feel the sadness in his voice. I wondered why?

    I took a sleeping mat inside my bag and laid it down the grass. Justin put the pillows and I also put the blanket in the mat. He made a bonfire to keep us warm. When he finished everything, he sat behind my back and hugged me.

    “Francine, you know you I love you right?” I know that… but why does it hurt sometimes?

    “And I love you too…” I answered with all my heart.

    “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.” He said then kissed me.

    I kissed back. Every night we did this. Every night at 11:11, we always met and spent the best nights of our life. We went to different places, didn’t mind what’s waiting for us the next day. We expressed our love every 11:11 and we returned home before the sun breaks. We did this for a year and I loved it.

    Our kisses become more intense and before we knew it we are making love again under the night sky. No one knew about it. Only the moon, the stars, the sky and the fireflies have witnessed the night we shared together. It was a secret. Our dirty little secret.

    I woke up when I felt Justin kissing my nape. He’s at it again. We just made love countless of times a while ago and he’s not getting tired.

    “Justin…stop.” I commanded and tried to move my body far from him.

    “You have to wake up, my sleeping beauty.” He said.

    “I’m still sleepy…” I said and closed my eyes again.

    “Just sleep in my car…” Ugh. I opened my eyes and sat.

    “What time is it?” I asked Justin who is putting his clothes on.

    “3:15 am.” He plainly answered and stood up.

    I didn’t answer him and put my clothes on. I fixed our stuffs and saw Justin staring at the bonfire. I glanced at him. The flame illuminated his eyes that are now filled with sadness and misery. He looks so tensed. His adam’s apple is swirling back and forth. I walked towards him and hugged him.

    “Justin… Are you okay?”

    He nodded.

    “Francine… you know that I love you, right?”

    “You already asked that a while ago.” I said.

    “Yes… But Francine, I’m sorry. I cannot do this with you anymore.” He uttered in a sad tone.

    I knew it. I always knew this to happen. I was just stupid enough to stick with him.

    “I knew this day would come…” I said as I tried to stop my tears.

    “I’m sorry… Let’s end this here.” He coldly stated and went inside his car.

    So… This is it? After making love, he’s breaking up with me?

    I went inside his car. I couldn’t stop crying. Stupid, I should’ve known better.

    The whole drive was quiet. He didn’t even bother to turn his stereo on. When we arrived at the park near our village, I knew this was finally over. We were over. No more 11:11 nights, no more midnight rendezvous.

    Before I stepped out of his car, he held my hand.

    “Francine, I know I’m such a big jerk… I’m sorry. You deserve better…” He kissed my forehead for the last time and handed me a pink envelope. After that, I went out of his car.

    As I was walking home, my tears won’t stop falling. My heart was shattered into a million pieces and I didn’t know if I’d able to fix it again.

    When I arrived in our house, it was already 4:30 am. No one was awake yet. I quietly went to my room and laid on my bed.

    I took the pink envelope Justin gave me. I opened it and saw Justin and a woman’s name written in scented papers. It broke my heart. I couldn’t read what’s inside the envelope anymore so I just threw it on the floor.

    My phone beeped. I saw a message from Justin.

    “Francine, I’m sorry. I said this for the nth time because I won’t stop saying sorry to you. I’m a jerk and you don’t deserve me. I love you…but I love her more than my life. I hope to see you in my wedding, my best friend.”

    Of course he loves her more… I’m just his best friend, his secret lover, his dirty little secret, his midnight rendezvous, his mistress, his 11:11 wish.

    No more 11:11 nights with him because he’s getting married now with the love of his life; my sister.

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    He asked if I wanted to be his sometimes. I told him it depends. I’ll totally be his girl sometimes.

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  • Life alone.

    Living life alone…

    Its hard

    It’s hard staying away from the home grown

    It’s hard making anything my own

    It’s hard living In this society with a minor tone

    My life alone

    Feels like my heart is made of stone

    I miss you everyday and nothing stops this hurtful groan

    Life just me

    It’s harder and harder everyday to clearly see

    Who the hell even is the real me

    So I write a poem, knowing

    That you will witness my confessions

    I confess I miss her

    But in my mind I face resistance

    I wanna be alone, but I hate the distance

    I dont know what to think now

    I’m not the best to be around.

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  • #Forbiddenlove Single Drops June 14 now Available for Pre-order @maddiblaire x @plutoammons
    @laidandcoolinrecords #newmusic

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  • @starlife.sa :
    Will #Arnav save #Khushi and clear all the apprehensions that she has on her mind about #Arnav’s behaviour towards her…⠀

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  • „Believe in the impossible. Sometimes things are different than you think.“


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  • Credit to @starlife.sa :
    Where is #Anjali-#Shyam’s marriage headed? ⠀
    Will #Khushi disclose details about #Shyam’s disloyalty to #Anjali? Does #Anjali’s gut feel ring a bell! ⠀
    #ForbiddenLove Mon-Fri 10pm CAT only on #StarLife on #DStv 167 and #Openview 110⠀
    Now available in English & Hindi Audio along with English subtitles

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  • Last time I saw him was two years ago.

    I figured my feelings for him were long gone.

    I guess I was right, or at least that is what I thought.

    A month ago, I saw him again, on the street;

    We looked at each other, our eyes connected as they always had.

    Both of us zoning out, as if only US existed at the moment.

    Neither of us believing what was in front of us.

    My heart raced, he blushed wide-eyed,

    Almost as if he knew just what I was thinking.

    I bet he did, because I am sure he thought the same thing.

    How screwed we both were, realizing that not only we still felt the same way,

    But that we were willing to let go of everything we had built,

    Just to run back into each other’s arms, again.

    Not a single word spoken, but I swear I heard his mind whispering.

    Whispering all the things that he never got the guts to say,

    He did not need to; I already knew everything.

    I do not love him anymore, neither does he,

    Yet I am sure we will forever be drawn to each other,

    Not because of love, but because of the vacuum we left on each other’s souls.

    Destined to look for one another in every person we meet,

    Neither being able to fill the emptiness in our heart.

    The weight over our chests never disappearing.

    The way my mind always goes back to him the moment I hear that song,

    Or how he thinks of me every time he looks at the moon.

    This was never meant to be a love story, nor one with a happy ending.

    In this story, the prince does not save the princess,

    He is the one trying to kill her;

    Little do they know that she does not want to be saved.

    How badly she wants to be drowned by him.

    How happily she would let him tear her heart out of her chest and simply stab it,


    This is to you, the guy who broke me,

    The one that forbid me to ever fall in love again.

    Condemned me to be forever afraid of opening up to someone ever again.

    I do not hate you for this though.


    Because I condemned you to be drawn to girls like me,

    To be drawn to the darkness.

    However, do not worry my sweet love, our time will come;

    That is one of the few things that I know for sure.

    We will find each other again,

    Whether it is this life or the next.

    No matter how bad we were for each other,

    Like a drug,

    The more damage it causes you,

    The less you are able to live without it.

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    To the sun of my morning, moon of my night and stars of my galaxy..

    Hi there! here I am, alone in the train, I leaned on the window as if it was a pillow, relaxingly watching the birds soaring freely up in the bright blue sky.

    I then suddenly smile and remember just in few miles I will see your smile..

    God knows how thankful I am having you in my life..

    My always..

    Thank you for taking care of me,

    For being there when I had no one,

    For making my ordinary day extra special,

    For making me feel how worthy I am and not just a simple woman..

    I’m in love with the way you treat me as if I am your little princess..

    When I feel lost, you were there to save me..

    I will always remember the moment you hugged me from my back, after years, I felt all the butterflies dancing in my stomach.. it was a good damn feeling I wish I‘ll constantly have..

    I can still picture in my mind the first time we walk together, only the two of us, between thousands of people who slowly passing by..

    It’s a real deal. I know I’m no longer dreaming.

    Yes! That moment feels like we own the world and everything else seems they stop moving..

    Remember the first time we had our lunch, yes, just you and me.. I was there across, staring at you, taking pictures while you were there enjoying your favourite meal..

    I wish I could save those photos that I secretly took, post it and let the world know that this man is making me so damn happy.

    I say food is our common denominator, so our first, became second, third and until I can no longer remember how many times we went to different places for our so called little “date”.

    Slowly, we are getting to know each other. You told me your stories and so am I.

    Remember the first time you tap my back and said “relax”, little did you know that you just made my heart skips a beat.

    Remember the time you offered a hand but I declined, if only you know how much I’d love to entwined your fingers to mine, cause if I did it might be hard for me to let go..

    Man! you’re even sweeter than those sweets you gave me.. you always make sure I’m okay and if I’m not, you made all your possible ways to make things better, God knows how thankful I am having you in my life..

    Every day, I fall harder, this feelings of mine can no longer hide.

    and if you only know that I genuinely smile every time I remember you told me you love me..

    And oh! never will I forget the day you send me home, before we part ways you whispered “take care” and kissed me goodbye.. yes! it was the sweetest kiss on forehead I’ve ever had.. and wish to continuously have.

    When I am with you, I wish time could stop until sunset, cause I know we both need to say goodbye.. how I wish I could also say ‘good night’, but this little cruel world reminds us that it not yet “our” perfect time..

    So every night before I close my eyes, I hope that I still have you when sun rise. Cause man! we both know it’s love, but we both know we can’t. It’s forbidden, but it’s real.

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  • 8. Dear Future Ex,


    Originally posted by tilldeathdousart

    The likelihood of you becoming my “Ex” has increased now that your mother knows about us. You told me she asked who I am and you told her I am just a friend from university. I think your mother is smart enough to make out when you are bluffing or telling the truth.

    I am unsure if she asked you similar questions with your past relationships but telling you to stop fooling around and talking about potential marriage makes me feel like we finally received the deadline for “us”.

    I thought I can easily accept that and just enjoy the time we have but it hurts a lot. I sincerely love you and I know if I become your wife, I will dedicate my life to you. However, I might have already lost the chance to do that because I don’t fit the requirements. You are Muslim, I am a Catholic. We come from different religious and cultural backgrounds. I am not confident I will be accepted on your side, while in mine, we might have to struggle before they accept us.

    I feel it’s a bit unfair. You’re a good man and my family won’t see past your religion. With time, they might open their hearts and mind but do we even have that time?

    And once your family finds someone for you, what is going to happen to me? I am well aware of the possibility before we started our relationship but it doesn’t make it hurt less. I believe my family raised me well and I have my little milestones as a woman, both in my career and my life. I have lived 28 years to prepare myself for a man like you. I never thought I’d get married but with you, I welcomed the idea.

    However, we might not get past the fact that I don’t suit the requirements for your future wife because of where I came from or my belief. My personality and values might as well be pointless.

    It seems like continuing our relationship is a suicide for both our hearts because we are bound to get hurt. Still, I have made up my mind to hold onto you for as long as I can. You also gave me hope because you said that even if your family might give you options, you can also choose who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    If you will fight for me then I’ll give you something to fight for. I will have to do more thinking but my heart knows who it belongs to. I might need to leave everything I worked hard for myself and my family behind so I can be with you. The people around me thinks it’s crazy and it is too early to make a decision.

    One thing is for sure though, I found my happiness with you. I might do crazy things for that happiness.

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  • ー I’m in love to someone who i can’t be with…

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