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  • natashaisdead
    26.11.2021 - 7 hours ago

    men should be allowed to take what they want 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  • ftm-g1rl
    26.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i wanna be ruined so bad. i wanna be turned into an obedient slave, i wanna be a dumb ditzy bimbo doll, i wanna be bred over and over, i wanna be a pretty little cow, i wanna be a dolly for someone, i wanna be a housewife, god id do anything, you can make me into a breeding bitch or you can turn me into the perfect housewife for you. ill be a pretyy bmbo ill be dum ill do whatever you want. please just dm me.

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  • too-hard-and-fast
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    I want to go to bed with someone and wait til i know they're asleep. Starting off gently, moving them onto their back, pulling their underwear off, running my fingers over their slit to get them wet. I'd be careful at first to not wake them, gently sliding my cock into their cunt, but eventually I'd give in and just start fucking them. When they wake up they start saying no and trying to squirm away. I'd clamp a hand over their throat to pin them down and stop their noise. Their movements would start to slow as they begin to black out. "Don't worry baby, go back to sleep, you can wake up once I'm done breeding you."

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  • daddywishes
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    the masculine urge to fill you with cum

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  • rvzorkxsses
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    A dom slowly losing patience with their sub who is stuck in an abusive household as they challenge their dom's advice and make careless choices and disregard their well being until the dom finally snaps and takes them to a secluded area close to nature with the intent to bring them to the most vulnerable and helpless mindset of their life.

    The dom slowly kisses the sub and orders them to undress. The sun beats down on the sub's supple, radiant skin as they shakily remove each article of clothing, one by one, as they know the dom brought them there for a reason.

    The dom pulls a soft blanket, a heart rate monitor, a vibrator, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and a vial of ayahuasca out of their bag, and lays the blanket in the grass. They order their sub to lay on the blanket before teasing them to get the dopamine and oxytocin flowing in the sub's brain.

    The dom attaches the heart rate monitor to the sub's wrist and begins to tease the sub. The sub becomes increasingly sensitive to touch as the dom teases their clit, tracing the sub's errogenous zones with their index finger, sending chills through the sub's spine, making them whine and shake and quiver on command, denying them of orgasm each time they get close. The dom slaps the sub's hand away as they mindlessly try to touch themselves, watching as the sub's desperate tears run down their soft cheeks into their hair. "Not yet baby, I'm no where near finished with you." The dom says, smirking.

    The dom hands the sub the vial and orders them to drink it. The sub is reckless and stupid, therefore it's no problem getting them to succumb to the dom's plans. The dom, both disappointed and amused, smirks. "You really are dumb aren't you?" The sub gets slightly offended, as their angst and ignorance gives them a false sense of power.

    The dom quickly interrupts the sub's moment of pride by pressing their lips against the sub's while slowly pushing their fingers into their needy cunt, feeling the contraction as their fingers curl upward, causing the sub to melt back into a quivering mess. "Just look at you. " Says the dom, looking the sub directly in the eyes.

    The dom has about an hour before the full effects envelop the sub in colourful ecstacy. The dom decides to use this time to edge the sub, watching their heart rate spike each time they're brought close to orgasm, then baseline at a higher rate as the harmine and dmt in the ayahuasca slowly metabolize, increasing the sub's sensitivity each minute. The sub begs for the dom to get them off, but the dom ignores their plead and slowly kisses their neck, making their way down the sub's chest and belly until finally reaching their clitoris and A spot, dancing their tongue on them just enough to keep shocking the sub's nervous system. At this point the sub's tonsils and legs are tingling with futile anticipation.

    The sub notices the contrast of the trees change against the sky and become more prominent. Colours begin to radiate from each individual leaf. The sub becomes anxious from the overwhelming feelings brought by their surroundings, but is distracted by the hours of torturous edging.

    The full effects of the ayahuasca begin to hit. The sub becomes overwhelmed with awe and euphoria as their vision becomes enveloped by colours and patterns that their brain can barely render. Still edging the sub, the dom checks the heart rate monitor attached to the sub. The sub's brain becomes flooded with serotonin and melatonin, causing countless memories and thoughts to flash through their mind.

    The sub quickly begins to panic as their entire reality is torn apart and they spiral into a complete near-death-experience. Their fight-or-flight reaction is triggered causing them to fear for their life.

    The sub shrieks, but can barely manage to form words.

    "What's wrong, little one? You were so brave when you drank the vial." the dom says. "You're the one that said you weren't afraid of dying, remember? You're the one that doesn't care about yourself. Now you get to see what it's like to be brought within millimeters of death itself. Now you get to see through my eyes."

    The dom keeps watch of the sub's heart rate to ensure that the sub's heart doesn't give in. The sub's heart rate becomes significantly higher and peaks at around144bpm, as the dom expected from their own prior experiences.

    The sub begins to flail and cry discontentedly, which causes the dom to stop. The sub finally manages to figure out how to form words again, and shrieks while grasping at their dom's chest "Don't let me die.."

    The dom stops edging the sub and wraps their arms around them, making sure they don't hurt themselves in psychosis.

    "Shh, you're okay. I promise. You're not dying. Everything is okay. I got you. It's okay. It's not forever. I'm here." The dom says as they brush the sub's tears away with their finger.

    The dom buries the sub's head in their chest, making sure the sub hears their hearbeat, which echoes to their soul, bringing a familiar sense of peace that makes them feel as if that sound is the string their life is held onto. "This is home" says the dom. The sub finally begins to calm down, but their mind is still raw and fried.

    "Im sorry,," the sub whimpers, unaware as to why they're apologizing. Still holding the sub, the dom begins to tease them once again, the slightest touch surging through their body like a tazer.

    "You're wetter than ever, did the risk of death really make you that pathetic in heat?"

    The sub whines, still floating in psychosis, shaking from the shock.

    The dom lays the sub face down on the blanket and begins to kiss the sub's neck.

    "You're so fragile and easy to overpower when you're this shook up." the dom says before forcefully shoving their cock in the sub's desperate cunt. The sub hears the click of a vibrator turning on. The dom grabs the subs hands and puts them over their head, interlocking their fingers with one hand as they hold the vibrator in the other and stimulate the sub's clit while relentlessly pounding into them, watching them gasp for air as they overstimulate the sub over and over, filling them with cum, each orgasm causing the vivid colours and shapes to synchronize with the intensity.

    "You belong to me now, you're my pet, free to use however I please." the dom says.

    When the sub recovers, the dom gives them gama-aminobutyric acid and water to hydrate them and to lull them into a catatonic state, holding them in their own mess until they drift off to sleep.

    The sub wakes up from what they believed to be a dream, but open their eyes to an unfamiliar room. They quickly snap awake and look around to find their dom laying next to them.

    "Where am I?" the sub asks.

    "Home." replies the dom.

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  • luffysthickwaifu
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Heres a peak at the Benimaru Shinmonx Black Fem Reader smut in my story Rise of the Gods 😌

    Warnings: MINORS DNI 🔞, Explicit sexual content, Praising Kink, Breeding, Dom/sub

    Beni started hovering over you never breaking your kiss as he slowly slid his tongue into your mouth. His tongue taking dominance over yours, he pulled back from the kissing to catch his breath as he slowly untied your yukata to be greeted with your light purple lingerie and smiled. "You look so helpless and I love it." he said as he started placing kisses around your chest. He unhooks your bra letting your breasts fall from the pressure as you untied his yukata revealing his defined muscular body an abs.

    Beni slowly licks his lips as he completely takes off his yukata throwing it to the side. He starts to lick and suck on your breasts giving both of them equal attention as you let out soft moans from feeling his tongue lap over your hard nipples. You let out a pleased hum as Beni started placing hungry kisses down your body making his way to your soaked panties. "Your already so wet for me my love." he said as he ran his fingers over your wet panties. You started breathing heavier as he slid off your panties with ease eyeing your dripping folds, "Finally." he said as he placed a kiss on your folds. Your back slightly arched from feeling his hot breath against your sensitive cunt, "W-Wait I need to take this off." You said in a breathy moan.

    Beni slid your Yukata off and tossing it near his, "I love you so much." He said as he slid a finger into your wet cunt. "I- I love you too." you said in a shaky moan feeling his finger pump inside of you. He started to place a slow lick on your wet cunt, "Mhm still just a sweet as I remembered." he said as he buried your entire cunt into his mouth. "F-Fuck d-daddy." You let out in a trembling moan. Beni starts to slap his tongue over your folds while he pushed a second finger inside of you, he could feel your insides clenching around his slinder fingers,"About to cum already? We're just barley getting started." he said removing his fingers.

    He brought his focus to your clit as he starts to lick and suck it earning a spew of moan fly out your mouth while your eyes slowly rolled to the back of your head as you felt your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks. "Mhm." Beni said as he licked up all of your juices, making your body jolt from the over stimulation. He raises up from in between your legs his mouth and chin glistening from your juices as he pulls you into a sloppy kiss, "Now get on all fours for me." Beni said in a seductive tone.

    You obeyed getting all fours arching your back as far as it could go, while Beni brought down his hand on your ass leaving a red mark. "That was for the teasing." he said as he slowly rubbed his dick against your folds giving his dick some lubrication. He thrusts inside of you harshly making you sit up only to be pushed back down by Beni's forearm, "Nu huh keep your back arched." he said in a stern seductive tone. Beni pounded into your cunt as squelching wet noises filled the woods with your moans, while he slaps your ass making you throw your head back in ecstasy.

    "Fuck" he said as he grabbed your neck feeling your cunt clench around him. "You like it when I fuck you rough don't you." he said tightening his grip on your neck. The only thing you could do was nod your head, he lets go of your neck letting you fall back onto all fours while his strokes become sloppy, he brings down his hand again to slap your ass. "Fuck me harder daddy." You said feeling your urge to cum take over you while he pounded into your sweet spot. "Shit." Beni said as you both came together.

    The both of you were panting like dogs, as Beni laid on top of placing a soft kiss upon the back of your neck, "Its been so long since we had fun outside like this." Beni said as he pulled out of you. You let out a small gasp and collapse flat on your stomach, "It has." you said softly. Beni laughs at the state he left you in, "Its not funny." you said lightly shoving him. "Aw c'mon its a little funny." he said pulling you closer to him.

    Want to read a smut filled story where Captain Benimaru Shinmon is your long lost husband then follow me on Wattpad: ThickMeeMaw 😌

    #wattpad #black fem reader #black female reader #black woman magic #fire force benimaru #benimaru x black!reader #benimaru fanfiction#benimaru smut#soulmate#ambw fic#animexblackfemreader#anime fanfic#animexblackreader#animelover#anime smut#breeding kink#praising kink #cross posted on ao3 #crosspostedonwattpad#ambw relationships#fire force #fire force smut #benimaru x reader
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  • invivoinsomnium
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago


    The world has changed, now it is a dystopia, you’ve tried to run, to hide but in the end you couldn’t prevent your capture. Take by a breeding cult, you were held for months of bred every day until you finally begun to show.

    Now, after nine long, hard months it’s finally time to deliver that which has been growing inside you. You’re belly is large, resting heavily low, the contractions have been building slowly and now there seems to be no reprieve.

    You’re escorted to an open room, this chair awaits you, you were bred upon it, it is only fair you give birth upon it. You are strapped down, naked and exposed, sides of your belly dipping in with a contraction. All those who had a hand in your breeding's enter the room, waiting to witness the deliverance of new life.

    When you cry out, begging for relief, the midwife enters, the only other woman alive within the underground compound; the one who held your legs open while you were bred, you fed you fertility drugs, performed your examinations during the pregnancy and milked you when your breasts began to swell. She ensured this pregnancy would be successful.

    “I know it hurts,” she coos rubbing your belly before pressing her fingers into the firm flesh, “and it’s not surprising, this is the largest I’ve seen so far. You’re really going to have to work hard, as you know, this is going to be all natural. Don’t scream or beg, just focus on breathing, you’re going to need your strength for the pushing,” she explains, though you both know that when she tells you to push you will scream as your body stretches as the pain becomes too much.

    She kneels, pulling on her gloves in order to check your progress, “another hour and then I think we can begin,” she smiles.

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