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  • ofsirensongs
    30.04.2020 - 1 year ago

          “ her beauty disarms you. it takes away your weapons and your guard, and you won’t even fucking realize it until it’s too late. until she’s baring her teeth and dragging you under the waves, and devouring you whole... she’s siren, and pirate, and god, all in one. ”  

          [ minka kelly / cisfemale / 40 ] ❛ from over the ocean far [ lyric loveday ] has come from [ mermaid’s return / captain ] to sail upon the fortuna. LYRIC is known as the [ siren ] on board, fitting considering they are quite [ captivating & ruthless ]. supposedly that’s why the captain chose HER to be her [ gunner ]. ❜ 

          hey guys ! i’m medusa & i’ll be playing yer local two-faced cutie, miss lyric loveday, herself. she’s a new muse so pls bear w/ me <3


    in lyric’s world, no good man exists. merely a bad man with a good mask. 

    born helga krader on a stormy night in cape town, south africa to two british colonists researchers, the girl is beloved from the moment she takes her first breath. she’s the light of their lives and the heart of their world. an angel in the flesh.

    tw illness, death: she’s 7 years old when she contracts a deadly illness. though she puts up a hearty fight, her frail body finally succumbs to it. her parents mourn, angry with god and fate and death, itself. and guilty, blaming their wrongdoings for the outcome. 

    it’s through a tribe they discover a supposedly magical, healing pond in the midst of the (newlands) forest. as the tale goes, the girl’s parents, so desperate to reverse the finality, took the girl’s body to the pond late in the night and dipped her into the waters. nothing would occur, and they would fall asleep at the edge, sorrowful. 

    only to witness a miracle the next morning. when, to their shock, their dear daughter woke them from their slumber. wondering where they were, and how they’d gotten there. 

    at first, it was a blessing. a promise that their prayers had been answered. but when the weeks went by and the girl’s hair turned pale and white, they had to wonder. was it a blessing or a curse they had bestowed upon her? had they defied fate by their actions? what would now be the take to the give? 

    tw death: their answer would come in three years’ time. they became sick like their daughter had. despite their best doctors and healers, the two would pass from the illness. having heard the tale about the pond, the 10 year old girl would manage a trip to it (somehow, and perhaps w/ help) with her parents’ bodies. she dipped them into the waters and slept beside its edge. hoping. praying. begging. but the next morning would promise her no relief. her parents were still gone. she deemed the ‘magical’ pond a lie and swore to never believe in child’s tales again.

    the girl is shipped off to a seaside town in england, where she would live with her unknown uncle and his family. the minute she arrives in the country, she is sure that her troubles have only just begun. but she holds out on some hope. her uncle and his family treat her as an outsider from the start. they regard the ‘witch child’ with disdain, merely keeping her for her parents’ wealth. while she remains soft spoken and gentle, they look and act like the offspring of cursed gods. 

    tw abuse: she becomes the source of all their problems. the burden, the disease. the one to blame whenever a chair breaks or a trinket is stolen from the market, by aunt and uncle and cousins. they brand her ‘hideous’ every time they scold her. ‘rotten, ignorant, worthless.’ and she grows bitter deep in her heart because of it. 

    tw murder: she’s in her teens when her town is raided by pirates. they take and take, and when there’s nothing left to offer, she’s shoved forward by her aunt and uncle. ‘take the girl. we don’t want her.’ no, they never did. but she’s shocked. however, fate would change course that day. the pirate captain, struck silent by the act and the girl’s intriguing appearance, decided to test her. he handed her a dagger and then he pushed her family to their knees. ‘kill them, here and now, and i’ll take you. but not as my prisoner, as one of my own.’ resentment fueled, the girl grabs the dagger and splits throats. her first taste of power and revenge at life’s cruelties, and it feels good. 

    it’s safe to say she changes from that day on. said captain of mermaid’s return, richard loveday, adopts the girl as his own child. throwing away her ‘old burdens’ and renaming her lyric loveday - the siren of the seven seas. she becomes a myth in the pirate world. claims are made that she is a siren. that she was born underwater, locked away in an atlantis, that with one dulcet tone of her voice she can sing an army into the depths of the ocean. but as much as her singing voice is heavenly, these remain tales told by pirates and sailors. she entertains and humors them. so long as no one knows the real story. 

    when richard dies, the ship is handed to lyric. no one fights her for the title, because they’re loyal and they know what happens when someone challenges the silver haired woman. they wind up swimming with the fishes, after unpleasant tortures. lyric is merciless when it comes to opposition and enemies. she’ll make an example out of you, and it won’t matter the details or the begging or the crime. 

    not that she’s always horrible. or that she’s disliked. in fact, her crew prize/d her as the best. with the decisive and hard hand of a leader, the perception and cleverness of a politician, and the playful and adventurous ways of a pirate. she is the beloved lady of the ship. the one every member hopes to prove something to, without realizing it. 

    lyric knows of captain biyu. she knows of the ‘myths of the world.’ like the very pond she’d been taken to as a child. she’d sworn them off, though, hadn’t she? and yet... when the captain offered a contract to find lost treasure beyond their wildest dreams, lyric considered. and then she accepted the terms. there’s a part of her that still wonders. had the pond been selective with its choosing? was there more out there than coin and gems and crowns? if there was, maybe she was destined in some way to uncover it (narcissism, vanity, and ego at its finest). 

    her crew may have been forced to go with, or may have been asked. depends on who! so they could be irritated by the change or they could be honored / as curious as their captain is about this adventure. perhaps some (or all) conspiring to overthrow biyu, fortuna’s crew, and the former ships/crews once the treasure is in hand. after all, that’s lyric’s goal. use your resources, then snuff out the competition. even if she does admire the latter. 


    is of english descent. has a mixed english/south african accent. 

    as for languages, lyric is known for studying them intensely. in fact, if she weren’t a pirate, she’d be a translator of texts. grants certain crew members double their winnings after raids if they teach her a new language. master fluency: english, afrikaans, french, hindi, persian, arabic, indonesian (sundanese dialect). average fluency: italian, punjabi, indonesian (javanese dialect), spanish, mandarin. basic fluency: greek, portuguese. 

    she is bisexual, biromantic (tends to lean towards women for romance). she doesn’t typically go into serious or long-term relationships. has maybe once or twice before. most of her ‘relationships’ are open-ended and considered flings / fwb sort of deals. 

    looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you type. a sinnamon roll, if you will. 

    has a soft spot for children, especially ones ‘outcasted’ for looks or traits, etc. naturally, she sees herself in them and she believes they’re capable of so much more. 

    is not exactly happy she’s demoted to basic gunner. but then again, she sees the logic in biyu’s decision. she plays nicely because of it, at least on the outside. 

    is still very soft in mannerisms and vocal tone, very gentle in physical contact. you’d think she was an angel, if it weren’t for the reputation she’s received. still, her ways trick people because they have the habit of forgetting in her company. or thinking themselves special, and out of reach. 

    is ambidextrous and it’s come in handy. pun intended. 

    #fortuna:intro #so yeah i Rambled
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  • cutlss
    27.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    [ bruna marquezine / cisfemale / 26 ] ❛ from over the ocean far [ marisa moraes ] has come from [ bounty hunting ] to sail upon the fortuna. marisa is known as the [ medusa ] on board, fitting considering they are quite [ reliable & hedonistic ]. supposedly that’s why the captain chose her to be her [ gunner ]. ❜ / ava. 21. est. she/her. 

    here’s my second lady! willa is the softy but marisa will cut you.

    current position. gunner name. marisa “medusa” moraes age. 26 date of birth. august 5th  gender. female orientation. bisexual religion. hellenistic 

    former ship. n/a former position. bounty hunter


    faceclaim. bruna marquezine. hair. long, straight, brown. usually worn down or pulled up when working  height. 5″5′


    mother. adrianna sousa † father. lucas moraes siblings. probably a bunch partner. n/a


    * small details subject to change

    marisa’s was raised by her father lucas, they were wealthy and high-class thanks to her father’s private clubs throughout brazil. the clubs were mostly gambling dens and used to transport stolen goods from the pirates on his payroll. she had no siblings in the house and they never spoke of her mother. marisa was never sure if it was because she died or because she left her father.

    she never dreamed of leaving their town, the power they held over the citizens was too satisfying to let go. she expected to take over her father’s empire when he got too old and though her father never told her directly he did slowly start to groom her to do so.

    at fourteen she started working for her father as a messenger between his clubs and employees. she ran money, information, anything that needed to be transported quickly and quietly on land. 

    she got into fights with the local kids far more than she should, she didn’t win all of them but she fought dirty to get her kicks in. no one spoke to her after she pulled a knife that was hidden in her boot and stabbed the kid in the arm when he had her in a headlock. 

    when she was sixteen she started working as a collector. it was a fun job, learning about the people she was tracking, figuring out where they’d be, how to get them alone. she failed her first job, she got too cocky, too ambitious and she ended up killing the man in a greasy alleyway. 

    her success rate improved steadily following that incident and over the years her father’s wealth began to increase and the fear they imposed grew as well. it was around this time she realized she wasn’t that interested in being the head of the business, she liked getting her hands dirty, not sitting back and letting others do it for her. thankfully, when she was seventeen a man, around 20, came to her father claiming to be his son. 

    she found out easily that he was just a false claimant, a few had tried over the years, but if she remained quiet they both could get something out of it. he would take over when lucas passed on and marisa would stay on the payroll doing whatever she wished.

    his name was abel and he was marisa’s first for everything. 

    at eighteen abel killed her father and sent every man he had at his disposal after marisa. she may have said she didn’t want it but her very existence was a threat to his new fortune. 

    she’s hopped from ship to ship, from country to country, escaping the men searching for her, making coin by offering up her services. she took every job she could: finding a missing wife, killing a mistress, hunting a wild dog -- anything to afford a meal and a place to sleep. eventually, she started taking on bounties of local criminals, which went for much more than an adulterous husband, and her name started to get around. 

    she was was already in nassau on a job when she heard about the crew biyu was hunting. she didn’t have much pirating experience, other than the few times she sailed with the pirates affiliated with her father but she was determined, even with a crew this large the treasure she was after was sure to fill her pockets for some time. 

    #just updated my theme and made a new navi page to make it easier! #i also added a page so u can find ur interactions with either of them #and now im off to work :-) #fortuna:intro
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  • cutlss
    25.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    hi everyone! i’m ava and it’s been a hot minute since i’ve been in the rp scene but i'm super stoked to explore these characters with all of you. 

    [ eleanor tomlinson / cisfemale / 27 ] ❛ from over the ocean far [ willa netley ] has come from [ wifehood ] to sail upon the fortuna. WILLA is known as the [ green ] on board, fitting considering they are quite [ intrepid & naive ]. supposedly that’s why the captain chose her to be her [ swabbie ]. ❜ / ava. 21. est. she/her.


    current position. swabbie name. willa “the green” sweete netley age. 27 date of birth. october 20th gender. female orientation. straight/questioning  religion. catholic.

    former ship. n/a former position. wife :/


    faceclaim. eleanor tomlinson hair. red, wild curls, usually pulled back height. 5″6′


    mother. agnes netley (nee tallmadge) father. abraham netley siblings. benjamin, adam, hannah, edward, alice and george. partner. nathaniel sweete n/a


    tw // abortion

    willa was the second born child and first daughter to agnes and abraham netley. her mother always told her what a quiet child she was, only cried once or twice until she stopped altogether. after her came the rest of the netley offspring -- adam, hannah, edward, alice and george. benjamin was the eldest of them all but he was gone as soon as he was able.

    they weren’t a rich family by any means. they owned some land through inheritance but her father worked incredibly hard to keep the growing family afloat through difficult times, taking time off the farm to work at the local carpenters, leaving the fields to willa and her siblings. her mother wasn’t one for working, nor was she one for mothering. when she was old enough to feed herself agnes had her daughter feeding the others until willa was spending her every waking hour caring for her siblings rather than herself.

    she found moments of course, to be alone. small morsels of time -- the late hours of the night, the early mornings, even a stolen second during a walk when she makes a turn she’s not suppose and presses her back against a tree, takes a breath longer than she needs to. is this what it feels like to be a mother?

    benjamin came to visit from time to time. he told tales of the ocean and all the far off lands. willa listened to him talk for hours, enraptured. 

    when she’s 22 she’s married off to nathaniel sweete. he’s an officer in his majesty’s royal army. she’s barely said two words to him before he’s pressing his lips to hers in front of their families and she thinks she could wants this. it doesn’t have to be an obligation like the rest of her life, she could love him. except she never sees him. he’s gone for weeks at a time and she’s left alone in their home. when he does come back she only sees him at night.

    a child never came into the picture and though it saddened willa, nathaniel could barely look at her anymore. his friends wives were carrying their second or third, their mistresses on their first. they try and try again.

    she’s 26 now. nathaniel is away. her bleed hasn’t come when it’s due. instead of the happiness she expected, willa’s stomach turns to to stone. years of trying, of tear, of fights -- everything could be fine now, nathaniel wouldn’t look at her with such disdain, they could be a family -- but she knows she can’t do this. a life of serving others, a life doing what others wanted and expected of her, never a moment to herself unless it was stolen. she doesn’t want that for the rest of it. 

    she’s never wanted anything before. she doesn’t know how to go about it. but once she realized it; the floodgates are open. there are so many things she’d like to try, places she’d like to go. she wants adventure, danger, romance. to feel alive would be something grand. 

    there are so many mothers with their handfuls of children. no one would miss her nor the one she was growing so she brewed some tea, a special tea she had heard in hushed whispers, in dark corners. she doesn’t know if it works. there’s a pain in her stomach, it burns all the way down but she can’t be sure. she doesn’t want to wait around and find out.

    she spends the next few months travelling to all the places her brother described. she turns 27 just as the boat pulls into the harbour on nassau. on the island she rents a room in a lodge, it’s small just as she’s accustomed to. her stomach hasn’t swelled in the time past and her bleed has come and gone a couple of times. she can live as she wishes.


    wanted connections.

     this will be updated later because i have no brain cells right now but i’m open to plotting of course!

    #fortuna:intro #heyo everyone !! #this will probably be updated later i dont really know her yet lmao
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  • ofhectors
    17.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    [ michael trevino / male / 32 ] ❛ from over the ocean far hector reyes  has come from curse of atlantis (boatswain) to sail upon the fortuna. HECTOR is known as the  unenchanted  on board, fitting considering they are quite meticulous & resentful. supposedly that’s why the captain chose HIM to be her surgeon. ❜ 

    hey!! for those who haven’t met me, i’m alexa and i’m excited to be here. this is my first time writing a pirate, but i’m hyped to be playing my trash son, hector instead of him floating in my head. (fun fact: his first iteration was a silicon valley tech bro). interested in plotting? just like this post and i’ll reach out! or feel free to contact me on discord (alexa 🌙#2005). 


    full name : hector gabriel reyes vasquez nickname(s) : none age : 32 dob: december 27th, 1693 zodiac: capricorn (sun) / scorpio (moon) / aquarius (rising) gender: cis male pronouns: he/him orientation: heterosexual (or is he?) languages spoken: english, spanish, portugese (learning) languages written and read: english & spanish

    his story.

    on an island off the coast of mexico, hector was raised as a prince by his parents, but not enough to upset the spaniards who actually governed the island. his father was a fisherman, beloved by all and respected for his skill. while his mother managed the only inn on the island. 

    despite how well-respected his father was on the island, the reyes family knew their place in their place under spanish rule. at least, that’s what they attempted to teach their son. even as a child, he dreamt more for himself, daring himself to achieve more than the spaniards. 

    a naturally bright child, he had spent his childhood and early teenage years studying the secondhand books tossed aside. while others his age strayed away to forge their own path, hector only fell deeper and more determined to be a man like his father. he was no more than a child who never unlearned hero worship.  

    a childhood of eavesdropping on his parents taught him life was cruel. while they lived comfortably, hector believed they deserved more. a silent fury sat at his core and it only grew the more he found out from the people who visited their island. 

    power was currency, so he tailored himself adapting himself for every situation. he lived off the approval and praise of his peers. becoming whatever he needed to be for personal advancement till he was in the lion’s den - the personal doctor of the island governor.  a glorified attendant for the man who made their island suffer. 

    as expected, it wasn’t enough for hector. however, before he could proceed to the next stage of his plan, his world collapsed on itself. some would say it was a case of bad timing. maybe if he hadn’t to help a farmer with their cattle, he would had been on time instead of running late. if he had been on time, maybe he could had continued to live in ignorance. 

    something died in hector the day he saw his father leave the bedroom of the governor’s wife. for a moment, his vindictive nature found a new target, his maker. only now, the vindictiveness he felt was nothing more than a cruel apparition of the sadness he felt. 

    for the first time, hector acted out in fury. he wasn’t his father’s son, he was a son prepared to protect his mother’s honor. over weeks, he gradually fed his father’s mistress poison. he watched in silence as the poison slowly killed her. when he was brought in to care for her, hector ensured the bag of belladonna was planted on his father’s boat. any love he had for his father died months ago.

    though fate wasn’t done with hector. maybe it was punishment for his role in condemning his father to an early death, but a year later his mother found herself ill. despite fetching the physicians from the nearby islands, none of them seem to know a cure for her illness. 

    now, he wasn’t one to believe in fairy tales. hector had only cared for what could be proved with logic and reason, but the fear of losing his mother brought out desperation. there was tales of an old witch on a neighboring island who talked to forgotten gods and how she could perform miracles in exchange for a favor. 

    there was always a loophole he thought, the night he gave the witch his blood to seal their deal. the witch wouldn’t be the first person he fooled, his ego laughed. 

    yet, destiny was a cruel mistress. only two years later, the witch contacted him to repay her for her services.  apparently it was his job to find a lost treasure, a locket that supposedly contained the heart of star, for the hag. he attempted to present her a forged locket which only caused the witch to laugh at his hubris, “magic can’t be forged, you foolish boy”. 

    when the witch’s patience with him growing thin,  she gave him an ultimatum. leave the island and only return when he found the locket or risk the return of his mother’s illness. return without the locket and the witch promised to erase his mother’s memories of him. while he couldn’t prove the witch was actually capable of fulfilling her promise, hector couldn’t take the risk. 

    joining the curse of atlantis as the crew’s surgeon, he left his childhood home behind. over the span of two years, he climbed the ranks and became a boatswain if only to keep a closer eye on the loot the crew acquired. when word of captain biyu needing a surgeon reached him, he seeked her out leveraging his language on herbs and poisons. although he was no longer the foolish child he once was, hector never stopped wanting more for himself. the faster he found the locket, the faster he could return to his mother. 


    honestly? he’s a snake, but he drinks ‘respect women’ juice and is obviously a major mama’s boy. 

    “this isn't america's next top best friend“ - hector reyes. he’s not here to make friends, but he’ll protect the crew for the sake of saving face. he’ll drink and joke with the best of them, but only enough to seem sociable instead of actually living in the moment. 

    despite how bright as he is, he’s nosy in a fight. he has been a pirate for nearly three years and just learned how to sword fight. don’t hand him a gun.

    type of man to deny thinking fondly of you, but also remembers your birthday and tries to do something nice for you. 

    “down with the bourgeois“ - also hector reyes. marx who?

    he denies loving the pirate lifestyle, but there’s always a half smile on his face when he’s watching the sunrise on the boat. 

    he vehemently denies the existence of magic, but he’s also the first person to distance himself from anything magical or cursed.  probably the type of person to hate astrology and call it a pseudo sciene. 

    his powerpuff girl would def be blossom. 


    no homo, bro: his entire life, hector assumed men were meant to be with women. yet, he enjoyed the night he shared with your muse. 

    who needs friends when you have an “ally”: hector doesn’t need friends, but he recognized how useless the lone wolf mentality is. it’s nice to have someone to talk to on the boat and joke around with. 

    his old crew from the curse of atlantis

    the surgeon club: let’s get that group chat popping lmao. grey’s anatomy who?

    more to come!!!

    #fortuna:intro #(proofreading? who's that?)
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  • bewarethesea
    17.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    [ sarah shahi / female / 36 ] ❛ from over the ocean far [ YASMIN DARZI ] has come from [ CURSE OF ATLANTIS / MASTER GUNNER ] to sail upon the fortuna. YASMIN is known as the [ VAGABOND ] on board, fitting considering they are quite [ INTUITIVE & RESERVED ]. Supposedly that’s why the captain chose HER to be her [ GUNNER]. ❜ 


    name: yasmin darzi

    birthday: januray 10

    languages: english, persian, french 

    sexuality: bisexual

    scars: several scattered along her back, one under her right ear, smaller ones on her arms and hands

    former occupation: master gunner on the curse of atlantis

    current occupation: gunner on the fortuna


    tw: abuse, death

    yasmin was born in persia to her mother, laleh and an unknown man. growing up, her mother would tell yasmin tales about the man; of how he had sailed all around the world, seeking treasures. of how he promised to one day return and take his love and his little girl with him. 

    she had an idealistic view of his father, especially when you considered the monster that was her mother’s husband. unable to care for a little girl on her own, laleh had married a man named seyyed when yasmin was four years old. it was very clear seyyed’s opinions of his wife; he considered her to be tainted, spoiled goods. that him marrying her was for her own benefit and she would do well to keep him happy. he would anything he could to make sure she understood that. 

    before she even knew what hatred was, yasmin hated seyyed. every day, she dreamed of her father showing up to save them but every day was met with disappointment. still, she never gave up hope. 

    the older yasmin got, the worse the abuse. by the time she was eleven, there wasn’t a day that passed where her mother didn’t have a mark or bruise on her face. yasmin had her own markings too but seyyed made sure they were less visible. 

    one night, yasmin awake to yelling; not uncommon but it was seyyed’s voice yelling words of murder that had the young girl out of her bed. to her horror, she came upon seyyed with his hands around laleh’s throat, choking her mother to death. yasmin doesn’t remember how she got the dagger nor how it embedded itself into seyyed’s back. but she does remember how difficult it was to pull it out of him and the feeling of warm blood spray on her face when seyyed was low enough for her to reach his throat.

    the feeling of satisfaction from seeing seyyed crumpled on the ground was unwelcomed, it made her sick to feel so good. but that feeling was shortlived as yasmin saw the look of horror on her mother’s face, almost like she didn’t recognize her own child. the last thing her mother ever said to her was to get away. 

    yasmin ran away that night and she didn’t stop running until she reached the coast. leaving her home behind with the clothes on her back and the name of a man, there was only one destination left to go and that was towards her father. 

    it took well over a decade before she found him in a trading port in morocco. in that time, she earned her keep with a pirate crew in the persian gulf. she worked her way as a powder monkey, being quite expandable for her young age. but she worked her way up in the ranks, under the wings of a mentor to become a gunner. from there, she sailed through the red sea and into the gulf of suez and traveled to the coast of the mediterranian where she joined another pirate crew. 

    the day yasmin found her father was rather lackluster. having pictured this grandiose adventurer for all her life, the sight of the pitiful drunk clinging to his bottle was a hard crash to reality. there was never any treasures, or promises of adventure and safety. there was only a man that barely reacted when yasmin confronted him, his eyes couldn’t even focus on her as he slurred whatever nonsense he could.

    at twenty-six years of age was when yasmin realized the harshest of realities. there was no home for her; not in persia, not with her mother, and certainly not with her father. she had nowhere to stay, and so she left. she left morocco and she left the crew, making her own home on the sea. 


    for the past decade, yasmin has been traveling from crew to crew, never spending too long on one ship until she came aboard the curse of atlantis. her gunning skills gave her the ranking of master gunner and she found a place there among the crew for the few years she was a part of it. 

    when biyu sought out members to make her own crew and yasmin found some of the other members of the curse of atlantis were joining, she accepted the woman’s offer. 

    the demotion from master gunner to gunner was hurtful to yasmin’s pride. for nearly twenty-five years, she had been perfecting her skills with guns and cannons. so to think she passed up on master gunner wounded her ego. 

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  • uidafhbjxqehoufadljknxz
    17.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    ❛ from over the ocean far [ sakina ] has come from [ mermaid’s return ] to sail upon the fortuna. SAKINA is known as the [ reticent ] on board, fitting considering they are quite [ adroit & mendacious ]. Supposedly that’s why the captain chose HER to be her [ boatswain ]. ❜

    sakina’s origins were a mystery, one day an old man came and dropped off a raven-haired four-year-old girl and never looked back. at least that is what the matron at the orphanage told her, but it was in her fitful dreams that flashes of downpour and the feeling of being ripped away from a warm embrace would surface. it was the voice of a little girl screaming for her baba that left her waking up in tears. some nights she would lay awake wondering if that little voice was hers – if somewhere deep inside she knew who she truly was.

    but alas, she did not. so, what the girl could not uncover from her dreams, she made up for in fables. some days she was the stolen child of a rajput queen, making her a princess and all the other children her handmaidens, other days she was the daughter of a famous privateer, hidden away in an orphanage.

    sakina grew up with a past strung together with half-truths, but she was not naive to her situation, especially as she grew older. the ill-fitting clothes of the orphanage could not hide that she was growing up to be a beautiful woman, nor could she really hide from the attentions of the over-praised egos that seemed to roam the markets nearby. but she was a crafty girl by nature, never leaving without a dagger strapped to herself.

    however, it was by some great misfortune that a merchants son decided that she would be his and not by any honest means. she was an orphan, dispensable, if she were kept as a mistress or put up in a brothel no one would bat an eye, they would simply say it was inevitable. but she wasn’t one to walk a beaten path, so she made her own. it just happened to be a path that required her first step to be over the dead body of the forceful merchants’ son.

    a wanted woman and newly hired cook abroad a pirate ship, sakina had no choice but to learn the ropes as quickly as possible. she was no longer just a girl at an orphanage spinning tales,  the stakes were much higher.

    whether it was sheer dumb luck or a sign that this was the life she was destined for, sakina found a comradery among a few of her shipmates and spent the next few years learning how to fight dirty, how a ship seemed to work as seamlessly and rising through the ranks of the mermaid’s return until she was appointed boatswain.

    she had made a name for herself over the years, although not notable enough to strike fear in the hearts of anyone who knew it, however, it was enough to make anyone that did cross swords with her think twice about invoking her wrath twice.

    a pirates’ life is rarely a steady one, so when the captain was killed in a coup d'état, it was once again sheer dumb luck that led her to find a position on the fortuna. but, it goes without saying that life aboard the new ship is better than she could have ever expected.

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