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    CHAPTER 03. PART 03.

    She forgot how to breath. And took several minutes for the words to settle in her brain. To take root.

    Keefe Sencen…loves…her.

    Keefe Sencen loves her.

    She felt a smile break through, not a one you get remembering a good memory, not a one you get after a laugh, not a one you feel when you see a person. No. This smile was a smile of acceptance. Of everything wrong thing in her life clicking into place. Of having experience clarity.

    Because Keefe Sencen loves her.

    And she loved him back.

    Sophie had never been good with words or taking lead for that matter but right there at that moment. She felt herself accepting herself. It felt good.

    And then Sophie really looked at Keefe, he still didn’t meet her eyes, his hair looked awesome as ever, his hand was still entangled with hers, cutting off her blood circulation. She didn’t mind,

    “Keefe…” She waited until finally he reached his gaze upto hers, and the intensity in them seemed to knock her back a step,

    “I’ll wait Sophie, I will.” He repeated, Sophie had no doubt about it but she didn’t want to wait. When all her life she’d been waiting for something better and for acceptance and Keefe her overlooked it all, saw her for all she is. All she ever was. She felt it, and when she realised Keefe did too, she didn’t hesitate. She hesitated long enough.

    She pulled herself to him, looked him straight in the eye and pushed her lips to his.

    She thought she never get her movie star worthy kiss, but at that moment it didn’t matter. Nothing did. She didn’t get chessy background music but she got the sound of the crashing waves outside. Her breath mixed with his, the salty sea hair whipping at both of their hair and Keefe Sencen in the middle of it all.

    Keefe Sencen the smirking, joking, artful, master of gifts, supreme Lord of hair, and Lord legacy, Keefe Sencen.

    Her life twisted into place, a perspective and hindsight bringing all her memories of them into view and she understood. No matter what. No matter where. Through fire and ice. Blood and War. Love and hate. She will never leave him. Never leave his side.


    Keefe Sencen of course.

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    So the story starts like Keefe and Sophie are fighting (I’m sorry) for what? I dunno. I will figure it out! About something about the neverseen, cause I mean… Why else would they fight? An onto the story

    CHAPTER 01. PART 01.

    “You don’t get it Sophie!”

    Sophie flinched, she been used to getting shouted at, she always had but Keefe had never. Never. Shouted at her, if anything he had always been there for her. And when he suddenly snapped it made Sophie’s heart hurt so bad. She didn’t know why…

    He gotten hurt so badly, his mom- No. She was not going to think of that right now.

    He leaped away to Shores of Solace, and Sophie could feel the hurt he was feeling, he didn’t even let her in to the room until finally Ro had opened the door to let her in. Given her a brief nod and walked away. His hands were bleeding, and he was so pale.

    She took a deep breath.

    “No, I do. I just-”

    “No, you don’t…” He looked down, his voice turned into a whisper. Sophie tried to keep the tears from rolling down her face. He was hurt, not her. He was.

    “You think that because… I don’t want to… Just go Sophie.” He didn’t meet her eyes and just turned his back towards her.


    She stumbled back, what was he trying to say? Why was he pushing her away?

    She felt her body going towards the door when something stopped her.

    No. She thought. She thought back to every moment when HE had been there for her, when HE had comforted her, and now just because he told to leave didn’t mean she would.

    “Keefe…” She said

    “I thought I said-” he was cut off by the crushing hug she gave him…

    At first he went slack, and then he sunk into her, and cried. Not silent tears. Tears with sobs and hiccups. He stopped after a while, when her tunic was wet with tears, and just stayed there, both enjoying each other’s warmth and just being there.

    They moved onto the bench outside when Sophie finally tend to his wounds.

    They sat both close to each other, not saying one word.

    Sophie realised the sun was setting but her body refused to move away form Keefe, and she didn’t want to. Leave him.

    Because he needed her. Yes. That was why.

    No other reason.

    It took a few moments to realise that Keefe was asleep and then she realised.

    She wasn’t going to leave, not him. No. She wanted to stay by his side. And suddenly she felt this… She could place it, and it felt like her brain was being turned upside down but at the same time she felt everything in place and truth be told she didn’t like it but at same time loved it.

    And then it clicked. Like everything was supposed to.

    Because Sophie Foster…

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    ik i’ve exclusively posted Hambone, but im spending 24/7 with him so


    his gums are pink-ish now!

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  • Bananas Foster Baked Doughnuts

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  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone 🧡

    I’m grateful for my wonderful husband and amazing babies. I never imagined I’d get to be a mom to one child, let alone nine…

    …and a bonus baby 💙

    We got the call early this morning that a two-month-old baby boy needed an emergency foster placement. How could we possibly say ‘no?’ We’re not allowed to share his face while his future is so up in the air, but everyone, meet baby K. He’s beautiful and so sweet, such a relaxed little man 💕


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  • He has grown SO MUCH in these past two months. ;; _ ;;

    Usva has become a healthy strong boy, his only lingering issue are ear mites which he has gotten medication for. He is very social with people, especially those he knows. And strangers win his trust immediately after I bring him to them. He loves to cuddle, even if he also has a habit to play-bite which I’ve been working on the best I can.

    He will be leaving for his forever home early December.

    #Foster#Foster cat#Foster kitten#Usva #I will miss you tiny bastard #I love you so much
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  • So many people are against abortion, but don’t do anything to help kids when they are born. Go foster and adopt or donate money or supplies to places that help children and their family, don’t just hate something do something to change it. 

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    Hell on Earth <33333

    #note . no one forced me to do this but my dumb idiot brain who had a BRAINMOVIE about this and then COULDNT stop #d*dlc except its two enbies one girl and a Half Himbo.....take ur pick <3 #my art #ask to tag #artists on tumblr #my ocs #do not reupload #do not steal #DDLCau#miyoko#miyoko fujita#atsutso#atsutso townsend#xavier#xavier sujimota#Foster#foster metis #UHM.......yeah . idk what else to tag this as but it’s here now! :sweats: #also there’s an alt. edited version but it’s only a quick one so I’m not gonnan post it unless ppl aske
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  • #evertimethebeatdrops #foster looking good foster ! (at The Rustic Frog)

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  • You been where ? #brunette #indianastrippers #therusticfrog #foster (at The Rustic Frog)

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  • My baby that I don’t know yet…

    I wonder where you’re sleeping right now. Are you still in your birth mom’s belly? Are you in a crib or toddler bed? Are you in a single twin or bunk bed? Do you have a bed? Are you just a few minutes from me tonight or are you an hour away?

    Do you know how to talk, crawl, walk, read, or write? Do you know your colors and shapes? Do you know how to dress yourself and do you know about personal hygiene? I wonder how old you are today. Do you like going to school? Are you old enough for school?

    Has someone been taking care of you at your temporary house until you come HOME to me and dad? I have so many countless questions for you. So many questions that I won’t know until the day I get to meet you, my baby.

    But one question that is so big on my heart is: Do you know that mommy is praying for you right now? I am praying for you now and every single day. I’m praying that you are able to feel the love I have for you, even now before meeting you. I’m praying over every choice that every tomorrow brings. Choices that both you and all of the other people in your life make. I’m praying that you are safe, whole, untouched, pure, innocent, and without fear - even if that’s just for tonight.

    But baby, please know, you will never have to experience the same fear you may have been feeling before now. I’ve been in your bedroom now for an hour just laying here thinking about you. Praying for you.I can’t wait to love on you. I want to help you through any hurts you have. I want to hear your heart. I want to show you what REAL love actually is. I want to teach you about Jesus and how He loved people.

    I just want to hold you through all of the things that life may throw at you…. because anything that happens to you, happens to us now. You’ll be ours and we will be yours. It’s okay that there will be an adjustment, but my love won’t have to adjust.

    My love is already here and ready for you. My love is going before the Father on your behalf every single night until I meet you face-to-face, and then still.

    I love you, my baby. I can’t wait to meet you soon. I wish I knew what day we get to start making our memories together.


    Your Future Mommy

    Lindsey Vance

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  • Bananas Foster Baked Doughnuts

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    Roux says hi

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