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  • chaoticfoxes
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Location: Hotel Party Date: Friday, December 11 Time: Post-game (open​)

    Claudia’s sitting cross-legged on someone’s bed, basking in the afterglow of their win and just taking in the crowded hotel room with a drink in hand. At this point, she’s not even sure which hotel room this is, because they’re constantly switching roommates and they’ve been bouncing all over the place tonight, but she’s sure whoever is meant to sleep here tonight doesn’t mind her sitting there. 

    She’s sore and exhausted from such an intense game and playing her absolute hardest, but it’s all a distant inconvenience that’s easy to ignore when she’s so happy they won. She wanted to have faith in herself and her teammates, but she definitely reached a point where she thought for sure they’d end this season feeling humiliated and unmotivated. 

    Claudia hopes now that their season ended on such a high note that the others will actually be excited for next year and take practice seriously, even if there aren’t any games to prepare for. She still thinks it’s okay to have a lighter spring semester, as long as they don’t slack off. That won’t help them actually make it to the Championships for once.

    It’s ingrained in her to plan ahead, especially when she’s trying so hard to become the next captain, but she doesn’t want to spend the night after their first win worrying about what’s going to happen next. They’ve been working for this all season, and she just wants to celebrate. At the end of the day, the media will still treat them like an embarrassment to Class I Exy, but they lost a captain and two players, and they still managed to pull through. That’s an accomplishment in Claudia’s eyes.

    “It feels like someone should give a toast,” Claudia says to the person closest to her. Maybe it should be her if she really is going to be captain, but the petty side of her wants to save her best speeches for when the title is officially hers after having to wait so long. “Here, want to sit?” She offers as she pats the spot next to her, “Unless, this is your bed then thanks for letting me sit here.”

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  • foxespsu
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    Location: Vixen Party Date: Sat, December 12 Time: Late (open​)

    After an entire semester of getting their asses kicked, last night’s win is a shock, even if it was against the Eagles. Kent has the dubious honor of being the first Fox to fight in the game, but he isn’t the one with a red card when all was said and done—so, you know. Growth. Sort of. Either way, he’s going to make the most of this weekend’s victory lap.

    First and foremost though: he’s sprawled across an uncomfortably lumpy couch in the Den, at least three drinks in already, updating his betting spreadsheet. He was too busy celebrating at the hotel last night to put the effort in, but with the season officially over, it’s time for everyone to collect. Once he’s finished putting in last night’s results—going from a total score count of just thirteen to nineteen all because of one halfway decent game, ouch—Kent stands up on the couch, waving his arms so everyone will pay attention. 

    “Unfortunately, we’re still waiting to see who wins the bets on captain and vice captain,” he starts, because, of course, the betting potential  is the main reason he’d want an official captain again. He looks out at the audience, pretending he doesn’t see the Vixens here too. He’s a pro at avoiding Bianca’s desperate attempts at eye contact by now, even when Kent’s in the middle of making a spectacle of himself in her living room.

    “But our season stats are in. Drumroll please,” he says, before going forward without waiting for a response. “Jen scored the most goals, congrats Jen. Sterling got the most yellow cards, good going man. And I got the most red cards,” he says, with a mock bow. Forget regret over that; if anything, he’s proud. So, nevermind on the whole growth thing. Kent puts his phone away, jumping back down off the couch. “If you picked any of those, come collect some of the betting pool. Everyone else? Tough shit and better luck next year.”

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  • go-foxes
    24.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    Location: Hotel Party Date: Friday, December 11 Time: Post-Game (open​)

    It’s all been new to her, these past few weeks sitting on the sidelines, not being able to play. She hasn’t been playing Exy for as long as most of her teammates, and she’s gotten lucky. She’s never really been injured before. 

    It’s frustrating to feel so close: she’s out of the boot, she’s walking around, she’s working on her range of motion—it’s hard not to think that if she just pushed herself enough, she could be out there, even if she wasn’t 100 percent, especially when it was just one game. If she exacerbated it, then she’d have a whole semester to recover.

    Somehow, Abby hadn’t been too persuaded by that logic.

    So she sat on the bus, and then she sat on the bench. She watched her teammates fight with her hands curled into fists, wishing she could be out there throwing punches with them. She watched them score. She watched them win. It’s good that they got one win. It won’t shut anybody up, but she can just imagine the things they’d say if they didn’t. And it’s still her win, too, even if she didn’t play. She’s a Fox, and she’s a team player. If they lose together—and they did, all damn season long—then they win together, too. 

    She’s going to keep telling herself that, all night long. It’s not that she doesn’t believe it, it’s just that it’s a little bittersweet. She’s never been one for sitting idly by. For watching. And these few weeks haven’t taught her how to be any good at it, either. 

    “Congratulations,” she says, because she’s not going to be a sore winner, not when this is the only win they’re going to get all season. Not when her teammates fought so hard for it. “Wish I could’ve been out there with you.”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Location: The Fox Bus Date: Friday, December 11 Time: Pre-game (open)

    Usually Jasper finds road trips relaxing, but the ride to their last game is anything but relaxing. After they pass a field of cows for the third time, he feels just about ready to crawl out of his own skin. It’s a huge relief that Charlie will finally be on the court again, taking some of the pressure off him and River, but this is so much bigger than just the goal. It’ll take more than Charlie’s return to win--to break the neverending losing streak. 

    It feels like they’ve been improving, especially when their last game was so close, but Jasper isn’t sure they’re improving fast enough. Maybe, if they had a few more games left, but they don’t. This is their last chance before a season without games. Whether they win or lose, Derek is going to have so much ammo when they go home for winter break, but Jasper would still prefer if one of those jabs didn’t involve losing every game of the season.

    It doesn’t matter what Derek thinks or says, Jasper reminds himself. Derek’s opinion doesn’t matter to him. Jasper wants to win for himself, because he knows they can do it. He knows they can play better than they have. They just have to prove it tonight.

    Jasper has his mind on the prize, but it definitely isn’t making the bus trip very fun. Actually, it feels like it’s taking forever. Every time he reads they pass a mile sign, he realizes they’re way further away than he thought they were, and he needs something to distract him quick before he psyches himself out before he can even get off the bus. 

    "Know any good bus games?” He asks, turning to the seat behind him, “Looking at cows isn’t that exciting anymore.”

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  • foxespsu
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Location: Downtown Palmetto Date: Saturday, December 5 Time: Afternoon (open)

    It’s been nearly a full semester now. Time is simultaneously flying and going by at a snail’s pace. Either way, it feels like Casey can claim the title of Fox for real now that they’ve got almost an entire season under their belt. Because the Foxes only have one game left this year. No matter what happens next semester in the Class I world, it won’t involve the Foxes. Their season is nearly over. 

    And, frankly, there’s a very real chance they’ll make it through their season without a win, which feels like a bad joke. It isn’t, of course. Unfortunately. With that comes the possibility that Casey might go to the banquet with nine consecutive losses under their belt. The Eagles aren’t exactly a challenging opponent, but, well. Neither are the Foxes.

    As image conscious as their old team was, Casey’s never worried much about what they wore to the banquets. It was important to look professional, sure, but that was easily achieved with the basics. What mattered far, far more than their appearance at the banquet was their performance on the court.

    They don’t have a winning streak to turn to now. Somehow, that turns into the idea that they should at least look like they’ve got their life together when they visit Ohio later this month. Somehow, that thought turns into them wanting something that their old teammates haven’t seen before—like, having a different used suit will make their old teammates think oh, maybe Casey’s life isn’t a complete shitshow without us after all. 

    All that to say they’ve been saving up. It’s a ridiculous idea, but their scholarship covers their gear and they didn’t fly home for Thanksgiving. That’s how they find themself here, wandering through downtown Palmetto with the name of some thrift store plugged into their phone’s GPS. It keeps taking them in circles though, around and around a town that really shouldn’t be big enough to get lost in. They’ve been here for one semester, but they haven’t explored beyond the court, the dorms, Eden’s.

    By the time they see a familiar face, they’ve been lost long enough to flag them down. “Do you know if there’s a Goodwill around here? Or is my phone leading me on a wild goose chase?”

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  • go-foxes
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Location: Fox Tower Date: Thursday, Dec 3rd Time: Early, Before Practice (open​)

    For her birthday, Indigo has the dubious honor of being woken up—as she is most mornings—by her alarm blaring at some truly godforaken hour of the morning. (And then blaring again, as she treats herself to a snooze. And then one extra because, again, birthday.) They’ve got just two games left in their season and no chance of making it to the Championships, but they’ve still got practice. It’s Indigo’s birthday, but she’s still got fucking practice. 

    She’s glad to be back at Palmetto after Thanksgiving—(after a few years, dorms feel more like home than, well, a whole-ass Architectural Digest house)—but the week away seemed to just take the wind out of the sails of this last little bit of the season. What’s the fucking point? The Foxes will play two more games and, if precedent is any indication, will lose two more games, and then they’ll do nothing for a whole fucking semester. Grayson will graduate, some new freshmen will show up, maybe some transfers if Wymack feels like keeping things interesting, and they’ll do it all over again.

    She won’t be a story, then. It won’t be Indigo Hayes, making her debut at striker. She’ll be overshadowed by whoever is newest or the most traumatized, until she does something that makes everyone really mad: starts another fight, gets another card. Not that she really felt like she had the spotlight this season—that was all Casey and Olivia. Fuck, they cared more about the missing Bryce than they did about her.

    Which is kind of a fucking bummer. She’s probably not going to be this interesting—(in a sportswriter, college-Exy-narrative sense, because she’s always fucking interesting)—again. 

    Except, maybe, if she gets a red card and makes them throw the fucking game. Then they’ll be talking about Indigo Hayes. Though that, admittedly, is an idea that sounds best before 6AM, when she’s half-awake and angry about it, especially when it is—once again—her motherfucking birthday. 

    "Hey, what do you say you tell Wymack it’s my birthday, and I go back to sleep?” It’s an empty threat: here she is, with her eyes open and her gym bag on her shoulder, her dorm room door closing behind her. But complaining is an Indigo Hayes specialty, and she’s not going to pass up the opportunity. “You think he’d go for that?” 

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  • chaoticfoxes
    20.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Location: Eden’s Twilight Date: Saturday, December 5 Time: Evening (open)

    Maybe, spending their 21st birthday in Eden’s is kind of pointless, because they’ve always been able to drink here without a problem, but they can’t complain when their brother and sister keep handing them shot after shot, paid for, once again, with their dad’s credit card. Jen doesn’t know what their plan is when their dad looks at the bill, but they’re sure they figured something out. 

    They’re also sharing their birthday celebration with Indigo, who isn’t legal yet, so it’s only fair they go somewhere they can both drink. Sure, they’re a little bummed no one carded them when they ordered their first cocktail of the night, but they have plenty of time for that. Right now, they’re just having too much spending their birthday with their family, and their team. They might also already be very drunk, so just about everything is making them extremely happy to the point of nearly crying tears of joy multiple times.

    Spending the weekend with the twins and their boyfriend is probably the best birthday they’ve ever had honestly. After their big late night dinner, Jane and Jackson awkwardly squeezed into their dorm room, Jane taking their bed, while Jackson took Sterling’s, (which took a lot of convincing and some bribery), and Jen shaed with Grayson as usual. Then in the morning, their teammates went home on the bus, while they stayed behind, planning on driving back in their shared car. 

    The lengths their siblings went to stay with them and just having them around has almost completely erased the sting of losing to them by one point--almost. They’re still bitter about it though, because they’re competitive, and the Terrapins are doing just fine this season, unlike the Foxes. At least, Jackson hasn’t stop complaining about Jen stealing their serve since Friday night, so they do have something to be proud of. 

    The game isn’t on their mind at all right now though as Jackson messily pours a shot in their mouth, most of it just spilling on their face, but they’re not remotely in a place to care about that. When they spot one of their teammates nearby, they steal the shot Jane’s holding, not sure if it was meant for them or herself, but by the look on her face, they’re pretty sure it wasn’t meant for them.

    “Shots!” Jen slurs over the music as they hand over the stolen shot, too far gone to string together a real sentence. “Shots!” Jackson echoes loyally, while Jane rolls her eyes at the pair. “You don’t have to take that if you don’t want to, they’re both a mess,” She offers.

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  • go-foxes
    27.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    Location: Fox Tower Date: Sunday, November 29th Time: Afternoon (open)

    River knows firsthand how long it takes to travel from New York City to Palmetto by bus. The first time they did it, they were still in high school, clutching a flash drive with a video they’d made themself of their best highlights, not knowing if anything would come of it. Years before that, they’d traveled from Indiana to New York by bus on a stolen credit card. Half of this season has been spent on buses, from Palmetto to West Virginia, from Palmetto to Florida, and then back again. 

    With all that under their belt, it felt beyond decadent to fly home and back for break, splitting the costs with Dana. Just another indication, maybe, of how their fortunes have changed.

    Being back in New York was different, too. The living room that was River’s bedroom had reverted back to a living room since they’d been gone—not that they could begrudge that, it’s not like Dana had enough space to just not use what little she did. They had a lot to catch Dana up on, things that they hadn’t said over the phone, not sure that she wanted to hear them. It was easier when they could see her face, when they could see that she was listening. When they could tell, they thought, that she missed them, too. 

    Getting stories out of Dana was harder. They tried, but it still sometimes feels like Palmetto—or just Exy—is a wall between them. River gets all this, and Dana doesn’t. River doesn’t always want to talk, because they don’t want to rub it in; Dana doesn’t always want to talk, because she doesn’t think she has anything as exciting to say. 

    Winter break is close, even though they still have more games to play, another banquet to go to. River will be back in New York soon enough, this time for longer. Not that they weren’t looking forward to it before, but it feels easier to look forward to it now, now that they made it through Thanksgiving without fighting, without things being too different. 

    But now they’re back in Palmetto. For the last two games of their freshman season, the last few weeks of their first semester. Back with their teammates, whether they left like River or stayed in Palmetto. It’s good to be back, it’s good to have two places they feel like they belong, where they feel like they’re welcome. For so long, they didn’t even have one. 

    “Hey,” they say, peeking their head into the lounge from the hallway, smiling wide—wider than they have been, because a week’s break has a way of taking them away from the pressures of the season. “What’d I miss? How was your break?” 

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  • chaoticfoxes
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Location: Fox Tower Date: Sunday, November 29th Time: Evening (open)

    In retrospect, Claudia could’ve had a worse Thanksgiving. If anything, it was just an uneventful week where she either hid in her room or walked along the beach. Her and her parents have built a kind of distant rhythm by now, they make awkward small talk over meals, but mostly they’ve learned to just leave her be. 

    Her mom did try to offer to take her Black Friday shopping to get some discounted sports wear, but Claudia turned her down, figuring she could just get what she needs online. The idea of elbowing herself through a crowd of people off of the court wasn’t at all appealing to her, and her mom always tries too hard to help pick things out she might like, rarely ever getting it right.

    It probably sounds so petty and ungrateful to an outsider. “Boohoo my parents want to bond with me and buy me nice things.” Claudia knows how it looks, but it’s not that simple, despite the picture the media tried to paint--a family reunited with their long lost daughter. It’s supposed to be the perfect happy ending. No one wants to talk about how Claudia already had a family. They frame Miranda to be a monster, but for the majority of her life, she was her mom. However fake it was, that feeling just doesn’t go away, because she found out the truth.

    Thanksgiving at the O’Shea household wasn’t anything extravagant. Martin rarely made it home for the holidays, leaving a very fragile Miranda behind to try and make the occasion special for her daughter. Sometimes she’d try to cook, but usually she ordered a feast of Chinese food, and they’d sit on the floor and eat it off the coffee table while watching Christmas movies. It wasn’t traditional, but it was familiar and comfortable--a far cry from the holidays she has now. 

    But Claudia paid her dues and showed her face then she got on the earliest flight back to Palmetto, her actual home. She wishes she could’ve stayed behind and done dinner at Abby’s with the others, but it’s just easier to go home than deal with hurt feelings. 

    With her suitcase in hand, she heads to the Fox Tower, feeling groggy and a little gross from the six hour plane ride. She digs around in her pocket for her key, but comes up empty, realizing she must’ve packed it in her suitcase or thrown it carelessly in her backpack. “Shit,” She sighs and reluctantly starts her mission of finding it. Just before she resorts to opening her suitcase right there on the pavement, the door to the Tower opens. 

    “My hero,” Claudia says with a slightly breathless laugh, “I think I packed my key on accident. I was about to throw my underwear everywhere to find it. Can you hold the door for me?”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    08.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Location: Beach Date: Friday, November 20th Time: Post-game  (open)

    That was a particularly painful game to watch from the sidelines, unable to do anything but sit and hope for the best. Charlie knows that River and Jasper are tired and under a lot of pressure, but what he would’ve given to be on the court tonight, especially when they went into overtime. If there were three of them, then maybe they would’ve saved enough energy to actually win this one. 

    That’s not what happened though, because even though he’s feeling a lot better, he still hasn’t been cleared. There’s no point in getting caught up in what if’s when it’s already done, and they lost another game. The Championships is already off the table, but they can still break their losing streak. They’re quickly running out of chances though--what was originally three more opportunities is now two. Charlie just hopes he’ll be allowed to play again before they run out of chances. 

    Charlie doesn’t feel as defeated as he did after their game with the Jackals now that he’s had some time to accept that they aren’t going to the Championships again. He wouldn’t say he feels optimistic, but it does feel good to still have a goal before the semester ends--to win one game. It’s such a sad goal that most teams would probably consider a given, but at this point Charlie is pretty sure there’s a good chance he’ll cry tears of a joy if they make that happen. 

    On the bright side, he’s a little more mobile these days, which means he isn’t reduced to just sitting on the sand all night. He can tell his teammates are exhausted after such a long game, but he’s pretty wired, since he didn’t play. With a beer in hand, he wanders over to the shore, letting the tide wash over his bare feet. It’s pretty comfortable, maybe a little on the chilly side, but not enough to stop him from going until the water reaches his knees. 

    “Part of me wants to go further to make the most of this, but I’m kind of terrified of whales,” Charlie announces. He knows there’s no chance there’d be one this close to the shore, but he’s always been a little bit of a baby when it comes to the ocean, especially at night time. He hates the idea of sea creatures brushing up against him when he can’t see them. 

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  • foxespsu
    08.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Location: Hotel Breakfast Date: Friday, November 20 Time: Night (beach party) (closed for @chaoticfoxes​ and @go-foxes​)

    Kent used to spend almost every morning by the ocean. Even before, when he was too young to surf alone—when his mom was sick, but his thoughts skitter past that as quickly as possible, because he can think of her as gone but not everything that came before it, even after all these years—that was where he went to run. To watch the sunrise, if he was slipping out of the house before anyone else woke up. He misses the ocean, misses Hawaii, even if there’s nothing for him there now. Florida’s not the same, but it’ll do tonight.

    And maybe it’s not Hawaii, but it’s still a beach. That’s enough, when he’s going on three and a half years in landlocked Palmetto. Kent braces his feet in the sand, the waves rushing in until the water is almost up to his knees. He wishes he could go further out, but it’s long past dark. He’s tired from the game. He’s been drinking. Besides, it’s low tide still. The waves are too small to be exciting.

    But he’ll come back tomorrow morning. They have an entire day, practically, and Kent already reserved a surfboard for first thing tomorrow. Bright and early, he’ll be back. He’s dragging Sterling and Colin with him too, half because he wants to show off the one thing he’s genuinely good at and half because he knows Sterling, at least, is about to go home for Thanksgiving. It makes him greedy with their time together as a group. 

    Anyway, he needs that time to hammer their friendships back into place. Sterling’s still not—normal with him, even though Kent’s more than proved that he won’t bring up the phone call. And then there’s Colin, where things are decidedly not normal either, but maybe that’s okay, even if it’s turned Kent’s room into a different kind of minefield.

    He wades back onto the shore back towards his friends, drink in hand, and flops down onto the sand instead. It’s damp. He should’ve gone further up. “Man, anyone else really sore from overtime?” he says, sitting up better to take a drink. “Liquor’s supposed to help with that, right?”

    #foxesstart#interaction: kent#kent#kentcolin004#kentsterling006 #closed starter but it's for the entire rp so is it....actually open..... #ALSO WHILE WRITING REALIZED THEY WERE ALL THREE IN OVERTIME AW YEAH
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  • go-foxes
    07.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Location: Hotel Breakfast Date: Saturday, November 21st Time: Morning (open)

    An extra day in Florida feels like living on borrowed time. They’ll get back to Palmetto late tonight, and tomorrow Olivia will be on a plane back home. 

    She’d gotten her ticket earlier in the season. If she’d waited longer, maybe she just—wouldn’t have. Stayed at Palmetto over Thanksgiving, like a coward, put off facing her father as a Fox for as long as she possibly could, even if it wouldn’t be that long at all. Christmas is just around the corner, after all. She’s got another ticket back home for that, too.

    She doesn’t know what it’s going to be like. The summer after Olivia signed with the Foxes went through two phases: first, there was the yelling; then, there was the silence. Either one of them seems likely, or maybe there’s some third option that she hasn’t even considered. No matter what, though, she’s sure that her father’s house won’t be a refuge, not when they’re so at odds. Not when he doesn’t understand her choices, no matter how much she wishes he would. 

    It’s a sunny morning. That’s one nice thing about playing in this District. Instead of hoping their team bus doesn’t get stuck in the snow somewhere like Upstate New York, she spent last night on the beach without a coat, feet in the sand and her gaze turned out at the ocean. It’s nice, but it’s not enough—it’d be nicer if they were winning games, but she’s thought that so much over the course of the season that it feels stale and tired and obvious even to her now. 

    She’s tired. And it’s hard to have to think about defending herself and her choices when she’s this tired. Especially to someone she always thought would be in her corner.

    But that’s for tomorrow. Today is sunshine and no responsibilities, just waiting for her to come up with something to fill it. “Got any big plans for today?” She asks, her tone hopeful as she nurses the last little bit of her coffee. She’s glad to see someone—maybe most of her teammates are still sleeping off the night before, but Olivia doesn’t have the problem. “Because I’m looking for some.” 

    #foxesstart #surprise it's another starter! #i have like no olivia threads so DRASTIC MEASURES #even tho it's like thematically identical to my indigo starter just some gals goin home for the holidays #except this one's in the MORNING #OLIVIA. #OLIVIA: INTERACTION
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  • go-foxes
    23.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Location: Beach  Date: Friday, November 20th Time: Post-Game (open)

    Another lost game, another long game. She’s not about to start crying over it or anything, but the monotony of it all does get boring. They’ll go back to Palmetto tomorrow, and then she’ll get in her car and keep driving North, to her mother’s for Thanksgiving.

    She’s not really sure if it’s preferable to staying in Palmetto. Between the long summer and Parents Weekend, she’s already seen far more of her mother this year than usual, and more than she’d like. But in the perpetual pissing contest between her parents, one of them has to get Thanksgiving and the other Christmas to keep them even, and there’s no use in flying to her father for what would be less than a week, if you subtract out the 24-plus hour flights. 

    She knows that it’s not really about her. They only seem to want her around when they think the other one does. But that’s okay: it’s not really about them for her, either. She’s not dying to spend quality time with her father over Christmas, he just lives in interesting places, and he works all the time, anyway, so it’s almost like she has them all to herself when she visits.

    But for now it’s just the Foxes. The Foxes, and the wide-open beach at night. That’s something new, at least. 

    They might not have it together on the court, but this they’ve got down to a science: these post-game pity parties. Well—she thinks they’re supposed to be pity parties, but they’re not for her. Even when she knows she’s going to hear something from her mother over Thanksgiving about how she doesn’t know why Indigo’s wasting her time on this when all they do is lose, she refuses to do pity. Not for herself, and certainly not for anyone else.

    “Fuck overtime,” she declares, because she needs to get it out of her system. Being a striker sure means a lot more running than being a goalkeeper, and she’s definitely feeling it tonight. “I think I’m fucking dead.”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    05.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Location: The Fox Tower, Room 312 Date: Saturday, November 14 Time: Afternoon  (open)

    Before they were a Vixen, Jen had a tradition of baking cookies after games, win or lose, and they kind of fell out of it throughout their Fox versus Vixen identity crisis. Now seems like as good a time as any to start it up again. The Foxes aren’t going to Championships, so they might as well channel their sorrow into in chocolate chip cookies. 

    Last night was a weird, conflicting time for Jen--when the Foxes all hovered around the TV and prayed that the Terrapins would lose. The Foxes’ success hinged on Jen’s siblings’ failure, and the whole time they were fighting an internal battle between being a supportive little sibling and wishing their striker would trip and fall. 

    Jen never wants to wish anything negative on the twins, especially when they still actually live with their dad and have to deal with his very loud disappointment when they lose, but they just wanted a chance. In hindsight, Jane and Jackson deserve to go to the Champions way more than Jen does, considering the Foxes’ losing streak this season. The Terrapins are actually a cohesive team with a captain and players who actually care about winning. The Foxes are...the Foxes.

    They thought when they came back to the Foxes that they’d make a difference, but maybe that was just arrogant of them. Jen could blame Parker, but they didn’t play every game with her, and it’s not like they ever scored more than one or two goals. Last night, they didn’t even score at all, too busy getting pushed to the ground by some Jackal. 

    So maybe Jen can’t save the Foxes, but they can at least feed them. As the chocolate chip cookies bake in their tiny kitchenette oven, they leave the door open to entice any passing Foxes with the smell of sugar and chocolate. Once the cookies are done, Jen sets them on the counter to cool and wipes their hands on their apron, but that does nothing to help their flour covered hair and cheeks. They’ve never been the neatest baker. 

    When the cookies don’t immediately summon anyone to the door, they poke their head out and shout, “Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! Come and get them while they’re still gooey!”

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    01.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    My embroidery works! I design animal alphabet series inspired by Medieval and illumination texts.

    My embroidery books can be bought at Luludotcom/Lulu books.

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  • go-foxes
    31.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    Location: Fox Tower, Study Room  Date: Friday, November 13th Time: Post-Game (open)

    And just like that, they know how their first season as a Fox is going to end. In three games, on the road, against the Georgia Southern Eagles. There will be no Championships for River. For any of them.

    Maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise. River wasn’t on the Foxes last year, but they watched the Foxes’ games. They watched the Foxes lose. They watched their season end last year in much the same way. 

    But somehow they’d gotten the idea that their life would just keep going up. They left home. They escaped their parents. They made it to the Foxes. They worked hard, they fought, and they got the things they wanted. If they just kept fighting, if the just kept refusing to accept anything less, then why couldn’t they win games? Why couldn’t they make it to the Championships? 

    It was stubborn, and maybe it was childish, but they wanted to believe it. That they’d been disappointed enough for a lifetime. That they wouldn’t have to be disappointed again if they just refused to accept it, like that was their problem all along, that they let life make them passive and quiet and accepting, but they’d broken free of that, and they weren’t going to let anyone make them go back. 

    But now their season is effectively over, and it doesn’t matter whether River accepts it or not. They can’t change the outcome. They have three more games, and the only thing they can do is see if they can salvage something to be proud of. 

    “We still have three games,” they say from their spot in the corner of one of the couches, after the TV’s turned off. It’s not a battle cry; it’s more mumbled than anything else, meant more just for them than to rally the team. “We still have a chance to—win something.”  

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  • foxespsu
    27.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    Location: Dining hall Date: Saturday, November 14th Time: Morning (open) 

    In hindsight, the last few weeks remind them of their year at home—all that waiting, all that hoping, when they knew deep down Ohio wasn’t going to take them back. Having it confirmed still felt like someone pulling the floor out from underneath them, somehow. This time around, it’s the stark reality that, no, the Championships aren’t even a pipe dream anymore. They all saw it coming, but that doesn’t make it better.

    Because the Terrapins won last night and the Foxes didn’t. Even though it was ridiculous to hope this team would magically pull through in time for spring semester, it feels damning to know it’s impossible now. Even if they somehow pulled off a winning streak from now until the end of the semester, they wouldn’t make to the Championships. When Casey sets foot in Ohio next month, they’ll be one of the teams the Buckeyes used to pity—eliminated before the best part of the year.

    Of course there isn’t any Saturday practice. They’ll have all of spring semester cleared for practice now. Casey wakes up early anyway, goes for a run just to pretend they’ve got momentum even still. Casey’s never had an empty spring semester before. Not like this, at least.  

    At home, without Exy, they weren’t much of anything at all. They spent nearly a year accomplishing nothing, just picking up and setting down the same trite books on sobriety, putting the same shows on Netflix over and over again without absorbing any of it. Palmetto can’t go the same way. Casey’s seen what they’re like without a goal, without something to work towards. They don’t like that person. Of course, they’ve seen who they are when they’re too committed to a goal too and it isn’t any better—maybe there’s no winning. 

    The run helps, a little. Getting the biggest coffee mug they can find at the dining hall and filling it with coffee, creamer, and too much sugar makes them feel better too, even if it’s just nice to have something warm and caffeinated. At this hour, the dining hall is crowded, albeit mostly with hungover looking co-eds. In that mess, there’s at least one of their teammates too. Casey almost sits alone anyway, knowing damn well they won’t be able to resist dissecting this season if they find another Fox, but. Well. Sooner or later, they’ll have to talk about it. 

    “Is this seat open?” they say, nodding towards it before sitting down. And then, sure enough, they don’t waste much time before asking the real question on their mind, even if they lean in conspiratorially to do so—as if anyone paying attention doesn’t know the next three games are a formality, that the Foxes have already been eliminated. "What comes next? What’s spring semester like around here?”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    26.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Location: Study Room Date: Friday, November 13 Time: Post game  (open)

    Sterling knew it was hopeless for a while now, and it was definitely reinforced when he watched his teammates literally get slammed around from his spot on the bench tonight, but seeing their fate sealed in stone for them by the Terrapins winning their game is like a slap to the face. 

    He feels like such a fucking hypocrite for getting on Kent’s ass for getting a red card, leading to their forfeit, and how he has one that made him sit out on one of their most important games of the season. He won’t fool himself into thinking he could’ve done anything to change the end result, he’s not that good, especially against a team like the Jackals, but he just didn’t contribute anything. At least, Charlie has an excuse to be on the bench, Sterling’s was totally preventable, but he let everything that’s been going on get to his head, and it made him lose sight of what he’s really here for. 

    And now it’s too late. They have three games left, but they’re done. What’s the point in even trying now? He has one more year to get this right, and he should be grateful for his five year contract right about now, but it just feels like delaying the inevitable--leaving Palmetto with nothing. Going back to that basement with no hope of ever being able to give him and his mom something better.

    He turns away from the TV as the Terrapins make their way through the handshake line, clenching his jaw as he paces by the door. “Fucking great,” He hisses to himself. When someone heads in his direction, he zeros in on them, not caring if they were actually heading for the door. 

    “What a sad fucking excuse for a season. What now?” He snaps and turns his attention to the rest of the room, handing out an open invitation, “I say let’s all get wasted. There’s no practice tomorrow, and it’s not like we have anything to work for anymore anyway.”

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  • chaoticfoxes
    21.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Location: The Fox Tower Common Area Date: Thursday, November 12 Time: Late night  (open)

    Jasper knows he should get a good night’s sleep the night before the game, but he also wants to use every second he possibly can preparing to play against the Jackals. Their shots are always hard to block during a normal game, let alone one where he has to carry a full half. Staying late to get some solo practice time in won’t help prevent him from getting tired part-way through like last time, but it’ll help him feel more confident about tomorrow. 

    He stays late practicing drills and bouncing balls against the wall, until it’s too late to be an acceptable time to be awake, and then he’s in for a long, nearly silent walk back to the Tower, where he has nothing but his own thoughts to keep him company. As the press keeps pointing out, they’re pretty much screwed, unless they win the rest of their games, and Jasper doesn’t want to just give up now, but their track record shows it’s probably not possible for them.

    He’s tired of comparing himself to Derek, especially when he’s come so far growing without him, but it’s hard not to when there’s a good chance he won’t play in the Championships, while his brother moves on. The reporters asked him if he was going to cheer him on, but how is he supposed to do that when over winter break Derek will probably rub it in his face the first chance he gets? Jasper loves being a Fox, and he’s proud of his team, but for once, he wishes he didn’t give Derek more reasons to think he’s a failure. 

    Jasper is as quiet as possible as he enters the Tower, though he doubts anyone can hear him in their rooms. He’s not expecting anyone to be awake, so when he passes through the common area, he’s surprised to find someone else there, causing him to startle a little at first. “Oh, hey,” He says with a breathless laugh, “Couldn’t sleep either?”

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